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    TUB BKK: OMAliA, iSATL'RDAY, ALU' 2 1916.
constriction of th building will be in
to-data. Tha floor win be worked over,
either for office or lodge room purposes.
It is the Idea to make It one of the most
attractive rental properties In the city.
It is ilKured that an expenditure of not
far fmm tri.Ov) will be required to make
ths changes contemplated.
Hiller Home Robbed
of 51,000 in Jewelry
While th family of Henry Hiller slept
peacefully Thursday night. Ignorant
of the presence of a burglar in their
home at 3521 Farnam street, the quiet
crook prowled through most of tha house,
helping himself to 11,000 worth of Jewelry
and some clothing. Th loss was not dl
corereJ until the family awoke In the
They found that ihe burglar had gained
entrance by raising a window. No clu
waa left as to his Identity, but the police
bellev he Is the same thief who worked
In a similar way at several other resi
dences this week, taking valuables and,
escaping so quietly that nobody knew
of his visit till morning.
To Keep OI4 llSlas.
The old Masonto temple at Sixteenth
street aad Capitol a-enue will he occu
pied for lorlgs room piirpnee until the
completion of the new temple. Then It
will be completely overhauled snd put
in first-rises condition for rental pur
poee. New fronta will be put Into the
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages
ran be rented quickly and cheaply by a
13ce "For Itent" Art.
Friday, May 21, 1915.
store rooms and they will be made up-
KB rniflf of I art week a foursome, of oar well known society lads
Owere deeply Immersed tn a& ususually interesting in of tardi
In on of the food looking home on the hill.
One of the lads, to b described as short, rosk cheeked, wear
ing glasses, somewhat rotund of parson, bed not hlg usual luck with him
and his continual 111 lock reached the spot where he had lost the last penny.
Being game la the pursuit of lost laurels, not to say coins, he pat up
hie coat. The cum waa offered, played for, and the coat was lost la the
neit round his lock changed and the entire pot was his. Holding a par
tlcular fondness for his cost the lad offered to buy back the garment. The
boys refused, the coat was lost and lost It would hare to stay,
The lad went home, costless, bat with all the money the crowd had
held. However he Is still mourning the loss of al coat
For Miis Stewart.
Mrs. George Vaa Brunt and Mr.
Charts Haanaa gave a beautifully ap
pointed hincheon of twelve cover today
at their home la Council Blurts, In honor
of Mis Maria ttewart. Tha UN waa
btcAratd with a hug wound of pale
l!nk roar, awuteonla. and llllea of th
Ohio State Society Party.
The Ohio Stats society will eatertaln
' in tha assembly roam of th court house
, this evening. Mrs. Franklin Adler flhot
' well win oroide at the lunch howl and
win be assisted br Mlfaea Orac and
Ruth BUbeugn, Mtsa Mabel Marrow and
; Mra Kaley. Tha decorations will be ef
Ktllerney roars and narrtssua About 109
a-neets are expected to attend.
Celebrates Birthday.
Mra. J. Relter entertained Tuesday even
ing In honor of her dawrbter Elsie's eight
nth birthday. Toe rooms war Seoor
atd la areen ad whit aad th prises
wr awarded to Mia Ebb. Weedlua and
Mr. Jeeae I'.lack. The guests preaeat
ria Oliserrisn,
Khwj Porr,
Mildred Andersen,
"erre MIMe.
Hilda Jorsnn,
fhrlatlne Marieen,
Mela Ant-raft,
Ammlla Mtelke,
T. K. fochran,
.1 Kelter.
F"r1 JoliniHtTi.
frMirce Henatnan,
Krank Selroe,
harle ( ireener,
August Hniwn,
Albert Jnhnsrir,
Ire4 Nelen.
ecer Johnson.
Sarpriie Party..
A surprise pcrty
Miss Mabel Miller
day. .'The evenln
and music. Those1
Fannie Mitchell,,
Ann Thompson.
thel Vliler.
