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Why Should You
Tolerate a Poison
In Your Home?
Never Let the Bk-nll and Crosebones
Past Tour Threshold It's the
Only Way to Be Safe.
Of i"uh." you frequently reed n pow
erful antiseptic and Rermlclilc nearly all do. That Is why "Bonetol'- has
tui-t with such Instant succpjs.
Over Twenty-Five Athletes to Take
Tart in Big Event at Creighton
Field Saturday.
Vow Home ! n't Safe With Poison Aboat.
Put "Fenetnl" is absolutely harmless
whetliar used externally or taken inter
nally. And strange as it may aecni. 1. 8.
Rovernment testa show It to le much
strnnaraT as a germicide than even pure
carbolic ucldl
Put a bottle of "Benetol" In your med
icine cheat and throw away any mercury
tablets, acids or other poisons you may
have around.
Then use ynur "Benetol" In any way
that you have previously used the others.
IneteeJ of ever harmine; you, "Benetol"
will always protect and help you. Gargle
with It for a cold or sore throat Wash
out the nasal passages with it to cure
catarrhal affectlona. Sweeten your stom
ach with a mornlnK swallow. It will
sterilize and keep your bowels and kld
imys In the best of condition.
le It for the Instant relief from cuts
and burns. Teach the children to use it.
Nothing will ever take the place of
"B.etol" in your home after you learn
of lta wonders. If vou have never tried
it. let us send you our trial combination
of "Benetol" liquid, ointment and tooth
cream. combination Is not sold by
dealers, but Is seat direct on receipt of
11 cents to pay pontage and packing.
Buy "Benetol" in 2.1c. 60c and $1.00
size.". In nearly all drtis; stores.
Made onlv by the Benetol Company, 144
Benetol Builrilnsr, Minneapolis. Minn.
Sold, recommended and guaranteed in
Omaha by leading drug stores.
Khtrics fcr the first annual mitiloor
( inih athletic meet dosed last night
with the list totalling the names of nve
seventy-five athletes The Omaha Hlnh
rrhoil will enter the larsreit squad, six
teen men. Coach Tommy Mills submitted
the nsmes yesterdav Just before the
entries closed. The Omaha Youn? Men's
Christian association. Pellevue. the Triple
A and the Council Bluffs Young Men's
Christian association have also entered
Mg squads.
A number of Individuals who are proud
possessors of gleaming records in the
,ast are also entered and they are ex
pected to annex a few points which will
not be gathered tip by any of the teams
entered. Art May, former Cornhusker
Mar. la one of the dash men who is picked
to start something In the sprints.
Postlen, an old orthwestern man. is
anotiir sprinter who should show some
Baxter, a half-mller. who has carried
the. "lors of Partmouth and the Chicago
Athletic club, Isthe favorite In that dis
tance run. A. A. Marshall of Kansas Is
a ten-second man In the 100-yard d.tsh
and the odds favor his winning thst
M. F. Jones, an old Crlnnell man. Is
entered In four events and his records
at co.lege prove he has a good chance
to carry away some honors If he can
ihow any of his old-time form. Jones In
entered 111 the 100-yard dash, shot-put,
high and I. road Jumps.
Illarh School la KavorHe.
The nigh school squad la running favor
ite ns the showing Mills' crew made, in
the Missouri valley and state meets, both
of which were won by the local schools,
show that the Interscholastlc lads are a
well balanced aggregation.
Al Newton Is a favorite In both the
high and broad Jumps and Fullaway la
honors. Carl Iutes Is favorite In the
expected to carry off the pole vault
shot-putting event.
Preliminary heats In several of the
events will he held in the morning, due
to the large number of entries. Prelim
inaries In the 100-yard dash, 130-yard
dash, hlh Jump and hurdles will be
started at 9:30 Saturday morning. The
finals in these events as well as all
heats in the remaining events will he
staged In the afternoon.
In addition to the open events there will
he two Junior events, a five-yard dash
and running broad Jump. There will also
betwo relays, a half-mile relay and a
quarter-mile relay.
The meet will be staged at Crelghton
field and tickets are now on sale at the
Young Men's Christian association,
Beaton Prug company and Townsend
Oun company.
