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    8 A'
Tin: OMAUA SUNDAY VKK: MAY 2.1, 101.1
JltasT Watoh at SdhninVe.
Kars aoci Prist It Now Boron Press
Xlsetrle rma Uurgsss-Uranden Co.
Todaye Complst Mori Program
classified section today, and apprara la
The Bn EXCLUSIVELY, rind out whal
th various moving picture theaters of fr.
Jot tha Y. M. C. a. on the special
rummer membership plan. Then us It.
Mlt Cupid Thomas S. Corey anil
lailu Viola Hlanrhe Lake were married
t 4 o'clopH Friday afternoon.
Ta lUpaint Welcome Arch Mayor
Dahlman has ordered the welcome arch
repainted. It la believed that an alum
inum tint will be used.
fcrna-fcaa Mad Dslacata F. J. Hughes
haa .been appointed by the Commercial
clutr ai Omaha' delegate to the I'pper
Mississippi River Improvement club meet
ing to be held In Pubuque. Ia., on June .
Toaagest of X.alee' O. A. S. Mlaa
Julia M. Fowler ot Omaha la tha jroung
et member of the Tuadles of the Grand
Army . of the He public. Klie ta Just 14
years old.
To Preteo Promiaeat Cora era Tha
upeHntefcdent of pollca haa arranged for j
JnUirsectlon protection at Twenty-fourth
and Leavenworth, Farnam, Cuming and
Lake streets during the busy hours of
tha day. Tha regular policemen on these
teata ,wll have traffln duties tn connec
tion with their other work.
War Aids Progress,
Says Gen. Goethals
HAtrTMORK. Md.. May a-Oonera!
Georra W. tloethala, tha builder of tha
Panama canal, who received' tha honor
ary degree of doctor of lawa from Johns
Hopkins university yesterday, was tha
principal speaker at the dedication lata
today , of the academic and engineering
buildings at Homrwood.
General Goethals. In part, said:
"Notwithstanding Ita horrors, war as
sists In progress. FAren though some In
dustries ara for tha time being at a
atandatlll. new ones axe developed. In
ventive genlua la aroused or stimulated
for tha benefit of tha attack or defense,
resulting In new applications utilised
subsequently tn peaceful pursuits, so that
while tha engineers' field of employment
Is already extensive there ia ovary proa
pnet far Ita further expansion. "
Italian King Givfcn
.Thunderous Ovation
KOM19, May H (Via Paris.) Several
hundred thousand persona led by tha
mayor of Rome, ess em bled tonight be
fore tha qulrtna). Tha members of the
royal family made their appearance on
a balooey, amid almost indeaorlbabla
arenas of enthusiasm. King Victor
JCramanuel was greeted with cries of
"Long live' the king" aad with cheering
for war.
PARIS, May SSL -General Joffre, tha
French commander-in-chief, . haa ap
proved tb' Issuance, by the eorumureary
department of' ay tenth part of an ounce
ot tea., dally to each soldier during warm
weather. Experience haa determined that
tea la a healthful drink and easily pre
pared for and distributed among tha man
In the trenches.
Tha a'jpply depot also hare bean au
thorised to Issue four-flftha of a pint of
wine daily to each man.
nrFFAlA N. T., May 22,-Mlss Cyn-
thla Buffum of little Valley, who haa
tic en ontrlal In supreme oourt here for
two weeka on a charge of murdering her
husband, Willis Buffum, by giving htm
poison, pleaded guilty to murder In the
second degree today. She was sentenced
to not leaa than twenty years Imprison
COPENHAGEN (via London). May t.
-The total number of war prisoner now
In Germany and Austria Hungary ia L-
BW.00O. according to the Frankfurter
Zeltung. The paper aays that thla total
Includes 1.000,000 Russians. 00,000 French,
SS.OOO English, W.0U0 Belgians and 80.000
ST. IXriS. May a Plana have been
drawn. It was learned today for a fS0e.ono
rnauaolrvm for the late Adolphua Huach.
The plans await the approval of Mrs.
JMy Busch, the widow, who now la In
Culls from the Wire
W ith gift totalling irO.OfiO reported the
fund of the Northern nainisi convvnimn
at I.ns Angeles' for aged ministers and
missionaries was swelled to 4.M.
Two forest fires are burning at the
north end of Tongesa National forest.
Alaska, threatening to destroy the honwi
of settlers and menacing a heavy stand
of government unwer.
Organisation of a new order of boys
to be railed the Maccabees Keouls has
brea authorised by the supreme tent.
Maccabees of the 'World, which concluded
lis suasions at t-an rrancuce
California club women, represented by
the California Federation of Women's
4 tubs, went on record at Ban FranMsco
opposing "preparedness for war" and in
favor of International arbitration.
The etramer Corwyn. which aalled from
Heat tie. May 1, with 104 passengers, re-j.ort.-d
by wireless to Nome that It had
run into an Icefield sixty miles out from
Nome and was trying to break through.
