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Omaha Daily
TT ii A
VOL. XI ,1V NO. 285.
Om Trains and at
Hotel Kiwi Steads. So,
Tenth Corps Before a Great G&lician
, Fortress and Efforts Will Be
Made to Betake It.
Vienna Announces Slavs Are Still
Continuing Movement Be-
fore Teutons.'
LONDON. May 1. In the east
ern war sone, the most Interesting
struggle Is going on near Prsemysl,
the great fortress in Galicla, which
the Russians captured on March 22
after many months' investment.
The Tenth army corps of the
Austro-Hungarlan army is now in
front of this fortress, and all efforts
are to be put forth to retrieve the
defeat of its former defenders.
lenna Statement.
VIBNNA, May 1. tVIa London. ) The
following official statement wi lasued by
the war office today: , . '
'Th Ri;ieian armies In Poland and
Galkla continue to retreat along the
whole front. From Nowemlasto. on the
rillea river, tc! south of the Pnelster, In
the district of Dollna, the llld army la
"On the Sun liver pur troops have cap
tured Rudnlk and lnysk. The Germans
have occupied .laroalau.
At ;te of City. '
"In middle tialicla the Austrc-Hunga-rlan
Tenth army corps Is standing before
the gates of Its native town Pruemyal.
Partner south, lobremll, Ftary flambor
end Boryi-itJ ire again In our hands.
"The allied army under General- von
UnsliiRen hna reached the helg-hti south
west of Dollna.
"On the Prutn line, the Russians ara
still attacking. In severe fighting In the
north of Kolomea lnfnntry from Carln
tlila and Styrla have repulsed all Rus
sian attacks."
Sees Preaching of
Protestants Cause
Of Revolt in Mexico
HOUSTON. Tex., May W.-That one
cause of the present revolution In Mexico
was the preaching; of the gospel bjr mis
sionaries of Protestant churches, was as
serted by. Rev. J, p.. Chaatatn "of Du
rango, Mexico,' In a speech before the"
Southern Baptist convention here today.
'Tho gospel gave Uie people there a
knowledge of their' Individual rights," he
aid. ' " ' "
A committee recommendation that
southern Baptist churches should faster
strictly Baptist classes in their Sunday
schools, rather than the classes of Inter
denominational affiliations, with par
ticular reference to the Baraca and Phll
athea movement, was debated today, and
appeared likely to go over until Monday.
The report of the executive committee
on the Baptist Young People's work,
which announced progress In that di
rection, was favorably recommended by
the committee which took It up for con
sideration, and was formally adopted late
today. Special memorial exercises will
be held tomorrow.
New Millionaire to
Build Warship to
. Avenge Lusitania
LINCOLN. May 16. - Special. (-Lincoln's
newly discovered millionaire, who waa
found working as a section hand, pro
poses to build a battleship, as soon as he
gains possession of his fortune, and to
avenge the sinking of the Lusitania. Ho
will be the captain of the warship.
It has been discovered that this latest
subject for the Income tax collector-ia a,
man of considerable Importance, whose;
real name la Captain. James Alfred Tre- i
villylen Bourne, and that he served as j
an officer In the British army. He' Is a!
descendant of Baron Rathoe and entitled
to the title. Reside the f7.500.0O) which :
falls to htm In Australia, he W heir toj
other estates which total over tlOu.OOO.OUO.
Robbers Hold Up 50
Men in Billiard Hall
UETROIT. Mich., May 16. Sev.-n high
waymen, three of them masked and all
of them armed, entered the billiard hall
of Curro A Kessler, less ttiaji a mil
from the city hall, shortly before mid
night tonight. They lilted up fifty men
and escaped, the police say, with more
than M.500.
The Weather
Tenpera tare at Omaha Yesterdar.
5 1 - UJ 1 Hour. Deg.
, m S 5tS::::::::::::::IS
e A 7a m ,60
ST 4 8tr5::::::::::::::S
T:1'" J If 10 a. in Wi
f.'s ii, ii a. m M
V-W "CT) m U
"VYT "4 n- m M
CtJfcS jt :::::::::::::: 8
7 p. nv..... M
Csavratlv .
