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Bringing Up
Itnt'kljn Tmraa Tablet on Guuita,
Taking Ltt Game of Series by
Fir to Thrrt Soar.
I lfJTW TORK, April hl-Brooklyn turned
the tabt) en tb .Vw York Nationals,
I taking tlM last game of th series, I to t
I Apptstoa. a recruit iiwmbw of the Brook
lyn, ajtalked hie first maor legu ftm.
and Ml Nnr Tort t six hits.
Perrttt, pitched wall for McOraw
taaas tortil the niaUi inning, whoa, with
tb scar IM. Wheat alt a home rua.
Twa ether runs followed on a psss, a
'doable end tw single. Poor.
ooaxnr. Nrw to wit
AH H Oil AO M.O.A g.
Or Man. a . 4 It I norT.e, rfl I I I
Va a. ef .. II IDnla. Ik ... 4 lit
lkl, at. 2 t lsber. 1 . 4 I 1 I
WI, If .. 4 l irwrw KM I I
KinH Itl t 14 Mwh. If ... 4 I
'VM a, lt I Marti. Ik . I III 1
Han, rf.4 It IMmf, ft . 4 I
Mri-arlT. .. t 1 t Mtrr. r... t t
AlfHUm K t -rrHl. .. I I
Htakarteua . I
txaW m r 1
Totals a n I i
Batted for Perrttt In tba moth.
DnukiyB .0 1 a
Xew Tork 0 1 1 1
Firs base aa arrora: Kaw Tork, J;
Brooklyn. 2. Two-baa bit : Btnl.
Hon run Wheat Stolen baaaa: Mo
t arty. Merkle, Snodgraa. I.ober1 Iou
bio plsy: Doyle to Fletnher to M !;
AppWton to O'lUra to HumrrjaL Uaaa
on balta: Off ffrrltt. t: oft Applton. I.
truck uti fy Harritt. 1; by Applton,
L Implraa: IU1t ami Hart.
-Vaoeo WII4, Ba Win.
ClWriMNATI. O. April It-Vanna'a
wilrirwao la tha thlrj tunin coat fltta
burah tho third (am of Ui antra. Cin
cinnati winning. 4 to S. la thla Innlnc
Vaaro four baara an bail, hit an-
ilhr man. which wllb a alnalO. lava
Ctrvrlnnali thro runa.
litis laaa. wbe atartad for Cincinnati,
waa aio win. but ha manaad to hold
down the hitting ot Ifttaburfn. and Il-,
who riivd him In th alahth. held the
vl-Mtora f for tha romalndar of th
(apn. Rorf:
rmr. If . . i 1 1 lrk. rl ... i 1 1
JaM, 11 7 IHwh. ..!
Via. IB I IKIIk-Mr, It.. 1 4
HltMOfH. rft I t Urlffllk. rf. 4 J
!)mm, rf. I rh, lb..., 1
MMtbr. I t ., I (
...! I M ,1 1 II. Ik I I u
Wmmv ...I lilirk.. ....! 14 1
miMU. ....! 1 t HMUIM, p. I t
rwn. ... I 1 I 1 IMI.
Y.M. I 04
nllHl, l TUI 14 tnil I
kiMl'ku, p I
MII ... I
ToUl M I 14 It I
Hatted tor Cunilman In th aaventh.
Hatted for Ucrbor In tha ninth.
Plttcbunrh ft I o a a e I
ClneiiiaaU 1 0
Thraa-baa hit: Hrhani. k1b baa:
Iaarb. Karnad run: t'onalnian. Doubl
f'laya: Vane to MH"rthy; Olimn to
laraot to Alnilwlta, Oorbrr to Mr-t'arthv:
iron ta Moilwtta ll. Maaa on balia:
Off Vino, k. f( Consul man. 1; oif 1uuk
laaa. 1; off Data. I. IIIU: Off Vanro, I
In two and two-third lnnlnc; otY Cun
aalman. t ht thra and ona-thlrd Innlnga;
orr KanttehtMr, I In two Innlnua; off
iUoaclaaa. ta aoaa and ona-llurd la
nine a; off Ial. non In on and two
thlrtla Inntngja Rtrurtt out: Hy Iouiasa,
. L'mplr: Kem and Kmalla.
Cab Dafoat Card.
rnnCAOO April 1 Oood hom run
fnllnwrna' Moljury'a alngl In th fourth
Inning, aav Chtcafo a 4 to I vl-torv ov
Bt. Lsula today. Th othar ai-orva main
by Uta iocala war th rult of daring;
baa ruiiiilna; and bunched hi la. Tha
ftekllna; ut l-ulaa waa a feature. Boor-
trr. ut'ia. citiCAno.
