Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 09, 1915, EDITORIAL SOCIETY, Page 6-B, Image 18

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The Bee Publishing Company, Proprietor.
entered at Omaha postoffiee as second-claes matter.
Hy oarrler By mall
par month. per year.
Pall mil Sunday c IS 2
rallv without Sunday....' c 4 W
TPvenina: and Sunday 1c...
lCvwnlna; without Kundsy c "5
Ouwday Bee only c 8.0
Seed notlr of cf addresa or complaints of
1rrr'ar1ty la delivery to Omaha Bee, Circulation
Ttemlt by draft. eipress o- postal order. Only two
rent pns'sae stempe received in payment of emstl ac
counts. Personal checks, except on Omaha and eastern
exrhante. not accepted.
Omaha The B Bulldlna.
South Omaha 318 N street.
Council Mnffm U North Main street.
Lincoln? Little HulMIrr
Chicago edl Hearst Rulldlna;.
New York Room IKK. 2x Fifth avenue.
St Inula M8 New Rank of Commerce.
WashUia-ton Fourteenth St., N. W.
Address communications relatlna- to new a and edi
torial matter to Omaha lie. Kriltorlal Department,
Setting: the World Back.
Th profoundest philosophy will hardly be
able to withstand the effect of tbe brutaliilnf
Influences of the pre dent war. Tbe Bee la not in
clined to take a pessimistic view, because of Ha
firm faith In tbe general upward tendency of
humanity as a whole, but we cannot behold tbe
loosening of all the baae passions of man without
feeling that the raiiae of civilization haa lost
something that rannot readily be restored. Just
now the Ignoble elements of man's complex
nature are In the ascendancy, and all tbe pa
tiently reared edifice of human achievement t
eufferiog from the results of the debauch that
haa followed the commencement of armed con
flict between the leading exponents of all en
lightenment. Hope lives, and philosophers com
fort themselves with tbe thought that out of It
will eventually come good, but the moat readily
apparent result of this war so far is a retarda
tion fo all constructive efort.
Slate of Nebraska. County of Douglas, an.:
Dwlaht Williams, circulation manager,, says
that the, averaew Kunrlny circulation lor tlio month
f April. 19IR. ii 4T.UK9.
IWIiltT WILHAMS, Circulation Manager.
B'lbacrihed In my presence and a worn to before
me. this 1st day of May, 1915.
ROBERT HUNTER, Notary rubllc.
Subscribers leaving the city temporarily
should have The Dee mailed to them. Ad
dress will be changed as often aa reqnested.
But wbat gain to humanity?
Tbe heroes of the Lusltanla are yet to come
Into their fame.
See America first, last (and all the time.
There safety lies.
After all, our old prairie schooner was a
tolerably danger-free craft.
If there Is any safer or more salubrious place
to live than Omaha, we will have to be ahown.
Although great many people fall down tbe
cellar stairs, there Is no place like home for live
Mothers' Day.
This is Mothers' day, so designated by execu
tive proclamation, and dedicated to some sort of
public manifestation of a feeling that lives con-
i stantly in the hearts of all. It la one occasion.
at least, when; all the world may unite in a com
mon tribute to the source and Inspiration -of
humanity's deepest and most lasting affection.
The impulse-is one that goes far back into tbe
earliest times of the race. The Egyptians based
their theology on motherhood, their story of
creation being involved in the great mother,
whom they worshiped, and their greatest deity
was the divine goddess who brooded lovingly
over the earth and sustained it by her constant
care. Other schemes for creation, existence and
aalvatlon may have departed in some degree
from Qls thought, but through them all mother
hood has persisted at a vital factor.
Mother is the most aacred word in the lan
guage, the name to which mankind clings with
the fondest veneration. The impulse of mater
nity runa through all creation, and the function
and responsibility of motherhood is the subllmbst
trifst that can be given. . Nowhere else can be
found the equal of the mother's devotion, the
length of her sacrifice or the quality of her love.
The world may laugh at all other things of life,
but It takes its hat off to mother.
The Koran says: "Paradise lies at the feet
of motherhood," and all creeds and sects loin
in saying "Amen." .
