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State Railway Board Receives Re
quest for One of Omaha Street
Railway Company.
(From a Staff Correspoondent.)
MNCOIJf. May S.-lPr-eclal TeleRram.)
The State Railway commission has re
ceived a request from Omaha for a physi
cal valuation of the Omaha and Council
Bluffs Street railway system that the
snme may be uaed In federal court In the
even fares for a quarter suit. The com
mission will be unable to furnish any
thing of the kind until a more specific
application la made.
Mid Kxtnfl to Rahlea.
State Bacteriologist Wild made an ex
amination of the head of the bulldog,
which bit the 5-year-old daughter of
Simbon Ranum of Havelock yesterday
.and discovered that the animal had a
well developed case of rabies. The little
girl was badly bitten In the face and
nose and will be given 1'aateur treat
ment. The dog belonged to W. W. Iewls.
Roivdf n I'nllepta Snlnr.
Colonel Dai-e Rowden, following his
usual custom of not drawing his salary
as commandant of the Soldiers' home at
Mllford until he felt like It, brought In
his vouchers yesterday and received
$-,006. !. The accumulated Interest
a mounted to 112.99. Rowden has always
followed the practice of waiting until the
'amount was large enough to pay to
bother with. Four years ago when he
held the same Job he waited the entire
term before drawing the salary.
Editor's Fifteenth
Wedding Anniversary
ST. HDWAJID. Neb., May 25. (Special.)
One hundred persons gathered at Has
aelbalch's hall for a reception on Mon
Iday evening, May 24, In honor of Mr. and
Mrs. H. Gordon Cross' fifteenth wedding
anniversary. A musical program was
given by local talent and the orchestra
Ifrom the Alabama minstrels, which was
In the town. Mr. Cross is editor of the
Bt. Edward Sua.
FREMONT. Neb., May 25 (Special.)
Carl O. Swanson, who for the ut six
years has been assistant postmaster, re
sUncd to take effect June 1. Frank Fuhl
roc"t, chief clerk, has been named to fill
the vacancy. A suit for divorce was
filed In district court by Margartt M.
, Swanson against Carl O. Swanson Cru
elty is alleged in the petition. The Swan
rons were married at Lincoln November
4. 1?12;
TJEXINQTON, Neb.. May 24. (Special
Telegram.) A hurricane atruck this city
this morning about 7 o'clock, breaking
treea and upsetting outbuildings. It tore
the roof off of the east ward school
house and wrecked the alfalfa mill. No
one was hurt.
Golden Weddlnaj at Fall City.
FAI.18 CITY. Neb., May 25. (Special.)
Fifty rjlatlvea and friends of Mr., and
Mis. Wjlllam Rleschick went to their
(home Sturday and gave them a surprise.
The occasion was their golden wedding
anniversary. Mr. Rieschlck will be 84
years of egc In June and Mrs. Rieschlck.
whose birthday occurs In the same
month, will be 70. Mr. Rieschlck was
born in Germany and came with his
parents to Buffalo, N. Y., In 1856 and
two yeara later came to tills county,
where he lived upon a farm until about
ten years ago. when he ga'e over the
home farm into the care of his youngest
son. Albeit. Mrs. Rleschick was born
in Switzerland and In 1S came to Hum
boldt, where she wif married to Mr.
Rieschlck fifty years ago. Of this union
six children were born, two sons dying In
infancy. One daughter, Amelia, Is at homo
with her parents and three sons, William,
jr.. John and Albert, live near this city
and are prosperous and prominent farm
ers. There are twelve grandchildren.
nnTYBn and Rnlo Commencement.
KTE2LLA, Neb.. May 24. Special.)
Melvin Helm was awarded the scholar
ship in the graduating class of the Daw
son school. The graduates gave their
orations on class day and on commence
ment evening this week presented a pan
tonine entitled, "Reunion of Class of
1!U5 in 1940." President V. Hayes of the
Peru Normal delivered the class ad
dress. The graduates are Qolda Moun
tain, Harlen Helm, Margaret Ryan,
Isaiah Ptratton, Rowena Pollard, Nora
Kean, Preston Fergus, Hewitt Judd,
Clare Belbhart, Mary Riley. Bridget Mil
ler. Lucy Chlsm. Clarence Peden, Melvin
Helm, Viola Du Frcne.
