Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 25, 1915, Page 11, Image 11

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    1IIK ItKK: OMAHA. TliTI.SliAY. MAlCl'll
i r
swArrF.ivs colvmn
I'lAMiND RINOTrSvr tiffanvmount
Ing In platinum, iti. e $n) ill trade
roodtrwriter. 8. C. gv. Pre
KIYK clear lota, mvxl Ncliiaeka county
sost town; wsnt flint class team and
wagon. Kvon deal. Address J Lr. Hop
FIRST flasM nl.nn m-tll av.-ha...... .
team, or good horse and busty. Address
P. C. $10, Hce
OAS CTOV'K to awap for coal range
Have a fuO Edison machine, will swap
for flat record machine. Address 8. C
f Hee.
HIUII grade I'pright piano, will rrhnn
ffir good 1 kt. diamond. Add reus t "
ill. Bee.
HAVE some good farm Implcmenta, will
exchange for chickens, horse or row.
AdrtifM S. c. 812, Bee.
1IAVK fine Swiss watrh, solid gold case.
will exchange for chickens. Address S
C. 013. Bee.
KLF.CTRIC tosster complete and pair of
adjusubl field glasses for Rood folding
camera. Or will sell both for $a0. Ad
dress Y 4o Bee.
ELLIOTT Fisher Klectrlc tyiiewrttrr; cost
kTA with table and desk used two
months. Make me an offer. Address 8.
C 759. Bee.
DIAMOND RlNO-ft. for typewriter.
Address 8. C. 7W, Bee.
Fdlson machine and six rolls of film,
equipped with gns making plant, price $75,
for what have yon? Address 6. C.
: Bee,
A T Want piano for lot. Address C 1V4.
MOTORCYCLE Will swap motorcycle
for a sewing machine; must be a good
one. Walnut 12-'2.
.MANDOUNiTwo high grade, on
Burton snd one 'J French mandolin;
trade one or both for Diamond, motor
cycle, merchandise, or what have you?
Address, 8. C. 765. Bee.
PAINTING Want to swap painting and
paper hanging to a practical mechanio
at once. S. C. 75. IVe.
riANO Will trade my equity In Conover
piano for hand-painted china. Having
paid $160 on this piano will trade It for
$75 worth of china. Address S. C. nn. Bee.
'POTATOES Will swap for some five
bushels of seed potatoes by an experi
menter. S. C, 7'-6. Bee.
PLl'MRING Can make an agreeablo
swap with any good plumber that means
business end ono who can appreciate
facts as presented. S. C. 767. B e.
PLACE your exchanges with Hansen for
quick results. You will find me the
most reliable dealer In the city. 3;t Bran
deis Theater Bldg. I). Ztt.
RESTAURANT and lunch counter doing
profitable business on Farnam. Will
trade for vacant lot, or what have you?
Address S. C. 712, Bee.
STOCK OF SHOES W; trade for dia
monds, pianos, horses, small stock of
groceries, confectionery or automobile.
8. C. So4. Bee.
Sl ITCASIO Want a good, perfect condi
tion valise or traveling case. Mean
business; be quick. 8. V. 7''S. Bee.
SANITARY COUCH Almost new, 2 aani
tarv couches and puds, two cheap Iron
beds to trade for any old thing. Address
P. C. 775, Bee.
pullets, 1 cockerel. Trade for something
I can use or what am I offered'; Ad
dress P. C. 14, Bee.
PATENT Will trade good patent for
auto and some cash; Cartorcar pre
ferred; for particulars write Oeorge Lipp,
Allen. Neb.
Bl VI NESS CHANCES $7i0 Omaha busi
ness, established 18 years, manufac
tory and retail, wagon, profits $120 per
month. Will trade for real estate or
mortgage. Address P. SOI, Bee.
SIGNS, showcards. Clark & Son. D. 1378.
BL'RREY Two-eated. fifth wheel surrey,
, rubber tires; in good condition; will
trade or sell; a bargain if taken at once.