A girl drove the first spike In the new gov
ernment railroad in Alaska. Evidently she made
a distinct hit
The longer war proceeds the more effec
tively does It indict civilisation as a thin .veneer
for barbarism.
' "A Grave Situation" la the headline of the
latest marine tragedy. Unfortunately, watery
grave situation.
The base ball teams are this time playing
against a world series that almost crowds them
off the boards.
Nature kindly provided the Chinese with
optica peculiarly fitted quickly to note the alant
of the Jap game.
That Zeppelin fleet will , have to perform
some startling exploit now to keep- up with the
subnea squadron. . -
Colonel Watteraoa seems to bare been about
the only one who had a real hunch, on what was
going to happen.
The prospect of a few new faces around the
city hall ought to put a little ginger Into activi
ties of tbe regular habitues.
President Wilson's motto, "America first c!f
all," embodies the right spirit, and the only
aplrit worth while in a republic. -
Cleveland still supplies water at 6 cents a
thousand gallons as against Omaha's 21 cent.
Why? Don't all speak at once. v
. - i. ,
It 1 becoming more apparent every' day that
diplomatic palaver will not prevent sliding the
Inside bolt on tbe open door of China.
When one considers the dally round of war
bulletin contradictions the difficulty of main
taining vocal neutrality is painfully reallxed.
And to think of It, only a week ago tb
bunk" was being spread ao thick by spouting
candidates around our corners that it could be
cut with a knife.
Science and Healing-.
One point, too commonly overlooked, la con
nection with the practice of healing. Is given
illuminating emphasis by the Journal of the
American Medical Association. That paper
points out that if a man'e watch Is la need of
repairs, he does not take It to a blacksmith or
tinker with It himself, but takes it to an expert,
that It may be properly adjusted. Yet when
that same man discovers some of his bodily func
tions have become deranged he is quite as apt to
turn himself over to the ministrations of an un
informed person as be ia to seek out one who la
qualified to tell him wbat is wrong.
The point tbe Journal seeks to make is not
aimed especially at any of the healers, but is
Intended to draw attention to the very important
business of determining the nature and the
causation of disease. More than this, the neces
sity of early as well aa accurate determination
ia jet forth aa a vital factor in the combat
against disease. Modern methods require that
a properly equipped diagnostician be an expert,
familiar with the handling of high-power mlcro
scopes, able to recognlie specific germs, and full
of a vast quantity of specialised knowledge. To
him should be left the naming of tbe diaease,
because his Is the knowledge tbat can be relied
After the nature of tbe diaease has been
fixed, then tbe sufferer may. if he so elect, eek
out any form of healing that meets his individ
ual view, and may submit himself to be treated
by the laying on of hands, by mental processes,
by massage or manipulation or by getting an
old-faahioned doctor's dose. Wbat he should
do is to make sure of what really alia him, aud
here is where the science of diagnosis subatt
us accuracy for suets work.
One Lesson of the Election.
If our recent Omaha city election teaches one
lesHon more than another, it' roust be that the
quest of votes is not helped by the candidates, or
their spokesmen, running; down their home town.
While no one denies that civic conditions con-,
stantly offer room for improvement, Omaha will
compare favorably In every field of public and
private activity with other cities of the same
class, and thjs is so thoroughly known that peo
ple take no stock In luridly painted pictures por
traying the terrible depths from which we are
to be lifted only by putting somebody out of
office to make way for aomebody else.' The
knock-on-your-towu . and blow-your-own-horn
method of campaigning evidently does not get
anywhere, but, on the contrary, even when per
petrated by self-constituted newspaper cham
pions, reacts to tbe detriment, instead of to the
advantage, of the favored candidates who other
wise might pass as good and well meaning fel
lows.. ' ' , 1 '.' .
We hope that this lesson of the electionit
Is the same lesson that was taught by the elec
tion of last fall will not be lost entirely on
those who will have charge of future campaigns,
and particularly on those who will have charge of
the coming campaign for prohibition, who, we
know, will be aorely tempted to pursue the same
blackwashlng tactics. '
Getting Back at the ."Jitney."
Less than a year has passed since the light
automobile was brought into service aa a com
petitor with the trolley car, but its spread has
been so general that the "jitney" has made its
entry Into' nearly every large city In the country.
