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Object! to State Tax Levied Against
Short Line that Eat Its Oper
ating End in Lincoln.
(FVom a Ftaff Correspondent.)
LINOOLN. May l.-(Pcla! Tha
Ftate Board of Assessment held a short
session this momlnc with Secretary H. 8.
Norton of tha Omaha, linooln St Bea
trix Intenirfcan Railroad company. Mr.
Korton frits that his road haa been as
sessed "exorbitantly and unconscion
ably" by the state board In the past
hen the earnings of the road have not
been adequate to pay the expenses. Ho
presented a list of figures to prove Ms
statement, showing that there has been
a deficit all along; the whole Una. lie
presnnted a taWe to show the net earn
ings of the road since Its xlstenoe, an
TT tdeftclO.
. 2,17
. i,ai9
. MB
19H (deficit).
. 6.97
. l.?3
.. 1.417
The outstanding Indebtedness of the
road Is shown to be: For power, I11.19S;
taxes, $.49; banks. Jft.OOO. and other
debts. 3,407, making a total of J28.4PO.
The valutlon of the road for assessment
purposes (one-fifth actual value) In 19M
ft as 114,900 and the taxes paid were Vl.
In 1914 the assessed valuation was I6J.731
and taxrs paid $2,975.
The actual valuation of tha road Is
placed at $196,000. being about five miles
out of Lincoln to Bethsny.
Morehead to Fall CHr.
Governor Morehead went to Falls City
last night and will spend the balance of
the week recreating and looking after Ills
farms, lie will keep In touch with the
executive office In order to keep advised
as to whether political mixers have
witched him from the vice presidency
to some other job. The presidency looks
lust as good to the governor as the vice
presidency, and if they will consult him
In the matter he might convince thcin
that the presidency would suit him
To Investigate Donrlne.
Next Monday Htate Veterinarian J. 8.
Anderson will go to Mullen to meot rep
resentatives of the government to In
vestigate the dourlne disease which It Is
claimed prevails In Cherry. Blaine,
Hooker, Thomas and Grant counties. Five
horses have already been killed and it Is
understood that more have become af
fected. In the case of the animals killed
the state pays half of their value and the
government tha other half, the valua
tion not to exceed two-thirds of tha full
yalue and not over $300.
Thomas Visits at Nehawka.
State Superintendent Thomaa visited
Nehawka yesterday and looked over tha
proposition of a consolidation of five dis
trict surrounding that town, comprising
a district five miles square. He was a
guest while there of E. M. Pollard.
Railroad Appeal.
Tha Chicago. Milwaukee oV St. Paul rail
road ha appealed to the supreme court
from a judgment secured la the Douglas
county district court by Alfred Peterson
(or 'VAOOO. Peterson sued for $SO.oc.
alleging that he waa permanently injured
by having his legs cut off by a switch
engine while crossing a railroad bridge
at Nsola, la., the engine overtaking him
before he could get across.
Plaed (or Snooting Quail.
. John P. Holmes, a special deputy game
warden of Orleans haa notified Game
.Warden Rutenbeck that he haa suc
ceeded in bringing to trial Oranso Fare,
who has been hunting and killing game
out of season near Oxford, the charge
this time being for killing quail. He was
fined $10 and costs, all amounting to
about $18.
Omahana Married.
License to wed haai been granted to
Theodore D. Schnetderwlnd of Omaha,
aged'S, and Matilda L. Larson of Omaha,
aged 23, by the Lancaster county license
KEARNEY, Neb., May 11 (Special
Telegram.) Lemuel Brown, a member of
the Salvation Army corps In this city,
waa drowned In Lake Kearney this aft
ernoon at o'clock near the ppwer house
Intakes where there is always a strong
current. When the young man went under
the water he was swimming with several
companions, who made two attempts to
save his lifo. He was reached on one oc
casion, but In his excitement he fought
off bis rescuers. The body was recovered
one hour later. He waa 18 years of aga
and was married.
TORTC. Neb.. May 13. (Ppeclal Tele
gram.) The Jury In the case of Harry
Tase against Dr. George Fllppen of
etromsburg brought In a verdict this
morning In favor of the plaintiff for $4f.o.
This was a suit brought In the district
court for $10,075, growing out,of an at
tack by Ir. Fllppen on Pass on the plat
form of the railroad station at Stroms
burg. Pane claimed he was permanently
Injured. The assault was for publication
of articles In the Btromsburg News, a
newspaper editad by Pase.
