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ran hext
FaraUhrd Apartments.
Kverything furnished complete foi
The Traverton
24th and Tendon Court
Fireproof and sanitary; Krffni, awn
ing. Large halls, with tiled floor and mar
gin baa.
Cool & Comfortable
The only apartment having the com
forta of tla home and the advantage of
a. downtown hotel, bring onlv a stone-
throw from the business district.
Under the supervision of the owner.
Traver Bros.
785 Omaha NaL Hank Bldg.
. Tel. Doug. 1163: Sunday. Web. 4WS.
FornUhrd Room.
-VERT desirable room for aiimmer, pri
vate, modern. 2K1T Harney. Red 6978.
A NICE, rlean, all modern south room In
private family; aultable for 2 young men;
$13 a month; breakfast If deal red. 3614
-ass Ht.
Is'. KiTH. 410 Nice, cool, modern rooma,
newly furnished. P. r3M.
ilODKRN, well furnished front room or
mailer room, large lawn, private fam-
li 7. j none namey
Jf. 218T. 604 Modern furnished room.
Onuglaa S20R.
87(8 FARNAM One floor. 4 nlcs modern
rooma, cheap.
Omiha'l NF. WEST and PF.BT. atrlctl
modern, atx block from business district,
porch, garden. 24M Harney.
8423 CASS Nice cool rooma. modern,
walking distance. Very reaaonable.
$34 NO. $7TH Cool front room, private
family, reaaonable. Red. 4742.
t'OOL. beautiful iront rooma. large porch.
shade, fine for summer; meala If de
nied; garage. 821 N. 2Zd
$ NICE, large, cool rooma. modern, new
furniture, nice neighborhood. Doug. 84S1.
KICB cool room for one or two ladle.
very private. modern: board If desired.
Nice neighborhood. Harney 833T.
TWo nice room, modern home, walking
dlHtance. Tyler 217S.
k NICE, large rooma, close to Hanacom
park-; private family. Harney 4422.
1 HETColonnade. 2474 Harney; choice cool
rooma. Summer rates; beeakfaat free.
(23 N. 23 D 8 nicely furnished room,
modern; housekeeping room alao.
FARNAM, 2661 Nice, new. strictly mod
ern rooms; shower batha. Single or
(Double. -
Farmlahed Homsekeealasj Roosns.
TWO new, modern, nicely fnrnlahed
rooma, ideal for couple. 216 N. 28th Ave.
namey sioi,
TWO modern, nicely furnished houae
keeplng room. 2019 Webster.
LIsTht Honsekeaplasi Rooma.
COOL. room, with alcove, kitchenette
furnished. Ogden Hotel Co., Council
Bluff. Ia.
FARNA.M, 22 Two nice housekeeping-
rooms; timiim, , i it.
B. 2fTH ST., 830 Light housekeeping
rooma, strictly modern; also Bleeping
rooma. jriarney mi
J. 25TH. 214 Cool, airy rooma for light
- housekeeping-, single or en aulte. Doug
laa 6462.
Homaca mm& CorttasTca.
SIX-ROOM, modern house, located at
TnO Decatur St; will be vacant May 1;
$33 per month. Phone H. 8433.
FOR RENT 7-room houae. all nodern.
2438 Parker 8t.
FOR REINT Eight-room, atrjetly modern
houae. 2628 Charles St.; suitable' for two
families. Call Webster 8129.
SEVEN rooma. all modern, Bemis Park.
Phone Harney 2049.
ill4 NO. 22D ST. 4-r. mod. ex. heat flat,
steel range, gas stove, kitchen cabinet,
water paid. In.
FOB RENT $6500
'Dwelling, 414 Bo. 38th St ; tiled
: Toetibule, reception hall, front
and back parlors, dining room
and . kitchen, 5 bed rooms, 3
bath rooms, hot water heat,
garage. All in first class con
dition.- Location A-l. - Benj.
B; Baker, Phones D482, 11317,
108 Boutn 3Sth St., 8 rooms, beautifully
decorated, flrat-claaa condition through
out; garage equipped for either gaa or
electric car. Price, 142.50.
1S Omaha National Bank Bldg.
East front, 6-room and hall, only $26.
101 Omaha National. Douglas 2715.
FOR RENT, 832J Casa St., modern 8
room; Bleeping porch; S block from
car line; $ lr month. Call Hainey 69S9,
537 8. 26th Ave., -r., a'l mod., $-!6. .
' tit! 8. 16 th St.. up. 7-r.. all mod.. $36
24MH 8. 18th St.. 6-r.. mod., ex. heat. $16.
712 8. 18th St., 4-r. mod. ex heat, 812.
. 2tt Emmet St., 7-r., ail mod.. 823.
' 4.s)l Half Charlea, 6-r.. part mod., $13.
,2m Clark St., 4-r., mod. ex. heat. $16.
8215 Burt St.. a-r.. elec. llghtB., 88.50.
2723 N. 28th Ave., 6-r, Part moA., $12.
1604 Dodge St., Pouglaa 415.
ON WEST FARNAM, No. 4225, 8 rooma.
all modern, yuinn, noiw rm
BEE the Central Furniture Btora. FREB
JC T?PPH PHc'tlniT0' It"
ALL, eiics. 83 pT month up. ui raxlon.
Van tuiu Moras
Co. Call us (or es
timate for mo v.
log, packing. shipping;.
lHiuglaa 14!.
1713 Webster St.
Gordon Van Co.
U8 N. lHh St Tel D. 894 or Web. 11
Globe Van&Storage
6tore. mover, packs, ships; 4-horse van
and 2 men, 11.26 per hi.; storage tl tt
mo. Satlnfactlon guar. 1. 4J38 U Ty. 3Q.
TTnticna Crelxh Bona c Co.. llee'Bidg.
XlOUBt-a n a prI, of tnw Cty,
MODERN 8-room cottage, J6 per mo.;
16M Pratt Omaha Really Co.. Rad
417 r.A a 3- 2"Ul' Win. coltng j. water
ZpVi.uv pal1 owner, 265 Evan St.
Web. Kd4.
Phone Douglas 288 for complete Hat of
all vacant houses and apartments, alao
tor aturage. moving. ;mklng, stuping.
We hae a complete list of alt liousea.
partmenta and flata that are for rent.
Thla list can be seen free of charge at
Omaha Van Bturage Co.. mt H. latti 8c
twrea taa tllee.
KEW modern atoreroom, 608 North 16th
atreet; low rent. Conrad louog, in
Brandei Theater. Doug. liTl.
Nice Cool Office
With Vault
Near the Elevator and Stairs
Electric Light Free
The Bee Building
Superintendent' Office. Room 103
MODERN office, opposite Loyal tiolel;
.ow rent. O. P. i tebbina.
Live Oak Colonies, none, better. W. T.
smith Co.. 818-14 City Nat. Bk. O. 8U8.
Rl'tt, rsTire
FWW A HUril LASna row tB.
All counties; retalraue free. Write C.
