Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 22, 1915, EDITORIAL, Page 20, Image 20

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Visal Friday Cattle Trade Price.
Steady Sheep Valuei Show
Little Change.
BOVTH OMAHA. May Jl. 191...
Rfx-elrt varo: Cattle Shr'tJ.
Official Mnndar tL7 II. Mi .-2T
"trirlnl Tni"ly
Orrtrliil Wrrtnvsita)-.
Official Thura-iav ..
Kslimate KrMay ...
4 nr.
4l (Vi
tin ret-ipt
:sb.l 10
Hw day thin wck is,7v
air dajs last fk 1.-1J
fame days 1 k .ntn.Si.M?
Sam flays, 3 ks hvk 'l
Smi dayn 4 kj nK.:i.T:
inc Mriioi. in lame hlinwe 'r
of cattl.-. hn( and slurp at the 8o itn
Omaha live nork market fT Hie year
10 oaie, aa compare! witn last year.
Ili li Inu. iMsf-
Cattle n.7'K T.V'C
Hog I. .; I.r:..4l7 127.111
.h-ep l-Hi.'K; )7S.:70 W.M
The follow to j Ul.l chow tlio' average
prk-e for hnan st the Houth Oman II'
look market for tlic laat few Oi.i, with
Data. litis, 1914 I1813 18I2. ?1TI i niO ;i.
Mar ..
Mar J..
Mar a..
iay ..
May 10.
Mar 11.
Ma 1
May U
w-y 14
Mar 10-
Mar 17.
Mar m.
May 13
May jn.
May ill
i iH'ti tw'.tnlm t w n
7 14" 8 si. h: 7 4-Jl ,laa
2 ' 7 a; 77l 18
7 ?4'i I 24! 7 5v :i !! 6 -
7 8 IB 7 HI i M. t XSj 87
7 8 181 8 14 I i Xi :r., 7 l
7 az'J 8 18! 8 If.) 7 ! 5 87 i 8 10: 7 M
7 11 i' 8 rji : Vi I S:'l 7
Mar IS. I 7 4k' 8 Mi 8 22! 7 far t ! ( I II
n 3PI a 2 .v !v r ""1
I 8 B! 7 1,1' 5 W, 8h; 7
l 7 Wl i Mi 44! 7 1
8 231 8 i 79, 88 W
8 ! 8 ,'iv 7 W 73 8 '
8 24' 8 7 I 411 7 01
T P4
7 in,
7 81
7 J.
Rflpta and diapoaltlon tit Ilva atock
at th I'nlon 8tork Tarda. Houth umaii.
far twantr-four houra nuli at t p. rr
Caltl lloa.H;ir, p.ll'wi.
M. ft. P 1 1 .. .
MlaaoUli Pacific... 1 1 .. ..
:nlon I'arlflo b .Vi . I 1
X. W aat ... 1 4
N. W.. w-at... 1 I
:.. ft p., M o. 1 1 1
H. (J . raat ... 1 I'l .1
C , B. Q., wi-at.. 10 27 2
.'.. R. I. f., f
IV. R. I. P.. wat. .. 1
Jlllnole CVntral 2 ,. .. ..
hlcaKO UL Went.. .. 4
Total PKfptai ... II l'
la rnarallr xncdd that It would tak
mrat raj good cllpwd to no nvrr
r i'. or to vfn hrlnn It A fw had
that aliowod lip todav f ont at $7.i, hut
theip waa liartllv mo'.'h hra to niakw
quotationa. in fart, that haa Iwn mora
or la the for the Ihm t- wefka.
ToilfH" a n-eipta wrro awkll'd aome
hal hv Vilnflv ritar lit a alorin, hli h
held ba, k part of the atuff whlrh ahoull
hae coinfl Iti ytHerdny. and Hie offer
lfa rere tho larreat of the rw-k aln'e
Mondnr. twelve i ara, ahout 3.'""' heurl,
lirmK eaiiiiat-d. Total for the five dava
la l:.T.7 head, aa aaalnrt 12, lt week.
two wei?ka bko. and r,no for tlm
coi reoml,n rliHl laat year. Thla
woek'a inn la the am.'illeat for aomethlnn
like two yenra.
yuolatlon- on aheep and lamha: Ivnil.
llkhl. Il l Hofill in: lamha. heavy. 81" 2nit
1:.- Inmlm. ehorn. 8 T.Vi9.;S: anr'lna.
