Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 16, 1915, NEWS SECTION, Page 2-A, Image 2

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    i Hj (l.ll.lllik . H .
Kfciier's Unofficial Spokesman Takes
'. Hint from Washington to Ceaie
Speech Making.
Wool Grower Kills ( .
Wife and Himself
! In his life. The shots were heard by
ln one-armed soldiers how to cam a
llvlns Two were established eomo time
ag'i at Berlin and HMdoiber. and new
one has Just been reported nt Dresden.
The Dresden school Is In charse of a
one-armed man, who has hlmnelf has a
successful, htislnesa Ufe. as owner of a
saw-mill.'" Already eighteen soldiers are
taking Instruction. .9f . various kinds.
Some are learning.' sltVirt hand, atlicrt to
use the wrlline: machine and various ar
tleen employment,. ThTt- I a spei 111
organisation which look out for employ
ment for the men after their trslnln
has been finished.
carry the germs of epidemics from Ilia
eaetern theater of war to the weatern t n
lcNs i.rompt measures are taken to c
terminate the larvae. The army will he
ordered to clear up and burn or destroy
nelirhbert, ho Invent luted and found
both dead. Friend ay they know of r.o
reason for the act.
Correspondence of the Associated Frees )
IjONHOV. Msy II. Files are considered
s. dangerous a foe that a staff of ento
moloclsts hnve been engftg-ed to Inaugu
rate an anti-fly campaign at the British
front. It Is feared that the insects will
ORRKV HIVFR. Wro, Msr 1R -William
Helm, a wealthy wool erower of
this city, shot anil klllml hit wife, agej
year, yeetenl-ky afternoon and then
tirned the revolve,- upon himself, end-
BEIIL1N. May 1ft Various municipali
ties have now started schools for teaih-
all rubbtah near the camps, which Tnigh
( Ilea la a Reromea Pr.
Pitcher Bob rtlneon. who msde ,i arret
reputation twirling rr the Ks'es -tlne
tei.m. hae been signed by the Manchester
serve as fly breeders.
Apartments. flat., ftuees and cottagea
can be rentedaulckly and cheaply by a
Bee "For Bant"
(WASHINGTON, Majr 1 5. Dt.
Bernard Dernberg, rten referred to
at the official spokesman of Kraperor
William In the United Stated, ban
made plans to leave the country of
hla own loltlatlve . within a short
It became known in official quar
ters here today that in view of the
intimations that President Wll&on
and. the cabinet were displaced with
Ir. Dernberg'a speech Justifying the
sinking of the Lusltania and some of
his other public utterances, which
they believed might be calculated to
array sentiment of Germans in the
United States against the Washing
ton government, friends of Dr. Dern
berg here have persuaded hliu to
tear the United , States. .
Juxt when Vr. Dernbere would leava
or where he would go was not mle
knowa, but K was believed he would sail
tor Cuba or South America.
Or. Dernberfs activity In tbe United
Htatea since the beginning of the war hat
been closely observed , by the president
and ether hl-h officials who cams to be
lieve la the last wer that a continuation
of hla speeches and statements mlrht. In
the' event of a critical turn In relations
with Germany, menace the domestic wel
fare of America.
It' has been repeatedly 'denied by the
German embassy, as- well as Vr. Pern-'
bare, himself, that lie was a spokesman
for the Oerman government or that he
had any Official status. In view, how
ever, of the fact that Dr. Dernberg waa
formerly colonial secretary m the Oer
man foreign offlre and has become promi
nently" active In behalf of the Oerman
' eauae since the outbreak of the war, of-
I ftelala here believe German-Americans
attach official weight to his utterances.
Dr. Dernberg himself tasued a state
.., ment last, night, declaring . he had never
dtaruaeed matters that had arlaen dlplo-
' matlcally between the United State and
Germany.. Officials here made no eenv
'.. nient. on .that beyond . point lug to Dr.
Irnbergs Utterances In Cleveland and
' New Turk recently, seeking to Justify the
, attack on the Lusltania.
' Dr. 'nerafcerc la JUIeat.