M Weoeter Co.. Phelan Pldg.. Fan Tran
clsep. Established ) yenrV
HAVt TO'J a'farM nK SALS
writ a ood d rli.ttoti of your land
and send tt to the gioua City, la, JoamaL
"lowa'a Most Powerful Want A 4
Medium." Twenty-five word y Friday
evening. Saturday morning and eveiy
Saturday evening and Sunday morning
for one month, giving sixteen ala oa
twelve different day (or 88; or 80 words,
H: or 78 word. $U
Largeat circulation of OT Iowa news
paper. 8M).(MW rwadera dally to four great
40, 80 OR 100 ACRE.", good heavy aoll, la
well settled part of Todd county. Minn.;
rood roads, aehoola and churches; price
816 to 8J0 per acre; terma, 81 per acre
caah, balance 81 per acre a year until
land la paid for. 8 per cent Interest.
10 Plymouth Bldg.. Minneapolis. Minn.
CAN locate SO homesteaders Vn K0 acreg
each. Nice smooth land, close to tim
ber and water. Price of locating. $S0 eaoh.
For particulars addrras, E. O. Tarne
worth. l'lllon. Mont.
Ha just put on the market about 800
acrea of bottom and second bottom
Farm and Alfalfa land, adjoining the
Ogallala la the Cointy Seat of Keith
County, and la on MAIN LINK of Vnlon
Pacific Railroad.
830.00 to $70 00 Per Acre.
payments with Interest at $ per cent
For further Information, address or
call upon.
111,000 buy a highly Improved farm,
consisting of about 61 acrea located oa
one of our boulevards out from the city,
only a 40-n.lnute'e ride. Uood water Sys
tem, amall amount of fruit, aome alfalfa
tame hay. nice large beautiful ahada
trees and all kinds of shrubbery and
about 10 acres of natural timber, making
a beautiful park. Thla la an Ideal propo
sition for handling thoroughbred stock of
any kind. Living spring in paeture.
816 Brandei Theater Bids. Omaha. D. 8918,
FOR SALE 160 acrea In Perklna oounty.
Nebraska. M. Murphy, Owner, Larch
wood, la
North Uakotaw
FOR. BALE 320 acrea southeaatern
North Dakoto. Dandy improvement.
All rich, black cultivating land, no waste.
Two mllea to a good town. Will sacrifice
price aa I must raise aome cash. Will
sell all or either quarter. Three thou
sand caah will handle It. H. L. Smith,
Cherokee, la.
WE ARE alwaya In funda to make good
farm and city loana.
1622 Farnam St.
TQLANP 8 TRUMBULL, 448 Bea Bldg.
$liio TO iio.000 made promptly. V. D.
Weed, Weed Bid., lMth and rarnam Sta
CITY and farm loans, 8, 6tt, 6 per cant.
i. H. Dumont Co.. 416 Btata Bank.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska farms.
Wit Omaha National. Phone Inmslaa 8711.
WANTED City loans and warrant. W.
Farnam Smith 4k Co.. 1330 Farnam St
GEE ua first for farm loana la eastern
Neb. United States Truat Co.. Omaha
CITY LOANS. C O. Cariberg,
810-818 Brandei Theater Bldg.
CITY property. Large loana a specialty.
W. H. Thomas, State Bank Bldg.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loana
. H. W. Binder, City National Bans Bldg.
Have a lot In Casper, Wyo.. will trade
or sell; none but Omaha people bought In
thia addition. Address M 40, Bee.
FOR SALE or exchange fine south (76
ft.) front lot on l.'nderwood Ave., Dun
dee, or will exchange lot aa part pay
ment on comparatively new, modem,
elKht-room houae, erected on good lot in
choice location. Address i 467, car Bee.
Fifty Acres
Near West Dodge St Paved
About 2 mllea weat of Falracres; unim
proved. 12 acre in alfalfa, balance In
cultivation; all clear; price only VIM per
acre; no trade. Something desirable. Do
not fail to Investigate.
George & Company
Vel. Doug. 758. W City Nat. Bank Bldg.
7 Arres Near Florence
Owner has Instructed ua to aell ? acres
of the moat aightly located piece of land
near Florence, and on paved road, at 8J0
per acre. Lies high and sightly, over
looking Missouri river and valley. Also
good view of the rlt:- of Omaha.
Also have 10 acres near th'a. that fronta
on a paved road, for 84"0 per acre. Thee
arc the two Ixst values offered In the
Florence district.
HASTINGS A 'HEYDffN, 114 Hsrney St.
2.7 Acres On Paved Road
Owner ha Instructed us to sell f 7
acres, located on Benson main street
paved r--ad at Jl.L'50. if sold at once. If
you want a real hamatn, you should be
aure to look thla over at once.
HASTINGS t HFYDEN. 1614 Harney fit
Wednesday, May 10 a. m., at t17
tm'.ll. A Iki. .An. ... u will V.
T 1 1 1 I s VII. m k'auv'V.VJ Will W PUItl
i to the hliiheat bidder at auction. Lot
xl30. eight-room houae, one block from
Nth and Iake St., renting for 830 month.
J. L. MKHKILL, Auctioneer,
yji So. 24th tit. Webeter 8140.
Contractor Clean
Up Sale
Five rooms. 1714 Sahler, and i rooms Just
beinK completed at lain t-ahlrr. Both fin
ished In oak and white enamel; modem
throughout. Phune U si ster 41 88.
tfi") BI'Y a good three-room houae;
electric llclit Car. after 8.8u p. an., or
Sunday. H'lf iiurUUe.
Owner Wants Offer
On sood elx-room strictly modern
dwelling, nicely arranged. Cemented base
ment, with good furnace, shrubbery and
ahade: paved street; good neighborhood,
near two good car llnea on north lde.
Easy terma.
Scott & Hill Co.
Douglas low.
Must Leave Home
Owner of 8-room modern home at RiJ
South 8Mh St. Is transferred to an ea.t
ern city and will be compelled to give up
his nearly new houae. A well kept house
and unusual yard and garden. This
house was leased to Pr. Hippie at Vf per
month the first year It was built, then
the owner moved In and has been there
3 or 4 years. The neighborhood la good
snd Is growing, tat 48x165 ft. Price cut
to 88800. See owner or u.
Harrison & Morton
818 Omaha Nat. Rank Bldg. Doug. 814.
Only One Left
Brand new 8-room bungalow; living,
dining and sun room finished in oak; sun
room has alx windows; two nice bed
rooms: full cemented basement, ltlundry
connection, floor drain; furnace heat;
east front lot, all sodded; paved street.
This bungalow la built for a home. Kway
term or lot taken aa first payment.
Located near and Leavenwdrth. let
u ahow you thli.
Rasp Bros.
KM McCninte Hldg.
Phone IVuigla 18SS.
Seven rooms, all modern: furnace, south
front lot: choice location; close to school;
splendid neighborhood.
Sit Rrandeta Theater Pldg.