At Rulo the commencement exercises
will be held on the school grounds Thurs
day, the 27th. The senior class will ap
pear In the play, "Mr. Bob." Admis
sion will be charged and ice cream will
be sold on the grounds to clear some In
debtedness Incurred for athletics. The
seniors taking part in the play are Virgil
Coupe. John Coupe, Forest Kirk, Edna
Steinhauer. Bertha Frederick, Winifred
Arnold and A line Schroeder. E. E. York
Is the principal.
llltrfcrwk Speaks at Beaalnsjtnn.
BENNINGTON, Neb., May 2o.-(Spe-cial.)
The graduating exercises of the
Bennington High school were held at
Oft s hall on Monday evenlru. A large
end appreciative audience enjoyed the
following program: Invocation. Rev. Mr.
Nushaum; oration, "Our Motto," Irene
C.rau; oration. "Worlds Fairs." Mary
Tilerks; oration. "The New Education,"
Florence Grau; vocal solo. Mrs. Jay
Herrington. The address of the evening
was by Senator Hitchcock and the
diplomas were presented by F. C.
Goettsch, secretary of th school board.
Wfeooprnar Couch.
"When my daughter had whooping
rough she coughed so hard at one time
that she had hemorrhage of the lungs.
I was terribly alarmed about her condi
tion. Peeing Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy so hitihly recommended. I got her a
bottle and it relieved the cough at once.
Eefore she had finished two bottles of
this remedy she was entirely well."
v rites Vrs 8 F. Grimes, Crooksvllle.
Ohio. GbtaUiaMa ever) where. AditrtUc-mrt
: wheeler maims satisfied
Commissioner Coffey Hears that
Worried Applicant Has Finally
Secured Housekeeper.
iFr'Mn a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. May 2.V-1 Special. -The
Wheeler county man who has turned the
state labor burenu into a matrimonial
airency in an effort to have them find
him a housekeeper lias at Inst succeeded,
word being received by Commissioner
Coffey that the place had been filled.
The, man. ho refused to give hi' name,
visited the labor bureau several times
last week and received several appli
cations, hut none of the applicants ap
peared to meet the requirements.
Nebraska's Hlsrht on Itlver.
R. M. Saunders of Niobrara has ap
pealed to the attorney generals office
to help him out of trouble. Mr. Saunders
operates a ferry near the mouth of the
Niobrara river between South Iakota and
Nebraska. Some time bko the river took
a notion to change Its channel with the
result that the former landing was out
ol place. lie desires to know if lie can
have the rlRht to cross private property
temporarily to get to n new landing. As
sistant Attorney General Rowe has de
cided that he may do so.
Miss Mnlrtnnn Hetnrns.
Miss Mamie Muldoon of the fire com
missioners' office returned from a
month's sojourn at Excelsior Springs,
yesterday. In company with her mother.
Mrs. Mary Muldoon. who has been In ill
Health for some time.
Blttenbender Home Horns.
The home of H. C. Bittenbender near
thla city was burned to the ground last
evening and Mrs. Bittenbender was nulto
severely burned while trying to put out
the fire which started by the explosion of
an oil stove. As the residence is beyond
the fire limits the department was not
called. Thn neighbors assisted In getting
out some of the furniture on the lower
floor. Mr. and Mrs. Bittenbender ore
well known over the country as prohi
bition workers.
Kalian Mostly Nnturnllsed.
Edward G. Maggl does not believe that
the Italians of Lincoln will return to
Italy to take up arms with their fellow
countrymen. Mr. Maggl says there are
only about a dozen In Lincoln who are
not American citizens and he does not
believe that they will return, and In any
event will not go unless called upon.
Condemn I.nnd for Pchool.
The first condemnation proceedings
started In connection with the acquisition
of grounds for the extension of the uni
versity campus were filed in district court
last night and are against property
owned by Jacob Moehler. The regents
have been unable to agree with him on
a price. As soon as the clerk of the court
has filed notice of the proceedings with
tho governor the later will appoint five
men to appraise the property.