Reports of committees on Christian life
and work and on church co-operation
and onion took up most of the session
of the LRlh general twmMv of the i'res
Tyterlan church in the Lulled Hlatea ai
Rochester, N. T.
Bond of 430.UU for Our Ilartman. ae
ruaed of conspiracy to defraud the gov
ernment la connection with the alleged
Wratlon of a "moonshine still' In Kurt
hmtth. Ark... was declarrd forfeited by
Harry L. Arnold, lulled Hates commit-
' aloner at Kansas City. lien ha failed to
appear for preliminary hearing. Hart-
man's counsel told the court l had
ivlrsrara from Ilartman at Kl 1'aso
Mating he was unable to be present be.
causa of Illness
The National Wholesale Grocers' As
Kxistkm of the I'nllrd States In tin
.losing seselou of the ninth annual con
entlon. t.nn J i.urn.-J at iin Fran
lco. elcted tile following officers: Pres-iU-m,
'1'hro.t.we I'. Wlittinarah. New
York: first . iprcslilenU W. C. Mo-
('noautihey. i'srk oraburg, W. Va.arc-
nd vie piesldrnt. V. C. Dresther. fcac
rameuto. 1 ; tlitrd vice urt-siont. t. C.
Kuw, PltLsburirh, la.: fouitb vl- ea
Vnt, Uvorge . rerguaon. iprlnsfleld,
Masai ftfth vke presiiicrit. O. I. sloore
-ujux Cliy, la ; treasurer. Joseph 8. Kee-
luan, new Turk lr.
Billy Sunday Campaign Prayer
Meeting to Be Held in Many
Placet Sunday.
The following I the ll-t of pi sr.- and
sneaker for tha Billy Bunday campaign
prayer meetings to ht held Sunday af
ternoon at : p. tn.:
No. J. North, Vnlon Psclfio tracks;
aat, river; south, Bouth Omaha: west.
Twenty-fourth street, at Diet Memorial
church: apeaWera, Rer. F. B. Taft. Rev.
C. K. Cobhey.
No. 1 North,, Leavenworth atreet;
aat. Twenty-fourth street; south, Bouth
Omaha; west, t'nlon Pacific tracks, at
llanscom Park Methodist church; speak
ers. Rev. C. W. McCaaklll. Fred Karn.
No. J. North. Cuming atreet; east,
river; south, l4avenworth street; west.
Twenty-fourth street, at First Methodiat
church; speakers. Rev. C, N. Dam-son,
Secretary I. R. Lines.
No. 4. North, Dodge street; east.
worth B,wl. WNt prty-clght street.
a weniy-rourin sireei; soum.
at First Christian church; speakers, Rev
H. O. Rowland, Dr. J. R. Bailey.
No. North, Oimlng street; east.
Twenty-fourth street; south. Dodge
street: west. Fsty -eighth street, at Cen
tra! United Presbyterian church; speak
ers. Rev. Charles Bhepperd. Rev. J. B,
No. . North, Tlnkney street; east,
river; aouth, Cuming; west, Forty
elghfh street, at Trinity Methodist
church; speakers. Rev. Thomas BlthelU
George Evan.
No. 7. North, iJike street; east.
Twenty-fourth street; south. Cum'ng
atreet; west. Forty-eighth street, at Clif
ton Hill Presbyterian church: speaker,
Rev. J. F. Yotmg, David M. Totter.
No. .-North, Plnkney street; east.
Twenty-fourth street; south, l.ake street; j
west, Forty-elnhth street, at North Pres- j
bytertan church; speakera Rev. A. O.
Douglass. Dr. Charles R. Brown.
No. y.-North. city limits; east, river;
south. Plnkney street; west. Forty- ,
eighth street, at Plymouth oongrega-
tlonal church; speakers. Bov. M. V. Hlg
hee, Rer. F. W. Ueavltt.
No. 10 North, Ames avenue: esst.
Twenty-fourth street; .south. Tlnkney
street; west. Forty-eighth street, at
Church of the Covenant; speakers, Mr.
J. R, Beard, William K. Foaher;
No. 1L North, city limits; east. Twenty-
fourth street; aouth, Ames avenue; west.
Thirty-second street, at Grace United
Evangelical church; speakers, rvev. jt. i.
Ramsey, Rev. Von Der Uppe.
No. U. North, city limits; east. Thirty-
second atreet; aouth, Ames avenue; west,
Forty-eighth atreet. at lurst Memorial
church; speakers. Rev. W. A. Muirow.
Charles Roebel.
No. IX. South Omaha, at Presbyterian
church at t p. m.; speaker, Rer. F. P.
No. 14. Dundee, at Presbyterian cnurcn;
speakers, Rer. Titus Lowe. F. H, Chlck-
No. 18. Benson, at Metnoaisx cnnrcni
peak era. Rer. X. Atack, Dr. D. K. Jen-
kin. ' .
