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    T1IK l'.KK: OMAHA, SATURDAY, MAY 8, 1H15.
STava Mr1 VMM IV Mow Prs
KlatMt Tmam Barpm -OraJidsn Os
Ttir oM Karl rvocraia'
rlaastnd section today, and appears Is
Te Bo BTXCLCFIVELT. Find out west
Uk various moving picture theaters offer.
uuufi Sal aText Wooli Thara
wilt bo a rummage) sale on th oorner of
Twentieth and Ohio streets rn Tuesday
and Wednesday, Mat 11 and IX
Putttag Vs inliff A aura sign of
the approach ol summer la found In the
Installation of awnings over windows of
many downtown buildings. Those for
the federal building are now being put up.
sTatoa ' tsbal LufM Kivtartain
The newly organised union Card ib
league will give an entertainment' and
dance Saturday evening In Hall No. s,
Labor Temple, Nineteenth and Famam.
Jltaey Mtm riaed Harry Mo
Oowan of Albright, driver of tlte largest
jitney bua In the city, waa fined 11 and
coata in police court for obstructing
traffic In the vicinity of the Burlington
JTo gumma fcat Vp ta BuaUesa If
j-eur office la properly located, readily
found and eaally aocesalble. For auch
offices apply to th superintendent of the
Be building, "th building that la alwaya
new," room 10S.
Xn. acerrlam'a Taper rnbllahed The
May number of tha Medina Coum-il, pub
lished In Philadelphia, gives apace to a
paper by Dr. It. A. Merrlam of Omaha,
which was originally read before the local
medical society here.
Taomee Caught is Act Bennle
Thomas, colored, was caught by Officer
Carney crawling through the transom of
A. Nagle's butcher shop at 1144 North
Sixteenth street, with the result that he
was bound over to the district court
with bonds fixed at $1,000,
XoUar Moving to JHavs B. 8.
Koller, formerly assistant general man
ager of the Burlington here, but now
general manager of the Colorado & South
ern, with headquarters at Denver, is in
th city packing up his household goods,
preparatory to moving. lie will reside
In Denver.
Omaha Olrl la Sanest Magsrtns The
Sunset magaxlne for May contains an
. Interesting contribution entitled "Lovely
'Woman at the Exposition," from the pen
of Frances A. Qroff, who will be remem
bered la Omaha as tha daughter of
Lewis A. Qroff, whose family moved
some years ago to Los Angeles.
Police Start Move
To Round Up Men
Who Have No Work
Advices to ths Omaha police from the
weat indicating the approach of an army
of "unemployed" caused Chief Dunn yes
terday to order his captains to clean up
Omaha. Ths captains put the order Into
effect by making a general roundup of
the streets sad by midnight about ninety
unwashed. Unkempt men of all ages and
each without visible means of support
was locked up In the city jail.
Detectives Williams, Kennelty, Dunn,
Sullivan, Lahey, Barta, and Holden and
Officer Peterson sent In a batch of nearly
forty negroes who were unable to tell
where their next meal was coming from.
This morning all will be arraigned be
fore Police Magistrate Brltt and allowed
to tell their stories.
"1 guess our only salvation Is to keep
them moving," said Chief Dunn. .
"I understand there was an exodus of
something like 60.000 from California
alon during the last seven days.
"Omaha la mighty unfortunate In not
having a workhouse er some means of
offering these men a chance to work out
their board and lodging, or punishment,
as th case may be."
"W don't want to punish these men
just because thsy air out of jobs," said
Commissioner Kngel. "Many of them
the majority perhaps are deserving.
There are some, however, who ' don't
want work under . any conditions, and
these, of course, ought not be handled
with kid glovea. They will all b given
a reasonable chance to find work and
then told to move on. It is not justice
to th taxpayers and citizens of Omaha
that these men should live off th com
munity simply because they are unfor
tunate, because If we give them an inch
it won't be long before they'll - be de
manding a mile."