First Alfalfa Grower
Of the State Is Dead
AUBURN, Neb., May 25.-(Speclal.)-Bernard
Ottens died at his homo in this
city yesterday, lacking i few days of
being 87 years of age. He waa one of
the early settlers of this county, havlnir
located on a farm west of town In 18C4.
For years his house was the only dwell
ing between Tecumseh and the Nemaha
liver. His house was known far and
wide as the road house where entertain
ment was furnished travelers.
Mr. Ottens was born in Germany and
leaves a large estate. He was the father
of the Parochial school here.. He claimed
the distinction of being the first person
to grow alfalfa In Nebraska. - He got
seed from Germany and commenced the
propagation of this plant thirty-five
years ago. He demonstrated to . his
neighbors its value as a forage plant,
and wrote many articles In favor of It
for the farm papers. ,
Tho funeral will be Thursday, and In
terment will be In the Holy Cross cem
etery. He Is survived by a widow and five
grown daughters, nd many grand chil
dren. He and his wife celebrated their
golden wedding here twelve years ago
at St. Joseph Catholic church.
fTVom a Staff Correspondents
LINCOLN. May 2f (Special.) Frank
M. Robllng, for his 12-year-old son,
Frank K. Robllng, has appealed to the
supreme court for a reversal of the Judg
ment of the Douglas county court In an
action brought for damages against the
Young Men's Christian association of
Omaha- Robllng alleges that his son
was injured while a member of thai
Junior department of the Omaha asso
ciation in the association rooms. Ho
sued for S17f damages and 125 doctor's
bill. The Jury found for the association
and the rase is appealed.
Edward Sodomka, 17 years of age, by
his father, Frank, sued the Cudahr
Hacking company of Bouth Omaha for
$35,000 damages, caused by falling down
the elevator of the packing plant. Th.i
Jury in the raae brought In a verdict for
110,000 and the company appeals for n
reversal of the Douglas county court.
fFrom a Ptaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May 25. (Special.) State
Superintendent Thomas will put in the
rest of this week addressing commence
ment exercises In different parts of the
state. Wednesday night he will speak
at Tlcktell, Thursday nlrht at Ftroma
burg, Friday night at Schuyler and Sat
urday afternoon be will address the grad
uates of the county Eluhth grade sehoolr
of Dodge county at Fremont. The clas-i
composes of about W.
i -
Memorlnl XnnHny Prosrsm.
MADISON. Neb., May 26. (Special)
Memorial Sunday and Decoration day
will be appropriately celebrated here, Dr
Harper delivering the sermon Sundav
morning at the Methodist church, and
giving the address Monday afternoon at
the opera house. The Presbyterian choir
and the Madison band will provide music
for Monday's exercises. Following the
Fpeaking. a procession. I'd by the band
and the Grand Armv of the Republ,..
will proceed to the remcter'es.
I.eminrri oM.
In the I'aelfl- (Vast lengi,, t'e fort
land club has sold li'ehi-r "Tlnv" I .eon
.-rd to the inki.ii? ijiusi of lle North-
GK.NKVA. Neb., M:v .'.Y Special)
Tiie Geneva HirIi school commencement
exercises will be held rKlday evening.
June 4. at Miiirluk at t lie audltoilum.
The following pupils will gradiate:
I'uul W. Curtlss. rlnss piesident; Leta
V ePterson. vice imihIiI.hi. I'essie K.
Oirii. secretary and treasurer: PeaHo
I. Armstrong. Karl A Tarker, Hessle F.
I'.oap. I. on P. Churchill Grace Fox. Ber
nlc" liafei. Mirion IV Johnston. Hay W.
Klillon, Anna F. Klrst Velum T. Lauber.
l-oiils L. Lnufmann Marguerite LlnhACk.
James Ltimirm. Ruth M Massey, Kdna
McCartnev. I'red C. Meirltt. I.uclle Mc
KiM.on Pltinn C. Mcl.-od. tona!d G.
I Mm re. Irene M nrrhy. Kdna U Owens.
Eva M l'lersol. Ida I'lank. men r. t rice.
