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    HOSE BATTLE 17 -)
Tiber Huili Seventh Straight Vic
tory, While Maya Weakens in
the Final Inning.
CHICAGO, May tl. Chicago and Boa
ton plsyed the longest frame of the sea-
con today, the former wtnnlnit out, 3 to
I 2. after seventeen tnnlnga. Incidentally
I this was Fiber's seventh straight vic
tory. Mays weakened In the seventeenth In
ning. Weaver doubled and Qulnlar was
hit by a pitched ball. Schalk beat out a
hit and Daly batted for Faber with the
bases filled. He singled to left and
Weaver scored the winning run.
The locals too an early lead In the sec.
ond by bunching hits for two runs, but
' when Russell weakened the visitors tied
up the count' Faber replaced Russell
land pitched a grand game with excellent
support behind htm. Mays also pitched
masterly ball until the fatal last Inning,
I after replacing Shore In the eighth.
Speaker was ordered out of the game
by Umpire CVLoughlln for arguing s de
i lalon at first base. Hoblltxell was spiked
'. by Schalk when the latter was running
to first base and had to retire. Score:
illnepor, rf.. 12 0 0Kleb, of... 3 SO
Waanar. Ib.. T 17 HHh, Ik... 1 4 1 0
ISpMknr, rf.. J 10 0 OtO.ttilllni. ! T
i .linTrtn. Jb.. S 1 I OKornlar, lf! 7
K....7 1 M Collins, rf. 7
HnbUtMl, lo I 0 tWTir, as.. 7
iirnrtk'n, CI 5
1 Srntt. m I
MiNnllr. Ibl
Oalnor. lb., ft
I r. t 7
Shor. p I
Htn 1
13 0 lOrtef. lb.... I
16 0 Stmnla. It.. 3
3h.lli. c... S
1 P.ttwll, p...
0 1
1 13
0 0
10 0 0
1 0 1
1 10 1 0
0 0 0
0 1 1
4 O'D nmltt :.. 1 0 a 0 0
I OFatr, p..v. ft 0 O 1 0
0 ("Daly 1 I 0 0
Maya, p sell.
Totals...... H II 61 II t
Totals 01 ISM k) li
'Hatted for Shore In the eighth.
'None out when winning run scored.
Batted for Russell In the seventh.
Hatted for Faber in the seventeenth.
Ilocton ......0 QO 0 01 1000000000 0-2
Chicago ....01 00000000000000 1-3
Two-has hits: Scott, Brief. Weaver.
Three-base hit: Cady. Stolen- bases:
'Hrlef. F.lech. Earned runs: Off Kus
tstll. i; oft Hhore, 2; off Mays. 1. Double
'plays: Scott to Hoblltsell: Wagner to
'Oalnor -to tUcott. Bases on halls: Off
ajtnssell, ; off Shore, t: off Faber, 1: off
fclays, 1. Kits: Off Russell, i In seven
nnlngs: off Faber, In ten Innings; off
Shore, 6 In seven Innings: off Mays,
;lt nine Innings, none out In seventeenth.
Struck out: By Russell, S; by Mays, ;
'by Faber, 8." Umpires: HITdebrand and
Macks Defeat Tigers.
DETROIT. Mich.. May SI. Philadelphia
won a slugging match from Detroit to
day, 11 to & In tho eighth Inning with
the score.. tied,. Dauss passed Murphy and
Oldrtng. Cavet replaced Dauss and
pitched four balls to Strunk. Schang's
sacrifice fly and Lajole a single scored
the winning. runs. Dauss, who replace.!