Addrefs. P. C. S08, Bee.
TWO IjOTS In Council Bluffs, worth $100
apleoe, to swap for runabout or 6-pas-senger
auto. Will pay difference It any.
Address P 221. Bee.
TWO electric (inverted) bowls, suitable
for picture show; electric hand vibra
tor, massage machine. Will hang electrlo
fixtures. Sell or trade. What have you?
Address. 6. O. 773. Bee.
VKNDINO machines, such as penny
matches, lifting, weighing and other
money making devices; aubmit offers.
8. C. 771. Bee.
make old style Victor Talking machine,
3 spring motor, with over $50 in records.
Will swap for motorcycle, or make orter.
Address S. C. '738, Bee.
WILL TRADE a diamond ring for two
36x4 Q. D. casings. P. C. 80S Bee.
WANT to awap for a first claaa, late
date auto, self starter. In perfect condi
tion. A good exchange awaits you If
you have the acceptable car. State
plainly what you have In first 'letter and
address 6. C. 769. Bee.
Investors with money read the Real
Estate ada In The Bee. Advertise .your
property for a quick sale.
Apnrtnar-na and Flats.
FOR RENT Most beautiful, finely fin
ished and up-to-date J. 4 and S-room
apaitments lu city. Building just fin
ished. Flora Apartments. 2561 Jones St
ST. (iEOKGE Apartments, located In
svlcct West Farnam district; one 5-room
sultu to let Phone Web. 1674. o
$16 6-room, modern, nicely decorated cor
ner apartments. 12 S. 10th Pt. II. A.
Yolf, Ware Blk. Douglas 8068.
MORE than modern brick flat, hot water
heat, large lawn: nice summer home;
excellent location. P. 6691. II. JMfl.
Phone Douglas Ills for complete list of
all vacant houses and apartments, also
lor atorage, moving, pac king, shipping.
THREE and four-room apartments, with
disappearing beds. THE ANGELLS,
Cor. ? Avu. and Douglne.
:l"Dewey Ave.. S-r.. mod. flat $
M 6. 27th Pt, 6-r.. mod. Hat 30
Pratt St.. -r mod W
Bristol, 6-r. mod. except heat 21
C O Carlberg. 312 Brandels Thea Bldg.
All 4-room apartments, gas stoves, re
friKerators, Kitchen cabinets, folding
beds, davenports. Mh and t'apltol Ave.
1-J Farnam HI I ouglaa WH.
Karalsbed Kasa.
V PI90N 21st and Chua-ro. steam heat;
lit nw. aad up: cafe la on net t tun D.&Ml.
8TFA11 heated rooms. U week. Ogden
lli-tel, t ouncll ttlutrs.
r'ACIKIC T.. nle fint luom.
l-reakrast f desired
FtT.N 1SH KD"V-ni JaT 40 j Cuining1t
l.i iM-Sunday breakfast and dinner if
desired loug V" S... ilih A-.
A f onfurtible fr .int room. rea.inalie ,
t srnani t t Hi T'irnr Bl t H o I
Hir4 s4 Kwu
7 ai. Ith. ciuse in. good board eic.
4 ' and t'
;mI iHMtrd ivi ixtn. in.-l liar. VV
NI"llKS to room or room and 'r.o.r.l
rrtmity and directory. alw th'
lautkliy ar.l kit' brsjrtle r1liers; ilma
it.aa tar tfe H fs reuiirt and gUco.
Martvry e- A.e
llalela a,ad
rwtnna; H'THr al
I'lJ AN llgM booaekeef. ag tMnu and
1 f itnftm f-im R llirl
nArSt.Y T7;3yl..u.iiitBir rwmm.
i-3a ttrrtl leg f "rird
Llaai HakMlss Wsssas.
irrtM aealr-4 imsk, with W-e
Witi.-su (4LUU4 . a J iviok. ru.rts
I a
v m I ! ,4 H . e I.J
w 1 : i I i w . .. ""
- "-... : . n e
: I -
Mmm asei f om- I
, ' ' r1e, j
r...-. - .( ltt
Ilea see and otraars.