John W. Redelfs. Ruth K Reeve, lslle
K. Snuer. Henry G. Sole. lreola Wytliers.
Howard Yates,
rroetam for commencement:
Tnvochtlon Rev. IV A. Warren
Vocal Solo Mrs A E. Holt
Salutatory-Folk Songs of other I.nds
Anna Klvst
Oration The American of Today
John Redfels
Valedictory Masters of Musrtc
1-ta Peterson
Vot-rii Solo Clarence Poison
Address The Value of an Education..
n . ii.
Presentation of diplomas. E. J. lemp
I ... ,.nat.iAt ll.iai-.l of Education.
CENTRAL CITY. Neb , May 2S (Spe
cial. ) Charles Wlsner and Nicholas
Mouton plead guilty before Judge Button
in the district court Monday afternoon
to the charge of entering and robbing
. the home of John Stiles on Mom'ay morn
' ing of last week, and were sentenced to
serve In the state penitentiary a term of
I not 1. ss than twi lienor m re than (Ifteen
I months. According to their story they
entered the home of Mr. Stiles In quest
j of food. They failed, however, to re
strict themselves to this allowance, for
they acknowledged the theft of a gold
I watch, a safety raxor and other minor
j articles. Mr. Stiles Is bridge watchman
for thn Union Pacific and resides about
'two miles southeast of thla city. This
la the first rase entered upon the criminal
docket of Merrick county within a period
of nix months.
RROKKX ROW, Neb.. May 25 fpe
clal.) Oeorge Lash, 72 years old, a well
known farmer living on the Pouth Loup
in this county, was struck by passenger
train No. 42 at 7:20 this morning and in
stantly killed. The accident occurred at
a curve one-half mile west of Rroken
Row. Ijish. who was) taking an early
morning walk, -was on the right of way
near the rails and either did not hear
! the train's approach or refused to get
lout of the way. Iash'e mind has been
j affected lately and he was here being
treated. Deceased has a wife and ten
children. The body will be held await
ing the arrival of Coroner Landls, who
la out of town.
COLUMBUS, Neb., May 25. (Special.)
Rev. Harry F. Huntington preached
th barculniireate sermon for the high
school Sunday. .
A Junior-senior reception was given at
tho high school, at which time entertain
ment was furnished by the Wealeyan
male quartet.
Graduating exercises will take place
Wednesday, May 28, 8 p. m., at the North
opera house, where Senator George Nor
ris will deliver the clasa address.
Read the Bee Want Ada each day.
Vancouver Interns
Alien Enemies Used
as Strike Breakers
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 25.-Intvr.
ment. of alien enemies cm a wholesale
scale was begun today In the coal mining
district of Vancouver island. ' By noon
115 Austrian! and Germans in the South
Field, Cumlwrland and Naralmo mines
were placed on a special train bound for
the Interment camps.
The alien enemies were taken Into the
mines a year aro as strike breakers
when the coal pits were tied up by tho
United Mine Workers' strike. . The for.
mer workmen are now to resume tholr
Try "Brownatone"
Hair Stain
The Fountain of Youth Has at Ijtxt
nen Foil ml In "Ilrownaton"
The One IVrfect Stain That la
Kntirely llarnileaa and Hure
to Give Best Itesulta.
You need not tolerate gray, streaked
or faded hair another day. Ii takes but
a few moments to apply "Brownatone"
witn your comb or
brush, and Just a
little "touching up"
once a month should
keep your hair ihe
beautiful shade you
moat desire.
Heaults alwaya the
"lame-always plead
ing, win not rub or
wash off and guar
anteed to contain
none of the danger
ous ingredients so
often found In
Prepared in two
shades. One to pro
duce s-nlden ne me
dium brown, the other, dark brown or
We will send absolutely free, for a
short time only, a trial bottle of
BROWN A TON K If you- will send ua
your name and address accompanied by
lie to help pay postage ami packing
This offer a made for you to trv
BRoWNAT iNK Hair Stain, and find for
yourself Just how aupeiior it la to all
so-called "dyes." rrunba, etc., etc.
Solrt and cub ran teed jn Omaha by
Sherinun & Mo'onnell Drug Stores.
