Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1915, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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Rumon at City Hall Declare Elec
tion of 7ardin Will Bring
About Such Chang.
May Sales of Women9 s Ready-to-Wear Apparel Combining High QuaU C
ity and Distinctive and Authentic Design
With Surprisingly Low Pricings
Rumors In the city ball lend color
to the probability that George V.
Craig, former city engineer, will re
turn from Calgary, Canada, to re
sume his former work In the depart
ment of public improvements, in the
event that Walter S. Jardlne'a elec
tion is confirmed by the. official can
vass now in progress. Letters from
Mr. Craig have been received and
friends here are working in his
behalf. : ,
Those on the inside .declare that Mr.
Traig and Mr. Jardlne.'belng republicans,
has some bearing on the situation. Mr.
Craig . succeeded Andrew RoeeWater as
city engineer and was succeeded by Wat
son Townsend, the present city engineer.
In the event of Mr. Jardtne being as
signed to the department of public im
provements. It will be up to him to recom
mend the man he wants for engineer.
Tj&rt' winter tliere'were report that
Mr. Craig' intended returning to Omaha
and running aa candidate for city com
missioner. Affair Qmlrt Down.
Affairs in the city hall are quieting
down again and the munloipeJ machinery
Is In operation About as usual.- Tharo Is
some feeling of uncertainty among the
employee in the department of public Im
provement, and aJso In the department
of street deanlnc and maintenance over
prospective "changes on account of the
election of two new eommuwtotiers. Two
of the foremen-of the street department
are reported to have not been as loyal to
the "Square Seven" aa they should have
been, .
Mayor Dahlmaa is taking a brief rest
and CtommldMonac Butler Is acting mayor
In the conference between the mayor
and the four, re-eleoted commissioners it
was agreed that Commissioner Butler
a hall continue as chairman of the com
rmittee of the whole, which automatically
makes' htm acting mayor when the mayor
Is absent.
File Official Beads.
The mayor and Commissioners Hummel,
Wlthnell and Kugel have filed their of
ficial .bonds of Ji.OOO each and are now
preparing their campaign expense ac
count to be filed according to law.
Many job seekers are hanging around
the city hall, hoping' to get a finger In
the municipal pie.'
35c Veilings at 15c Yard
Saturday me plare on sale a big
line of Fancy Mesh and Plain
Chiffon Veilings; to sell at
3fie a yard: choice of lot Satur
day at. yard
Object to Proposed
Advance in Sates
on Fertilizers
CHICAGO, May 7. Obeetl6n to pro
posed advances in freight rates on im
ported fertilisers entering gulf port was
made today before W. M. Daniels, Inter
state' . Commerce commissioner, la the
western treajhi tata -hearing.- .
Comparison ' of present and proposed
freight charges on fertilisers from the
gulf ports of Pensaeola, Mobile and New
Orleans to Louisville and ' St' Louis
was made by W. W. Manker assistant
Us me manager of Armour Co. The
present rate is . a net ton, said Mr,
The proposed rates advance the carry
ing charge to Louisville 15 cents and to
East St Louis 95 cents a ton.
Mr. Manker presented exhibits te show
that: the proposed freight advance would
discriminate against fertiliser companies
Importing, by way of the gulf In favor
of points served through the AUantlo
Framed Pictures
About Half
Third Floor Saturday.
BOO Framed Pictures, 16x20.,
1216 or 14x28, in .brown,
black or gilt frames, big as
sortment of popular subjects;
to $2.00 values; choice of the
Jot ...95
Framed Pictures, sold usually
at $3.00, choice...-. ..SI. )8
Landscapes, ' fruit pictures,
marine views, religious mib
Jects, etc.: great snap for Sat
urday's sale.
1 4 mm j
Never before have we known a season when ready cash was produc
tive of so many splendid offerings the variety of popular weaves and
colorings in fabrics are almost unlimited, the styles most beautiful, the
qualities of fabrics and tailoring most satisfying. Make it a point to see
Saturday's specials.
Poplins, Gabardine
Checks, Novelties
mndo to sell nt $15
to $25.00, all at one price.