Boland. with none out In tho seventh,
passed six of the nine men who faoed
him before he was succeeded by Cavet
i Score:
AU H.P.A.K AB.H.O.ll
.K.Boirby. rf t f 1 -ltroah. I t J -4 0
Oldrtns. If.. 6 1 1 0 lVltt. lb t 1 ft I 0
'trunk, lb... I 111 0 OCobb. rt ft I 1 0 0
tvtunc. ..... I t 4 I ocrawiar. rf I 4 1 10
ljo1. tb...ft I t . 0Vch. U....t 110 0
Wajnh, rr.... 4 110 CKan4 lb. I I 12 ft 0
marry, as.... I 1 I t OYouua. ... I.I 4 .0
X"Pf. b ft ft 1 IStanisa, ...- J
fbawkcr. p. 1 0 0 0 Ollakar. c 0 0 0 0 0
I'avlas, p.... ft 1 1 ft OBol&wl, p... J 0 10 0
laps .-...1 0 0 0 ODauat. P....1 0 t
. : OarM. ' p...j. 0 ft I I
Totals... ..M 17 27 II ft'Jaoo bun .. 1 0 0 0 S
Totals rs unit 0
Batted tor Ahawkey to fourth. i -'J
Batted for gtsags In seventh. , .-.
Philadelphia ..'.... 0 1 0 0 1 8 2 1 11
Detroit .,. I 0 X J.- 0, ft.-4-,9.
Two-base hits: Walsh, Barry. Davis,
Veach. .Three-base hit: Oldrlng. Stolen
Itasea: Ktrunk. Vltt, Crawford. Earned
ft-unn: Off Boland, St off Daus. 2: off
iHhawkey, 6; off Davics, 1. Iouble plays:
Bush to Young to Kavanagh. Cavet to
Kavanagh. Barry to Lajole to Btrunk,
Harry to Btrunki,'-Bases on balls: , Off
Boland. -1; off Dauss. ; off Cavet, 1; off
rihawkey. 2; off Davlea, . Hits: Off
Koland. 14 in six innings) 'and none out
1n seventh: off Danes, none In one inning
ad none out In eighth: Cavet, t In two
Innings; off Khan key, 7 In three Innings;
off Davles, 4 In six Innings. Struck out:
!Hy Boland, 1; by Hhawkey. 3; by Davles,
a. Umpire: Bvans. -
Browai Beat Tanks.
ST. LOUIS. May II. A batting rally In
tho ninth Inning gave St. Louis the vio
lory over New York today. to 4. Bcore:
NEW TOTtJC . . 8T. U"U18.
MalMl. lb.. .ft 21 bm. If.. I 1100
l'seslapa. as ft 1 I t 0aln, lb... 4 1 .ft t S
HHh, ct .4 110 OPrstt. Ib.... I I I 1
il'lpp, lb I I 0 0 0TWalkar, ef4 ft 0 0
o.,k. rf I 0 1 1 OWIUlama. rt 4 2 1 0 0
IllortMll, If.. I 0 2 lLsarr. lb.... I 0 10 1 1
Hooaa. lb... ft 1 I ft OAin, a..., ft 110 1
-Mr, c. 2 0 4 0 llvaa. as... 4 ft 0 ft I
I'Mbsr. p.... 4 0 0 1 OUovdrm'k. l 0 14 0
. "B. Wslkar.. 1 0 0 0 Sj
; ToUll 34 7'H U 2l'rryBa. p 0 0 0 1 1
j ' lie warn ... i ,v a p v
r Totals..... II 27 "ft
'Two out when winning run scored.
Batted for Ixiwdermlik in seventh.
Bald for Ferryman in ninth.
S'nw York 0 0 0 2 0 0 3 0 0 I
it. Louis i 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 3-6
Two-base hits: C. Walker. Peckin-
taugh, Willlama. Three-base hit: Pratt
stolen bases. Malsel. Bhotton, Boone,
ligh. Karned runs: Off Ixiwdermllk. 1;
iff Fisher. 3.- "Double playsr Pratt (un
insured); Pecklnpaugh to Boone to Pipp.
' ases oi balls: Off Dnwdermllk. 3; off
ferryman 1: off Fisher, 6. Hits: Off
twderaillk, i In seven innings; off Perry-
fan, two in two InnlnKs. Struck out:
y Ixwilermllk, 6; by Perryman, 1; by
Isher, i. Umpires: Chill and CenaoUy.
