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New Type of Car of Actual Hi eh
Grade and Light Weight at an
Unusually low Price.
The -8crlpps-Booth car I the latent
ifforlng of the W. I Huffman Automo
bile company, who have Just received
thrlr drat shipment of thin unusual car.
Thin car tx-ars the unmistakable slims
of Rood breeding and la truly a combi
nation of luxury, elegance, powor and
dependability nothing of the cheap car
c-lasa about It at all, and If the lint price
as double the amount ajiked it ould
not appear out of place.
The ear U designed by a CtilcaKoao,
no other than the famous "BUI' Stout of
the Chicago Auto club, formerly a tech
i.lcal contributor to the Motor Afe and
the Chicago Tribune.
Wherever the car has been Introduced
It haa found lnstnntan.ous favor with
the moat critical and really high grade
das of trade and many handsome com.
pllmonls have been paid by roon famous
In the automobile world.
Rajph UePaima made a trip to the
Kcrlppa-nooth plant the other day and
aftr looking oyer the factory went out
In one of the cara and waa especially
Impressed with the ability of the light
weight vehicle to bold the road in rough
V'-nta at the high speeds which were
' : ' Vv'V
: ' ' ' ''''' ''''''ils
90,359 Ford Cars Are
Built in Two Months
In the laat two months the Ford Motor
company haa produced the enormous total
of 90. X cars, this Including 4&.W ears
In March and 46,510 cam In April. This
not only Insures the completion of the
production of 300.000 Pord earn, between
Augubt, 1914, and August, 1015, barring
the totally unforeseen, and thn rebating of
all Kord purchasers within that period,
but r means that the rosj will un
doubtedly bo reached before tbe promised
time. August L Then will begin the task
rf rebating about 116,000,000 to Ford pur
chasers in accordance with the terms of
the profit-sharing announcement. Kaon
of the 300,000 or more Ford purchasers
will be mailed, of course, an Individual
check, probably of I.VX The pontage alone
9 thla huge mall mean at leant $1,000.
Having won every contest in which he
wa qualified to compete as a salesman,
Paul O. Hoffman of the Los Angeles
branch of the Studebaker corporation.
Baa novr won the moat coveted piixa in
the gift of this automobile manufac
turer 1100 in gold and a beautiful loving
cup for his branch. lie wrote the best
essay on "How to Bell a Studcbaker Car."
Mr. Hoffman Is well qualified to dis
cuss this question, aa he is one of the
best salesmen in the Studebaker organ
isation. One of his feats waa selling a
car a day for twenty-six days out of
thirty during the month of August. He
recently won a trip to the Studebaker
factory at Detroit by selling more earn
than any other Jnsmon In a specified
Every section of the country from New
England to Florida and from the Atlantic
coat to the far west la represented In
the list of prise winners In the second
annual tire mlloajre contest of the AJaz
Orleb Rubber company, Ino,, of Trenton,
N. J., the results of which have Just
been announced. Motor! Ms the country
over have shown their keen Interest In
this truly national contest for Ajax tire
users with the result that this year the
trading mile ages obtained are far greater
than ever refore, and the average la also
considerable greater than that of last
secretary Daniels Drives (smadlrr.
Among 'the prominent motorists who
have recently taken delivery of Chandler
Sixes Is found the name of Secretary of
the Navy Daniels. Mr. Daniels Is an en
thtslastlo motorist, tatting particular de
light In driving hla own car. .
Apartments, flats, houses and cottage
can be rentedqulckly and cheaply by a
Be "For Rent"
Omaha Automobile
Club-Its Own News
by Its Secretary
The Omsha Automobile club is deeply
Interested In good ronds and this Interest
Is the fundamental basis of the organiza
tion. Ever since man has been upon this old
earth he haa been vitally Interested in
good roads. Hasn't the rise or thn fall
of nations more than onoe depended on
1 1 .1 - .ttr.ntn.... f h.lp nnftl.
tlon? Caesar knew well tne Importanoe
of the good roads movement, and the
Amilnn Wv and other still sWl.uKliy
preserved Roman roads are indisputable
evidences of this logic '
The automobile Is responsible for the
wonderful road development of the pres
ent, and the resultant Increase in1 busi
ness. The automobile demands good
roarls. This demand haa given hlrth to
automobile clubs ali over the world, gusr-
nians which foster and further benefits
In the Interest of auto owners. The auto
mobile Is no longer a luxury; It Is a busi
ness asset of the hlgnest Importance.