More than seventy-five were given)
thirty days with suspended sentence on
their promises to leave town at once.
From OmtZhas Busy Suburbs
Kula rtxtes visited friends in Kremoot
lset Sunday.
Mrs. linn slilstesd of Peru ia visiting
at the home of 8. C. llaney.
Mis Cltr-lsa Kesark of Murdock visited
her parents here last Sunday.
Mr. end Mrs. James Huff of Omaha
were visiting here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rlshling of
Omaha are visiting relatives h?re.
Mr. and Mrs. I. j Dunn of Omaha
rlstted Mrs. Hoy Whitney last (Sunday.
The Epworth league gsre a social at
the home of J. M. Klwell Monday even
ing. George KUIngwood Joy will give a series
of lectures hero next week, commencing
next Sunday.
Mrs. Lester Anson of Brunswtrk. Neh
?"'" visiting? relatives In this vlcln
Ity this week
C. A. Bessrk w called to Stratlon,
ISeb., bv the serious Illness of his mother
last Thursday.
The family of Frsnk Coyne were lot out
of quarantine last Wednesday. They were
quarantined for smalloox.
Ford Botes of the State university vis
Ited at the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. A. Bates, last Sunday.
Rev. Mr. Faean has been attending the
district conference of the Metho
dist church at Omaha this week.
Mrs. Vlnnle Cockerlll of Louisville vis
ited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Armstrong, the fore pert of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Oldcnrog. who hve
been in en Omaha hospital for the last
month, were able to come home last Sun
day. L. A. Bates was named as one of the
committee of lin to make arrngments
for the celebration of the semi-centennial
of the admission of Nebraska Into
the tinion. ,
Mrs. Ralph Oraham was visiting Omaha
friends this week.
Mrs. Fred Neumelster was visiting rela
tives at Cook this week.
Mrs W. H. Betta Is apendlng the
week with Fagle relatives.
Misses Elsie and Luella Opp were Ne
braska City visitors Wednesday.
Mrs W. Xj. Glllln of Council Bluffs is
here on a visit with her Parents.
V. W Si rant) was attending a meeting
of the bankers at Lincoln this week. .
Mesdamea Oottleib and Simon Beh
meler were Weeping Water visitors Fri
day. Mrs. Clara Witt suffered a severe at
tack of appendlticia this week, but Is
some better.
Wallace Munn, sr., has returned from a
several weeks' visit with his daughter at
Panama Cltv. Fla.
Miss Minnie llagemeiater has returned
from a several weeks' visit with relatives
near Nebraska City.
Mrs. J. M. Palmer and children of Ne
hawka were visiting relatives east of
town the first of the week.
Mesdames William Knahe. Dick Bohl
man. Fred Paap and I"r. Bchall of Berlin,
were visiting ht-re Wednewiay.
their wmv from Tebnr, la . t Punning.
Neb., where they will make their home.
vThey were former residents here.
Miss Floy Canadsy. who eaches in the
grades here, has accepted s position for
text year In th schools at Murd k.
Oarenoe I -en, son of Mr. ad Mrs.
Fred Ijiu, has become ahlT of the
Fanners state bank at Sutherland, Nel.
Mre. I 1. Swltser went to Outdo Rock.
Neli., Saturday to visit her daughter,
Ml eope. w ho Is teaching music in the
puhllo schools there.
Mr. and Mrs. R O. Cromwell have re
turned to RolclKh. N. O, where Mr. Crom
well has a position on the faculty of the
agricultural experiment station.
Jweek at the mouth of the Papplo: Karl
lranstad. John I'helps. Murray Taylor.
j Honnld lAiiehletne, Clarence Zurker and
Wallace Mitchell.
I John Readina. s retired army band
' who has been living on Twenty
Isevrnth street (n HclUvue, moved with
his wife and family to California Wednes
day.. . At the Christian Endeavor meeting
Sunday night llutb. Stokea and KHa i'ur
cell. delegates to the district t InlMinn
Endeavor conention at Scrlhner, rve
their reports.
