Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 09, 1915, WANT AD SECTION, Page 3-C, Image 27

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I ii tT"l iom ic n7f K-i T '
ll-r. np-tn-rtntf; lil lot; mony mkf
for lUNJMUiM; $"'" eauh; balanr Ilka
I'll Otnaha Nat l. lona. S71H .
I IIAVK. h tn of .file payabl
In Inntallntu ami drawing T pr cnt '
Intrrr-rt thaf I will "ll for of taken
at one, Addrrop P 412, Hmt. ',
The price l-lnw) I. for hrue and both
lot. only rt-mom. f-tirv IuicbhIow. al
most now. all modern (pxi-vpt furnace,
h.lf Mm k to K-mMt ritr line. tn rxiy
with 1 tip to f lota, all with fine her
Inif rhnre applo on-hard free. Km
term $-'.P7 up - Wo will nhw von on
request, i 'nil t to v or 12 to I
Taxton ltlork.
6-Rcom House
I rvxmia, up to tn nun.iif , new; and
CTJcaico, ouiy trrma.
Mury and hai. uxxj.rti, i rooiiv. Suh
and iranKlin. M.ttO; term. lii cohrioi r
ood l"t on Miner of tbvix-.
Dandy lot. 2 tuocfca a. . of I'rel&hlon
uaiveraav, ,1jbJ for qil' k euie.
I- Lot. gr. l-b and Kowlex; ae-wcr
watMi lake .jmikj term. Uave
otfcW. WafeeUr x
'ItklH I...II I.. .
'mint imhk niPTJtncr, ninncm,
I hiia linn Vln.t I. . . a.
..... , i'r? Frii io ! up
i-..,.-.., rtlKX p.T ownrr for
pn iMtrm. 1'22 H. 2Mh Hi. Tvrr 11:iv
U 11-VTI.t'n"..' A. . . ." . . . .
Ina proiXTtr. R.xxl downtown In-
' House Bargains
-room, 1-atory mortem houa. with
good t front lot - ft.: well kpt
lard and rarttn: No. S3 8otit! uh
tret; houM U I yure old; neighbor
hood rood and growing; never offered for
before, but owner now removed from
the city by'bualoeaa promotion. $4.X) for
quick aftle. Not a thing needed to make
Another ewver on thla atreet at 1008
South ISth St, built Ma horn I art year
and muat aell beoauee of re moral from
tha city. Thla borne ha good loo mi
and aleeplng porch; haa hard wood tlnlah
and la right up to date. Tou can buy
thla at aetual ooet-UMO-and that la un
uual for thla kind of a home.
A 1-atory. ttoom boese, almoat new,
but not completely modern, at 4611 Maaon
treet.. for n.100. . Ton cannot nearly
explicate thla at the price. Can arrange
caiy terma, and If not aold at once will
leaae to good family.
' ' ,
A cottage 'ol or 7 rooma, modem ex
cept heating, on high ground, north of
I'emia Park; paved atreet. good neigh
borhood, 1 block from Harney BL " car
line. Thla ia a decided bargain at $X.M.
on easy terma. It la number 3410 rfeward
atreet. . .
Harrison & Morton
PI 5 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg. Tel. L. S14.
Read This List Carefully
The properties deaorlhed below range In prli-e from to tS.IOO and rrp-
reaent an me of the beet buya on our Hat. All we ak la that we be lven an
opportunity to show how frood they are. Any of liiese pmpertlee nmy bo
bought on eaey terms, and ownera of aome would consider a pood vacant lot,
mall cottage or good auto as part payment.