In West Hanacom Park, bungalow, I
rooms and enclosed sleeping porch,
nearly finished, oak finish first floor,
pine and birch finish second floor and
flreplaoe, houae all complete with storm
windows and screens and lighting fix
tures, for 88.800,
Make an arpolntment with owner and
builder to aee It. Hartley 7S18.
$500.00 Cash
Balance Monthly
Bujts a dandy brand new completely
modern 1-atory houae In the cathedral
district. House will be completed within
the next two weeks. Has large living
room, dining room and kitchen on flrat
floor, an extra large south front bed
room snd two smaller bedrooms and bath
on second floor. Thla Is Bure to make
you a fine home. Address 433) Wakeley
Ave. Take a Dundee car and get off st
4.1d Ft., walk 4 blocks north or take a
Cuming 81. car and get off at Davenport
ana walk . 1 blocks west and 1 block
Creigh, Sons & Co.
Douglas 200.
50S Bee Bldg.
Bemis Park
3320 Myrtle Ave.
This houae now vacant, and nonresident
owner writes to cut tha price and sell.
This is a 7-room, 8 -story, modern houae,
wun rirepiace, electric lights, runuv.e.
with good south front lot on ravod
atreet, one block from Harney car line.
Really worth .84.000. but we want an
offer. Believe 83.3UO will buy It ami easy
terms can be arranged. Investigate) at
once while tho house is vacant
Glover & Spain
919- Cltv National.
At ttd and California we have a houae
containing 8 apartments, rented for !loo
per annum, ana tne owner has Just cut
the price to 83.500. This include furni
ture. It s a very rare opportunity, and
lr you want to aoubie your money. In
vestigate this snsp.
Douglas 17M. Ware Block.
Modern House
Seven Rooms,
It's a good one with hardwood floor.
in four of the five rooma on flrat loor.
In splendid repair, absolutely modem,
with good basement and flrat class fur
nace. Out near Bemis Psrk on a good.
man 101, niia. on a pavea aireei. only
half block from Harney car line. You
can't beat It. Reaaonable terms to re
sponsible buyer.
Tyler 1S36. ' State Bank Bldg.
Big Bargains
47 feet oa Farnam atreet near 88th
for 83,876.
Two choice lots on 8Mh s venue Just
north of Farnam for SZ.S75 each.
IIIC KB. 420 Btste Bank Bldg.
Telephone Harney lw
TWO FINE CIXISB-1N I'Kur-KH 1 1 e.r.
One house contain 13 rooma and can
be easily arranged for 8 lamlllee. The
other adiolning house la new and con
tains 7 rooma Both are up-to-date In
every way and will bring in a rental of
811 per month. Price 811,000.
Douglas 1781. Ware Block.
, Buy in Evanston Now.
Our three best sales in Evanston total
313.638, or an average of over 14. MO each.
Several men are buying more than one
lot. because they are certain that Kvans
ton lota will Increase In value. Our pur
chasers know that we are not cppoae.1
tc development, but that no expense Is
being spared to make Kvanaton and the
beautiful property surrounding an Ideal
place to live. Ixt are cheaper now than
they will ever be again
Doug. 369. 1013-14 City Nat Bank Bldg.
Dundee Lot-$1,150
. We are offering one of the best lo
cated lots in Dundee on Nicholas St., be
tween 60th snd 31st fits ; hae a nice ter
race:, on paved atreet, in a locality where
many new homes are being built. Mill
make tema
H AfcTINOfct A HEYDKN. 114 Harney Ht.
Must Sell
Submit best offer for (-room dwelling,
modern except best, on paved street, east
front lot. good neighborhood. Owner mu.t
aell. Ask to see this bargain refore It is
Scott & Hill Co.
Douglss 1I09
S7 McCagus Bldg.
Receipt of All Grains Are Light
Wheat Market ActiTe, bat No '
Change in Prices.
OMAHA. May IS. 1915
Tne receipts of all Brains were light
today. A total of fifty-nine rare being re
ceived. The wheat market was fairly ac
tive, but there waa practically no chango
In prlcea.
The demand for corn was good and al
most all that grain placed on the tables
waa easily disposed of. Oorn advanced
from c to lc
There waa only seven cars of oats on
the floor and thece were quickly taken up
at advanced prlcea. Oats were Vc higher.
Seaboard exporters say Knglsnd Is tha
only countrv that Is buying a little
amount of wheat, although there Is con
aiderable sold that haa not been alilpped.
France also has a lot of wheat coming
to It. but Italy haa about all the wheat
It ha bought In transit.
With America's big crop well sdver
tlsed Europe Is not disposed to buy heav
ily, believing that by holding off lower
prlcea can be secured later.
Clearencea were: Wheat and flour,
equal to 4H,000 bu.; corn. W.000 bu.; oata.
40.000 bu. t
I'rlmarv wheat recelpta were 814.0O0 bu.
and shipments 1i.0rt bu., against receipts
of 4M.00O bu. and shipment of 412,000 bu.
last year.
Primary corn receipts were M.000 bu.
and ehlpment !W,o0 mi., against r'lpts
of 81K.0OO bu. and shipments of STD.0U0 bu.
last year.
I'rlmarv oata rereittla were .00rt bu.
and shipments TM.OnO lu.. against receipts
of 87,000 bu. and shipments of SM i'D bu,
last year.
Wheat. Torn. Oats
Chicago 8M
Minneapolis 204
Omaha W
Kansaa City 80
St. loula 85 N J0
These aalea were repented today:
Wheat: No. 8 hard winter. 8 car, gl-41-8
rara, 81 44't; 8 car., 81.44. No. 8 hard
winter. I car, 8143; 1 car. 81.42V,. No. 4
hard winter, 4 cere, t.40. No. 4 aprtng.
lt car. 81 . No. 8 mixed, 1 car. 81 4.1;
2 car. )1 42v No. 8 durum. 8 care, 11.43.
No. 4 durum, 1 car. $1 40, No. 8 mixed
durum, 1 car, $1.42. Kye: No. 8. 1 car,
81.07H: 19 bags. $106. Barley: No. 4.
car, tax1: sample feed, 1 car, 65c. Corn:
No. 8 white, 8 care, 72V. No. 8 while,
1 car, 71e. No. 8 white. 1 car. 71V1. No. 3
fellow, 3 car. 73c. No. 3 yellow, 4 care,
lVc. No. 8 mixed. 8 cara, 71c; I cars,
7lc. No. 8 mixed, 1 car (near white), 7ivc:
3 cars, TOWc; 1 car (near white), 71c; 1
oar, 7044c. No. 8 mixed, 1 car, 71c. No.
mixed, H car, 701: 1 car, 70ac; I car,
70c; car, tSuc. Sample, 1 car (heating),
mr. Oata: Htanoard, 1 car. 80c. No. S
white. 1 car, 4iCe- No. 4 white, 1 car,
49r; H car, 48o. ftample, $ cars, 47c; 1
car, 40c.
