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    Tim BEE: OMAHA. F1UPAY, MAY 14. 0
(hath Woman President of the
Women"! Home and Foreign
Missionary Society.
Mrg. O. D. BalUly. wife of the pas
tor of Kountie Memorial Lutheran
church, waa unanimously elected na
tional president of the Women 'n
Hone and foreign Missionary soeletv
of tha general synod of the Lutheran
church at the final session of the con
gestion Thursday.
Mr. BalUly Is the first president
of this big organization tp be elected
from west of the Mississippi river.
Other officers wans elects at follows:
Vie presideriU.Mrs. Wlllard Larkln of
Cobleeklll, N. T.; Mrs. J. P. Krechtlng
of Washington. T., C; Mrs. A. V. Hunter
of Cblumbla City, Ind.; Mrs. Alice O.
Bond of Ballna, Kan., and Mrs. J. H.
W. etnekenberc of V'ocster, O.; record
ing secretary. Mist Margery D. H. IJlly
of . afechardcsbura. Pa.; corresponding
secretary. Miss Mary Hay Morris of
LtrthervlDe, Md.; treasurer, Mlas M.
Margaret Miller of Kansas City, Mo.;
historian. Mrs. E. B. School of Balti
more, Md.
Vest Year tn Wheeling.
Wheeling:, W. Va,, won the contest
for the next meeting place. Telegrams
were received from all the Lutheran
churches In that place and from the
Whaeltng Board of TraJe and the Wheel
Ins; Board of Control.
"It has been a most successful conven
tion." aald Dr. Bslttly. "The weather
has been good and everything has co
operated to success. Omaha has been
splendidly advertised to Influential peo
ple from all over the country. One day
we took the delegates on a thirty-mile
automobile trip around the city and they
were loud in their praises of Omaha."
All noon and evening meals were served
In the church parlors. The ladles of St.
Mark's church provided and served the
meals on Wednesday.
The convention ended Its six days' ses
sion at noon Thursday. The delegates
sre departing, most of them not going
directly to their own homes. Some will
go to the Pacific coast to visit the expo
sitions. Others are leaving for Lincoln
to see the Tsbltha home, an Institution
for orphans, the aged, and a hospital.
Still others are going to Atchison, Kan.,
where there Is the Western Theological
seminary anil a large Lutheran college.
inquiry into loss of Lust
tania. After confering
with officers of the board
of trade and with Lord
Hersej who presided over
the Titanic and Empress
of Ireland inquiries, the
admiralty decided to call
the investigation as soon
as possible.
Insurance Man Payi $100,000 for
Four-Fifths of the Old Hallen
heck Farm.
'i . , .
''irv lt jf - v
I k " V
? i . t m --4-
Hew Mrs. Kami Got Rid of Her
.Stoasavck Trovble.
"Ii suffered with stomach trouble for
years and. -triad everything I heard of,
but the only relief I got was temporary
until last - spring I saw Chamberlain's
Tablets, advertised and procured a bottle
ef them at our drag store. I got Immedi
ate relief from' that dreadful , heaviness
after 1 eating and from - pain ' In . the
stomach," " writes . Mrs. . Linda Harrod,
Fort Wayne. Ind.',. Obtainable every,
where- Advertisement. -
Two Big Conventions
Scheduled on Same
Dates This Fall
Omaha will he called upon to entertain
two gigantic conventions with a total of
6,000 delegates during the same Week this
fall. This Is the week selected two years
sgo by the National Letter Carriers as
sociation and now comes C. H. Qustafaon
of Mead, who says that all arrangements
have been made for the meeting here of
the State Farmers' union September 7, 8
and !. They say they will have 1,500 dele
gatea and the letter carriers expect 3.M0
One of the largest single sales of
farm lands made In Douglas county
for some time is the sale the Pay no
Investment company has Just closod
with B. H. Hoblson, president of the
Bankers' Reserve IJfe Insurance
company, who purchased a section of
land Just west of Millard for $100,
000. The section of ground Is four
of the five quarters of the John Hal-
lenbecx estate at that place. Tlie
price paid amounts to $156.25 per
When John Hallenhech, ons of the early
pioneers of this section of the country,
died last Septcmter at the see of T years,
he left his laige real rotate holding t
hla relatives The executors sre Meaars.