If Tea hare been thtnkln of baring a Diamond,
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17. M a Month
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rail or write tor catalog No. SV3. Phone
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May Be
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Sold everywhere, la basse, 10c., 2Sc.
New High Power Car
I Built by McKeen is
, 'Able to Travel Fast
The new high power gasoline motor
car, built at the McKeen Motor Car
works In this city, hag bean tried out
and haa been pronounced a success. The
car and its success Is the consummation
of the ideas of President Mohler of the
Union Pacific, for which road it has
been constructed to go Into service on
the Kearney branch, operating between
Kearney and Stapleton.
, Borne months ago President Mohler di
rected President McKeen to construct a
motor car that would be just what the
Union Pacific would want for its branch
line passenger service. Mr. McKeen laid
his plana and worked to them. Yesterday
he put the machine out on Its trial run,
carrying a party of railroad men and
engineers from Omaha to Valley and
return. In the party was General Man
ager Ware, Superintendent of Transpor
tation Lincoln, Mechanical Engineer Fet
ters, Assistant Superintendent Carey
and several others.
The run to Valley was made In forty
five minutes and during the return trip,
several times, a speed of fifty-frve miles
per hour was attained.
The new motor Is of 300-horse power
and on the trial trip hauled one of the
heavy steel roaches. It is the largest
and heaviest motor car ever constructed.
Its weight Is 85,000 pounds. The motor
car Is seventy feet in length over all.
In the front end Is the engine and back
of this a compartment for mall. This In
equipped with everything found in the
modern mall car. KUU farther bark is
the space for express and baggage, thus
combining three cars In one- It Is of
all-steel construction and rides as
smoothly as a passenger coach.
tn tlie new motor car the engineer is
In constant communication with the con
ductor, a telephone svatem connecting
the compartmenta. It Is equipped with
a complete heat and lighting system,
which at all times is under control of
the engine man. It Is sufficiently power
ful ao that In the event It should lx
necorsary, It could haul two or three
of the heavy steel coaches of the Union
Tactile over any grade on the system.
Mau Leaves Body
While He's Asleep
Irving P. Cooper of 9a 1 Kranclscn lec
tured last evening to a Ugn audience at
Thcosophlcal hall In Tne Ilee bulldliitf
on "The Mystery of Sleep" He dwelt
on the Inadequacy of current scientific
theories regarding sleep contrasted with
the logical and lllunilnnthe explanation
of theosophv, which la that man. him
self, leaves the body cm h time he goes
to sleep and during that time Is many
times more active than n hen In the
physical body.
This evening lie will continue big lec
tures with the subject of "The Unseen
World and Horn- It la Explored. "
The entire choir of 5t. Andrews' epis
copal church will sing under the -11-rectlon
of Trot. Joeng.
Lawyers Rage at Hearing. But
Court Says Not Laboratory to
Test Bad Blood.
"Greatest Little Evader" is Term
Applied to President by Two
Women at New York.
NEW YORK. May 1R. Mrs. Stan
ley McCormick, vice president of the
National Woman Suffrage associa
tion. In a statement declared that the
National association had no sym
pathy with the act of the two women
suffragists who today caused a scene
by trying to reach President Wilson
In the hotel where he was the guest
of honor at a luncheon.
They were taken In hand by secret serv
ice men. but prior to this they had suc
ceeded In delivering to Secretary Tumulty
a letter for the president. It waa written
on the stationery of the National execu
tive committee of the Congressional Union
for Woman Suffrage, and appealed to the
president for his "powerful aid to remove
the political disabilities of women."
'Greatest Mule reader."
The women suffragists eluded the
heavy guard stationed In the hotel and
succeeded in reaching the floor where
the president wan and managed to see
Secretary Tumulty and gave him a letter
to be delivered to the president. As Mr.
Tumulty was walking away from the
door, one of the women exclaimed:
' Mr. 'Wilson is the greatest little evader
I know!"
Mr. Tumulty told the women they were
impolite and would receive no answer to
their letter.
The women went to the lobby and
waited. They told reporters it would ba
useless for the president to attempt to
eludo them.
"If necessary we'll hire a tug and go
out to the Mayflower to see him," one of
them said.
