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Operating Company it Unable to
Meet BQli and Court Appoint
Mudf and Dickinson.
stock mors ten rourrs
CHICAGO. April JO. Tba Chi
cago, Rock Island Partita Railway
company waa placed la th hands of
receivers in Judga Carpenter's branch
of the United Statei district court
here today. The Block dropped 10
points on the New fork Stock ex
change. The company admitted Its inabil
ity to meet more than $6,000,000 In
short term notea and other obliga
tions due between now and May 1,
and the court appointed H. U. Mudge,
president of the company, and Jacob
M. Dickinson,' former secretary, of
'war, receivers.
Application for the receivership was
mate by the American Bteei Fteundrlee
company, which hu a claim of 117.000
acalnat the defendant A. C. Rldcewmy,
vies president of the company, and W.
T. Dickinson, Its aeneral attorney, ap
peared In court. Aaswertna the petition
Mr. Rldsreway stated that a receivership
waa the best meaas of protaetlnc credit
or, bond and stock holders and collateral
The rallwar company was the basic
property for the formation of the Rock
lalend company, which la said practically
ta have disappeared from the financial
map, and the Chicago, Rock Island
Pact flo Railroad company. The railroad
eompany owned t6 per cent of the stock
of Us railway eomiany, which actually
operated the road. It has beea in the
hands of a receiver appointed In New
York for a considerable period.
Rack Islaaa Cempaar Dlaappeara.
Inquiry of the legal department "of the
road as to the present status of the Rock
Island eompany which In turn owned all
of the stock of the railroad company,
elicited the reply:
"It seems to have disappeared. Its
only asset was the railroad company, the
stock of which dropped to II or so, and
Its fate can be Imagined with such as
set. The Mil filed by the minority stock
holders seeking an Injunction, alleged
that the railway debt agarsgated 2Sb.-
000.000. It was atated further test the
stock of ths company which sold in 190
at ICO has sold as low as It a shsre. It
was stated that the Reld-Moore Interests
were still In control.
Rtockholders of the railway company
held their annual meeting here April 11
last after a reC'ern! court had declined to
enjoin ths meeting on petition of counsel
for minority stockholders. Rumors of
apparently authentic brigin at 'the time
wees currant that the eompany was In
solvent Wit reference ta the financial manage
ment ef the property considerable testi
mony wss introduced two months ago In
the course of the arbitration of the war
demands cf the firemen and engineers
of western railroads. W. J. 1-a.uck, a
statistician employed by the men. In an
exBttitt kald:
"The road came under control ef the
Moore brothere and PanM O. Itetd In
Vtn. At that .time began the dissipation
of the great .resources of . the ' eompany
as well as the manipulation of Its wecur-
Hies by which the Rock lot and company
and the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Railroad company were launc'g d. The
total amount of fictitious .cspitallsatlon
with whk-h the railway company la now
burdened Is enormous."
(Continued from Tsge One.)
a fwrfwt light to give testimony regard
ing campaign espenses, and asked If that
was what Mr. Rowers was getting at.
Mr. Bowers said It was. The wltnens
then replied that he did have conversa
tions with Mr. Bsrnes about the frsn
chlse tss act. Paid Colonel Roosevelt:
"I cannot give the exact dates. They
bgan in the spring ef WW. however, and
continued until the fall. I do not remem
ber that any other person was ever pres
ent" The colonel continued to ssy thst
Bsrnes Joined In ths protest of Mr. Piatt
against the franchise tea bill.
Mr. Ivlns objected to nesrly every ques
tion and s newer. Me wss overruled oa
each objection.
Meat Treat It Right.
"Mr Bsrnes also told me," said Colonel
Roosevelt, "thst If we didn't treat big
business right and It the republican party
became socialistic the democrats would
get all ths contributions and the repub
lican party none. I assured Mr. Barnes I
did not want to injure any big business
"Later I expressed astonishment to Mr.
Barnes thst a special message I had sent
to ths legislature had been tern up. In
reply Mr. Barnea said I wss foolish te
believe that the legislature would do any
thing on so important a matter until
orders had beea received from the organ
ization. tiave Oat Stateateat.
Mr. Barnes counsel placed only one
witness upon the stand, lie was John Mo
ri rath, Colonel Roosevelt's private secre
tary, lie testified that he gave out the
statement complained of to newspaper
reporters at Oyster Bay. A partial list of
sixty-eight newspapers In which the state
ment appeared was then read and counsel
for the defendant conceded that the state
ment had appeared In them. They also
conceded that a detailed statement of the
circulations of each of the newspapers
mentioned was corrsct
The esse of the plaintiff was rested
after counsel for both sides had de
livered their opening addresses to the
jury and one witness heard. Mr. Ivlns,
for Mr. Barnes, pictured the former pres
ident as having been the nation's greatest
arbiter of morals and said that he was
now in court with an opportunity to
prove the alleged libelous things be had
said about Mr. Barnes on various occasions.
