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    Lmiiania Sunk: Several Boatloads Saved
The. Omaha Daily
On Train g and at
otel Mewa Stands, bo.
; uuiULuauo ur uoYtnan r ?mnft that BSnnm lAmnitotl I mhooftoti
0 II DWIMnnO flM Vsw , vf -tahiti a -iw&b 4 AMu&iu f iff in 14. tun.
way to shore Cunarder Lusitania Sinks Under Submarine Attack
1 A
Mettaget Ecaching; Cunard Line Say
Nnmber of Craft Carryini Pas
lesgers Into Xiniale from '
No Official News Given Ont Con
cerning Passenjen and Crew
of lost Vessel.
NEW YORK, May 7. The Cunard
company tonight announced that at
8:28 o'clock they received the fol
lowing message from Liverpool:
"The admiralty has had a message
from Queenstown saying between 500
and 600 landed at Queenstown.. in
cluding many Hospital cases, some pt
whom have died. Also number
landed' at Kinsale. CUNARD."
dead and injured from the Lusitania
are bolus brought ashore with sur
DUBLIN. May 8. A private tele
gram from Clonekllly aays that sev
eral hundred passengers have, landed
there from the Lusitania. Three
tsteamers loaded with gurvtvora aave
gone to Queenstown.
LONDON, May 7. Several rescu
lng steamer have been flighted laden
with passengera from, the Lusitania,
m.kinr their war- toward Kinsale
and Queenstown. '-'
' LONDON. . May . 7. -TJp ia the
present hour no official nawt of the
passengers and -crew of the Lusitania
hat been made public, ' , ;
' ftTTt.I.KTIjr. ' - ,
LONDON, May 7. The -Cunard
line has received message aaytng
that a motor boat, towing two boats
containing fifty passengers and two
turns with passengers are passing Kin-
sale. A majority of the rescue boats
or nroceedinar to Qaeenstowu.
A dispatch to the Exchange Tele
graph from Liverpool aays: 1
"The Cunard company states- that
the , Lusitania waa sunk without
Towel In Kinsale.
Several boat loads of survivors of
the Lusitania ar now being towed
Into Kinsale by a Greek steamer.
Officers of the Cunard Steamship
company tonight said that they "have
great hopes that many Uvea were
The Cuna rd company has defl
nltely ascertained that the Uvea of
the passengers and the crew of the
LusltanUk have been saved.
(.Irrn Jio Weralag.
NEW YORK. Utv 7. According to a
London dlspatolTput out by th ow
Jones ticker UU today, ' the, Cunard
Steamship company In London Issued an
official statement there tonight, declar
ing that the Lusitania had been torpedoed
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The Weather.
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Temperature at Osnaha Yesterday
Hour. VK
a. in. ....,.. 29
a. nu ... 40
7 a. in 41
a, m 47
9 a. m. ... ...,. fcl
M a. m 06
11 a. m f
12 in . S3
1 P IQliOtltlMMM i
I P. ra !
S p. m. ...., 70
4 P. m.
p. m 67
7 p. m 65
p. m 63
Cow par tire Loral Record
1915. 1814. 191!. 1912
Highest yesterday 70 H 67 72
Lowest yesterday 64 48 M 64
Precipitation T T .( .W
Temneraturu and precipitation depart'
ures rrem irua normal;
Normal temperature
Deficiency fur the day g
Total excess since March 1...... 7&
formal precipitation ............. .IS Inch
Deficiency for the dsv Hindi
Total rainfall since March 1..IM Inches
Iteflclency since March 1 ISi Inches
lVflc loner for cor. period. 1914.. .46 Inch
Excess for cor. period. 1S1,... lis inches
Report Iran Statloas at T r. M.
Station and Btata Temp, liish- Rain
oi w eauier. i p. m. est. Xail.
neyenne, tan ctouay... M
Davenport, clear 62
Denver, clear ht
ies Moines, part cloudy 66
Dodge City, clear &!