No. l.-FtoTnc. at Christian onureni
speakera, Rer. George U Ptet-.
fSld aorurs that youf mother used to
slng-eonfa which -won hearta and tlr
red souls half a century ago-mellow old
eons-a which delighted your .cmiumwu
and have grown aweeter with the year,
will be featured at the Walnut Hill
Methodist church. Forty-first and Charles
streets. Thursday, at o'clock,
A ."VMtlval of Old Bonr. parocipM
i- w. th. churoh choir. chorua of thlrtv
roiooe. under the direction of George W.
rt- Frsdortck B. 1 Stain, a retired
Methodist minister, now living at Lin
coln, and who haa many, locai inenaa
and ha preached here a number-of
time, will fill the pulpit Hunday morn
ing at Bt. Mary'a Avenue uongreaauona
church. The pastor, Rev. O. A. Hul
bert. is recovering from Ulnosa. Thomas
J. Kliy choir will furnish pectai rou.i.
Frederick F. Bteln will TsJi t
the Forum of the Bt Mary' Avenue Con
gregational church at noon irunaay.
wtf Tetr Munaon of linooln 1 will
preach Bunday morning at 11 o"clock and
evening at o'clock In the Swedish
Methodist church, corner of jtmeieenm
and Burt streets.
At a o'clock Bunday afternoon at the
Toung Men"a Christian association rooms.
Dr. W. O. Henry will talk on "Beg and
Olivet Grove MUsion, Thlrty-lxth
street and CTOwn oini ahou., '
L i. Mulfort. Pastor-Kunday
school every Bunday at JJ&. Hong serv
r ' . ' ...... Thursday avsn-
loe ana prvc.. " '
Ins- it 1
Mount Morlah. Twentv-eixtn ana rew
ard, luv. W. M. m. "'i" . - ' r
MmUter In Charge imir ",,r"
Je,-t. "My wrrei f
HkTnrtav school at . Baptist
Young People union at :.
Olivet, Thirty-eighth ftreet ami urano
Avenue. Rev. William
tor-Morning sermon by the pastor at 11,
evening sermon by the pastor at . Kun-
r Sc llOOl at. I", r.u.. ....... ..r-.-
inlendent. Bapt'at toun i eo(.ie s m.i-n
at 7. Prayer meeting, Wednesday even-
ti at a
Smmanuel, Twenty-fourth and Plnk-nev-Morntng
service at 1 ). Kvenlng
Erfvlee aT IU Rev. F. J. Ueavltt. chspl.ln
of the federal prison ai iai-iiwri.i..
Kan., will speaa oon ...... ---
Ing Bible athool at noon. Young Peoples
union at 7. Irayer and rralse service on
Wednesday evening -
m . u.prukv Htreel and mx Avenue,
Rev 11, O. Itowlande, MlnlMei-W'orshlp
at 10. subject of sermon. "Ft re-tea ted."
Kvenlng worsiup . y '"
The Atnise ana im nanm. i '-y'V iT
tlons. toung reopie s rawiim 'JT'
religious roo ana
msn. lesder. Sunday school at noon.
George Walermaa, auennienaeni.
Calvary. Twenty-fifth and. Hamilton,
w-v j A. Maxwell. asi.;r ofrvun ai
10 9 and R"- l"onatd Doug'.aea of
Cliicago will preach. Morning subject.
1 he 1 nirau ' - -
For a Man's Job." Bible school at noon.
OXV Noble, eupennienupni. i uung
Peoples meeting ai i. " nnn
Noble leader. Midweek levotlonl serv
ice of the week, Wednesday at , Rsr.
Thomas Anderawn, leador
North ld. Twenty-second and tth-
rop, (Jeorge ruirn. riiiurnipm
school at W. Jnoming wnm
Theme, "The Meaning ei ttaptism.
Kvenlng Service ai a i neme, ai mt
beautiful Gate." Kndeavor aervlces
at .
Ftrat. Twenty-el xth and Hamev.
Charles H t'ohbey. Pastor Morning awv
Ire at U- Hubjcct. "The t'burch. a Mls
s'onary." Kvenlng Services at 4. Topic.
"The Lord's Prayer" Young Pevple's
Ho.iety of Christian Endeavor at :V.
Junior budeavor at I IL KiUe school
at &.
CkrlMlsa Keieae.
First Church of Christ. St. Mary a Ave
nue and Twenty-fourtn Htreel Strvlcws
st 11 and . .il))ct. "r'oul and Hody."
funday school (two ae&sionsl at iS and
1L V'vdneaday evening nesting at H
8ond Church of (irist. Dundee Halt,
t'nderwood Avenue and Fiftieth MiMt
Servk at 11, subject, "foul and atody."
Bunday school at :45. Wednesday even
ing meeting at .
' area tloaal.