L.aal Heeeird.
wis. ;. ism. ii
5S 71 7 24
Highest yeaterday .
I'Uweet yeaterduy .
Mean temperature .
T.mD.r.tur mnA
47 b)
S3 l
.0 .UO
M 41
tiirrs from the normal:
Normal etmierature S3
Ieflri.ncy lor th" day 11
Total excess finre March 1 123
Nurmal precipitation 1 Inch
I efK-iencjr for the riav J, In. h
To it! rainfall sinre .Man-It 1 !u Itx hes
I efteicny since Msrch 1 . .3.75 inches
l fl iency for cor. perin.J, 114. .1 H ln ti, s
Excess fur cor. pt rlud, U13 Z.34 loi bts
, L. A. WUJbH, Local Vorecaater.
Wireleit Dispatch from Liibon
Beaches Madrid that Revo
lution Put Down.
nt M.fcTix.
DADAJOZ, Spain. May 16. (Via
Paris.) The latest news received
here from Portugal is to the effect
that a general of the Insurrectionary
party, commanding 3,000 troops, Is
now outside Lisbon preparing to
storm the city. .
MADRID, May 15 (via Paris,
May The president of Portu
gal, Manuel de Arriaga, Is reported
to have disappeared.
LONDON, May 16. A wtreleas
dispatch from Lisbon received by
the Fabre agency at Madrid at 11:40
last night says the Insurrection hae
been crushed.
Captain Martins Lima has as
sumed command of the republican
troops. There are rumors at Mad
rid, continues the dispatch, that the
leave of Spanish naval officers has
been suspended and that the battle
ships Espana and Carlos Quinto have
been ordered to Lisbon. It la also
stated that two regimenta of In
fantry have been sent to Badajoz,
Spain, on the frontier. ,
To Restore HepoMlc.
A Renter dispatch from Lisbon says the
revolutionary - committee has Issued a
proclamation stating that the object of
the movement is to restore a real repub
lic. They desire a national government
and therefore wilt hoist no party flag.
They counsel the people not to Indulge
ln reprisals, but to trust the national
government, which "will act generously
towards the vanquished."
The revolutionary committee met
board the battleship Vasco Da Oimi
for the purpose of selecting a new gol
rnment. It is . reported that Joac
Chagaa, former premier and minister of
the Interior, will be the new premier and
also minister of the Interior.
Lisbon Bosnbardod.
A rebel naval squadron has bombarded
the city of .Lisbon from the River Tagus,
according to further advices from Mad
rid received by the Fabre agency.
These advices to 'Madrid are described
as official and they come direct from
Lisbon.' ' '
Th bomtArdment of the warships re-
sulted -la-ibe- killing of a number eCrfuvj
pie and the wounding of others. - Con
siderable damage also was done.
, It , would appear that the navy Is at
the headof tat rebel movement.
Private advloaa reaching th Spanish
capital from Lisbon sets forth that ths
commander of the -Portuguese cruiser Q.
Vaaco de Game, has been murdered.'
Th army garrisoning IJsbon Is remain
ing loyal to President Arriaga.
A dispatch from Madrid to Reuters
Telegram company says it is reported
that ' Or. .Alfonso Costa, former premier
of Portugal, " has been assassinated In
Lisbon. . . j
- Revolt Cnder Coatrol.
PARIS, May 14 A message from Lis
bon by way of Madrid to the Havaa
agency says that . the Insurrection In
Portugal ia under control.
President de Arriaga of Portugal aban
doned the palace of Belem and went to
Lisbon under th escort of th reputllcan
government, according to . the Madrid
correspondent of the JIavas agency.
Hist! Country Full
Of 'Spies' Who Read
Public Men's Spiels
CHICAGO, May lSThat the 1'nlted
States Is as honeycombed with spies as
any European nation was asserted by
spoaiierH at the convention of the Naval
and Military order of the Spanish-American
war here today.
The spy queatloa waa raised in the dis
cussion of a resolution by Major Edwa-d
Schulse of Connecticut caJllng upon pub
lic, men io oease "blasting" th reputa
tion of the United States as a power. He
said when weak points In the country's
defense were found the proper authorities
should be notified Instead of th adminis
tration held up to rldioule.