Intier. part cloudy nti
North Platte, cloudy 4
Oniaha, etaudy 65
Vueblo, rlesr 66
1 ttM rid City, part cluudy.. 62
Kelt Lake Cltr. clear.... 64
ianta Ke, clear , S
tsiiertdan. cloudy. ......... iu
Sioux City, cloudy M
Valentino, clear M
T Indicates trace of Brec!
M .00
6 .04
4 .00
6 . .00
M Mi
70 .an
70 T
7 T
i .oo
64 .00
64 .01
2 .11
70 !
U A. WtWII, Local r'orecaster.
goes down off Irish coast. German government had warned
trip, saying they would send it to the bottom.
Sinking of Lniitania Probably Most
Serious Incident Washington
Has Faced Since War.
WASHINGTON, May 7. President
Wilson was informed of the sinking
of the. Lusitania . and White . House
officials showed keen anxiety to learn
whether, any American Uvea,. were
lost. No comment was made. '
News of the torpedoing of the Lus
itania struck.' official .Washington
like a bomb.. While disposed to
await full details before expressing
opinions, all administration officials
realized that the Incident waa proba.-
Dly3ne most serious Washington has
faced since the beginning of the war.
War Industrials ,
Break Because of
Lusitania Sinking
NEW,,TORX, May 7.-On the stock ex
change Intense excitement followed, the
news of the. disaster. to -the .Lusitania.
There was a wild rush to sen and prices
fell away within one . hour' from 15 to JO
points in war " specialties " and fly to
ten points In the more stable lssuea.
Bethlehem Steel, which had scored a
aew record,1 yielded all Its gala and
dropped, from 140 -to 130 between-sales.
Weattas-bouse 'broke ' points. The
selUoa continued for the balance of the
session. j .
Commission houses and brokers with
extensive wire connections receiving- sell
ins order from as far off as Saa Fran
cisco, Las Angeles and New Orlean.s -
188 Americans on
' Board the Lusitania
NEW YORK, May T.-Tber were US
American' passengers in all aboard the
Lusitania, according to a compilation
made today at the Cunard offices. ' The
British numbered 95 and other natonall-
ties made up the remainder of the l,tA
passengera aboard.
Traffic Through '
Canal is Growing
WASHINGTON, May 7.-The traffics
through the Panama canal during March
was considerably greater than for any
preceding months. A total of 136 sea
going vessels passed, carrying 635,057 tons
of cargo. This Is between one-third aad
two-fifths mora vessels than had used
the canal In any preceding months, and
186,100 more tons of cargo, exceeding rec
ords by over 40 per cent. Tba tolls during
March were K06,U. making the total col
lected in the canal since its opening
Chilean nitrates took first place in the
traffic, amounting to 101.025 tons, two-
thirds of which went to the United
Btates. 8ugar cams second, coal third,
lumber fourth and barley fifth In order.
One American Una of steamers has car
rled 698.343 tons of cargo through the
eaaal, two of Its ships having mad six
French Powder
" Factory Blown Up
ROME, May 7.-Vla Paris.)-Tea per
sons were killed last night in an ex
plosion which blew up a powder factory
at Fontana Lirl. The explosion caused
a panic in the village and troops inter
vened to restore order. A rigid investi
gation Is being conducted by the autnor-
List of Passengers on Lusitania as
F urnished by the Cunard Company
- - v;
NEW, YORK, Majr 7.-The list of tha
first cabin passengers aboard tho,Lusl
tana Includes:
Albert C. EUlcke and wife, Los An
geles. Csl.
Lady Allen and maid. Montreal.
Jullen be Ayala, Cuban consul general
at Liverpool.
W. Uroilerlck-CIoete, Ban Antonio, Tex.
i. H. brooks. New York.
C. A. Plngwall, Chlcojro.
Justin U. Vorman, New York.
diaries Frohman and valot.
. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Hubbard, East
Aurora. N- TC.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lsaroyd sad malt),
Sydney, Australia.- ,
- Lady Mai-kworth. Cardiff, Wales.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adams, iioston.
A. ii. Adams, isew xora.
W. MrM. Adams, New York.
Miss Anna Allan, Monti-pal.
Miss Owen' Allen and maid, Montreal.
M. N. A lies. New fork.
James Baker. KnSland. . .
Miss -W. A. Baker, New Tork.
Mr. and Mrs.:U. Vt. B. Bartlett.-Lon
don. ' . -
J. J. Batersby, Stockport, England.
Leontdaa Blstlo, Atlanta. .
J. J. Black, New York.'
Thomas Bloomfleld, New York.
James Bohan, Toronto, Canada.
li 11. Bowen. Boston. , l '
Mrs. Boulton, Jr., Chicago.
, Miss Bralthwaite, Morrlstown, 'N. J.
Miss Josephine Brandell, New York.
Allan Brege and wife. New York.
' C. T. Brodcrick, Boston.
Mrs. P. C. Brown, New York,
i William B. Brown. Buffalo. N. Y.
Mrs. Burnslde. and maid. New York.
' Mr. and Mrs. Bruno,' Montclalr, N. J.
; A. J. Bylngtmi, London. . .
Michael O. Byrtle, . New York.
' D. L. Chabot, London.
Mrs. W. Chapman. Toronto.? .
J. H. Charles, Toronto. ' -
Miss Doris Charles, Toronto.
, Rev. Cowley Clark. London. , , , ,
, M. Cohen. New York.
, H. Q. Colebrook, Toronto.
r Miss Dorothy Connor, New York.
Mr. ..and Mrs. Oeorge R.. Copping, .To
ronto. ; . ..... ... .
Mrs. Wllllsm Crlohton. New York.
Mrs. William Crlchton,.New York
Mr. and Mrs.- Paul CromDton. HteDhen
John 'and Alhorta Compton and Infant
and nurse, alof Philadelphia.
Robert W.Crooks, Toronto.
A. M. Cross, i
R. K. Dearbergh, New York.
Mra Ayt) Pant, New York.
Vliss CT Dougall, Ciueiea.
Alley Drake. Detroit. t '
James Dunsmulr. Toronto.
W. A. Esmond, Quebec.
John Fen wick, Switzerland. .
IT. Howard Kisher, New' York.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles b". Fowlea. New
J. Friedensteln, London.
Kdwln W. fcriend, r armlnKton, Conn.
Fred J. Oauntlett, New York.
Edward Uorer, New York
Mr. and Mra Montague T. Grant, Chi
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hammond, Toronto.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Hammond. New
C. C. Harnwtck. New York..
C. T. Hill, Loudon.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hodges and
children, W. Jr., and Dean W., JUlla
delphia. Maater Bobs Holt. Montreal.
Thomas Home, Toronto.
A. L. Hopkins, New York.
Miss f. Hutchinson, Orange, N.' J.
C. T. Jeffrey. Chlago.
Miss Jones, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Keeute, Toronto.
Francis K. Kellett, New York.
Mr. Kemnson, Toronto.
Mrs. C. Hickson Kennedy, New York.
Miss Kathryn Kennedy, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry . Kteser, 1-hUa-delphia.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Ketchum, New
and Mra H. C. Kimball, New York.
T. R King. New York.
Charles Keltn. New York.
C. Harwood Knight, Baltimora
Miss tlulno K. Knight. Baiiiinore.
B. M. Knox. Philadelphia,
tkmator Hugh Lane, England.
Mrs. H." B. Lasseller, London.
F. Lassetiar, ljondan.
Charles Laurial. Jr.. Boston.
James Leary, New York.
Kban A. Leigh, Liverpool, England.
Gerald A. Letts. Mew York.
Mra Popham Lobb, New York.
R. R. Lock hart, Toronto.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Looey, atlas Lossy
and maid. New York.