Dandy four-room cottage with four b'K oily lots, or nearly an acre of ground
npnt lii the city. In a desirable locality; Plenty of tearing fruit trees, and
ample room for rardenlng and chicken rnlslna. Not nooeasary to ko awnv out
into the country for acrvagn, when you can got It In the city, i'rtce H.GOu.
for thla brand new. strlctlr modornS-
. for thla brand new. strictly modern -
I room bunfralow, living room across front
of house. Ilnlng room haa window aeat.
plate rail and panol. with bookcases b
twaen living room and dlnlrm room. Bun
. room finished In oak. haa windows and
a clothes press, could be used for i bed
room. Large kitchen with pantry and Ice
box room. Two larre bedrooms with
clothaa presses bath with linetr closet on
eoond floor- Living room, dining room
and aun room finished In oak, with xik
flcora throughout the house, bedroems
finished In pine with birch doors. HiKh
grade plumbing fixtures and artistic light
ing fixtures, complete set of window
i shades and anreene. full cemented base
ment, with, laundry facilities and floor
drain, guaranteed furnace. Dandy corner
lot, fxl.a, with streets paved. Close to
Wlnciaor school and West Side Park car
line. Price reduced to $S,750. about M0
cash and balance monthly, or would
consider vscnt lot or smaller house.
1W McCague Pldg.
Rasp Bros.
Phone Donglaa lTv5.
Boulevard Lots
S. K. cor. Poppleton avenue and Turner
Blvi?.. 62 ft. front. This ia absolutely
reittA'ted to first-class residence use and
is the only vacant lot on thla boulevard
for two blocks. Price, R600.
Miller Park Blvd.
Kast front about OT0 feet south on Kan
sas r. ven ue. All Improvements In. Good
houses on either side. This la Just op
posite that beautiful little park in the
center ' of the boulevard east of Miller
park, and is one of the choicest lots in
Omaha: Only one left. Price. $2,000.
Tyler InM.- . State Bank Bldg.
vThe following properties are offered to
day jnxthe bargain counter for what
thtiy will bring: . - .
'!. it -- ' ' o .
Five-room cottage, not far out City
water. Oood repair. A batxain at 1,S&0.
Hniell cash payment, or wHl take uaed
ur In trade.
Nearly - new g-room cottage. Alweya
rented for fio per month. Price only f&o.
This is a big anap. . - -
Vacant' lot on Bahler Et, Just east of
Florence Blvd. Fine new houses going
up ail around. . Price only I&7&; 126 cash.
ThesV properties will be aold at once
for v hat they will brings Oet buay not
later than Holiday. .
Office C5U Harney tit. Phone Douglas M7l.
V For Sale
Or Exchange
An 8-room strictly modern house with
oak Woodwork and oak floors In Jiat
story, pine with birch doors upstairs:
full cemented basement, floored attic, hot
water heat, south front lot 60x120 feet,
paved atreet and cement sidewalks. A
very desirable borne in a good neighbor
hood, convenient to street cars, public
and parochial schools, churches and
parka. Price, $6,600. Owner leaving the
city, will exchange thla property clear
for good eastern Nebraska land at Its
fair cash value.
Strictly modern, up-to-date, -room
house, with oak woodwork, .oak floors
and all conveniences; three full lota and
garage, located on a boulevard fn a quiet
neighborhood. Price, S1&.000. Mortgage,
14,000. Owner leaving Omaha, wanta a
farm in northeastern Nebraska.'
J. H. Dumont & Co.
4J-t State Pank Bldg. Doug. 90
Dodge St.. blocks weat of poatofflce.
Six-room modern house. In fine condi
tion; on south front lot 33x142.
Modern bouse of seven rooms; fine
tcorner lot. only two blocks from car.
No finer view In Dundee.
15.000-HUNDEF. ,
Feven rooma, modern; aleeplng porch
and un room; fine lot;" close to gchool;
location Mgh and stghtly.
$6.560 DUNDEE.
Complete modern houne, close to school
and car; hot water heat; tiled vestibule
and bath; sun room and Heeping porch;
located on beautiful ' south front Kit;
house and grounds In pink of condition.
On fine Kountze Place corner; new and
entirely modern; hardwood throughout;
seven rooma and sleeping porch; vapor
heat; garage; will sell on easy terras.
IaX us show you thla perfect boroe.
