Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 14, 1915, Page 12, Image 12

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Tin; iikk: omaiia, kkidav. may 14. i:u:.
Heaviness. Mostly Due to Foreign
Situation. Marks Day's
NKW TORK. lv 13 Heaviness, re-
Almna. wKnllv f r-ni I I P.t J IH( TO
In International affsir. attended n,n . j
unustialtv null pinrs mRrnn r i m a
moved up and down, according to ll.'
raprlcea of the Iraillnfi element. which
had sole command of the day opeiH
tlona. Numerous loava. mostly fraj tlonal.
MVIMAMil t the mltnef followed
bv moderate recoveries, with another d- !
. i ; I I A . V. eti.nnr-ll Hl- .
1 1 1 lie ii iiuii'in., i - ii in- niiniinii ..... t
trlct was once more kkoi with rumors
affrcttns nesi'tlatlcn between Wa-hlnc
ton and Her II n Th
lo of another urn
lh warahlp In the Pardnnellea furnished
the hears with additional ammunition.
For the bnJanre of the aeaalon the list
flrifted without definite aim. price rlelnK
and falllnit within a narrow rane. The
net leault dlacloaed A rimlr of loanee,
which comprehended virtually every tll
t talon of the Hat. On the whole, war
ape-ialtlea fared hetter than other Issues
belnaj helped In a meaanre hv report! .if
more larse rontrats for urplle to the
Total aalea of stock amounted to aiAorrt
tieiiernl newa waa of a mixed character,
the rasumi4tn of dlvldenda. even though
in the form of scrip, on Vlmn'n
Carollns t'hemtcala preferred helnic re
tarded a an Indication of better Indus
trial rnndltiona In the aotith.
There waa alao Increased lnftilre for
copper metaJ at the l.lxheet prices re
cently recorded, while the plai-lnn of ft
amall loan bv the Holv1n government
bore directly upon this country's stesdy
advance as a center of finance.
New low quotation for franca and Urea
were the feature of th forelam exchange
market, thla being rrtlv offaet bv a
better tendency for remittance to Ixm
don. An Increase of about t In
a-old holdlnss and of almost S per cent In
liability reserves made the Bank of Knir
lsnd's weekly atatement noteworthy.
Americana were In llarht demand In Lon
don, that renter maklnar some moderate
tales here.
New flotation were aomewhat heavy
In the bond Hat and other speculative
lasue went lower In sympathy. Totr.l
aalea. pat value, were 2. 317,0. t'nlted
Plate bond were unclianKed on call.
Number of aalea and leading quotation
on Block were aa follow:
aalea. M'n. ixiw
. 1SS 11 '
jj.wvi : M
J em ttt 41
1 inn M1 2 '
I ton M't MS
w ins1 i'' i'
n 1HV4 1i lit
ins im J Ti
in (km M ili 3i4
I 100 100 MS MS
ItliO 71 7IV H
I.H M 7 M4
an 11. IB ht
an oho hiv, ms
hka (Vla
Ama)amate4 foeper ..
Anerlraa Itaet ugar .
AMMftA r0
Amerlaan el. R
Aftwrlnaa H H. pn.
Am. uaar fUflnlna ...
Aniarlraa Tel. Tl...
Anertnan TebaccO
Aaaooilila MlBloc
Il li l more Ohio
Benomra lUplil Tranalt
lalltornlt I'atrolaum ..
f aoarilan larlftn
Oaieal ljmthm-
raaaMak OWa. ....
t'hlaaio O W
Mio, M fit. P..
hlraA N. W
Tlln Ooptr
fftloradn Fuel term...
olormdo Southern
nnver Hlo iran4..
tam . R O pM...
Ilal1Mra' Serurlllea ...
Oeearal riertrle .
r.reat Norttwrn tffl....
tlreat Kn ore rtfa
700 44
1 i i
4 1(
1.T00 US
t0il llt'4 117
4.t"o ;n "
riuttrnhatm Eplorllon-. I.i"
llllnola Onlral
Interbeeouib M4. pfd..
Iniplratlnn CVfper ....