The Xsnton Pbarmacal Company,
629 Z. Plka Street, CoTlortoa, Kf
ries sen'l me tnnr trial bottle of
7 BLOWN ATONE Hair Stata. I en-
rUme 10 i ems iMlver or slHinps) to
I elp pay l ofeluge ami fa' Klnx.
Tnwn State
I hi you w IhIi ci.lflen, meillum. ilark
li'uvni or lilit'k? hi.ite which
Thirteen Alleged
Night Riders Arc
Under Indictment
MH'TH REM'. Wash. M.-iv :T. Thr
t rlnht Indictments as-i list thirteen
North Ker reli"ents wete returnel l ist
nluht by a special grand tury, called to
lnv-Uate alleKctl 'nlslit iller" activi
ties In the Noilh R er counlrv. a re
mote section of Pacific county J N.
Howard, the alleged leader, and four
others, arc under arrest l err today The
others Indicted arc silu vt thr T.oith
River country. All are accused of sec
ond degree burglary and second degree
assault. Sevcial in addition arc charged
with arson. Hond has been fixed
at tf.OiO lor each defendant.
The indictments are the of a
midnight eje-tiuent of Mrs Margaret
Rofs and her two sons from ttnir North
River ilaltn in Januarv, Vi Their i a bin
was burned. The men Indicted were
rv.-.ted previously on a charge of assmlt
and arson, but the eases were thrown
out of court for lack of ev donee.
Mrs Ross appealed to Govirnor Ernest
Lister and Attorney General W. V Tan
ner, for protection and they s. nt As
I atstont Attorney General John M Wilson
tof Olvinplc to this county to handle til-
case. Waiter K I'.ovi r. special acnt of
the federal land office In Portland, as
sisted in pres. ntlnii the evidence
Mrs. Ross and one of her sons, Karl
Ross, have been subpoenaed to appear
before the federal grand jury at Ta
comn. Balance of Trade
Will Reach Billion
by First of July
WASHINGTON, May 35. With Secre
tary Redfleld's estimate that the trndo
balance In favor of the United States
will total H.flOiUXXl.000 on July 1 beforn j
them. President Wilson and the cabinet
today dlncuased the relation of the sta
tistics to the intei national situation.
The oontentlon made In (Treat Britain
that the growing American export trade
shows that the United States is not suf
fering from order in council aynintd
which diplomatic protest Is pending will
be fully Investigated by the 1 apartment
of Commerce.
The administration view of the situa
tion Is that greatly Increased exports to
neutral countries shown by official fig
ures are not due to re-exportations to
Oermany and Austria, but to the fact
that European neutrals unable to get
commodities from European neighbors
ara forced to buy from tho United States.
IXNDON. May 3R.-A dispatch to the
Exchange Telegraph from Odessa says It
la reported that the Italian consul at
Constantinople has been killed.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
tfki -eftJ
' ,vrce -
.(.re"" . rs.
c- ; w.vt
i 8W
tVv tW
vve v' oa"
See this
Walsh and king i
in another clash
Industrial Arnt Says Your Rocke
feller i Now Most Powerful In
fluence in Colorado.
WASHINGTON. May 2... --W. I,. I
MacKonrio King, director of tho In
dustrial Relations' department of the
Rockefeller Foundation, resumed his
testimony today before the Federal
Industrial Relations commission,
which Is Inquiring into conditions In
the Colorado coal fields. The wit
ness took the Mand late yesterday
and was questioned at as to
his nervlces to John IV Kockef oiler,
Jr., and to the Foundation. He In
terrupted hts testimony to protest
ncalnst the method of Chairman
Walsh In conducting the rommls
s'on's Inquiry into tho Colorado
(Tali-man Walsh nt'd King clashed
acaln todav when Kind's answers- became
jiiWiiiMw mix. v. me-. - 5' V!" ?
, e Ot . -,at)U-
tiStrrTn v. to a
an& Wtt VTc
nvo.. l3a
nno ..t o-- -.nn 1 .
.V. -oU,:;V. 8."T "aV.OOO ,n Vc- ol
0 a bViti
. A ba
Studabthar ROADSTER. $ SB
a. ...j.i i L f 1 1 u .... iimS.