The literature of the "Industry" .is growing
apace, with volumlnoua reports from - surveys
and Investigations wherever the condition war
rants serious consideration of the problem. Some
of these say the Jitney has already run Us course,
and others predict that the Jitney ts the begin
ning of the end of the trolley car, but tbe trolley
is not ready to yield, and the fight for suprem
acy is under way.
In Los Angelea the case has been submitted
to a referendum vote of jthe citlsens. In Van
couver the, trolley line haa struck back by a re
duction in fare. Other cities have yet to meet
the problem squarely, but we will doubtless soon
hear of other measures for dealing with the
auto aa a common carrier. Regulation is Im
perative, but the public ia ao far gainer In the
service rendered. The trolley. If It Is to hold
Its own. will have to meet the Jitney bus aa U
did the horse car and the cable line, by serving
tbe public best.
Good Time to Visit School.
Here's a bit of advice for parents of achooi
children so timely and so pointedly put by Col
lier's Weekly that we'pass It along Just as It la:
About now la a mighty good time te vialt tha
achooi that you have not aean all Inter. Roads are
better, the children are getting tha spring- energy Inte
their work and play, the year's lnatructtoe haa had
plenty of time to aoak In, and the achooi year will
end next, month. For aome yeare you're bean'paying
taxea to be spent on educational work set around
there now and ahow that you are latereated alee in
seeing what yuir children get out ot thee taxes.
Tou would su fast enough If tha achooi house waa
your factory or orchard or pasture, and yet chlldrea
la tha one really Important crop that our country
raise a.
Our public schools are doing good work, but
they would do it much better if the children's
parenta manifested real interest In the work by
a little personal observation and supervision
now and then.
Despite tbe troop ot perplexing questions
I plowing furrows oa the domes of his associate,
Secretary Redfleld daily shoots his optimistic
dUks under the needle and grinds out the mer
riest of prosperity music. Ills skill and endur
ance tops the percentage column. Why Brook
lyn permitted its champion cabaret artUt to
wander from home Is a growing puzxle.
The operation ot Japan swallowing China
retersea the Scriptural atory of Jonah and the
whale. The modern Jonah will absorb tbe
whale by degrees and avoid impaired digestion.
y TTCToai aonwim.
HOW natural it ia to compare the torpedoing of tha
I'Ualtanla with tha ainkln of the Titanic! Rut
while both of these disaster carried hundreda
to watery gravea, tha excitement over the Titanic wma
much more tense and Intense. Varloua reaaona for
this are obvtoua, primarily the fact that the aucc
alon of events elnce tha opening- of the European war
has dulled and hardened popular senalUvenesa to
cruahlns- calamities, and haa made tha extinction of
hundreda and thousand of Uvea a subject of routine
news reports taken almost aa a matter of course.
Mora to the point, however, la the fari that the Ti
tanic vlctlma Included representative cltlwns from all
parta of the country acarcely a city or town of any
alae whose people did not knoW peraonally aome of
those who went down. Here In Omaha, for example,
one of our leading business men waa a doomed paa
aenrer on the Titanic, whose uncertain fata kept the
demand for further Information keen, and brourht
homo a comprehension of what had happened mora
vivid than will be any mental picture of the Lusttanla'a
How many newspaper readera have any well de
fined notion aa to how they are able to have the re
sult of an election, like that held herej m Omaha last
week, apread before them In newspaper extraa within
a few hours after the poll close? Approximately 20,000
voters marched tip and marked their ballot and de
posited them In tha ballot boxea. There are 88 voting;
districts in Omaha, averaging; about 2W) votera, and
the election board In each polllnjr place operatea en
tirely Independent of every other election board. The
counting and tabulation la dona by tha Judgea and
clerka of the respective voting districts, but the col
lection, assembling and compilation of t'ie rcturna de
volves upon the forces In the newspaper offices. Tak
ing this last election, which Involved fewer than the
usual number of offices, each return contained tha
flguraa representing-- the vote cast for fourteen dif
ferent candldatea for commissioner, and for and
against three separate referendum measures, making
twenty distinct Heme of flgurca. or a. total of 1,769 for
the whole 88 districts. For several years Tha Bee and
tha World-Herald have co-operated In gathering end
tabulating election returns In order to avoid duplicat
ing the labor and expense entailed. Arrangementa are
made by which a bright messenger la assigned to ao
cure and hrlng In to the central office the footlnga
for each voting district. Tha boy copies Ma figures on
a sample ballot, or upon one of tha regularly prepared
return forma, and theaa are re-copled for tabulation.