It lernatlonal Harvetter
Kanaaa cl'r fVmithero
lhlaH Valler
lAulxlll Naahtrlll
Molrin I'toIuii ....
1.700 70
. 700 9S 2"
7 W m !
I ton t at lkH
i.cio n n' i't
.. 11.100
. . X "o
.. 1.I0O
.. l.i
.. JO .OHO
.. X.MO
7IS 71S
Miami Copper
Mlaanurl. K T
Miwonrl Parlnc
National Hlarult
Nalli'tial lad
Navada t'epoar
New York I antral
S Y . N. II A H
Nnrfolk a W'aatera
Norlhm Partflr
l-aillli- kfall
I'arlllr Tel Tel....
I'ullntn palara Oar...
Hay ta. topper
I tra 6 1 n
IttpuMir Iran ml..
Hock lalarnt (
Iloeh l-land Bf4...
at. i a r M at.
ias ii i
. ... in
HI eft
lt, 1414
at aa
I0IS I"'
tO Ml
l.too tot
mo aos
I01S 101 "S
t.n n 2s
M.aoo itts Wis itas
1. 100 rs US S
oa S s s
eeulhern l-a. lflr T KM 7S
e. ulhrn Hallway IS,' lS
MS tl
lrtiniee topper ....
Taxaa l cmnany .......
I ntnn I'a'-I'lr ,
1 ntoo I'ai-lfle ptil
1 nltM Htataa Mtael..
I . Mtael pfO
I 1h tpper
Wlaalt pfd
YVaalrm l.'nlnti
W railnahnune Klac-trle
l.xat us a'4 '"S
711 1t l'ii IM
. 12114 US 1'4S
M.ew US (IS as
am I'M lots uS
lt.h M't (a us
i" I lit
1. 11) MS u
41. n aos a7S
Me(iiiia Potter
7a 47
Tout aalea lor th day. 4 So. 00 abarea.
Sew Vork Money Marhuat.
t ANT11.K I'AI'BH VieUH ler tent.
hTKKUMi KXCHANtiB fiialer;
pint.. -day bill. $1.77; for cablai, ll.taj, for
demand, .;..'.
8IUVKK-IW. V; Mexican dollar.
H..lS Uovamment, steady; railroad,
1 IMS liUANK firmer; aixty day. SMI
I per tent; ninety day, a per cent; lk
month, DStvH per rent
i'AU, Alt'NEY-riteady; hlgheat S per
cent, loweat, m por rant; ruling rate. 1
per cent; laat loan, I per rent; rloelntr
bkl. IS- pr uent; offered at 1 per cent.
tloalnv quotation on bonda today war
a ttjllowa;
V. . raf. at. rw . rTSMo. Paa. r. la.... US
V, ret. le. cotipoa N T C- pan Isa. . aa
li' . la. ralatetwl..llSN. T. ntr 4Sa....l"4S
V. 1. la oaupua....luV(K. V. 0UU 4Sa....l(a
1'. S. a, ri t ft. Y , N. H H.
r. a. , eaupoa US til
ISaaraa la. coupon, loi Hn t'aoltlo 4a Us
An tnxllar ....)' do I U
At T. tt vf Sa PMiO a le ret. ta.... as
Anaour O. as.. iPao. T T. ha ,'s
Atobtooa j. 4a.... SPnn. coo iw
ikal. tfbio 4a S ojo eea. 4Sa loss
a. Okl tS.. VI Weaillluj a ts
C. b A Q J. 4a ... MH I.. a r. r. ta
f) U 4 H f I asa.loos. Par ct. 4a !
a e a m. ioi, 0o rat. 4a r
r. 41. raf. 4S . 4 It r aa s
P aY f. O raf. i.. tt 8 luilxr U a
Vrta gmm. 4 aa V1 Dtan Paoiric ta. ... aas
Hm. HMcirtr a. ..lots cr t ,
a-Jt. Na. I at 4S-.. I'. Huhbar aa....l"iw
III Oaa rf. a 1 a Meel la o
f a, raf. a., a Wabaah tat 6a lot
1. a 4t ual a t 'Waei t nl.w Sa . M
T K. a T. ll aa.. 7 Waal. Klw. tt. ta .l'S
Loral Beeurltle.