Omaha Caah Prlcea Wheat: No. $ Tur
key, 81.44fL4H: No. 8 Turkey, Sl.44rtrt.4r.;
No. 8 hard, S1444fl 4Mi: No. 8 hard. 8I.42.JI
1.4V. No. 4 hard, 81. Stffil .40; No. 8 spring.
81.8441.44; No. 8 durum, 31.4JH4Tl.48; No. 3
durum, $1 41 Wl 42- Corn: No. 8 white,
ItfJTr-. No. 8 white. TltpTSr; No. 4
white. 76J71ic: No. 8 white. 10'r
No. 8 white. 70W71c; No. 8 yellow, 7si
73c, No. 8 yellow, 71'iV7mc; No. 4 yellow.
707lc; No. 6 yellow, 70nrnte; No.
yellow, f047inc; No. J mixed, TliriHiCi,
No. 8 mixed. TO'lffTIc; No. 4 mixed, 7wff
7(rV;: No. 8 mixed. 9(EfT0Hc; No.
mixed. eHVOTHHc. Oata: No. 3 white, rAai
80r; at.indard. 49ifjOc; No. 3 white, 40',
!49Ho: No. 4 white, ft48e. Barlev;
Mailing. GSKErtlc: No. I feed, tif?8c. Hye:
No. 2. $1.07(&1.O7'4j:. No. a. S1.6&31.0B1,.
Feat a res of the Trading- and Closing
3rla am Board of Trade.
OHTCAOO, May 26 Assertion that
crop damage In the southwest haa been
far more extensive than haa been rea
lised by the trade and that the next
government report would prove unus
ually bullish, brought about a decided
advance today In the price of wheat. Al
though unsettled at the close, the market
ahowed a rise of lHo to 3c net. Com
wound up with a gain of Mf'V to c,
and Oata of He to IVlc In provisions, the
outcome varied from 6c decline to an up
turn of 24o.
Almost unlimited buying on the part
of one of tha largeat houses here ac
companied tha bulge In tha wheat mar
ket. Tha concern referred to advised
Its customers that advices from all sec
tions of the winter wheat bait, but es
pecially Kanaas, appeared to suggest
thst the Washington report, due early
In June, would show a condition per
centage below any figures that had here
tofore been Indicated this season. It
waa also aald that reaaonably accurato
confirmation waa at hand of severe losses
for Indiana and southern Illinois and In
Missouri. '
Sellers of wheat gave no evidence of
courage to take an aggreasrre stand in
the face of the heavy buying. Reactions
lacked force, and In nearly every case
a stronger swell ensued. Wet weather,
which tended to restrict country offer
ings and incite fear of rust, formed one
of the handicap on would-be opponent
of the advance. .
Corn went up grade, helped by the re
markable atrength of wheat. Wet
weather complaint from Iowa and Ne
braska gave a further advantage to the
bulla and so alao did cable . report
about conditions In Argentina. Oats
trading hinged largely on llghtneea of
the May delivery. Continued rains were
against the bear.
Moderate aalea by packers held down
provisions. The sales acted aa nearly a
complete offset for the upward tendency
of quotations on grain and hoga.
Futures ranged as follows:
ArtlcM Open. I High. Low. Close. jYes'y.
Wheat I f
Ma. 164tj 16, 164H I 6M 164
July, llflt 1 aVVa 1.26? 1 20. I
Corn. I
J illy. 76 77 7 7 7
Sept. 76'i 77. 7S Wlai 7H
July. yi 61S 60W Mi 60H
Rept. 44 46 44 4!M 44 'i
Pork. I I
July. 18 16 18 17H 18 07H IS 10 1 IS 16
Sept. I 14 60 18 50 18 4241 18 4." 18 474
Lard. ( I
July.l 3 86 8 83 S809nO8f
Hept. 10 10 10 10 10 02Vi' 10 05 I 10 10
Ribs. I I
July. 10 hO 10?H 10 674 10 674 10 60
Sept. 10 S74 Hi H,'4 10 a24l 10 K24I 10 86
hlogo Cash Prices Wheat : No. 2 red,
31.644ll.fn,: No. 2 hard, 31.64Vul.W4. Com:
No. 2 yellow, 764j,74o; othera nominal.
Oats: No. 3 white, tlc; standard, MVlP
64c. Rye: No. i, SI. IK. Barley. 7S4i7
Heela: Timothy, $6.0ntii clover, $.f0
1026. Provisions: Pork, $17,874; lard,
$9.;0: ribs. M.h74'h'10 374.
HUTTKR Higher; creamery.
K;UB Iwer: receipts. J. 117 caaea; at
mark, caeex Included. 1 vfr 1 7 4rf ; ordinary
flr-ts. lMrol64c; firms, li.ai74r..
lOTA TO ICS Steady; receipts, 24 cars:.
EACH 50x132.
ONLY 11.260.
647 Omaha National Bank Bldg. D. 1.1.
A KM A NO - Really helps get rid of that
pain in tne bark, tnucn of rheumatism,
nervouane... tired, feeling and
brings hark that lost appetite, purifies
the blood and build up the entire ays
tern. Just send a postcard to th Hhella
barger Co. Mfg Hhar . Weat Liberty, la.
Dr. K. R. Tarry cures piles, fistula and
other rectal diseases without surgical
, or eratlon. Cure guaranteed and no
money paia until cured, write ror pooa
on rectal diseases with testimonials. DH.
fc. R. TARRY. 240 Bee Bldg.
Tho undersigned will receive at his
office in the City of Atkinson sealed bids
for prices on flux feet of A No. I fire hose,
2 combination noxzlea and 1 hose car.
All bids to lx' ai c mianleii by a certified
check fur S'.OO as a showing of good faith
.A . 1 .. . a 1.'.. 1 .1 .. 1 -, .... I.,,. 1
derB price mane. All Il4s must De In the
day of June. If 10. at a o cloc k p. ni.
C V. W1CKH, City nerk.
Atkluaoii, Neb.
W Is' onrln
red. tJW-, '
Pol l.TK V-AIIe higher; fowls. 15c.
4IM4.IIA l.Klr.BaL M48KKT.
Bl'TTFR No. 1. 1-Ibr cartons, 31c; N
t -lb tnbB, fc.
CllKFk-iniKirted Swiss, 88c; Amer
Kan ewi.s, 'J6. blotk swim, Uc, twins,
li'V; daisies, i;Hc; triplet'. 17vc; Young
America. I ; blue label bri k, lnHC llm
burgrr. 3 1b. c; New York whit. 18c;
init'ortvd Peni h houuefort, 40o.
FISH-Trout, 14c. large rrapplea, 14c;
balibut. 13c; rliannel catfish. 14c, herring,
lc; codfish, 14o; mackerel, !; artlmon inc.
8WI KT POTATOKt Kansaa. 83 78
Wholraale prlcea of beet cut vfieT.v.
April 14 are as follows:
MKKK riTS Klbs: No. 1, lc; No.