Opponents to the resolution said the
country was so filled with spies that It
waa of no consequence what public speak
ers said about the country's defense.
Colonel Milton J. Foreman, commander
of ' the First cavalry. Illinois National
guard, waa elected commander-in-chief
for the coming year. The Rev. E. J.
Vattmsn. a major In the regular army,
retired, who celebrated his jubilee as
fifty years a priest this week, was chosen
Attempt to Raid the
Pacific Cable Station
Close to Vancouver
VANCOUVER. B. t'.. May 1-Aa
armed raiding party attacked th Pacific
cable station at Bam field Creek on th
west coaat of Vancouver Island early to
day. Shots war exchanged between th
raiders and a sentry, who roused th
military guard. Th raiders escaped In
the darkness.
The attackers escaped la s launch,
which is believed lo have been fitted out
in some Puget sound port In the state
of Washington.
The attackers were almost upon . the
entry before they were discovered. Two
man penet rated to the space between th
main office and the superintendent's
residence. They fled when shooting
The military guard learned that a
launch for several days has been ex
changing signals with the shore. Addi
tional guards have been placed at the
soldiers just brought in from
I l
ooSn'' r n IL I
I " v-' " "A r A j --
, Av
i . 1 , :. t -
V " i - ) .
' - ' ' ?
: 1
American Force to Be Landed at
Guaymas for Protection of
Their Colonists.
SAN DIEGO, May 1 The cruiser
Colorado, flagship of the Pacific
fleet, carrying" an expeditionary
force of marines and a machine ran
for their ' use, sailed . for Mexican
waters this afternoon to aid,, it neces
sary, American colonists la 8onora
who have- been fighting Yaqul In
diana. '
J eassaaiaeasais
WASHINOTON. May 16. Amer-
mnelnas will Ka 1 0 WA tkA at t I
Guymas and sent to the aid of
Americans In danger because of
Taqui Indian outbreaks If the com
manders . of warshipa sent to the
Mexican port believe this to be neces
sary. After a conference today with
Secretary Bryan, Rear Admiral Ben
son, acting secretary of the navy,
' "We hope the Americans will
make their way to the coast and be
taken aboard the cruiser, but if it
Is necessary to send out landing
parties, Comander T. C. Magroder of
the Raleigh Is authorized to take
that action."
irt-dered to Gaayanaa.
The Raleigh and New Orleans - have
been ordered to Guaymas.
State department advice from Hermo
slllo today confirmed the reported killing
cf J. J. Donovan, VV. A. alr anl Jack
Wilson and the wounding of Z. O.
Stocker, all Americana, in the recent out
break in the Yau.ul valley. Secretary
Cryan said Information from several
sources showed all Americans In the val
ley to be In danger. The department, he
aid, was making every effort to protect
them and get them out of the danger
Admiral Howard, commanding the Pa
cific fleet, notified the department late
in the day that the Taqul and Mexicans
till were fighting. Regular Mexican
troops, he raid, had refused to advance
gainst the Indiana.
Still Flahtlag Indies.
UOS ANGELES, Cel., May 15. Tele
grams received late today from Uuiymai
stated that the American ookmlets near
Fsperansa, Sonora, still were fighting th
Yaqul Indiana who attacked them last
Wednesday and that they had sent a re
quest to the commander of an American
cruiser at Guaymas to send thera a rapid
fire gun. The request. It was added, had
been forwarded to Admiral Howard, conv
n snder of the Pacific fleet.
The telegrams of the president con
firmed Information that Mexican troops
which Governor Maytorens declared he
had sent to the aid of th colonists were
rot within twenty miles of the scene of
the fighting.
BERLIN, (via London). May 1.-N-wlthstanding
th fact that the empire la
ruled by martial law, the eonwtltut tonal
rlghta of members of th Reichstag can
rot be abridged. . This was shown by
declarations made by Vtoe Chancellor
Delbrueck to the budget committee of
the Relchatag In answering que of
socialists touching two of their members.
