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Boot Frtai It Nn Beaenn TVs
Sloetri jTaaa Burtfll-r.nniltn 1-b I
J of Stole Artlelee The annual j
police sal of unclaimed articles will bo ;
hold In pollro court room on My :t.
"tottt'M Complete Mono Te-
rlaMtflod section todsy. and appears to
TU Boo EXCLCSIVELT. rind out wool
la various moving plctur thtotort offor.
Open Bids for Bondo Jaa On
.luno the city council wilt open bldo for
tho tale of $lfin.m Auditorium bondo.
1100,000 erwer bonds and W.OfO parV
bonds, in denomination of $U0 each.
Wo lianu let trs n Baslaess IJ
your office la properly located, readily
found and easily, aoceaaiblo. For jcb
rfflce apply to tho superintendent of tho
Bo building, "tho building that ia always
bow," room lot,
Tlolata kuleo of tho Boat For leav
ing thetr automobile along tho curba of
tho otrceta longer than thirty minutes.
Dr. H. A. Waggener. J. H. Welsh nnd
n. W. Church wer arreotod by Officer
Harry I'lmer and were diocharged with
a warning at police court.
Sm Bankruptey Court In federal
court Carlton Bolen of ISoulh Omaha haa
ssked to bo adjudged a bankrupt. He la
a real eatato agent and In hla petition
schedules Ms sesets at $10 In tho banli
and tho equity In an automobile that la
mortgaged tor J500. He allege that hla
debt are t8TS.
Betsy tot Bow Member Tho pro
coeds of tho Charity ball of November
, 1M4. given for tho benefit of tho
Xogro Women's Christian association
and held by Mrs. Rose La Cour, haa beeji
properly turned over to the association
and applied as part payment on the
home. The association has re-Incorporated
under tho Negro Woman' Christian
association and Is now ready to receive
now members. (Signed) Mrs. Martha
Smith, president; Mrs. Florence Rig a,
Seeking- XiOit Bolaureo The police
received three letters asking them to find
loot rolotlves and friends. Carl Babln.
413 Whlttler Ploco. Kansas City, asks
the whereabouts of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Kox, last heard from at 1414 North
Thirty-fourth otteet, Omaha, in 1W,
Ida M. Bretthaver. Blue Hill. Neb.. Is
anxious to find Mrs. John Herlg. Elick
Lee writes from Enterprise, Is-, to find
Lilly Loo. Ust board from at 160. Iiard
street. Ho ssys her child Is 111, not x-
pected to llv and continually calls for
McKeen Company is
Making Jitneys of
Huge Proportions
Too McKeen Motor Car company has
gone Into tho busrness of building Jitney
buses and has about completed two. Ono
of th Jitneys 1 to nt0 rvlce be
tween fct. Paul and Minneapolis, and the
other to going t0 of th a,tern
cities. Several others are in course of
construction, having reached various
mm ... a enmnletlon.
Tho McKeen Jitney Is built along tho
- lines aa the gasoline motor cars
that have becom so popular on numer
ous Interurban and regular raiiroooe.
ikonirh much smaller.
ph. 4itnv ht la to ao Into service
between 8t Paul and Minneapolis will
bo put onto tho Omaha- streets several
days next week,' simply for exhibition
purposes. '
Unlike othr lltnay. tb McKen car
has pointed front tor which th driver
m -. ha haa complete control of
bis machine. Tho Jitneys aro entered
from the sides, tho steps being close to
tho ground. Tho seats run crosswise,
iik ! between the two rows. Tho
windows aro on tho porthole plan, swing
ing up and fastening to tho roor. insiesa
of dropping Into the sides of tho car. Tho
cars will seats soro forty people. Their
gppearanco Is Identical with tho McICeen
snotor cars that tho Union Pacific is
running on ft number of branch lines.
The tires aro of hard rubber and similar
to those ured on tho big auto freight
Cadet Encampment
to Be at Arlington
It is probable that this year the Omaha
High school cadet encampment will be
held at Arllnrton. The cmsens oi r
Hnrtnn have extended an Invitation In
ultin- .tkl fcflva tO tUID lO the tOWB
park. Committees have visited the
grounds and aro pleased with them- Tho
Northwestern has agreed to run a spe
lls) trsln carrying tho boys to mi camp
art elan one to brine them back.