N cf....t 1 a I'M. rf I t I
heu. at I I I tlruaar. I 1 t 1 It.. I I I ttrkuii. It . I 1 1
Millar, !... 1.1 tlleirtaaa. nl 1 I I I
ailaua. rf . 4 4 .ir. Ik. .
ak, .... I I iwuiuua. efl t
i -anti tar. . Arkar, a... a 4 a
tliaea, I 4 1 4M.La.rrr. II I I 14
itar. a-., t I Ltar, a. I
.....I ia
MraU ..... Tai IT I'M U 1
. u at it i
Huaglna out. nit by battd balk
hailed for I'aruiger In ninth.
battd for Oritur In ninth.
St. Luta I 1 0
Ithfsaata Jl0
Two-be hit' Glann. Hunt run- flood.
Plolea baa: Bearbxr. Hugaln. richulto,
Mmmtrnui, Klaher. Hacrtftce hit:
f letter (2). Doable play: tluaatn to
arirurvr to Mulrr; Klah.r to M larry to
HakM-. fieck t iluriina to Allller. Pint
oa arrora: Bt. Iouia. I. Baa on balia:
Off Ortnvr. 4; off l-avenrtrr, (. Struck
ut: r lavender, . by Oriner. I. .'m
ptra: (vulgtay and baaon.
CINCHNNATI. April H.-Th O,kaao
Natieaalg wr today ordered by th Na
ttoaal Baaa Ball eommlaslon to pay to
riayar K. M. Ilaaaman tM, tha bonua
aallad for In hi 114 coatract, and also
to submit ta tha player a contract for
Ital eocjtalalcg th aasna bonua rlauee
that waa oontalnd in lila 1'4 roBtrart.
Th4 Chicago club ocatadd that
Hagamaa had coco t them after half
tha aaaawa waa aver tby wr only ln
4bt4 t him for half th bonua
' Flfl LA DK Laf"H IA . April 14.-J Oould
ad W, H. T. Huba. th tltieholder a, wl.l
' meat Joseph CTan i-S O. R. Frarlng of
Boatoa tomorrow tn th final round -t
tha aaauil tournament for the national
4touUa court tani ehaanponMp. In
Me aami-nnala rouad today Oraaa and
Fearing woa an aaar victory ewer t". H.
Cutting and E. M. H. Rocb of Tugeda
aa atrakght arta. Si, - aad
1 ' I i y v yV Jm j
4CA MR?, PiLt VOrr TW f , HE SlN) f no ( VHATb AC-jPCX i
HV A CiGCM she NICE : f TttH. COMtt I tlr;, THE HOUR- J"HE - "
1 iT
Good Work in SLnt- Girei Ciictfo
Dediinj Tmllj aai the
CHICAGO. April M.-A timely alnfl ft
tha ninth by llanford, pinch hlttla for
Prendrrfaet rva CMrifO the decldlnc
tally and a 4 to I victory over Pittaburfh
today after tha vlaltora, on Konetehy a
alnfla and Yerkea' triple had tied tha
cor in thetr half of th lnnlnc. Both
Rore and Prenderraat wore In ood form
and tba fleldlnk of both aid waa faat
ipit the cold weather Hcor: H H K
Plftburah I 11 It LI 7
Chlcatro 0001 4 I
Batterl' Plttnburah. ftoaa and Berry:
Chlraco, Prenderaait and
Horse Racing Was
Prosperous in 1914
A copy of th new wlnrace and
lirTbtitty book of tha National Trottlne:
ataoclatloa iaauad for th jon of 1913.
baa Won received by Tba Bo. It con
talna aummarlea of 1.400 maatlnr In
which trotting" and paclna; horaca com
peted durini 114 and tha name of all
living horaea with racorda that bava
raoed alnc Ull tomther with tha claaaea
to which they ara eligible under tha
alidtna; aral rula now In operation.
Harnea racing had ona of tha moat
prottparoua year In Ita hlalory In 11
and waa almont tha only aport which did
not auffer on account of depraaaed In
duatrial condition.
In aeoordance with thee condition the
IM allgtbimy book la greatly Improved
ovr Ita 114 predereaaor.
Links Come for Two
Games With Eourkes
F- today and Hunday Malty Mclntyra
will bring hla Unk to Omaha for a
coupl of comhata with tha Rourka tribe.
Tha two team apilt at Lincoln In a two
am aerlea thr. Both limn will be
called at I o'clock. Lin up
I Otniha.
Klrwt ....
. Hecond ..
Third ...
, Hhort ...
. Irft
.Canter ..
. tllk-ht ...
.Catch ..
Iltch ...
Plt'h ...
