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7 A
Thousand of Bodies of Men Killed 1
iii Battle Strewn Through the j
Marshet of the Saint Gond. -j
(Correspondence of the Associated Frss.)
PARIS. Arril 22. "Reven month after
the beginning of the retreat of the nor
ma ns," says Dr. Ioliy, deputy for the
Prpartment of the Ardcnnoa, "unburlpd
dead are being found on the battWIeld
ot the Marne. In the center of a visage
on tlie banks of the Marne, where the
sanitary department 'was clearing away
the debris It brought -to light a body, that
was' beyond Identification, either as-German
or French.
Hundreds,' If not thousands, of bodies
aro supposed .to be lying more or lea
ku b merged In' the St. Ooud marshes,'
where tho Prussian guard was thrown
becjc. lt havLtitf had.'nelther the time nor
the meana to Sava those who fell there."
In order to avoid! the pestilential' effects
of Warm, weather on the -nnburled corpses;
IT Dolzy thinks It will be necessary to
explore 4h entire swampy region with
the; aid of -dogs. ' ) ' I -
llodlra In Wells and Sprlnaa.
Kodles are also belnc found constantly
umler brtfah In ditches and . abandoned
trenches! Thoy are found not only In
ditches, . -trenches " and . excavations ina
by shells,; but Iti wills, springs and all
the little streams of the region. In many
' (-laocs w her. It was possible to bury
their dead, bodies were Insufficiently c.ov-
'etcd with earth and were frequently
burled lit .too close proximity to sources
of water supply.
These conditions exist over a Bone 230
mllos long and from ten to forty miles
wide, with.- a total of from MOO to ,000
square irillesof .territory,' a' considerable
part of which required thorough disinfec
tion to prevent the outbreak of epidemics.
Hcsldcs the bodies of men, there were in
hi sone thousands of bodies of animals,
part of them killed by shell fire and many
of them dead from starvation, having
been abandoned by the fleeing popula
tion. ',' ' . ;..
This vast work, of MstnfeHoh is veeV
under way. JAJr the oVbrls! frorfi ,b6mV
barded build4n-is"' being cleared'aWay
and the ground1 saturated with a solution
of lime. The floors of every building.
that has bepri ocrupled by troops, elUier
1- m Kuuiy Bcraea,;
then washed in a solution .of hot; water
and carbonate, of1, soda'; white the ' walls
are all newly whHwaahe4. Wherever any!
odor remains after.these precautions have'
been taken more 'drasle measures are re
sorted to; -1n some, enscs the. building Is
burned. , .
All yards and gardens around buildings
that have sheltered troops are sprinkled
with chloride,' of ' lime. All: ;wolls and
springs are thoroughly cleaned and the
use of the water- prohibits until analysis
hows it to be absolutely unpolluted.
The authorities have also to solve the
serious problem of sheltering the popula
tion that la. gracJualSy;.. returning to the
TOO Inhabitants, that was almost . com
pletely destirrhgwal9&frte.v
lurnea ana are living mostly In the Cel
lars of 1 demolished '''houses, and T under
conditlam- that- constitute a menicre-' to
health almost as serious- as the presence
of unburicd, .or . inauiflclenily, - burled
dead bodies.'.,.. . ,' . ....
' v s
Wives of the Men. v
At' the Front Ar6
Organizing Army
UVERPOQL, -May -10. An army of
women, 1,000 strong, ,. is '.quietly drilling at
Liverpool. It.- is composed of soldiers'
and sailors' n-Jvca who are tired.. of sit
ting idly' at- home; thinking of their ab
sent husbands. - ' ' , , -
The commanding, officer Is) Miss. Phylis
Jovell. '"The government plans to enroll
some of the women as orderlies in local
hospitals' , ; . V ' '
Princess Juliana
. Starts.;to School
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
TUB HAGUE, Netherlands, May 10
Princess Juliana, only child of Queen
ViIhelmlna and- Prince Henry, her con
sort, began her schooling on her sixth
birthday, April 30. The queen has decided
to have a regular school class composed
of childiey) of the samo age belonging to
Aristocratic Dutch families, and during
Hie studies-no difference Is to be made
between the princess and the other cliil
dr n. , .
Only one reservation has been made by
the queen, and that Is that the religious
instruction of the prince shall be left
entirely to her 'majesty.