When the president left the room where
the luncheon was held the two women,
who had returned, stepped out of an
anteroom, and, confronting him, ex
claimed: "Votee for women! Votes for women!
Mr. President, we have a message for
They got no further In their appeal.
Four secret service men selxed them
quickly and took them away. The presi
dent smiled.
I'reTfa Votea for Women.
WASHINGTON. May 17.-Votea for
women was urged as the remedy for In
dustrial unrest before the commission on
industrial relations here today by Mrs.
ChrystaJ Eastman Benedict of New York,
representing tha Congressional Union for
Woman Suffrage.
Mrs. Benedict declared the commission
should Immediately report to President
Wilson advocating a federal constitutional
amendment for national woman suffrage.
Commissioner Lennon suggested thai
the commission could only report to con
gress, and that congress would not be in
session until December.
"I had thought of that, too." said Mm.
Benedict. "Make the report to Wilson.
Wilson ran do It. If you would make
him understand that the future of tha
democratic party depends upon this issue
we woul 1 get suffrage. You could let him
know about It without making a formal
report "
WASHINGTON, May IS.--Argument
on motions by government
counsel to dismiss for lack of Juris
diction the In.tunrtion suit broupht
by the Rlggs National hank against
Treasury officials began yesterday In
the District of Columbia supreme
court, Ptank J. Hogan. for the bank,
occupied practically the entire day
opposing the government's conten
tions, and will resume tomorrow.
An Indication of the bitterness with
hlch the litigation lll be fought de-
velored soon after the rae was called.
The opposing lawyers engaged In a heated
wrangle over publicity methods employed
In the proceedings, upon which Justice
t , ., ...
.11. . presiding, caned a halt with the
announcement that "this court Is not go
ing to be ued as a laboratory to test
bad blod."
AsW golf lie DUnilssed.
tiOiils Brnndeis. Samuel Untennver n.l
assvioiate counsel for Secretary MrAdon.
Comptroller of the Currency Wtltlnms and
Treasurer John Burke who are charged
with consul' Ing to wreck the Rlirta l.nnu
filed briefs In support of their mutton to
dlsmlM proceedings. They nialntnlnel
tnat a suit Involving the property of the
United Mates Is a suit against the United
States, and that the government ennnot
bo mad a parly to a suit without Its
consent. the officers In their dealings
with the han't, it la declared, acted In
their official onpaelty and within the Ihw
Til" right of the hnnk to sue In equity
ala. waa cnnllenged on the ground that
it had an adequate, remeJv at law.
Mr. Ilognn charged In his argument
that a political aspect had been in.lci ted
Into the case nnd that SO per cent of the
affidavits filed by Secretary MrAdon had
nothing to do with the proceeding. He
cited authorities to show that offlrliils of
the government may bp made amenable
to the court n hen they attempt to i siu p
authority and asserted thet Mr. MrAdon
usurped authority by aasrmlng to be the
paying r.f fleer of the United Mutes and
withholding !Min Interest on bonds due
the Mlgga bank to satisfy penalties Im
posed by Comptroller Williams.
Heferrlt.g to Comptroller WIIIIhiiis. Mr
Higan said. "We htle to the bar an In
dividual who has abandoned being n law
administrator and become a law vio
lator." The withdrawal of the American Hed
Cross nnd I'm. una canal flinch- from ile .
p. Ml nt the ll'nti National Lank, the at
toiney dm hire. I. was br.inKbl !Ih.'H
II rough th.' ipflo.'P, e , f ,- irli:ty Mr
Adoo and 1 VniKit ollrr llll.-nn-.. "To.
gi'ther," he hi I "these men took awny
It. 'in the run kink more than $'.'0.rt
In di'pott, yi t t'ic siiy tli it the bun'
might nit I.. h solvent ns It Is todiiy If
they had not ti-1 1-, It "
The attorne dwelt al Icnglh upon
demands for Informal! n made upon the
hnnk by Mr WIIIIhiiis lie said the di
te.-tors of tin' hnnk held a meeting last
siminnjr nnd asked the comptroller jnut
what he desired the hank to do. but thnt
no aditi-e or suggestions were iru'lvil.