Herr Haase complained that action had
been begun In a military court against
Dr. Karl Liebneck for making statements
cf a political nature and that hla com
rades had been foi bidden to apeak to
I Im under a penalty. The vie chan
cellor replied that such a prore.'H mas
not legal and that the government had
Intervened Immediately to hav It discontinued.
BLESSING to wounded
the firing line.
Greece, Bulgaria and , Roumania
Watch Neighbor State in
Critical Hour. ;
LONDON, May 16. With the out
break of a revolution In Portugal,
which according to dispatches from
Madrid, Is supported by the - navy.
Spain. Switxerland. Holland and the
Scandinavian countries are the only
State in Europe which are not either
naarnd in war or have domestic
troubles to occupy their attention.
Very little news has yet come
through from Lisbon, but It is re
ported that the navy hat bombarded
the capital held by the army, which
remains . loyal to the president,
Manuel de Arriage. It is not known
whether the insurrection was started
by the royalists, but members of that
party resident In London disclaim all
knowledge of 't. (
Waltlaa; ' Itajy.
Greece, Bulgaria and Roumania, where
there are pro-war and anti-war parties,
are waiting for the final decision of Italy
as to whether it will join th allies-e
decision which has been delayed by th
resignation or Premier Salandra, who,
however, is reported from Rome to be
back in office. The prediction is made
that Halandra will form a new govern
ment, with the support of the leaders of
the stronger parties In the chamber.
Among th belligerents Interest wavers
between the battles in Galicla, Flanders
and Pas da Calais and the operations In
the Dardanelles, from which important
news regarding the advance of the allies
is dally expected.
to far as Galicla is concerned, th po" ,n" m"tho's of Denver and lntr-Austro-German
rush seems to hsv x-in"d,at Plns to .divert trsvel from the
hauated itself when the river Ban wasrr1 Lincoln highway In Nebraska and
reached and all the towns on the west i W yom,n,r to Colorado,
bank of that river, including Jaroslau fell Th wy to tne co"t "" to Denver
Into their hand This compelled th ' on th" r"lar Lincoln highway through
Russians to fall back In southern Poland. wr"torn Ncrsska and Cheyenne, tho
so that their line now runs from Plock. 1 ,Ur" d"'r-
on the lower Vistula, southeastward to I Te ru,e lo" the South Piatt valley
Presemysl. thence south and east through ! 5? Dpnv,r- t,Mr " slmost lmpa.mablo
eastern Galicla and Bukowlna to th!
Roumanian border.
Rasalaas Pursue
At the latter end of this line the Rus
sians ara still pursuing their offensive
and hav driven the Austrian back In
disorder for some twenty miles, but they
themselves are being forced out of the
Carpathian mountains and are in danger
of losing Prxemysl aa the - Austrlans and
Germans are to the north and south of
that city.
in UriUstt appear to have resisted
successfully all German attacks on I
Jj??' T.h"! th" l"" bttve continued
their attack, from the sea to Dlxmud
...u rr,ln , -runner neaa- hull( Mex,COt w, ru,h acrosa the bor
way north of Arras. It would appear . ,nto the r)ted Kute, ,t j,,., nio
from the long French official statement tomght, aft(r an exclUng chase In which
Issued today that this offensive In this i attempted destruction of the bullion I brought Into the world, through pain and
part of Pa de Calasls was not intended j a ,k)rmUh unween Villa troops and ! ""Uig. to serve a higher purpose than
aa the commencement of the big general j th, tr,, eonvoy and the pursuit of the lht of sacrifice to th greed of nations."
movement, but was merely an operation U,,, by villa cavalry were Incidents. I Invitation were received for the oon
whlch has been completely successful to AccorAlat to , ,tory from r,.,,,,, ference to meet next year at Nashvtll.
rectify their front In which Carrency Htxloo, Rayoui Madero. governor of Tenn- Chicago. Bt. Ixiuls and New York,
formed a threatening salient. Neuvo Uton .n fomer )emlmr of q,,,. Nashville was considered the probable
They had most formidable positions to villa's staff, sent the bullion without winner,
overcome, but after a terrific artillery v'm.- n .
bombardment they were successful. They .
are carrying out an offensive in th.