Imagine the business of todav relying
on Old Dobbin.
The farmer used to swear at the auto
mobile. Now he drives his own slx-cylln-
Mr. Omaha Auto Owner, when you
drive over a bad street the Omaha Auto
mobile club wants you to rerticmber that
we have been Instrumental In getting
thousands of dollars' worth of repairs
done to Omaha streets, and if you are
so vitally interested in good roads and
pieasnnt driving we can do a wnoie lot.
more with your added co-operation In the
There are at least i."00 auto owner In
Omaha who can afford to Join the Omaha
Automobile club In Ua efforta for mutual
benefit among auto owners.
The automubllo cluba of Ohio are so
strong that they recently defeated in
their state legislature a vicious law
which provided for a license registration
fee of from S5 to $2fi, according to horse
power. That defeat ' saved . every auto
owner In Ohio more than Is asked for
membership In their clubs.
Don't swear at the bad roads. Join the
Omaha Automobile club and help get
good roads. Anyone can swear at a bad
rot (I. Co-operation will bring ua better
Our membership card serves a ball
upon arrest for infractions of the law,
the officer Immediately releasing you
with your promise to appear In court.
This benefit saves you hours of worry
and inconvenience. This Is a distinct
feature. The auto clubs of Paterson, N.
J.; South Mend, Ind., and many other
cities have written us for information
on this 'point with a view to Incorporat
ing It in their privileges.
The membership card Includes member
ship In the Amercan Automobile associa
tion and tho Nebraska State Automobile
association, and these cards admit you
to privileges in any local club through
out the country, a convenience mighty
handy for tne tourist, either ty ran or
Following la a list or new members re
ceived In the last month: Hartv O.
Steol, Edward Peterson, Henry Nlckol
son. Dr. H. A. McDermott. K. A. Hlnirtns,
Albert Cahn, B. B. Doyle. Wl R. Wood,
Oeorge Hrandcla, A. Hoape, Ralph Sun
derland, W. A. riel, U D. Uphem, W. F.
Megeath. Dr. W. J. Bradbury. Edward O.
Hamilton, 3. M. Qillan, Ralph Rusaell,
it. j. McCarthy, is, c, uarry
Tukey and Dr. D. H. Uruenlng,
The Automobile club has paid In the
last month half a doaen rewards of tS
each to Omaha policemen for arrest and
conviction of persons throwing liroken
glaxs on the public street, thereby sav
ing bail punctures anu costly reiuiir bills
to auto owners.
The splendid club room of the Omaha
Automobile club, directly acroas from the
grill on the ground floo' of the Mot -I
Fontenelle, Is equipped with touring
maps, tour slips for runs out of Omsha,
a complete set of six automobile blue
books covering the entire country, promi
nent wtor msgaxlnes. auto club maga
zines from scores of cities. Illustrated lit
erature on touring In the scenic west
nd receives road reports from all directions.
"There hns r.ever leen a year In the
career of tho Kissel Motor Car company
that KIsselKarr have riot compared favor
ably with any product of similar price,-'
says Frank J. fViwarda.
"But in spite of past Kissel successes,
these 1915 KissellKsrs the '-four find 42-
i six are by a wide mnrging the most
I conspicuous Kissel values of all time.
Both cars, though selling at much lower
prices than models of previous years,
are so near perfection In both appearance
and mechanical excellence that we sel
dom lose a prospect who goes Into the
car situation with care."
Over Rnnulna; CIntfti.
In a Btudebaker automobile the elec
ttial (ranking c.pcraluii. is performed ly
a, quiet roller chain and sprocket, with
overrunning clutch that Is stationary
except while starting the motor.
Nearly All Famous Driven of Coun
try to Compete in Indianapolis
500-Mile Event.
INDIANAPOL.IS. May 8,-Two n?dl
tlcnal mail entries have been received
for the next Indianapolis 500-mlle race,
dwelling the total count for that event
to forty.
They are a third Duesenberg, entered
by F. S. Duesenberg of Minneapolis.
Minn., no driver named, and a ham-
laugh special, entered by Charles Sham-
be missed, as Dario Rests, winner of the (more than able to fill his shoea.
last Vanderbllt and Grand Priie races The compute lineup of cars and drtv-
at San Frioicieco, la counted on as being ' f ra la aa follows:
No. Car.
Wt. Cyl.