American Tobacco
Trust Lets Go Its
Hold in Germany
Uorrespondenoe of the Aseoclatad Presa. )
BEHL IN, May 1(L The so-caked Anglo-
tmertcan Tobacco trust has at least de
cided to abandon Its fight for control of
jha Oermaa market. This Is shown by
ihe announcement that a. number of the
ilggest baiks of Berlin have bought the
iontrolllng interest In the JasroaLx 1 com
pany of Dresden, which Is the English
tranch of the trust The group of banks
s headed by the Deutsche bank. Dread
ler bank, Handela-Oesellachaft and the
Bletcbroeder bank. With, the iaamatsl
loocern they also take over a half-dozen.
ther firms In which JaamaUl held a
lontrolllng Interest
It is understood that the money to be
Mid for the stock will be sequestrated
311 ifter the war. In order to prevent It
!rom passing into English hands before
ftoetllitlea oease. The ti osactlon Is
rreeted with satisfaction hi Oerman bust
less circles, slrioe it puts an end to - a
png fight for the Oerman cigarette mar
let. In which all the Qermaa-owned fae
orlea wre arrayed against the trust la-rat
BERLIN. May li-The Berlin High
miuxA'M cor trag dejavrtnot haa pre
tentad Uve eropreaa with a speHy prw
tarad war cake made of potatoes. Toe
impress so enjoyvd Um oak thai si
Mraonally called at tba bUfh school and
laked pnrtaiori to witness j Ui maXUii
u id baking ni the cakes. Later s a sent
ir.e bal.e4 heraejf fa tl smji aa at haad
luartera ... ........
one of tho pet philanthropies of Mme. Ali Kuli Khn, the
wife of the Persian charge d 'affairs, who, before her mar
riage, was Miss Florence Breed, the beautiful Boston girl
of an old American family.
feiitte if HAN j
.1 , . ' " ' fe ''J f i!?S- ...U:w- -v ...... J h
Tails Sown Aflr Tying- Henry Reb
hausen of North Platte for
Berlin School Children Have Ten
New Commandment Telling How
They Should Save the Pood.
In Moit Linei of Businesi Females
Are Taking the Places of the
Men Who Have Gone,
to War. : . .
(Correspondence of the Associated Presa.)
LONDON. May 18. AH depart
ments of the British government serr-
Ice are officially thrown open to
women for the first time, In a circu
lar Issued by the cabinet through the
Board of Trade. The. circular urges
all ..jioverntnent departments to re
place, rwherever posslhlev men em
ployes of military age wltU'Wolnen,
and offers to obtain suitable women
substltntes for various clerical, and
other positions, through the4 govern
ment labor exchanges. '. ' J
. The circular follows .up-e,'recent war
of flea statement appealing-for the'-release
of more .roverninent einplojree - for -tba
front. In this statement Ir Kitchener
was Quoted: '
"I confidently look to the- heads of de-
partmenta to arrange by finding suitable
substitutes, for the necessary permission
to be" given freely to Their subordinates
who are prepared to JoU the colors."
The Board of Trade'a- circular points
ut that "a large number of women
Clerka have registered ' at the labor ax
Changes, and conslderabie"rnurnbers of
theee have already been, engaged by cer
tain gorernment departmenta. - In -addi
tion, a special register, la' being compiled
of women who have el girl find their will-
Ingneaa to undertake service during the
continuance of the war to re)ease men
for combatant duties. This, register al
ready contains namea, and, will sup
ply a ,lrge number of women qualified
to take tha place of officials who may
be released." , ;
' The Board of Trade has. ltsejf released
over 1.000 offldala for the army, and In
a large number of cases their places have
been taken by, women. '
It remains to be seen what reply will
be made by the heads ot the various
government departments to pie Board of
Trade's circular. Many of these depart
ments have hitherto drawn a line very
rigidly against any women employee. All
of them will now make a careful survey
ift their work and ascertain to what ex
tent men or recruiting age can be re
placed with women. t .
It has been for years the aim of the
various women's organizations to obtain
from the government an equal opportun
ity for both sexes In; the government em
ploy. The Board of Trade circular is re
garded as an official declaration that for
the period of the war at least, the barrier
of sag will have no sanction from the
Bylvta Pankhurst, the militant suffrag
ette, has had a clash with Uoyd
Oeorge and the liberal government over
the employment of women. The chan
cellor. In reply to a letter from her. prom
ised that women doing piece work would
be paid the same rate as the men were
then getting, but said nothing about
time work. Miss Pankhurst then wrote
him on that point, but received no an
swer. An Indirect reply was made, how
ever, by Mr. Runlclman, M. P.; .president
f the Board of Trade, who said that no
conditions had been laid down by the
government ss to time work.