Woevre and have made further progress'
In some sections while in others the Oer. !
mans claim to have secured the advan
P1LRRK. 8. D.. Me.y l.-telal )
Nearly liOo.tind.OOO In deposit In the bank
of South Dakota, is the showing of th
stat and national banka In the stats at
the call of condition of such banka In
March. Of thin the State banks carried
much the larger aum wjth Ifi7.496.3r.', and
the National banks, fJC.UiO.lM
Paris Telli of Bepulse with Com
plete Success of Fourth Ger
man Counter Attack at
British Inflict Serious Check on
Teutons and Win Some
PARIS, May 16. The following
official communication was issued
by the war office tonight:
"We repulsed this ntternon, with
complete success, a fourth Gorman
counter attack at Sleenstraete. We
have conserved all the positions won
yesterday and consolidated our gain,
, . .
the Importance of which Is emphasi
sed ' by the
violent effort of the
RrllUh Advance rnntlunea.
"Further to the e-uth the British troep!
inflicted on the Oermana a serious check
and carried to the southwest of Rli-he-
bout -L' A voue a kilometer lto-thlrds of!
I mile) of trenches. At the sam tlmei1"' repr-sontlng th German
I to the northwest of Feat.ibert they took I
poaaeaalon of MO meter., of trenrhea. j
"This second attack was later pushed
In the direction of Qulnqtin street, and I
!on a front of wn meters resulted In a
gsln of l,W0 meters (about a mile), in
which the number of German losaem was
very high. The advance of the British
troops continues.
"in the sector to the north of Arras,
we have carried out divers actions with
a view to consolidating our new front ur l" nunui newspaper. iara
In driving out the enemy from several ! N",,Hnalc- nur"1 hl" can" huah a
points, where they were stilt holding j w,n,,ow of tho 'nha He was ar
on, our troop gave proof In the struggle, j re"ted'
foot hy foot, of great tenacity. j . Pk for War.
"We gained If metera on the .lope At a meeting in Borrfheae square twenty
which descends from the plateau of i r'"k''r"- mo't of tnem deputies, mado
Lorette near the sugar refinery of
Pouches. We have carried some addl-1
tlonal houses In the northern n.rt of;"' ",nB " country to be In
JNeuvllle, exploded a c.ptlve German b.l J
loon to the east of Vlmy and our aviator.
have bombarded the station of Foumaln
Then i r-h.-. . ., w .
Of Vllle-Kur-Tourbe. an ax tlon of . i;tne cabinet inflated on resigning
local nature has given to us a very
brilliant success.
Raplnde Mia.
"Last night the enemy exploded a
mine behind our first line. Eight Oer-
' r CT.w .'"e,
; themselves on oar positions and ' they
j 'nd a foothold la one faiiqnt. . w
; "uv a counter attack
and retook part of th lost fround, tak
ing seventy-seven prisoners, of whom
three were officers.
"During the course of the day w de
livered a counter attack, whlCh waa car
ried out with much spirit with the bay
onet and hand grenades, and resulted In
our recapture of all of the position.
"Tho enemy has suffered enormous
losses-e fact which has been established
by us with certainty In the trenches and
' on the parapets, w have, in fact, found
more than 1,009 German dead, and we
have. In addition, raptured 0 prisoners,
Including nine officers, and taJton six
machine guns. Thus, almost all of tho
attacking force remained oltKbr In our
hands or on th ground."
Cheyenne and West
Nebraska Boosters
After Auto Traffic
flrnvrv nr-i. w , ,
I lwtn and Including Cheyenne, Wyo.. amf
Big Springs. Neb., met here last night
and organised the Western Nebraska and
Wyoming Lincoln Highway association,
the purpose of which la to op
. """" ""'"g .n tne
rivor uuuom is aiieciea oy seepage an 1 1
cannot tie maintained in good travelblo
condition, whereas the regular IJiicoln I
highway, along the main line of the1
Union Pacific railroad to Cheyenne, tat
one of the finest atrrtche of natural i
roadway in the entire country. Thu as-I
orlatlon Just perfected will systematic-1
ally maintain It In excellent condition. j
VILLA LOSES $200,000
KAN ANTONIO. Tex., May 14 Two
, hud'red thousand "dollars worth of silver I
bulllon from the M.apPO mltl(!1 , Co..