I lnjr St ne .
"oral TrKloff.
U2lye Mariln,
Mbr MHVII, '
Jtay XN'llaon.
I'eiil "ertaon.
Henrne alller.
t,hrl- Horneen,
lurold Mfnun.
William Mlllfr.
Uurtl.) 8-hulae,
Mr. nM Mr. Olm
X'r Miller.
Freda Keeee,
fCdna Anrtereon.
Mettle I-aux.
Anna Keuer.
Anna thinker,
A. h-ltr.
eona Berkneeyer,
mat Halter.
Jesse rUntk,
Harry Murrr
Henry IUItr,
(ul Jackson,
tonry jHlelke,
John Merman,
William riochart.
lunula Armstrong,
Osale Wohlere,
A I hart Jors-eKsen,
William ileltor.
waa irivea in honor of
by her frleoda Sstur-
t waa spent la tames
present' wf:
M Inane
Katherlne Huter,
Arnea Himleck,
Alloe Sevens,
Pmilah ta1rw)a,
- K.ltsabeth Husby,
lollt Davis.
lails Hnker.'
Frem-le urna.
Hairy Mole. . ,
William 1e,
John Kennert,
William Manly,
Tl'oroae fihort,
Howard Honerts.
Gueits of Debutant.
Mice Harriet Huntington Btntth, the
debutant daughter of Mr. aad Mrs.
Arihur Crlttendea Smith, who has spent
moat ef th winter tn th eaet, arrived
home WeSnaay, Mlaa Smtth waa Sjo
cempanied by Miaa lUlth Sloaa of New
Tork City, who will be her aueat far
several weeks. Bare raj other eaatorn
young women will arrtv aest month to
he Mlaa Smith'e aueata
Entertain This Evening.
Mr. and Mr. O. B. Knott will n(r
tain Informally this even In at tbelr
home in honor of Mra. Edward Eiurl
hardt, who la taavlnc Wedneaday for
California. The rooms will be decorated
with basket of Richmond roaee aad th
guests will Include:
Messrs. and Me1mee
R1ward Knslehantt, Irvine- M. Elson.
Milton ctsi.ierson, Mla Kdna Koosa.
Mraarc Uctirtt
Richard Brvun. Luia Cutis.
Hold Family Eeunion.
Mrs. James O. Whttasy a4 Mra
Charlea Carrother of Atlantic, la.; Mra
J. . Annen and danshter. Maria, of
Chicago; Mrs. Frank OUlespU of Oardea
fty, Kan.; Mr. Charlea Murray of
Tacoma," Wash., and Mrs. O. W. Noble
of Onan hare been holding a reunion
at Atlantic. la., their old home. Iaat
night all cam t Oataha, and are being
onurtatned by Mra G. W. NorHe and
Mra. L M. Bchlndel of tkiuth Omaha.
They Are Sending
Mail by Freight in
This Advanced Age
'A couple of loni of mall la renelveu
at the Omaha poatofrtca every week by
freight." auld roatniaaUr Wharton.
"Whaddy mean, freight T' sa!4 th
Ually Vlnllor.
"Krrlnht. freightblg red oar-runs on
whetle-on track." said the postmaster,
who is champion middleweight kltltlcr of
Douglas county.
"Well." sad toe U V.. 'Wight is
v preb'ly faster than some mall that I
cor'.J mention. But. psrslflag aside,
mlutrar.w ie all thte mail sent by
freight r
"Psreol poet atuff." said Mr. Wharton.
' Tou so tbey g-t m on th low parrel
pest rates for first ana saound hhwl
ManufsAturing r mercaaUto bouae at a
Uletauc will ship a large cumber of
pevkagas her by frelgttt. ail addressed
and stamped with the proper auaibr of
stamp fur posting at this office. Rr
this aoeaas th eblppere not only side,
step th comparatively nigh, loag-dta.
taac parcel poet rata, hut also get de
livery of their good out la the country
wherever the rural ruta g.
council BLurrs.