Miss Pankhurst has now mads a state-
hie ht to the press in which she accuse
the government of refusing to guarantee
women the same pay as men for time
work. eew-e
Rnss War Office Announces Hostile
Forces Crossing San Have
Spread Oat.
7- I
i PETROQRAD, May 21. (via Lon
don). The following official com
munication was issued tonight: '
' "During the-18th the battle in the
region,, of . the left bank of tha Vis
tula, south of. the Pillca, and on the
whole .GalicJan Jront continued with
constantly Increasing Intensity. '
On thla front were revealed new
German elements which appeared
there for the first time.
' ' ' Press the' Caesar,
"On the left bank of the Vistula, west
of. Ills, Opatow and Koprjlvnsca, end In
the region of. the, confluence of the Ban
with the Vistula as fae as the environs
of .Nliko our troops have preened the
enemy with success. The number ot
prisoners taken., hers In the course of
the day of the ISth exceeded 1000. .
; "The great hostile forces which crossed
the Ban after an obstinate fight hare
succeeded In spreading over . the sector
of Jaroalau, Badaws and Hlenewa. t ,.
"In the region between Prsemysl and
Jaroalau, we. .have pressed the enemy
somewhat on the banks of the San. De
tachments of enemy aeroplanes threw
bombs on Prsamyal against which the
enemy has attempted no other action.
Attacks Are Farloas. ,
"To the south of Prsemysl the attacks
of-the enemy were conducted with par
ticular Intensity in the sector of Lupkow,
where the enemy succeeded at enormous
sacrifice, in rapturing several of cur
"On tho front of Drohobyc. gtry and
Dollna we have continued to repulse
tenacious attacks and inflicted Immense
loaeea on the enemy.
"To the weat of KoJomea the fighting
on both hanks of the Pruth during tha
night of the Uth continued to our ad
vantage. "In the fihavll region our troops con
tinue to push back the enemy on a wide
front We have captured .several hun
dred more prlaonera. The enemy Is of
fering very stubborn resistance near the
village of Kurchany, where the fighting
still continued on the 19th. in the other
regions in this vicinity there have been
only slight sklrmlahes."
Letters to and from the
Correspond encs of the Associated Press.)
if AM BURT May lt.-The Museum of
Hamburg History has begun the collec
tion of soldiers' letters from ths front
to relatives at home and the letters' re
tries as aiv adjunct to Ms archives con
nected wMh'tbs war.. Ths slm Is to get,
sot ths writings of officers and the' ex
erptlonally well-educated, but the bumble
comments of those who have written
without sbt expectation that their words
rrer would be published, end therefore
wax DewuisteXr uaixrasrloua. , .
Historians Seek
: the Family Tree
of the General
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
O-NEVA. Msy 10.-fi!noe the generaMn
chief of the French armies has passed
to the rank of the great commaudera.
French biographers and historians have
sought and are still seeking the origin
of his family. Boms pretend that the
victor of the Marne is of Baaoue bli
Others endeavor at any price to make
a Frenchman of purer blood of him.
The question remains entn. hau
Joffres have been found at every epoch,
even those the most remote, in three of
xne ancient Krench provinces In Limou
sin. In Dauphin and in ths Vlvarala As
for tii genersl himself, bs does not con
ceal Ms attachment ta tla Httu nMi.
at Rlvesaltes in ths Prenea.nrUr,l.
and thus fsr has shown a remarkable In
difference to efforts thst have bees made
to fix honorable origin upon him.