Ilaht, f z.V?.7."i: tea--llna:'. heaw V Cli
8.S.. wetheia. ond U. 1 hoh e. 8 .VtnW-.
wi thera. Inlr to oort. i K! 8 "o ; i-wea.
(Ioo to rhnt'-e. tv.O-'o . cwea, f'i'r to
H'Mtd. 87 .fuS i; hoi n eve.. $. 7TI7.2.'.
4 'oloVrfOo lamha
88 rull Inniha
8 aliorn laml
Ji ahorn lml
W aprltih lamha
IS flipped Intnl.
'X rull ahorn l:i-iiha
yt fed ahoni lan-h
fed ahorn h niha
144 c llp-d lamt x
It rlipix d lamlM
2 llhpel laml a
J14 flipped lamha
3 Pull lumha
inn ti.o stock mhk ft
and butcher. 7..VS(7.7t; eood heavy, 7.i
8I1KFP ANIl I.AMH. Recelpta. 1.)
head; market lowr; clipped mutton, 8 W
4j7.0; flipped Inmlm. iX.W.; ollptwd
yearlinara, I7.7.'4i.l0; apt inn lajnha, $10.'i
M 7 4rt
7 7.7
1; f 41
11 (
9 1
M 7
7 a
i 8 (
hr: ai)
T". H
8 f
7 mi
8loc Itr Mre 8 tort Market.
SIOUX fTTT. la . May 21. ATTL.K
Jlffelpla, : head: market ateady; na
tive altera, 7.WKfr""; hntfher. T 75'd"
1). eoaa and helfera, 8S.0'i.i; bulla, ef .
Hi Mil llerrlpta. B.wn iad; market 5
'llv higher; heavr, t7;; mixed,
$;:('. Ilnht, t7.2T'a7.3i; hulk of aalea, 17. JO
-'i7 r'i.
SHI-JKP ANI lyAMBfi Receipt a, Vfi
l otion Market.
NKW YORK. Mav I'l OTToN-Spot,
inlet : mlrhlliiiv iiplanda, 8 7.V. No aalea.
fotton fitur'a opened firm: May, "t 41'. ;
July, 8.ti;c: txtoher, pa-; I 'ecemher. 12.'.,;
The rotton maiket eload ateody, n.-t
six polnta lower to 3 poihta hlKher.
M KRI'IMU May 21. ( rT'l'HN . pot,
l -niiv: K'Kxl inhldllnK. ' 70-1; midilllnc
",.:vir; low mldillinn. I.8d. (taU-a, 5lU
faa1ltlna Movr A Ion a l.enerally '
Favnrald Llnea. .
NT5W YORK, May 21 -Rradiref to
morrow will aay: !
While trade and Industrial conilltlona
continue to move alona: gon, rally favor
able llnea. the week'a development dla
rloae aome Irrearularltr. On the one hand,
wet or cool weather haa rherked dla
trlhutlve trade, and eapei tally retail bu4
neaa. and at the aarne time unaettled In-tei-riatlonal
political matters tend to (a use
wholeaalo buyers In actne llnea to go alow,
while tha annie fartor hold up certain
apeeulativa projecta.
Hut on the other hand Induatry I
moia aetlve. employment la InTeaalna;
and war order continue to ranee x
traonllnarv ihh at a numler of centera.
Johhlnit trade In essential ntaplea appears
to ho on a par with, if not above, last
'par . Mail order houses are doing well.
Mlarh prl'ea for eereala Insure prosperity
for fanning; fommunltlea, and frop coti
(litlona iiotwithsnandinB' fTactcerated re
porta of Inesrt damaarea to winter w heat,
are unuauaMy b'od. Rillwav tiattic '
InrreMaina bnvin of eteel by the rall
rt.nda la lnrKer, hank rlearinpa, though
UsThter than Inat week, display ftatna over
one or two year ago. and in om9 placet
follei tlon eem to be better.
