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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, MAY 14. 191'
Germans Begin Offeniire Movement
. HtKT Tprei and French Troopa
Advance North of Arrai.
LONDON. May 13. Ixindon a3
cheered today by the publications of
a dispatch from Athens reciting a
decided advanea or the British and
Frerren troopa along the Gallipoll
peninsula. Soma reports even claimed
the occupation of certain heights,
which would mean that the entire
peninsula was tinder control of the
At two polnta on the western line
of operations offensive movements
are under way. The first. Initiated
by the Germans, is against the Brit
Ish. French and Belgian forces near
Ypres, while the ivcond la the push
ing of French troopa against the Ger
mans to the north of Arras. For the
moment, however, both of these at
tarks would appear to have been
tut the Hukowtna frrintJer. Petrnarrad
reports brilliant .success won by the
Russian coaaecka cavalry over the Aus
trlan Infantry- The Rtieslan horaemen,
tortfng their way through a aeries of
barbil wire entarie;1ementa. dlslodsed the
Auatrlnna from' IhrM llnee nf frunrh.
and raptured lino prisoners, a battery of
quick, firing (una. several searchlight
and a whole string of cslaeons
Ruaata admlta that the Austro-German
offensive la still proceeding- in western
Oallrla. while Vienna claims lhat the
(Ruaataa retreat la fa becoming a rout,
with the Invaders suffering enormous
.The antl-Oermen rioting I dying down
In England, but It la reported aa con
tinuing with great violence In Aouth
The London Daily News, which la a
government organ, aeserts that the cab
inet la Prepared to order the Intern men
f all male alien enemies In Great Britain,
but that women and children and natur
allied aliens will not be Interned.
Some positive action on the part of the
united btatea aa well aa on the part of
aiy. is awaited with the keenest im
patience. Freaeh Official Report.
PARIS. May It The. rnnm r.
flee thle afternoon leaued the following
abatement on the progress of hostilities:
won. brilliant succeaaes Wedaesday
morning an) Wedneeday evening and
Wednesday night to the north of Arras,
."At Notre Dame De I-orette we are
masters of the fort as well aa the chapel.
"In the vast auadrllatoral of trenches
and earthworks which Is to the south of
the'chapel of. "Notre Dame De Loretto
we have been subjected to' a very violent
counter attack. A ferocious combat which
lasted all night long developed In this
quadrilateral. - In thelmornlng we were
eompUU maatars Of the altuatlon, having
Innioted very heavy losses on the enemy.
'During Wedneeday-wlgbt we also took
by assault all the- village of Caerncy. aa
wU aa the forest t the north of It. Hill
No. ia. The German garrieon .stationed
In this village and In this foreat was
composed of one battalion . of the 109th
tv-glment of Infantry, one battalion of
the 1M regiment of Infantry, one battalion
of Bavarian Chaaaeura and els com
panies of pioneers, BOO men to a company.
These forces had made of Carenay and
of Hill No. IS In the foreat a position
f great strength. In spite of the fact
that their numbers had been' very much
reduced by their loaaea In killed, wounded
nd prisoners on previous days, these
forces during the entire week put up a
desperate rejri stance delivered agalnat a
mate of trenches, blockhouaee and nar
row paasagea.
Haadreda Killed with Rayoaete.
"We broke down thle realatance of the
nemy and at break of day were In com
plete maatery of the" altuatlon. Our troops
killed hundreda or Germane at the' point
f the bayonet. We made 1,060 prtaoners.
Pf whom about thirty are officers. In
cluded fa theae utter is a colonel and
the commandant of the battalion of
battalion of chaaaeura.
"At the southern exit of douches our
boslUona were subjected yeeterday to
Wolent attack M the part or the enemy.
Pevertheleea we retained there.
"At Neuvtlle eur .attacks on the village
ftsalf and to the north of the village
rde perceptible progress. To the north
ef Neuvnie we took possession of trenohee
heveral hundred yarda long and we oe-
Etupled the road called the Highway Dee
arrterea, which runa frem Neuvllie tu
Ivenchy. In, the vtllage itealf we oo
supled yaeUrday morning only the eouth
kra portion, the enemy atlU holding the
banter and the northern part. An at
tack delivered late In the afternoon re
trulted la our occupying, house by hooae,
W the central portion, of fhle village.
he Germans -were driven back to the
txtreme northern part, where we are
autflanking them. Our troopa In this
lighting gave - admirable evldenoea ef
ourage and teancy.