Geneva now sets up its claims to tha
great man. There are at present no Jof
fres in the vicinity. There have not been
fur a long time, but there ware tan
Joffres. on the sixteenth - oentury, who
went from Aubenaa. in tha pro vinos of
Vivarals. now in the drrnn
Ardachs. When tbe other emigrated la
not known, but tear t a record that In
104 both were received ss bourgeois of
lnev. it is known that while Joffra
ram from Catholic region lo tb
Limousin, be sprang from a Protestant
family. Genevans seize unnn this fart
tentecd that tbe sojourn of his ancestors
11 Oeneva is mast probsble. .
NORTH rUATTB. Neb.. Msy J.-Ppc-clal
Telegram.) Henry ltebhauan of
North Plntte won tho state champion
ship at the annual meet of the Nebraska
State Bportsrnen'e association held hvrn
this week;
Bebhauaen tied with . A. Huntley ot
Omaha, each breaking wut ct 1"0 tar
gets In ths champlonnhlp trap shnot. They
shot off the tie In a 20tnrgrt event. Keb
hausen broke lit and Huntloy IT
C. D. IJndcrman of Lincoln and C. C
Holsworth of Hartwell tied, each break
ing M. They shot off the tie. Llnder
nian winning third placo and Holsworth
fourth, . .
nison la "lath.
Seven trophlna were offered at . the
hoot The fifth place was tied for by
R A. Dixon of Omaha, J. J. 8eaney of
Arnold, F. H. Rudat of Columbus and
Kalph Stark ey of North Platte, each
breaking Kl. In . shooting oft the tie,
Blarkey won fifth place, LHxon sixth aal
Rudat seventh.
j (Cm renimmlrnc of The Associated Press !
PKR1.1N. April 17.-Trie schools are
, undrrtnking their part toward educating
j thn people in econnmlcsl living. Hoys
; attending Horlln schools are now brlng
, Inn homo a Tinted circular to be hung
up In their homes, showing In detail how
I food can he crvivI and oof, used a sort
I of Ten Conimnndmenta for war limes. It
penrs in caption: A rallying cry to
Germany's Youth." and has as Its motto:
"lxt us nil bo fighters In the cause." The
The following
for today:
Is the complete score
1 Inderman
Maxwell i
Hovce .
Mendel v
Nelson 1
.Volbach i.
W. WertS
Plxon '
1 V Thorp
J. Werts
Iteddlsh ....v
I0i- Cham
target I onehlp
l-Jvent Kvent. Totsls.
.. SI
.. W
.. !
.. 2
.. W
... 91
.. !
.. 7
.. 81
.4 Sl
.. OT
.. W
.. R
.. 0
.. i
.. W
.. tn
.. M
'.. W
.. H
.. M
... f.
.. 8
.. M
.. 0
.. 8!
.. 7
.. T
.. W
Hlattery '
Peaney W
Knoi M
Gates u
Rudst W
Kavannaugh K
FrIUnh f
Graves 90
Waggoner ...
ID. P. Thorp.
MeCown ,
Kngaley .
Wlnkowlts ..
Schillings ....
O. C. Welle..
Lockwood ....
O. C. Hendel.
.... 90
.... W
.... 91
.... W
.... l
.... W
.... 73
.... 84
.... 7S
.... 70
.... 75
.... etl
.... W
.... 71
Denotes professionals.
Tigers Fir PltcSieT.
Ths Detroit club hss released the
Northern league recruit. Pitcher Ralph
Cunningham, to the Chattanooga club,
Under optional agreements
Shea a Starts Ooeid
Par Rhean, former PhUUe Inflelder,
has made a good start as manager of
the Providence Internationals.
Men Down in Death
Trenches Cry Out
; For the Box Scores
CHICAGO. May 21.-Sporting extras
with box scores are among the crying
needs of tha men In tbe European
trenches and ths psper containing a
description of the Johnaon-Wlllard fight
will meet a generous circulation, accord
ing to a letter received from George 11.
Rayner, former shortstop In the inter
Mountain base ball league today. Rayner
Is on ths firing llns near Tpres with ths
first battalion of ths Canadian expedi
tionary fores.
"Roll up a few sporting eztrss and
send them along," ho wrote a friend. If
I get picked off before they come, the
other boys will be glad to get them.
"So Old Jack Johnson finally met a
big man and got licked. I was glad to
hear of It, although I have not seen sn
account of It yet Can you imagine towns
like Ogden blown to pieces with only a
few chimneys and walls left standing?