; MEW TOWC. My.U.-Dr. Demhard
: Dernberg declined today to discuss the
tatsment from Tl'ashlngton " that he
would soon leave the country of his awn
Initiative. Remaining secluded tn bis
apartments here, he refuted to see newt
t paper representatives. In answer to a
note enclosing a copy of the Washington
j dispatch be returned the reply: "No
; ; "
A Bodies of Americans
Will Come ome on ;
1 'Steamer New York
' NSW TORK Kay 1. The bodies ef
- nine ef tbe Lusltania's dead. Including
".. tae bedr ef Charles frohman, are to be
brought to New Terk aboard tbe Arner
". loaa line steamer New Tork, which will
-. leave Liverpool at o'clock tonight, ee-
cording 4a eablegrasa received here te
. 6ay from Liverpool by thai Una.
The dead aboard the New Terk. the
v' reMf e stated, arei ...
Charles rrohmen ef New Tork.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Plaioondon ef
. CMceeo.
T. K King of New Tork.
Prodrli'k of Boston.
Trumbull. Bridgeport,
R. Foly, Trenton, N. ' J.
C. T
V: F,
kfiaa II. Kills. L Thomaa. Ont
Mis McOrisht. address not given
1 The New York la due te reach this
port May 3. ' '
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la etuuiant eul in pared for war; that
our sblpe are well manned; that the sup
ply ef ammunition la vastly larger than
ever before and the eskpaclty of eur plants
has been practically doubled; that the
last congress authorised a naval reserve
which Is te greases ef -organisation; that
we have seventy-four eubmarlaae author
Ued built or building, which an tbe
equal ef those of any ether country, and
that one flotilla of submarines baa Just
completed teraarkable long distance
run; tbat we recognise the need for
Store fast light cruisers; that we have
lately ordered eight aeroptanea and a
dirigible out ef a snillksa dollars spe
claJlr appropriated . by the last eengrees
for aviation; that within the laat twe
yeers the navy' a mine' eejulpment has
btcn more than doubled; that we are
eddlng yearly to our foroe of auxiliary
craft, while more time haa been devoted
this year to target practice and maneu
vering than In many years past. We are
proud of our navy as It la. We are re
paired te give euy co-operation In making
it better and greater.' '
ALBION. Neb.. May i. peclal
Valine, iteaei. daughter ot . B. Morw
, heed., wss united la marriage Friday
- evening at the home of her parents te
Milton li. Kreuee.' Rev. Herbert J. Hln.
man. patir ef the Congregational church
' officiated. The bride Is a graluate ef th
1 reya Normal1 school and haa for a aure
' bar of years teen deputy clerk ef the
district court of this county. The groom
- la one of the leading members of the
firm of P. A. Kreura A ons ef this elty.
Tfcey loft on an extended trip to tbe Pa
cific coat and weatern points. -
- WEST POINT. Neb.. May U.-t8peclal.)
. On Wednee-lay morning at ft. An
thony's chuirh, Bt . Chsrles, Joseph
Marksmeler was me it ed to Mlae Theresa
PI see. Rev. Peter tirobbel. . pastor, cele
brating live nupt'al mass The young
people wi .make their o4ive on the old
Maraaweier farm oa th west side.
' Mre. Iwktl Raatwood.
; UisERT V. Kb,, May S.-8iMai.v-Tha
funeral of Mrs. Isabel Uaetwood waa
held at 10 o'clock Friday from the.Mte-
. aloe) Creek I'nlu-d I'raabyU-rlaa rhurcta,
Kav. Feed KeUey. pastor ef the church.
I.svliig chrf .if the aervlrea. Mra.
set wood was the widow of the late John
t t-stwood and ws one xr Pswiiee coun.
W S esrlieet wttU-rs.'
-AC .vw
IV V ef l Vv JAY S w J
III V M A- I -e a. "I 1 M II
AW : J.l t II -
, m jl ,1 i a Li
1 CbTXV w-,.r
An Exhibition of Correct Modes for Summer Wear
This is an event of unusual importance coming as it does just before the opening of the country
clubs, besides being none too early to prepare for the summer outing. We have selected the coming
week as best fitted and most timely for a comprehensive exhibition of fashionable wearables for the
warm outdoor days of the summer season. IVs a series of displays worthy to uphold the superiority of
the fashion service developed by this establishment. A service which renders conspicuous aid to women
who care about what is new and stylish. We cordially invite you to attend.