Mrs. A. C. Luck and two children,
Worcester, Mass.
John W. MoConnell, Memphis, Tenn.
Miss rancea McDonald, MoatreaL
William McLean, New York.
L. MoMurray, Toronto.
Fred A. McMurtry, New York.
F. K. McLennan. New York.
Mra Harry D. Macoona. New York.
Mr. and Mrs, Htewurt . Mason, Boston.
A. T. Mathews. Montreal
Rev. Basil W. Maturtn, Oxford, Eng
land. Ueorue Maurice. Toronto.
M. H. Med bury. New York.
II. II. Myers. New York
C. B. Mills, New York.
James' H. MlUh. 11, Philadelphia.
R. T. Mood. New York.
Mrs. M 8. Morell. Toronto.
O. G. Mosley. New York.
Mrs. Munro. Ijverpool, England.
the fastest ship ia the world
Americans not to sail on this
ajT i"-1" " w-' r- .
Herman A. Myers, New York.
F. G. Naumann, New York.
Qustav Adolpli Nyblom, Canada.
Dr. D. J. Orr, Toronto.
F. Oit. Lewis, and valet, Montreal.
Mrs. A. H. 0bome. Hamilton. Ont
Mrs. li. I'adley, Liverpool, England,
Freilerlco O. Padlllo, consul general for
Mexico in Great Britain.
J. 1L Paae, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Pappadopoulay
Franit Partridge, New York. ' '
Charles M. Paynter, Miss Irene Payne
ter, Liverpool, England.
P". A. Peardon, Toronto. '.
Dr. and Mrs. F.' B. Pearson, New York.
Major and Mra. Warma F. PearL In
fant and riiat," Nrw York.
Misses Amy W. W. and guana W.
Pearl and maid. New York.
Maater Btewart Duncan D. Pearl, New
Kdwln Perking. New York.
Frederick J. Perry. Buffalo.
AiDerx pj. i-erry, Burfalo.
Wallace B. Phillips, New York.
Robinson Plerle. Hamilton,. Ont. .
J. Pierpont, Liverpool, England.
Mr. and . Mra Charles A.. Plamondon,
Henry Pollard, New York.
Miss T hod ate Pope and maid, Farming
ton. Conn.
Georga A. Powell. New Tork.
N. A. Radcllff, New York.
Robert Rankin. New York.
Dr. Owen Rnan, New York. '
A. L. Rhys-Evans. Cardiff. Wales.
5.fft,.?niMrf'. F' A- Rw. Toronto.
T. W. Rumblo, Toronto.
Mrs. Laura Ryson, Toronto.
Mrs. Sterling O. Ryerson. Toronto.
; Io M. jBcheabacher, Baltimore.
Aust W. Kchwarte. New York.
Max W. Schwartx, New York.
Percy Reoomhe, BoHton.
Miss Rllrabeth fVcombe, Boston.
natl1" nd,Mrt- Victor E. Shields, Clndn-
M' TJ. Shymor, New York.
M. T. Slide)!. New York. - - .
fIl,?.J,,,, Taft Smith. Bracevllle, O.
H. R. Sonn(ttorri, Baltimore.
Commander J. Foster Stackhouse, Lon
don. ,
Montre'aftePhn"' ,nfnt nUM ai ro,W'
Duncan Stewart. Montreal.
Robert S. Stone. New York.
' J,,arJ;,nvn traten. Iondon.
O. F. Sturdy, Montreal.
R. T. Taylor. Montreal,
p. A. Thomas, Carrtiff, Wslea
Mr. and Mrs. E. BUsh Thompson. In
diana. nana
eorge Tuberrhlen. New Y'ork.
J. Tlmis. New York.
El O. Total v l.nnHnn
Ernest Townley. Toronto.
V.', U7"Ji0,ii Mrlliourne. Australia.
Mlia Mabel Ta-enlow, New York.