"In the forest of I Pre t re we occupied
feeterday a new line of German trenches.
Battle 4m w. i-i
T A KNOW. Oallcla. Uav ii n.
- -f
Hourier to Cracow.) The at ruffle the
legion north ef the Vlatula river and
Mi the borders of G allele, which well In
formed pereons here expect and hope
HI bring a final declaion in the battle
teralttat the Ruaaian armlee, appears to
e approaching a conducive phaae.
Tai-rlfle engagemeate were fought today
at positions twenty-two mtlee to the east
if Tamow. In the vicinity of Deek-a and
stielle, where the Auatrtan army, wnder
archduke. Francis Joseph, came into
eroe con1 lot with Buealan forcee which
ere tretaeeltag eaetward from the Duna
be rrver and Tamow.
Airman who flew ever the battlefield
paay reported that the entire front
barked by burning vtllagee. moat
I -. "mm-a. inrr eay
t looks exartly like a glgantlo pralne
are. . .
To the north of the VutuU river the
luatiiaa corpa commended by Count
fclrchbaoh, has forced the Ntde line, ae
twdlng to Information reaching here.
Today and :eaterday the wind brought
fith It as far aa Tarnow the iuceeaant
kar of gunfire. Indicating that Count
tirrhbach'a forcee are trying to advance
and In hand with the troopa of Arch
kike Joeepb Ferdinand and General Voa
Along the Carpathian frent also the
f-ietrlan armlee have made a forward
tove. brtnrli.g the Third Ruaaiaa army
ad the remainder of the Eigitth Ruaaiaa
may l Imminent daeger of being aur
unded and destroyed.
The. first train auto Ternew was re
taken hy the Teutonic elites arrived here
Raeeleae etaadlna Firm.
tyONno.N, May 1T-A rtcutrr dlpat. h
from Trtroitrad give the following of
fi lal slalcmrnt regarding Ruaaian mlll
lary operation:
In the flhtn between the Vlatula
and the Carpathians Msy I end the
Germane planned to break our front by
the lightning rapidity of the blow di
rected at the nelahhorhood of Kroano
hv aeven dlvlalons of the flower of the
German srmy, after a heavy artillery
"On a general front of forty mllea the
cnmy gathered three-quartera of the
Austrian ermv. one-ninth of the German
arnjy, the flrat reeerve. half the con
tlngenta of the eeonnd, beeldea eight divi
sions from the fterhlan frontier. Heveral
new Auatnen dlvlalona and twenty In
fantry dlvlalone. aa well aa eight new
dlvlalona and nine cavalry dlvlalona from
the weatern front. Only one of our
armlea participated In the flrat attack.
"The Germane gained no tactical atic
teae. Our reeervea. by a flank blow,
enabled our army to rearrange a line
of advantageotia poaltlona eliminating all
fear of final retreat. Our army has re
ceived strong relnforeemente and la
ready to exect hearty revenge. Our fall
ing hack wee carried out methodically.
The enemy's loaa was heavy.
"When our troopa occupied the moun
talnoue sectors which the enemy hold to
day the enemy's official communlcatlona
declared three poaltlona were of no Im
(Continued from Page One.)
afeamer Cuahing; the torpedoing
without warning of the American
eteamer Oulflight. flying the Htars
and Mr I pea. and finally the torpedoing
without warning of the Lualtanla
with Its loaa of more than 1,000 lives
of non-combatants, among them
more than 100 Americans.
"Two These acta are declared to be
Indefenailile under international law.
The United txtea polnta out that It
Kevrr uunuluu uvuimui'i rl..i vo
do them, and 1 warned the Imperial
government thet It would be held to
a 'strict accountability' for attacks
on American vessels or Uvea. A strict
accounting, therefore. Is now asked
from Germany.
Money Reparation Soaght.
"Three The uaual flnanoial repara
tion will be aought, although Ger
many la In effect reminded that no
reparation ran reatore the Uvea of
thoee eacrlfloed In the elnklng of the
Iuaitanla and other ah I pa.