WhoopVna Cough.
"When my daughter had' whooping
cough she coughed so hard at one time
that she had hemorrhage of the lungs.
I waa terribly alarmed about her condi
tion. Seeing Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy so highly recommended, I got her a
bottls and It relieved the cough at once.
Before she had fintshsd two bottles of
this remedy she waa entirely well,"
writes Mra 8. F. Grimes. Crooksvllle,
Ohio. Obtainable everywhere. Advertise
ment. Twelve Cases ( Elfl Stolen.
BEATRICE. Neb.. May li. (Special.)
Thieves entered the local plant of Swift
4 Co. Tuesday night and stole twelve
esses of eggs which were hauled away
Ir. a spring wagon. Home of the eggs
v ere sold here Wednesday to a local
dealer. The police relieve It to be the
work of local partlea and expect to ap
piehend them soon. The eggs were val
ued at about 160.
The Brat Medicine fur (.
The firt doe uf Dr. King s New DU
i overy he.px your coufch, sootims throat,
get a bottle today. iV. All drugi.iis.
Broke Out in Blisters. So Bad Could
Hardly Bear To Wash Heads.
Used Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment. Children Were Healed.
Gilchrist. Mich. " My two children were
covered all over their heads with sore erup
tion which I was told was enema It broke
out In blisters; a
patch as large as
a quarter would
break out and
j on top of the
sore was a scale,
I rut the hair a
near down to the
head as I could
when the first
eruption broke out. The eruption wsa so
bad I could hardly bear to wash their heads
and there was not a spot as large a a pin
on the head that wsa not broken out.
"I shampooed their hair, then rubbed the
Cuticura Ointment on. After I had used the
sample I bought one box of Ointment and
one cake of Soap and I bad not used all of
them when the eruption had dried up and
ray children were healed." (Signed) Mrs.
Joha Rolston. August 6. 1914.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With 33-p. Skin Book en request. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura. Dept. T, Boa
ton." Sold throughout the world.
Pharmacy Board
Matter is Settled
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, May 1R. (Special Telegram.)
The panning which the State Board of
Pharmacy was expected to give their
bosrd of secretaries at the meeting this
afternoon turned out to be a 6 o'clock
tea. and everybody was satisfied. The
board made no very great demands on
the secretaries and the secretaries agreed
to everything the board demanded, the
demand being enforced by the question,
"Is this satisfactory to you fellows?"
"Sure, that's all right," was the response
by some secretary and the meeting ad
journed. The secretaries' will be required to file
a list of applicants for examination for
druggists' licenses and an Itemised ac
count of expenses with the state board.
HARVARD, Neb., May 13. (Special)
The Hastings District Methodist Minis
terial association closed a very enjoysblc
session on Wednesday evelnlng. The
sessions were presided over by District
Superintendent Mlarsh. Rev. C.TX Ruch
of Sutton was elected secretary -treasurer.
After organization the time was spent In
reading papers upon different subjects of
vital importance to the church work.
"The Financial Work of lh Church,"
"The Social Life of the Church How to
Control and Promote It." "The Laws Con
cerning the Reception of Members,''
The Place of the Brotherhood." "The
8unday School and Epworth League"
and 'Evangollsm" were among the sub
jects discussed. The association closed
Wednesday night with an address by
Chancellor Fulmer on "Christian Educa
tion." A vote of thanka was extended to
the people of Harvard for their hos
pitality and to the Epworth league for
their excellent supper.
The Christian churches of the Seventh
district met In convention In this olty
on Wednesday and Thursday. Sessions
were held at the Christian church and
there was a large attendance. Prominent
ministers of this denomination were pres
ent and gave some excellent addresses.
The work of the Christian Kndeavor, the
Sunday school and the Christian Women's
Board of Missions received principal at
tention. Dinners and suppers were served
In the church dining room by the women
of the church.
SUTHERLAND, Neb., May 13. (Spe
cltl.) Fire yesterday destroyed or dam
aged practically all of the general mer
chandise stock of the Myers Department
store, owned by F. G. Myers, at this
place. The value of the stock Is placed
at about K'.OiW, with Insurance amounting
to $7,00. The building, which is the
property of S. A. Thomaa was damaged
possibly to the extent of $1,000. It was
Insured. . Owing to prompt work of
volunteer aggregation of firemen. It waa
possible to confine the blaze to one
building, whloh la situated between the
postofTlce and Farmers' State bank.