PrlianU to ,hll,p1, ltlto ,,. ,.,
p,.,,., . Vm. unsuccessfully attempted
to ,t0 (t
Taft Is Invited
To Speak in Omaha
An effort is being made by th. Omaha
Commercial club to indue William
Howard Taft, ex-president,
to visit
Omaha some day next waek. Mr.
is to be the speaker at a banuuet
Knife and Fork club of Kansas City and
the Commercial club wlnhea him to visit "r ,he agricultural products will t se
Omaha and to speak her either the day,'"1"1 from Butte. Spink and Codington
before or th day after he speaks ati1'0""'- "' counties having had th
Warms s City. J finest display at th stats fair last year.
Crowds Quiet as They Hear News
After Making Demonstrations
Against Teutons. '
ROME (Via Paris). May 1. The
Austro-Hungarlan embassy has
ordered all subjects of the dual
monarchy residing In Italy to hold
themselves In readlnesa to leave this
country immediately upon receipt of
instructions to that effect. The
Glnrnale D'llalla says this order
will be Issued Sunday.
HOMK (ia Paris), Mr 1 An
tonio Ralnndra has consented to re
tain the premiership.
As the news spread that Slgnor
Palandra would remain In power,' a
udden change came ov.r the people.
Ah if nhevlns- anmn Rnrrnl nls-n I'ha
i . , ., . . . ,. ..I
populace calmed down and all the
troops were withdrawn. The Infur-
lated mobs disappeared and peaceful
j crowds this evening passed the Aus-
' trlan ombaaav wlthnut even noticing
the residence of the representative!
Dcmonatrators this morning parade.!
' nror- The crowd was abl to resist
,n' po,l,H, "n1- fB,h,r urT,n'1''' ,h
burned It amid frantic excitement.
Klototis demonat rations continued In
tw,m during Frldav ilht. They Incieased
n intensity hen It became known that
the king t,ad accepted Premier Palandra s
One of! the moat violent outbreaks was
an attempt of the crowds to approach
the Austrian embassy. A member of the
-""""- or, war. a reeoiuuon
whs passed to the effect that the oeopln
J, , .. .1' . " " m"tn
" th?'ru " the sacrifice of the na-
I tlonal honor."
" t" peopie m .Milan heard that
potesled with groat vloh nce. There wer
j t ries of "down with the parliamentary
vamora: "Leath to Hn.ror William!"
"Death to Glollttr "Death to Emperor
Frands Joseph!" "Hurrah for the warl"
"Hurral for the revolution!" "Down with
11 traitors!" I
leaflets jreijo distributed on th streets
Sesriiig'th ilotds. "Doath to JlolUI."
1114 Klfcar'a !. . , .
The count of Turin, a . cousin u King
Victor Fnmanuel, left the royal palace
or. foot. II was recognised and hissed
snd a threatening mob rurrounded Mm,
crying "Down with th Monarchy!" "Long
live the republic!"
fantc Gnrlbaldl, a son of Genera'. RJc
clottl Garibaldi, who has been fighting
with the French, harMigued the crowd In
Milan and declared "If the government
icfuses to go to war, my fam'Iy will
lead the people cn the barricades.
Gabriel D'Annunsio, addressing a crowd
yesterday said: "I declare on my honor
that the triple alliance was denounced by
Italy on May 4."
serious sltaatlou la Mllaa.
MILAN, llaly. May .-Vla I'arU.V
The situation here has become still mora
serious owing to the genersl strike which
has been proclaimed In Milan as a pro
test sgalnat tho course of politic: events
In Italy.
The military authorities have centered
their troops from nearby garrisons and
lous movement. Th Royal oalara. th
prefecture and th German and Austrian
consulates are strongly guarded by
Much apprehension Is (elt by tne au
thorities concerning the coming funeral
of a workman named Gadda, a youth
of 17 years, who died from wounds sus
tained during a riot.
StMdeals for War.
NA1LKS. (via ParU), May 14,-Two
thousand students mad a demonstration
today In favor of war. Th police tried
to disperse them, and several on both
aides were wounded.