Johnson went
to lincoln
Weeplaa- Water.
Mrs. James Stoner Is suffering with a
dislocated ankle received in a tail.
Mrs. S. A. inilherson celebrated her
ninety-second birthday on Saturday,
May 8.
Mrs. W. P. Wright went to Lincoln
Sunday evening to visit her sister, Mrs.
Ed Cole.
The Chrysalis library has been moved
from the Meier building to the Ratnour
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Phradcr and little
daughter visited relatives at Nebraska
City Sunday.
Mrs. Will Preston returned Tuesday
evening from Nebraska City, where she
had been visiting.
Mrs. T. L. Wiles went to Plattamouth
Tuesday to visit at the home of her
brother, Ben Horning.
Miss Irene Jones and brother visited
Sunday at the home of their aister, Mv
William Baler, near Avoca.
Rev. W. M. Elledge was at Tfnlon Tues
day attending the executive session of the
Cass Sunday School association.
Miss Nannie Wiles waa hero from Cot
ner university the first of this week
visiting st the. home of her parents,
J. C. Morgan and eon, Ralph, visited
In town a few daya tma week while on
Mrs Nets
Ir. and Mre. Garrison motored to
Omaha Friday.
Mrs. Frank Whltmnre Is confined to
her home with rheumatism.
Mrs. Annie Robinson and Ruth Hub
bard spent Saturday in Omaha.
Miss Mabel Johnson came up from Lin
coln for a visit with her parents Tues
day. Miss Wauneta Cook went to Unroln
Saturday to spend the week-end at hor
Mrs. Henry Wallstroem has been very
ill with tonailitts, but is Improving
Mrs. C. B. Nichols entertained the
Birthday club at her home Tuesday aft
ernoon. Miss Anna Morrow came out from
Omaha to spend Sunday with her sister,
Miss Lillian Morrow.
Mips Pearl Hanna went to South
Omaha Saturday, to be tho week-end
guest of Miss Helen McKee,
The ninth class of the Valley High
school gave a moonlight picnic, at King
Lake Friday evening for the senior class.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Mothers' club will be held Friday with
Mrs. F. F. De Vorc. Mrs. Kennedy is to
be leader.
Vernon and Oeorge Wlckland will en
tertain tho members of the senior class
and High school teachers at their home
In Byarsville Friday evening.
Mrs. J. J. Miller, who has been very ll
for several weeks with a nervous break
down, went to Omaha to the Nicholas
Senn hospital for treatment Tuesday.
The regular monthly Valley meeting of
the Ladles' Aid aoclcty was held at the
home of Mrs. R. Erwav. Mrs. Roy Eg
bert assisted Mrs. Brway in serving
Misses Irene Brown, Oertrude Ingram,
Lillian Morrow. Pearl Hanna. Wauneta
Cook, Orpha Oa'nes, May Nichols, Mrs.
Nichols, Kthel Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy,
Mrs. Monahnn, Teresa Fltsgorald, J. K.
Nichols, Lawrence and C H. Coy were
the Valley people who went to Omaha to
hear Maude Adams in "Quality Street."
Wilbur Shafcr is building sn addition
to his home.
Mra. Ed Meyers returned Monday from
Alnaworth, Neb.
The session of the Presbyterian church
beld lta monthly meeting Sunday afttr
nopn. vVilliam Snare of Ehlckley visited his
father Albert Snare, from Tuesday to
The Modern Woodmen of America will
give their fortnightly dance at tho court
house Saturday night
The Presbyterian Indies' Aid society
had an all-day sowing bee at tha home
of Mra. P. W. Evens.
Mrs. Sarah Denett and Mra. Ed Pat
terson apent the week end with Mra.
Charles Patrick of Bellevue. '
Ouy Reed was elected janitor of the
public schools at the meeting of the
school board last week to succeed Oeorge
A. R. Relghtmeyer of Palmyra. Neb.,
who apent the winter in Denver ,'vlalted
Wednesday and Thursday with hla
daughter, Mra. P. W. Evana.