The little princess is becoming a pro
ficient linguist and the utmost attention
I.-, being given to this hranch of her edu-
at ion. Slio has frequeut conversation
lessors from governesses speaking Kreti -h
Herman and English. . .
German! Helmets
Rare Trophies
Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
Army, France. May 10. German helmets,
liotwlthstanding the thousands 'of Ger
mans who have, pemn Killed, wounded and
iiptured, vsrt still' rare trophies at the
1'ritUm frout.' ; There are two chief rea
sons for tnia, ,
The first. i; that the Germans of late
I avo been wearrng.'eaps; the second, that
the dead and Bounded between, the lines,
on whom most of the helmets are to be
found, are In no man's land, where It is
el most sure death to venture. . .
The HrltLsh soldier appreciates that
these helmets are bringing fancy prices
In Paris, London and New York and be
is loath to part with any trophy except
tor a good sura. A regular clearing
house for them has been established and
hundreds are being sent to England for
Sfcle to dealers and others.
SUNDAY, MAY 16, 191&-
TT. s. MiTorncr.
Man? rx-ooa tcti
cxct,trrs lOTim to
Til UXICKIbVIMO pisnosj-
Grrsitir Bars Mara Cattos.
(Coi respondence of the Associated Press,)
AMSTKKlJAM, April XL Telegram from
iothenburg, fSweden, to the IM rlln Tage
blait states that the hurbor of Gothen
burg Is overcrowded with cotton stesmers
or their way from America to tlci-many.
Over nsa.tASi bale-t ff 'Oltn have pantM-d
through Gothenburg lor Germany since
the Vanning at the, war.
sen'p you as
ould bo servel.
To perfect for ttfat ser
vice au orgauisitiou
prompt, ffficieut and
To house that orgauizHr
tion in a building that's
dean, airy, oomfoi"table
and convenient. '
To demoni?trate - that
and COMFORT art', aft
er all, only secondary to
the vital principle. '
Reliable merchandise
at the right price. ; ;
Dennison's Crepe Paper
'Demonstration Continues
17 REE inBtrtlctlong by
Burns, an expert Is this
. Come, It's free to you.
Burgess-Brash Co.,
stain anoor. Bales?.
Organdie or Batfs v.c
Flouncings at 50c
THE proper thing for
graduating or woddinc
dresses, 27 to 40 inches wide,
very fine quality. Severr.l
very pretty new desigu
from which to select. The
values range to $1.00 the yd.
18 to 27-Inch Lace Flounc
ings, 25c
Also ail-overs, net ton, ah ado w
and silk chantilly, beautiful new
patterns, specially priced.
18 to 36-Inch Lace Flounc-
ing's, 50c
Including all-over In white,
rream and blaclr, also two-tqued
"effects, consist in (? of embroidered
nets, silk chantilly and shadow.
Lacs Formerly to 25c, at 9c
Including net tor edges, Venice
edges and hands, silk laces, point
Paris and .Normandy vals., real
linen cluny, etc.
Embroidery Flouncings
Monday at 25c
Voile flouncings, all-over em
broidery, dainty baby flouncings
and fine corset cover embroidery
flouncings. 18 to 36 inches wide.
Bargsss-Hasb, Co. stain floor.
What Is Your Favorite
Summer COAT?
$16.50, $19.50, $25.00 to $45.00
THE modish styles that women of
discrimination desire, for social
afternoon and informal evening
;wear, woolly white coats, exquisits
ly lined for instance,, or the gaily
hued or smartly practical types for
the beach or in-town. " '
In an assemblage such, as this, yon'll
find choosing a pleasingly difficult prob
lem. An extensive collection of youthful
belted 'and flared models deserve especial
Distinctive' Silk Coats in Taffeta
and Faille at $25.00 and up
Are Prettier Than We've Ever
Before Displayed
ONE will find here, In profusion, do
ens and dosens of new novelties
and odd originations In blouses of a- be
witching qualntness In design; and In
a riot of gay colorings different from
the usual
Bloattt for ttrett for calling for tht tta
dantant and many "day drtu" affatrt
$2 JO, $3.95, $5.95 to $25 00
Bnrgsss-Bash Co. acoad Toor.
rag9 iniiniiim9 miiPteY
Thousands of Yards of the Season's Most Desirable Wash
Goods From the Hargadine-McKittrick Stock of St. Louis
in the Basement Monday at Way Below the Regular Price
'TMIF, stix-k of Hargadine-McKittrick (.impany, doing a wholesale business in St, Tjou'ib, was sold through the Ely &
Walker Company of the same city. We were fortunate in securing a generous portion of t,hi splendid stock of waeh
goods, and offer to you this remarkable .buying advantage. . . ' , ' '
12c and 1.V llt lMo-limlt y-Mull, 7 r
A great variety of patterns, light medium
and dark colored grounds with figures, dots,
Rtrlpes, floral and conventional designs.