To save time and expedite the work, the figures are
first telephoned In, and then verified later. In reading
off and copying and addition, although the adding la
now dona by machine, tha possibility of error lurka.
Notwithstanding all these haaarda, the compiled re
turns have proved In this case to be so accurate
that the official canvass has aerved 6My to cor
roborate them, and the newapaper announcements of
the winners atand unassailable. In spite of tha fact
that a difference of only some thirty votea separatee
the low man credited with success and the high man
downed by defeat.
I doubt whether we In Omaha will ever again have
such prompt and early election returns, for a law
passed by the late ligealature, becoming effective la
July, 'changes the hours during which the polls are to
be open, establishing uniformity for both Jprimarlea
and regular electlona, so that the voting will continue
from S o'clock In the morning until S o'clock at night.
If closing the polls two houra later nteana deferring
the work of - collecting and tabulating the returns for
two hours, than the speediest extra telling who Is
elected can hardly get on tha atreta next time much
before 10 o'clock at night,
I attended the recaption of the Visiting Nurse as
sociation at their rooms In the city hall the ether day.
Someone auggeated that I was entitled to a hero
medal because I was the only man there at the time,
while the women were numerous. The equipment at
the room helps one to understand the scope ef what
this organisation la doing In furnishing the free serv
ices of trained nurses te needy eick In their homes.
Some of the work taken oa thamaelves by the visiting
nurse ought to be done by the publlo authorities, and
la part of the publlo semee In ether cities. If there
is a more practical charity operating among us I do
ot know what It la
The seventieth birthday party of Actor Crane
made his performance of the "Henrietta" in Omaha
an exceptional engaarameat. My recollection of first
seeing Crane was when he waa doubled up with
Btuart Robson la tha "Comedy of Errora," popularly
known as "The Two Drotnloa," the dromloa alter
nating la successive scenes until the last act, when
they both appear together. J remember that I had
not been aware that the two dromloa were different
dromloa, and that my surprise waa more real than
theirs pretended to be when they finally bumped Into
one anotstar while backing across the stage. .A seven
tieth birthday celebration on tbe stage Is a rare oc
casion, and the Joy of it almost put Mr. Crane and
bis associates out of their Unea. I remember anotner
exceptional dramatic performance where the aadness
ef the occaaion practically broke up the play, it being
the performance of "Macbeth'' by the tiooth-Barrett
company at the Broadway theater In New Tork when
the word waa brought to Booth, and quickly spread
through the houae, that Ban ett waa flying, and tha
remainder of the lines ware recited aa if at a funernl.
Twice Told Tale3
ladoatr Sport.
' T. A. Dorgan, Tad, the cartoonist, waa dining atone
In a restaurant in Fulton street the other night. A
stranger dropped Into the Beat opposite and fell to
dtaouaslng cartoons.
"Now. take my old friend Tad." aatd the at ranger.
"I like hint peraonally. In fact, we are the best of
friends, but aa an artist ha Is punk."
"You know Tad, then?" Tad asked.
"Know htm! I should say I do,"
Til bet yeu 15 you don't knew him." said T1,
reaching for bis wallet. The 810 waa drpoalted on
the table.
"Now." aald tha cartoonist, "how are you golr.g
te prove that you would know Tad If you saw him?"
"Thafa a cinch." chuckled the stranger, as he
gathered In tka money, -you are Tad. '-Cartoons
A committee, appointed by the Baptist state con
vention, headed' by J. 8. Richardson of Omaha, :s
looking Into advantage offered by different Nebraska
towna for a Baptist college, and Omaha la expected
to get into the competition.