Globe Van&Storage
Stores, moves pecks, ships; 3-home tan
snd 2 men. $1 z:, per tamir, atorsge $ per
mo. Satisfaction guar. D 41N anv Ty. 2.M.
Dwell; ur, 4 14 So. ;:Sth St ; tiled
vestibule, reception hall, front
and back parlors, dining room
and kitchen, bed rooms, 2
bath rooms, hot water heat,
garage. All in first class con
dition. Location A-l. flenj.
S. Baker. Phones D4S2, 11317.
2619 CAI.DWKU Walking dlstame. 7
rooms, modern except htat. first class
condition, rent reasonable. Well. 373B.
209 CAIJJWFI.D 6 rooms, partly mod
ern. $16. adults only, walking distance.
Wehster T,x.
BKMIS PARK ."104 Hawthorne. 8-rms..
strictly modern, lot and location most
desirable, good value at 0. For $4o.
Wehster S72h. or o"p:!a S017.
Maggard's Tf&
per nr.; dray, i men, S1.K per br. ITU
J. C Rfi6Ci ""ing0" SoragS:
W -A-VV,-VA lMn Farntun- jj.
We have complete list of all houses,
apartments and flats that are for rent
This list can be see free of charge at
Omaha Van A Storage Co.. SQ6 8o. :fh St
401 N. Slat St, 10 re., very desirable, $.yT
Lr.u6 Farnam, 8 mis., modern. $.'.
410 N. 22d, 10 rms. mod., 2 baths, $4".
"f rapltol Ave., 7 rnis , mod., $J0.
lM N. 30th, 4 rms., $U60.
lil7 S. ltith. 5-room flat, for colored, $13.
UlNOWAl.T. Brandels Theater Bldg.
s-room mod. hnuse. 2M2 Chicago. O. 8145.
Houses1-' '."J,u '-th"
Crelnh i-ons A Co.. f
Kse Bldg.
7-ROOM, all modern. 2436 Parker Pt.
( noOV S, ;tC7 Jones M.. $30. Never been
occ.upled. Sleeping porch; oak finish;
modern throughout. Apply 305 r lali St.
Phone Douglas M7.
KH.'K modern house, 6 rooms, corner lot,
2o 1-ocunt 8t.; attractive home. Shep
ard. Owner, Web. &12.
ISl ftUJ-ronm all modern house, garage.
j. a rooms, modern except peat
$2.. 00 5-room, modern, paved street
$:8 00 io-room flat, modern.
IL' 7-room, all modern. ,
$L'8 . 50 g-room brick house, atenm heat.
Toug. &OlS; Wal. 3t7, Harney 2645.
$'l."..00-7-r., modern, 110 Po.
$Y,.0rt T-r., modern. 211 So. 36tli.
$;;,. on7-r., niod., 3 flats, 200 Ho. 27th Ave.
$lS.0ft-5-r., mod. but heat, 112:t William.
$l3.0-o-r., modern, 2601 So. Uth.
$.ir..00 -r., mod. brick, 1402 No. 24tn Pt.
$16.00 8-r.. mod. ex. heat. 2710 Franklin.
W. M. NASH & CO.,
602 Bee Bldg.
Real Kstate, Loans, Insurance, Rentals.
For Rent
$:J0 Per Mouth
This house is located on a beautiful high
terrace and is right on oar line; house
teres east, has lots of shado and there
m fruit tp0.
House is heated by hot water. Be sure
j pcti Lion louay 11 possioie.
Phone me for appointment.
Call Walnut ?2 after 7 o'clock tonight
Douglaa aC6 In daytime. o
816 N. 2BTH.
Full two story, square, all modern, one
block to car.
ir 1.' uor Tit... t". . i,,. . m.- -r
l01Omnb National. Fhone Uouglaa 2715.