Arlington Is on the Northwestern'
Black Hills main line, tmrty-inree raiieo
... f rimaha. The nark where the
tamp will bo pitched if the boys go
there. Is about a Quarter of mile from
the depot and right at th edge of town.
It contains about eighty acres, has plenty
of opem sjaco for parade grounds and
plenty of shade. In It there Is a large
lake for boating and bathing.
DEMONSTRATORS ON ! Smith Makes Record
didho nmiTfl paatv Accumulating a Jag
Opinion! Are Ch&ng-inf at to the
Value of This More by the Fed
eral Government.
( oaatlnat Inn ( an lie tared.
Rlst Of Richardson county. "Cor- i Ptart a two weeks1 treatment of Dr.
elusion are formed Immediately that ! K,n8 Nw U( rni" d for
.u. -.-, aoma cn ana nver. k .n aruggist
-v " j Advertisement.
Mr. ftiet telle of hla axpeilence In
watching the demonstrator at work In
Gage county. Ho observe! him in the
effective campaign he made there against
snvit in the oets seed, the campaign
against the gopher this aprins, which
brought big results; watched him vaccin-
At approxlmati lv 9 o'clock Wednesday
coining Frank Pmltli a discharged In
'police rourt on a charge of drunkenness.
.He departed aolrr, repentanl and In pos
session of ts.U.
! At precisely 10 o clock he a as.iln
I sled In so drunk he
COUNTIES '.'at her defiant and in possession of I. 3
Attaches of the poller elation heliexe
When we first heard of th tei- established a record for the bar-
, . , . ir.iuiii usifii U I'lt' Ht r lit! Hi ill! iiuiiiir,
phone w were sktptlral and did not ... , . ...... ,
r v having orqiiirerl a trlple-rlvlted .tag In
believe the human voice could be fiftv.ihree minutes and t.t a ost of
transmuted over th wire; ten years
ago we would have thought a man
craty if he had raid wou'd today
be flying In machines heavier than
air; and now that the farm demon
strator has com there Is Instantly n ,
upheaval of objections," said L. Boy 1
"In again'."' said Desk Sergeant Hell.
"Resher boots." mumbled Smith.
"Too had they isn't .et drunk before
tl ey leave the station house, lt d save
us lots of trouble," said Officer Tom
Ileldy. who Is great on this modern "ef
ficiency" stuff.
Big Touring Car '
Goes Into a Creek,
With No One Hurt
suburbanite comlne. In over the l'Odg
strret .road marvelled at a big six-ry Un
der l.oxier wlilrh lay in the creek brd
rear MrArdle s. There were numerous
couldn't stand, ir. mora of the occupants being In the hos
pitals. The car belonged to C S Voor
1 ers. JT1 Marry street, and although It
atrled its load of women and children
to the cterk bed. no one was In'tired.
The family was out for an airing Tues
day evening and In tinning around the
chauffeur backed to the edge of the em
bankment, where his biakes re'used to
work and the car went down.
Attorney John '. Tciser haa asked the
ewreme ccurt for a rehearing I" the
case In which It refused to mandamus
District Judge Troup to reinstate the
ate calves, and do a hundred other things damage suit of Mrs Mildred Tarmcnter
that a farm demonstrator is expected '.aalnaL the Omaha Gaa tomoanv without
to do. Ho declares this convinced him I comBelltna- Mrs. Tarmenter to submit to
of the value of the farm demonstrator
movement, although ho was himself de
cidedly skeptical to begin with.
To Prtawla Movement.
To promote tho farm demonstrator
movement In tho slate Is the purpose of
the agricultural development commission,
composed of a few dotwn public-spirited
men In the state, healed by Carson
Hildreth of Lincoln,, fcimerly a banker
at Franklin, Neb. On account of vari
ous circumstances, tho commission has
not yet raised aa much money as It
needs to carry on tho campaign as It
wishes to do. It has received tho pledge,
however, of some substantial subscrip
tions from some of the large business
concerns and associations of the state
w ho aro Interested, as Is all Nebraska, In
ing th crop yield ec th state In
Farm demonstrator at now working
in ft half dozen counties Other counties
are anxious in Install ft farm demon
trator. but have not yet met the neces
sary requirements to entitle them to tho
government appropriation for the pur
pose. Tho demonstrator Is supported par.
tlally by the county and partially by the
federal government.
s personal examination.