Well, that la what the cities along the
firing lla look like."
Convention Echoes
W. McF. Alexander of New Orleana
was elected moderator of the Southern
Presbyterian church st ths opening ses
sion of the denomination's annual as
sembly at Newport News.
A resolution asking the federal govern
ment to provide great naval protection
for the Pacific coast was adopted by the
conference of western governors at the
closing session at Seattle.
Radical reduction In freight rates from
California to eaatern polnta was pre
CIcUmI before tha National Wholesale
Grocers' association In their ninth anuual
convention at 8an Francisco.
Tribute to mothers was paid at the
Han Francisco-Panama Paclflo exposi
tion, where officers of ths National Con
gress of Mothers' and Parent Teachers'
Associations and delegates to the Cali
fornia Oongrees of Motj.trs gathered.
Recommenriat kona that the American
Baptist Foreign MsMlnn society snd the
American baptist Publication society be
combined and that the laeadqusrUsra f
the former be moved from Boston to
New York atirred warm debate at the
Northern BapUet convention at Los An
geles. Creation of a semi-military organisa
tion of American boys, with an esUiualnd
membership of 800,000, was taken under
consideration by the supreme tent,
Maccabees of the World, at Han Fran
rlaco. Tbe nam of the propose J organ
isation. If it la formed, would be the
Maccabees' Scouts.
T European war was the foremost
toptj at the closing session of the Watt,
em Unitarian confernc st Cincinnati.
"It la not blasphemy for tba different
nations warring on different sides call
ing on the sain God for success." said
Rev. James A. Perry of Iowa City. Ia.
"Both sides serve the same God and it
la not blaaphrmy for them to ask Htm
to bring success to their people, for this
conflict is the basis of morality through
which we develop."
Ten Commendmenls are as follows-
1. Everybody must save, for only If
everybody snve will Germany's supplies
hold out.
t Waste no food, not even the most un
important. I Take time for eetlng, snd rhew thor
oughly. 4. Avoid sll eallng between menla.
5. l'.at rye lnatend of wheat bread, and
be economical with bread.
. He economical with butter, and ent
cheese, fruit sauces, and niartnslnde in
stead of butter.
T. Flit abundantly of fresh vegetables so
as tn save meat, fats and bread.
8. At table call for potatoes in the sklna
9. Muy chocolate, and sweets and send
to the soldiers st the front we can gladly
dispense with these things.
10. In all that you do, rememler that
you can contribute your modest share
towsrd helping crest the new fatherland
that wo are all hoping for. Practlos self-
artflT and work."
Vat-Inns remarks are .dded to these
commandments, of which the following
la a specimen:
"He careful io est everything from ymtr
plnte: otherwise much Is Wartcd. "Thin
twenty grnmnirs of fat Is wasted for saCh
person In Herlln every day In washing
the dishes. If these twenty grammes
were saved they would amount for the.
whole population, to I7&.000 pounds of fat
a day for Greater Herlln."
amuMNu uui nmt wun
LONDON, May 1. Asphyxiating gas as
a weapon of nr is not original with the
Germans. Military writers here recall
that lord Duulnnnld submitted the plan
ef amoving out the enomy with sulprlnr
fumes to Various HritlAh war rniamlt.
tees from 1S12 to lMrt
We Have Made This Store the
Clothing Center of Omaha
Here are flothos Hint you will like the
smartest, neatest, best lookiutf 'garments that havo
been shown for many seasons. They have every
good quality that perfect Htyle and tailoring can
You malce your selections from full lines of the
following national makej:
Hirsh Wickwire, Society Brand
and Schloss Bros.
