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Ambassador Say Mikado Never Had
Intention of Occupying Any Ter
ritory on Mexican Coast
WASHINGTON, April 16. Aji
official ststement authorized by the
Japanese embassy today character-
Ired as "preposterous" reports .that
naval bare had been established at
Turtle Bar, Lower California, and de
rlared "there never has been any In
tention on the part of the Japanese
government to locate a naval base or
occupy any territory on the west
coast of Mexico."
Operations of Japanese warships In
Turtle bay. mhnwy officials Mid. were
solely for the purpose of salvaging the
stranded cruiser Assma. It was stated
that while detailed reports from , the
arena had not been received, as the con
sul freneral at Ban Francisco waa hand
llnf the matter, lending on the shore of
the bay probably had been found neces
sary In connection With the salvage work
Of reports, that a naval base bad been
established, the embassy statement .said:
"It la more than absurd; It la pre'
poetoroue. .There never has been any In.
tention on the partdf the Japanese gov
ernment te locste si ttaval base or to oo
eury any territory on the west coast of
Mexteo. A few Jspshese fishermen.
about a score In niimhor, perh.p, fre
quent the waters of this bay.' but they
nave no eonncctlon whatever wILh the
Japanese naval establishment."
Naval Drmrlmrsl Met Kriud.
Dispatches from loa Angeles telling of
me garnering of fortrign warships la the
secluded Mexican haven, of a large camp
snore ana or mines laid tn the harbor,
ereated no sensation among Washington
officials. Assistant georetary Roosevelt
said the Navy department wea without
aavioea as to juet what bad happened,
but If anything extraordinary was going
en It certainly would have been reported
oy ine American warships In the yicln
nm aoaee thst It would not be
vnuauaj ir the Japanese had landed In
connection with tbelr efforts to aavs the
" ln ima first went ashore and
awe of Ms plight came to Washington,
every effort was made tn nrvn k.
Information from reaching Germany be-
ore aasi.tsjio eeuld be seat. Responding
in, wi ror immediate auotor for the
'""n"rl or tu Asama. Admiral How.
ard hastened to Turtle Bay from Pan
THmito on his flagship, the cruiser San
Diego, and the cruiser Haleigh also went
to the scene. But before the aid of these
veaesle could be extended a Japanese col
Jler and two Japanese warships appeared
and Admiral Howard steamed away. .
Japanese Guard Maleatae4.
A Japanese guard has been maintained
In the bay and vlclntt since t.iv. .k.
Japaneae government has endeavored to
arangementa with American wreck
ing companies to float the Asama. in
quiries' from some of these companies as
to whether the relief work could be under
taken without violation of neutrality de
sloped no opposition on the pen of the
State department here, though' It -was
" " ni me question was "one tor
the lexlran government to n,M.
The country elong the Lower California
is narrwn and without r.ii.
telegraphio communication with the rest
me worm ,ann Peealna- vru.. v-..
well out to sea. because of the dangerous
ct, o that It is a rare thing for news
to reach the byter worlds , . ,
GREELEY. Neb.. April H.-John freigh
ts Daugherty and Miss Mary Bulalla
Kerrigan were united in marriage at the
i.urvn oi me Barred Heart
morning at I o'clock. Itev,
a gun officiating.
retries; Flan-
; The bride was handsomer gowned In a
white charmeune court eostuma trimmed
,-with dainty rharmeuae rosebuds, la the
, heart of each, nestling a p,ri. and with
bodloe. sleeves and pannlcra of Imported.
! Cnantllly lace. Bhe wore a little Iutch
cane faahloned out of tho same lace, to
which was attached a circular veil caught
j w1tl1 a spray of orange blossoms.
,Fh carried a shower bouquet of tea
j rosea and totes of the valley. She was
I attended by her cousin.- Mies Agnes Ker
rigan, who waa garbed la a dainty little
srewa of white charm use and laoe, with
i white bat with a touch of pink, and car
ried shower of pink sweet pea. The
Broom waa attended by his brother. Fred.
A wedding breakfast was served at the
i-orae of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mr.
y. 3. Kerrigan, to immediate relatives.