Hank clearing! for tha week. .1.3b8,3.000.
t attle alow Hoars Weak hep j
Firm. !
flifi'AOO. ay ?1.-r.VTTI.K IU-e;pt 1
i.ofjtl head: ms'ket alow. oaMve -.. ,
ateera. 8" 8" 5i'. .2r,: weateni aleet s, (A 2G0T !
.; i-ow 4 and helfera. ;t.:.V"8.7"; falvea. I
K.nOfie ft!. '
III HIS Recelt ta. ir,, head; market,
weak n otil'V advnin'e; bidk, 7.S' ji',' 7S;
I rht t7 4',7 i: mled 87 V f'i 7i".: l-en'-v.; rotiah, I7.aw7.:: nlits. tfi.dOd
'silFIvP AMI I.AMrP-Rei-ei'
head: market firm: ahoep. 7.K'8.40;
lamh.i. $7.7Mf1Mi.
r " i..i a,r.n , m
rmiiiin 1 - i r iiTrii..n.i in 1 11 1 1 i. n linn 111 i. mi - 111 1 j
..Eat More..
l18l'OHIT10N-H r;A I .
Cattle. Iloaa. Hhe
Kansas fit l.tvr ""fc MeeKet.
Recelpta. head: market strona: prime
fed steeia, (8 7M)9 :f;. dr. s-ed beef steers,
tX.Cs,H.7fi; western steers. t7.7Mi8 7r(; atork
ers and feeders (0 tVi(S.44; bulls, V76i"
7,"e: falvea. Ht.OfHilO rti
ITOtJ.-Rerelpta. 3 head. market
hlvhor; bulk. IT.:oti7.07Vj; heavy. 87.S"p
7 do; packers and butcher 87.riOff!.fcV-i;
llptht, 7U7.flf: pla. 8.VW7.2.
HHKBP AND UMBS-Recelnta. t"0
head, maiket hlher; Inniha. PWI.f,;
yearllnrs. S nfr,(.7S. wclhera, 87.0VriS.iv;
ewea, W.rAlw.'A
Morrli 4- Co ,
Swift Co
I'udahy Parkin- Co....
Armour V Co
Sihwarli A t:o
.1. W. Murphy
X. O. Parking Co
i'udahy from K. C
swift from U. Joaeph.
Hwlft from Ft. Worth..
K. H. lewla
J: H. Hull
U K. Husi
.'ulllvan Bros
Mo Kan. Calf Co.
Huffman 22
Meyna 4
ilaaabera; 2
Tanner Km 23
lohn Harvey ., In
Cllna 4
Othar buyers , (1
2 4.M
Ml. I.oala l.lvp'Btock Market.'
HT. l)i;i8. May 1. CATTIjK Re-
lelpta, fniO head; market steady lo luc
lower: native beef ateera. 87.Wf(80; year-
HlisTs, steers and helfera, 8i.K.30; cowa.
Ite.inj4f7.fi0; sto.'kera and feedera, (Hiiki,
H.2f,; southern ateers. n Zi4i.V; rows and
helfera, l.unilit; native mlvaa, lft.0ttH8.0u.
Il(i8 llovPlpts. S0) head, market
hlnher; plka and IlKhts, "..2fr7.7u; mixed
it's good for you
Tt contains as a basis, snprar and eroam, two of the
host tifpue lmildors and licalth producers in the
whole range of food.
So, when the Kiddies ask for more and more DELI CIA
JUE CKEAM, srive it lo them. (Jive them plenty of it.