Qaoutlona furalab4 hy a urn a, Brtakar A Co.,
4 Omaha Natluaal Baak bulMlni. Omaha:
Ilia. Atkei.
t'it Hatlonel kaak. Onaha.
Iale A It . plit tl
ratrmont tVaamary. T per pent pfa ,.no
l.rat Waatarn hugar PM aS
HrOraullc I'reaa UrUk ooaamoa .
alollaa ptO MS
Mevatala atatea Tal 13
t'Ulta A t'o. aiufta Hi Fp pld
t'laaha A Ta. Illutfa Kr A B. pM.. W
paieta Mill pit-. I per cent ta
l felon Stock tela . Omaha ....
t r4'ka Ural tsaMI
eailt W-''
In I It. Kr A lA., pM
A.auaa Oerarn. ta. ttt
A loa Krb . Wa'arnrorka aa It
hi s
biwunf Nab. Walarnarka tSa, ItM at
J I aaa Thraatiluf Mrh. aa. ItM . it
t tiumtai Sk . Clac aa, ItM tl
Uuncie Haallr IV. aa lla)
Uaooia. Kak asa. ItM lot
. luturaal Tranwar I per ceat aataa.. wt
lira. a rWarer tSa Itaa Itis
inu Wpiar 4s. 1 WIS
oat.. A ia Bluff Mt Kr I. ltt tts
t'narlaal H H tSr, 114 pa
aift A t'e aa Ittt aas
Hal.balpa' eaa. ta, Itlt lav
tuts 1
l.aaaaa lx-h Market.
IXJNTN. Siay U American pecurltli t i
oi-ened aleady. Imly a amall atiUMint of
In aii.eae an don and 1 rl. ea dropped !n
the i.flrnfMin. The cltiefn .lull '
r3llVKRBar. ttd per ounce.
MO.N'fcT l'tC-Sd
UIB'telNT KA1ICS hort bllla. ?S
per ctrnt; three month' bllla. per cent.
Baak ( Irarlas.
OMAHA. May ll.-Haj.k elearlna for
Omaha today were U.407.JUJ M). auid for
tt e correapondlng day laat year l,in,
f t 76.
Dry tao4 Market.
Cotton cood markrt were Heady. Yarn
ere tedy. haw allk aa quiet; catitun active: japana. auil. nool eoo
were firm, but yultrt.
-:tatarate4 Applre ati Drlrl Krall
aHHPS- Dull.
I'Ultlt "hi ITS Prune, firm Aprl
. .,t. and peatcbea. dull and aau, Uaaaiiut.
nnnmimn nr i in
HilUIiliA rMliil I
Brother Herman to Succeed John
Lund and Gus Dworak Gets
Clara Callahan's Job.
Commissioner Hroxel of the strict
cleaning department haa plnrod h'S
brother, Herman Drexel. in his office, ,
to succeed John Lund who w ill re-
main fw week.
(rim Dworak hai i
aticceeueu .MISS t iara I ailftnan al!,h, ,,.i,il round HtacliM uwd hla rimoui '
hookkepppf, Mlsa Callahan realRnln , aclaaor and half Nelann. In both rolls ,
an aoon aa told ahe nilnht remain un-;
til .Tun, 1. Ooodley Drucker, former
councilman, will have a position ln;volh ;., he o..twr,Bhed h.m.
thla department. j Chnrlea Sherman of Lincoln referred ;
.1. W. McDonald, formerly In thl the ltout. Two preltmlnnrlea pro.ld'd :
nark rlenartmnt and b .i.n.,; I ""m" Int'-reatitiK aport for the fttne. j
when he becme a tandldate at tht
April primary, la after a poaltlon In
the puhllr Improvement department.
He worked aasld'iounly for the Bin
Six In the rampHlun. fommlaaloner
Jardlne announreg he la not ready to j
make any more new appointments.
County Clerk Frank I-rwoy i convnaa.
In- the rltr rnmmlaalorera. but would
not dlacloan the nature of hla mlaalon Me
apent ronalderahle time n the varloua
Attorney 11. 11. Plehacty appear to be
a atron: poaalhlllly In connection with a
place In the city legal oVpartmcnt. The
mayor expect a to make theae appoint
ment next Tueaday mornltm.
leteral Kr Mentioned.