"dK '
Mario Jlewaxh fCo Bluff j
Wedding- Guest.
Out-of-town guests for th Wler
Alplm wadding will arrtv Munday
Ing from t Paul and Minneapolla Tha
guest Include Mr. and Mrs. A. Barr and
(laughter. Jewel; Mrs. N. Elaenatadt and
daughter, Dora; Mlaa Anna Boroweky.
iMtoa Rosalie Bl umber. Msesrs. Albert
Blumbarg, Louis Perlman. Abe Lvy and
Charts Connors. ...
To Honor Bride.
Mlaa Margaret Cullen and her sister.
Mrs. Thomas Hanely of lied Oak. la.,
gar a hrldg party this afternoon at
th home ef Mlaa Chilian, hi honor of
Mlaa Orac Langdoa and Mis Helea N or
ris. Th rooms were abloom with meteor
roses and eevn tables war plaed for
th gant. . , .
Informal Luncheon.
OeeapHmentary to Mrs. Clinton Oray ef
Columbus, Neb., Mrs.' J. 3. Sullivan en
tertained very informally at luncheon to
day at her home, Th luncheon was
followed by bridge, aad lght guests war
present '
Pleaiures Past. .
Mlsg Violet Mtckelsen was entertained
Wednesday evening In honor of her
birthday anniversary. Covers were laid
for twelve guests.
Mr. and Mr. It. 8. Chernls of Council
Bluffs entertained at dinner Thursday
evening for Mlaa Oolflle Alplra and Mr.
David P. rder, whose marriage will be
celebrated Tuesday, Pink hearts war
used tn th decorations and covers were
placed for twelve guesta
Pavtd P. Peder arrived Thursday morn
ing to be the guest of Mr. and Mra. A. B.
Mrs. Hoafland Entertains.
Mra William XV. lloagland entertained
at a luncheon and kenaington this after
noon at her horn oa North Forty-eighth
eireet la honor of the Flower Mission
OlrU. Cover were placed for twelve.
lftwi of ths Wayfarers.
Mr. and Mra B. H. Urikart are s pea cl
ing a week at Bait Lk City.
S i i
Personal Mention.
Mra U A. Kern, Ml D aire, CeuacU
Bluffa has as her guest her aunt, Mrs.
Samuel Kltrie of Cblrgo.. Later Mr.
Kiln will visit her brother and wtfa
Mr. and Mra. J. W. Hayes.
Secure Site Jnit West of Fontenelle
Hotel on Douglas Street from
Brandeis Interests.
The new Maeonlo temple, a five to
eU-etory, fireproof and modern build
ing, costing $260,000. will be erected
at Nlnteenth and Douglas streets,
Immediately west of the Hotel Fon
tenelle. Construction will begin
during August or September, and
will proceed as rapidly as possible,
the purpose being to have the struc
ture finished and ready for occu
pancy early next spring.
Boeabt frets Braedeta.
Th loratinn for the new Masonic tern
Pis was decided upon Thursday night at
a meeting of representative of the four
teen Maaonie bodies that will join In the
construction of ths building and Its sub
sequent occupancy. Numerous locations
had been considered, but the strong
points of the one decided upon out-
weighed all ethers with th members of
the committee.
Th property on which th new M
aealc building will be erected waa owned
by th Brandeis Interests, and the nego
tiations war carried on through Ilarrr
Tnkey. Th price paid for tha ground.
110 feet on Douglas and 113 feet en Nina
teenth etreet. waa tlSi.Ono, which real et.
tat men consider very cheap, consider
ing tha location and tha surroundings.
Batista k Modern.
Th bulldln, will be the most modem
that It Is pcssthle to contrut. The first
floor wfll be cut Intj storerooms and all
other floor will he for lodge room pur
pose. Th style of architecture will not
be determined upon until a committee
eonalstlng of M. M. TVobertaon. Jama A.