Plfh ...
. Plti h ....
Pitch ....
Pitch ....
.. W. Kruearer
, Wolfe
...B. tkhrtbar
R. Kruearr....
PKKTT, Nb.. April U.lPclalV-Tha
athlntio ground at tha etata. Normal
chool have been drained and a five
foot tunnl la to b placed on on aid
lo carry off the flood water. Stone ate
ar t ha provided to Beat I.OOS.
Coach Johaaon announoaa th follow
ing anhadul for ba ball:
CVitner at Pru, April H.
Dn at Peru Arrll .
Ntraka Indian at Peru, May 1
and n.
Wealeyan at Peru, June 1.
Peru nt Crete. My Iz
Peru at Coiner. May 1
Peru at Wealayan. May !4.
Accei'tanCfB r being received for the
! Invitation nit to b held at Peru Ma
T. Oold. etlver and brona mkdala will
b given for plaee In each event. Al
ready a number of contestant have Je
nlfted their Intention of competing.
COT.fMBr". Neb.. April l .-tBpeclal.)-Tha
baa ba'l fair which waa held la it
weak resulted In a financial urc. Th
net receipt war 11, ri. Th women of
Columbu aided greatly In making thla
(air uccerful aad worked uncraalngly
, tor thla purpo. Mnar Juatu la bucy
4 lining p hla plavor. Practic work will
trt April in, an Indian team playing
her on April 4 and 2t The regular
eaaon win opn at Columbua Tudy,
May .
! ac rmiDi c nc oiTrucoc
ur vuui k. w ui i nviikiia
Krrieat Wolff, maaagvr of tha Brrn-
Hammr and Mlckal'a Ylctrolaa. would
Ilk to hear from a roupla ef good pitch
er, hi wanta on for a gam Saturday
aad aaothar for a gam Sunday. Call
Douglas t"4 during th day. or Wcbatrr
TIM n the avrnlng.
t'mmut l.e Saaa.
At 1 Arrle- R H R
San rraacta a I !
jd Ansrlea I 1
!latta1e: Ban Prnrca, Mmlth. Bsr
tarn. KIM.elr and eVrmldt; x Angele.
Burr. gad Hot.
At Kan faki ie- R H It
K't le liy 4 :
CaklaJid 1 '
UattrUa: Halt I-k City. J. William,
aad Itonrer. (Mk'and. Prulett and Klll'iH
Al Port lead K-lf E
Veelce 1 I
Paruaad .. Ill I
Ultartaa Vantca, Httt anal Mltse.
Pert La a. HgguUwcbaaa aad Oanarh.
Copvrusht. iIO. International
Hittinj of Oldriss and Mclnnii
Features Long-Irawn-Oiit Six-to-Six
PTIIIjA DHLPHl A , April 1.-The hitting
of Oldrtng and Mclnnla featured a long-drawn-out
gam) her today between
Philadelphia and Boaton. Play waa
topped owing to darkneia at tha end of
th ninth inning. In addition to tyln
tha aoore with a homo run In the a-vnth
Inning. Oldring mad a doubl and a
aingle. whtl Mclnnla made three alnglea
and drova In two runa. Umpire Connolly
put five of the vUltlng team off the field
for yelling from the bench. Hcore:
tOWTOfl. PltnADBIJ-Hla.
AJl.H O.A r AB.H.O.A B.
Nwir, rf . 1
Wruraar. Ik . I 1 1
raker. . I
lanrla. If.... I
tMurvhr. ftk.. 0 1 1
4 w.l.h. rf ... 4 1
coloring. If.. 4 I 4 ,
IJol., th... 4 1 I
Ilokiiital lb I
I 14 1 tMrlnaM, lb. 4 S 1 0
14 MrTor. C .. J 1 I 0
0r4nr. S. 4 I
4 lpp. e I 1 1
4 1 4trunk. rf... t 1
1 H.rrr, ..... t t 4 j
I Braila. p.. I I
Carrtcan, ., I
Tkaatta, ...
Ruin, p l l
Cnitkrk, p.
Mer.. p
HanrUra . 1
Jaarrlk ... 1
1 t, p. 1
I IX.Iee .... 1 0
Tkoiapaa .
. . -
Tti M n j
Tetaii n 17 1
Hatted for tanigan In eighth.
Ratted for Oometock In ninth.
Hatted for McAvoy In fifth.
Uattad for Bhawkey In ninth.