"Sir. and Mrs. Daogherty departed by auto
r,rn tn inrougn train foe the east
at Grand Island.
The out-of-town gyeirts were Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Daugherty. rred. Edward and
Oeorge Paugherty. Mrs. C. C. Allleon.
Mis Eilea Oetghtoa and Edward
Crelghton, of Omaha. Mre, C. F. Tlerney
now ana Mr. and Mrs. R. u
Urown of Brer ton.
; FAWBCRT, Neb.. April 15. -Special. -
ie auuuie church parsonage at I
o'clock Wednesday morning Father J J.
jCerey uarled u merrts. p,trck Mo
Closkey and Mies Alma Hump, both pops
lar Falrbury young people. The couple
were atUaded by Mlaa Lucy McOoskey
ad Charlie Hump. A large number or
friends and reiatlvea witnessed the Cere,
snony and thea repaired to the McCloskey
fcoro. where aa elaborate wedding break,
feet waa aerved. The bride ia the oldest
laughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rump
f Fremont.
NEW YORK, April lS-Lasard Freree.
a banker with prominent French financial
connexions, announced the engagement
of f7 (Mi 000 gold ta Ottawa for Import.'
tlon to this city. This is th, Ur,, sluglo
: Import ef gold mad s.nce th return
I of Hie metal early in the year.
' The bankers say that th, t'rs,,ion
,has no especial algnlficanoe, being bawd
entirely 1B exl.tlng rat,, of exchange be
tween this country and London.
fAXJERIDGK, Has.. April ll.-Th will
?f C'""' ' Adams of Uncoln.
the I.Morlan, who died at Washington,
sisrrh . ii allowed In probe t court
tu4y. The e.ute. w,U h consist. .
IT?.-' 1,H;r0", "ty. spprel t
!... u wt to the widow. Mra. Marr
PRINCE LEOPOLD, Due de Brabant, eldest son of King
Albert of Belgium, 13 years old, has enlisted in the army
of his country, being ranked as a private in one of the regi
ments which have been holding the Dixmude line.
" f f
i r y '.if N
s 1
h ' -
Night Eider Who
Whipped Old Woman
, Given Four Years
, BOWLING OREE2N. Ky., April X6.-F.
w. Jenkins, a prominent resident of But
ler county, vii found guilty in circuit
court here today and sentenced to four
years and one day In the penitentiary on
the charge of being connected with night
riding operations In western Kentucky.
The Indictment charged that Jenkins
recently led a band of masked men to
the home of W. A. Webster, near South
Hill. Webster vis seised and compelled
to witness the flogging of . hla wife.
daughter-and son. Mrs. Webster la so
years eld. Teetlmony at the trial Jelled
to disclose 'a renson for the action of the
4 ,
-' " Mra. Elisabeth Ltadsly.
TABLK ROCK. Neb.. April U.-(ftpe-
cial) News reached here yesterday of
the doeth of lira. Elisabeth Llndsly In
her elghty-eevrnth year. She died at th
residence of her daughter, Mra. Kettle
Morton, at 8t. Andrews, Wash., where
he went a few years sine to reside with
her dauahtcr. 8b waa th wlduw of Dr.
W. Llndsly, who settled between her
and Pawneo City In 186. and later moved
to Tabla Rock, where he practiced medi
cine for many years. She la survived by
four daughters, Mra Laura parrlsh.
Spokane; Mrs. Cora Quackenbush, for
merly of DuDols; Mrs. Ella Parrlah of
Tabl Rock, and Mrs. llsttl Morton of
BL Andrtws, Wash.
Joaa Sckalev.
FALLS CITY. Neb.. Ar-rtl 18.1BnolaH
John , 8chuler died at bia home . six
miles north of Falls Citv on Tusr1w
fter an illness ,.ot aevenU ' vtara
He owned about EdO . ..r
IUvhardson county lahd and waa one of
the pioneer of the county, having coma
io atia -ny in th seventies. He leaves
widow and eight children, all of wh
ar groan and reside In or near th t-lty.