William II. Van Benschoten, for ths de
fense, described ths colonel as the cham
pion of good and honest government and
said that he had . been prompted to
make the statement by the belief that
there wss corruption and rottenness In
the administration of the government of
the stats of New Tork. He reiterated the
statement made yesterday that Colonel
Roosevelt mesnt nothing personal to Mr.
Barnes or to Charles F. Murphy of Tam
many Hall, who waa also mentioned In
the statement and that those names were
simply "ajgebrsio terms."
South Dakota Cities Hold Their
Annual Wet and Dry
(Continues rrom Fage One)
considerable on both aloes. The Germans
declare that the British mad use ef
altella containing asphyxiating gases Te
this ths British reply continues to be
that the Germans first resorted to this
meana of warfare, eo If ths British are
now using It they are following the ex
ample of their opponents. t
-Aasalaa Paeltlea Flea.
The Russians continue to hold their
f rm grip en the main chain of the Car
pathlans. but news of any decisive ao
tlca from this arena of ths fighting Is
The British press today Is speculating
as to the whereabouts ef Field Marshal
ten Hlndenburg, the Oerman commander
cn the eastern front. Some newspapers
publish the suggestion that he may at
tempt a diversion In Poland as well as
from Cracow, although the Mea Is ad
vanced that the sogry nature of ths land
would seem to prevent any large move,
ir.ent except at a great cost of men and
FAIRI1TJRT. Neb., April 30, (SpeclaU-
The Falrbury Board ef Education elected
W. I Morten of Ashland, Neb., superin
tendent ef the Falrbury schools to 'sue-
oeed A. U Cavlness, resigned. The board
was ton fronted with thirty-five applica
tions for the stipertntendency of the Fair-
bury school end finally offered the posi
tion-, to Superintendent Morten ef the
Ashland schools. Mr. Morton has ac
cepted the position, notwithstanding the
fact that the Ashland schools offered him
an. Increase In salary. Superintendent
Morten la a former Jerferson county
man. He la a graduate of the State uni
versity and hss been superintendent , of
the Ashland schools for fouryeera A. I
Cavtnefs), the retiring superintendent, has
not announced his future plana. He has
held the superlntendency at Falrbury
since September, 1909.
A large number of changes will be mads
in the Falrbury High school next year.
Principal A. M. Hare has resigned, and
his successor hae'not been seletd. Miss
Elsie Kbtneyer, Oerman teacher In the
high scrtoot, has resigned to accept a
similar position with the Orand Island
high school.
riERRE. 8. D . April 30 -(Rpeclal Tele
gram. r At the annual election here today
tMs olty went wet by nine majority.
William Borst was elected msyor: Q. P.
Mrade, member of the city commission;
Z. K. Drew, superintendent cf the Hoard
of Education.
Fort Pierre Is wet by twenty-two and
ITIghmnre dry by thetrty-three. Phillip
went dry by twenty-five. .
! Kali Oae.Slded.
FIOCX FALLS. B. D April . -Special
Telegram.) The wets carried filoux Falls
by a majority of about 600. Water works
extension bonds of 1150,000 were voted.
Vaskt la Wet.
YANKTON, B. D., April 20. (special
Telegram.) The city election for mayor
resulted In no choice. Wyman and Eller-
man led and will enter the second election
next Tuesday to decide. The city voted
wet by 210 majority.
Mltehell Vole Wet.
MITCHELL, 8. D.. April SO. (Special
Telegram.) At the city election today,
the deys won by a majority of ninety-
even. The vote was dry,, W7: wet, HO.
The street railway franchise carried.
8TURGI8. 8. D.. April 20-(8peclal Tel
egram) In the city election held today,
Charles Lopmann, Oeorge Blesman, An
drew Helms were re-elected aldermen.
The wets won by forty-nine majority, an
Increase ever last year. The municipal
saloon proposition lost by eighteen votes.
(Continued from Psge One.)
not indifference; it is not self-interest.
The besie ef neutrality Is sympathy for
mankind. It Is fairnesa; it is good will
at bottom. It Is Impartiality of spirit
and Judgment I wish that all of our fel
low cltlsens could realise that. There is
in some quarter a disposition to create
distempers In this body politic. Men are
even uttering slsnders against the United
State aa If to excite it. Men are saying
that if we should go to war upon either
side there will be a divided America.
Abominable libel of Ignorance; America Is
not all of It vocal just now. It Is vocal
In spots, but I for one have a complete
and abiding fatth In that great silent
body of Americans, who are not standing
up and shouting and expressing their
opinions Just now, but are waiting to
find out and support the duty of Amer
ica. I am Just ss sure cf their solidity
and of their loyalty and of their unan
imity. If we act Justly, as I am that
ths history of this country has at every
crisis and turning point illustrated this
great lesson.