Mothers' Congress
Decries Militarism
PORTLAND, Ore., May 1.-At the finul
session here today of the nineteenth an
nual conference of the National Con
gress of Mothers and Parent-Teacher
associations, resolutions er adopted de
crying militarism and expreasing Its trust
that President Wilson may be able to
bring about a permanent peace between
the warring nations.
The resolutions declared "that th Na
tional Congress of Muthurs, In the name
of the motherhood of the world, hereby
voices Its rebellion at the wanton and
unneceaaary destruction of our rbildren
BELLE FOURCHB. S. 'D., May ia-
I (Special Telegram.) Charles McCeffre.
commissioner of Immigration for South
Dakota, was in the city last Ftlduy and
lie here errsnged to take the butt
'"""I """"I.1 f V!"" rcm'
w iiu-ii wn. inoRn ti ina male ist iaa
'ei"'' to tn" Panama-Paclfle InternaMonal
The South Dskot
exlilbit mill b dls-
!" ed In tli Massachusetts building,
American Government Believed
Willing to Accept Reported .
Flan of Berlin if Attacks
Proposal Discussed to Deny Papers
to Munitions Ships Carrying
. WASHINOTON. May 16. Word
that Ambassador Gerard had read
and presented to Herr von Jagow.
minister of foreign affairs for the
imperial .German government, the
American note sent Thursday as a
consequence of the Lusitania trag
edy and other occurrences In the
war sone, removed all anxiety here
over the delsy in transmission and
awakened Intense Interest in the na
ture of Oermanya reply.
In view of telegraphic and cable
delays and the probable necessity tor
conferences between the foreign
minister and the Imperial chancellor.
Von Bethniann-Hollweg, and doubt
less Emperor William himself, It
would not be considered surprising
here It the response did not arrive
for another eight days.
May Report S.arller.
Tt was believed possthlt, however,' that
Ambassador Gerard might report earlier
on the manner In which the American
not m-as received by tho government
and the semi-official pre..
In the Interim confidence) prevails
among high officials and Is shared In
German official quarters that there will
be no submarine attacks on passenger
vessels while the questions at laau are
being solved.
The Intimation which cam in ' press
dispatches today Indirectly from Berlin
to the effect that Germany would will
ingly submit the questions raised by the
American note to arbitration waa re
ceived with much Interest, and tt ''was
indicated that If there was a suspension
ef submarine warfare en merchant ships
while th discussion ' waa In progress
the plan might1 be given ' serious ' con
sideration by the American government.
Soaae Held tt Imsrtfeable.
' Arbitration . also; has,, been talked ef
here before today's press dispatches err
flvedr Pome German Official had. Jntt
mated that, although . wlthmit edvirVi
from Berlin, thsy were . confident from
previous knowledge of th desire of the
German government to remain .friendly
with the United States, that arbitration
would be welcomed. The. difficulty of
constituting a court of arbitration at this
time, when most of the great powers
whose participation might be' desired
at war. waa pointed out by soma diplo
matists, however, as maklns the plan
! That some way would be found ' to
reach an amicable settlement between the
United State and Germany was , th
growing conviction of many officials' and
diplomats today. A variety of sugges
tions were heard.
One which waa given serious thought
waa a proposal to refuse clearances' to
belligerent-ship carrying munitions of
war or absolute contraband If they also
carried passenger. This would Involve
no embargo, but a separation of passen
ger and contraband traffic.
. Staada mn LegaJ Mht.
The United States stand firmly en the
legal right of Its clUaens to travel en
any ships and believes Its position Is In
disputable. Germany, however, holds
that this has become a debatable ques
tion on account of changed conditions, and
If th two classes of ocean-going traffic
wer separated submarine would direct
their attention to contraband ship alone.
Th objection to this, however. In th
opinion of soma official ia that the plan
till would not provide for the humane
treatment which International law pre
scribes lor the crew of a vessel carrying
contraband and making no resistance to
visit and search or any attempt to run a
blockade. To torpedo without warning or
even to give time for th crew of a ves
sel carrying contraband' to get Into small
boat, it was pointed out. would leave
(Continued, on Pag Two. Column Six.)
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