The funeral took place from'tb family
residence this afternoon.
' F.aock Reed. '
BEAT RICH. Neb.. Anril ...
Enoch Raed. for thlrty-on year a resl-
ui ims city and a veteran of th
civil war. died suddenly Wednesday night
at the horn of his niece. Mra Oscar
Wayham of this city, aged U years He
bad been a familiar figure about town
nany year. H la survived by thro
O. r. !.!,,
PIERRE, 8. D.. April U.-8pecl. Tl
gram.) O. F. Sammia. one of the old
Urn freighters between her and Deed
wood and one ef th first settlers in
Hughes county, died today at the horn
of hla daughter, Mra. Oeerge K. March.
Spokane, Wash., at which plc Mr. Sam
mis waa visiting.
Mr. Herat II. Ktea.
TORK. Nb.. AprU .WSpci -Mrs.
Herman H. Klon died at the family
horn in this city Tuesday night 8h
was M years old. Th funeral will be
held Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock at
th residence. Burial will be in Vermont
oemetery, flv miles southwest of Tjrk.
Mrs. Nellie A. Webber.
SAN PIEOO. Cel.. April l8peclal
Telegram. -Mrs. Nellie Ada Webber, for
merly of Fairmont. Neb., died here today
Burial will take place In Fairmont.
Th Be Want Ada Ar Best Business
Get BdxmisA
stceAt tit tunrt iat
Roumania Ready to
Take Hand in the .
Great Struggle
ROME, April 14.-fTa I'arls. April is.)
A dispatch to the Tribune from Halonlha
saya the Intervention of Roumania in the
war seems Imminent. The army, splen
didly equipped. Is rely for Instant ac
tion. V
Ives Art Collection
Brings Half Million
NEW YORK, April lS.-Artlsts and art
collectors asserted today that th auction
of the etchings ana, engravings In Gen
eral Brayton Ives' collection, concluded
her yesterday, constituted th greetest
print sal ever held tn America. Th
total sales amounted te 1547,381. - This
marked K aa on of th most important
art auctions ever conducted here, al
though the sum derived ha several times
been eaoeeded. ,
The amount obtained for engraving
and etchings was 390,, which set a
new record for th sal of prints In this
country. Th total derived from the sal
of book was W7,9i. Th porcelains
brought lies.lO.
Th top price for th final session ws
W.T90, paid for 'Th Cr1s of Lendon."
a set ef thirteen Stipple engraving by
Francla Wheatley, reproduced In colors.
Whistler paintings brought big prices.
Th top prlc of W.soo was paid for hi
ROME. ApriU.-Vla Paris)-A num
ber of French bishops .and priests cam
to Rome today to consult with th holy
concerning th . prayers for peace
written by Pop Benedict for use in
Roman Catholic churches the world over
next nvonth. Thea clergymen said that
th Roman Catholics of France, Including
th clergy, while subscribing tb the
pop'a wish, dscided to embody In th
prayer a petition for th victory of their
country tn the war. In support of this
contention they ' pointed nit that
larger number of th Roman Catholic
clergy in France than on any previous
occasion had taken up arms for their
country. ,
fierwiaaa Sets Dateh Trawlers.
MU1DEN. Netherlands. April Is. (Via
London.) The local owners of the stesm
trawling fleet have been notified ' that
four of their trawler flying the flag of
Hoiiang nav beea seised by Oermaa
warship and taken Into Cuxhaven.
Eseter Usa Cle Shoot.
EXETER. Neb.. Apnl l.-gpoij Tel
egram.) floor of the Exeter Ouu club
shooting tournament April It-ls. Ante,
teur scores:
A. Huntley. Omaha
C. W. Bareur, Adams, Neb '.'.m
C. C. HoUworth. lieartwell. Neb .
t . O. Oellatly. tfutlon. Neb
B,sy C. Klngsley Omaha
11. K. Mltton, Adams, Neb
Millard Hosier. North Platte, Neb
arlo Morthotise. Fremont. Neb..