The gas company asked that Mrs. Par
n enter, who sued for damages for per
appal Injuries, be compelled to submit
to an examination hy a physician. Judge
Troup granted the order as asked.
Mr. Yclser In behalf of Mrs. Tarmenter
ri fused to obey the order, whereupon
Judge Troup threw the case out of court
The supreme court sustained Judga
Troup, but Mr. Yetser has asked for a
Summer Gets a Start
in Western Nebraska
According to the reports to the rail
roads, summer started in real summer
style out through Wyoming, Couth Da
kota and Western Nebraska. At the time
when the morning reports were filed T
o'clo k-numetous stations reported a
temperature o! TO deurces above sero.
with some over In the l'asin country of
Wyoming recording .'los up to 0.
While the rain was not heavy, the rail
roads reported showers during the night
at a number of points in western and
central Nebraska, ilererally. however,
the weather waa clear and warm.
The children or lake and l.othrop
schools will Join In their spring festival,
which will be held May 1A in Kounttto
park. Similar festivals will be held by
children of Windsor, Saunders, Train,
I xng. Mason and Monmouth Park schools
during the next two weeks.
The Real Estate exchange has decided
to make no further effort to bring the
national encampment of tho Grand Army
of tho Fepubl'c her next year, as was
suggested at a previous mooting. W. II.
Or ten rcnu a communication from tho
Commercial club, In which the club de
clared it would co-operate wtlh the ex
change In the movement, but could guar
antee no funds, so the exchange elected
to drop tho matter. John f. Bieen ad
dressed the noon meeting of the exchange
on the benefits of consolidation of the
Miss Kitty Hopkins, sn emploe of the
Benson & Thome Co., died Pundsy at
her homo, n 10 Vinton street, after a very
brier illno. Miss Hopkins hsd a host of
ft lends ana sa universally liked by all
her business associates. She had been
with tho Benson Thorno organisation
for several years and her sudden death Is
rau'h regretted by her employers sad associates.
Continued Rumors
Send Wheat Price
Up Still Farther
CnnHnn.rf talk nf chlnchbuss. Hessian
flies and dry weather In Oklahoma and
Missouri had tho effect of boosting wheat
4 to J cents over tho prices of Wednesday.
Th Omaha market was strong at i
to l.S:iVi per bushel and the offerings
light, there being but e:even carloads on
sale. This was quickly bought up and
most of it will go to the mills. Generally
tho sales were made before tho top of
th advano was reached.
Twenty-three loads f cbra wer of
fered. Price were l to of ft cent bet
ter than Wednesday, sales being mads at
69 to 73 cents per bushel.
OaU wer up H to ltt cents, the selling
prico being 49 to CI cents.
A wave of burglaries and petty thefts
is sweeping over tho city, according to
reports coming to th police. Her is the
accumulation of tho last twenty-four
A suit case was stolen from an automo
bile standing in front of the Brandels
stores and belonging to N. Tague, Har
lan. I a.
J. B. Dewey, 8306 North Twenty-third
street, was robbed of too pounds of white
lead from his barn. He suspects a .iunk
man and boy whom ho saw departing
from the scene with a decrepit horao and
a rickety wagon.
Fifty feet t Harden hose disappeared
from the front yard of John Grant, VKi
Park avenue.
From Mildred Best. Willi avenue, a
gold watch was stolen.
A Moyclo belonging to Oscar Grim. 6:2
South Sixteenth street, was stolen from
In front of tho Burgess-Nash store.
A burglar broke down tho door of A.
J. Donohuo's carpenter shop, Sixth and
Pacific streots. Tuesday night and stole
a number of tools.
A burglar pried a door off a Union
Pacific tool house at Seventh and Pacific
streets and stole a number of tools.
A burglar Tuesday night attempted to
enter the home at Jot North Eighteenth
atreet, but Ervln Col saw him and hit
him twlic with a club. He departed in
haste, leaving g hat and one shoe, which
were turned over to tho police.
of tha Celebrated
now rtatfjr for you.
CestBm 04T J$ cen, or each of the ttbo4 numbtt.
We urgently recommend to you, before decidinf on your Summer ;
' D re wet, to procure a copy of
It costs only ten rents when purchased with one 15 cent pattern.
You will agree with us that no other Fashion Book approaches
it ia variety of design and artistic make up.
. on Kilt no9
BuRGEss-NKsH Company:
hall I -filllf
7 iJk,:r .
