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    Tin; BEE: OMAHA. MONDAY, MAY 3. 1913.
Accusationi Are Flung Around at a
Meeting of the Bryan
(From a Staff Ojirv-spondent.)
LINCOLN. May t-(Ppial. Tha city
campaign In Lincoln reached tha acuta
taa- last night when at a meeting of
tha Bryan forces at the city, auditorium,
nn of tha spacers, George A. Adams,
SuMlcly accused City Commissioner King,
who la not a candidate for re-election, at
having "sold cut to tha Burlington."
Tha charge waa made in connection
with the appointment of present Chief of
Police James Malone by Mr. King, who
Is in charge of the publlo safety depart
ment, and It was charged by the speaker
that King had sold tha appointment of
chief of police in return for ceVtaln con
tracts with tha Burlington.
Commissioner King, who has been In
UI health on account of a stroke of
paralysis over a year ago, waa sitting
with bis wife In the back part of the
room. He left his seat and. walking
slowly up tie aisle In front of tha
Speaker, shouted as he shook' his cane
at faim:
"You ara a falsifier and a monumental
prevaricator and I ahall sua you for per
sonal damage."
' Mrs. King cam to her husband and
persuaded him to leave the hall, but tha
Incident baa aroused considerable feeling,
as Mr. King haa taken' no part in the
election controversy, and It appeara to be
the general opinion that a mistake was
made In bringing him into tha matter.
Speakers at the meeting besides Adams
were C. H. Aldrich. W. H. England, O.
"W. Meier and others.
German Socialist,
Leader Is Drafted
Into German Army :TW0 YEARS MORE OF WAR
200 German Writers
in Active Service
Fines Johannlters" (War Journeys of a
Knight of Malta) works described a of
real literary merit.
(Correjtrondence of The Associated Press.)
AMSTERDAM, April a.-The summon
ing Carl tJrbknecht, Oefmsn socialist
leader, to aerve In one of the Landstrum
regiments In Trench Lorraine, has ex
cited much comment among his followers.
according to Dutch papers. Uebknecht Is
a member of the Reichstag, and Is there
fore exempted from military service whlla
tha Imperial legislature Is actually sitting.
but his exemption ceases when the house
adjourns, and the military authorities
have decided that henceforth he must
wen. at the front for the whole period of
each legislative adjournment.
pose of this, Llebknecht's friends assert.
Is to keep him away from contact with
other socialists and under military dis
cipline, x
Herr Liebknecht Is i3 years old. He
erved aa a young man In a regiment of
engineers, doing his full three years, and
thence passing successively Into the re
serve and I-andstrum. The other men of
his" particular class have not been -called
to the colors.
The government lost no time In send
ing Uebknecht away when this move
had been deckled upon. On the evening
of the day on which the Relchatag ad
journed, a soldier In uniform appeared at
the socialist leader's residence In Char
lottenberg with an official order. -directing
Uebknecht to report himself for in
spection at tha headquarter of his Land
strum regiment the next morning.
Uebknecht donned his uniform and
(Correspondence of the Associated Tress.)
BERLIN. April 1J According to lists
puhlletied here nearly StO German writers
are doing yeoman service for their coun
try, engaged directly In the flRhtlng,
doing work with the hospital and other
adjunct corrs. or pursuing their calling
behind the front as newspaper men.
Not a few of them are well known out
side of Germany men like Krnst von
(From a Staff Correspondent ) i several years ago and wrote a book
MNCOIJ4. Mav l.-(Ppeclal.)-It Is the j about his American oheervstlons; Pr.
opinion of R. H. Folsom. formerly of Walter Bloehm. whose novel. "Pa
Unooln. that there will be two more I Klsone Jahr" (The Iron Year referring
vears of the Kuropesn war. and at that i to 1870, has reached more than lno.ono
The pur- time tha conflicting nations will come to
Such ii the Opinion of R. H. Folsom,
Who Haa Partners on All
their senses and wonder what the trouble
has been all about. Mr. Folsom Is now
located In New Tork and Is engsged In
a reinsurance business of which nine, of
the .eighteen partners are engaged In the
respective armies involved in the War.
three of them being with the British ex
peditionary forces In France, two In the
Belgian army, two Germans, one on the
frontier of France and tha other on the
Russian frontier, and two Russians are
officers In that army, wne In Hungary
and the other on the frontier In Ger
many.; for that reason the reinsurance
business Is somewhat handicapped.
Mr. Folsom reports that the transacting
of an International business during war
time haa soma Interesting episodes, such
as, for Instance, has been the business
of a Spanish Insurance company, of
which Mr. Foisom Is the United States
presented himself as directed. The officer j mMwr; The manager of the PPr,l.h
In charge received him with great WB" la a German subject, who hap
.,.. . .v.. .,.. .:Pened to be In Great Britain at tha out-
tlons. and passed tihn on to the medical
Inspector, the socialist was found sound
and healthy and was drafted without de-
Guard Officers Must
Be Elected by the
Company Affected
(From a Staff 0r respondent.)