Exclusive New Hats for
Dress and Sport Wear
Combining d i s
tinctive style, cor
rect materials and
. H.
general utility to a
satisfying degree.
Meeting a constantly
increasing demand
for Hats of this sort.
V .
Specially Priced from $2.95 to $15.00
5 1 In the season's newest colors
: ; , Clever, Stylish, Popular Prices
Women s
Summer Wearing Apparel
Of the Better Kind
We call your attention to the fashionable
summer attire we are now showing. Dainty
and exclusive styles for Travel, Outing and Va
cation wear in a great variety of suitable models.
Prices are moderate. .
, ';' - i ' 1
Apparel Sietion Second Floor .
This Is to Be a Great
Parasol Season
Styles for summer
are so attractive that
you can't help liking
them at first sight.
The newest shapes,
color combinations
and distinctive de
tails of handles and
silk cords will add
the last touch to a
charming summer
Parasols for both Women
and Children Just a step to
the left as you enter.
The Store for SkirtW aistS
( Original )
We are receiving and unpacking
new t yl c of distinctive blous . s
every day. Georgette Crepe, Crepe
de Chine and other choice fabrics are
particularly attractive.
Summer Fashions as Express
ed in a Series of Delightful
Window Displays
Five great show windows arc preient
ing in a summer setting. Correct requis
ites for every occasion. Do not miss
seeing this unusually complete and at
tractive display. Theie windows mirror
the beauty of the inside store exhibit and
give a partial idea of the thoroughneis of
our preparations for the coming season.
Wee' Folks and Big Boys and Girls,
And Their Dress and Play. Clothes. For Summer.
Our Infants' and Chil
dren's Wear Sections
are really highly spe
cialized shops where
every requisite is at
hand in abundance for
all dress and play occasions.
The little people will
enjoy themselves most
if they're dressed
properly, and mothers
who have seen our
displays are not stinted
In their praises.
Styles Are So Dainty and Well Chosen
Materials So Well Adapted to Their Uses
Prices So Very Moderate and Pleasing.
New Fabrics of Silk
for Summer Gowns
Although the fashionable shades this
season are, as a rule, subdued the nature
of the fabrics and styles offers an oppor
tunity for lovely color combinations.
S ilks with their adaptability to grace
ful folds and drapes, are being used ex
tensively for summer costumes of every
description, ...
Tomorrow stroll th rough the aisles of
silks and see for yourself how charming
and beautiful the new fabrics appear.
It's a pleasure without any obligation
on your part to show all the many sum
mer fabrics.
Tailored Suits
We have made radical reductions on
the prices of our high class Suits.
Fashionable Sutts
Worth up to $35
M onday
The suits offered in this sale
are first class in everv resoect
The styles are correct nA
casing while every detail of
Jlorinff is such as to Inme.
lasting satisfaction. Secure
one of these choice garments
for wear this summer on your
$35 Values $16.75
Apparel Section 2nd Floor
Inexpensive Wash Fabrics
You 11 Find Us Well Prepared.
The airy Dasement salesroom is filled
with table after table of fresh, attractive
Wash Materials for the needs of summer.
The few we have space to mention here
will give you but an incomplete idea of
the many desirable goods and moderate
prices. A personal visit will be a much
fairer means of convincing you that we
say "well prepared" advisedly.
Lorrain Tissue 27 inches wide, in checks, novelty
plaids, stripes and embroidered effects,
all colors. - -- -- -- -- 25c a yard
Zephyr Ginghams Exclusive novelty designs. 32
inches wide, in colored stripes, checks
and plaids. - -- -- -25c and 50c a yard
Dress Linen Yard wide, in blue, pink, tan, gray,
lavender and natural, light or heavy
weave, - -- -- -- -- - 40c a yard
38 and 40-Inch Voiles Sheer and crisp, new color
combinations and printings, - - - 25c a yard
Printed CreoeH 2T inches wide, white and tinted
. grounds with designs in color,
at - - - - - 10c, 12 1.2c. and 15c a yard
Present Styles Give Shoes
A Position of Added Importance
Wide skirts display shoes to greater advan
tage than heretofore necessitating particular
care in the selection of the various styles for
summer wear.
In every fashionable model are here to assist
you in choosing your new footwear.
Priced From $3.50 to $9.00 a Pdir
Thompson-Belden & Co.