First, Corner Nineteenth and Daren
port, F. T. Rouse. Pastor Morning wor
World Astray by our Trs'-hlng the Ileal
Religion?.' Bunday school at noon.
H. Mary's Avenue, Twenty-seventh
Ptreet and Bt. Marys Avenue, Rev. t
A. H'ilhrt, Psstor Mornlnc. Rv, Fred
erick Bteln. D. D., of Lincoln will preach.
Sundiy school at 11.10. Music by the
K Ily choir.
Centra! Park, Forty-second and Bara
toga, J. R b"ard. Pastor Hunday scnool
at 10, K. l. Uepsnn, superintendent.
Morning worship at 11. Christian Endea
vor at 7. hAcnlng worship at I. Thla
"hiircti unites in union praver meeting
at Hirst Memorial phurch at !: Buu
day afternoon.
fhlp at 10 . Bub)ect, "ire We !-d the
i'l month, KlKhUenth and Kmmet, F.
W. lavltt, Minister Morning servl.e at
W W. Topic, "The Cross and the Crown;"
"l-o.ial Workers," memorial window.
Sunday school st 12 ll.lly day for all
rls.wa Young 1'enple's t-oclety of Chris
tian Knrhjsvor at 7. Kven ng service st
Topic, "How Jesus Won His First
Bt. Matthlss. Tenth Street and Woitn
Ington Avenue, Albert E. Wella Prl-st
in ;tisrge-Hulr communion at 4. Bund,
school at 10. Holy communion and ser
mon at 11. Evening prayer and sermon
Church of Bt. phnip the Ieacon,
rwenty-flrst Near Paul, Rev. John Al
bert Williams. Vicar Whitsunday holy
communion at 7.3: holy euchariat
(choral i snd sermon ai lit Kundav ach ri,i I
st 12:; evening prayer and sermon, 7:.1i.
n-.. o " , . , Preaching, g p. m. Bundav school, 11 a. m.
v X?h. S1",h.Tw,;?,,r""LVh' nrfnr Preschlng. p. m at North Twen-fi-:
.1 a 1M'nl"'-- 'reaching services. ',, Bouth o.h
, ft.
Uuther M. Kuhns. Sunday school. I:M il,"1" Progressive Spiritualist, 2709
m.; J. V. Bmlth. siipeniucnd. nt. Uither worth. Rev. F A. Thomas. D. B.
leuffiiM T , n. . i . . . u '8.. Pastor Services mt 11 a. nv. 1:30 and
.if., iT-n.ivi , eiies .una
Kountae VemH.i v.en.n. .n4 T en.
ty-suth Avenue. Rev. Oliver D.
Pastor, Rev. C. Franklin K'h, Asso-.
elate Psstor Morning worship. 11 o'clock.
WhlusHHy sermon "evening worship. 4,
The Keynote of the Scriptures." 4:46.
nonaar scnooi; nirsr r. woodman, su-
periniencient; 7 o'clock, I-uther league; n!nK toplr -Thf. littt o th, Rurr.c
subjecf, "The Holv Spirit as Fire.' Itlon." Hnn.lsv school m. Mi.. Ber
Ht. Mark's English. Twentieth and Flur-
dette, Rv. L. ilroh. Fsstor Morning, 11.
"Holy Ommunlon. the Christian Church
Begins at Christ's Body." Evening. "Very
Bad F.nding of a Troubled Cnroer." Sun
day s. hnnl, S:4S. Young people's Chris
tian Endeavor. 7:15.
Ht. Msthew's English
Castellar and
G. W. Snvder. i
Pastor Mr. Ralph Yomen of. the Young ,
Men's Christian association will speak
at 11; Bunday school at JO; I either league
at 1 iR
'Aon, Thlrty-lth and Iafayette Ave
nue, A, T. Ixrlmer, Pastor Bunday
school at 9:46. Confirmation exercises of
this veer's confirmation class st 10:S0.
The collection at the morning service will
go towerd the purchsslng of Bibles for
the confirmation clasa. Special musical
service on Bundsy evening. Midweek serv
ice. Wednesday evening. I p. m.: choir
practice Thursday evening. I p. m. Friday
venln the. Men's aocletV will hold Its
regular monthly meeting at the home of i
Mr. and Mrs. A. Borchman. 1718 North 1
Thirty-third street M
St. Pauls. Twenty-fifth and Evans.
Rev. H. T. Otto. Pastor fervlces. 10.
holy communion. Whit Sunday prepara
tion. :30; Pentecostal services In Eng
lish, 4 pm. Holy communion, confession
st :tn. Bundav school t 11 :. Pente
costal hymns by the choir. J. A. HUgen
dorf. director.
Walnut Hill. Forty-first and T'i
Rev. Oliver Keve, Minister Bunday eche.l
at 11 a. m, preaching at 11 a.
p. m. Epwth league meeting at 7 p. m.