Nobby New Spring Coats, $liun)
rnd $12.50 values, in. fine quality
fabrics, yhn color-, cfliwks, plaids
and fancies, 11 sizes, . 07 Qlf
matchless values -at V. .'. ,y D
New Palm Beach Coats, extremely
popular for summer
$10, $12.50 $15 and-$19.50
Silk Coats ..$15, $19.50, $25
Big assortment for selection.
s, Sorites t Ft O 0A l,"ad -assortment of olo --
Suits A OXor stylos in whito .ml alj the
on ifl noV V-r season most popular rolorx
00, $l.un i Jf ,'s uui u e s t i o n a b l y
t a
Hundreds of Handsome Suits, .made
to sell nt $25 to Ml. Silk Poplins,
fiuo Kiiilisli .mixture, serges, ga
bardines, clieek suitings. q
etc., clever new designs.. lu.DU
Classy New Coats, made to sell nt
$15.(X and $1S.OO, coverts, -novelty
eloths, plaids, the season's nobbiest
new styles, best, color
New Neckwear
Four tnv Sale Specials in Fancy
Neckwear Salurilajr.
Jfic Lace Xtrkwear 10
nop Uce Neckwear 20
$1 00 Lace Neckwear 1)
$1.50 Lace Neckwear 7J)
$7 Panama Hats $4.95
A special purchase of genuine
(Ecuadorian west coast Panama
lists enables us to offer you
two very choice special lots
Saturday. ' .
Finest Weaves, Newest Shape.
9Af Ilea Out Your
I I'annina Saturday .
(Stetsons excepted.)
That sold to $3.50, all colors
and sizes, new spring and sum-
mer rhapes; on sale Saturday
at. chlco 81.35
Womenfs Gloves
to $1.50 Values, 79c
Milanese and Tricot Silk Glove,
16-button length, with double fin
ger tips, two-toned backs, in
black, white, tan, grey, pongee or
navy blues, also blacks and whites
with embroidered arms; manufac
turers' surplus of gloves made to
sell to. $1.50; at, per '7Q
pair aC
Milanese Ktlk Glove Black or
white with double finger tips, 16
button length; great snap at, per
pair 49
Complete line of Jfew Kayser Silk
Gloves; 'the guaranteed kind, all
colors, beet values, 50c to f2.R0
1.00 fmbrellas at 00c Men's
or women's, American taffeta cov
ers, paragon, frames; big assort
ment at ..'.; . . . . t . 69
HuiidrwU of lretty lingerie Waists, $2.60
to $3.00 values. Voiles, Organdies, Ba
tistes, etc., In newest styles, trimmed
with lace, embroidery and J A C
insertlngs, on sale Saturday at H
Summer Dresses,
snd $H values ..$1.45
Clnghams. Chambrays,
Tibsues, Linens, etc. All
slses 2 to 14 years.
Summer Iresies, regular
1.50 values
Nobby new styles, in the
most desirable wash fab
rics, all sixes.
An Immense Line of F.vtm Mae Suits, lresM', Oonts, skirts and Waists for I-arge Women
llitiiilsouie Xev . lress Skirts, advance
summer styles, In almont emtio variety,
choice value at 7.50. H.?)r. SIO
nd StU.oO
A Special Lot of Silk taffeta rf f ff
Bklrts with shirred yokes J)U,uU
Special Demonstration
, of the New
At the Notion Counter Satur
day. Your hair dressing made
easy by use of these moBt pop
ular foundations. See them.
Trunks Off
On all Floor Samples
r0 of them to choose from,
slightly marred, otherwise
$1!U)0 up to $30.00 'values
.95, S9.95, $17.95
Chocolate Day
Delicious nut top chocolates
in all flavors, regular 30o
pound values Spe- sy
rial Saturday, I
at, pound.
Big Shoe Sale
Saturday we place on sale sev
eral hundred pairs of shoes at
prices less than cost in some
cases. Must have room for other
Men'a and Women's Shoes and
Oxfofds, values up to J0 rA
$4 .60; at $3.50 andI.Uy
Men's and Women's Shoes and
Oxfords, values up to Jo C(
$4.00, Saturday JaSOU
Men'a and Women'! . Shoes and
Oxfords, values tip to d i QQ
$8.00, at sPl.JJO
Big girls' tan "Baby Doll" button
shoes, alzea up to 6 H, (11 tZf
$3.50 values D J..OU
Big girl' Oxfords and Strap San
dals, sites up to 6H, dl ((
values up to $3.60. at ?
Children's Shoes and Kid "Mary
Jane" slippers, sires up to Cflj
No. 2; at 81.25, 75S
Stetson and Cross ett shoes for
men. G rover and Queen Quality
shoes for women.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs
Four Splendid Speclnl 1ots Of
fered In Sniunlny's Snles.
Handkerchief. worth 5c. 24c
Handkerchiefs worth 10c.:i!c
Handkerchiefs worth 16c. 7 4c
Handkerchiefs w th 25c 124e
Drugs and Toilet
Goods for Saturday
$1.60 LnTrefle or Aiurea Pow
der M.V
HJer Kiss Face Powder U.V
$l.f.O Oriental Cream i)Hc.