Charles tMckinson. auperinlrudenl of the WUbur
MarcantUe agency ot Chicago, is here for the pur.
pose ef eMtabltshlag a branch of the agency lit
A unique entertainment la to be given by the young
women of Browwell hall to raise money for their new
buildings, at which different celebrities will be imi
tated. The coffee aad aandwich table la to be pre
alded ever by Queen Ellrabeth and her court ladloa,
the cake counter by women in Grecian costume, while
gypalea will tell fortunes and Rebekah serve lemon
ade from the well.
The Creightoa college boya beat the high school
oye at baae ball by a ecore of to 7. tha fielding
ef Redtck and Dvrr being featuraa of tbe game.
The toughs and fast youag men who improve tha
night with revelry and dark drda have recently
taken a fancy to unloading arms on the streets. Not
a night passes that the weary wayfarer and tha
police are not startled by platol allots.
General Thomas Wilson, fotmerly of this military
department, waa beta for a vlalt with his son-la-law.
Mr. witsler.
Washington Tost: Tapping on wood la
a lsd sign, according to a Washington
preacher: pulpit poundera will please
take notice.
Cleveland Tlain Iealer: "God wilted
thia war," declares a rellaloue publication.
The word religious Is used for cataloguing
purpoara. not aa an expression of opinion
by this paper.
Brooklyn Kaclo: Manifestly. If Jgpsn's
"new Buddhism" can be made the pre
vailing religion of China and of Japan,
too, the unify ins effect on ttic yellow
raea will be very Important. The hege
mony of Japan will be emphasised, and
there may be the shrewdest of statefiman
ahlp In the effect Manifestly also, the
effect will not be favorable at all to
the extension it Christianity In the Far
East. 0
Sprlnsfield Republican: Secretary
Bryan would have made a great evange
list unleaa It be admitted that he already
la one. His way Is not Billy Sunday s
way. but he haa the sun essential
magnetism. More than 6rt "filed up to
the eteare" lor "climbed on to the water
wagon," to express It In Bundayese)
after a temperance speech by the secre
tary at Carnegie hall. New York, Friday
night. And each of the pledge signet
went away with Mr. Bryan's witnessing
St. toula Republic There Is something
In the rrltcrlous need of mankind that
at roe t preaching rorrespooda to. The St.
Louis church ought to test the expul
sive power of positive and constructive
effort In thia field. We greatly doubt
whether certain klnda of charitable and
religious quackery would ever have
gotten the hold they have In tbls town
If our Methodlata had lived up to the tra
dition of Wesley, our Presbyterians to
that of Chalmers, our Congrcgatlonallsta
to that cf Moody and our Cathollca to
that of FranciB of Aaslsl.
Wichita haa organised a syndicate to
.pipe natural gas for manufacturing pur
posea to the city.
Atlanta, Ga., haa organised a club for
the purpose of giving the Individual glad
hand to new eettlers.
Speeding auto drivers In Bait Lake City
pay more money in finea than Indlviduala
navigating with boose tanka.
fait Lake City Is giving aome vim. to
the "Buy It Now" movement, and It Is
speeding up in the publicity line.
Danville la one of the newest "dry"
towna In Illinois, but Uncle Joe Cannon
haa a two-year engagement In congress.
8t Louis has dedicated a new library
building in Koreat park, which la en
dowed by the estate of the late J. C.
Richardson. -
Courta of Kansas City, Mo..' have been
forced by a rare spasm ot economy to
dismiss one-fifth of their employes. The
painful duty fell to the Judges.
Lewis (Kan.) girls are signing up
jJedgee te give the cold-shoulder to
smokers of cigarettes. Pipes and clgara
are permissible. o the girls will not
be lonesome.
Oakland (Cel.) has a million-dollar
Auditorium, 212 feet long by 110 feet wide,
and capable of seating t.000. Omaha's
Auditorium is 264 by 132, and didn't cost
one-third of the money.
Buffalo Is to have a $.-..000,000 terminal
built by the Lehigh Valley railroad. In
due Ume "Put me off at Buffalo." will
afford the pilgrim some modern cheer In
the shadow of ancient depots. -
Sioux City and Dee Moines made a hot'
run at the eenaus finish the former to
reach the 0,000, and the latter the 100,000
population class. Polls closed Saturday
night and the count Is now on.
New Tork City authorities have been
notified that damage suits Impend unless
heavy motor trucks are kept out of resi
dential streets. It la claimed that the
vibration caused by such heavy vehicles
la destructive te buildings of other than
steel construct km.