1 Maxwell....,
I Maxwell America .
a Maxwell America
4 Mercedes Germany
b Mm Oram Knglanct
Sunbeam England
7 Du Chesneau..
S Duesenberg.
10 Cornelian...
11 Dclage
12 ritutz
13 Stuta
14 Stuti..
15 Peugeot
1 Peuueot
17 Peugeot
It liergdoll.....
1 Kergdoll
1!9 Mercer
l!l Mercer
'2 Mercer.
i Zs Mercer
laugh of Lafayette, Ind. Shambaughj 23 Uugatti
will drive, himself. U Bergdoll
An "unknown" car was entered at the p 'nj.7.7.'
eleventh hour by an Indianapolis man, 1 27 R R. P.'.'..'.
but Is not officially listed. Inasmuch as Jj fflK p
uwiit-i urDii turn i,iii7 t. n iii(i:iu uu
til he found out whether his car would
be finished in time.
Rene Thomas, who cabled his entry to
the speedway management early In the
spring, Is not coming after all. Thomas,
after falling originally to Interest the
Delage factory in loaning him a car
tried to raise the necessary capital to buy
the machine, but fell down on that also.
It la not thought, however, that he will
30 Hunbeam
31 Hunbeam
32 Clno-Purcell..
33 Burnian
34 Harroun
35 Mul ford
C'lno ,
37 Klelnart
3S Mais
39 Duesenberg..,
40 Shambaugh...
America ..1.10
America ..l.UjO
America ..l.(.
Fmnce ...2,340
.....America . .2,iV
America ..2.2.'l
....America . .2,i'n
Prance ...2,ti0
France .. .1.700
France ...1,900
America ..2,2r0
America ..2.2i)
....America ..2,1
.... America ..2,H
.....America ..2.100
.....Germany ..l.Sou
America ,.2,2iO.
America ..2.2MO
America ..L,9orj
America ..1.9O0
.....America ..l.lnxi
America ..2,H
England ..2,2"i
Kngland . .2.3"j
....America ..2.X0
America ..2,2fiO
America ..2,200
America ..
America . .2,4iO
America ..
America ,,2.4W
America ..l,9n0
.....America ..
B. r. 8. P.Dlsp. Driver. Nation.
S.Rxtt.g 238 Carlson America
3 Sx6.8 2f! Rlckcnbacher .America
3.8x1. 8 2W
3 7x6. S 274 I Palma America
, 3.7x.J 270.9 Coatalen Knxland
3.7x.S 270.9 Clinssngne Franco
S. 3x5.5 in.". Brown America
4 s6 2W Alley America
4 x 2 O'Donnell America
2.9x4 Ii2 Chevrolet America
4 xii 2W J. Ie Palma America
3.SX6.6 2Sti
3.8x.5 IMS
3.Kx.6 ?
3.7xfi 9 274 Rosta England
3.1x.l li
3.1x6.1 1W1
4 x6.9 2si9 K. Bergdoll America
4 x.9 LN9 tl. Bergdoll America
J.Sxti.8 2!'8 Pullen America
3.8x4.8 29 Ruckstell America
3.8x6 3 LNX Nlkrent America
3.9x6.9 30 tUdfleld America
4 x5.9 299 Haupt Amerlca-
4.3x5.3 2'8
3.8x6.1 270 Huvhes . America
3.8x6.1 270 Kcene America
3,(rieaa 270 Whalon U.America
4 x 2!9
3.2xf..9 27S Grant America
3.2x5.9 278 l.imberg America
4.4x5 2W Cox America
3 x7.1 2; Purman America
3.8x 8 W Orr - Amerlci
8.7x7 2H9 Mulford America
4.4x5 20 McNay America
6 xC 9 Klein America
4.4x5 .Alals America
4 x6 299
Shambaugh America
N. B. I!o re and stroke are approximate, piston 'displacement exact.
Wmii,s.Ip, M.awua.iwummiH a
6-a,- -tWtA.(--.N- -- - f
The Light Six
ilAMIjfll lMgliaasjlWSJWirwll.llliiJ 0
7-Pienger Phaeton ,
3-Psenger Roadster
$1,000,000 a Week
Now Being Paid for Hudsons
We are selling HUDSONS to, users, nowadays just twice as
fasj as tvo build them." 'Tho winter eurplus 'is., fust lisnpenrinj?. Tlion
there is bound to be, as hist year, weeks of waiting for thin favorite ear.