Boeton 1 0 0 1 -
Philadelphia 0 0 14 0 10 0-4
Two-baaa hlta: Wagner, Ruth, Old-
ring. Barry. Home run: Oldring. Ktolen
haea: Hpeaker. Ilohlltzrll. V.arned runa:
Hoeton. 1: Philadelphia, a. Uouni piava:
Scott to Hoblltaell; Lpp to Barry. Baoej
on bail: orr nutn, t; on aiaya, i, vn
Hreaaler. 4; oft Bhawkey. 4. Hit: Oft
Kuth, h In five Inninga, nona out In the
fifth: off Comatock. I In four lnnln; off
Hiler. t In flv Inning, lilt by pitched
hall: Hy Ruth, Barry, ftruck out: By
Kuth. i: by Brelar, 1: b Hhawkvy. 4.
Wild pltchea: Hreaaler, Ruth. Lmplrea:
Connolly and Chill.
enatora Wla rtaal.
WAHHINQTON, April 11 Washington
won tha final game of the erle from
New York today, 4 to 2. making tha moat
of Brown' wlldnaea In th box fur th
vlaltora. Ha allowed nine basea on balls,
which forced In on run In th flrt In
ning and produced another In the alxth
when couiAed with a sairlflce and a hit.
A aingle and triple In auccovxton In the
aecond made another tally. Oallla held
New York down In all but th second In
ning, when a hit. an error, a fielder'
choice and a double (teal by Cook and
Sweeney brought In tha vlrttor' two run.
Ait.H.u a
AV H O .1.1.
M.IHl. lb.. 4 I
t) Mnaller rl . I I I
IM.I, lb. ..41
Milan, rf.... i
William.. Ik 1 It
Mnraaa, Ik.. 1
keh.nka. II... (11
1 Alnaniltta, . I 4 I
Hi brl4a, M. Ill
Ullli. p.... 14
Hnk .If 41
. cf 4 11
Pip. Ik 4 1 1
O., rf .... 4 1
Park!, I
Bene, (k... 4 I I
ttweaeer, cf. I 4
rea, p.... It
TeUU m 4 24 II I Total
T fl 14 1 i
New York 2 v 0 v 0 V J
Waahnglon t 1 0 0 1 4
Two-baa hit: Brown. Karned run:
Washington. I. Three-baa hit: IToter,
Cre, hltanks. Stolen baaea: 11pp. Cuok,
Sweeney. William. Alnrmtth. Utvsva on
lalla: Off Brown, a Ban on error:
New York, 1. Struck out. By Uallla, J;
by Itroaa. 4. L'mpirea: Uvana and Mul
lanvy. Indiana Take Weird Oa.
DirTRfJJT. April IS. In temperature
little over the frtealng point Cleveland
defeated Lkktrolt today, to 4, In a gam
that dragged through nearly two and
half hour of almoet atery known kind of
baa ball. In tha aeventh Inning four
single, a double, a paa and a aacrlftce
tlv netted the visitors slk run and gave
tham a lead th Tiger could not over
come. Hcore:
ab H O. A r.
lalknl. rf . 4 I I
I trullar. a .. I
I Taa. k...
Turaer. Ik-. I
Ckapaiaa. I
Jacaana, rf., I
(traaar. If . . t
Barkara. t. I
4 l'ehk. rf I
rmfor4. rl
Vaark, If ..
t K.Tkna'. Ik. t
I phial.. Ik . 4
I . 4
I tvui. lb I
I Mi'Km. r.... 4
1 Si'aret. p . ..I
Solano, p .
(ldbatter p
Jat-ibeoe -. 1
Has raw, p i
Jnna.. I
Wankgana 1
Totals M II IT II 4 - ;--
Total. .11 I II 1
Patted for Hagermaa In the alxth,
Uatted for Boland in th eighth.
Cleveland 0 0 1 I 1
Detroit 0 1 0 3
1 j4
Tv.-biH hit: l a vet. Vitl. HtileUle
Thr-b bit: Chapman. Stolen baaea:
Iihold. chapman. Jackson S, Cobb !.
Irft on basea: Cleveland. : Itrolt. 11.
Has on error: Cleveland 1. Re on
balis: Off Cavet. 2: off Boland. I; off
Hagerman. 4. off Jones, 4. Hlta: Off
Cavet. 10 In Sevan Innings: on noiana. i
In one Inning: off ldbetter. 1 In on In-
i rf off llacerman. i in nv in
ning: off Jones. 1 In four Inning Struck
out. By Cavet. I: by Haaerman. 1; by
Jones, t l'mpirea: O ltruglilin and rtii'ie-
Brawa Beat aiesg.