In connection with the manaareralilp or
the Auditorium, the nnin-a of J. J. rtydcr,
Dick flrottee. J M Ulllan and Charlea
FVanke are mentioned. Kmployea of
the Kakrr Ice Machine company have
enl the roninilaaloner a communica
tion In which It I aunKeated thnt they
'let well enough alone." by retaining
Mann hot (llllan In rhorae of the Audi
torium. Charlea Htephena, well-known aa a
plnno tuner, 1 alao mentioned a man
ager of the Auditorium. It I reported
that frlenda are working in behalf of Mr.
tea Problem t,i Work Ont.
Commissioner Huminai, who prolahly
will have charge of the Auditorium, and
Mayor Dahlman realize that the munic
ipal management of I hi property will
preaent now problem which niuat be
worked out. They are put ready to an
nounce any definite policy, hut the
ARE you Roini? to be one of the happy
throng to visit (nlifornia niul her won
derful expositions? If so, lot us remind you
that the trip there and back will be even more
interesting than, these great Expositions
themselves. Here are n few of the Hcenes of
interest to be enjoyed en route
Missouri Pacific
D.nver & Rio Grande and Western Pacific
Kintti Wheat and Al
falfa Kiel ila.
Ran tern Colorado Irri
gated election.
Itoyal florae
Tenneasea I'aaa.
Kaa-le Itlver I'annn
I 'anon of the tirand
t lien wood Hprlnna.
Orand Hlver Krult Belt.
Olant Caatl (late.
Telephone Doug. 104.
by A
BouaeJ ta that k caaaol aaoec, Cnuf
Kaavatdy lie aa the Cntan dVta
wtale ta kct attic Eiaate it awaabnti
tiw ciploaaoa si tit pboa(SorotM attck.
Pamoaa to thta-'ia (ad tkal aery atora.
tnt, Kaaaetjy Kad coau4rti-l haaicctnc
catjaf 4i( haw -u( - bak.
Caa yog iaaagia th aarutty al ttkt
aauatna) Caa rata fcrl the thrill aa
alowW th electimly butna the potwe,
aatd Kaaaatdy eacapra to a F.I tar
Yoti hex taaa th alary by Aitkat
B. Rtaret m
!j",'m""1 !l
joe Stcohcr Proves
Master of Freberg
1-l-.l'.M' NT. Ni-li . May IT -'Special T' l
,i rrnm -1'lfter-n hundred people row "I'd
lint" 'tic I .arm in theater Inat rvrnlnat to
i i .loe Ht"''hi-r. tlio I'nddo phclioul.
'wrrntn John hrkri, the Ciil'-n o Y.r a", v
Iwtisl.t. ttri her win In atraiKht fal!.
., frM In on, minute anl ten vonds
nti'l tin- acrond In three minutes an 1
,,l,r,y"lx aeennda
The f lint fall was trained with an arm
roll hold, a hold very seldom wn I.i ;
Kreher- went belilnd flrat. but tin-;
ntile to follow tip the advantage. Kreborn
am n f t.iBtch tliT the Illldfe 1
Home Itulldera hatt never bor-row-ed
a dollar never Htgned a
note never incurred a debt be
yond monthly bllla never built a
houae except lo orrlcr for the
omner, w ho had made a aubatan
tlal payment.
Home Builder.' 7 Guaranteed
Hharea are aecured bv all of ta
aaaela. without a dollar of Mahlll
tv. beyond current bllla.
Vnu can Invent a large or amall
anm, weekly or monthly, leave t
aa long aa vou wlah or convert It
Into rawh on abort notice.
tlur booklet, the "New Way,"
free to anv ad'lree. (Uvea full
Amerlcnn Kemrlty Company
Fiaral Agent
Cor. I Ttli and iHttiglna, Omaha,
firound Floor.
Soldier Summit.
I'rovo Valley.
Halt Lake City.
Md Trip to Yellow.
atone Park.
'ilPHt Halt Lake.
Sierra Nevada,
l-'ea titer Hlver canon.