And take plenty yourself, but be sure that it's
Pure, Delicious and Wholesome
Totals t.lO 10.378 , 1
CA rTl,fc-Thcr waa the usual small
Friday's run of rattle and offerlnKS wern
more or less Indifferent in point of cjtialitM
na a rills. Hunollea for tha weak havf.
been about head, or nearly 1.0"0
innra thaa laat week and the aeperal
ohatweter of thn recelpta Indicate that
eaitlei romlnir now bava bean on feed for
lour to six months and sre consequently
very desirable from the parkera' atand
polttl. There was a healthy demand today
and prli-ai were fully steady all around,
lest yearling selling around t. j((rs.7f',
and chili heavies at 8H.4orrf.tlo. Com
I sid with a week ago the desirable
yearlings and handy welrht steers aia''K: higher, while the advance on tha
heavy cattle haa been IPtilAc. In the
main It has been a very healthy and
satlafajctory trade and thero Is a strong
undertone to the market.
ows and helfera ruled shout steady
lolav and have pot shown much change
ell wrek. Hupplies of she atmk have iierti
limited and there has been a good outlet
for practii ally all grades. Oond light
cows ami heifers are In the neighborhood
of l'tll": higher than a week ago, but
on the general run of butcher and fanner
stock values have not chanced inalet tally
in the laat two weeks Veal calvva, bulls,
stags, etc., find a freo outlet at fully
steady fltruns rlxht along.
Hualnrae '.n slock caitiff and feeding
atear waa vety quiet t. day and has
shown vety little life recently. Itotli
supply and demand have been limited
and the trend of values baa been steadily
downward, folk of the stork cattle soils
fidly &0c lower than ten days or two
weks sgo and volume of business has
bn imutil.
(quotations on pallia: Oood to chuico
yearlings, 88 4o-iJ0; good to choice corn
led beeves, f'0 81; tair to good coin
led beeves, J.Ut,.('(.; co.mnon to fair
romfed peeve. 7.d0t(.0l; good to chub's
helfera. $7W"tt8O0. good to cliolie rows,
.iwal); fair to good cowa, tV7.Vutili;
conunou to fair cowa, 81-7.ii. ii. good to
, hoice stockers and feedera, 87 fl; W;
fair to good stockers and feeders. $7.00
7,isl, common to fair Blockers and feed
ire, tAwu'i.UO; stock heifers. to.uuttf.W);
Hock oows, li.7tUti.7N: stock calves, 8u .'i0
veal ralvea. 88 arld7: fat bulK
slag. t-. 4.Wtf7.! slock bulls, tV.vVjf
Kepiegentatlve sales:
Ko. v. rr. No. . Pi-.
tart 7 ft t. liK 8 t
li .last 8 M 11,1 is
4...........KH4 I 10 (4. Ul I 44
tt im 8 it t iwn b
8 I'M I 89 It IIM 8
3 AM i :i U (It 8 41
114 T at 17 77 8
8 ...11M 8 W 8 at
... 811 4 88 3 M U
3 11 8 M 8 114 74
I..... io4 t Tt 3 m 3 w
3 1s 3 li 1 IIO 1 V
1 IIU 8 18 3 IW t M
8 8 3
3. .. 8H 7 80 I....,
t... ........ 8T8 tt 1
1 ri3 8 eo t
t 171 10 M 8
10 at IN 4 : 1I
HOUH A liberal Friday run waa on
hand, some 171 car, or ll.&uu bead, being
reported In. The total for the five days
this week Is U 117, ttie Isrgeat for any
recent week. Im Ing over 2I) larger than
a week ago. tn.uu beavirr than two week
age and li.OMl larger than for the corre
sponding period of laat veai The in
crease In hog receipts over 1V1 la grow
ing every week, and now amounts to
over 377,800 head.
Trade opened out strong and shipper
lald geneiallr ''-al- higher prices for
Uieir droves, msklng the bulk of their
purshaaes around 37.4. Parkers started
out nearly this good, buying the big end
ef tit offerings on a Pig nU-kvl higher
basis, but one killer buyer laid nut. and
the trade weakened off toward th clna
the last end of the supply going at p; ices J
that were little better than traterday's ,
average. On the hol( prices could he
quoted ss a big bv higher, closing with
the advance mostly lost Karty trade !