Twenty-five hundred persons, young
and old of both aexea, lined up In Wash
ington for 100 Jobs which will be avail
able July 1. Tbe advance raatt waa for
civil service blanks. The lure of the
federal pay roll ia strongest at the home-plate.
The balance wheel of a watoh vibrates
toe times a minute, or 1T, 680,000 times a
Bcientists have figured that about M,
tt.OOO babies are born each year, er at
a rate ef about seventy a minute.
Experiments have shown that the auto
mobile is moat efficient and economical
when driven at a rate ot twenty miles
an hour. 1
, Italian adentlsts recently ' recorded a .
temperature of US In the victim of a lung
disease, the highest figure ever known
In a human being.
Some scientists are of the opinion that
earthquakes are eauaed by the wobbling
path described by the earth's axis. Its
eccentricities seem to be most manifest
at times of these terrestrial troublea.
Much of the ivory, from which our
piano keya. billiard bulla, knife handlea
and combs are made ia collected in Kl
beria from the foasil remains of the giant
mammoth, the great-grandmother of the
That guinea pigs furnish a cheap and
appetizing meat Is one of the discoveries
of Orman dlotlsts forced hy the necea
altles of food economy during the war.
The Association of Physicians of Frank-furt-am-Main
urges the breeding of these
prolific animals for food purposes, and
notes that It haa already become a large
Industry. .
If a ord to tha wlae la eurficlent, few
men are wise.
A woman's watch Is usually more orna
mental than useful
Probably the most important woman's
club Is the rolling pin.
Much unnecessary talk managea to es
cape from a tiny mouth.
.The daughter of a poker player la aup.
posed to inherit her shyness.
- A young man would rather ewe money
te hta father than to his "uncle."
Too often the atork llghta on a roan's
roof when tbe wolf ts at his door.
Anyway, Eve wasn't constantly nag
ging poor old Adam about other women.
Only a bachelor knows that It ia the
eaaieat tblag la tha world to manage a
A girl always tetla a young man she
caa cook and . ah a Is. aye telle other
girls that aha can't.
No ' man can ever gain a practical
knowledge of the world vy pursuing his
studies In a rocking chair.
Probably nothing would afford tka
email boy more pleasure than tha prlvt.
Iee of assuming the role of father to
th( sua occasionally .Chicago N'eaa
People and Events
The Old IJberty llell raw the republic
first and a few of the aubscnuent states.
Next aummer it will see the rest cf
The gaiety of this old world resents
the lid. It will bubble over in spots. A
Fennsylvsnla woman auea for divorce on
the ground that her armless husband
beat her.
There are 1,500 applicants for the fifty
joba In the new department of labor of
Pennsylvsnia. The pursuit of happiness
In the Keystone state has its destination
at a plum tree.
An accommodating scientist banishes a
world of anxiety by announcing that
shock or fright have no effect on the
color of the human hair which hangs
over the back of the chair at night.
Back In New York state where they do
things occaslonnlly, drivers of motor cars
for hire must have state license, and
the applicant must stand an examination
for competency. There ta where "safety
first" gets a collar-hold. .
Back In Wenhawken, N. J., the orches
tra of a movie theater checked a panic
by playing "Tipperary." At Hoboken. a
few miles away, the ttne would start a
riot. The artistry of music Is not alone
In the rendition. Occasion and atmos
phere must be taken into account.
The late Charles E. Llttlefleld ef Maine
gained the reputation while In congress
of bclruj the fastest talker In that body,
and on many ocraslons taxed the capac
ity of rrackerjack stenographers. The
Boston Transcript adds to Its tribute that
Llttlefleld "never had to sacrifice quality
to speed."
To the elders ot today who, In btiegv
rldlnj? days, allowed the only girl to do
the driving. It la a puzzle why similar
gallantry Is lacking In the Jqy rldea of
today. A young man at the motor wheel
Is utterly Incapable of plvlng hta sweet
heart an accurate measure of his arms,
without which the verdant scenery loses
color and sest.
sufficiently serious to Isnd you here."
"You ere rieht. I had a pull with the
authorities or I never would have man
aged to break in." W ashington Utar.