H. C. Freeman '
tl. B. 17th St.. 1'nder Omaha Nat. Bank.
T reoma. strictly modern. 2Mb aed Bris
tol; 4 rooms on 1st floor, 1 rooms up
stairs; hot air furnace, fine condition.
iu4 down. $2 per month.
$4,000 '
Near '4"th and Grand Ave.. 7-room
houue, atrictly modern; cor. lot 5oxlhO;
full cemented basement; Just built: down
stairs all oak finliih except kitchen;
kitchen hard maple floors: built-in book
cm m. Half down, balance on good
. $16,500 .
On S8th Ave.. Just near Faraam. a
beautiful 10-room residence, brick and
earr-.j.! flnMt location in Omaha: de
scription no good: we muat show it; auto
to take you tnere.
JV. M. NASI! & CO. '
Rem I Estate, Rentals, Insurance.
3 Bee-Bldg. Sunday Phone IL lllf.
office Ked 23i.
Oood aix-room entirely modern dwe
rooms and bath room upatalra Fine ha
mantel and nice kitchen down me Irs. U
Nice shade and shrubbery: This Is a g
for $3,&iirt. Handy to two good car lino
owning people.
fling, with furnace heat. Thiee nice be.l
II, living room and dining room, with
ood elst-d corner lot, on naved street,
ood, comfortable home and can be ttouglit
s and In a neighborhood of good home
Brand new, strictl. modem.
m bunanlow, on a "paved street. In one
th of Miller park. Just recently finished
inlsh In the living rooms; colonnade coon
Inlng room. Full sired cement basement
ttlc. Built by dftr labor and represents
escribe it In detail, but we know it to
ungalows In the city. Price $1,000.
of the new and beautiVil additions sou
up and now ready to move Into. Oak f
In, plate rail and panel strips In the d
with guaranteed furnace; nice floored a
nonem value, we will not attempt to d
be one of the prettiest and best built k
Fine, strletl modern dwelling consisting of five dandv rooms and
two nice bed rooms and store room upstairs. Three rooma finished In oak on
the first floor, one of which can be used either aa a library or bed room. It
needed, Thla la an especially rood home: onlv three vears old and In A -I con.
dition, newly painted outside last fall and prettily decorated Inside. Screened
front porch and screens for all window a Nice cemented basement, back yard
fenced in and haa fine shade. South front lot on paved street, paving paid.
Only 20 minutes' walk and 10 minutes' ride to postofflce, one-half block from
Sherman Ave. car and In good neighborhood. Price $4,300.
Beautiful brand new two-atorv dwolllnsr In the Field club district. Fntlrelv
modern; built by day labor. Ono of th e nest constructed houses In Omaha,
Nice reception hall and living room combined, fine dlulng room and kitchen,
butler's pantry. Three very nice bed T ootns, spUndtd sleeping porch, and bath
room, with tiled floor, upstairs. Oak floors throughout upstairs rooms. Full
cemented basement. First class nelghb orhood of choice homes. Nice lot, paved
street Price $&,3uo. ' .
Scott & Hill Company
Douglas 1009.
907 McCague Bldg
Beautiful Evanston
That high sightly tract of land South
of Dodge St., overlooking Happy Hollow
Golf Course'and Natural Elmwood Park,
is to be known as Evanston.
It baa been platted into large beautiful build
ing . sites with Winding avenues and boulevard.
Trees planted, lots graded and seeded. Modern
street improvements are being installed.
V , : , " -:. ' 1
We have decided to sell about one-
third of the Addition at . bargain prices.
As soon as the sales total $100,000 the
prices will be Raised. A reasonable cash
payment will be required; balance $10
to $25 per month.
Build your home in a restricted district.
When you build in the Evanston District you
are certain that there will be no frame buildings,
stores, flats, apartment houses, one-stpry build
ings or any undesirable features, Every lot pro
tected by adequate building restrictions.
$10 Cash
' Tour choice of tw fine home site on
the north aide. Water and sldewalVa.