In demanding 1 penalty of !:. from
the hank f.d fa'hue to submit a report
of the lonnx of the Institution for i-lvht
een ears. Mr lloin dc. dared that
Comptiollei Williams made an errone
ous ciiK'idatlon In older to stipulate
Hint amount, which due In Interest
to the l.niik tind notified the bank thef
It would be suli.iei t to a further and
continuing penal'v.
ttentit In Rail
"We thought he meant what he said."
continued the attorney. "It now appears,
from W illi.itii... : I t'nt 11 It. I r . is
merely attempting t,i bully the offl. e-
nf the hnnk lie now shs lie had no
Intention of exuding further penalty
and lie makes no attempt to enli .ilUo
the amount that hnd been Incurred.
Touching upon uie statement In Ml
Mr Adoo s affidavit the se rrtarv
did not know but two officii of the
National City bank of New Vcik, and
that lie bad no denllnss with Hint In
stitution to arouse hostility. Mr Hogan
said the National t'lty bank whs In mo
win- connected with this case and did
not own n dollar's worth of stiwk In the
IUkss bank, and that the plaintiff hud
nimle no arnisntlons in regard to Mr.
MrAdon a relations with the National
t'ltv hank.
' Mr. MrAdon charges that he was not
ninile a defendant In this case In good
faith," he added, "but In order that
lihel might be circulated under protec
tion of the law. That Is a contemptible
and unfounded aspersion upon Senator
Hnlley and myself as counsel for tha
nootlegver Breaks .fall.
Wijl.-TKK CITY. In.. May 17. (Spe
cial Telegram! - Frank Walts, one of a
band of seven bootleggers convicted the
last lei 111 of court, escaped from Jail
lii't nlg it by sawing off the bars of his
ceil He is also wanted hy federal authorities.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Tine W
To Mlmle Bra Tea.
The Cleveland Players are to wear In
dian heads on their shirt sleeves, thus
to be reminded of the Braves and the
lattera' jump from last to first place.
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages ;
can be rcntediulckly and cheaply by a '
B "For Rent" 1
Culls from the Wire
The two remaining indictments
C'liarlea K. Sebastian, mayoralty nominee
and chief of police of l.os Angeles, who
was acquitted nf an Immorality charge,
Friday were dismissed.
The seventh biennial convention of tha
Switchmen's Union of North Amnlca
oined at Buffalo with an attendance of
70" delegates, representing 200 unions and
a membership roll of 22.000.
One rain has cost 5c0.ono in known
losses to fruit in northern California,
brokers at Hacramento auld. Strawberries
and clicrrlea. thttv aald. suffered to the
vmoniit and fungus growths are threat
eiud. A wireless dispatch received st Toklo
as the fire on board the steamer Chiyo
Maru which broke out Sunday afternoon
aa the vra.iel was nearlng Yokohama has
been extinguished. It was confined to a
tii-all section of cotton cargo.
American textile manufacturers, as
well as makers of paper. Ink. varnish,
pigments and leather articles, are feeling
tlm scarcity of artificial dynsluffs more
aiutrly each day, according to Commer
cial Agent Thomaa H. Norton in a spe
cial report to Scretary Hed field 1 sailed
at Washington.
W. K. lloruff. M year a old. t p'oyed
by Nelson Morris Co. as a salesman at
.-'all Uir City. Utah, was arrested at
I'birago charged with embesallng V, i
from the firm. Tha police say thai he
coifiMaecj his guilt and attributed his
downfall to gambling on horse. , flad
from Halt l.aa, City lul June and slnoe
then has travwlrd in South America.
When you wash your hair, don't
use soap. Most soaps and prepared
shampoos contain too much alkali,
which la very Injurious, aa it drlea
the scalp and makea the hair brittle.
The best thing to use Is Just plain
mul si fled cocoanut oil, for thla Is
pure and entirely greaseless. It's very
cheap, and beats soapa or anything
else all to pieces. You ran get this
at any drug atore, and a few ounces
will last the whole family for months.