1 m,
A Stirring
Every Trimmed Hat
In Our Show Rooms,
Including Creations That Were
$10, $15. $20, $25 and to $40.
A final preparation for the incoming display of tmmmftf
styles in millinery takes place Thursday, when we offer
"your clioioe of any trimmed Hat in oir entire showrooms, re
gardless of cost or former selling price, for $5.M
Many of tho hats are flower trimmed, which are to be so
much "the thing" this summer.
"Early selections will be the best!"
Second Floor. ' w
"jcvrFYooDYfc Toner
' I . ,
VY:' Y
Is It performing Its functions alone
with the kidneys, liver and bowels, so
that all aro In prfe-t harmony? Is It
dome; tlilt.. or Is It allowing your food to
remain partly undigested, sending poi
sons through the Ixidy, rauHng distress
after eating, Indigestion, headache, whir
ring noises In tin' head, loss oi I leal) and
sallow complexion
loes tin- fact that your kidneys ere
not working properly, cause you Intense
rain In answering the more frequent
calls of nature? Is your urine highly
rolored? If so. you must do something
Immediately Over In llollund the sturdy
natives keep OOLDMEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules In the house at all times and
take one before even' meal and one al
oed time, at the first sign of an ache or
psln. They have been doing It for more i
then W0 years. So generally Is this inert
Iclne known there, that It Is railed THU
It is nisde at tho ancient laboratories
In Haarlem. Holland, by the Genuine
Haarlem Oil Mfg. Co.. where It baa been
manufactured since IKK Her Majesty,
Wllhelmtna, Queen of the Netherlands,
granted a charter to the company as suc
cessors to U DK Kunlng Tilly, recognis
ing it aa the original company, for sole
hy all reliable druggists in 26o, 50c and
11.00 sealed packages. Honey hark If
they don t help you. Hut he sure to get
(K)l.T MKDAI,, Imported fresh every
month, through the Amerlean Office ef
the Genuine Haarlem Oil Mfg. Co.. 14
Water St., New York. Advertisement
Oar "JItaeT" Ofter Tale 5e.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip,
oacloso with 5o to Foley Co., Chicago.
III., writing your name and address
clearly, Tou will receive In return a
trial package containing Foley's Honey
aad Tar Compound, for coughs, colds
gad croup: Foley Kidney Pills, for pains
I sides and back, rheumatism, back
ache, kidney and bladder atlmenta; and
Fpley Cathartic Tablets, a wholesome
j4 thoroughly cleansing cathartic. Stout
fttjple enjoy them, fold everywher
When You
Plan Your
Drop in a I
1522 FarnamSt.
and let me help
you, offer sugges
tion, glv you fre
literature and tell
you the lowest
fare. The Great
Western Is Tourist
H e a d q uarters la
Omaha and we'll ha
Clad to help wheth
er you use tb Great
Western or not.
2000 Mon to Keep
Equipment Serviceable
ALL Chicago (J HEAT Western cars and locomo
tives undergo a thorough inspection daily be
iore being placed in service. Any locomotive
or car found defective is Immediately repaired at one of our
numerous car and machine shops located at OHweln, Stock
ton, Chicago, Minneapolis, Clarion, Council Bluffs, Des Moines,
Conception or 8t. Joseph. Over 2000 men are busy keeping
the equipment we offer you to ride In inviting, sfe and comfortable,
to keep the-freight cars proof against breakdown, leakage or weath
er. The great care given our motive power msken delay from
engine failures extremely rare last year the average mileage por
serviceable locomotive waa J3.000 miles one and one-third times
the distance around tha earth!
ForamUh mnd dtptmdabU service s In
Chicago GREAT Wftirn
YOUR Telephone is Handy
4 tW
Omaha, Neb.
(tmphaitit tht "GKEAT")
The laeady-Meraee
irectory as a
To Your Daily Bleeds
It is more than a directory, it is a column
devoted to facilitating the question of shop
ping of the housewife and business man
of today. In this column are represented
some of Omaha's better business houses which
have given' us their assurance that they can
be depended upon at a moment's notice by
telephone to render quality and service that
cannot be equalled.
Why not read over this column tonight
and familiarize yourself with the numerous
advertisers that some time or another you
may need in a hurry.
-jejaj.jmjWB.jj J , ti Ji i mu i a.i V-t-r i