Mis. Dcitrhorn Thst man who nesrlj
rnn over me with h's sutomoblle waa one
of my divorced "husbsnda.
Mrs. Wabash Did you ret his number?
Mrs. Dearborn Sure; he waa No. S.
Tonkers Statesman.
"I notice that you publish a verso from
the Bible every day," said the caller to
the editor of the newspaper. "Do your
subscribers ever read it?"
"Should say thev do." replied the editor.
"Why, it i news to most of them."
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mra. Exe My husband got a letter to
day aaying something dreadful would
happen it he didn't send the writer a
turn of money.
Mrs. Wye My husband gets dunned for
his bills, too, Boston Transcript.
"Then you are holding the mirror up
to we began.
"Not on your rife," responded dramatic
art, "I'm too busy holding up the dear
public. I've got only two hands, you
know." Philadelphia Ledger.
"Welcome to our prison!" exclaimed
the reformed convict.
"Thank you," replied the new arrival.
"I feci that I am lucky to be here."
"I never thought you capable of a crime
They Cost More But Last Longer.
, The last word (by the artists)
When talking Art In Piano Tone.
Prices, $800 and. up for Grands,
f 550 and up for. Uprights.
Wonderful Caee Design In Ma
hogany and Circassian Walnut.
The Home Piano Finish, ma
terial, design, durability all in
one. $450 and up.
Elaborate Cases in Walnut, Oak
and Mahogany.
Best for $350 and up.
Nothing Like it for Wear.
Nearly one-third of a million in
use, at $275 and up.
In. Handsome Cases.
Excellent, dependable Instru
ments, from $275 and up.
A. Hospo Co.
Tniclc Tires Free
Unless the 1915 Gooayear S-V
Outvveara Any Other
Here is an offer whk Track mere carna afibrtl to
Deflect. It wlU settle for yon. tritboert may risk, tbas
entire Track Tire qtvostioo. '-
For thre mouths April, Merynairl Jan tWa sant
fog warrant goee with easerj S-V Track Tire pjta
wider these coodltloaa:
Every Penny Back
Eqarfyi opposite waVaala, a the
with a CawaVeer S-V, ewe with
itareef fcfce
any oth sa
If Ike
asOe tftaoa the
5-V raCt tat
we win Ml
the SAT tree.
at hw war
ywafca fall
Mark that no partial rebate, no mile a re. adjustment,
no replacement. The tire that fails ia tree. Get this
gru&rantee in writinf when yon buy tbe tiaMa.
Never Such a Warrant v
Never before hss each a war
rant been given on any class
el tire. If widely accepted. It
team with e a million-dollar
stake. It is given without reser
vation against any tire in the
field.. It oovers accidents as
well as wear.
Numerous makers claim te
beild tires as good aa tbe Good
year S-V. Let
na step arguing
ia print and in
person.. Let us
compare them
on opposite
wheels. We have
done that already,' an der every
condition. Over 5,000 S-V
tires were tested oat on tracks
before we made this offer. We
know to a certainty the results
yeaH get, barring accidents.
We hare worked tot eight
years on this Truck Tire prob
lem. We built 29 types before '
S-V Truck Tires
arriving at this one. We ballt
74 models of this S-V type be
fore we attained rhie perfec
tion. v
We give yew in ft, aa eons
pared with others, 20 per cent
more available tread robber.
Tbe shape ends bajlging, break
ing or excessive grind. The
compound minimises friction.
The tire can't creep, aa we
prose it en at
a minimum ef
50,000 pounds.
It can't sepa
rate, for tbe
tread, the beck
lag and the rim
are welded into lasting nnloa.
Goto a Goodyear Distributor
or ask onr local branch where
yon can get thia warrant en the
latest S -V tire. Accept It white
the offer lasts.
Tka Cseayaar Tire tt Ranker Castaway
D-aS4e aaaa.0k
Slifcn Cutiw AmanH. TW
W. SUk. rt?..,,. Mm Caw. h
smm awl tttLar Ipw Traat Tew
Avery Co., 1007 Leavenworth St.
H. Pelton, 205 Farnam St.
Omaha Branch, 2549-51 Farnam St: '
Omaha Neb.