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OoU Magnate Takes Vigorous Ex-i
ITALIAN CAVALRY READY FOR WAR The picture shows a company of the far
famed Italian horsemen at practice over difficult hazards at the recent maneuvers.
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Hart, Schaffner & Marx
ception to Questions Asked by
Commission Chairman.
WASHINGTON. May 21. Just be- j
fore John D. Hock fHlor, Jr.. re- J
fumed hi testimony today before thjj
industrial relation rominf.Blon, the I
i-oniniiMoner met in executive bom-i
slon to ronller the "round rabbin";
went last night railing for more mod !
prate treatment of vitnop-n-H. Son '
of the commiflslonern did not conceal )
that they thought the ' rhalrntan'r. !
questioning of Mr. Itorkefeller ywj
terday should have been modified. !
After the executive nenrlon, the!
other commlflKlonera did not make
public their letter to Chairman
Walsh, which it wa understood thy
would do, should their MUftgetion s;o
unheeded. Chairman Walnh said he
did not know what had happened In
tha executive Reunion.
'The examination of Mi. Rockefeller,"
he "ha and will txj rond'irtori with
due eonsiii.rstlon and tho lruu will he
arrived at"
Mr. Rorkrf,,r KHn today by rad.
i a rrl'ared atatemmt which re
lated to chairman WhIh:i questioning on
tile view of the regularity of the ren-vk-tinn
of Jolin It. Ijin n. a mine witrK
era' offiw. Mr. Rockefeller spoke of
xlnlster reflection in said Chairman
Walah'a qu.stlona had been framed to
n.aka It apiar that Mr. Knckf!l,r ron
t5d there had twn wilful Umprrinf
with the court. Hit statement follow:
Haekefetler Heads IMateaaeat.
John, l. Rockefeller. Jr.. resuming tha
witneea auind today, read the followlnf
Blnce (ivlni my testimony yesterday
I have read with eara the tenoa-rapher'
transcript of the questions asked by the
chairman of tha commission In reference
to the Lwaon trial, and my view of car.
tain hypothetical caeca and the couree 1
ould take ahould the facta aubsenuvntly
prove to be aa presented.
"A theae question , all relate to a
. rlnilnal appeal at present , iNndln be
fore tha court of thla country. 1 feel that
my poeltlon cannot he too precisely
stated, both aa respect Dm queatlona
already aaked and queatlona of a similar
nature which may he addreaaed and I
therefore desire to give to thla commla
alon by opinion on thane mattera In the
form of a written atatement whlrh will
be uneouorlcal nod admit of no misun
derstanding or misinterpretation.
"Aa already expreaeed my cplnlmi la
thai Justice ahotild be administered aa
to be above auspt'-fcrti and If In any ma
terial particular the trial of Mr. Iwnn
haa been wanting In tlNa respect, I for
ona ahould dealre to ee the aupreme court
of "Colorado, to which the appeal he
been taken, fexrefullr consider vary
Kround that may be urged and grant a
new trial ahould any material ground be
sustained. .
Jta Attempt to laflaeare Coarta.
"I have no mora right than hue any
other citizen In thla country to attempt
to Interfere wltft or Influence the court
of justice, and queatlona which are so
frumed aa to aeek to put me In the pual
tlon of appearing to concede thai there
have been wilful tampering with the
court or of atattng what I am prepared
to do to Influence the future count of
Juatlc. either aa respect Mr. Lew ion
or any other peraon, I cannot regard
them aa other than improper queatlona
and a direct reflection upon thoae who
the charged with the administration of
justice. To sinister reflection! of thla
Kind I must decline to be a party even
by InferetHf.
"Were I either directly or Indirectly to
attempt to Influence the Judiciary of
Culorado ar-repect the pre Kent appeal
In Mr. Uvwn't trial, i ahould lie gritty
of the very procedure against which
aitneaae before this commission have
ao atrongly proteatod and whltji myelf
havo not lea strongly condemned, and 1
hope that the chairman of the rommiMlon
will not expect from me repliea to any
uueetkint which Imply that I believe
"there have been guilty of unlawful or
Improper acta In the administration of
Juatlce or that I entertain a position au
perlor to that of any other rltlaen of the
rapobllo either before the 'law or to
warda tta admlnlatratlon."
When Mr. Rockefeller conoluded. Chair
man Walah, aald:
"If then are any queatlona I ask that
you think ahould not be anawered. you
ahould etate tho fact and the commla
alon wlU oonaidor what ahould be done.
1 suppose your blah regard for law cx
tende to all offlcera charged with ad
mlnlatratlon of the law".