Store and .Office.
SPACIOUS desk room, 315 Brandels
i neater.
OFFICE space, with use of desk, tele
phone, private office; tS per month, Tel.
Harney 1101.
DOUBLE STOREROOM, with fixtures
for GUOCEK1KS and MEATS, where
large business has and larger can be
done. T. J. HOOK. 1101 N. 18th St,
Ta'e buys everything 2d hand. Tyler H1X
OFFICE: tumlture bought and sold. J.
C Reed. U07 Farnam. Doug. 14. .
YVU BUY Id-hand clothes. 1441 N. 44th.
Bllghtly used high-grade piano. IX 2ol7.
GOLDEN oak typewriter desk. D. Xil.
Make Your
dream come true In the sunny valley of
the famous Sacramento, where the ilch,
mellow soil responds to your every touch,
and gives such, a variety of trull and
grain that you can raise the crop or
crups of your choice. If alfalfa. It means
10 tuns to the acre cuttings and net
you better than tsO per acre. We have a
splendid 20 acres all In alfalfa that ran
be bought on easy terms, giving you an
immediate income. Neat excursion April
7. Hound trip fare ., refunded it you
purchase; a cheai way for vou to visit
the expositions. Write today for litera
ture. W. T. Smith Co.,
rity .National Bank Bldg.
TO SETTLERS ONLY-JM acres for $300.
KlcU com. alfalfa and a heat land; no
sana. j. iiacy. rorf Morgan. Colo.
fc'lortd. "
KXCIIANGE Grapefruit grove in Flor
ida. Ili.'AJU for good Income; not heav
ily encumbered; lumber or hardware busi
ness: grove will net 10 per cent on 4ja.
tou; can add land up to fw.OQO: show good
returns and particulars In first letter.
l'aul Laverent. Miami, Fla.
Wll.I. take Omaha Income for this par
ticularly good Improved quarter aoclion
of fine land in eaatern Kansaa, 40 miles
south of Kanaaa I Ity. nar county seat,
that has a tram aTvke of passengrr
tiains a day. kk1 i-ruom frajne house,
iarn, turn and t-hlcken houses, corn crib
wagon house, etc r'tne little or hard!
tao good wlls of water, fenced and
cross-rented. 1 aires tillable, ft irn-i
pasture. luxation high and lightly
oaner haa gcx.d suity of tll.Uu mtori
gage t.SJi. slikh he will exihango fur
in' me profert. a he Uvea In t:.l Lily
'Hy National Hank I Idf
' Mlusirl. "
tilO1FT laad aa.a or the year new on
lu fully -e-i farm n ;uv4 iai.4
Well seluWd tuaill. t la ra:irud.
lil ser acre ts half actual yaiue. (treat
eat bargaioa In Kmilb Himouii t aanaat
tlotial ii Write Udy fur tree IU
amr. I H'lrisia, Kills feenluo.
Kaswata I'Ut. Kaasaa.
Ida -a.
ACIiKa Irrtgated anj, retell. Mate,
la I ra or an, ri l.,a 1.
Kedy. nr A.I.Wm t: x vm
AUK Tot.' llolMl Tt llt'T UNII'
If j 4 sue ,u f tret l a ui r
tt.a ' aa4 lUal JUIMI .
ajrtird tu u fiwa mh i
y . mm ta jm ,mK fMl,
lal rw are l.t I tm I s culnw
It twn J li.-.-ra4 iu4 tp. r-l-ataa
ta a-l fr l ike -,..
ro sat U ia rioiaas ad, fWre
f l-4a I a tar a n;Mu s r
I t tr ta irvat Ii 1 i
at tt ,4 . f , . ,t.rt , ,JJ
Mo) ask.