U R. CVnn, Panama. Neb
C a. Palmer, Lincoln
Xon C. Klroman. Omaha "
T. 1. Oross, Kansas City. "Mo
Ed O Brien, Florence. Kan
Oeorge L. Carter. Lincoln
lan W. Bovee. Kaoeae Vlty, Mo .
' .
GoYernment Paya Silent Tribnt to
Memory of Martyred President
by Suspending Business.
WASHINGTON, April 16. Busi
ness of the United States government
virtually was suspended today In
recognition of the fiftieth anniver
sary of the death of Abraham Lln
coin. In the national capital, ai
eisewnere throughout the country,
and in foreign lands wherever the
American government Is represented
the event was being observed In ac
cordance with President Wilson's ex
ecutive order. The president himself
laid aside the cares of office, as did
other officials of the government, to
pay silent tribute to the memory of
the martyred president.
By direction of the president all the
governmental departments were closed
for the day and the supreme court of the
t'nlted Plates, headed by a former con
federal soldier. Chief Justice White, held
no session. Flags on ail government
buildings throughout the United States
were at halfstaff as a tribute to Lin
coln's memory, as were they also on all
forte and reservations, naval statlona and
wamhips and upon alt American emhu.
sies, legations and consulates throughout
ine world. The owners snd captains of all
American, merchant ships had been re
quested to display the national emblem
at halfmast '
I. or a I Offices Closed.
Local army and navy reerultlnr stations
were closed todsy In commemoration of
the death of Abraham Lincoln fifty years
ago today. Th customs force was ex
cused In the afteronon and nearly all of
tne janitors and elevator operators, and
the flags on th buildings were placed at
halfstaff all day. These things were don
In accordance with telegrams received
by Cadet Taylor from Assistant Secretary
of tho Treasury H. A. Peters, who has
charge of the customs, and from Assistant
secretary of the Treasury B. R. Newton,
who had charg of public buildings.
Steel Subsidiary to
Reduce Workers' Pay
PITTSBURGH, April 15.-Reductlons In
wages In th hot mill departments of all
the works of th American Sheet and
Tin Plate company, an Important subsid
iary of th United State Steel corpora
tion, was announced today,
The exact rate of reduction was not
made known, but It was atated by ateel
authorities that it would average be
tween and 11 per cent. It t r- . .n
the oompary twenty-nine plants In
western Pennsylvania, Olilo and West
Virginia and comes close on the heels of
a similar reduction accepted by the Amal
gamated Association of Iron, Steel and
Tin Workers after th membership had
defeated th proposition twice. Members
of the Amalgamated association have bad
no union lodge, in the American. Sheet
and Tin Plat company's plants since
lMVithetr soele being signed oy lnde
pendent oompankts only.
Grandson of Corbin
Killed in France
Nfcw TORK. April lS.-Friende of
An Ir C. Champollton of this city, grand
son of the late Austin. Corbin, president
or in ixng Island, railroad, learned
today that he had been killed while serv.
Ing In the French srmy at Bols L
Pretre March H The information waa
contslned in a private cable message re
ceived her and forwarded to his widow,
now living at Rodbank. N. J.
Mr. Champolllon. though an American,
went from New York at th beginning
of th war to enlist In th French, Wv.
Ice. He waa a grandson ef Jean Fran
cole Champolllon. th distinguished
Egyptologist and translator of th Ro
sette atone. Mr. Champolllon waa . a
graduate of Harvard In 1903 end married
Mia Adelaide Kno. dauahUr of Jh.
J. Knox, at on time comptroller ef the
currency. II wa M years old.
XoV MIS Thsm Wit a TU memoes
Tkesa Wit Th Othla Vtoaorioa?
Thla prescription for the removal of
freckle was written by a prominent phy
sician and is usually so successful tn re
moving freckle and giving a clear, beau
tiful complexion that it sold by Shsrraan
A McConnell or any druggist under guar
antee to refund th money if It falls.
Don't hide your freckles under a veil;
Set an ounce of othln and remove them.
Even th first few applications should
show a wonderful Improvement, some of
th lighter freckles vanishing entirely.