Alfred G. Vanderbelt and valet. New
W. A. F. Vassar, London.
Mrs. A. T. Wskef'eld. New York.
Mrs. TK Walker, New York.
Mrs. Wallace Wntson. Montreal
nMra Catherine EL Wllley. Lakeforest,
T. H, Williams. New York.
T. F. Williamson. New York.
Mrs. A. F. Wltherby, New York
Master A. T,.-Wltherby. New York.
Lathrop WlthlnirUn, Boston.
Arthur Wood, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Young. Hamilton,
Phillip Young. Montreal.
LONDON. May 7.-3reat Britain has
requested the government of Erypt to
prohibit the export of cotton Th all ports
ether than French Russian. Spanish and
Finances of Omaha's
Public Service
Meaty compilation of their
stock and bond exhibits that
will repay $tudy by our
readers and preservation for
future reference.
Today's Dee
See Editorial Pajfe.
WANTEI RaJesman liarlne- tha
ambition to work, hard fur six
hours ds.Hr; ability to work at hlsh
presaur and to aril one of the best
and cleasieet propositions on (he
msrkni. I'ennanent poxltion for the
r!ht man.
Tor farther laformatloa aboat
this opportuait r. see tas Waal
AA IkUos of Vha Bs today.
Pride of Great Steamship
Line Sent to Bottom; Many
LONDON, May 7.-The. Lusitania
has been sunk off Old Head, Kinsale
by a torpedo. Assistance has been sent.
LIVERPOOL, May 7. The Echo lias boon informed that a
message to the Cnrnard lino rejuls as follows: r
"Tho Lusitania waa torpedoed and sunk at, 2:33 o'clock
this afternoon off Kinsale. ,
"Tliere is no word of its passengers or crew, who number
over 1,900.
j ' QUEENSTOWN, May 7. News received here .from tho
eteamer Lusitania at 3:25 p. ra. said that before sinking its lite
boats were over its sides.
Many passengers aro reported dead or injured. .
NEW YORK. May 7. Tta Cunard
liner Lusitania, on of tha fastest
blpa afloat, waa torpedoed and sunk
this afternoon off the coast of Ire
land, ten miles south of Klnaale.
It bad aboard '1.25S passengers
when it sailed from this port last Sat
urday, May 1, and carried In addition
to Its own large passenger list 163
passengers transferred to It from thfttor' - softer vessels. This is !-
Anchor Liner Cameonla. -
The news of iti slaking was an
nounced by the local office of the
Cunard line and was based on cable
advices received from the home office
of the company in Liverpool. Three
dispatches, received In the order
named, were made public by the line
and read as follows: ,
"We received from the Lands End
wireless station naws of repeated distress
calls made by the Lusitania ask Ins for
assistance at one. Bis list Position
ten miles south ofiKlnsaia, Subsequently
received telegram from Queenstown that
all available craft in tba harbor baa
been dispatched to assist."
The second mcssags to the local office
"QUEENSTOWN, 4:89 -p. m. About
twenty boats of all sorts belonging- to
our line aro In vicinity where Lusitania
sank. About fifteen other boats ar
making for spot to render assistance."
The third Cablegram was dated
and reaal.
"Following received bjr admiralty: '
" -GALLEY HEAD, 4:25 p. m. Several
boats, apparently survivors, southeast
nine miles. Oreek stesmer proceeding to
Dispatches received here from- London,
Liverpool and Queenstown confirmed the
news. One cf the messages said It was
believed that all the big liner's passen
gers had been saved.