Jennings Memorial, . Fifty-first and
Hickory-Morning, Sunday achool at 10,
t reaching by John Dale at 11; A C hanged
sfe and Home." Evening, evangelistic
service at 4. Including song rrvlce.
Swedlsl., Burt and Nineteenth. Rev.
Gustavo Krtckson, Pastor Sunday school
at 10 a. m. Preschlng at 11 a. m. " "
p m . by Rer. Peter Munson of Lincoln.
Epworth league service at 4:30 p. m.
Trinity. Twenty-first and Blimey.
Thomas Blthell. Minister Morning. 10:31':
evening, i; Babbath school at noon: Ep
worth league. 7. The Epworth league
fratallatlon service will take place at .
Pearl Memorial. Twenty-four h and
Jjirlmore. Rev. Earl K. Bowen, Minister
Preaching servlfee at 10:80 a rn and 4
p. m Hunday school at noon. J. W. May
nard uperlntendent. Children a meeting
at 3 o. m. Ei-worth league meeting at
7 p. mV Prayer meeting W ednesday even
ing at S o'clock.
Diet Memorial. Tenth and Fierce, Rev.
C N. Dawson, Pastot-Bunday school ai
a-jK - ri T T . Wans, sum
nr. j. i rrans, sunennien.i
. , m, . ...niece i lit.
Full Question. Epwortn league mrruiiH .
at 8 p. m., topic. "Another itai wucs-
tlon.". Prayer meeting Wednesday at 4
n. m Home talent concert rTiaay even-
t- i
First Memorial. Thirty-fourth Street
snd Iarlmore Avenue, Rev. H. B. Hess,
Psstor rreachlng st 11 a. tn., suoieci.
"The Vision of Sir Launfl. or the Spirit
of Service. Evening aervlce at 8 o clock,
topic, "The Fresh Supply," . Etworth
league' meeting at 7 p. m.
First. Twentieth and Davenport. Rev
Tllua Uwr. Minister Bunday achool at
a m , T. F. Bturgess. suijertntendent.
Morning worship, at 11 o'clock,' subject.
"God's Contract with Hie People." belnit
a service In honor of those of riper
years Epworth leagu meeting at 7 p.
nn meeting lor an young people.
Fvenlng worship at 8 o'clock
"God's Demand for Manhood
MeOebe, Fortieth and Farnam. Rev. W.
H. Underwood. Pastor -Morning and
evening sermons by Rev. Charles M.
Shepherd ot Lincoln. Morning - theme,
"Tb Tragedy and Joy ot Age." at 11 a.
m. livening service at 8 o'clock, aubiect,
"Tha Eplo of the Circuit Rider.'' Sunday
school at 4'4t a. m . Mrs. Genrce K.n-
trlkln, superintendent. Adult Bible rlasa
. b . m 1 1, teacher Meetinr
of Knworth lea cue at 7. TV m.. Mrs. r'.tlvl
Thorpe, president, topic, "Are Children In
Our City Getting a Fair Chance?"
Han acorn Park, Woolworth Avenue and
Twenty-ninth Street. Rev. C. W. "Mc
Caakill, Pastor Preaching services at 11
a. rn. and 7:16 p. m. Morning theme,
"Superhuman Power for a Superhuman
Task " Freeing theme, "Aa I Waa With
Moees, o Will 1 Be With Thee." Sun
day achool at 8 ii a ni. A union "Billy
bunday" prayer service at 8 p. in. There
win be no hiiwortn league service at .
p. m., but the league will unite In the
evening service. There will tie Installa
tion of officers and the address will be
especially to th young people. Prayer
sorvtce Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
North, Twenty-fourth and Wirt, M. V.
Uigbee, Pastor Sermons at 10:90 a. m.
and 4 p. m. Sunday school at noon.
Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m. Prayer
meeting on Wedneaday evening at 8.
Third, Twentieth and Leavenworth
Bunday school, with men's Bible class, at
: a. m. Publio worship and sermon
by Rev. W. J. Cream ell at 10:4. Inter
mediate and Junior Knucevor at S p. m.
Christian Kndeavor at 4:4& p. m. Kven
lng worship and sermon at 8.
Castellar, Sixteenth and Castellar, Rev
C. C Meek, Paator erv loee at II a m.
and 8 p. m. The Rev. M. W.
Loiimer of South Omaha will preach.
Babbath school at 8 4a. Junior Kndeavor
at tit. Intermediate nlavor at 7.
Senior Kndeavor at T.
Clifton Hill. Grant and Forty-fifth. B.'
R. von dr IJppe, Pastor Morning ser
aion at It, topic, "The Communion of the
Jioly Spirit." Kventn worship at 7:30;
topic, t "Running in ih Way of God'a
Commandments." Burnley sotiool at 10
a. m- District No. 7 player meeting at
8 p. m. Christian Ended or at 4:10 p. m.