0 sure te aak th drugglat far th.
doubl strength othlne: it i this that la
sold on th money-back guarantee. AA
vertlsement. A Simple Way To
Remore Dandruff
nere ' one aur way mat nas -never
failed te remove dandruff at once, and
that la to dissolve It, then you destroy It
entirely. To do this, just get about four
ounce of plain, common Uauld arvon
from any drug store (this U all you will
need), apply it at night when retiring
uee enough to moisten th scalp and rub
it in gently with the finger tipa.
By morning, moat it not all. of your
dandruff will be gone. n three or four
more applications will completely dis
solve and entirely destroy every alnsla
stsn and trace of It, no matter how much
dandruff you may have.
you win rind all Itching aad dutslnc
of the scalp will atop Instantly, a no your
hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky
ana eon, and look and feet a hundred
time better. Advertisement
Alake Teething Easy for Eabj
Krs. Vfel.'iv's Sccl&zS)Ti?
Obregon's Army is
Being Surrounded by
Villa-Zapata Forces
EL PASO, Tex.. April 15.-Offlrlal re
port that the Obregon army at Celaya
was being surrounded by Vllla-Zapata
troops were confirmed today by private
advice from th south. It was states
that while Villa again was attacking
Celaya from the north. General Angeles
had arrived from Monterey with 1.M0
men and a large- amount of artillery to
assault the Cmrrsnsa position from the
east, while General Pandoras with from
000, to 10,r Zapata troops three days
age bad reached San Juan Del Rio, Just
south of Queatero. Obregon's base.
Together with this Information came
detail of the first battle of Cefsva. In
which the Villa army was defeated
severely last week. Th Carransa com
mander allowed the enemy to enter th
outlying dlstiltts of the town and then
swept the cross streets with machine
guna and ahrnpnel fire. The Villa troops
fled, leaving large numbers of killed and
wounded In the streets. Villa's losses In
this battle were estimated at 4,000 killed,
wounded and raptured. One thousand of
the Villa wounded were sent to Ouadala-Jam-
Conditions at Mexico City were reported
quiet Jn advice reaching here today.
The situation caused tnr want of food
supplies, however, wa still critical. A
German cltlxn on the first of the month
was probably fatally wounded by Zapata
soldiers, who sought to .rob him In a
street of the capital.
NEW TORK. April IS. Fifty-nine thou-
aand dollars was bid today for. a seat on
the New Tork Stock exchange, an ad
vance over th last setual sal of (9.000.
A fw week ago memberships were of
fered st fSS.MO and several transfers were
mad below that figure, while th ex
change was under enforced closure during
the latter part of int.
Trading in stocks today waa again In
large volume. Dealings embraced many
hitherto dormant Issues. ,
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Taft's Dental Roioms
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For Lienor and
Drag Users
Remorse permanently th
for Liquor and Jrwga.
Alwaye improves the general health.
Surroundings pleasant system he
man, nothing "heroic"
Drug ar withdrawn gradually, and
with the aid of eur tooio remedies
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m.nte are alike. Oure la I
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the only
ertectivs one. aa time anil eaoer-
ience erovee.
0m. te ue without delay. These con
ditions are serious and th.r. should
b n experiments.
Send for Illustrated booklet. Corre
spondeno strictly ooafltlentlai.
The Keeley. Institute
Oereee SAtk aad Out gtU
slajsa. asm,
Foot and Month Disease Affords Big
Topic of Discussion of State's
DOL'GLAS, Wyo.. April 15-(eclal
Telegram.) The forty-second onntial
meeting of th Wyoming Stock Grower'
aseoclatlon wss called to order at 10
o'clock thla morning by President Robert
D. Carey of Careyhurst About 3U dele
gates were In attendance. After wel
coming addressee and responses the con
vention spent the forenoon in hearing
and discussing the reports of the Wyo
ming brand Inspectors iocated at the mar.
kst centers. The valuo of the Inspectors
to the cattle raisers s shown by the re
port of C. I Talbot, inspector at South
Omaha, that in twenty yeara 130,000 head
af catUe. valued at J77.000.000, has been
saved to Wyomlnr growers.
