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    TJIlv UKK: OMAHA, SA'J I. KHA V. MAY S, J'.U.i.
It. Allen Grim Bound Over at Fre
mont Company Get the
Money Back.
FROM POLISH FUND Rndyard Kipling has withdrawn from the Polish relief fund,
organized by Itjnace Jan Paderewski and Miss Lawrence Alma-Tadema, because of state
ments, in appeals through the press which he regards as reflecting on the Russian policy
and army. The appeal which annoyed Kipling was prepared by Miss Alma-Tadema.
R. Allen Grim of Omaha. iilrit
plant rhlpf of thr Tele
phone company. Is under arrpft at
Fremont, mherr- rhargo of for a: fry
re made against htm hy the (nm
merclal National hsnl: of that place.
The rase Involves a ro?ular vouchor
check of the Nebraska Tilf-phone
rompany, rahNl a I Vii t bunk for
1400. The rhck ras mad In favor
of E. L. Mlnton. a line foreman, on
emergency line work with a Rani; of
men. In February, when the check
was made.
Mlnton. th lino frrcmxn, ivt r Rot tlie
mirtH'jr, tic v s, snrl lino- r min.tiR of lle
rlrVc. Minion' pmc wim enlirsfd on
111 bacK of the rbrck howpvr. hy snnif
on. anl tlic n k wes rn-t-fd nt the
Com-m rclat National bnnk !ruary it.
The tc'eplionc rnmimnv ha tie money
hack, buf the lank in loner tor havlna
ashrd a fonred ?h k. Thus the bnnk
brought the chaises throiiRh the c-ouny
attorney of Po1te county, and Sheriff
Condit of Fremont rnme In Omaha Mon
day and arrested Orim. Th arrest was
tnada only after the telephone company
had made a searching Investigation ami
after the tWtertlres employed hy the
American T?ankera' aawK-latlon had .made
an Independent Investigation. rjoth In
veatlqationa, conducted lndeiendf ntly. led
straisht to Orim; and Teller Cleland of
tha bank Who cashed the check, came
to Omaha and says ha can positively Iden
tify Orim aa the man to whom he paid
tna money .
Recr4 Jfitt Qalte Htmlaht.
"Ha rave me a awell line of talk and
t got a rood chance to observe him."
said the teller, "ao 1 cannot be mis
taken in the Identity."
The chHCk waa drawn by the auditor's
office, signed by the tremaiirir, and
turned over to Grlms office, aa waa cus
tomary la auch caaeg. It If known that
the. check waa etlll In the office at J
o'olock In the afternoon of February a
The following day It waa caahed at the
Commercial National bank at Fremont
between the houra of 11 and t o'clock,
the bank - aaya:-
Mr. Orim acta up an alibi, sliowlns that
he waa In Ms office In Omaha tha day
i before and the day after the check waa
caahed. '
Orim waa formerly employed aa man
ager of the Kocky Mountain Telephone
company at Idaho Falls. Idaho, Iravlnc
its employ March. 10. 1W6, according to a
letter received from the company.'
When called to account by the Ne
braska Telephone company since this
matter came up, Orim Is said to have ad
mitted that he falsified hia bond applica
tion, and falsified his record In n.aklnr
his application to the Nebraska com
pany. Asked for a statement aa to the com
pany's attitude In the case. President
Yost of the Nebraska Telephone com
pany, said:' "There la nothing much to
say from our standpoint. The bank has
made good the money to us. The Dank
er' association ha the matter In ebarge.,
They think they have the guilty party.
So we are eut ef It entirely."
Mr. Orim waa arraigned before a Jua-lii-e
court in Fremont and Is bound over
to the district court on the charge of for-
1' -- '-I
. :
'KiPUNG. TAOMS.. -vi
Slight Frost in Various Sections
Does Very Little Damage to
Grain or Fruit.
Elevators in U. P.
Building Carry Two
Million Passengers
Dr. Milliner, suienn(endmit of the
1'nlon Peclflo headquartera building, has
figured out some elevator1 data with
reference to the atructure that la twelve
atorles high and In which eight elevators
are operated 2& daya of each year.
The doctor figures that the elevators
carry an average of B.Sls passengers dally,
or a total of 1,W,870 during a year. Each
ear travels an average of 12.1 miles per
day, averaging 23 trips and making an
average of. l.tsT stop.
To operate an elevator In the t'nlon
Pacific building means an average ex
penditure of ttl per da', and the cost
of carrying a alngle passenger is figured
at .0007 cents. The coat per car mile la
JO.St cents. V
. The floor space In the T'nlon Taclflc
totals 301 .Ml ariuare feet, or about eight
acres, and' the cost of mslntenunce is
about MA cents per month, or .0001 centa
per day.