The Hesperian Uterary society of th
Union High achool had a party at the
home of Karl Branstadt on the Fort
Crook boulevard, last week.
The following six young men are plan
ning a camping trip at the . end of this
Ished his house here ready
They are now at Fred Peril's,
have a new bouee built.
for plaster
Water was
Mrs. O.irder of Weeping
in town Thursday.
W. H. Schema ker was In Omaha on
business Wednesday.
Mrs. Palmer and children the
first of the week In Avoca.
Mr. and Mrs. Klrkpatrlck were In Ne
braska City on business. . Monday.
Mrs. Thonms and Mrs. Stander of
Louisville were In town Thursday.
J. J. Long Is here for a visit with
the family of his son, J. J. Ihhir.
Mrs. Nelson of Weeping Water called
on friends here the first of the week.
Mrs Grace Ktaton of Weeping Water
waa here Wednesday, visiting; Mends.
Ben Hobeck la slowly recovering from a
paralytic stroke he suffered a few daya
Mesdames Ambler and Contryman of
Weeping Water were here en business
Thursday t
Mrs. Jackson of IVs Molne. ia visiting
at the hm of her brother, Charles
Duckworth, this week.
Harry Duckworth of Charlton, la., la
her with hla brother. Charles, who is
very low with tuberculosis.
Herbert Opp has returned from UnoJn
and has decided to make this hla home,
having leased his father's busjness.
Miss Crlt Ine Steffens of l.orton has
oome to Nehawka to assist her brother,
John, In the dry goods and grocery store
he has purchased.
Mr. and Mra. Pain, who have been vie
iting at the home of their son-in-law.
Max BJiafer, left Mondey for Snake River,
Ida., to make It their permanent hontn.
b.ialhcss visitor in
L. F. Gllfry went to Omaha Monday.
Carl Carlberg was a visitor Monday
at Blair.
John leaker was
Omaha Tuesday.
Mrs. 11. W. Marshall was in Omaha
Saturday morning.
B. M. Marshall left for an extended
visit at Lincoln last Saturday morning.
The amallpox epidemic la about over
with. No one haa the disease now save
In a niild form.
Mrs! O. E. Ludwtg left for Sidney
Saturday, where she will visit her hue
band for about two weeka.
Mr. and Mra. Herbert Payne, the latter
part of last week, visited at the home of
their aon, Fred, at Fremont.
Mtsa Euphemia Wolf returned home
Tuesday morning from Oinnha, for a
abort visit with relatives here.
Charles Anderson, Stephen Krajtcek,
John Toft and O. E. Galnee were among
the passengers to Omaha Monday.
Mrs. R. L. Pence, who has been the
guest of her sister, Mrs. F. E. Webb, for
the last two weeks, returned to her home
Miss Caroline Stein, who has been em
ployed in Marshall Bros.' nursery offlve
for the last six months, left Monday
morning for Fremont, where she ho-
accepted a position In the normal school.
Mr. and Mra. J. V. Wyatt and little
daughter visited in Omaha over Monday
The Misses Emma and Mlns Nolte en
tertained the Ladles' kenslngtnn Thurs
day. Lunch whs served.
Mra C. W. Hlekey and children of
Bennington came Sunday to visit at the
WltUe home.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Rlgby and . son
came from Omaha Bunday to visit Mrs.
Rigby's mother, Mrs. Calvert, for tho
Mr. and Mre. J. M. ' Brunner went to
Fremont Thursday evening. They ex
pent to spend a month there visiting and
Guy Horn of Paptlllon waa here Wed
nesday conferring with the town board
in regard to a new town well, aa the
present well ia not giving entire satisfao
Henry Meyers
and fore of men
flu" Buna la In Omaha serving on the
district court Jury.
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. trlN-rt attended
lh" funeral of a relative lu Iowa this
A surprise psrtv was tendered Mis
Otrtrurfe Bruhn on Wednesday evening.
i-ie occasion being her birthday.