Plenty of the desirable black and white ef
fects. The widths are 2 7 to 2S Ins. Price 7ltc
2lr Woven Part Silk Tissues, l.V
Woven from silk and the finest Egyptian cot
ton. The colorings are beautiful, every want
ed stripe, check ami small plaids are to be
found. The lengths are Just right for walsta
and dresses. A very deairable half silk wash
fabric, at. jard l.V
Fast O"lor liliie Apron (ilnghant at. Sc '
Kven aud broken checks, one grade undei
Amoskeag. Sale price from the bolt, yd. Hac
Silk hi f foils at IUc Yard
Pretty floral and black and while effects that
are bright, fresh and new. The same fabric
would sell elsewhere ut ;i&c yard. Sale price
Monday, yard Ic
JOc Xalnsook, 12-Yard
Itolt, 7c
English nainsook. 36 inn.
wide, specially soft finish,
12-yard pieces; usually
10c yard; by the bolt,
only 7lKi
15c White Persian l,avnn,
at 7ac
l2Hr Dress (itngliani at Wc
Real Seal Ginghams are ths best ot all stand
ard makes. The colorings are warranted, a
variety ot patterns that will please you.
Thousands ot yards on sale, at, yard . . .
Indian Head Suiting at l(Vc
Presses and frocks made from Indian Head
have all the beauty of linen without Its ten
dency to wrinkle easily, white and every
wanted plain color, all are 36 Inches wide.
The genuine Indian Head for Monday, at,
yard 15c
Kaitcy Tvrns and Ilatlstes at 31tr
Fancy figured lawns and black and while
striped batistes, on sale in 3 to 10-yard
leoRths, at, yard 8t-
lltaacheil Muslins Monday .at flac
True Blue and other blenched muslins that
are one yard wide. Firm quality, the right
weight for general family use, , equal to
lonsdale, etc. On sale Monday, yard ...R4f
Burfsse-Vaak Co-eeaomjr Baaamsat.
lc White Flaton MoocUy Ioim ( loth.
at lOe rard. at
BI.75 llolt alnK.k, 10 Yards, $1.19
40-incb Knickerbocker Nainsook, 10-yard
bolts, right weight and finish for warm
weather wear. $1.76 values. On sale, at,
1. V White Poplin Monday at 7 He
White poplin, 27 Inches wide, for separate,
skirts or suits, usually 15c. Mon., yd. 7 He
nt)e 811k and Cotton Shirtings, 5c
Beautiful selection of new stripes In a wide
range of colorings, 32 ins. wide. Usual 50o
quality, at, yard 83e
2. V Washable TUsne Monday, lc '
Splendid selection of new stripes and checks,
good range of colors, 27 Ins. wide: -usually
25c, at. yard '. .lftc
2,V White Novelty fJoods, 12 4c
White novelties, fancy weaves; also plain
sheer materials for watsta Or dresses, 36
Inches wide; usually 35c yard. Monday, the
yard lHc
White Persian lawn, sheer
and crisp, 45 Ins. wide, 16a
value. Monday, yd. . ,7tc
White flaxon corded crepe
novelties, 27 Ins. wide,
usually 19c.
Monday, the
10-Yard llolt,
Old Glory long cloth, aoft
finish, no dressing, 10
yard pieces the bolt, each,
at ftrto
AOc Fancy lUtine at lie
Fancy ratine In mixtures'
and assorted shades, the
usual 50o kind. Monday, -at.
yard ....... .J&lc
Dull Mat Green Jardinieres. 49c to 89c
rrTsssjinillitt!lifii-"J-'aff .qesr ' aoBaat
lustration, in dull
mat green finish, alaea 8,
9 and 10-in. openings,
usually 7Ce to $ 1.50, spe
cial Monday at 4c, 00c
land 80c.
Barraa-sTasa Co.
Foarth floor.