8T LOUIS. April 14. laoudartnllk
pitched a anaatnrly gam thla aftrraooa
and ehoultt have ecored a shutout over
Chicago. St Louie won. I tl rfr
of eommlMrtoa nd on of co.nmtoWn
account for th visitors' run TU bom
team counted on btt and goad b run
ning, boor:
miCAon BT. laTTt",
Qalalaa. If. 4 hatoe. H . I I I t I
taw. a 4 a
B t'mlllaa. tk 2 e
4 1 Wales. H.. 4 I
I lliataw. Ik 4 I t I I
I Walker, af I I
4 I Pratt. Ib I I I I j
4 1 rf . . I I 4 I !
I I lraa. aa . . I I I I 1
I t allaae, a I I I I I
a t La isiik p I I I j
J iVliu. rf 4
Palank. rf .. I
net Ik ..
. halk. e l
Bretea. Ik.. I
Itaaaell. .. I
Ctoartte. p. . . I
r'aueator t
Tatal a unu I
ft imi i
tor K'.-h la th aiath.
t t 1 0 0- 2
Si. Ltil
Twawba hit:
000102 4
Kanffmaa (Ti. Stolen
ba: Wavr Daubl Pay: Agnaw to
Pratt !rt bsa on arrora: Bt Louts,
I: Cbiesur. I. Ba on balia: Off St
JU 2; off tu4mtllk, S. Hlta Off
OMAIIA. SATURDAY. ArKn. 17, 1915.
Standing of Teams
W.Kprt.l W,L.Prt.
New Tork.. I 1 .arr chlcaifo I 1 ."
Cincinnati ..I 1 .tr Cletrland . 1 .7
Chicaito ....2 1 W, Washington.:
B.ton 1 1 .SWPhlia. ,1
I'lilla 1 1 .flV'Boeton 1
St. Ioila...l g :m Ietrolt 1
Brooklyn ..I 1 .iTO1 New York.. .1
I ittabtirah .1 t .WW. Ixiiil....!
W.UP t
chlcgo ..I l .TO1 Ioulavilla ...2 0 l.ono
Brooklyn .. 4 1 .rHt. Paul 1 1
Newark ...I I .SH Indlanapolln.l t
Kan. City. .4 2 .W Milwaukee.. 1 1
Bt. I-oul...l 2 .4OTi Cleveland .1 1 .r40
Buffalo ....2 I .4"VMInneapotlB.l 1 .W
Plttbumh..2 4 .m) Kan. City... I 1 .rl0
Baltimor ..2 4 .lAColumbua ...9 I .000
Yeeterday' Ralt.
rhllndelphta-BoKton. rain.
Brooklyn. 6: New York. 2.
Pittsburgh. 2: Cincinnati. 4.
Ht. Lou1. 2; Chlcaajo, 4.
Chicago., 2; Bt. IxmiIb, 4.
Cleveland. : Detroit, .
New York, 2: 'Washington, 1
Hoeton, 6, Philadelphia, 4. Called; dark
Brooklvn-Buf fnlo, wet grounda
Plttehurgh, 2; Chicago, 4.
Baltimore, 4); Newark, 2.
Indiana polla, 4; Cleveland, R.
I.oulevllle. 2; Oilumtwa 0.
Mt. Paul. 4: Kaneaa CltvT .
Mlnneapolla, : Milwaukee, 4.
Game Today.
American Leagu Chicago at St Ixul,
Cleveland at Detroit, Boston at Wash
ington. New York at Philadelphia.
National Ieague Brooklyn at Boeton.
Philadelphia at New York. Pittsburgh at
Cincinnati, Bt. Loiii at Chicago.
Federal Leagu Brooklyn at Buffalo,
Chicago at Ht. Ixiula, Kansaa City at
Pittsburgh, Baltimore at Newark.
Russell. 4 In six and two-third Inninga;
off Clootie, 2 In one and one-third in
ninga. Htruck out: By RJusmII, 2; by
lAudrmllk. . t'mptr: Dineem and
Nallln. - . - ,
Stock Growers Decide Actios to
Guard Against Foot and Mouth
Disease Proper.
DOVO LA P. Wyo., April 14. (Special
Telegram.) Th closing aesglon of the
Wyoming Stock O rowers' association
wag held thla afternoon. Tha old offi
cers war re-elected and Thermopolta
waa chosen for th next meeting.
Th quarantine aetabllahad by Governor
Kendrlck we endorsed, and It wag rec
ommended that the regulations bo etrlctly
enforced and no special privilegea
ranted while there waa a Possible chance
2 j for tha disease to be brought Into th
The tocWmen today llstend to ad
drearcs by General Freight Agent Miller
of th Ncrthvrtarn. Stat Veterinarian
Davis and former Governor Carey. To
night at tha Hotel I.abont they vrer
tendered a banquoat by the cltlson of
Douglaa. and th lata train) carried moat
of tbm away.