HKNTIK. Iimiii ii.Iuv.,
- ', " " a'.e waU-4 mt-t
se a,, ' f a (... t S ,,.,
W .t I. u i Hl . f . i
l.e l. f.nt- s.n. r la
. 1 -1 V.t.; ..t
RKAIj kstatk
farm rm ii ion salk
nAR?AlN-?40-are farro i miles from
Minneapolis: 110 acres wider cultivation,
0 a.-res good meadow. 8 aires timbered
pasture, can practically all be cultivated,
good corn land; farm Is fenced; 10-rocm
hot so, barn, granary, mach n shed, wind
mili, etc ; 11 head good milk cows, 4 gnxi
liorarS, harnesses, wagons, completu set
of machinery, Auks, ciilckens and every
thing on the farm goes at $& per acre;
16.010 rash, balance can stand tor l years
at per cent. Hchwab Bros., 10.3 l'ly
mouth Bldg., Minneapolis. Minn.
Settlers lo. Htod on homesteads near
thrre railroads, and city of .ki) tnhabi
tanta. Lands adapted for dry farming
snd sack k lanchlnu. I'llmste unexcelled.
rite for full Information. I". O. Box
M2, ,anti Fe, N. M. o
FOR SAI.ft Best large body blah-grade
mcfllum-prlced land In Nedraska; veiy
little money required. C. Bradlev, Wol
bach, Neb.
W0 ACRES; no improvements; 2iO acres
good plow land, balance good pawture;
9 miles from two stations. Worth $20 per
ocre, can soil for $. t'O If taken quick.
Tyler 30K1. two Paxton Blk.. Omaha.
FARM KNAP 160 acres nice level land. S
miles from town; ) acres winter wheat,
fine condition; 5-room house-; good well
and windmill; stable for 8 horses, cow
bain and chicken house. Owner has busi
ness and lives in town; tired of hired
hands and won't rent. Possession at once.
$-',( cath, balance long time. W. il.
Crary & Co., 600 Paxton Blk., Omaha.
.North Dakota.
BUY NORTH DAKOTA farm. $.1 per
acre cash, balance crop payment plan.
Have fine wheat, corn and alfalfa farms
for $2T to $. per acre. For further Infor
mation see T. Sullivan, 21i Brandels
Theater, Omaha. Neb. a
320 ACRES, 10 miles South Dak. state cap
ital, b miles small town; 2-room house
and nutbldgs ; one quarter fenced and
cross-fenced; 60 acres plowed, 4 acres flno
alfalfa; land gently rolling, with good
black loam anil. Price away below value
of surrounding land. CARLSON & WAL
LIN. XM McCague Bldg.
240-ACRE, excellently drained valley
farm in corn and alfalfa belt southeast
ern So. Dakota: 3 ml. town; small hldga.;
artesian well; land gontly sloping, black
loam soil; splendid neighborhood, sur
rounded by high-priced farms. Price
$67. DO per acre. Carlson Wallln, 304
.Mot ague Bldg., Omaha. Also South Da
kota office.
WANTED FARMERS Land In a mild,
pleasant climate at true value. No ex
tremes of heat or cold. I have for sale
farms, stock ranches, business opportu
nities. "The beet land In Oregon." UO
acres, price $6,mj. one-half cash, balance
terms; 119 acres level valley land, M
acres cultivated, more ran be. So acres
tlmler brush pasture, balance open pas
ture; rich black soli, good house, barn
and out-bulldlngs; family c -chard;
lenced, croHH-tenced ; snhoolhouwc on
land: good mad, cream route, telephone.
C. H. Burk holder, Ibanon, Ore.
Stock and Grain
Juab county. Utah, 3,520 acres, all
fenced; 6U0 acres now In wheat, 2M acres
in rye, both up and doing well. The arer
age yield of wheat per acre on this
place Is 30 bushels Fine improvements,
worth 17,500; 'H Percheron horsos. Includ
ing one stallion worth 12,000; tools and
machinery on place worth 13.000; good
well and pump furnish all water needed
on ranch; only 3 miles from station.
Price, including all stock, Implements,
etc., only 118 per acre; will make terms.