Haci auiento Valley.
Han Pranriacn Bay.
Through Standard Observation
ami liillman Tourtat Sleelii(i
Car, Kaunas city to Kan Fran.
rsft iliiily.
1123 Fartiam HI.
1'nlon Stat Inn
Thoa. F. Godfrey
General Agents Paaaenger Dept.
Now f aa. Ik. aaaaAerKJ Path
am ptctara wak AftwU Daly.
He. I U. bdwia AeJe Crrtjhtoa
iX, (th kntteptd -Jaaaeaaa".
who it Kraardy'a aaaiaUnt 1 ad the
etna petlrd aarmben el a lawltat
Ta. old -F-ipioa.- aa. far
1 by
w ki "l"tj
1 Remarkable Savings Offered
Big Special Sale of Porch
and Lawn Furniture now
on. Buy now and save.
I In the Daylight
All Silk, Iress Mcssaline nnd Tnl Silk remnant.
32 inches witK to closf, at, jut yard
Cheney Bros. Shower Proof Foulards Hoc
yani values, icv siirinir colors, small fig
ures and coin dots, L'o pieces at, yard. 68t?
$1.25 hreat Silka IndudinK :i6-inch plain Chiffon Taffets, hair line
stripe, tub silks, novelty chiffon, taffetas, plain black nieaineft,
at, per yard
Van! Viu Faille Fram-af" Silk Suliltiis In eery
wanted new colors, $2.00 quality, Friday $1.-18
llliu k hjiiI White Chetk Stilt ins Oabardlnea,
coverts, serge.. Palm Hea. hes. etc., in Wool Good
Department, two special 9St nd SI. 48
Men's Furnishing Section
Mentt Siiminer Shirt, to QQ CO
J2.-.0 values, two lots ifOC'OifC
Crepes, Pio,uo, Pongees, Sosiette and Satin fin
ish fabrics, all newest colors and fabrics.
15c Wath Ties, at 500 dozen of them, in all
colors, extra special values Friday.
Eight Rousing Friday Specials in the Domestic Room
Women's Ready-to-wear Apparel Section I
Women's" Coats that sold at $5 ando rn
$7.50, broken lots, at $UU
Spring styles, good assortment of colors
and fabrics.
$3.00 Silk Petticoats Messaline in Jersey tops, with messaline pleated flounces, oj
new colors, at p
Xew White Stiinmer WaNttt Ungerie, embroidered
llnonn and checked crepes, waists made to sell at
$1.00, choice
Children's Spring Coata to $4.00
values. Just the thlnR for cool
evenings, all colors, good stylea,
at S1.50
Lonsdale Bleached 4-4 Muslin at 5 3-4c a Yd.
m Sule Friday in Our Domestic lUxmi.
liimil of 10 yanls to each customer. No mall
or phone orders filled.
Amoskeas Apron (flnghtun, staple blue nnd
while checks, limit 10 yards (No mall or phone
orders filled! 5
Fringed Huck Towels, fast color, red borders,
Friday, each 5
Dress calicoes and Shirting Prints, "Fame Brand,"
yard 31
Lining Remnants, 20c to 35c values, long -lengths,
yard 7V4-t
Curtain Scrim and Et amine, colored borders, 10c and
llHc values, yard 60
Dimity Check. 3( ina. wide. lo fabric, white only.
rrt uo
Dress Fabrics, .t to 40 ina. wide, printed crepe and
rlae cloth, worth 2Fic to 3fic yard, at, vard . ...iavc
White and1 colored 30-lnch Crepe, plain oolora and
ftanire. lXe value, yard loo
Bed Sheets, full alze 72x90, good quality bleached
eheetinir. ech Mo
lted Spreads, "Crochet," full slue, $1 values', ea. 69o
Staple and
200 yds. Machine Thread, Friday,
2 f pools for 5
Cotton Tapes, all sizes, Friday. 6
rolls for 5.
10c Needle Books, at 3a
V tinny Laces at, yard
Read the Big Grocery Spiciils ;or Friday
Canned Cooils, Klour,
Teaa, Coffees, Splce.t,
Butter, Cheeae, Crackers
Fresh Fruits and Veg
etable Th Karkat for
th reople.