The Omaha delegation left this after
noon for Casper, with th exception of
Secretary Stryker, who spoke at th ban
quet tonight for South- Omaha. Th
Omaha man ar pleased with their trip
and declare thla th best convention they
ever attended. The weather ha bean
Ideal, th attendance of atockmen baa
been large and tha entertainment offered
by Douglas all that eoutd be desired.
; America a Aa.
e ! At Columbua
l , I-tilav1ll
; Columbu
Battcrlea: Loulavllle
2 4 ft
0 4 2
Mlddleton and
a r1 -...r... . 'mIii.K.,.
Schneiberg, Turner
- ' and Koberteon
, j At tTeveland R.H B.
Indlanapolia 4 4 0
4 Cleveland 6 S 1
I Batteries: Indianapolis. Burke and
Uossrtt: Cleveland. Carter and Bawler.
AtKansaaCIU R.ll.K
! Kt Paul 4 11 4
tvsnsas 111) k II 1
Hattertes Bt Paul, Ksrrer. North.
Itosrdman and Johnson; blanaes City,
Allison and (lethal.
At Milwaukee RH BV
Minneapolis 11 2
Milwaukee 4 S 4
Batterlea: Mlnneapnll. Ingvrvell and
Oharrlty, aulllrsn Mliwauk; Young,
Shakclford and Hugh, Hrenaaa.
Steel Subsidiary to
Reduce Workers' Pay
PITTSBURGH. April la RaduoUona In
wages la th hat mill dauartmenu of all
th work of th American Sheet and
Tta Plat oompany. aa important subsid
iary of the United Btata Steel
tlon, waa announced today.
NOclAIjr Arts. April K. Jos Betan
oourt. "Pa klny" of the a est coast of
Me i loo and aald to be a member of a
rich Ctn family. a committed to th
county Jail her today oa an Insanity
r barge H waa alleged to have told a
girl dark In a drug etor that ha would
kill hr.
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
Dam Down Valley Breaks After the
Streets Were Flooded to Depth
of Three Feet
HOLBROOK, Ariz., April 16. The
flood which swopt away th reservoir
damg at Lyman and Hunt, and sub
merged parts of St. Johns yesterday
had Inundated today the town of
Woodruff, twelve miles southeast of
here. Water, diverted from tho
overflowed Little Colorado river, sub
merged part of the streets to a depth
of three feet before the Woodruff
dam burst and relieved the pressure.
Fie to High Oroand.
Meantlm all th people of the town
had reached high ground and there were
no fataMtlea to add to the list of eight
lives loat by th breaking of tha Lyman
dam Wednesday night.
The Little Colorado was out of its
hank at this point early today and ris
ing steadily. Every precaution had been
taken, however, and no material damage)
waa expected.
Believe Plot Exists
to Blow Up K. C. and
Omaha Cudahy Plants
KANSAS CITT. April 15 A man who
officers said waa earning four aticka of
dynamite wrapped In a package, and sev
eral feet of fus with a dynamite cap
attached, was arrested tonight by detect
ives In Kansas City. Kan., aa he waa en
tering tha grounds ot the Cudahy Packing
company, a portion of whose plant was
wrecked by mysterious explosions last
Sunday night. The man gave tha name
of Jchn MulvahllL Two companion ar
reeted with him gave names of Max N.
Barren and R. E. Con!:y.
All deny that they had any Intention of
setting an explosion or that they knew
anything of th explosion laat Saturday
night. According to th police, Mulva
hlll, who waa n employ of th packing
company, haa been under surveillance
sine Isst Monday.
Chief of Detectives Flenimlng declared
in a statement that he had learned today
tha engineer room of th Cudahy plant
was to be wrecked tonight. Mulvahill
was questioner for several hours tonight.
A. Ia Barger, an attorney for th Cudahy
company. In a statement Issued later, said
tha company officials believed a plot
existed to destroy the Kansas City and
the South Omaha plants and to kill soms
of the officials. "We expect other ar
rests to follow" he said.
German Children
Slain by Air Shells
AMSTERDAM (via London). April 14.
Dlspatohes received from Freiburg in
Brelagau, grand duchy of Baden, an
nounce that a hostile airman dropped
bornba there at noon yesterday, killing
tlx persona and Injuring a larg number,
most of them school children.
Flv bombs, the dispatch says, were
dropped In th Stuehllngcn quarter. Two
of them fll without doing harm, but
ths others killed two men and four chil
dren and seriously wounded two men and
eight children. A number of other chil
dren wer slightly hurt
Fifteen teacher ot th South Omaha
P.lgh school yterday visited Omaha and
took a fleeting glaac of th city. They
went to Fontenell park and enjoyed a
"welner roast." cooking their repast on
the public roaster which I provided by
the park authorities.