Not Hudson's Fault
Itst summer we were at one time 4,000
cars oversold. But thlg type of car waa new
then, and nobody dreamed that such welcome
awaited It. We ahlpped 1,000 cara by ex
press then to help out waiting buyers.
Since then we have ' trebled our output.
All last winter we built more than we sold,
to be ready for spring demand. Kven yet
we have cars to deliver. So any disappoint
ments will not be HUDSON'S fault. No
Klrst Choice car of any type has ever prompt
ly met tbe spring demand.
13,000 Salesmen
There are thin year 18,000 owners of this
latest HUDSON type. They are experienced
motorists, meetly. And tbey are saylnK, in
. every city and hamlet, "At last, my ideal
They are the sellers of HUDSONS. Tbey
are telling what this lightness means to
them. They report on tire bills cut in two.
of fuel coht lessened by half.
They tell how this car, tinder every con
dition, has proved ittclf utterly faultless.
And they are saying to friends who are tired .
of mistakes, "Buy only the HUDSON Light
The New Class Car
If you want a Light Slf today's popular
tn your first choice will be this HUDSON.
It is the original of thla type. It Is a four
year evolution, refined to the limit.
It is designed by Howard E. Coffin, who
created this type, and who stands at the
top in designing, it is built by HUDSON
standards, It has proved itself to 13,000, on
millions of miles of road.
You who want the best who refuse to
take risks who know that one error may
cost you hundreds of dollars will want
tbe HUDSON In the Ught Six type.
. Won't you find this out before this over
demand compels us to start our usual wait
ing list?
7-raAMMiRtor rhartou or 3-PaMngtr Hoad
ster, 13.V t. o. b Detroit.
HUDSON MOTOR CAR CO,, Detroit, Mich.
HUDSON owners get the ideal HUDSON
service, which keeps the car in trim. Let us
explain It to you.
Couactl Bluffs.
aissMolta ,
Kd Oak
bhsuaaaoafc. . .
at. VU....
Battl Crk. .
, John K. foicraan.
, 1.ImI Wfg. t'o
William Hor.
W. A. Chauncey. '
Ths Farrtifut Autnmoblla Ca
Hoolb luiplainriit Co.
(Tiaa. F. I'utnam.
. Kulyers ii Kay ton.
, luy Autoinobil Co.
.OhMiles Aiunson.
.J. It- HUkler.
, J'tx A Saul
.Maishrk Hi o.
.Kil K.rhtvukamp.
, 1. !, Ht.
. V. 1). Anilmwi Auto Co.
, l'eivr Fowrrs rowara Oartft.
. I. 11. S hall.
. 1 A. Jlnliniiann.
, lliks TjiulKii.
Central City. .
Craialitoa. ..
rails City . . . .
(luot ,
Orana Ialaa4.
Msw Caatla
Bswinaa OrCVS
ftM City. . .
Viata Catr. .
riattsmoata. . .
et. roi
Boott's Blaff . .
V anion ,
Boata Oaaaa. ,
r. r. ltuii.
'. t'. huiulos.
Krnton Xros.
1.. llarrU at Son.
Mr. IX A. ltrntlss. Auto Co.
.Kunun (irova Auto Co.
jty iniuirnsworui. ,
Wlirry Bros.
1'laitn Cfnisr Auto Co., Iae,
1. T. llvrbar.
V. K Illy.
.lous;las Orntvlussi'hen.
. A. T. 'rawt'ord.
. V. J. trilara.
.Mr. W. ri 1 Jiutnsrriluisr.
Ths VVtfher Auto Co.
. W. K. r.i Ii.
. Al-x K fVancVc.
, Opo- 8irou!c.
llolmna aV Adklns
f 41 UU X.
Why Our Price Is So Much Less
We are the largest automobile manufacturer in
the world producing Sixes.
This means we save at every point where other
manufacturers cannot. .
That is why we can offer a Six having'
a longer wheelbase
the most up-to-date 45 horsepower en bloc motor
larger tires
comfortable seven passenger seating Capacity
high tension magneto ignition
the finest bright French finish, long grain hand
buffed leather upholstery
for less money than any other manufacturer
in the business.
Get your Overland Six now.
We can make immediate-deliveries.
Overland-Omaha Company, Pl8tributers
Telephone Douglas 2643. J. R. JAMISON, President 2043-45 Farnam Street.
'Made in V. A. S." x
The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
Other models $795 to $1600. All prices f. o. b. Toledo.