1 1V; No. 8. 1V. tlns: No. 1. 8Hc;
NO. 2. 30c; No. i. 3Sc Chucks; No.
1. 11V; No. 3. lie; No ;i. 10c. Koundsi
No. 1, Uc; No. 2, lf'c. No. 8. 1V
Plates: No. 1, c. No. 2, '; No. i.
POVI.TRT r.rotlera V; spring chick,
ens. l&c, hens, l-!o, cocks. t4c; roosters
8vc; stags, Sc; ducks. 15c; geese, 10c;
turkeve, l.i'sTi;; tilgwus, per doa , :
ducks, full feathered, 10c; geese, full
feathered. 8c; au.uaba. No. 1. II. W; No. 8,
Fruit snd vegetable prices furnished by
Ollllnskl Fruit company:
FltllTS orsnges. Fancy California
Navels. ls. V H per box; fancy Cali
fornia Navels, Mis, U 76 per box; fancy
California late Valencia., 17Ka. 2uus, 11 'if..
3nfs, If Is and 8.1. tnw per box; fancy
California late Valenclua. 6 to 10-box
lots. $ per box; extra fancy ABC. late
Valencia., 14.00 per box. lrmnna Kxtra
fancy Ooldcn Howl, me, SHOa, SY00 per
box; fancy Silver Cord. 3s. ia. 84 00
per box; extra fancy ttnuthland Beauties.
0i. S's, 8U4 0 per box; fancy Just rite,
300s, Sb, 84 00 per box. llrapefrult : Cele
brated Chase brand, We, 4.H per box;
celebrated Chase brand, 4s, 84 8 per box;
celebrated Chase brand, 84s, 84 (0 per box;
celebrated Chase brand, Ms and 60s, $4 U)
per Ikix. Pineapples: Kxtra fancy Ctilian
84h. ,1Cs, .fiO per box. Hananns:
Medium sice, $!0ti3.2& per bunch; Jumbo
fruit. Chnngulnola ami Port I.lmon, o
per lb. Strawberrlea: Hxtra fancy Mis
souri, quarta. $.1(io per esse. California
cherries: 10-ID. boxes, fto per nox.
VKtiKTA Bl.F.S 4'allfornla new cab
bage. 83 to 1"0 Iba., .1c per lb.; celery,
Jumbo, DOo a doa.; peppers, 0c a bssknt;
head lettuce, Sl.fO a do.; tomatoes, fancy,
84 W per crate: leaf lettuce. 40c a dos ;
artichokes, 31.50 a do.; endive. 860 per
lb.; onions, yellow, lc per lb.; onions,
Texaa Bermuda, white, $I.M per crate;
Texaa Bermuda, yellow, 31.28 per crate.
Tomatoes: Choli e, 34 00 per rrate. Hpln
ach: to- per do. Parsley: 8rto per doa.
Beets: 8c per doa. Potatoes: Minne
sota white. TOrtrTRo per bu.; Texaa
Triumphs. 100-lh. - sack, 4Vo per lb.;
Florida Triumphs, In hampera of 60 lbs ,
S2.M per hamper. Cocnanuta: 8a.M per
Back; per dos.. eOc. Nuta: No. 1 Cali
fornia walnuts, We per lb.; fllberta, lie
per lb.; Braxlls. 12Vc per lb.; pecans,
12Ho per lb.; sugar walnut dates. $160
per box; almonds, 20o per lb.
M18CKLIA NHOCB Fhelled Porx-orn
4c per lh. ; llmaa, $1.7 per bog; Cracker
Jack, 81.60 per caae; Checkera, 83.60 per
case; Crac.kerJark, $1.76 per i caae. ra
nuta: I taw. 7c per lb.; roasted, 8Vo per
lb.; raw, sack lots. Jumbo, 8c per In.;
salted. $1.50 per can. Asparagus: Home
grown, Vt-lb- bunches, 60c per dos.
Corn and W heat Resrloa Balletla.
At Omaha, Ntbraaka. Tor the twenty
four houra endlnit at a. m., 76th meri
dian time. Tuesday. May 2ft. 1016:
Temp. Raln
Dlstrlct. High. lxiw. fall. Sky.
Ashland, Nob.. HO 00 1.03 Cloudy
Auburn, Neb., "0 1.80 Cloudy
Broken How .. 7n 66 .t Pi. cloudy
Columbus, Nb. iti M .IS Cloudy
Culbertaon, Nb w M . Clear
Falrbury. Neb. 77 t .14 Pt. cloudy
Fairmont. Neb. 7 In .06 Pt. cloudy
Or. Island. Nb. 7 f4 ,0H Cloudy
Hartlngton ....76 60 .00 Pt. cloudy
Hatting. Neb. 78 67 .06 Cloudy
Holdrege, Neb. 76 62 .06 Pt. cluudy
IJnooln. Neb... 7 67 .60 Cloudy
No. Platte, Nb 74 H .00 f loiidy
Oakdale, Neb.. 7 l it Cloudy
Omaha, Neb... m lut 1 M Cloudy
Tetamah. Neb. K1 6.1 4.10 tNoudy
Valentine, Nb. 7S 68 .00 Naming
Alta. la 61 .61 Cloudy
K'arroll. Ia 70 61 8.70 Cloudy
Clniinda. la.... H2 64 1.1 fiomly
Sibley, la. i 60 .02 Cloudy
Bloux City, la. 70 00 .,.01 Cloudy .
Ixweat temperature for the twelve
hour period -ending at 8 a. m.
The weathsr Is somsa-hat warmer
throughout the corn snd wheat belt.
Heavy rains oocurred In th western dis
tricts, and falls of one Inch or more oo
curred at tha following ststlons: In Ne
braaks Tvkamah. 4 10; Omaha. 1.84; Oak-
dale, l.SS; Auburn. 1.20; Aahland, 1.03. In
Iowa Marshnlltown and Waterloo. 1. 10:
Clarlnda. 1.20; Kort Dodge. 1.40; Boone
and CriBt'm. It)' lows Falls. 8 40; Car
roll, .io. In Bmitli Dakota Mllbank.
1.14. In Minnesota Rochester, 1.0r.
New York tieaeral Market.
NEW YORK. May 85. HI'OA R-Rsw.
rteady; centrifugal, 4.88c; molasses, 4 lie;
,1 I (.-... ,,,,, I ... d UW. - nrl 1. 1. .1
ICIIIKU, llllll, V." V . , n , , V. V r , 1 '..I. u .
S.Mlc: mould A. 8,46c; cubes, 6.26c; XXXX
powdered, 6 is:; powderea, s.ior; nne
granulated. 8c; diamond A, tc; confec
tioners' A. i.80c; No. 1, 6.76c. Futures were
moderately active but orders were quite
evenly divided snd prices at midday were
about unchanged from last night.