Howard and I PttlnirUI retuma from
th east Accompanied by Architect
Print, the members of this 'committee,
witnln the next day or two will start on
a tour of eastern oltle. seeking Idesa on
the construction of Masonlt buildings.
Th Masonic commute will visit Chi
cago, Cincinnati. Buffalo, Washington,
Baltimore. Boston and other places. After
Inspecting th building visited, they will
Instruct their architect to Incorporate
Into the plan of tha proposed building
all th newest and best idea gathered
on tha trie
Preparing of the plana will begin as
soon a ths committee returns from tha
east, and after completion, bids on the
Dt Have Bpr lea Cah.
Take fr. King's New Uteoveg aad
you wo t catch cold. It kills th t4
genua, keeps yoa well sac. An drug
gist Advertisement.
vou rfotin Martin, a baonaior. was
cejoyir.g a fine fishing trip asar Council
Bluffs, bis frame eottaga at Ml North
Tnlrty-tniid street caught fir frca ua
destroyed. Aa th house was not oc
cupied and th fir broe out lata Thurs
day night. t waa not discovered Immedi
ately ami had gained much headway be
fore th first epartmsnt arrived.
High CIosm
Traveling Goods
at First Cost
iu HI
m Sji rl
I ! 1 ! i !
r UN
1S" ,
You Pay fi o Middle
man hrofit
We still have a let of high
elaj travelkiia goods that we
bought before we elerted to make
ur own. aad will sell them et
et to oloe theni out. Wi make
a very fine ltue of wardrobe
trunka urselvea, whlrli we eoll
dlrevt to you. Uur 00 ward
robe trunke are equal to any
Its St trunks oa the market. You
aate ItSSS by coining here. -fcvary
Cvrntsh trunk auaraateed.
lfrcd Cornish i Co.
vtaetaren ef Maxweev. aV
ale aad TraveUaar Oseda.
haot it.
If ha it. it' in ttyU
Madam Here's Important Sale News!
Choice of Any Woman's Suit in Stock
$15 Suits for --$7.50
$20 Suits for --$10.00
$25 Suits for - -$12.50
$30 Suits for --$15.00
$35 Suits for --$17.50
$40 Suits for--$20.00
$45 Suits for --$22.50
$50 Suits for --$25.00
Your Choice of
In Our Stock
Lace Hats
The greatest millinery sensa
tion of the vear. Absolutely
every hat in our immense
stock is included in the sale at
this price. Former prices ranre
to $25.00. Nothing withheld
from the sale.
This is our great semi-annual event. Every one is familiar with the high
class line of women's suits we carry. Absolutely every garment in stock is
included in this great sale. All materials, colors ana sizes all the late
styles. Every Wool or Silk Suit goes at just half price.
We Cannot Allow Approvals, C. O. D's or Exchanges During This Sale
New Separate Skirts, SQk
or Wool, WortS to
Summer Wash Dresses,
Linens and Voiles,
Special Saturday,
Women's Spring Coats
Worth to $17.50
We have added 125 new
coats to this lot for Satur,
day's sale. Every new style
represented in serges, gab
ardines, poplins, tweeds and
checks. All the new colors
and all sizes.
New Silk Dresses, Crepe da
Chine or Poplin,
Worth to $16.50,
Dainty New Waists, Silk,
Organdie, Voile, Worth
to $2.75. .
New Lingerie Waists, Twen
ty Different Styles,
Worth to $1.75,
earn and lewarfly Digest!
And then you will know SOME of the MONEY-SAVING Oppor
tunities at KILPATRICK'S on Saturday -
Father's Day
receives first mention. Poor old Dad fre
quently romea out at the short end of the
horn la the usual ad of a Dry Goods 8 to re.