Save Time!
Most toilet and bath
soaps must be rubbed
and rubbed to set a
lather, particularly
when the water Is hard.
lathers Instantly and
freely In hard or soft
water. rinses away like
magic, leavlna the skin
soft and perfectly clean.
Vour Dealer Sells It
Eclectics Confer
In Annual Session
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, May IS. (Special.) The
fortieth annual meeting of the Nebraska
Stste Eclectic Medical society Is on at
the Lindell hotel today with a gone! at
tendance. The section devoted to hygiene and
health had the program this forenoon.
.Tr. R. T. Knight of Lincoln and Pr. H.
B. cummins of Seward occupied a part
of the time In discussions, the ormer
talking on school inspections and the lat
ter on recent medlcsl legislation.
In the afternoon Dr. C. A. Lutgren of
uhiirn. president of the sssoclatlon. and
Dr. W. D. Guttery, superintendent of the
Norfolk asylum, were the pr!clpal
speakers, the former talking upon the
subject of deafness and Dr. Guttery tak
ii g the mstter of w ho are Insane 'or his
The printed program was not followed
closely and the different speakers were
brought into the program when the time
atemed most opportune.
Officers of the association are: C. A.
I.utgren. president. Auburn: E. T.Wright,
vice president. Cereseo; n. A. Root, treas
urer; D. J. Bowman, secretary,
i ,
COI.l-MBT-S, Neh., Mav 13.-(Speclal.-Sm-enty-flve
members of the Columbus
Commercial club met last night In a get-
together banquet. M. II Hathhurn was
tonntmsster and railed upon Secretary
C. L. Dickey to give a short leport of the
work done by the club since its Inst meet
ing. Mr. Dickey said that the club Is
working In conjunction with the County
Itoard of Supervisor en the good roads
question, thst the supervisors wilt be
taken In the near future by the club to
Aurora, Neb., to Inspect a traction ma
chine used there for the roads.
Mr. Dickey further remarked that the
two telephone - companies in the city
should consolidate. Ho read a communi
cation from the Omnha Automobile flub
encouraging advertising the Unooln hlgh
ws y.
John C. Byrnes Poke of the coining
county fair, anticipating good results and
active work In progress.
Mr. Stuart. C. C. Gray, A. R. Miller and
Mr. Reed of Hastings gave short talks
concerning the welfare of the club.
In conclusion a resolution was Intro
duced by G. XV. Phillips asking those
parties resident of the city) who are oh
atructlng the pavement of the streets t
withdraw their suit filed In the district
court for the benefit of the city, which
waa unanimously adopted.
SUPERIOR. Neb.. May IS. (Ppeclal
Telegram.) Judge Hurd today, without
requiring a written showing and upon
an oral request, granted the remonstrators
a change of Judges to hear and decide
three remonstrance cases from Superior
which involved the same facts, laws and
the same applicants who have been In
volved In the saloon litigation in Superior
for the lest year. '
Judge Perry of ' Cambridge waa called
In to preside over the trials and agreed
tc be on the bench Friday morning.
A Chf 11m
Hickey-Freeman Co.,
Hand-Tailored .
All Sizes
Several days ago
aevwBier-Sis I
messages from eastern clothes makers to come and secure unheard of values.
Our ability to handle big purchases is well known in the eaxt this store's
tremendous outlet U a by-word.
Mr. Swanson made a flying trip to Rochester, N. V., and
was offered the wholesale surplus of three of America's finest clothes makers
at a sacrifice. Aa everyone knows, it is the custom of this store to sell as it buy.'.
$2.00 Balmaccan Hats ?l
Men's high gTl Bnl- V
maeean Hats. All wanted
colors. Choice of our entire
stock Fridav at $1.00.
Cheyenne Boosters
Travel Over Highway
SIDNEY. elv. May 13 -(PpcUl Tele
gram. Fifteen antes flllrd with members
of the Cheyenne Motor club and the city
officials of Cheyenne. Wo.. arrived here
today on an inspection trip over the Lin
coln highway aa far as HI Spitngs.
They came from Cheyenne in four hours.
a distance of Ha miles, and found the road
In fine shape for the automobiles that
are passing through here dally for Cali
fornia. This part of the Lincoln high
way Is marked aa well as any strip In
Nebraska, it Hill be Inspected weekly
by the road commissioners of the coun
ties the highway passes through and will
be kept in good condition all year.