LINCOLN, May (Special. )Kffl
clency or length of service cannot be
reoognlxed in tha national guard aa en
titling' any officer to promotion, accord
ing to Deputy Attorney General Barrett,
but all officers must be elected by the
company affected or by tha regimental
officers when it is a regimental office to
be filled.
The opinion comes because of a letter
put up to the attorney general's office by
Adjutant General Hall, who would like
to promote members of the guard and
especially officers who hava shown theV
adaptation to the work and would
strengthen tha guard tf they should be
placed where they could do the most
efficient service, ...
However, tha statutes provide that com
pany officers must be elected by the
members of the company and regimental
officers by the commissioned officers of
the companies composing that regiment.
ko that it Is not at all likely that the
ideaa of General Hall can be put In
break of tha war; consequently he has
Seen carrying soup to the prisoners In
the concentration camp of Great Britain,
lay for active service In Lorraine, some- wh" ? sub-inansger of tha company
h. iff Vnrilim. The man who had . French subject, happened to ba In
been the leader of the little anti-war group Pany, and is now assisting .In the
In tha Reichstag was now a simple pri
vate, under strictest military discipline.
and occupied day and night with the
tasks allotted him by his officers.
street cleaning of Berlin, replacing the
German employes of the city government
of Berlin, who have gone to the German
Btdam at Standstill.
It naturally follows that the business
of such a company Is practically ata
When aaked as to the probable outcome
of tha war. Mr. Folsom gave his private
opinion as that, after two years more of
tha war. the leaders of the respective na-
roplee in Its sates; Rudolf Hertsog. whose
dramas and novels have come Into great
popularity within ten years; Richard
Dehmel. tha poet, who was beyond the
age limit, but volunteered when the war
began; Fedor von Zobeltlts, author of
many society novels and acores of less
well known names. Some of the men
here mentioned, as well as many other
writers, have already been decorated
with the Iron Cross.
Distinctions hava also been conferred
on other writers, who, though not in the
war themnelves, have given moral eup
port to Germany's armies by means of
their pens. Thus Gerhard Hauptmann
and Krnst Llseauer, the author of the
famous "Song of Hate Against FVigland."
hava received the Red Ragle order of the
fourth class. The same decoration was
also given to Ludwlg Ganghofer, ths
Bavarian novelist, upon his recent visit
to the emperor at headquarters In
France. Ronje of the writers at the front
hava already brought out books about
about their experience In camp and
battle, apart from tha vast flood of news-,
paper articles emanating from less am
bitious writers. Thua Paul .Oskar
Hoecker has brought out "An dcr Spits
Meiner Kompsgnle" (At the Head of My
Company), and Zobeltlta" "Kriegsfahrten
(Correspondence of The Associated Press.)
CAIRO. April IS. Nearly a thousand
Turkleh prisoners taken by the British
troops In the fighting along the Huex
canal ara Interned at Toura. In building
which were formerly the Egyptian gov
ernment'e small arms factory.
There are twelve Turkish officers, who '
are separated from the rank and file by
barb wire fence running around their
quarters. They have a large room with
rugs, beds and bedding, racks for their
kits and clothing, a mess room equal to
those seen In British officers' quarters,
and bath roms. Papers and books in
Arabic ara aupplled them regularly; and
moat of them purchased new clothing out
of money advanced for this purpose.
These officers draw half the regular pay
of their rank from the British pay
masters, although their pay from their
own treasury la said to be several months
In arrears.
The men's quarters include one large
dormitory hall and several smaller room.
The men are In big squads each under a
sergeant Their clothes furnished by the
government. Include a dark blue uniform
suit of drill, underwear, handkerchiefs,
fries, boots, slippers and socks.
In the great hall the authorities hava
screened off a space for use as a mosque
Greece aad Rataarta
(Correspondence of tha Associated Press.)
ATHENS, April IS. The newspapers re
gard as a sign of better relations between
Greece and Bulgaria the signing of a con
vention facilitating tha Interchange Of
telegraphic and postal facilities. The con
vention has been under discussion for
many years, but has only Just been ear
lied through by the postal authorities of
tha two countries.
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American Slang in
Style in England
(Correepodence of the Associated Press.)