Time waa, Indeed, when Pop waa wont to
remark, "This Is no place for ne This
is a thin,' of the past at least in this
str of jours. Kverr day, and particu
larly on Haturdar. you will find a row of
men lined up at our furnishing section.
Saturday a Special in Khirta, not for
father only.
-4ny Man Who Wears Shirts
ean get In on this offer. Now, listen.
Kaca year Just a little after our new shirts
have been displayed, we gather the bulk
of our shirts together and for one day
HAVU A b FECIAL KALiC. riatarday Is
the day. Hplendid popular patterns In
oar reliable $1.50 quality, bearing our
label and guaranteed, 81.15 earh.
nartera (Parts ehape), aa a flyer Bat
unlay, 10 the pair.
Hosiery Sale at 10 A. M.
HOSIERY waa originally applied as a
aam to many articles of women's under
wear. Htorklngs Is the better word for
our purpose now. Htorklng has been de
fined aa a soft, rloae-rutlng garment for
the leg. We are to bate
A Stocking Sale Saturday
We might amplify the definition by ex-
rilalntng three are 6ilk Htorklngs pure,
astrous silk, things of beauty and ele
gance. In addition to being a covering. A
very fortunate purvhaiie regular dollar
grade at a peculiarly fitting time, when
demand la greatest, enable ua to offer on
Hat unlay this purchase at G9 Instead of
f I.OO per pair. May not last all day
depends oa tha demand. Ooni In black,
white aad colors. The early bird
Union Suit Sale
Wa woald a tale unfold, which never
falls to make friends. Perhaps our uiot
active ar41er Is a leading garment with
plain tight knee or lace trimmed. Mere
meatioa of price la all that Is necessary
50e Per suit, knocked now; may not
have all slsee later.
The Month of Roses Approaches
The call of the old swimming hole Is In
tha air and Johnnie Is counting the days
till school doses. The sweet graduate Is
planning her toggery for what seems to
her the most Important milestone on life's
highway. lAter she'll think of another
for Is not June the month of weddings?
PKOP1.E ARE llCYIXa C1IIXA more and
more for gifts. We have such a choice
collection of unique articles lu both porce
lahi and glassware, you have niNsed some
thing if you haven't seen It. There's ad
vantage in early choice. WK PACK. VB
WAXTEI). And the beauty of china and
glassware for gifts or glftlinga In her lady,
ship ran make additions or replacements
at any time. Shown in basement sales,
Other Basement Attractions
for Saturday
Standard Ginghams, 6 Met Standard
Percale, HHo 82-Inch Amoskeag. 8e
75c Sheets, 59; 25c Crepes (colored)
for 13 Vt. And more than 57 other va
rieties unadvertised.
Main Floor
A most attractive collection of TiHsues,
Voiles, Poplins, tYepee, Waisting. Linens,
etc. And so that you will especially re
member the Main Floor, we quote TWO
EXTREMELY good bargains at this sec
tion: A silk warp walstlng In stripes
would be excellent at 25c, par excellence,
Saturday, at 15 yatd. NOVELTIES
FROM OVERSEAS foreign fabric which
were marked to sell at $2.00 to ffl.OO per
yard, aad many of which have been sold
at these prices, half price Saturday from
Sl.OO to ga.OO per yard.
Five Teasers From the
Linen Section
No. 1 All Linen Breakfast t'loih,
St. 39 instead of a.M.
No. a i 8 4 Daiuaak Cloth, SI OS in
stead of gJ.OO.
No. 3 Madeira Napkins, 84 03 In
stead of
No, 4 Embroidered Swisses, 59t a
yard instead of 75c.
No. 5 Marseilles Bed Spread, $3 95
Instead of gS.OO.
" '1 barge. Cheater, charges on, Stanley,
on,' were the last words of Marmion' ao
wrote the author of the Waverly Novels.
On Sunday we will publish a few last
words from our Wool lres Hoods sec
tion. We charge you to look for them.