Pimply moisten the hair with water
and rub It in, about a teaspoonful is
all that Is required. It makes an
abundance of rich, creamy lather,
cleansea thoroughly, and rinses out
easily. The hair dries quk-kly and
evenly, and is soft, fresh looking,
bright, fluffy, wavy and easy to han
dle. Besides, It loosens and takes out
every particle uf dust, dirt anl dan
druff. Advertisement
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Studebaker ROADSTER ... $ 985
Studebaker LIGHT SIX . 138S
Studsbaker SIX (7-paasen(er) . 1450
F. O. B. Detroit
And it's SUPERIORITY that you can see for yourself witW
your own eyes, if youH just take the opportunity to go over
the Studebaker chassis in detail.
Some manufacturers, you know, who make both a Four and
a Six, put the GOOD design into the more expensive SIX. But
you take this Studebaker FOUR and stand it side by side with
other car, and study it just on QUALITY. And inch by
inch, note the Studebaker superiorities.
First of all, look at that 8tudebaker-Wa(rner Electric System. Simple Huh
balanced almost to the ounce every little detail of the whole system EASY to
get at. Haa been used on 100,000 Studebakers with unfailing success.
And then, note how simply and cleanly thst Studebaker Motor is built and how
ACCESSIBLE it is. Csrburetor sits high on sids of ths motor. Vslves are easily
gotten at. And you can make any inspection or adjustment simply by raisins; tha
hood. I3uilt to develop plenty of POWER, too but to Disks every last drop of
gasoline pull.
And just In pssslng, look at the Studebaker Steering Oear. Irreversibls type, yon
know, that keeps ths road-shocks away from ths steering-wheel and makes driv
ing EASIER and ssfsr. Adjustable for wear, too. Many cars use the old, reversi
ble type thst costs less.
Then, nots thst simple Studebaker Clutch. It's a cons clutch, you know leather
faced, SOFT-gripping. No jerking when you throw it in. And it's to easy to get
st for inspection or oiling.
Then, note thst ALL ths wiring Is enclosed in flexible steel conduits that protect
them from moisture and oil and grsass and damaga from tools. Makes wiring
Observe the Willlard Storage Battery that Studebaker uses. Best that's made
3-cell type. Placed so as to be EASY to ses and gst at for filling. That's Studs
baker attention to details.
And that Studebaker Brake Equalizer that's mighty important. Many cars omit
it too costly. But it makea the cars SAFER stops skidding saves tires. And
the only other one like this is on a $5,000 car.
Notice, too, that ths transmission is in unit with ths Rsar Asia. Increase tha
manufacturing cost but insures perfect alignment, smothers any vibration of tha
gears and gets mors sven distribution of weight. Makes ths wbols car ride and
drive more eaaiVjr.
And nots that Studebaker uses TWO radius rods and a torque arm. Many cars
drive thro the springe. But thst necessitates suffer springs. Makes the car HARD
riding. While the TWO radius rods and the torque arm that 8tudebaker usee
leaves the springs fres just for smothering ths jolts and jars. Makes tha car mar-
veloualy EASY-riding.
And then, of course, that FULL-floating Rear Asle will interest you. For, with ona
exception, every other FOUR ussa ths esrlier type. But 8tudebaker Daee this
FULL-floating axis even tho' it's mors costly, because it's so much SAFER and
easier to get at. Carries the weight of ths car on ths axis housing and has TWO
Timken Bearings in sach hub to take up ths side-thrusts. Axis abaft only haa
ONE duty to turn the wheels. Shaft can bs removed, too, in less than two
minutes. Nots, too, thst sxle housing. Other cars use malleable castings THIS
is a much stronger and much LIGHTER steal stamping with folded edge.
And so you can go over this Studebaker inch by inch and find
scores of SUPERIORITIES. For Studebaker has built this
FOUR to live up to the PROMISE of that name of Studebaker.
Every last detail has to represent the latest achievement in
engineering and the highest quality in manufacturing. We
don't want you to buy the car unless you are satisfied that it
does, too. But we KNOW that when you stand it side by side
with any other car, youH find that just on merit it's a better
buy. And it costs you from $90 to $225 less at the start and
less right along in upkeep. See it today.
OMAHA FA OTOE Y BRANCH, 2550-2-4 Farnam Street
Local Dealer, 2429 Farnam Street.