This Is something that Is seldom offered
at such a low price. It is good in every
way. Particulars.
City National Bank Bldg.,
Omaha Neb. o
Upper Wisconsin
Best uury and general crop state In the
union; sot tiers wanted. 1-anda for rale
at low prices on easy terms. Ask for
booklet No. 34 on Wisconsin Central Land
Grant. Excellent lands for atock raising.
If interested in fruint Sands ask for book
let on Apple Ocrhards. Address Land
and Industrial Department, Soo Line
Hallway, Minneapolis. Mjnn. '
UNIMPROVED 4 and U-acre tracts.
WANTED TO BUY-Cheap land, Colo
rado preferred; have luj.OOO cash to In.
vest. Address Y 441, Boe.
FARMERS, do you need money? We ne-
vji.m.TT iui lain, iuim, o or years, at
6 per cent, dealing direct with bor.
lower. .--I per ceni eiraigni commission;
correspondence solicited. Hecurlty Farm
Loan Ass'n, SO N, Dearborn St., Chicago.
CITY and farm loana, 6, 64, per cent
J. H. Dumont A Co., 418 State Bank.
WANTED City loana. Peters Truat Co.
WANTED City loana and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith at Co.. lr Farnam ft.
MONEY on lmnd for city and farm loans.
H W. Binder, City National Bank Bldg.
Jioo to Ito.ftK) made promptly. F. 1). Wead.
i.mft., ii-m na rarnam me.
8KB us first for farm loans In eastern
e. i ru-ep iBiM i ruat Co.. Omaha.
icf CITY LOANS. C. G. Carlberg.
u lc ri Brandels Theater Bid.
CITY property, large luana a nr, LltTT
W. H. Thomaa. ritate Bank Bldg.
OMAHA homes. Eaat Nebraska farms.
1018 Omaha National. Phone I ouglea 2715.
$l'ki tu llo.Wrt ma do promptly. C. I). Wead
Biog., istn and Farnam Sts.
MilO ai-rea H..uth I . u . t a I,. . . i ..7.
Improved, good buildings. ?JO acres fenced
"w.ii nt, Darb wins
1,1 I. a tl'JlIII rWr IV.... .1 - .....
' - 1 ,v .,mr ii r iiroo-
erty, or land near South Omaha
2 acrea Improved, rlth wheat land
central Oklahoma, want Nebraska land
or men handise, to tll.MO.
Want Omaha property or Improved)
acreage, to i.0 for cnatern Nlrak
furm land, adjoining good town.
.-nan Omaha huslnu I rw,u.. . .
good location, IJVMI clear; want Nebraska
lo.:l city pmperty, rlear. beat In Okla
h ina, for land, if you want tu buy sell
rent, exchange 4ty property or 'land'
write or are me
'HAI'IK. Brandels Theater
'i til sai.i-' rn r u r. l-"
1.Stere Nebraska ranch, some Im
pruveiiieuts. 1 springs, good alfalfa crop
la 41 mm no V 1,1 i rrnil
will one id. r exchange If dear
Omaha Nat. hank Hldg. !... (
B-ed Alxitiai l u., Ideal abetrart . N !
Nroeaska Brajidrla T'ai,i. j
rw.itu cm uuifinm and A bene, I
a n t'rn i l'. t ofp ii. g. ;r, M"
I'l.nna las I:
" - - - " . .j
"NK4lt uUalla I M V Kifcei Tr7 $..: a.""
htn.ny mo-lrra Vri4i r.4iage ' rr
.U i..nt ssade treea. a ..-j h.
I a gm of a a.w il.uaa i I
i. el t-.r $A
fiNi: inv:t:T otXPAsr
I 'a I tr, lia
N.Vf l" t UVOkHI'Akk -! r.