LONDON, April 13. American slang
and Yarkeelamn are rapidly being Incor
porated Into the speech of the people In l' wui oegin to inquire who started "r" ' ' .,:, .h.,. ;, i " U5
England, owing to the voEue of American ! the trouble and call ,t a draw, and re- h?h.ft V' nicy" leco'n.eclogVed "n1
variety aetors, ragtime songs and Amen- as unronunate mat the differ- coiiKested. thee germs thrive and mm
ca.t books end plays. Bo one hears born " nations cannot see tho matter In this IL"., VLV? 2..-1I '
Failure to throw off through the kid
neys and urinary tracts the poisons
which hourly collect In the bodv often
proves fatal. If nature Is prevented
from cleaning out your system, be
csuse of sonje painful or loathsome
disease you have contracted, you are
in positive danger.
The kidneys and bladder are the most
essential organs in your body. If they
h.h.c Ki cu; Germans to Recover
Nitrate from Air
uHnsrv trorll nrniftttlc ri lut llrhanri
grsvel, stone In the bladder, uric add
. or lead poisoning, sharp rheumatic
1 pains, lunibaao. swollen feet, hands or
.' snkles. swelling under the eves, sleep
! leraness, nervousness and similar dls-
: r-
GENEVA, Neb., May i. (Special.) Per
haps tha best home talent production
ever staged In Geneva was "The Merry
Mllkmlnde Operetta," given In the high
nchool auditorium last night by the high
school alumni assisted by many of the
pupils of the high school. Cast qf
The Queen Miss Marcella Flory Holt
TVipothy Miss Damie Rettlg
Monica ..Miss Lula Reve
iJuanlta Mrs. Marguerite Davis
Margery Mie Helen BUgecombe
Janet , Miss Kathleen Weler
Anita. Miss Fern Huaton
Ruth Miss Helen Reevei
Tha Judge....... John Curtis
The Beggar Frank Hrubesky
The Peddler and the Doctor.. Gug Brown
Farmer 3im.,.y. Donald Donovan
Farmer Joe Roscoe Mohrman
Captain A. E. Holt
Two Jolly Gentlemen
Eugaae Manning, Edward Roles
Mutt Arnold Lske
Jeff Morvan McKlmmey
Directors Charles B. Reeve. Miss Clair
Owen; orchestra director, Prof. A. A.
LR,y- .
ann lipiipt yon.
and bred cockneys, who have never taken 'ignt at the present moment and cease j dlcated by cloudy, bloody and discolored
a four hour's trio from London, savs the) 1 me further destruction of life and crop- I urine. Inconvenience and pnln in th
Globe, tell a person that he will "fix him erty.
up" with aa much conviction as
nectlcut Yankee for
true Tanxeelsm and haa never
rent In the southern states. Educated j
English men Ind women not only get off
Americanisms unconsciously, but ser-;
loualy. !
It. from th .t.f. In "linn writ CTSpO
up." "thrown down," "cub," "live paper" ' BERLIN, April 3. -The government has t
and the like. !'ald befor the RelchstsK-, now In recess'
American business men have popular-j unUI M,y- bm for ' renting a intlonal i
I zed In England ruch phrases aa "made. : monolIDI' ,n nitrogenous products like , .
good" and "back te the woods," and ,nttrate ,od ttnd Ptash. and sulphate.
"quick lunch" restaurants have sprung f ammonia. This measure will give the i Q. M. LundstCd IS All Ardent
up. Even on the underground railways eovernmcnj tue rxrriMve r;gni to doal !
the conductors say "step lively" Instead ,n ,n products mentioned fcr reven !.
of the old "pleasa 'urry up." jyears. its purpose Is to secure ample j
Other bits or current slang attribu- uppiiea tor . two purposes for manu- ; ,
table to American Influence, ragtime and lecturing explosives, and for making nr- I o. M. Lundted, station foreman for
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such circumstances. Try aoma of that
standard, world-wide medicine. GW.11
MEDAL Hfearlem Oil Capsules. Abso
lutely pure and harmlnss. They will
immediately attack tha poisons and
clear nut your kidneys and urinary
tracts better than anything else In the
world. That Is why they hava been
ueed for over two hundred years. They
are a standard remedy, not a "patent
medicine," and are worth a trial. But
Insist on Vour druggist supplying you
with GOLD MEDAU They are Import
ed franh every month from the original
source In Holland, by the American Of
fice of the Genuine Haarlem Oil Mfg.
Co, 194 Water HU. New York Cltv.
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ported Haarlem Oil Capsules. Your
desler can get them and Is authorised
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help you. Advertisement
Booster for the New
Mineral, Akoz.
otherwise, are: ."The glad eye." "I tlficial fertilizers. .
don't think" "eome peach," "make a; Hitherto the German powder and ex
date," "freese onto," "makes one tired." plosive Industry has been dependent upon
"surest thing you know," and kindred Chilian nitrate, and very large quantl-
The Cans of Rkeamatlsaa.
I'se Sloan's Liniment and you won't
care what causes it. The first applica
tion helps. Good for sciatica, neuralgia.