"Four Expreaetona of regret may
comply with the legal preoedenta, but
they are valueleaa unleaa accom
panied by a ceaeatlon of the t-rac-tloes
endangering Uvea of non-combatants.
"Five The right of neutra'o to
travel any point of the high seaa on
neutral or belligerent merchantmen is
"Six In the name of humanity and
International law, the United Btatea
demands ' a - guarantee that theae
rights wll be reanected, and '-that
there be no repetition of the atlacks
on merchantmen carrying norv-em-batants.
"Seven The- giving of warnings to
the American ' publlo without offi
cially communicating them to the
United .Btatea government la com
mented on In connection with the
Oermaa einbasay'e printed advertlee
ment before the celling of the Lual
tanla, but Irreapectlve of the failure
to advlae the American government of
Germany's purpose the point Is made
that notice of e .mention to do an
unlawful act neither justified nor
legalised It.
' Leave Loophole.
'Elght-lhe suggeatlon la conveyed
that the German government, of eouree,
could not have Intended to destroy
Innocent Uvea, and that consequently
the German submarine commanders
mtiat nave misunderstood their In
structions. The American government '
Indlcatea lla hope that thla will be
found to be tru, and a ceaeatlon of
the unlawful, practices thereby will
"Nine In conclusion. Germany's at
tention la called to the earneetneaa of
the government and people of the '
United Htatea In this situation. It la
made plain that the United fltatee
will leavo nothing undone either In
diplomatic representation. or other ac
tion to obtain a compliance by Ger
many with the requeat made.
The note throughout la couched In
friendly terme but It la unmlatakabty
firm. By the euggeatlon that German
submarlnea rommendere muat have mla
understood their Instructions or that the
Albert Lea, Minn., Aug. 7, 1914.
Mr. F. M. Sanders, Treat.,
Bankers Life Insurance Co.
Lincoln, Neb.
Dear Sir:
This to acknowledge receipt of your check No. 35773 for $2725.54
in settlement my insurance policy No. 3294 which was a 20 year pay.
ment Bond Policy. The total amount of money I paid in to your com
pany on this policy waa $1905.00. My return is a cash settlement of
$2725.54 or $320.54 more money than I paid in, and besides this I have
had the insurance of $3000.00 for 20 years for nothing. I am well
pleased with the settlement and cheerfully commend your company to
Very truly,
Ask the man who owns one
Ciermin government could not have In
tended to destroy Int.ocent Uvea, room la
given for a disavowal hy Germany of the
pra'tl-fB in the war xone and an aesur
ante that future ettacka will be pro
Dlploenatlata Aaalaoa.
In executive quart era Interne Intereat
prevalle.1 today and newa of what the
' sought y offleiala Ir the government de
partments and In diplomatic circles gen
Home International lawyera and dlplo
mate who have followed closely Oer
many'e conree since beginning the sub'
j marine wnrfare were of the opinion that
I a compliant hy Germany with th terme
of the American note would not be eur
prising and even that such a course would
not he a departure from prevloue xprea
elona. Germany haa maintained. It waa
contended, that the submarine activity
waa begun only because Ergland would
not permit foodetuffa and conditional
contraband destined to clvlllana to reach
Germany, and beeauee the neutrals In
their pnteata had been pcwerleaa to effect
an adherence to the rules of International
law by I he alllee In queationa of contra
band. Should Germany announce Ita In
tention to abandon eubmarine warfare. It
wae believed by eome dtplometa It would
not necessarily jnake a stipulation, but
would etafe Its expectation that the
lnltd atatea aa the greatest neutral
would secure equal guaranteea from the
alllea or questions of contraband.
Leave Reel to Mreamelanrra
in ine event thet Germany took the
opposite course and refused to comply
with the wlahce of the United Btatea, high
offleiala decline to predict what steps
would be taken beyond Indicating that the
vteehlngton government would deal with
each oevelopment In the altuatlon as It
Reporta that Americana had been ad
vlaed to leave Germany on account of the
erltlcel atate Of relatione with the United
fit a tea were declared to be wholly un
founded by officials.
Americana in sll belligerent countries
were advised by the State department at
the outbreak of hoatllltlee to leave the
danger sone, and no special Instructions
have since been given to American en
voys In Europe.
Meaaagea continued to flood the Vhlle
Mouse and State department today, sur-
: Resting varloua lines of pollcv. Many ex-
preaaed entire confidence In the president.