"l-k -.ta, -r.- l
.;- ;;?s::::v"31
-t. .... it.-, ,fc . I
mm- .'t-w-afcata) m-tmw,
a., .If. mmtm. f'SM 1-4 f, $ t lt fri 1 1 R, V4 1 f,
:es Me' -4 aa a. ii i. I mm s n t-a a at -sil-4 1.4 , ,.
saeee-eg I 1 4 ., (. '- .tg a,4 T 4 , a
(.a l J as IM rtaeat law, al , ' h. , ua
a V. rtaa Ilia tfca . Ml . f 1 ' "mMi'-i a- ta..t4 -al,. ,M mtm --. r
a l 4 - f ala m w -mm l, if
A I V . IS V 1,-Tkl VTlvTictM I e4 a4arl r I m . T s 4
!'-' t a'a m a ! " fa la (: mm tl ia r
- il.el.1 ll MtM a, ma
Bungalow Just
Being Completed
This house, finished In oak In principal
rooms, with fireplace In living room. Is
one of the moat beautiful and conveni
ently arranged bungalows I have ever of
feved fur sale.
It Is substantially built is modern
throughout and Is (orated block from
car line.
It is in a high class section of the city,
surrounded by all new homes.
This house can be gotten ready f T oc
cupancy In a very short time.
Tha purchaser ran have hie cholre of
elerirlc fixtures and wall decorations.
Be sure to see this at once If you want
to buv a beautiful home.
;.")() Cash: balance- like rent.
Phone me today and arrange to have
me rail for vou
Call Walnut Q between 7 p. m. and
E. P. Wright
. p. m.. or l"oiig!ss 2!:'6 In day time
nTMTsRT kstDcO(
fw-autlful new on k flnlntiM hom
f arifA licltio- uw.m flmnla,A nt ft t
Three Isrgo bedrooms and 'attic. High.
and sightly corner lot. Price $4.W'i).
Terms can be arranged.
Jeff AV. Bedford & Son,.
f09 State Bank Bldg. Douglas n.L0.
Almost new Tv-room cottage, strictly all
modern, oak finish, fine south front lot,
paved street. Above price Includes pav
ing all paid. Here Is a simp If you want
one. Located a little north of Henns
31 J Prandele Theater Hldg.
Kountze Place
1817 Evans St.. brand new. modern
home, large living room, vestibule en
trance and coat closet, dining room, with
paneled walls and window seat, kitchen,
fine pantry and vestibule, all on first
floor; three bedrooms, sun room or sum
mer sleeping porch and bath on second
floor. This la a well arranged and beau
tifully finished house; plumbing and
h'ating guaranteed: house haa Just been
decorated on both floors with expensive
paper. Full set of screens and shades go
with the house. S'ard Is nicely sodded and
street is paved. See this today. Can make
mighty easy terms to good party.
Payne & Slater Co.
618 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg. o
$25 down and per month buys 7
room modern house at 2x Ohio atreet,
direct from owner; thle has been my own
realdence since house was built; good
condition; one-half hlork to car line, two
blocka to new Howard-Kennedy school;
cement walks; lot 60x150, fenced com
pletcly; come quick If you want It.
Douglas 47M or Webster 2t7l. o
Large living room, dining room and
kitchen on first floor, J bedrooms and
bath on second floor, all modern: nice
lot, 40xl0; shade treea, paved street.
Price only l-.tM). Located north part of
311 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Two 5-Acre Tracts
6 acres In Keystone Park, good location,
2.080. Close to Benson.
5 acres on main road that runs north
of Krug Park, eaat front, one of the moat
fdesirable t-aare tracts that can be pur
chased In this locality; all In original
prairie; beautiful location, clone to school,
Either of these two pieces are excep
tional bargains and can be had on easy
Hastings & Heyden
80 acres north of Florence, Just the
place for a suburban home, or can be
made Into a profitable fruit farm, as the
soil is especially adapted for small fruit;
has only small improvements; has beauti
ful, small natural grove; will sell on
terms. Might consider some exchange.