"Tea," aald Mr. Rockefeller.
"Ted haven't a contempt for offl-era
of tho law who do not your bidding?"
"I don't undertake to direct the of
flcera of the law."
'1o you undertake to 'coerce officer
of tha lawf ....
"We don't undertake to get officer of
the law la any poaltlon. That la entirely
Bewere Writea mt eraer.
Chairman Walsh then read a Utter
wrtttea to Mr. KocheleUrr by U M.
Ho war, former atprintendrnt ? tl
executive department Of the Colorado
Fuel and Iroo cvniDeov on November la,
1U. which tnoluded the folio ln-
ToU will be Interested to know that
have bwen able to cure the co-opera
ttoa of all the beukere ef tbe city, oho
have bad tbrae or four InUrvte. wittt
our lltUe ooaboy govemoi, agroelng te
beck the elate and land It all the funda
neoeaeery to maintain the mllltla and af
ford ample protection ao that our miner
could return to work or alve piotertlon
to men. who am anklotia lu come up here
from Texas. New atetlco and kanaaa. to
getler with aume from aiate tartber
Baeldee the banker, the fiatnher of
Commerce, the Heal Ketate -. lianas
together elth a great litany of the best
businraa men. have bveti '.irgiiw the gov
ernor to take lis lu drive Ibvee vk taua
agtiatora out i( live etet. Another
niigtity power It been rounded up In
bebaif of tl operator by gatrMtrtng to
telttr of fourteen of the editor of tit
muet Important aewpap.'re In Oenver,
ruleo, Trtiuda. Wals-nburg, Coiuradu
Mprinae end other of the larger placee
la tne etate
Bull tha govtrnor bobnoba with Hayes,
laoson. Ijfnnsn and the rest of tha
tng. or eithor refusrs or bega for more
tuna to bring ll strike lo an end. or j
I v . - h 1 . vv-im.v.v .11 VI titl
ing la outsider la take the place of ho hate left the state end those
r ' In tiiese murderous assaults
m o we retusa to taut ba k und-r auy
Ir niniHtance. X et m era n,il ln a
little headway.
1 ner piotktly never be been euch
pressure Lroit te beer upon any gov
erivjr ef tlita elate by the strongest men
In It aa baa teen brought to bear uputi
ovrnor Ammotia. We have published
eialajjirnta of tt.e earnina of th mln
re, tsluub tUe eilatora Oieputed, Mid the
a '
"iffili "i7 I i'i'"awif issiiiT Jn7f7i?TTi nV"'7i'iTi'ii iT iRtr7!' il'i ?l'ii'M'''itf IBIIsaH T"T"-"Bai'S?
governor expreaaea great doubt aa to ita
Commissioner Walah' alao called Mr.
Rockefeller! attention to another letter
written to him by Rowere on recf mber
t. 191. In which the latter eald: ,
If the governor had acted on September
tX aai he bee been forced lo act during
the lent few week this atrlke never would
have existed ten daya.
We need evry poealble weapon to drive
him to action, but h waa glove In hand
with the labor lenders, and la today,
but the big, men of affaire have helped
the operators In whipping the agltatora.
Including the governor. These followers
are cursing him without regard for com
mon decency, so everybody la giving hint
more or leaa taffy to keep him from
backsliding. Th enclosed 1 a sample
of the resolutions being sent to hlin. be
side any number of personal letter.
"Po theae letter ahow your pollcyr
akea Chairman Walah.
"trid.I write thoae lottera7" demanded
Mr, Rockefeller.
"No, but you received them." i'd the
chairman. '
"Hut I did not write them, ao they can
scarcely Ve ! I to ahow mr nolle." r
lurned Mr. Rockefeller. '
' Wanted Utfleera to Do ety.
"I propose to rail your attention to alx
lettera written by you. In which you aay
that you back up these action by Mr.
' The lettera mean.' returned Mr. IWk
cf filer; that there waa disorder Id Colo
rado. Naturally every cltlxon would use
every Influence to get the public officer
lo do their, duty." if declared emphat
ically that It wna absolutely necessary
for him to "back up" tho men placed In
charge of the coal properties. .
Several tlmea he objected to form and
nature of the chairman' questional
When Mr. tVabin agreed that Mr.
Rockefeller could atuiwer queatlona aa he
wished, the tense situation appeared to
be relieved.
Knows .Nothtwit of False Wrlakli.
The chairman aeked for a telegram
from ITeslilout Wellxun of the coal com
pany to Mr. Rockefeller- regarding the
price of coal during the atrlke.