50c bottle Hind's Honey and Al
mond Cream . . . .' niic
60c Toilet Water, assorted lot .15c
"c Jur Ponipcian MasHBRe. . .50c
60c Always Young Sempre Glov-
ine S2o
60c HeLuxe Kouge 2Ao
50c Klce Powder Knee 2.5c
a.r.o bar Shah of Pernla Soap. 10c
10n Jsp Knse or Palmnllve snap 6o
1 0i liars IVioxIdo snap B8c
bsrs uJiKiirttfil Jri'Krn's box soi4 850
4 10c rolls crrpo toilet paprr ...SSo
JOo roils rrttpa toilet paper In .
for S.4.00
IS.R0 llorllok's mailed milk ..aa.74
l.OO boltln Hal lCxnatlca SSo
iOo Jar Mentholatuin 38o
tl hottls l Witt's Klilney rills SSo
5f0 Itooth's Phenolas Wafers. . . .SSo
I fin bottlA Casrsra tablets ISO
12.25 tiulli syrlngo II. BO
Wo rbsna Orders.
Boys' Two-Pants Suits at $2,95 " " ' . t
Woof'ults, with two pairs of pants.. In colors to suit all. Norfolk
patch pocket coata and full cut knickers. Suita the equal of $4.00
ones that are sold by exclusive stores. Saturday Is our domestic
room, your choice of ages 6 to 16 year, at , . 2.05
Men's $12.50 Blue Sttge Said, $8.SQ Domestic Room
All wool and color guaranteed. The best blue serge suit offered at
anywhere near such a low price. Made 3-buttbn sack style, mohair
lined, and every coat has a non-breakable front; sices 34 to 4 6.
Saturday $12.60. serge suits $8.50
May Sale Corsets
All broken lines of SnOQ
$1 and $." Corsets &
Plain and fancy fabrics,
fdnndnrd makes, new styles,
medium and high bust mod
els, extra Ion,? skirts, all
beautifully trimmed. Great
bargains at salo price Satur
day .... ,...$2.29
93.00 Corset at ...... . .31.10
Standard makes, all new mod
els but slightly soiled. .
Lno Front Corsets Broken lot
of values to $4.00; to close In
Saturday's sale at 81.70
$1.00 nrassieres; choice... 79
Otic UraHsleres; choice.
0c Brassieres; choice 104
Boys' Wash Suits; all new styles,
at .;. ..u.40
Hummel Selecting
Members of New
Recreation Board
CommiMioner Hummel of the Jrfc de
partment is beginning to select men who
are willing and able to aervs on the new
recreation board, which will handla tha
public recreation activities of Uxi olty.
The law providea there shall be five
members on this board, and Mr. Hum
mel believe be will recommend one
woman and one member of the Board of
Kducatlon, notwithstanding1 the school
directors openly declined to co-operate
In the recreation board Idea.
Mr. Hummel expects to have the names
ready' to send in to the council meeting
next Tuesday morning. There Is no
alary connected with this board, but
there is plenty of work to do and some
money to dispense.
The annual election or the editor and
business managr of the Bcllevue College
"Purple and Gold." was held in the lower
corridor of Clarke hall Tuesday morning
between chapel and noon. Paul Cum
mlngs, present business manager, and
Paul Ohman, editor, conducted the leo
tion. The result was a decided victory
for Rurert Kenner, business manager,
and Anne Johnson, editor.
Stop Ike Child's Cough It's Serious.
Croup and whooping cough are chil
dren's allmonts. Dr. King's New Dis
covery is what you need tt kills the oold
(c-rwfi. All druggists Advertisement.
J. Lane, general freight agent of
the Union Pacific, is nursing two badly
sprained wrists. la the headquarters
building Mr. Lane waa turning a corner
in one of the corridors and was moving
at pretty good speed. Ills feet slipped
on the varnished floor snd he fell in such
a manner that his hands were caught be
seath him, spraining both wrists.
Oar Jller" Offer Tnls aad Sc.
Don't mlas this. Cut out this slip,
enclose with to to Foley it Co., Chicago,
III.. .' writing your name and address
rlearly. Tpu will renrtve in return a
trial package containing Foley's Honey
snd! Tar Compound.- for coughs, colds
snd croup; Foley Kidney Pills, for pains
in sides and back, rheumatism, back
ache, kidney and bladder aliments; an-i
Foley (ilhartlc Tablets, a wholesomo
snd. thoroughly cleansing cathartic. (Stout
riple enloy them, fold everywhere.