Petticoat Sale
In Petticoat section. Saturday, all day.
Taffeta or messallne elastic fitted tops,
with the new circular flounce. Most col
ors, many shades; and there are a few
Jerseys In the lot; $2.50 to $3.00 should
be the prices one day only, 31-98 each.
A Better Grade Petticoat
Mescalines and taffetas, elastic fitted
tops and the circular flounce, $3.50 to
$1.50 the value Saturday price, $2 95
Cut Almost lu Half A lot of Crepes
and Taffetas for Saturday.
From ltt yards up. Ie Chines, Me
teors and Pussy Willow Taffetas. Were
2.0O and $2.25. Saturday, $1.10 yard.
Quantity limited.
Long, short or medium; silk, cotton,
kid, lamb or suede
Gloves of all Grades
For ordinary, for graduation, for re
ception, for wedding three lots, under
priced for Saturday.
Women's Suits
WOMEN'S Sl'ITS. Here's a pretty how.
de-do. May 22 pushed ahead to August 1.
Saturday we will do what la usually not
done until August 1. We have gone all
through our suit stock, pulled out a suit
here and another there, making altogether
a liberal portion of the entire stock Che
regular Kilputrtck grade, made and fin
ished by eiert tailors. Some of them
were $.17.50; some were even $40.00. On
Saturday, $10 00 regular dog days
Clearance hale l'rlce. Haven't you been
willing for Juat this chance?
Waists and Blouses
Of Voiles! Of lingerie! Of Silks! Of
Georgette! In riotous profusion, arrayed
In lota, calmly awaiting attack. Five 1)1
v talons don't pass them lightly 08c,
91JS9, $1.UM, $2.50, $3.MH.
In the Hattery
Children's hats up to 12 years. Col
ored, and they are trimmed (most of
them) ( they were up to $5.00, for $1 OS
These at 10 In the morning.
Palm Beach Suits -
"It's an 111 wind that blows nobody
good." Once more this time-worn state
ment Is proven true. American manu
facturer have produced a sait made from
Mohair bearing all the earmarks and touch
of English Alpaca. Practical, because
'twill shed the dust; looks well, because
'twon't show the dust; durable, because
It's strong and well made; keeps shape,
because the cloth has body; looks well,
because It's clean and lustrous. And a
seller from SellersvlUe perhaps tha most
popular suit gotten out In ten years. Don't
you be caught napping, waiting for the
first warm day. Too rapid a seller for
you to take a chance like that. Priced
$10 00. $12 50. nd $15 00 Ooats.
also; they are 88-50-
The Junior Section
will show a Palm Beach Suit at $10 00
and it's every whit aa good value and
popular a those In the Senior section.
OVER IN THIS ROOM on Saturday we
will stress Coat a and Suits. Practical
light wool fabrics, or, If you pre
frr silks, some moires. From a 8-year-older
up to a young woman children's
and Junior sizes for all. Sold as high as'
$13.00; on Saturday, $3 08
Junior Suits President Wilson wont
object to oiur grouping them
Group One Sold up to $20.00. at
Group Two Sold up to $25.00. at
$15.00 cn.
AS I SAT AT MY DESK, pushing the
Cobb Said Candy
The cooler weather crowded the Candy
Counter, and there'll be a bigger crowd
Satarday. THREE SPECIALS for Fath
ers' day, and Saturday sure la Men's day
at our Candy Section.
FIRST High grade cream caramels,
maple Brazil nut, marshmallows, onyx
(thst's a new one), pecan, vanilla, cocoa
nut, Manhattan, cream center a pound
bos for 30 ? and It looks like twice that.
OPERA PECAN ROLL Rich center of
opera cream rolled In sweet Texas pecans
"There's richness" and only 4Q tie
pound. "
Rut the Alpha and Omega are the choc
olates GO Saturday; worth SOe.
Few things add more to the delights of
a Sunday at home.
haowa cause sad waa more thaa half