Balance only Per month. Price t&
and MA These loU are at least W0
You will never have another; oppor
tunity to buy in the Evanston District at
such low prices. ,
GUARANTEE The fact that we have al
ready sold $40,000 worth of building sites is a.
guarantee to you thaf Evanston is being properly
handled, and that our prices are right.
To reach Evanston take a Dundee car
get off at end of the line and walk along
Happy Hollow Boulevard to Dodge St.
For full information call Douglas 2596 and we
will send a salesman to talk with you about Evan
stop. Salesmen and automobiles at your service.
H. H. Harper & Co.
1013-14 City Nat'l Bank Hldg.
Beautiful Evanston
Minne Lusa?
If you have not seen this beau
tiful piece of ground, you will be
missing another
We are platting this tract of 126
, acres into the. largest subdivi
sion ever put on the market at
one time in Omaha.
A few words about IMPROVE
A hundred mules are working
tojbring the Streets ands Lots to
the established jgrade. We are
spending a great amount of
money in order 'that the pur
chasers of lots in Minne Lusa
will know just how their lots
will be for GRADE.
Our engineer says "Minne
Lusa" has the finest drainage
imaginable and the sewer sys
tem will be the BEST in OMAHA.
The plant of the Metropolitan
Water District is. ' only a mile
north of Minne Lusa, and two
mains, one 36-inch and one 48
inch run through the tract.
"Minne. Lusa" is at the BEGIN
NING, not the end of this great
system.. . .
"Minne Lusa" is bounded on the west
by '"Upland Terrace" a good residence
district with car service on 30th street,
on the north is Florence, oh the east is
PARKWOOD with the beautiful Flor
ence Boulevard and all along the south
is the finest park in Omaha, with its
beautiful lake and Club House, Golf
Course, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts,
Base Ball Diamonds, 80 acres of beau
tiful trees, shrubbery and lawn. .
it means the last opportunity to buy
fine restricted residence lots at ONE
HALF their actual value.
$400 to $900
Salesmen will show you around
There is something for you to see in
Chas.W. Martin &Co.
Tyler 187.
742 Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Glose-in Building Lots
, We now offer what is probably the
last bunch of close-in lots that will be
offered for some time. I
46 fine sightly lots between Leaven
worth and Jackson streets.
South fronts on Leavenworth, east
and west fronts on 31st Avenue and32d
Inside Lota ..... . . .$1,200 to $1,500.
I-ots fronting on Leavenworth, and corner, up to. ..... .$2,200,
Because of the Extreme Low Prices.
These Lots Are Sure to Go Fast.
.We will tako you out at any time. .
Coll us at otir office during the day. .' ' .'
Call Allen Tukpy at Harney 2176, today or evenings.
Phoe Douglas 502. 1507-8 W. 0. W. Bldg.
t. -
50 Cents a Week
Buys a Lot in
Morhingside Addition
Near Benson and Dundee
"VVe have about 100 good lots left in M0RNINGSIDE 'AD
DITION, many with good trees on thera. Cbmo out today for,
your last chance to buy a lot for $1.00 DOWN AND FTCTYi
Take BENSON car to Orphanage Ave, (now 58th St.y or
any street in Benson, walk south to the Addition and. our free.
auto will meet you and your friends and take, you to MORN-
INGSIDE all day Sunday, ' .
N. P. Dodge & Co.
15th and Harney --w-.. PHonai Doug,
Bargain if Taken at Once1
i .'
Eight Room All Modern House
Located at 1312 South 30th AYanua. Hu recepUon hall. Uving room,
dining room, den and kitchen on flret floor; mantel In living room and den. .
Three large bed rooma, alcove with Urge closeta and bath on eecond
floor.. Mahogany tinluh throughout.
Lot 00x160, cement walk, fine shade and fruit treea. enclosed gar
den; cistern.
Terma to euit purchaser; telephoae OWNER. t Harney 1041.