I tt IImi. best arranulated
susar 81.00
48-lb. sacks heat hish
grade Diamond H flour,
uuliilnai finer for bread,
pie or t'ukra, aai'k, 81.85
12 bars Heat 'Km All or
Diamond C. soap ....98o
10 lbs. pure New York
buckwheat flour 880
8 lbs. best white or yel
low cornnieai 17e
9 lbs. best mixed chick
feed for younx chicks 86o
7 lb, best bulk laundry
starch 3oo
Tall cans Alaska salmon
for 100
cans oil or mustard
sardines Ma
9 larra cans solid packed
tomatoes 860
4 cans wax. atrina. areeti
or lima beans 860
4 cans fancy aweat suvar
corn 960
The beat domestic maca
roni, vermicelli or spae-
hettl. pk 7e
Larue bottles Worcester
sauce, ptire tomato cat
sup, pickles asaorted
kinda or prepared mua-
tard. bottle Blo
4 lb fancy Japan rice
Mtu-Laren'a peanut but
ter, lb .lflV
E. C. corn flakea. pka 60
)ran Nuta. pks. ...lOo
Fancy Queen olives. q .
t 380
! PflTs Try H
A Spineless Ambition
that begins and ends with a soft bed and a full
stomach will never boost a man to success. Get out
of the nice smooth rut and let people know whatyou
are good for. Hustle bang away at something big.
Read the chances to get ahead in The Bee's "Help Wanted" Columns.
Telephone Tyler 1000
Everybody Reads Bee Want Ad
11 1
1 wa m m
fc- mf: V
J y U i, H ZtfiiS?, akjVraVar J J
Silk and Wool Dress Goods Section
n 7f lAni xr rrri rr i-r -at
Children's U'anh Dresses In Ring
hams, galeteas, percales, linons,
etc; all sizes, C to 14 years,
a' 29t?
II. SO bor Axurea or l.e
Trefle powder 95o
11.60 bottle Oriental
Cream ... .980
6 Oo box Pe Luxe Kottaje
Powder aao
50c box Rice powder, lie
Ris B5o
60c can Theatrical cream
for 35o
50c ran Dr. Graves' tooth
powder 39 o
60o tuba Pebeco tooth
paste 3ftt)
26c tube Spearmint tooth
paste lOo
25c ran Orrla Root tooth
powder 9o
60c os. White Rose per
fume . . . , Bflo
7 tie Jar PompelaJi maa-
ease cream 600
6O0 Jar Aubry Sisters'
cream 890
Fancy Notions yz to i
Gold Eye Needles, Friday 2 paek-
Coats' Darning Cotton, Friday. 3
balls for .
Pearl Buttons, dozen ....2V
15r Oriental
1-lb. cans assorted souus
for sto
Fancy basket fired un
colured Juphii, KnsllMh
Hreakfaat or linn fowler
tea. reKular uOu value.
Frldav. lb 380
(lol-den Santos coffee. Ih.,
at BOo
Hershey's breakfast co
coa, lb 9Bo
Scheppa' shredded cocoa
nut, for ca'- and plea.
per lb lBo
Pnt Up Tour Pineapple
We have a carload of
extra fancy pineapples,
nothlnar finer for carmine;.
Thla car la practically all
Ittrtce sizes.
Frldav. 24 sir.e, each 18c
Per dozen 91.65
Frldav, 10 size. ea. 18lo
I'er dosen .7 1.40
Th best oreamery batter,
carton or balk. lb. . . 30o
The best strictly freah
escs, nothing- finer at any
price, dozen BOo
lancy No. 1 country
creamery butter, lh. 98o
No. 1 dairy table butter.
pound 96o
1 !...) dslrv butter, Ih. 930
Fancy full cream. New
York White. Wisconsin
Cream or Youtiar America
cheeae. lb .800
Imported Swlaa or Roque
fort cheeae. lb 40o
Neufrhatel cheeae, ea. 3o
The Tstable Market
for the Fsopia
15 lbs. best No. 1 conk Ins
potatoes. IS lbs. to neck,
at 17V40
H bunches home atrown
onions 60
3-blade hlarh waeel ball
beannar mowers, patent
tempered blades and cut
ter bar. fully warranted.