Benson. Rev. A. J. XloCiung, Pastor
Sunday School at 10 a. in. Morning wor
ship at 11. when George IVrctval will
preach. Junior Christian Kndeavor at
I p. m. Senior Christian Kndeavor at 7
p. m. Kvenlng worship at 4. when E. A.
aioiiasson will speak. Prayer
on Wednoaday evening at 8.
Church of the Covenant. Twenty
aeventh and Pratt. Charles 11. Fleming.
Pastor Morning worship at 10:30; topic,
"The Normal Church." Bible school at
noon. Kndeavor st 7 IS and evening wor
ship at 4; topic, "Kara, the frll.c." Mid.
week service at tlie hom of Mr. W. L.
Orr, 14 Pratt. Wednesday evening at 8.
lewe Avenue. 10J1 North Fortieth. A.
F. Krnst. M mlnu-r Humlay school at
noon. Junior Kndeavor society at S p. m.
Senior Kndeavor society at ":'i p. in.
Morning worship at luSO; topic. "The
Church In Tl.yatira " Kvenlng worship
Bt 4; topic, "Answers to Three I'nreaily
Disciples "
fc'n-ith Omsha. First. Twvntv-thlrd and
J, R. L. Wheeler, Pastor Bible school
In all departmmils at f a. m. Preach
ing service at 11 a m. Father's day will
be observed. All fatbera ot children ia
tn school are ashed I be nressa. -
deevor service st 7. Kvenlng service at
4 o'clock.
Fsirvlew, Twenty-seventh end Pratt,
Charles H. Fleming, Psstor Bible school
at 2, and afternoon worehlp at I. Revs
Keve and Mr. Porgy will address the
Billy Hundsy workers at this service, to
which all are welcome. On Friday even
ing at 4. at the home r.t Mrs. J. H. Rhort,
44i Bpaldlng. the Chrlstlsn Kndeavor
llible study, sing and good time, to
which all are welcome. Indies' Aid on
Thursday at 2:30 p. m. at the home of
Mrs. Mc.Michal.
t ailed Preawyterlaw.
First, Twenty-first snd Hnimet, A. C.
riotiglass, Minister Morning worship.
10:30; teplo. "Drawing Near to God." Eve
ning worship. o'clock. Bible school at
ncxin. Young People's meeting for prayer
and Bible study, 7 p. m.
fVntrsl, Twenty-fourtt and Dodge,
Hugh H. Bpeer, Tketor Public worship,
with sermon by pastor, 10:30 a m. : topic,
"At Ease In 7.1on." Babbath srhooi at
noon, Paul H. Patton, superintendent.
Young People's meeting, 7 p. m. Rvenlng
worship, t. topic, "He Held to Hi
I altariasj.
Unitsrlan Pariah House, 4M North
Fortieth Vesiier sen Ires at 4:30 p. m.
The Associated Bible Btudents. Trle
Building. Nineteenth and Farnam R. B.
lloman will lecture; topic. LAike 14 . i
Un'on Gospel Mission. lf14 Davenport
Preaching every night but Saturday. Bun
day achool, t p. m. ; A. M. Perry, superintendent.
Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of
Tetter Dar Bsints. Teenty-fourth and
i"hlo Bundsy e-hool, : a. m. Preach-
' iriK, it a. m. fteugio serA'ice, e:w p nk
, ' - t
'subject. "Ixwe:" evenlns sublect. "Willi0
f nlversal Peace Ever Exist?" Tuesday,
P- m.. message service. Wednesday. :
- m.. Indies' Aid message servloe.
Church of Ufe. 15 North Eighteenth,
Rev. Mrs. V. A. Hell. Pastor Morning
topic, "The Resurrection of Life." Eve-
tha Nermsn. superintendent. Young
t'eopie s Society of Christian Endeavor,
i v. m.; suojeci, -jnni mrmeuiing.
First .Progressive Bplrlluallst, 1SH Har
ney Evening at 4, message service and
lecture bv Mrs. Msckte: sublect. "Astral
"nd Out of the Hody." Wednesday and
r riuays. s p. m . test meeting lAdies
Aid. first Thursday each month, l.TOp. m.
People's. 615 North Eighteenth. Rev
Charles W. Savidge, Pastor Morning
sermon at 11 o'clock. Evening sermon at
8 o'clock. Sunday schol at noon. Gospel
services on Thursday evening.
Grace, Vnlted Evangelical. Camden Ave
nue and North Twentv-eventh, Thorn aa
M. Evans. Pastor Bunday school. 10 a
m. Preaching. 11 am. and t p. m.; K.
H. C. E., 7: union prayer meeting, dls
ttlct 11; addressed by Dr. Ramsey and
Rev. Mr. Van Derllppe at 8:30. Morning
theme, "Showers of Blessings." Evening
theme, sermon on tb Interest of Key-
league work.