Silk Crepe de Chines Monday $1.29
Usually $1.50 and $1.89 a Yard
YOU'LL appreciate this very special value, when you
realize that the material is not tho light weight quali
ty, but a good heavy grade, 42 inches wide, pure all-silk
in black, cream, flesh, pink, lavender, old rose, nile, gray,
light blue, brown, tan, gold, yellow, pigeon blue, copen,
reseda, etc Dres and Suit Hllks, 08c
Including high-grade chiffon taffeta and messatlne silks la plain
colors, new strlpee, checks, figures and. plaids. Latest colors and de
signs, 36 inches wide. . :. . i..t -
fl.OO and $1.25 Wash Silks Monday, Ac
Neat colored stripes, also satin stripe, all on white grounds, ex
cellent for walsta and skirts, guaranteed to wear and wash perfectly,
32 to 36 inches wide. ,,
Plain and Fancy NUka at 40c
For summer dresses, such as foulards in a large assortment of
neat figures and dots, plain tnessallne, fancy taffeta, pretty new shades.
80c Bilk 1'opllns in Basement, 89c
Plain colors, both light and dark, also cream and black, 24-lnch.
Black Alike in Basement, 60c
Including taffeta and messallnes, 36 Inches wide, very special.
Borffsss-BTash Co. Mala rioor.
A Sale of Sample Trunks on the Fourth Floor Monday
at About One-Fourth Under the Usual Selling Price
A is opportune offering just at a tune when most every
one is planning their vacation trip. .
' The trunks are samplea from one of the" largest Tnanufacturers.
. Everyone a good one, heaVy: canvas covered with weather proof oil
finish painting. Some fitted tvlth heavy leather straps and extra tray,
brass locks, heavy brassed corners, linen and fancy pattern linings.
Three groups:
Sample Trunks, All Sizes for $4.95
Sample Trunks. All Sizes for $6.95,
Sample Trunks. All Sizes for $8.95
Sample wardrobe trunks, high grade, at $6,60 to $10.00 under u
the regular price.'
Bvae.Baeh Co. roortb. noo.
wr i ii t-v i ii
Price $35 to $40 at $23.75
AN opportunity such as this doesn't
come your way very often. Monday
morning we are. going to place on sale' a
limited number of high-grade Sewing Ma
chines, including such makes as:
These are new machines, sample machines and slightly used ma
chines. They are all drophead styles, all In perfect condition and are
complete with all attachments every one guaranteed for ten years.
Terms $2.00 Down and tl.OO a Week.
Free 'Ia-esons. - No Mall or Phone Orders.
BarsssBaaa Bswlar Haehlns ctloji TMrt moor.
Many' Every Day Housefurnishing Needs Underpriced
Three New Models
Women's Pumps
from our $5 Lines
$3.95 a Pair
1 A patent one-stray) pump,
sand color cloth quarters,
patent heel foxing.
2 A patent vamp pump,
colonial tongue and buc
kle, fawn cloth quarters,
3 An all patent pump, hand
welt soles, leather Cuban
heel, large button orna
ment on side.
Every pair taken from the reg
ular $5.00 lines and every sire Is
Included. Co Bacond Tloer.
THE JUNK IUUDE who wishes
to keep her dining room table
as polished and perfect as It la
now will welcome the asbestos
dish mats. (Main Floor.)
JOB if you get the right lawn
mower your lawn will need
only the once over. (Basement;
IN VOI R HAIR! Btone set
question marka are the latest
for wom.n's hslr. Th.r ar. very
popular, too. (Main Floor.)
"CWL. liOCJEV" seems to be
quite at borne among the new
tolf clubs, balls and accessor
l.s In thn Sporting; Goods fltor.
(Fourth Moor.)
Modern battles aro being won
with the spade. It la the same
with gardening campaigns, tha
Tinning- spatos are hsrs. (Basement.)