"Wasn't It a fact." aaked Chlraman
Walah, "that the price of coal waa
raised during the atrlke and that It waa
prohibitive lo the joorT"
"I didn't know what the prloo of coal
was and bad knowledge only of our own
coal, not about that of other produce ra."
"1I1 you know that Attorney Oeaeral
Karrer of Colorado went to the governor
and asked him for the uao of the mllltla
to Install strike breaker In your mine?"
"I knew nothing of It," aald Rockefel
"Did your company cheat th coal
miner In weight T"
"Never to my knowledge.
"lld th companle with which you
combined cheat their menf"
"We never combined with eny other
companies." said Mr. Rockefeller. He
added that the Colorado companle
merely Joined together to act in tbe
"Tour father paid .0OO for aending out
alleged fact for the coal operator of
"Yea, but It waa understood the money
was to be peld back by the operator."
Mr. Walsh read a letter by Mr. 'Bower.
Raying "one or two of the competitive
companies were cheating their mlneia
throuiih false weight."
Mr. Rockefeller aald he knew nothing
of that.
Mr. Walah aaked if Rockefeller did not
think h. a a director of the company,
rhould take ate'ia to have "criminal
t a loon keepers' ousted from the mining
camp. Mr. Rockefeller returned that
state official ahould enforce the lawa.
Ksset Little at Meaaaere.
Mr. Walsh read several letter written
by Mr. Rockefeller promising lupport to
th company offlcera
Mr. Walsh asked If Mr. Rockefeller
was acquainted with the detail of th
iiUdlow "inaasacre" and gave a grui hit
description of It. Mr. Rockefeller aald he
bad no knowledge of the detail.
"On the same day a th I.udloa- ina
aacre," Walah asserted, "dd you not
learn that there waa a little boy killed?"
"1 braid a boy waa shot." aald Rocke
feller. Walsh then called attention to a- com
pany taUtiieiit that th women of Ijud -low
were smothered and then read a poet
card addreaaed lo him by a Mr. and Mra.
Hnyder at Trinidad, aaylng:
"We wish to Inform you thai here la
one of th tittle victim of Ludlow, not
smothered, but waa shot through th
head while rareaslng his little slater."
"On the bark of this card I a photo
graph of the little buy, Frank Snyder,"
id Walsh. "Po you wish to aee It?"
Val!i handed th card to a messenger.
Who offered It te Rockefeller.
"You have described It thoroughly,"
aid Rockefeller. He glaaoed at tbe card
a it waa passed to th stenographer.
Walah read from lettere and report to
ahow that Troop A, a veluuleer organisa
tion, waa formed of superintendents, cler-
Icel force and mine guard of the coal
"Ho you know that thla troop fired
Into the tent of the women and children
at Ludlow nnd that they looted the dead
and art fire to the tent of the people T'
aaked Walsh.
" do not "
"I regard any Inatanc where private
individuals have to atipplement regular
authorities to protect life and property
a mot deplorable." Mr. Rockefeller de
clared In answering a eerie of queatlona.
"Our officer had to uae mean at hand
to supplement th efficiency of the tate.
I deplore tke necessity for putting mine
guard Into the field n
"A th men of troop A were paid by
the Colorado fuel and Iron company, do
you not feel a moral responsibility for
the Ludlow maaaacre?" aaked Mr. Walsh.
."I would have felt much greater re
sponsibility," Rockefeller replied, "If of
ficer of the company had not made an
effort to protect life and property." .
k Aaked If he though It waa. right' for
guards to loot the homes, of people, Mr.
Rockefeller replied- f '
"Certainty not. whoever they were."1' ,'
"Mr. I Rower In a letter recommend
Lealle Weekly." an Id Chairman Walah.
"I ahow you a copy of Leslie' Weekly,
with a full page Ptandard Oil company
advertisement on the back cover, I there
any ' connection between 'theae two
"I resent the Imputation." aald Mr.
Rockefeller. "There la absolutely no
connection at all."
Qaestloaa A boat Ivy Lee.
Walsh queatloned Rockefeller about his
employment of Ivy Lee, publicity agent
He called attention to Lee's recommenda
tion that "we cannot bo too careful In
the Use of term,"
"I believe that aound philosophy." aald
Rockefeller. '
"Isn't that plea for mendacity?"
aaked the chairman, "or a plea for the
uae of half truth which amount to
mendacity "
"If I had thought ao," returned . Mr.
Rockefeller, "I would not have touched
Mr."? Leo or anyone who held uch Ideal
with' a ten-foot pole."
Replying to question based on state
ments sent out by Lee,' Mr. Rockefeller
declared emphatically that he never
4 '
thought of or referred to the American
people "with contempt."
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