"a falily active, but the movement,
slackened up late, and It waa well along;
u ute lorenoon petore a dtceol viusr
ance waa pnally made
bulk of ail the aeiea was quotably
tl Wvftl.VJ. and tops sold up to 37
Current pries are a big dime below the
close of tut week, sng In tht ca of
tops allow a l&c decline.
Representative sales:
ThaDrexel Kid
,Hays: "When It
comes to shoes
there Is only otio
kind that' Hteel
Rhode. Osd Is
strong for era
la not buying the cheapest,
but the bPHt. Ther. lg ho
little dlfferprrce in the price
and bo much difference In
the wearing qualities of
That they are the cheapest
Boy' 8hoea on the Market.
They outwear two pairs of
ordinary boys' shoes. Rut
ton and blncher. Roys' 1 to
6 Uttle Gents' 9
to Ut. K2.U5.
Iarcvl Teat l'it
Got it at all leading drug ptores and confectioners.
Fairmont Creamery Co.
12th and Jones Streets
0. i&jf
a ( vt-k
is; fZua.ji
W j ! t ' ' .
Shampoo Hints
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the hair its the soap that stays In the hair, the remains
of the 8oa kv suds that penetrates hair fibre and scalp
pores. Lu i Liquid Shampoo Cleans itstlj out too.
The purer the soap the more likely to curdle la
hard water. Use rain wster or distilled water for the
"lather-up." A few ounces suffice. Any clean water
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Its too soaky. Oily or greasy hair takes more
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WaCIUOy IJrOGey "The quality liouae,"
.I.MMII.I....L.I.B.IL ... ! S, ......I. MI..H. .11
. tit t tj
.148 7 13
. 17 18 as
11 1
. Ss. kg. Pr. Me. at. Rk Pr.
8 ... 7 88 M a, 8 7 0
i ii ti ..mi ... 1 ?
U H ti 8 li 8 T STw
" 8 7 11', it ..... JH 4 t
Sit ... 1 8 44 Pj3 144 t 4
tHEKl-A duccnt ridy supply was
re.ved. iool cf tits offerings being
bf shorn lainba. and prices held about
slee3 y. There lo be a good out
let for what sijff showed up, and a
cleai-ence was luaue lu ood asii. Nu
reel guvd laiiiba, ut direlrabie welghla
abowt up. toe best tier bringing
wi.lla some .'od welshtv stuff lar.d1 rt
88 4a A h'l.s punch of native spi l .t.-ei-
uvuani iiiw, a no a load of cuintiilo
feeders that e ah d a lime kctl -r iua.ii
fifty pounds brought 87 .
'I uore have been very few aged sheep
bero ail week, but prb ea at outer potma
are sslderb,y lueer on ewes, end il
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snstratlon gt Oodgs street store.
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fr 59 0
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P. M., Saturday, May 22d.
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fore P. M.. Saturday, May Zli.
Saturday, May 22
Arthur ShiIiIi'm Orcheatra. in
Ilall lloom.
Finn's, Band Sunday After,
noons and Kvenlngs.
ricuty of Water In the
Thla. Season.
THEATER 30 and 6:30.
Charles B. Eanford and thr wonderful
Beesrved Beats Trices, 8So.36c.50c.
All Next Week 'SiSn'i V".'
Tbe World's Oreatast ICottoa Picture.
moss I atats loo) Ergs., too asl goc
BOYD 0m1,,,Titar.rrop,,Ur
aCatlBsa Today, a :30 Tonight
egruiiliur Mat. Tomorrow and All Wee
All Jimmy Valentine."
Matinees Wednesday, Thursday and
Saturday, 860. slights, 8S-6O0.
Tuesday, Society Concert 3flght, Miss
Clara Seifken. Soprano, and Colonial
Indies' Quartet Between Aota.
Omaha vs. Topeka
May 21-22-23-21
Friday, May 21, iAdies' laay
Uauit-s CaUed at 3 P. M.
Opens Today
IsamdAgr to Lamp's Oscneetrs, Skating;
Bvink, BoUer Coaster, 38ed hull. Carry.
Oa-AU, and many otiter attractloos
Ideal lHoeUe tvunds. Tree Mori as
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