BI TTER Hteadv; receipts. u,,m prxgs.;
creamery extrsa, 83 score, 88c; creamery,
higher (coring. 2H",ru.JSc ; firsts, 2731274c;
seconds. 2fiHO4c
EdUH Firmer; receipts. 28,907 raaes;
fresh gathered extras. Uric; storage
packed extra firata, 19'4-104c; regular
lucked extra firata, 204t204c; firsts, 184
f(194c; nearby hennery whites, fine to
fancy, 224igi-3c; nearby hennery browns,
2lCl'lKEjrfi - Irregular: receipts. 10.S48
boxes: state whole milk.- fresh spetnals,
1644!il7c; averaae fancy, lf40nSo.
POl'LTRY-Dreaaed quiet. "n"Sr
western frosen roasting chickens, l.tyOc.
fresh fowls. Iced, 14ai7c; fresh turkeys,
iced. 1W17c. IJve easier; chickens, broil
er. 2S32c; fowls, 17418c. -t
f '
Coffee Market,
.wtfur TOltK. Mav 2S.-COFFEK The
market for coffee futures opened at a
decline- of 6 to 7 points today under
soma scattering liquidation of June
or.ntr.cta which seemed to promote a
little selling of later deliveries undfr
which prices worked off another few
liolntB during the dsy. No partloular
change wss tvporieo in ma ii-"- "
Hrsxll. but there were very few buyers
around the local ring and the market
closed at a net loas of 7 to IS polntB.
Hales. 29.600 bags. May and Juns,
5 45c; July, .6c; August. 8 66c; Peptein
her 6 67c; Ortober. 6.61c; November, 8.64c;
December, 6.7c; January. 8.72c: Febru
ary 8.7c; Manh. 8 HO.'; April. 8 87c. Hpot,
quiet: Rio No. 7. 7V: Hantos No. 4. 94'.
omparatlvely few offera were reported
in the coat and freight market, and It
was aaid that shippers were asking 8.90c
for both prompt snd forwsrd shipments
of Hantos No. 4. Mllrels prlcea were un
changed In Bratil. Rio exchange, M4
Kaaaas Itr irala aad Provision..
2 haed, $1.4rJ(il.49; No. S red. $1 44;
May $1 47; July, 31. a; Beptemuer,
CORN No. 2 mixed, 7c; No. J white,
TT-; No. yellow.' 78c; No. 8, 744 :, May,
7'.".c: July.. 74-4 C4SiC; September, 744c
OATK No. 2 white,
mixed. 49c.
B I '1 TE It Creamery. 2r
seconds, 22c; packing, lw-.
Hi XI 8 KliatH. i4-: sei onda. Ys'.
POl'lTHY Hens, 13c; roosters, 10c.
Omaha Hay Market.
OMAHA. May 24.-PRA1RIB HAY--1iot-e
upland, $13 011; No. 1, SlU-OOiu: 12.i0;
No. 2. 8k.0fK.iHi.0f; No. 8, $4 Ofiejl 00 Choice
midland. $I2..'4; No. 1. $11.6ut12.a; No. 2,
$7.u0.0n; No. J, 84O0jn.0f. Choice low
land. 810.50111 0u; No. 1, 8100010.60; No.
2. 80uSWi; No. 8. 84.miA00.
STRAW Wheat. $6.6" .
AI'AI.FA-4'hol alfalft la quotable
at 31S.vrl4.0O; No. 1, $12 00471.1.00, No. 8,
340j 10.00.
Mlaaeapalia Grata Market.
MINNEAPOLIS, Msy. .-nVR-I'ncbanaed.
RYE S1.UI4H.17.
BH AN -421.60.
CORN' No. 3 yellow 71i,l7T;c.
OATH No 3 white. Liiffe .
FLAX-SI 924W 9u4-
St. l.oal. firalB Market.
HT. LOCI. Mo., May 26. WHEAT-
N(1 j re(1 rn .49; No. 2 hard. 31 61
CORN-Nn. i 7ii'a:'4c; No.
774y': Mav. 74c; July. 7tiV
a hlte.
OATS No. t nominal; No. 2 white, 6lc.
Mli hlumi :t 1 it
white. 'fj47c.
Cattle Steady to a Dime Up Lambs
Make Ten to . Fifteen-Cent
HOl'Tll OMAHA. May 1'.. l!lo.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday o.ova '.Mi
Kstlmate Tuesday .... 4.700 ,t0O 2,700
Two day this week.. 8.7M 1 "47 6.H13
Same dev. last week..H.M' .!M 7.Si
8ame davs 3 wka ago. H.7:U 1I..7M 7.7nf
Same days 8 wka. aao.lS.Tl '.7 H.r.4.1
Jame daa 4 wks. a go. lf.7f.1 B.71 12 47
Heme days last year... 8.5 H.0W M"
The -following table shows the receipts
of rattle, hog and sheep at the tto'ith
Omaha live sck market for the year
lo date, a compared with last year:
lilt iu. lno Dec.
Cattle 41 b xj;.os4 7t"..'-
Hugs I.j.n.wi l.nuvf.m SbZ.313
Sheep !I!,1W 9HU.846 ...... .2
The following table ahows the average
price for boa. at the South Omaha live
stock market for the laat few day, with
Date. I 1816. ;iai4.W8 1 12. 1 1911 . 110. 1?n7
! 3 841 1 61 6 .S ! !
May 11.
8 16
7 481 6 S3 1 11
8 11 8 14 I 6 11
2:: 7 01
8 11 S li T 44 6 7
8 l 7 04
li I .ii I sol
10 7 24 I
II. T 34S
11 7 rs'fc
11 7 32V
14 7 41 i
16. 7 4(
17. T 8H
13. 7 r1
1 7.26
20. 7 31
21 i 7
12. 1 7 2k t
. I
24.1 7 t2l
7 0i
7 11
I 8 l
I 8 381 7 08
8 44 7 02
u i w
ai 3 1
41 7 61
) 7 W
8 4J
8 S 87
I ll 7 10
8 33i 8
8 a) 8 24
7 an 8
8 W
7 1
I 80
7 6
7 60
6 4
6 79
3 2:1 18
8 1 8
I 24 t .14
6 78
8 1.1 8 2! 7 4V $ 4
8 16 8 M T 4!1 8 6S'
Recslpts snd disposition of live stoost
at th Union Stock Yards, Bou4h Omaha,
for twenty-four hours ending at I p. n
yesterday: RECEIPTS CARA sea.
C. M. A Bt. P 8
'Wnbash I
Missouri Pacific ... 6 3 3
Clilon Paclilo 84 41
C. A N. W east... 13 2
C. A N. W.. weat... 44 1
C. Ht. P.. M. A O.. 2.1 10
O.. H. A ., eaat... 8 3..
C, B. A J... weat... 2 1.1 I
C, 11. I. A P.. asst. 10 1
C. R. 1. A P.. west. 3 1
Clilcgwo O. W 3 t
Tots! receipts ..828 167 11
Wattle, tioa-a. rneep.
Morris A Co
Hwlft A Co
Cudahy Packing Co.