When tha Lusitania sailed if bad aboard
Lao passengers. Borne nervousness had
beealcaused because of the publication
In the morning papers of Saturday of aa
advertisement warning intending travel
ers that a state of war existed between
Great Britain and Its allies, that the son
of war includes the waters adjacent to
tha British Islet; that in accordance with
notice given by the Qerman government,
vessels flying the flag of Great Britain
are liable to destruction In those waters
and that travelers sailing In tha war
sone on ships of Great Britain or its al
lies do so at their own risk. Th adver
tisement was signed "Imperial German
This warning apparently did not cause
manycancellations, for the ship sailed
with a full passenger list Just before
the steamer's departure a number of the
passengers rccehed telegrams at th
pier signed by names unknown to them
and presumed to be fictitious, advising
them not to sail as tfa liner was to b tor
pedoed by submarines. Alfred Gywnn
Vanderbllt was on of th paaaengers who
received such a messsge. II destroyed
th messogn without comment.
Charles P. Fumwr, general agent of
the Cunard Ho said, when the Lusitania
sailed, that the trip was not attended by
any risk whatever, as the liner had a
speed of twenty-five and a half knots and
waa provided with unusual watertight
In commenting on tha report of th tor
pedoiig of th Lusitania today, marine
men pointed out that In their opinion, tha
Lusitania could not be sunk by a single
Large Fast Ship.
Tha Lusitania and Its sister ship, th
Mauritania, holding all speed records,
were marvel of marine engineering and
have excited th wonder of th mari
time world. Beven hundred and ninety
feet fn length, they are so gracefully
proportioned that their vast bulk is not
SI parent unless some other vessel is near
'for oompaiison. Th turbine enclnes are
so smooth In actios that th vibration so
frequently noticed In ether ships is prac
tically eliminated. With a sustained sea
speed of more than twenty-sis knots an
Reported Dead
hour, these splendid steamships marked
tha greatest advance that has taken
place In itemshlp construction.
No less rrmarkahle than the slso and
speied of these ships are their psssmger
accommodations. Apart from the pala
tial character, tha most striking feature
Is spaciousness, the great also of the ships
and their height between decks enabling
prevision of generous allowance of
spar per passenger far exceeding that
parent not only W the public rooms and
entrance halls but else in th private
rooms. Corridors, promenades, etc Th
design,, decorations and furnishing of
th passenger accommodations were -en
trusted to recognised experts, who
schlevod results at onco tasteful,, artis-
tlo .and luxurious. Tn short, these ship
merit the title of "floating palaces."
, Fat of Tasaenaere V'aknown.
No definite news as to tho fate of the
passengers has been received by the
Cunard Una here early this afternoon.
The Cunard line announced that It
would make public as fast aa received
all dispatches on the sinking of the
Lusitania, Including those relating to the
fat of the passengers.
Tho stock market wss stnnned by the
news. A torrent of selllns'orders poured
In from every section of tha country. A
period of Intense excitement followed.
Prices In war specials broke fifteen to
thirty points within art hour. Rtable Is
sues dropped five to ten points.
Late today the Cunard line officials re
ceived a dispatch from Queenstown, stat
ing that a large steamer and many small
vessels and boats were In the vicinity
rendering assistance.
M an v floats (a Rrieie, N
The dispatch follows:
"Large stesmer Just arrived In vicin
ity. Apparently rendering assistance.
Tugs, patrols, etc., now on tha sk tak
lng boats in tow. Motor fishing boats
with two Lusitania boats bearing prob
etly for KlnsoJo."
This information came from Old Head
via Queenstown.
The news struck official Wasflington
like a bomb. Administration officials, It
vas said, realised that the Incident was
the most serious faced by the govern
ment since the beginning of the war.
President Wilson was Informed of the
sinking of tha liner and White House
officials, while refraining from comment
ing, were keenly anxious to learn if any
American lives had been lost.
Paaaeas-ors Believed Sale.
LONDON, May T.-The Cunard lln
steamer Lusitania, from New Tork May
1 for Liverpool, with 1.T.3 passengers on
board, waa torpedoed at about 1 o'clock
this afternoon at a point about ten miles
off Old Head, Kinsale, Ireland, and later
went down.
It Is believed that Its passengers are
safe. No details of how they may have
been rescued, however, ar at hand. On
message received her says: "Tt I not
kjiown how many of th Lusitania' pas
sengers were saved."