Summer Kecreation
Planned for Summer
Hans for Young Women's Christian
association summer aotlvlil.-a are rapidly
being formulated. Hummer Hill In nil
will be open to guests from Pstrrday,
May 30, until August 30, and will oe In
charge of Mrs. l.nura Bancroft, thn new
house secretary. The first two weeks In
July are to be reserved at the farm for
girls under 18 who hsve no spetinl chap
erons., Mia Helen Lawrence, -eeoretsry
of the girls' work committee, will be In
charge then. The Athletic club 1ms al
ready engaged the entire space for the
opening week-end, and the Business Girls'
club Is planning to spend the first week
In June at the farm.
Swimming lessons will' begin June 1.
The tennis this yesr will be In chsrge
of the Athletic club, and reservstlons may
be made to the members or the physical
directors beginning Monday.'
Two Fired from
' City Hall for Work
For the "Big Six"
TCd T. i'eterson, levy clera, and Andy
Jensen, rlrrk in the iffc. of Pity Com
missioner MJivern, defeated lor ro
electlon, were discharged Friday. The
action was a result of the rnmpalKn,
during which Peterson and JciiHen as
slated In defeating ' Mcfiovei n.
"There la Ipsa work now thsn there
was," said SIcUovem. "It nwss possible
to reduce the force by two men arid thoeu
were tho ones who were selected."
From Steel to Auto
Shown at the Movies
From Molten Steel to Automobile'' Is
the title of an Interesting motion pic
ture film which Is being shown at Omaha
elcotric theater this week. Tho pic
turea ahow the complete construct on of
the Maxwell car from the casting of the
parts in rough to the assembling, ai d, to
complete the picture 'there Is included g
little story of the purchase of a cur by
a doting father for his daughter, and
attendant demonstrations of the car'
operation. The pictures show all de
tartmenta of the big Maxwell fsrtory
and the operation of many of U.e big
special machines. The film Is being
tUown at the local theater this week In
connection with the special demonstra
tions put on by the Francia-Cullla Auto
company end may be seen today at the
local theater.
The mayor and commissioners have re
ceived from a committee of the Kco
noinl league lettera urging against the
selection of Mayor Duhlmsn lo. en
other term.
The recipients of these missives threw
U.enj into their vasts baskets with com
n.enta more emphatlo than elegant.
it Hid r "Aprlas; Fever."
A laxy liver and sluggish bowel will
overcome any ambitious and energetic
man or woman and make th.-m rw all
tired out. dull, stupid and lifeless Foley
Cathartic Tablets relieve constipation, re
store healthy buwei action ami livn up
your liver. They are wholecome end tHor
cughly cleansing: do not grtfe or nause
ate. They banish that full, close, heavy
feeling. J. L. Knight. Fort Worth. Texas,
nays: "My disagreeable symptoms were
otlrsly removed by the thorough cleans
ing they gave my system." Sold every
wbre. Advertisement.
Porcelain for v
"rOU doal eat frooa anything but china
X dUhea. Yov aee porceiatn foe preeerv-
iM. You hare porcelain waehslsnde
tod bathtubs. Why tbea, keep your food la
sylhlng but a parttUtu Um$J relhgerstoit
"Poreslaln for clean 11 new" don't accept tny-
thlag else.
There's ooiy en refrigereror with ooe
pleo porcelain lining the celebrated
Leonard Cleanable
i On.PivA Porr1aIn
I Lined Refrigerator
' tt'a aa risen aa a cbloa dish. No cornera
to bold dirt or grease no place lor grease to
collect aatde of smooth, pgr white porce
laia fueed oo tteeJ.
Ten Insulating waQ and ka perfect dry
eoldHttr circulation rata down the Ice bills.
No spoiling of food, do west. Door ahnt
tightly bat easily with tha aew Trigger Lock
FHE&-.Aak for Mr. Leonard book oa
"Selection and Care of Refrigerator" full of
facta jov to know.