Dick Bumll. auparvlaor of th play
grounds, found soma wood for tha teach
er and helped them mak a fire, which
pleased th pedagogoaa
Fontenell park I already a popular
place for the klddlee and even tha older
people. Both base ball diamonds ar being
patronised and ths new play apparata
la appreciated by hundreds of boy and
llhrary Batlgtaa- few a Saw.
BROKEN BOW. Nab.. April la tfino
elaL) Th library board ef tht city haa
definitely decided that the new tl0,00
Carnegie library building ahall be built
of vittou brick, coating 254 40. and ratea
vi'. Is stone Contractor f3dr has com
pleted th preliminary arrangement and.
iaathr permitting, will break ground for
'the aa atrurtur the first of neat ek.
The board nadded that the heat waa none
too good for this latest addition to the
jcty's fine buildings and haa ordered th
1 highest grade af material throughout.
Jourt of Appeals Holds Kellog? Con
tracts Violate Sherman Act
and Common Law.
DETROIT. April 11 In denying a mo
tion filed by the Kellogg Togsted Com
Flake a company against the government's
petition for an injunction to restrain the
company from fixing the resale price of
ita product, th United States circuit
court of appeals ain a decision filed yes
terday in the district court, ruled that
th owners of a patented csrtoon cannot
dictat the selling price of th good
which th cartoon contains. The govern
ments petition filed In December. 1912,
ttarked tha selling plan of tha de
fendant company, stating that It speci
fied the price which the Jobbers, th
wholesaler and th retailar ahould charge
for its product.
In it motion to dismiss th govern
ment's petition, tha Kellogg company
contended that Its ownership of a patent
on th cartoon in which its product was
marketed gave it the right to fix the
price of th product In lis decision the
court of appeal aays:
"Tb manufacturer sells at uniform
rrlce of 22.50 per case, exaotlng from th
Jobber an agreement to oharge the re
tailer a specified price, ths JoBbers de
fault in this agreement authorising the
manufacturer to refuse to deal further
with him. This provision haa been
strictly enforced bv tha fWanrtanta
refuse to continue dealings with any
Jobbers who fall to maintain prlcaa so
"Th broad questions presented are:
Whether a manufacturer In connection
with an absolute sale of tt
Jobber miy lawfully control th prl? at
-.Ll.t. . i .
in compiet package shall be re
sold by the Jobber or hv th i.iu. who
buys from th Jobber and (2) whether the
oiling pjan in queatlon Is an unlawful
restraint or raonoDolv. actual n. ...
"Th general rule Is welt eetlled that a
System of contracts hetween mantifat-
turers. Jobbers and retailers by which
xne manuraetnurer attempts to control
the price for all aalas by all dealers at
wholeaale or retail, whether purchasers
or subpurchasers, eliminating all com
petition and fixing the amount which th
Consumer Shall lie- r, mount a tn rsarealnt
of trade, and is invalid both at common
law and so far aa it effects Interstate
commerce under the Sherman anti-trust
"It seems entirely clear that "the de
fendants selling plan here In question
goes beyond any protection afforded by
th patent on the cartoon and la In Its
essential principles violative of the Sher
man act"
Girl's Body Found
Near Trysting Spot;
Alleged Lover Held
NKW TORK, April 14. New York's
lateat murder mystery assumed new
angles today after the police bad estab
lished to their apparent eatiafactlon the
identity of the victim aa Miss Claudia
Hanatmry of Lanalngburg. N. Y., arrested
Raffaele Vlullo, a well-to-do contractor,
and charged hlra with homicide. Tha new
element waa th discovery. In Troy, N. T..
jof Mrs. William H. Burk. who formerly
l w - ui- ri...ti it . . .
aa tarn -uuuav ninwur, ana WHO
erroneously had been reported mlaalng.
Tha spot where the stara girl's body
waa found, in a vacant lot of the As tor
estate tn tha Bronx, was her trysting
place, according to John F. McKenna,
watchman on tha estate. McKenna told
detectivea that he had seen a girl and
man near tha spot oa several occasions.
Tha girl he Identified aa the ona whoaa
body lies In the morgue; the man as
Vlullo, whose fountain pen. the police
assert, was found near th body stoutly
refuted after many hours of cross-examination,
th accusation that he had
caused tha girl's death.
Xewe Bfete af DeabJ.
DE3HLKR. Neb.. April ia-(lpec'.at)
H. M. Harms, secretary of th Cosnraar
ciai olub. and C E. Bauer, one of the
directors, will attend the meeting ot tb
Commercial Club Secretaries of Na
braska, to be held in Lincoln May S and 4.