HASTINGS. Neb.. May I.T-tSpeclal
Telefrram.) The convention of the East
ern Star lodge adjourned tonight after
selecting M-Cook as the place for the
1911 meet. Omaha and Lincoln presented
Falrbarr tntes.
FAIRHfRT. Neh.. May !:!.( Special.!
"Wednesday was "sneak day" for the
graduating class of the Kalrhurv High
s.-hool. The fifty-three graduates ..pent
the day at DeWltt.
The annual Commercial ( luh ban. met
waa given In Rartlett a hnll tonight ;i:id
the wives and sweethearts of the mem
bers attended. Cliff Crooks i,r-.,H.,. r
the club, acted as tonslmaater. Cnlted 1
states Senator Q. M. Hitchcock of amahs,
and Congressman Sloan of llcneva re
sponded to toasts.
A telegram was received In th. ,.i'.
late last night stating that Mrs. Kffie
Moon, nee i.ffio Harris of this city, died
Wednesday from the effects of an
blow on the head. Mrs. Moon was alone
and It Is said burglars committed the
act. Deceased was born and reared In
this city and after her marriage to John
Moon, three years ago, moved to I,a
Grande, Ore.
Dr. O. L. rrltchett sold the OIoIh? phar
macy to J. W. Rurwell of Lincoln und F.
L. Spear of Topeka, Kan. Dr. rrltchett
haa owned thla drug store for the last
thirty years. He will devote his time to
his piactlce.
""" -- -- -- - - - ' -i-i-i-,-inriririi"i.rij'i.ruui.
Appetite Follows
Good Digestion
Nearly everyone indulges their
appetite and the digestive organa
ale abused, resulting In a congee,
lion of poisonous waste that
clogs the bowels and causes much
misery and distress.
The most effective remedy to
correct this condition is the com
blnatloii of simple laxative herbs
with pepsin, known as !r. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin. This Is a
natural, pleasant-tasting rented v,
gentle yet positive in action, and
quickly relieves Indigestion, con
stipation, sick headache, belching,
. etc. Drug stores, sell . Dr. Cald
well s Syrup Pepsin at fifty cents
and one dollar a bottle, and in
thousands of homes it Is the In
dispensable family remedy. For
a free trial bottle write to Dr. W
ft Caldwell, 462 Washington St..
uoniiceiio, ill,
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Sweetheart Assists
Accused Man Escape
UKATUICK. Neb . May l.t -(Special
Telegram ) scsr Draper, wanted here
on a charge of rtesllng fifteen esses of
eirgs from the local plant of Swift A Co.,
evaded the officers today in an auto
procured by his sweetheart. Martha Har
mon, who met him In the outskirts of
the cltv with a driver Sheriff Acton
learned that the couple went to Ylrslnla,
this county, where Ihey b.vmht tickets
for Morton, Kan. T e officers there hne
been notified to arrest the couple if they
stop at that place.
N.ilea from llrslrlre.
BEATRICE. Neb.. May H -(Spe ik1
Clyde Lynch of ymore. who filed his
p. tltinn last aeek for u lluuor llccmo at
I'll Hois, pawnee rmmM . Wednesday
v.ithdrew his application at a meet'ng of
Browning, King
Tlit' connoisHours linvt oVeulcd tlint Friday, May 14th, is
tlio )Mmng Day for Men's Straw Hats. The
prevailing )topulnr Straws will ho worn.
Bahgkolcs Leghorns
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aaa Issst Ufa's ClatsJas; De' .
V.)rl l- JJ J Jl II. ii in n.. J
the village board. There are no saloons
fit I m Hoi.', and residents of that place
say they will opposn any effort to atart
si.rh an establishment of that kind In
jt'ie town.
I Anna slusher of this cltv filed s pen
sion In the district court ssklng thst she
ilc granted a divorce from Oscar Slusher.
I The couple was married at Lincoln in
I Feptenvher. 1!1V
! At a meeting of the Hoard of Super
visors Wednesday the Standard Hridg
company of Omaha was awarded the
' contract for building all brldgea in Gage
county the coming year. The bid waa
; n i ch lower than last year
i Frank W. Walters and Miss Myrtle
j Wherry, employes of the Lincoln Tele
phone and Telegrsph company st this
.olnt, were msrried at the Christian par-
isonace Wednesday at 11 o'clock by Rev.
(. F. Stevens.
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