Saturday Another Day of Special Offerings
These makes signify superior excellence to well-posted,
discriminating men In every nook and corner in the United
States. When you have worn them that's what thev will
$15 and $19.50
imMVl T
i r m r
"Biltmore Special" Suits, $16.50
For the man who practices the art of getting more than a full
equivalent for his money, "Biltmore Special" (K m g T f
Clothes for men and young men represent a S I fl
saving of from ,3.00 to 5.00 T
Special in Young Men's Suits, $9.75
At the price we present specially selected and priced (Ug fjr
suits that will please young men who, wish to keep -TnTf t
up. with the smart styles. Special. V v
165 Men's and Young Men's Blue Serge Suits
All these suits were made (to retail for $20.00 Sf O 7C
to 125.00. Special Saturday, for...., ..aj) . O
A Big Day of Men's Furnishings
720 Men's Athletic Union Suits Fine quality nainsook, .soisette
and corded lawn cloth; mostly. samples. Regular prices jq
up to 1.25. Sale price, suit OstlC
69 Doz. Munsing Union Suits, Saturday, Price
Thes ara called "Run of tha mill" quality and samples. An opportunity
(or man to fit tbsmselTes out with tba best union suits made, at about one-
half price.
LOT 2 All tbe Fine
Lisle Munsing Union
Suits, worth to 12.00,
Saturday. Q C
LOT 1 All the Pine
Mercerised. Silk Lisle
Munsing Union Suits,
worth to f 3. i
m in
Sat'day, suttpx.aj7
All slses, short or long sleeres, regular and three-quarter lengths.
LOT 3 All the Fine
Combed Yarn Munslnic
Union Suits, worth to
fl.25. Satur
day, suit.
176 Dozen Men's Bummer
Shirts Negligee style, coat
models; with soft French
cuffs, many with attached
soft collar. Shirts for business
wear, shirts for dress wear
and shirts for outdoor sport.
These shirts sell regularly at
11.50 and 12.00.
One fig Lot of Men's
Negligee and Golf Shirts
Made of good quality
corded madras. - percale
and soisette. All neat
patterns. Worth g
75c. Sale price. . .oC
We are exclusive Omaha
agents for the Munsing
Union Suits for men, con
sidered the best fitting and
serviceable union suits
made. All styles. Won
derful values, r aa
suit, $1.00 to ipD.UU
One Special Lot of Men's Fine Crepe, Satin
Striped Tub Silk and Brocade Cloth Silk Shirts
Worth to $8.60. Special s fA
at 13.98, 14.98 and pO.)U
2.400 Pair of Men's Fine Quality Silk and Fiber
Hllk Hose Ail tbe new shades. '
Worth to 3ftc, pair I1C
One Big Lot of Silk Four-ln Hand
latest patterns; large open ends.
Worth to 76c, each 25c and ,
125 Dosen Fine Silk and Fiber Washable Four-ln
Hand Ties All neat patterns.
Worth to 25c, each
Ties Very
Men's Sample Pajamas About 35
to $3.60 suit. Special
at 98c, $1.49 and...
Men's Eli tuple Night Shirts Made of fin quaUty
muslin and crepe. Worth $1.00. 0
Sale price OIC
One Lot of Men's Lisle Hose "Run of the
Mill" Quality. Worth to 25c. Sale price, pr...
New Arrivals In Manhattan Shirts for sr A A
hot wrather. Specially priced at 11.80 to. pD.UU
Phoenix and Interwoven Silk Hose All the C(
new shades. Exceptional values, pair OUC
dosen. worth
Straw Hats, Bangkok Hats, Panama Hats
Your hat choice here will be a happy one you will find so many good hats here
many new shapes, at so many diflcrent prices, that there is not a man who cannot
just the thing to suit his head, his mind and his purse.
Straw Hats, at $1.00- $1.45. $2.00- $2.50. $3.00
, SO
Bangkok Hats, at $3.50
Panama Hats, at $5.00- $8.00. $7.50
Leghorn Hats, at $2.00
..$io,oo ..JT)
Importers' Samples ot Genuine South American Panama
Hats Values to $7.60. Saturday
Boys' and Children's Headwear
Boys' and Children's Straw Hats, Ai Cf
at 25c, COo, es and op to J) 1 s3U
Wash Hats and Silk Hatt
New Rah Rah Styles, on sale Cf
at Z5o and OUC
Men's Outing Hats
811k Hats in plain and fancy colors; also Palm
Beach lists with boned crowns, always bold
their shape. Special at SO snd np
np to pl.sD