Smith Delivers Address.
This afternoon Prof. H. R. Smith, for
merly of Nebraska, but now with the
Hill interests, gave an Interesting ad
dress on "TypeKof Beef Breeds." and1
had a buay half hour afterward In an
swering the numerous questions fired at
him by the stockmen.
A. E. Derlcqles of Denver mad a hit
with th delegate when he took the
packers to task for attempting to control
the entire cattle business. He held that
the function of the packer waa to take
care of the meat business and to let the
stock yards, banks and loan companies
run Independently and that unlesa such a
course would be pursued It would even
tually be bad for the packer.
Foot aad Moatfe Disease.
Tomorrow Bute Veterinarian Davis
talks on 'The Foot and Mouth Disease,"
and It Is expected there will be much
discussion on the subject, In view of the
recent quarantine by Wyoming against
the world on account of ythls disease.
Many catlemen held that the quarantine
order, coming as It did, when the dis
ease Is virtually chocked, la entirely too
rigid and resolutions to modify it will
undoubtedly be psssed.
die entire South Omaha delegation Is
Bleached Table Cloths,
all Round Designs, Fri
day only .
2x2-Yard Cloths
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They are a dress as well
as an apron.
Hotel Lenox
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Public Library. Convenient to
Shopping and Theatre District.
All Outside Rooms. Excellent
Single Roome S3, with Bath SJ.S0 and np
louble " S1.50. " $3.90 "
(OoodGarajos a minutes' walk)
L. C. PRIOR. Mas
Two mi nut from Back Bay 8tatloo
Tn minutes from North Station
50c IV
for First. Half-
49o lor
II ok idtSnil nil there-
iftif forthi utile, yes
rids. I chirr, (or ci!l
lag ir riturituj,
wettlB Time at Bete
ef ILM v Sou.
"There 0f ftwvloe"
Telephone Dongj 90.
Onalia Taxi Ssnrica Go.
2104 Ferment 8t.
$lhM urn
enthusiastic ever their reception and en
tertainment In Douglas. "We feel well
repaid for our trip," ssld 8ecrtsry
Strycker. "We hsve been splendidly en,
tertained and have met a large number'
of stockmen. It is a fin convention.
Tonluht a smoker, wss given st the
Lahonte hotel for the visitor and one
of the features of the evening wss a six
round go between two local welter
weights. -
Denver Is msklng a strong hid for th
trade of this territory, a delegation of
about forty representing that city. They
are handicapped by Omaha's natural ad
vantages as a market, but have a strong
asset in being easily accessible through
tho Burlington's new Wyoming line.
Sioux City la also looking toward trade
extension and Is well represented.
The Omaha delegation will leave tomor
row afternoon for Casper and Lander
and thence to the meeting of the Mon
tana cattlemen at Miles City.
Inspector Locate Strays.
Inspectors employed by the Wyomlnf
Ptock Growers' association at th South
Omaha and Chicago stock yards save!
for members of th association 1116,7).
during the last year through the Identi
fication and aale of 1.8X1 head of est ray
cattle belonging to such members and
shipped to those market by other persons.
Is related In the annual reports of the
Inspectors, which were read at the .asso
ciation's convention today. i . .
C. L. Talbot, inspector at Omaha,-reported
that during the year from and In
cluding April. 1914, to aMrch, 191&, he In
spected 4.24S cars of Wyoming cattle, the
head total being 108,434. Of these 1.351
head were Identified as est rays and sold
for the benefit of the owners, who re
ceived from the Inspectors through the
Wyoming association t93.2Rl.RJ.
Frank Brainard, Inspector at Chicago,
reported that during th year 1914 he de
tected 261 head of Wyoming estrays. the
proceeds from the sale of which saved
the owners $32,629.01.
The report of the Inspector at Chicane
shows thst during the lsst twenty-five
years 16.781 head of Wyoming estrays. .
worth I77M87.7S, have been Identified al
that market and the proceeds transmitted
to the owners.
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8.521 :. - .
Vigbte, 860-600.
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