May Sale of Hosiery
Women's Fine Silk Hose,
pure thread silk in all want
ed colors, ' regular and out
eiep. three specially good
lota at 75?, 98S $1.29
75c Silk Boot Hose with
douhle elastic top, all new
colors, special Sat 49
Fibre Bilk Hose Black or tolors,
black or white; special values,
at ..35
3.V hUk Boot Hose Black, white
or tan, all sizes; special at, per
pair . . . ; 25
Children's Drummer Boy Hoee All slies; black, white or tan, light or
medium; per pair 12 H
One big lot of Women's and Children's Hose black or white, extra
good values; at, pair 8Ua
'Women's Summer Underwear
At Wonderfully Attractive Pricing for Saturday
Beautiful Crepe de Chine Gowns, Rklrta
and Combination Salts Elegantly
trimmed, made to sell to $10; nearly
all are samples. Very finest qualities,
81.39. 81.70. 82.08 d 84.50
Women's Muslin Gowns, Skirts
and Combination Suits Made to
ell to $2; big assortment, GO
Male Union Italian 8 I 1 k
Huits, to $1.00 Vests or bloom
value, all styles ers, hand oui-
In three lota, broldered; on
25. 35 ! at
and 40 HS & RT.OS
Infants' Vewts, all wool or silk and wool;
specials at 25 and 45
Children's Mo si In
Iants or Hklrts; to
50c values; In two
lots. 12 V4. 25
Children's Knit Un
ion Hulls, both boys
and girls, in all
sires, at 45
Saturday Snaps-Men's Furnishings
J2 arid $2.50 Shirts, flfin fiQ. - ' -
A big special purchase of E
Men's soft cutf shirts in So
siette, pongee, piquet, mad
ias and other popular fab
rica. Newest colorings and
patterns. Choice bargains
Saturday at 9S and G9
Men's (taaranteed Hose Light
and medium weight, guaranteed
to wear six months come In
black only, six pairs for... CO
Men's Knit I'nlon HulU To $3
values, fine qualities, white and
colors; In all styles
at ftSr and St. 45
.Men's Fine Iyjama Pongees, mercerized fabrics, specials and mad
ras; values to $3.00, all colors and sizes; on sale Saturday
l 69. 08 and 81.45
$12.00 Dinner Sets, at $7.50
Beautifully Dec
orated Dinner
Seta, 100 pieces,
service for 12
people, positive
ly worth $12.00;
exceptional bar
gains; per set,
at 57.50
Hay den's Special Meat Price?
nnalf t srsli Vorlc aasft.
f,ound 740
rst quality frenh pork loins, lb..
at ' lo
First quality ateer pot roast, lb. 9'-0
Kirat quality steer roumt steak, lb.,
at 17He
first quality hindnuarters lamb. lb..
et 1TV4S
First quality home sausage.
lb ,0
First quality hom made hajnbui cer
lb 18c
10 Ihs. best Wf land ' S5e
pedals Id Imoktl Meats for
No. 1 Diamond ; lisjns, lb 14HO
No. 1 Plrnlc iiams, lb. ,. tl
No. 1 lean bacon, lb UH
f.0c pails pure lard, Saturday ,...Se
35c imlda compound, Saturday ..SSo
1914 keic herrina, ke SO
Frnsh dressed chickens at wholesale.
lt'a quality goods. IS ounces to the
pound and freshest meats en til
Furniture Department-Bed Davenport $20
Genuine golden oak or fumed Davenport, large site; best grade
Imitation leather; small size Duofold Davenport 820.00
In genuine leather (fumed or golden) Spanish or black leather
on this salo 820.50
Circassian Walnut Dresser
lilrd's-eye maple, golden oak,
old ivory or mahogany, extra
.large size, worth $25 to $30;
on salo . " 810.50
4 8-inch top, round extension
tables, fumed or golden oak;
on salo 820.00
Golden . or fumed oak Buffet
for .820.00
6 real leather seat Dining
Chairs 820.00
Remember we have cheaper
dining chairs and tables than
Large Library Tables, several
patterns in fumed or golden;
on this sale . . .. 810.00
Good Dressers in golden oak,
at - 87.50
Reed Nursery Chalra with
table 81.00
Baby Walkers 81.25
Baby's Toilet Seats to fit ovrr
hopper 81.00
One-motion collapsible folding
Go-Carts 81.50
Quality Ooods aad a Sarin,- of 85
to 60 ". Our Aim la the People, Wot
the Trusts or Combinations. Try
Bsydsa's First, It Paye.