I llallenheck snd Prown, nephews of the
I late Mr. Hallenberk They live at Glovers-
vllle. N. T. The will authorised them to
j sell thla land and divide the proceeda
among the heirs. The executors placed
the lands In the handa of the Pavne In
vestment enrrrany of Omaha for dis
posal The real estate company placed a
! price upon each quarter separately and
' Issued a pamphlet showing the lay of the
ground snd specifying the price eased
i for each quarter. Negotiation with Mr.
I Roblirn led to the parchaae ot a single
' deal of four Adjoining quartera of the
land .mo and a half miles west of Millard.
Negotiations are on with another party
for the purchase rt the remaining quar
ter. Mr. HnllenberH arrived In Omaha from
New Tork In Wi'. Omaha was little morn
than a fort then There the settler
periodically gat h red to r apo the rav
ages of the Indian, lie took tip 14 a re
of land wot of Millard and later p'ir
chaard more, which now cortitltt.te the
(arm land holtflnc of the evtate trie
Payne Investment company la rloelnc out
The land purchased by Mr. Koblsion
has one pet of farm building now on It.
Mr. Robtaon expects to apend Mn,W0 In
equipping the place for a first claas stock
fsrm which hs Intends to stock Im
mediately with thoroughbred Hereford.
He haa engaged the aervlces of sn expert
herdamsn from Iowa who Is to take
charge of the Hereford farm.
The Msney Mltrmg Compsny Is build
ing sn addition to Its elevator and stor
age house st Twenty-eeventh and Arbor
streets, which Is expected to double Its
storsge rspaclty.
Have Reajalar Bowel Movement.
- Take Dr. King's New Life Pills and
have a dolly easy movement of the bow
els. . Cure constipation. Only 25c . All
druggists Advertiser-is t.
are economical, bVcatiae unusual precautions
preserve their original strength from the
time thev are picked till they are ready for
use. Thev are delightfully piquant and are
guaranteed pure. Your grocer sells them
at ten cents a package.
Allspice, Cloves, Pepper, Paprika, Ginger,
Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Mace, Celery Salt,
Pickling Spice, Mustard, Sage, Poultry
Seasoning and others.
TONE BROS., Des Moines
Established 1873
Vewefsra pfthm famous Old CeUmn CoAs
Be up to date. Save all the
drudgery and trouble
of washday.
in cool or lukewarm water,
and don't hard-rub nor boil
the clothes.
It's quicker as well as easier
to do all your work the Fels
N apt ha way.
Pals SI Co.. PbiladetDhla.
John Morrow, 228 Stanyan
Street, San Francisco, Uses
Akoz Mineral to Correct
'T owe my present good health to Akos
mineral." said Police Officer John Mor
row, who la now stationed at the Golden
Oste Park Museum. Mr. Morrow resides
at 228 Ptanyan street. Pan Francisco, and
has been an officer for over twenty-six
years. He suffered many years with
sciatic rheumstlam and piles and after a
few weeks' use of Akos the rheumatism
hss left htm and the piles are much bet
ter. He says:
"I had eristic rheumatism for many
years and with the changes of the
weather the pains would come and go In
my hips and thighs and I would suffer
untold agony. I have also had piles for
some tame, and so bad at Umea that I
would have to lay off Airty. The dif
ferent remedies I used for both ailments
did not do a particle of good. I read and
heard of many officers being helped by
Akos and decided to try the remedies
myself. The Akos plssters and the water
marie from the Akos internal powder
drove out the sclatla In a short time.
For ths piles, the Akos ointment and
Akos suppositories and Akoa mineral
water have almost rid me of the ailment.
The mineral water, I notice. Is a grand
(yx9iZi,pr ii iiiii
joaor mouov.
tonio and my general health la better
than It haa been for years and expect to
be active for many years to oome. I owe
all thla to Ako mineral, and fully en
dorse and recommend It to anyone."
Akos haa proven effective In treating;
cases of stomach, liver, kidney and blad
der trouble, uloers. ecsema, akin diseases
and other ailments. Akos Is sold In
Omaha at fherman A MoConneJl's four
stores, where further Information may
be had regarding this advertisement.