To Select From
, nH r
3 ( SIT VTIp
Cinw I f
Our, Rug, Values Are
The Talk off the Town
9x12 Seamless Brussels Rugs An rrv
at, each ipO.DU
9x12 Seamless Velvet Rugs - MO flft
at, cacli. plaC.UlP
9x12 Axminster Rugs ClC ((
at, each., piO.UU
See our complete line of Wilton and Body Brus
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Quality high, prices low; cot cne day, but every day
See Our New Daylight Display Room,
A half doirn business mr.n from Iln
oiln and Other ports of tho stato int. to
day with a targa cotnmlttcn of whole
salers nnd othrr btitlneH tnn of Omaha
to discuss further the proposition of
Instituting a business men's rhautauque
soiiipwhere In the stato this summer. The
teMatlv plan Is to fimnrr a chutauua
on a larKe s- ale In which lumlnoxa talks
.'tiul lectures ot a printirnl sort Would
pn doiiilnute ItiHtead of the imual fun
and entertainment features. The plan Is
not at all definitely worked out, and It
Is oftsHle that pnoug'u fun and frolic
woulil he sprinkled In to draw the
crowds. The question of locating the
cluHiiuuMiia at Omaha Is up-
According to morning reports to
the railroad headquarters, coming
from station agents out on the west
ern lines, the killing frosta .expected
for Thursday night throughout' Ne
braska failed to materialize. ' The
j weather in now mucn warmer, the
i change having set tn throughout the
' western and central bortlons of the
Plate at an early hour this morning.
Of seventy-two stations along the
Hurlington, scattered through all por
tions of Nebraska, fourteen reported
frost, but nowhere severe enough to
injure the most tender vegetation,'
except at Belmont, in the extreme
west part of the state, where the tem
pernture dropped to freezing.'
A Ion the Northwestern' line tempera
tures during the n!g!-.i dropped to 30 to 36
degrees nbovo zero, l-ui the brisk wind
prevented any frost. ' On the southern
line temperatures during the night
ranged trom to so above eero.
Wind Heads Off Frost.
Over the entire Union Pacific system
In Nebraska thijre was a brisk wind' dur
ing tne entire night, which did ' an ay
with the possibility of a damaging- frost.
In a number of places In tho western
part of the state light rrost was reported,
but not heavy enough to do any damage.
Reports to the Missouri Tai-i'lc. from
the fruit growing section In the south
east corner of the state were to the effect
that the mercury did not drop to the front
line during tho night. Around W to'.V)
above rero being the coldest recorded.
Market gardeners In towns from up
ana down the river reported that n some
of the low lands there was a light frost
early this morning, but not enough to
Injure the moet tender plantsv except In
rare Instances. On the high lands, gar
Oner asserted there waa no Indication
of frost.
Den Show Rehearsed
for the First Time
"the Isle of Pep" was rehearsed for th
first time Thursday night at Ak-8ar-Ben
den. This I the name of the little sketch
prepared for the Pen road show this
year. It haa the pep good and plenty,
and the 100 men who constitute the crew
this year left the Pen chattering and
humming their enthusiasm oer the sen
sational features of the show and Initia
tion. A trip through ' Yellowstone park
la Included In th Initiation. Oh, no. of
course Yellowstone National park haa
not been moved In from Wyoming for
the occasion. No. but the Union Paclflo
has furnlsed views for the scenes that
do nothing If they don't make the visitor
think he Is actually wandering In the
canyons and getting sprayed by Old
Faithful geyser. The first musical re
hearsal at the Den Is to be next Monday
Big Convention of ,
Lutheran Society
Will Be Held Here
The nineteenth bi-annual convention of
the Woman's Home and Foreign Mission
ary society of the General Synod Evan
gelical Lutheran church will be held in
Omaha, May 8 to IS. This is the ftrst
time in twenty-two years thia convention
has been held tn Omaha.
The day sessions of the convention will
be held at the Kountse Memorial ehurch,
while the evening sessions will be dis
tributed among the' other Lutheran
churches of the city. Mrs. J. F. Hart,
man of Philadelphia is president of the
body and will preside at the convention.
Keveral Omaha women are active In the
missionary society. Mrs. O. P. Baltzly,
wife of the pastor of the' Kountse church,
Is one of the department secretaries.
Peterson Finishes
Mural Paintings at
Fontenelle Hotel
Ktnar Peteranv the artist who haa been
making dosena of beautiful mural paint
ings to adorn the interior of some ot
Hotel Fontenelle' s public rooms, has
finished his big task and put the last of
the alntinga in place. They ara so
strikingly handsome that all have already
be"en photographed for th benefit of
out-of-town people who cannot come here
to view them.
For many weeks Petersen has been
busv on the murals. He msdo them in
an Improvised studio under the mansard
roof of the big new hotel. All sre purely
western In subject matter and style, and
show many real and Imaginary scenes of
the great west before the white man's
civilisation took the place of that of th
Indian. Among the murals la one ot the
old mission building at Bellevue, with
the Missouri rtver 0luffa In tha back
ground. '
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B Our Men's Clothing Department Scores
Anotner peat
A Special Purchase of'
1,200 Men's and Young D
Men's Suits.
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