Is lbs. best granulated suRar . .91.00
4S-1U. sack, best hiuli (trade Diamoti.l
H' flour, nothing finer for breail,
pies or rakes, sax k . . . . . . . . .
g lbs. best mlxei clilck feed for 860
4 lbs. fancy Japan rice
l-lb. pkg. orn starch ,,'-"
( cans oil or mustard sardines for 85o
l-lb. assorted souns ;,,:' f'.
l-os. cans condensed milk for 7W3
Tall cans Alaska salmon for .0c
Advo lell for dessert, the jell that
whips, pkg 7
Larae bottles Worcester sauce, pure
tomato cataup, plckJee assorted
kinds or mustard, bottle alia
3 2 -os. jars pure fruit preserves ..85e
The beet domestlo macaroni, vermi
celli or spaghetti, per pkg f He
1 dozen boxes ssfety matches for 4Vo
Herehev's breakfast cocoa, lb. , , 86o
Macl.aren's peanut butter, lb. 18He
Condensed mince meat, lt-os. pack
age .....7He
Fancy Muscatel cooking raisins, per
lb THe
K. corn flakes, pkg so
rape-Nuta, pkg lfte
? lb. cans wax. string, green wt Uaia
beans TH
Interesting Grocery Prices
White Mountain Refrigerators
A l-Vw IiaiicaiitN for Saturda)'s (special Sale Only.
GO-lb. capacity white lined refrig
erator, beautiful golden oak rase,
a regular $12.00 vaiue.. .g0.i5
80-lb. rapucity, same as nbovc,
regular $15.00 value. . -812.05
110-lb. capacity White Mountain
refrigerator with patent duplex
ice grate, white lined, beautiful
golden oak case, a $22.50 value;
le Prlce 810.05
125-lb. capacity "Doston" pattern,
side Icing, golden oak case, white
lined, 4 shelves, a $28. CO value,
kale price 825.00
Some Bargains in Lawn Mowers
$2 !)K 3-blade 14-lu Lawn Mown,
fully wprranted 82.10
$5.60 high wheel, ball bearlnf,
lawn mower, patent tempered
blades and cutter bar; reduced
to 81.70
$7.50 very high grade 4 -blade,
high wheel, ball bearing mowers
at S0.G0
Gratia catchers, up from. . . -30
1-a w it Rakes . .20
Good Gihks i looks or Sickles, i-pe-
" - 10
Best gradrf Grass Hooks or Sickles
hard forged and offset handle
worth 60c; upeclal 45
lfandelion Diggers, all prices up
fr 10
We sell 'yrlojie" fancy woven
wire Lawn Fence, I lower Ited
Iktnlera and Flower IVelUses.
t-lb cans fsnoy swe sugar com.
for Ts
8 -lb. cans solid peeked tomatoes av.s
Best tee, aiftlngs. lb UHe
rolden ttantos coffse. par lb. ...80o
The best ereamery butter, oartoq oi
balk. Is. soe
The best strictly fresh No. 1 eg.
dosen 8oe
Tanoy Ne. I country creamery but
ler. lb aae
Fancy Na 1 dairy table butter, per.
pound .88
Good dairy butter, lb .83c
Fancy roll cieani, Young America,
New York White or Wisconsin
cream cheese, per lb. 800
Jenny Bros. rVmous brick ctiees.
per lb S0c
imported Swiss or Roquefort cheese,
per lb 400
I'Hncy Quoen olives, quart 3So
Che Itesl t'tiow Chow, per quart . ,16c
tVxir tilckies. qtist-t 100
4 w I ii, fancy swrt arol Juh-y, ea. Be
is sle. fancy sweet and Juicy, each
si S'.o
llii-'liland Navel OranKes, dozen 15o,
80c, SSo and 30e
The vroiTiBLB xtiiif roa
Til riOPLE. A saving of SO per
cent to 100 per oant by trading- at
6 hunches fresh home grown onions
for Bo
3 bunches fresh home grown rad
ishes for , So
The best cooking potatoes, peck 17Ue
heads freh leaf lettuce for
.' buticlies freah home grown uaranit s
for 60
3 bunches fresli home grown aspara
gus for JOo
4 liinilica fresli home grown pie
plant for Be
Fancv Hue tomatoes, per lb. ..Iliac
Fancy hot house cucumbers, at
. sach 15o and l3'4o
J-ancy green or wax beans, lb. ..15c
Southern heets or carrots, bunch 4)c
New potatoes, lb i-S
New cabbage, lb ...3js
Fresh sninach, peck lBo
Watch for oar Annual Pineapple fate.