Conspicuous among theae waa a peraonal
letter from former Preatdent Taft. ex-
preaalng his confidence In end his sup
port or Mr. Wilson In the delicate situa
tion. He gave hie own suggestions of
what should be done by the United
States, which. It was aald, did not differ
materially from the courae the prealdent
had adopted. The White House let It be
known the prealdent was gratified over
Mr. Taffs action.
Ksprresee Sympathy.
Ptephan Phanaretoff, the Bulgarian
mlniater. called at the State department
during the day and expreaeed to Secre
tary Bryan hie eympethy for the loaa of
American lives cauaed by the sinking of
the Lualtanla.
It became known tonight that Justice
department offlclae are giving consider
etlon to the question of whether publica
tions containing matter such as editorials
seeking to Justify the elnklng of the Lue-
iiania and advlalng the repetition of guch
acta can be kept out ef the malla under
the provialdns of the penal code, making
It an offense to circulate "matter of a
character Intended to Incite araon. mur
der or.,aasaaalnatlon." gome officials
think the law might be construed to ap
ply to publlahed speeches of a similar
Dr. Bombard Demberg's utterances still
are being given attention In high official
quarters, and It la atrongly Intimated that
aome stepe will be taken to end bis ao
tlvlty. It was suggeeted today that the
German embassy might be Informed that
Dr. Dernberg. a German subject, wae
making hlmeelf offensive to the American
government and people.
SKriN'ANDOAH. la.. M IS iRmaI.ii
It Is feared that Albin Aneted. a young
larmer or near Races, went down with
the Lualtanla. ae no wnrit hea k.. -a
from Mm since he sailed for the old
country. Friends think he might have
engaged passage on the ill-fated liner as
It sailed on the date he planned to leave
New York.
Jerome Loaararake.
HEBRON. Neb., May 11 (Bpaclal.)
Jerome Longbrake waa born In Fairfield
county. Ohio, October 11. 1UC. and died at
his home In Hebron May It, 191s. aged Tt
years. He married Mlae Caroline Stair
In Ohio January 3, 1U0, frre children
being born to them, three of whom, to
gether with the widow, are riving. They
came to Hebron In 187! and have lived
here forty years. The funeral will be
held Friday at t p. m.
of our policies. . Have you
Great Britain Will Lock Up Male
Germans of Military Afe and
Send Other. Home.
LONDON, May II. Premier As
quint announced to the House of
Commons today that "all male ene
mies over miliary age will be reps
trlated. He announced that women
and children In suitable cases will be
repatriated, though gome might re
main. The government proposed to segre
gate "all adult male enemies for their
own safety and for the safety of the
country." Pramler Asqalth told ths
House of Commons.
The largo American meat establish
ment at Rmlthfield today Joined their
British eonfreers in displaying notice to
the effect that no buelneee would be
tranaacted with Germans. Borne friction
had been threatened because the Amer
icans delayed putting out the notice until
they had received Instructions from head-1
Although the atmosphere la still highly
charged with excitement, a survey of
the districts of London. wMoh yesterday
were hot fceds of anti-German outbreaks,
showed almost a complete lull in the
rioting this morning. Germans every
where remained In seclusion and their
shops were shuttered, with police on
An exception to the generally peaceful
conditions was a Kentish town, where
two Gormen shops were looted early In
the day. The police eoon ended the dis
The enthusiasm of the anti-Germanists
wae evidenced thla afternoon at Tower
Hill, a historic meeting place of Lon
don, when ino black coated stock brokers.
tncrchanta and city men. aupported by
thousands of the general public, stood
In a drenching rain and wildly cheered
epeechee calling- for the Interment of
Germans. The following reeolution was
then adopted:
"Thouaanda of citizens of London,
gathered together at a mass meeting,
unanlmoualy protested agalnat any kith
end kin of German mutilators, poisoners
and murderers of men, women and
children be any longer allowed to be at
large in the British Islands, and fearing j
riots, fires, the spread of dlaeaae and
poisoned water; hereby unanlmoualy
demand that the government take im
mediate atepa to intern or deport all
alien enemlea, mala or female, whatever
their nationality, naturalised or other
wise." This resolution wss Immediately tele
graphed to Premier Aaqulth.
Department Orders.