Vnlted Brethren, Nineteenth and
TiOthrop. W. O. Jones, Minister Morn
lug service, 11.. Evening service, 8. Bun
day school, 10 a m. Ckrlstlan Endeavor,
7 p. m. Official board, Wednesday, 8 p.
m. Prayer meeting, Bundav campaign,
1'lstrlct No. 4, Trinity Methodist Episco
pal church. Twenty-first and Blnney.
Sunday, 8:30 p. m.
First Reformed, Twenty-third and Deer
Park Boulevard, John F. Hawk, Pastor
Sunday school, :4R a m. ; Dr. H. Brer
nesn, superintendent. Morning worship,
11, Pentecsstal service; theme "Pen
tecost and Power." Christian En
deavor. 7 p. m. ; topic, "Rellgioua Read
ing; What and Why." Bvening worship,
4; theme, "The Christian's Defense."
Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. Rev. J. F.
Hawk will be regularly Installed as pas
tor of the charge. Rer. P. M. Orr of
Lincoln will have charge. of th aenvica
and preach.
(Correspondence of the Associated Pre.)
LONDON, May 81. The manuscript
journal of th poet. Gray, for the year
17M haa Just com to light her. It was
found hidden away among a mas of old
legal documents.
The dairy I mainly Interesting for th
light It spreads on the poet' Interest In
and keen observation of the thing of
weather. May day. 17M, for ' example;
..w-.lhB, oerfectly bright. Took a large
- - -
tube rose, whose leave were sixteen
Inches long, out of the pot and put It in
water. One of my boana la nine Inches
The observations on flower and shrubs
are exact and close, and embrace n6te
made in a half doxen old-time London
suburbs. Occasionally he mentions one
of his many ailment In such a not a
"Cramp In calf of one leg. Some pain or
contraction In the right knee and hip.
i Felt several tlmea thla month (March) a
dull pain In the back, chiefly upon first
waking or In stooping."
Typical of the main portion of the
diary la the following: "In the beginning
of the month everything seemed to want
rain, but the kindly showers that fell
soon after and the gentle weather soon
brought on the spring In all It verdure.
Peaa were two Inchea high on the first
I .,. ,K. ,hl. , w. Ksmn
day of May, on the third the apple began
to snow US leaves, lirswrnrrrei nuw.rwi
on the eleventh. On the first day of the
month the rooka had young ones, on th
second the swallow appeared."
(Correspondence of the Associated Preaa)
LONDON, May 21. The use to which
German meteorologista are putting the,
Belgian Royal observatory at Ikscle, a
auburb of Brussels, ia told In the Gaaette
Astronomlque, now published In London
by the Astronomical eoetety of Antwerp.
When the Belgian army retired from
Brussels, a German force took possession
ot the observatory and put four German
scientists in chsrg,' to take weather ob
servations for the Information of the
army aeronautic force. The Belgian
astronomers were allowed to remain, sub
lect to certain reatrlctlona
The German army meteorologista were
observed filling with hydrogen email
rubber ballon to get the direction and
velocity of th air current In th upper
atmosphere. At night th balloon carried
an electrlo pocht lamp, forming an arti
ficial atar.
Similar observations were made by
stations at Uege. Namur and other
points In the conquered territories, being
collected and collated tn Berlin for the
use of commandera of Zeppellnj and
aeroplane units.
(Correspondenoe ot the Associated Prea)
KIEV. May It. A deputation of women
who wish to form a volunteer legion to
eerve aa regular soldiers In the campaign
on thla front haa arrived in thla city
from Gomel with a petition which they
have presented to the hrad ot the Kiev
military district. These women state
that they are ready to assume all military
duties except actual engagement In battle,
and are particularly oVairous of being
employed for patrol service. Thoy have
designed a uniform almliar to that worn
by th regular army, but distinguished
from It by leather ooata and tri-oornered
hat. They hop to carry regular Infantry
Radical Members of Norwegian Par
liament Have Some Measure.
that Arc Aimed at Roy alt j.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
CHRIBTTANIA, May 11 The socialist
and radical members of the Norwegian
Parliament are making a renewed at
tempt to reduce the prerogatives of King
Haakon. Bills to take away from the
king th privilege of conferring; decora
tions, the right to attend the opening
session of Parliament and to alter the
lawa of succession to th throne, some
of which were defeated three yearn ago,
are to be preseed again.
After the union between Norwgy and
Sweden had been dissolved In 1906 the
country voted upon the question of
adopting a monarchlal, or a republican
form of government. Norway had been
a monarchy for 1,000 years and 70 per
rent of the people voted tooonttnue that
system. f
Taking; Away Fewer.
When Prince Charles of Denmark ac
cepted the call of the nation to become
Its king most of the people shared with
Mm the supposition that he could be
assured of reigning and working on the
condition guaranteed by the constitu
tion. Very soon, however, the s-Kallst
and radical politicians began to attempt
restrict the king' prerogatives. After
ithey obtained control of Parliament In
j. ,,Veral bills were debated and
. . .... . . .
voted on but ,a,le,, to cure the fi'c
rr two-thirds majority.