retTular price IS. 60. sale
price M.79
Rubber Hose
B-ply hlah crsde t4-lnch
woven hose, reduced Fri
day to. per foot 80
6-ply hlKh crade -lnch
woven hose, reduced Fri
day to, per font 9o
Verv hlarh arade "non
klnk'' molded hose. H-ln.
alze reduced Friday
to 13,0
A, -In moulded hose. as
above, reduced to lStiO
Barajalns for the Kltohen
Anv size atoel fry pans,
worth to 35c IOC
Size 8 cast Iron fry pans
at 89o
Size 8 cast Iron cake
atriddlea 99e
Pie pans, any size, 2
for Bo
Carpet beaters Bo
A YD EM'S First g
in Friday Sales j
Children's Parasols, made
to sell at 25c; white, pink,
blue and red, Friday, lOr
from regular stock, OQp
$1.00 Quality Tub Silks and Silk Poplins
Plain colors and printed effects, 100 pieces
to select from, at, yard G8
and novelty atrlpe meReallne. natln
aatin duchew, etc., great value,
Thrcf fireat Wool (ioods HH-clals 36 to 4 8 inches
wide, aerates, panamns, tussahs, poplins, etc., all
colore and weaves 38?- 6S an(1 080
Urea skirl Made to Mensnre Iteautlfully tailored,
accurately fitted; all work guaranteed. See them.
In the Hosiery Section
Women's Mercerized Male Ilnae, 25c values Q
in black and colors, Friday, at, pair it
15c Cotton Hose, black or black with white feet,
regular and extra sizes, at. pair lSt!
Children's Drummer Iloy Hoar, black, white and
tans, li?ht and medium welnht, pair ....IS't
Pretty Silk Dresses Regular val- t0 QC I
ues to $7.50, at I
Silk Messa lines and Poplins; also nobby J
Serge Dresses. I
Stylish New Dress Skirts Maker'a surplus in
gabardines, wool poplins, serges and silk taffetas
to $7.00 values, at $2.69
Women's Irress Skirts made to
sell at $4.00 wool fabrics, In
good styles and colors,
at 81.00
Drugs and Toilet Goods
Specials Saturday
ISc assorted talcums. A
for a5o
1-ee's Shampoo 350
50c bottle Phenolas wa
fers a 5c
I dox. S-rr. Aspirin tab
lets 260
Tar bass for furs
at 8O0, SOo, 70o
6O0 jar Mentholntum 39c
76c bottle Jad SaJt 6O0
(1 bottle Sal Hepatica69o
IJ.50 bottle Horllcks
malted milk 3.75
10c bar Jap Rose or
Palmollve soap 60
9 l"ars assorted box Jer-
aren's soap 98o
lOo bar Imported Castile
aoao. 3 for 990
26o auto sponxes ...lOo
I.ic Queen - Bess talcum
at. S for 2o
Regular Prices
50 ydi. Silk Thread, Friday, 2
spools for 54
600 yds. Basting Thread. Friday,
at per spool 3'tt
6c Val. Laces, yard 2H
Lares at, yard 5
Buy 'Em Cheap Friday
and Use 'Em Saturday
I All Mowers bonarbt dur
j in Friday's special al
1 will be dellverad for oaa
3- blade mowers, patent
tempered blades and cut
ter bar, rearular price
2.98. sale price . . .$9.49
4- hlate hish trrade ball
bearlnar lawn mowers,
hish wheel, 10 -In. cut,
reaular price 87.00, sale
price 86.18
10-qt. enamel dish pans
at B9o
10-Ot. enamel water palla
st 89o
2-qt. flnc nickel plated
copper corfee or tea pott
at 69o
6-nt. 11.10 nickel plated
cupper coffe or tea pots
st 880
sp family scalea, war
ranted correct weight 7 So
One lot of good butcher
knives, worth to S6e. 19o
A arood 4-tle broom . 19a
; Mop sticks 6
1 10c Mrs. Potts' ad Iron
! handlra 50