There's peace In the air, per
haps. There's files in the air,
iinqiiMttonnhly ; all th. munitions
for fly war ar rttariy. (Basemantl
8-ln. Carelton Fans.
at . . $7.46
H-ln. Oac listing
Dlehl Fans, 13..V
Old Kngllsh floor wax, pint can,
only 2.1c
Climax wall paper cleaner,
cans, for .25c
Ready mixed house and floor
paint, A-l quality, gallon. 91. 50
3-io. pannage or KaiKomo, any !
color, at . ,ac j
Patent egg boiler with egg timer
attached. Special 23c
Liquid veneer, 60c bottle ...7c
4-qt. Peerless ice cream freesera,
12.35 value; special $1.75
Gas hot plates, drilled burner, 2
bole else, 11.70; 3 -hole sice 92.7.1
Gasoline stoves, 2 burners, $4.73;
3 burners $l.t)H
Burnaaco oil cooking atoves, 2
burners, $7.00; 3 burners . $U.OO
Caloric tireless cookers, regular
price $22.26. Special $18.BO
Thermal electric Irons, guaran
teed, at ; 14.HK
Tall, all brass cuspidors, regular
$2.85 values $I.KO
Barr'-Vash Co. Basement.
2-qt. aluminum
rice boilers, reg
ular $2 value;
special ...$1.00
2 quart round
shaped alumi
num percolators,
long spout, $2.60
value, for
Set of sensible sad Irons, 6
pleces, for $1.2
60 ft. garden botie, coupled $3.08
Brass lawn sprays, at Ulc
Good grass hooks and Kras
shear, 1 'jr. value lOc
Lace, Voile and Net
COOL, crisp frocks, dainty in
fabric and exquisitely trim
med with delicate laces and em
broideries. at $12.00
sheer voile summer dresses in
plain white, in stripod patterns
or polka dot effects.
at $19.50.
a ohic model produced through
extremely artistic combinations
of net and voile, lace and em
broidery trimming.
at $25.00
frocks for dancing and evening wear
mads ef shsdow lacs over net and
with girdle of silk. . ,
at $29.50
new summer dresses of embroidered
net over plain net In pastel shades;
skirt with corded flounce and medal
lions. Barf sis-sTash Oe. ' ood fleer.
TV tx
ri -
Madame Dougherty Will Explain the
Merita of Anita and W. B. Corsets
MADAME Dougherty, who is conceded to
he one of the greatest authorities iu
America on the little secret arts of beautify
ing the form feminine, will give a series of
demonstrations of the famous Anita and W.
B. Corsets In our Corset Section, Second
floor, beginning on Monday morning. We In
vite all our friends snd visitors to the store
to come and share these besuty secrets snd
consult Madame Dougherty aa to their cor
sets or other faahlon needs. The
Anita" and "W. B.
models are the daintiest examples of corset
craft we have ever seen and ws are sore that
our friends will be delighted with their
dainty, shapely beauty. Their slender classic
lines work wonders in perfecting figures that
require Improvement.
Exquisite Anita and W. B. models will bu
shown which sre positively the dsintlest ex
amples of the corset maker's srt, which have
vet been revealed to the feminine eye.
Come and enjoy the benefits of this speclsl
demonstration which has been arranged espe
cially for your benefit.
Bnrrsss-Wasb. Co. Second Tloor
Many a Porch Will Be a Summer Resort This Season
T'S time to furnish tho porch and lawn for Old summer-time" is here to stay. Our dis
play of summer furniture for orch, lawn or living room is very comprehensive in dis
play and most attractive. The' special for Monday:
V. - - SA A I 11 1
r DtJ
THIS $t.50 PI llll K lUM'KKIt
1,1 KK tt'T, $2.01
Either green or brown flnUh,
roll edge arma and back with
reinforced seat. heavy brarea
on the seat.
1.1 KK I'KTI HK, $2.23
Four foot wood porrh swing
with sixteen slats in back bolted
construction. complete hesvy
chains for hanging.
..V Porch Swing. $S.OO
Four foot wood porch swing,
mortised and bolted construction,
complete with chains for hanging.
fta.OO l'orrh Swing. $0.23
Five foot wood norch swine.
mortised and bolted construction, j
complete with chains for hanging.
B Co. Third Floor.
lilKK ritTlUK, J.93
fibre construction with six sup
ports, cretonne cushion and back,
brown finish, an extreme value.
$4.30 Wood Hooker, $3.23
Heavy wood rocker bolted con
struction, mission finish.
TO Burgess-Nash. We will develop
them without charge when an or
der is left for printing.
Borrsss-Bash Co. Mala Tloor.
A 8
well as rln. If. an rlectric Cae.
el swwper and vuouum clraner rom-
Ll :ilvihii- you tha "KOOTBa
everybody's store
Third ris4
. a
- 3
'. .-
- a
( .tl
t ;
. ,.
. -. J
, ;
, -1
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