WASHINGTON, May 13.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) B. S. Carey haa been appointed
postmaster at leymoyne, Keith county,
Nebraska, vice 8. C. Bullock, reals ned.
Rural free delivery aervice will be
established on June is ae follows: Halg
ler, Dundy county, Nebraska, length of
route thirty-four mllea, famlllea served
aeventy-flve; Platte, Charlea Mix county,
South Dakota, route No. 4, length thirty
two miles, families served eighty-five;
and route I, length thirty mllea, families
served 114
James T. MoPhereon of Omaha has
been appointed a controller In connection
with the valuation of railroads (or the
Interstate Commerce commission.
The Postofflce department haa awarded
the contract for carrying the malls from
the depot o the poet office at Waterloo,
la., for four years, from July 1 to June
K), 1U1. to G. A. Groamann of Waterloo
at ts.sw per year.
Tht. comptroller of the currency haa
course of treatment, which removes the craving or necessity for
liquor or drugs, Imparts new strength to every organ and builds
up the general health. The only Keelejr Institute In the state of
- Correspondence Confidential. Cor. 25th aad Case St., Omaha, Neb.
Total Cash
And SO
an agency? Have you a policy?
'approved the application of the follow-
tlonal bank of Mohrlrtce. p. T . capital
-.-.."!: J. W. Hsrrld. Bert ft Hill. .1. II.
Cooken. . V. Howlce and F. G. Hill tto
aucreed the Mobridse State hank).
Clearing House for
Crime Located by
Gotham Officers
NEW TOP-K, May U.-The twelve
blanket Indlrtmente voted yeaterday
agalnat thirty-four men. charging them
with varloua crimes, from rioting and
aaeault to flrat degree mruder. In con
nection with the garmen workers' strike,
sounds the death knell of the New Tork
gangster and ere the forerunner of other
wholesale arrests, according ' to " istrlct
Attorney Perkins. At the district at
torney's office It was said today that de
tectlvea had found a "clearing house" fcr
crime, run by gangsters of this city and
that every gang leader operating In New
York had been eliminated.
Nine of the thirty-four indicted men
were arraigned today on warrants charg
ing varloualy aaaault, attempted extor
tion, riot. Injury to property and flrat de
gree murder. With the exception of the
one chance of murder, ball waa Bet at
from 12,000 to $5,000 In each case.
Bask Commission Called.
PlrTBRK, S. D.. May II. -(Special Tele
gram.) State Bank Examiner Wlngfleld
has called the first meeting of the State
Banking commission for Msy It, at this
city. At this meeting the machinery will
be put in motion to bring state banks
under the provisions of the new bank
guaranty act of the last legislative ces
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enness and Drug Using
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mm mm
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1 Of Lincoln. Nebraska.
Name Arthur L. Brandon
Residence Albert Lea, Minn.
Amount of policy f.000.00
Total premiums paid to company. l.QOA.OO
paid Mr. Brandon. . . $3,725.54
years Insurance for Nothing.
Assets, $8,400,000.
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rirsi, Last, and
Only Time Here
BUliens ta geld, olives, reerr.
popper, and ail eorts of predona
stones snd Jewale baree been lost
la wrecks at seal Irs a-otaer to
be eared! Watf leal The
weoderfnl laTeattoa e( rAe Wll
Kaniaon brotlMca aaa tataomed
the serrets of tae seal Me more
worryuir, fretting and atewlne;
abont the deep. It's all been
eoleed, and the Wrtlanaaon Sub
marine Pictures will abow joa
(aw wonderfal sceoua at Sbe bot
toes of the ocean; woo Ueea down
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der at the reeaarkable things we
ere going to ebow rou. Ton
wlU be smaaod. enllgbteoed end
awed) Get seedy I Walt I Watch!
Lla ten I
"The aristocrat of dlma. won.
derfol In the way of picture
making" dsscaga wemraaL
axx aza mEKLi.
DUrUIl AT 2--J.M..7 M s.4 1 r.
Omaha vs. Des Moines
Bonrke Fark
May ia-ii-15-ia.
rrlday. Kay 14. Z.adlee' day.
oa me a OAX.LXS a r. m.
Rent of Paramount Pictures
Today and Saturday
finMlna Aas4r'iea a
Adaped from the beeesall story b
flharl a. Tu Imm.
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