Armour A Co
... 1.41
... 837
Pohwarta A Co
J W. Murphy
Mncoln Packing Co 17
Ho. Omaha Packing Co. 10
Cudahy, Fort Worth
Morrell I
W. B. Vansant Co 41
Hill A Son 3
F. R. lewls 96
J. 11. Bulla
I. . F. Hubs
Rnsenatock Bros 4
Kellogg H
II. F. Hamilton 13
Sullivan Broa 14
Christie 10
Higglna 37
Huffman 30
Roth 9
Mcyera 4
Tanner Bros 72
John Hsrvey 140
Cllne i
Dennla A Francis 4
Other buyers 245
Totals 6.136 7.IW4 2.728
CATTl.K Receipts were tolerably lib
eral again today and the quality rather
better than on Monday. The market
ranged from strong to 10c higher, the ad
vance being moatly on the choice medium
and light-weight beeven. Demand
vigorous from both local packera, ship
pers, and trading was lively from Btart
to finish, the general market ruling
strong to a dime higher than last week,
'i'opa were yearlings snd sold -t SH.OO, the
beat of the heavy boevea selling up to
$8.70. Undertone to the trsda was strong
snd healthy throughout and a compara
tively early clearance waa effected.
Th market for cows and heifers wss
very little different from Monday, the
food light rows and heifers fuming a
ree outlet at strong figures, and the
heavy and rough kinds being aa uwual
rather uneven sellers. Prime heifers aell
up around 8M.00 snd above and th bulk
of the butcher and beef stock sells around
$6.26417.00. Veal calves were In limited
supply, active demand and firm, and
there wss a good strong market for bulla,
stags and rough stock generally.
Blockers and feeder business continued
quiet. Choice stock, both heavy and
light, ia readily ealeable at strong fig
urea while the general run of stock cat
tle and feeding steers Is selling very much
th same as toward the close of last
week. Prima feeders coinmsnd $8.00 snd
better, while Lbs bulk of the feeding
stock Is selling around $7.0KaJ.60.
Quotation, on rattlo: Uouo to choloa
yearlings, $.4UV00; good to choloa corn
fed beeves, $2Mj; fair to good corn
fed beeves, 8s.O0ius.2i: common to fair
cornted beeves, $7.rXrtj.00; good to choice
helfera, $I.OuJ8.00; good to oholce oowe,
K0tJr7.60; fair to good cowl, $4.76428 80;
common to fair cowa, S3.76QA.76; good to
choice Blockers snd feeders, S7.6U2J7.66:
fair to good stockere and feeders. $7,000
1.60; common to fair storkers and feed-
- . . .J. . . , If MUHI Aft.
ers, So.wU'i.w; sioca iiruei.. e.wnfi.w.
stock cow, 8i.76UO.76; stock calves,
1 in.
u6v; veal calves, ssumo'iu 10; isi u"".
stags, etc., $6.V4.t&; stock bulls, $6,009
Representative salsa:
tl. A. Pr. N. At. Pr.
11 T4 1 1 l4
14 Mil I 44 1 1M I I
II 1KH IN 1 1UW 3i
l.UI I 11 UM 8 40
U IMi 8 3 140 i 44
Jl 1U1 I 94 4 1113 8 14)
to in 4 40
4 4(4 T 74 4. 444 4 44
II Wl IN 17 74 I 44
1 Wl IIM a 1 4 44
i f Ml I 0 1. 4X7 4 14
U 11 l 4 404 4 4
II B7B 6 Ml 31 464 4 14
I HI 1 4) 4 174 4 44
i HUM 6 4 M4 4 14
SKI 6 40 tl l0 4 40
I I II 4 iwo 4 N
10 400 14. UM 7 01
4 HI 4.. 1400 10
t 1014 4 40 1 114 7 II
H tClFKRb.
4 70 4 M 4 ISO 1 44
I no 4W 4 T 40
t 1610 4 40 1 BO 100
1 1110 t 44
110 7 SO 1...." 40 14 00
t ID IU I Il 14
Ml IW 1 110 10 44
4 441 T 00 14 U 4 44
17 1014 7 14 21 4 4
HOUri Supplies were only fair again to
day, and a strengthening In valuea at
other polnta allowed the al trade to
recover ail of yeatertiay'a decline. Hhl
p rs' purchaaea were no more than a
nickel higher, being made largely around
87 ST., or a little lees, but packer- upem-d
a little better than that, and when lliey
start.' out to mako their pun liases It
waa at figures that were right at biilOc
higher. At the host time values were even
belter than that, some ssles being quoted
as nearly a dime up. but towards th
cloae thliM. eased off. snd with upwards
of twr'iitv loads of the early arrlvala still
unsold, and one tralnload not yet yarded,
bids lironiM-d off until they were hardly
a nickel hlulier.
44 .
II . .
SI .
A Bh
,..M W
Av "h. rr
. M im 1 114
. M4 1X0 t 1114
.440 ... 1 U
. JJ ... 7 14
7 H
1 414 14..
107 100 7 114
171 IS
.414 M 1U
KHKEP Receipts were moderate again
this morning and under tha influence of
encouraging advices from outside point
and a good local demand bulk of lambs
on sale moved at prices that were any
way Hri?vc up. and by aome traders were
quoted ss much ss urn an- higher. Shorn
lamh. reached a new high mark for tha
. as m, two loada of g'xxl stuff on tha
light order turning tho trltk. Home of
the same lamls that were good enough
In bring 30 s yesterday sold st 39.90 this
J morning, end price paid fr all the offer-
iniftrij ui f-. t- 1V.W. J rails
showed a fair amount of activity, and
nearly e- erjthlng hail iiee-i cached by 10
o chM k. No aoolcd lamba ahowed up to
clav. There were no aged eneep of any sort
on sole: In fact, nothing in the inuttoa
line has shown up this week. Rece'.p'S
amounted to eleven ears, or about I.W
bal This brlrgs the total for the tvo
davs up to 8.J C head. .1. against 7. Hi
Inst week, 7.7T, two weeks ago and 8.7'7
Inst year. Supple, for the two day. nr
the smallest of the year, and In fa-t sro
smaller than for any similar period since
the Inst week of June, 11 it- The run
drops off a little every wek. and wlt'i
each et a new low water mark for s
period of nnrly two years.
Quotation on sheer nnd lamhs: Iambi,
sl.rn. light, SfiOC'TIO rti; lambs, shorn,
heavy, $!ii.7T: ewe, shorn, 88.75417. 2.1.
Hcmcaentstlvc sules:
M culls
24i Montana shorn lambe...
. W yoming shorn lambs..
.. HO
.. 70
.. 7.1
.. 7
.. M
8 NO
8 70
8 .V
7 no
4 HO
11 v
10 no
10 on
Iw shorn lamba
M Montana vonled lambs.
6 rlipix'd ewe
19 culls
4 si ring lambs
3 eiM-lmf lamhs
.. 60
.. 71
.. 71
shorn lmnln
1W) altorn lamba
lallle Firm lloaa Weak gheep
I aaettled.