The king haa the right to bestow the
; Royal Order of Bt. Olar upon natives
d foreigners as a decoration of honor,
and this haa been a personal rirht of
th king which did not concern tha
cabinet or Parliament. Proposals to
take away that right, and to prevent
tha king from attending the Parliament
were defeated.
Borne Radical Mrasares.
BUI have now again been presented
to abolish the order of Bt. Olav. and to
forbid cttlxena from accepting decora
tion, also to forbid the king from at
tending the opening and closing of Par
liament, Another measure proposes to
take from the throne the prerogative
which he holds aa head of the Norwegian
church of appointing priests, Mshop
and other church functionaries. Even
more aweeplng than these bills L one
dealing with the succession. If the
king should die without an heir, under
the constitution Parliament would elect
his successor. This provides that under
such circumstances Parliament shall de
cide whether Norway I to continue to
he a monarchy. Another would make
amendments to the constitution possible
by a majority vote Instead of two-thirds.
There la no dissatisfaction with King
Haakon personally In Norway, but th
extreme democrat aim at making. th
Institution of, monarchy useless and par
ing the . way for a republic. The mem
ber of the royal . family live with
greater simplicity than th head of
moat republics. The king and queen
ride in the atreet car and bicycle about
th country road, and meet the people
on a plane ot equality.
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Prohibition Boosted
in Norway by War
(Correspondence of the Associated Pres.)
CHRIST1ANIA, Norway. May XL The
prohibition movement in Norway ha re
ceived some Impetus aa a result of the
war, and while there la no clear Indica
tion of what the effect will be, there are
a number of Interesting phase of the
situation In thla country.
Since the prohibition movement waa
started here seventy year ago the con
sumption of strong liquor la shown statis
tically to hare diminished gradually In
all Norway from ten quarts of 100 per
cent alcohol per capita In 1843 to 1.54
quart In 1890. Law regulating the manu
facture and sale of strong liquors
(agvavlt, brandy and whisky) have made
It more and more difficult to obtain these
drinks, and, according to the law of 1$H
no sale or no saloons are allowed In the
rural district. In the cities the sale ot
liquor In saloons or restaurants I done
by stock companies, which get their ;
lioense by municipal voting. These com-1
pan lea are allowed only i per cent Inter-1
est en their capital, the remainder of the i
prof Ita going to the state, th city, or j
philanthropic Institution. Beer and wine, i
In bottle, may be aold by any grocer, j
The sale of all Intoxicants, however. Is '
suspended everywhere during holiday j
The legislature has) gradually raised the ;
duty on Imported liquor and has fixed a j
high revenue on native distillation, and j
also on beer with an alcohol percentage 1
of over W4. I
Under these law sobriety has generally
Increased. The restricted sale of liquor,
haa driven the lower classes of the popu
tlon to the use of denatured alcohol, from
eau de cologne, ether and shellac and In
many Industrial center and In "dry"
towns, "blind Jug" have replaced the
licensed sale.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
PETROGRAD, May !L A project to
Institute compulsory state fire Insurance
la now under consideration by the
minister of the Interior, and will be eoon
presented to the council of minister for
sproval. The proposal waa first made, by
the budget committee of the Duma,
which pointed out the desirability of ueh
a measure as a source of income to the
According to preliminary estimates. If
thla fir Insurance monopoly were un
dertaken by the government. It would
yield an Income of 815,000,000. Th minister
of the Interior, however, la In favor of
the passing of such a measure, not
primarily because It would bring a large
revenue to the government, hut because
compulsory insurance Is demanded by
the condition of the majority of build
ings In Russia, which are wooden and
but poorly protected aealnst fire. The
constant destruction of theae wooden
buildings by fire haa been a perceptible
drain on the economic strength of the
(Correspondence of the Associated Preea)
LONDON, May 15. The British Tran
lrt 'Workers' federation haa published a
pamphlet by It secretary, Robert Wil
liam, summarising tha effort ot British
trade unionists and socialists during th
lust few years to unite the socialists of
all the countries ot Europe in an offen
sive and defensive alliance against war.
The Ideal of th British leader was ta
r .: it jn-
i ' r-
Bt Hayden's
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i lake any International declaration cf war
the signal for a universal strike ot all
trade unionists In the countries atlccteu.
The pamphlet deals In large p.rt with
the attitude of German soc.allsts. "A
fe.r back aa 1F.0 effort were made at the
International Socialist congress at Copen
hagen to pass a resolution advocating a
general strike in the event of war be
tween any of the great powers," says
Mr. Wyiiams. "When the resolution was
passing through the preliminary stages
of committee it waa superseded by an
ecademlc Indictment of war and ty a
resolution which referred the aubject cf
general strike back to the various so
cialist and labor parties for further con
slderatlon and report. This was en
gineered by the German and Austrian
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