Medlatlaar Natlea ef War Id.
'We are the mediating nation ef the
world. I do not mean that we undertake
not to mind cur own buslneee and te
mediate where other people are quarrel
ing. I mean the word la a broader ssnse.
We are compounded of the nations ot the
world. We mediate their Mood: we
mediate their traditions; we mediate
their sentiments, their tastes, their pas
sions; we are ourselves compound, d of
those things. We are, therefore, able te
undcrstsnd all nations; we are able te
understsnd them In the compound., not
separately, as partisans, but unitedly as
Knowing and comprehending and embody
ing mem an. jt la in that sense that I
mean that America Is a mediating nation.
xne opinion or America, the action , of
America Is ready to turn and free to turn
in any dlrectisn.
Hrlag Bait for Damages.
PLATTRMOUTH. Heb.. April Kk -(Spe
cial Telegram.) Qu'.t Johnson hrouaht
suit In ths district court today to collect
$30,000 from the Burlington railway for
oamnges resulting from falling from a
car In the compaayg yards bare.
Berlin Report Bay British Expedi
tion that Invaded German Ponet-
ion Wag Badly Defeated. j
place; as also Doufrlas Coombs of Pierce,
who Sf-rved as dletrlct Judge hy appoint
ment seversi years ago. Another possi
bility la Andrew Oleson, a Wiener attor
ney. Ftanton and Cuming counties were
taken out of the Eighth district end added
to the Ninth, making weven counties In
the latter as follows: Stanton. Cuming,
Madison, Antelope, Pierce, Wayne and
Knox. Judge Welsh la the old Judge In
the Ninth. Judge Graves occupies the
bench in the Eighth district
Rent room quick with a Bee Want Ad.
WASHINGTON. April 3-Frelsl Tet
eratn. The abstract of the condition of
the nattorml t.nnk of Nebraska. exrl'W
nsa on Marrh . as rprted to the'
comptroller of the currency, shown th
reserve hel1 at T7 IS r cent; loan ar-d
dlwnimta. fj4.nM.fW): acM coin. 11.04. :ni
&Wvi1Vj,0n',r rPorve- i766,fU3; deposits.
BERLIN, April JO. (By Wireless
to Sayvllle, 4. y., April 20.1
Among tbe Items given out for pub
lication today by the Overseas News
Agency were the following:
"Special mall reports from East Africa !
stale that In a two days' battle German
troops near Pan Ran I routed a strong
force landed from British cruisers and
transports. The British lost 700 men.
among them four companies captured,
besides msny rifles and large stores of
ammunition. The German casualties
were 7 officers and II men killed, 14 of
ficers and 22 men wounded.
"The National Tidende of Copenhagen
again asserts that German officers In
Belgium are discouraged with the results
of their administration. It Is officially
stated, however, that the contrary 'Is
true. The military government Is sup
plying Belgian farmers with seed potatoes
and oats with the understanding that the
same quantities shall be returned in the
fall after the harvest
"Eight victims of the last French aero
plane raid on Freiburg i. burled at
the citys expense. ie entire population
participating in the services. Berlin
school children sent a telegram of con
dolence to ths relstlves of the school
children killed at Freiburg."
Gerwiaa Keetaaaahop.
CAPETOWN, Union of South Africa,
April . Forces of the Union of South
Africa have occupied Keetaanahop, the
most Important town in German South
west Africa next to Windhoek, the capi
tal It is an important railroad Junction
and gives General Botha, the Boer leader,
command of the railroad to Windhoek.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April .-8peclal.)-A dele
gation of three called on Governor More
head to urge the appointment of W. V.
Allen to the new Judgeship In the Ninth
Judicial district created by the 1915 legis
lature. Mr. Allen waa formerly United States
senator from Nebraska. The delegation
that waa boosting him consisted of Burt
Mapee of Norfolk. M. B. Foster of Madi
son and Mr. Chase of Stanton county.
M. 8. MeDuffee of Madison, county Judge,
has been urged upon the governor for the
1 fl
CTAND out of ,
the crowd this sum- '
mer, in "Kool Worsted."
The lightest, moat com
fortable suit you can think
of-Hind you can laugh at ,
-the laundry man with his
Palm Beach tlavei. The
KicCirthj - Wilson Tillering; Co.
815 South 15th fit.
' (From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. April 10. (Special.) Stat
Fngineer' Johnson Is In Superior Inspect
ing th beginning of work oa the new
state aid bridge ever the Republican
river. The bridge Is being built by the
Ward Welghton company of Sioux City
at a cost ef about SUMO. It la to have
five oonciats spans ef from fifty to sixty
feet esch in length.
Step ik ralleVe Caach-It'a Berfoae.
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