Studakckar SIX (7-paaaaosar). 1450
F. O. B. Dalrsll
:?,'., .1-.;
Six at
Involved slid the chairman sousht tol
lii'i'l lili'i Mr W -ilh souKlit ti inane a
r M .f V .it Mr I v I n -i has ,h,ne for lal" r ;otii I he wltmss and
I'lMiimiv I U'-r v'elnHtocK wanted to know
th - I c t of fill hue ..f UcstlontnK hot
the thatiman ciuphntii ally refused to
e p'a in
IntexlaBtloKB Confidential.
'1 am iv t en the stand." he snjd. ''and
1 tii ' i of d'-cl'ne to he questioned "
Walsh questioned King as to bis In
v r si Ik t ;ons In Colorado, but the witness
insisted that h's Investigations were con
fidential and tie coul, not make public
any of his information lie Insisted ho
had een rcpr senta! Ives of both shies of
the Colora'o struggle In bis efiort to
be nbsob telv fair.
The chairman Insisted that tl,e ''people
must have the facts "
"What do yon mean by the people?"
aske.l the witness
"I livan ihe American people." said the
chairman, "whose public opinion would I
be the greatest factor In Improving eondl
tl ns In Ci lorado "
"Th ' will and conscience of yours; Mr.
John P Rockefeller Is more powerful In
Colorado than any other force that ran
be brought to bear at this time," said
' You think that the will and con
science of Mr. John P. Rockefeller 'a
more powerful than tho wills and con
sciences of all the American people o
hrinii about u chanpee of conditions In
Tn M r-f 4 ) t- "".'.'"-T't'J"' -1 WHtiH
fi-iiia rriMM'sU;;,;,,, ' ' ' - " -t
It's no task to
becoming straw
So many new creations have been intro
duced that the fellow who seeks "some
thing different" will find it hero and at
whatever price ho cares to pay.
Panamas .$5 to $10
Leghorns $2 to S5
Bangkoks $5
Milans S3
Sailor's Split $1.00 to $5
Sennett Sailors $1.00 to $3
JTl! When 3 thim Studebaker 5t
on the roads, you find that im, V" sOC
less. You find thfltTitVTCONO J
if. even more ECONO to
For th. aJmpl. r.on that If, ,b. LOW-upke, snr
Built to be th,,'. ii , , , P Snt-
they had in miti W"
oth., era. Poring, aiid prL
at th. touch of two flflmaTa ToarT" r
Your .rM wfll ull that Bat mS rSS" ,TW M'
to BUY and ..-o,
" : '
OMAHA FACTORY BRANCH, 255S-2-4 Farnam Street.
STUDEBAKER WILSON." Local Dealer, vu t &ruui
"That Is not lust what I said," rfpllM
IvIiik, and another clash followed, after
wh 'h he irotcftetl against his tfatlmnnr
being ' distorted."
"Now, mi have riven your opinion of
me," rejilleii the chairman, "and I don't
intend to ply my opinion of you here, tin
i latter how Insulting your comment may
he s' all treat vou exactly as I treated
John P. Rockefeller, Jr."
Kins Kiplnlna 1 Iterance.
When the air rleareei. Kins; explained
that he .i "speaklns; as a practical
msn of a practical situation."
"I mean to say." he continued, "that
If 1 wanted to Improve cond!llnn In
Colorado tho man I would (to after would
he John P. R.Mkefeller. Jr. He could do
more In one year alonn that line than
efforts to fncus public opinion on the
situation could do in several years."
Responsibility for Ihe Colorado strike,
Kinn aanl. he could definitely fix and
he expected to report his findings where
they would Tiavj the best effect. H
suRKeated that he should like to give his
recommendations privately to Chairman
W aish.
FRmtoVT. Neb.. May . fffnectal.)
-Pr. Nathaniel McOlffln formerly of
Omaha, was elected president of the
Ministerial union at the annual meeting;
of the association yesterday.
Wff-fv-jif tHlltJo , 4ki
choose a
this year
on Q tWn .
V 'W . Y -
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