C1IICAOO, May 25 CATTLR Receipts,
J.OiX) htad: market firm; native beef
steers, 37.0ivjfl.30; western steers, 84 Wr?
10; cows and heifers, S3.3MM.75; ralvei
3 wnv 2:..
Hi hlH Receipts, ll.non head, marke'
ak at .'c advance: bulk of sales, i7..V"W
T.fO; light 37.anrf7.70; mixed. $T 3-,o7.g..
heavy. 7.1i)i7 'ti; rough, J7.Wi7.2S; pigs,
lHKBP AND I. MRS-Receipts. 400
head; market unsettled; aheep, $7 20i1.2.;
Uniba, $7.7511 10. Ml.
t. I. Ire Ktork Market.
BT. lAJUIS. Mo., May r.-CATTIE
Receipts. 3,wri head; market higher: na
tive .tee re, $7.R'ii00; yearlings, steera
nnd heifer., IHO",?); cows, $o.Oit7.60;
Blockers and feedors, $.rDiiJ8.2f; aouthern
steers. 81V8.4jg.6O; now and heifers. $4.0rnT
8.00: native oalvea. SH.onftS.00.
HO IS Receipts, lO.euo; market higher;
plga and llahta $.tr7.76; mixed and
butchera TOi1j7.75; gooI heavy, tl.9Um.1i).
HHBEP A NI L.AM BS Recel pts, 3.0
heed; market ateady; clipped native mut
tons. $ SMnS.7&; dipped lamhs, 80ii10 0;
clipped yearlings, $7.000128; spring lambs,
Kaaaaua (Itr Lira Stork Market.
Receipt, hui head: market higher;
prime fed steers, 3.7bA.3i; dressed beef
Steers. l0ij.HS, western ateera, $7.7(T
3 46: storkers snd feeders. S8.76fr8.a0: bulls.
86.78ff7 00; calvea. $6.60ai9.50.
HtXJ.S-Rec4.lp4B. 17.0.0 heed: market
i!,,!!fiJ"J", of "'' 37.4Mf7.60; heaw.
$7.4ift7 60; packera and hutchers, $7.4i7. 68:
light, 37.464r7.fc; plga. 8s.ru4T7.40.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Recelpta, 12 ono
head; market hlrher: lamh. IiMii'sa-
Vearllnga, $7.6Trg.a; wethers, $6.7680;
Rleaa City Live Stork Market.
SfOTTJT PtTV T. XI... x i . r.
Recelpta 1.000 hH m.,ii.'i iiw. . .'t..
higher: native steers. S7.26i.7S: bnt.-h.r.
4..0ilfl.SO; cows and hellers. 8lornr7 00;
I'snnora 84.00477.80; calvea, $S.fl0ttf0.'10;
bulla, ataga. etc., $1.60itf7.(iO.
HO 18 Reeelnt.. 4 oft hearf. .ri.. in.
hhtr:tn"iX3r--JT-lntT-n! mixed, $7!Vi.
7.30; light, 87.80..S6; bulk of sales, fc.SVJc
Ht. Jn.epk Live Stork Market.
ceipts. 3. OHO head: market alow- ..ra
$7.Nn.00; rows and heifers, $4.60t)8.S3;
Htxjs - Receipts. 7.600 head: market
higher; top. 87.60: bulk of a.l. it m
7.46. "
Cotton Market.
NEW TORK, May 25-crTTON-fpot.
quiet; middling uplands, 9.66c. Bales llOO
otton futures closed easy., 8.34c;
October. 8.72c: December. Bft"c- l.nn.r..
39.'.c: March. I0.18c.
The cotton market closed easy at a
net decline of 17 to 23 points.
raster; good middling. 8 and; middling.
V31d; tow. middling, 4 86d, Ssles ,C"0
Metal Market.
4 824W TORK-METAt,s-l''na'. Iir't-ol
SPELTFrn7riqueted.' '
At Txtndon lead, f30 la 3l. Spelter, 71.
iI?,,F;H J"' electrolytic. 818.76419 00.
TIN Firm a mi nulet: fiv nn ini.
$.T77M?M.a6. ....
IRON uulet and unchanged.
At London. Bpot copper, 78; future.
77. fliiot tin, 164; futures, 1ia lj.
Atlmony, 110ff1i6.
Kvennratrd Apples nail Dried Frail.
' NEW YORK. Msy 38.-EVA PORATi:!
DRIED FRL'ITS-Frune. quiet and
eay. Apricots, easy. Peaches, neglected.
Raisin, Quiet.
Dry Uoods Market. .
American solid black prints were sd
advanced Wc a yard yesterday. Inquiries
for large quantities of cotton durk for
export were In ths markets. Tarna were
dull. Men's wear wss quiet, aome can
cellations having been received for fall.
Navy blus silk taffetas war In good de
man. 74'eve York Hoaoy Market.
PAPER 34 Per ent.
hills, $4.7676: for cablea, $4.78; for de
mand, $4.78.11!.
SILVER Bar, 4He; Max loan dollars.
BONDS Government, strong; railroad.
TIM 10 LOANS Easier; 80 days. U0
34 per cent; 80 days. 840a per oants six
months, 34 Per cent.
CALL MONET fetsadjr; high. I par
osnts low, 14 per oent: ruling rate, IV
per rent; last loan, 3 par cent; closing
bid, 1 par cent; offered at I par cant.
Law doa Stock Market.
per oi
MONEY-mflU rr oent.
DIBCOITNT RATk;-4iort bills, 4 per
cent; three months, Stt-lftfjJft per cent.
Baak rieartnars.
OMAHA, Mar 38 Rank clearings for
Omaha today were 33.(01.400.81 and for th
corresponding dsy Isst year $3,4,U1.4e.
Italian Court to Be
Moved to Florence
FIvORENCTK. Italy. Msy 2i.-4.Vla
Paris.) A report Is current here that the
Italian court Is to be moved from Rome
and Installed In tha Plttl palace In Flor
ence. From hero tha kin will make fre
quent trips to the front and ths queen
will direct operations of the Italian Red
Cruss society, of which she Is president.
Don't Gut Out
will removs them and leave no blemithet.
Reduces any puff or swelling. Does not
blister or removs the hair, and hone tan be
worked. $2 a bottle delivered. Book 6 K free.
ABSORBINE. JR., th sanKstlc lUtmsat lor sua
Uo4. tot Botkt, SnSM, OI4 kM 4wrlU(i. Vsnoaai
Vaiaa -YwkMUMa Allan rslau Pnc. 81 14 81 kusK
SI ancslas w akliraraal. Will uil awn if jro. vims.
W.F.rOUNO. P.O. rH104 Tsal $U f prioallels.M,
liO 1IIU
Any Investor
ran ebtala
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8 (stvrgex prsc
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4W iU)rk$) nJ kwwi4 lh.
im VM4jlti8l to stitU
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