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages can be rented quick
ly and cheaply by a Beo "For Bent" want ad.
ii - - -
I I 1 ' "I i i ! .. Mi I k
Li I'-X
m nil
C A 1717 TCDI A G National
LAf Ll 1 EiKl A Bank Building
What Certified
Milk Really Is:
Of the thoussnds of milk users in
Omaha very few know the 'meaning
. of "certified milk." That doubtlee
Is due to the fact that there ar
comparatively few Omahans using It,
because of Its excessive cost. To In-
. dividual patrons the price Is lust
twice that of milk purchased from
the ordinary milk dealer. To start
with every ounce of it must test up
to 16 per cent more butter fat than
Is required of any other milk. That
' Insures the wholesomeness ef It.
But ths most Important thing is ths
iron-clad provisions of ths city or
dlnancs which provides the condi
tions under -which producers may
sell their product aa certified milk
Here are a few of ths provisions:
Ths sanitary inspection of the dairy
must register 1 per cent or better
' of tbe score required by the federal
Certified milk must be takes from
cowa not reacting to tuberculin tests
' aod each cow roust be tuberculin .
tested every six months - (or two
and once annually thereafter.
ni ii 1 1 is 'iiin' ' s
si;;; .-'
. I t, ; ,
4 '
? if
i"m v.
I. i:
..!! i
.- -I -' (I.. I
: v at i
ir. i
i ' t
' i
1 1 I
K-t. r.
tr a regularly llcsased veterlnartsji.
?ater used at tbe dairy must be ex-
and bacterlologloall;
ajnlaed twice a year, both chemically
Certified milk must eoptaln 4 per
eeni butter fat; thla Is 26 per eeut
' mors than required of any otnsr
oillk. Baatsrlal counts shall be mads
. at least twice a week. The oaes on
tbe milk bottles are furnished by
the Omaha Milk Commwelon.
through ths health offloe and shall
pear the date upon which it must
be sold.
Actual Photo
graph Take a at
Lo7hnd Farm
Where Our Milk
Comet From
' ;- - ? : ' J t
I :
r;? is ' Up? u I J U
- ' . - . ;--4 ... -i ft
1JeiSt1'""' y ' v f 4 iV" -so. r mai, . ,. ,,.1(nej-V- ' v f .
) ' 1 , . ; ( -
Use Certiiied milk:
There are only two farms which
furnish certified milk in Omaha and
the Welch byetem will take practi
cal ly the entire outuut of one ot
them. Mr. Welch baa kept well la
from In the matter of progrreas In
the catering bunlnesa and he l now
far ajid away the biggest buyer of
foodstuffs; of any business man In
omalia This fact has made It posv
slble for hUn to buy much cheaper
than others and bis patrons receive
the benefit In pnoes and duality of
This latest Innovation has) beon an
expensive one for Welch, but he ooa
iiilere there lit nothing too rto.i.l ror
the thousands who patronize hie
ittfote.-liis. 7o further enhance tn
valu uf his "pure milk for paurons"
motto, ha has secure- for hie placa
the exclusive use in Omahs. of aerm
liroof and dirt -proof Individual drink
ing glasses. The luwa and Nebras
ka food commissions have toyn
mendad the laes highly.
In this connection, it may be aeJd
that Welch Inaugurated the Indi
vidual serving bottle eyataar- eight
years before It was ever Hioiortit of
by any restauranteur or the Health,
The Welch Cafeterias la Omaha
serve over 4.000 persons every day.
If you will bring- Into your mind a
city of 4.000 Inhabitants, the grocery
stores, meat markets and bake shops
necessary to aupoly those Inhabi
tants, you will get a better idea of
the quantities of food needed to sud
1,1 v Welch's patrons dally, and the
Immeuss buying power he has eom
psred to that of other restaurants.
His facilities for eooklne- the dainty
dishes snd serving them In tasty
style la unexcelled anywhere In the
country. It has come to be a aclenoe
with Welch, and he personally over
seea every department himself, al
though he haa employed a big oorps
of skilled men In the art of preparing
delectable dishes of substantial food
and desserts. , .
From time to time Welch expects
to add to the excellent menu ead
other comforts of ble Patrons aa hs
has In ths past.
Note the
Absolute Sani
tation That