JSc. All drugglsta Advertisement.
the street railway company In fit. Paul,
whose home Is at 1243 East Minnehaha
street. St. Paul, Is now numbered among
the rapidly growing host of boosters
tics of It were also used by the farmers, for Akoc. the California mineral rival
As it cannot now hs Imported the gov- j of radium, because of the promptness
ernmcnt realises that comprehensive and with which It relieved him of a case
energetic measures rnunt be taken to ' of eczema, with which he suffered for
make a substitute at home, and so it 10 years,
proposes to recover nitrogen from the
atmosphere on a largo scale. Processes
Mmiixle Deception Den-b-rier. have already been worked out by Ger
DORCHESTER, Neb.. May 2. (Special.) man scientists by ahlch nitrogen can be
Tha Masons of Doric No. 11 at attained even mpre cheaply than by Im
Dorchester gave S. H. Weston of this porting It from Chile, provided the-leoov-place
a farewell reception last night. ering plants be built on a suf'lclently
A dainty luncheon was served. Tha Ms scale. Several private ones are al
master, Russell Frclrtell, acted as toast- ready operating successfully,
master of the evening and toasts were ! The government proposes to establish
given by Past Masters William Freldell such plants and operate them Itself, and
and Claude Byers, Brotbere P. N. Kunkle,
W. D. Crist Dr. Harry Bellvllle and Dr.
R. C. Panter and Mra. Earl Welngart.
Mr. Weston has been a member of Dorio
lodge No. IIS for.twentjr-flve years. Ha
haa also served as postmaster of
Dorchester for seventeen years and la a
highly respected citizen of Dorchester.
He la moving to Golden, Colo.
. WEEFTN3 WATER, Tfab.. May
(Special) Tha southern conference of
the Evangelical Lutheran synod or Ne
' braaka clfcsed a four days' session at tha
town of Berlin; eleven miles south of
here, this evening. Tha conference Is
composed of the German Lutheran Evan
gelical churches of the southern half of
Nebraska, and about thirty ministers
were present. Thursday, Friday and
Saturday afternoons 'were given over to
the business sessions. Tha evenings and
tha sessions on Sunder were reserved tor
the religious services.
Tn tha business session of Saturday
afternoon tha following officers of trnfT""
conference were elected for the ensuing I
year: President. Rev. Mr. Hansen of j
Johnson; secretary. Rev. J. Huebner of
Bmerald; treasurer. Rev. Mr. Bahnson
of Ohlowa.
WEEPING WATER. ' Neb.. May .
(Special.)-Tens of thousands "of bushels
of wheat and corn have been delivered
to the markets of this vicinity during tha
week that has Just pawed. Good roads
and good prices have been responsible for
tha unumial deliveries. The phenomenal
feature about It la tha large figures that
hava adorned the checks that tha farmers
have received. Tha elevator men say
they never before have paM icl
amounts all at ana time aa they hava
paid In a number of lnstancea this week.
One of the record checks reported Is one
amounting to RW7.S0. which was paJd to
August Standee a farmer northwest of
here. This was for wheatr A record
payment for a delivery of corn ta that
of H.Crt paid to Kennie Gillisple. living
near Aubura.
.NORTH PLATTE. Neb., May l-iSpe-rial.)
Wireless messages were seot and
iv.d bv high achool boys here today
with apparatus they had constructed for
the benelit of tha vlaltore at the school
patrons' meeting held here today. Small
equipment was put on the ground floor
of the building and on the second floor.
Conversations ware carried -on by wire
leas la this manner.
It expresses Its confidence In being able
to sell fertilizers at lower prices than
hava been heretofore pHid. The question
la left open whether the monopoly shall
be extended beyond 1322, when the pro
posed law would otherwise lapse.
Read Tha Bee's "Business Chances"
and get Into your own business.
"I am well pleased with, tha results
I am obtaining from Akoz," said Mr.
LundMed. "I had a very stubborn case
of eczema.. Akoz has Improved my con
dition very mucin so far. I think that
In a short time I shall be entirely free
from ecsema. I can recommend Akoz
to all eczema sufferers, as It relieved
the stinging and Itching condition In a
short time. I also noticed that the
Akoa treatment has Improved my atom
ach a great deal and that I am feeling
much better."
The wonderful effectiveness -af " this
natural mineral haa already been
vojiched for by a great number of resi
dents of this vicinity who hava uaed
Akoz for rheumatism, stomach, kidney,
bladder and liver trouble, (Mabetes,
Brlght's, eczema, catarrh, piles, uloera
and other ailments.
'Akoz la not a patent medicine but a
pure natural mineral product of rare
curative properties. It contains noth
ing harmful and la very pleasant to
take. Akos la now being demonstrated
at Sherman A McConnsll'a, lsth and
Dodge fits., Omaha, where further In
formation may ba had regarding this
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