Miss Isabrlle Uadnian, violinist, ami
Miss Fern tlreenslatr, pianist, arreted
by Mint Nora Fred, all of Omaha, nave
a most enjoyable re. its! on Saturday
exenlng at the Odd Fellows' hall.
In spite of the rsln a god-slsed crowd
enjoyed the tlrxt ball game of the sea
son on Sunday afternoon. The home tertm
carried off the honors, their opponents
bring the Falrvlew Originals from near
lr. Julius tJngenfelder and family, for
mer residents of this village, now living
at Grand Island, will soon move back
to their old home at St. loiit, wt.ere
the doctor will resume the practice of bis
Mis Jessie Boyre of Omaha ws the
guest of Mrs 1. D. Clarke Sund-v.
Mlsa Cordelia Gramllch entei """.led the
ninth grade last Filday evening at lier
home smith of town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. I Eastmsn and family
of Orr.ahn were guo.M of Mr. and Mre.
John Welsh Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. l. Clarke he moved
from their cottrte to the A. "V. Clarke
home for the summer.
In district court Thursday divorces
Were granted u (Union J. Mi ("arty from
Jennie McCarthy and Penrl L. Bee from
V llliuiu lice.
The Endeavor buelneM meeting and
social was held Friday evening at the
home of Mlsa Eva Kennedy, who has
Just closed a very successful term as
president. Miss Veda Spearman was
elected president for the nest six months.
A number of young people from Ollmore
were guests for the social.
MeOoanell to Nyraease.
Second Baseman Amby MoConnell. hero
of the Sox-Cubs Chicago aerlea In l!'l.
Inst week signed a contract to play with
the Syracuse club this year.
Bee Want Ada produce results.
Dinner Delightful!
Your exclamation suroly if you havo hut exorcised
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successful why the best people
are found here in growing num-
bcrH and why they come again.
Snnday Night Dinner do Lnxe
and concert from six to nine at
one fifty tho person.
Usual Tin Dansant Saturday
afternoon from four to six.
Soupcra Dansanta every Mon
day and Thursday night from ten
thirty on.
Make tnblo arrangements with
M. Charles Mayard.
I I lit i ,V-
I l 'EE ii 4
"Tho Fontcnello
You Well."
Will Porre
Hotel Fonrkelie
For Results
Bee Want Ado.
Ths last debate of the year for Central
High school wlU he held at ths high
school auditorium this evening, when
local orators will discuss with Sioux City
debaters "The Literacy Teat for Immi
grants." There will be two debates, one
st Sioux City and one at home. Omaha
will take the affirmative of the question
at home, being represented by Arild
Olses and Earls Ticknor. In Sioux City
Sol Rosenblatt and Scott will support the
The following additional program will
be given In Omaha:
Cavalry Bong ,.. Splndler
"Iullaby" (Humoreske) Dvorak
High School a Iris' Glee club.
Piano Solo-Xa, File use Roff
Frank M. Hunter.
Judges: J. K. Marshall, principal Coun
cil Bluffs High school; John Speedie,
superintendent schools, Benson; W. K.
Nlcholl, acting president Bellevue col
Mrs. Mary MacKsnxle, 2 years old, who
had lived In Omaha thirty-one years,
died Wedneaday night at her home. 1511
North Thirty-third street, after a short
Mra. Mac Ken lie waa born on a British
ship bound for the East Indies. She ia
survived by her husband, J. A. Mac
Kenxie, a son, Ia W. MacKenzle of
Omaha, and four daughters, Mlaaea Jes
sie and Maude MacKencle, Mis. Daniel
Durran of Omaha and Mrs. D. H, Golden
of Montreal, Canada. James Austin of
South Omaha la a brother and Mrs. J.
II. Wlebe of Lincoln and Mrs. Caroline
Johnson of Council Bluffs are glatera of
the dead woman.
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a -ut. Berlin ket
tle, aa Illustrated.
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