Belief was Immediately sent out from
Queenstown. If It floated a reasonable
length of time before going down, it is
possible that some of lh rescuing ships
got to its side. It u believed that the
Lusltaiila's watertight bulkheads would
tend to keep it afloat.
Two hundred of the passengers on
board th Cunaxdar were transferred to It
from the steamer Cameronia before It
left New York.
Tha presenc of German submarlnee In
th transatlantic lanes of travel has been
indicated by th sinking during th last
few days of other British vessels off
the Irish coast.
It was the Lusitania which, last Feb
ruary, made us of the Amaru an flag to
protect it from possible attack on the
part OT the German under-sea boats. Th
report received here says the liner was
eight miles off the Irish coast whan It
went down.
Warned at Presenc af Sahsaas.
Th presenc of German submarines off
th southern coast of Ireland and along
th Una of travel th Lusltsala would
(Continued on Pag Two. Column Two.)
Battle for Possession of Desolated
Region Around Ypres is Now
Approaching the Final
Russia Refusers to Concede that De
feat in Big Battle in Galicia
it Serious.
The Day's War News
made la a dispatch from onsal
inplr that sever losses have been
Inflicted on the French aad Brit
ish troops vthlrh landed on Oaltl
poll penlnsala. Reports reach In a
I.oadon from the Dardanelles,
while containing aa new details af
the land flghtlnc, ear that tha .
bombardment by tha allien fleet f
tha Tarktsh fortifications la ara
reedtna saccessf oily.
GERMAN AMD AtnTRIAN reports at
a spectacular victory la western
Galicia are Increasing;. Petroaral
advices, however, while eoaeellsg
a measare af eaccesa ta the Tea
tonic allies, say these claims aro
areatly eaancraed. Tha Raaslan
war office aaaoeaer a victory la
a battle near Stry.
IIOPK.N THAT ITALY woaln settle
peacefully her differences with
Anuria ar fadlnsr aa steadily aa
they were revived a few days ago.
LONDON, May 7. The battle to
decide the mastery of Hill No. 60 and
the desolated country around Yprea
has not yet reached Its final stages,
nor have the Russians shown signs
of accepting the German claim that
a crushing defeat has been inflicted
upon them in western Calicia.
That the Russians have been '
pushed back many miles, first serosa
the Dunsjec and now across CTTerWia'
loka river, which roughly parallels
the Dunajeo fifteen miles ta the
eastward, all the from,
German and Austrian sources insist,
but the English newspapers still re
fuse to concede a great victory to tho
Austro-Germans, although they ad
mit that a great tentative success has
been achieved.
There is great faith in England In th
recuperative powers of Russian arms.
sr.d th disposition for th moment seems
to b to suspend judgment on th ques
tion of whether the Russians If driven
from Dukla' pas will be forced to aban
don their advance against Hungary and
Indeed their positions in Western Oallcla.
At any rate, the argument is being
n.ade by British observers that the Rua
si&na should have no trouble in holding
their line on the River Ban in Eastern
Oallcla, especially as tholr flanky would
now be covered by Prsemysl.
Germans Continue to Us Gases. '.
Tha fighting In Flanders finds tn Ger
mans still making use of, asphyxiating
gases, and tber is a noticeable current
running through the British press which
insists that the allies should adopt coun
ter measures at once. It is being re
cited that when one power departs from
the rules and precedents of warfare It la
manifestly unfair for the others to remain
tound by them. Still no formal announoe
ment that Great Britain wUl make us of
such method has been forthcoming.
LONPOJt. Slay T.-Lleutenant General
William Henry Beaumont De Horsey,
who , commanded th famous light
Brigade In its charge at Balaklava, dtl
last night at th sere of 89 years. Ha
entered the army in 1M4. became a major
general In 17. and retired in ISO. Ha
was decorsted for gallantry In the
Crimean war.
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