B. L. Graham has bea re-eleoted prin
cipal and Mtea Joaphln Harney teacher
of th primary department ot th Dah-
ller publio schools.
Aa auto polo company wUl put on aa
exhibition at the Thayer county fair
grounds at Deshler May a
Deshler Tillage officials have reoatred
word from Attorney General Read that
where a town haa voted on th quastioa
of bunday ball ft ta not necessary to vet
on th qtacation again until th people re-
qceet It Th special election to have
' been held April 20 will not be held.
1 Farmers tn tha vtctntty of Deahlar were
! entertained at a get-together meetreg bald
: In tb school house Tuesday evening orr-
der the suspires of tne Commercial club.
:Tbe rounty fair was discussed by Albert
Csughey. and the ftnendal condition et
tha road districts was presented by C. L.
Richards, county attorney Refreshments
ware served. (
Picked Army Attacks Russiani
Marching' on Berei and is De
feated After Long: Battle.
GENEVA, Switzerland, April 16.,
(Via Paris.) The Tribune publisher
a dispatch from Unvgar, in north
eastern Hungary, saying a great bat
tle has been fought between the Strj
and the valley ot tho Ondava. A
German army composed of picked
men attacked the Russians marching
on Bereg. After thirty-two hours ol
severe fighting the Russians repulse J
the Germang and captured a Quantity
of arms and ammunition.
Another dispatch received hr from
Vienna says slxty-ftv Austrian officers
have been disciplined for negligence
which resulted In th the annihilation of
a division of reaervea near Bereg and
tha Austria defeat in tb Sarao region.
Tha asnounoemrmt also is made tn
Genera that Austrian troops from the
Serbian frontier are being sent to the
Trentlno and that a number of them al
ready have passed through SeJsburg.
Hew Note af Haartlna.
HASTINGS. Neb.. April IS. Special)
Mayor Madgett, who was Inaugurated
Tuesday night, has Issued a warning that
all laws will be strictly enforced and that
persona who cannot obey fhetn to the
letter had better be moving at once.
Major Crosson of th Nebraska, Na
tional Guard, has been appointed chief
of police, fnieceedrng George Harm, for
everal years the leading home run hitter
tn the State base ball league. Charles E.
Bmekman Is the new city attorney.
The Chamber of Commerce has begun
preparations for an old-fashioned Fourth
of July celebration and a fall festival In
Hastings this year. Hasting was the first
city in tho stste to hold a fall festival.
None was held last year, but this year's
event win be bigger than ever.
Action on the application for saloon
licenses was deferred by the city coun
cil Tuesday night. It Is reported that
remonstrances may be failed against a
number of the applIcaUona A new
license haa been granted to the Hastings
Brewing company for the year beginning
Mary L
News Notes af Mallea.
MTTLLKN. Nb., April 1, (Special.)
Greek Parsons left for Missoula, MonU
where he will spend ths usmmer In the
Mrs. Lloyd Temple expects to Join her
husband on their claim In Wyoming as
soon aa Mr. Temple gets his house com
pleted. Ths merchants of Mullen have been
roahed since the snow blockades have
melted away. Scores of four and six
horse loads of supplies are going out.
some aa f ar as ftfly miles Into Cherry
and MrPherson counties.
-Then Glands Swell
Bleed Heeds Attention
Een a Sweat Gland May
Reult in Severe
la ear Intricate body the us of S. S3,
S. for tb Hood haa a most remarkable
Influence. W Bttla realise our gland
ular system. It may be a tiny bulb no
trigger than a pin point, and yt If a
dlaeaae germ get into It, ther is a
tramendous swelling. It become a
fcotl. a carbuncle, it mag b a "blood
riling,' and It Is often a source ef con
tinuous misery if mot checked. Many
of the moat eseruclatlng forms of tor
turs begin with th wUlng of a tiny
gland, caused by a dlaeaa garvn. And
it la & 8. a that spreads througtwrut
the blood circulation to prevent Just
sash aondlaotks. Or tf they hav al
ready started, al. a a, will soon pat th
blood In SkAch a state of health as ta
vrcon th taadaatey ta glandular
rwelltagav It la a natural medial n for
the blood- last aa asssBtlal t health If
the blood be Impure, as are the meets,
fats, grains aad avgai of eur daily
It contains one isurradleat the aotiv
purpose of which Is t stlsnulat tb
zchang ef vr flesh for dead or waste
Get a bottle of & a today of any
druggist, aad If yowr c 1 stubborn,
writ te tee MediaaJ Advlr. Th Swift
Specltle C , lt bVwIft Bldg.. Atlanta. Ga.
Thts department is la rfaarg of a ntd