705 Omaha Nat. Bank Bldg.
We have a number of clients who want
to exchange small tracts of land, both
improved and unimproved, tor city prop
erty , '
1015-18 W. O. W. Bldg -o
1 acre Improved
5-room house, fall basement: wired for
electric light: 'A block from rlellevue car
line; 7 blocks from Albright car. Thia
will make you a fine home, price only
$2,000. Wilt give good terms.
101&-18 W. O. W. Bldg.
Just finished, rooms and bath, living
room, dining room, den and, kitchen on
first floor, oak finish, full basement, fine
corner lot, 60x133, street paved, close to
school and west side llanscom park car
line. Will make terms or take vacant lot
as first payment.
108 McCague Bldg. Douglas Hi.Vt,
Field Club
8 rooms, two stories, all modem house
with south aad east front corner lot.
paved street, one block to car. t-'O rash
first payment, balance same aa rent. Un
usual opportunity in this district.
Glover & Spain
!-: City National
Douglaa 'li
Here's Boruetbtug Oootl.
Seven-rnom modern home, full, l vel
lot, south front. Urge tre-s, irmi fem-e.
Paving paid: desirable liMaliui N E.
Jla.nao.rn .rk ; jo mlnuti-a' a k ilwn
town. Owner obliged to snrif, . i.ffi ra
equity for $, Anv propuaiton and
terms coualdared. Present inortgaae, i
u.t. !
Mi -room modern, hot water brat. al-
uat le locatien, ( P to ru Big hargam ,
at Keel terms, or might take -.,i,1 !
or otbv auta la part pmaml. I'huia at i
CBie It.', or Tl'i Ilto J j
t aiaadial dtalrarl, 4iim e4 tain
naxlra. Mais l-t te.-ri lla la aHiiu
front 4. aire Isaa. arul frii traa
Hi, I ma s a terms ery f aauttabi. . aa
ke mn i n ai pnraisua
W. T. Smith Co.,
''t Vall-.i l t ask I lis
Fine Corner
for Flats
& Slater Co.
. . .. a,.. .s oaa. U..
West Farnam
Specials, $3,850
Nrarh new. complete and modern in
very di tail Look at 14'. N 3-ld St.. a real
betssin In a desirable home
Klglil-room. new residence at ;C15 tut
eniort St tak tlnlsh In vea'IMilc. living
room, den and dining mom. White enamel
Inmniiii.. n....4if..i - i....
I xr h sunroiinv White Mediiea cement
ilinlsli on exterior Might lake a gcoil
: lot In as part payment up to $l.2."fl.
iThe Byron Reed Co.
Tel. loiiRla 2!7 il2 S. 17th St
Fine Modern Home
Dewey Avenue
Near 35th
Pix rooms nnd fine sleeping porch,
house Is absolutely modern, delightfully
arranged atid In pink of condition: with
out doubt the best close In bargain lit
such a flno district that we have offered
for a long time; i blocks to l'arnant car.
You had better see this before you buy.
Armstrong-Walsh Co.
Tj'lcr l.36.
Pta'e Kank Hldg.
home Building Lots
on Easy Terms
Call me by telephone today of this even
ing and arrange an appointment for us
to take you nut Katurday afternoon or
.Sunday to look at a lot In a beautiful New
Building Addition In the west part of the
Cement walks, shade trees, fruit, water
and gaa all In: streets no' on permanent
grado and boulevard.
Many beautiful homes have been hullt
and new ones are going up continually.
Don t miss this opportunity lo secure
a ressonahlv priced lot where values are
steadily Increasing.
l'urchaaers cnu also have home built
on easy payment plan when lot is halt
paid for.
Telephone us todny nnd arrange to
have us call for you with automobile on
(Saturday or Sunday.
Call Douglas a8 today. Call Webster
W! arter 7 p. m.
E. P. Wright
A handsome. 6-room, strictly modern
house, on N. 27th, new, built i years- X00
down and per month; one block from
car line; well built and fine finish and a
genuine snap.
A handsome modern 7-rooin house, on
36th St., between Dodge and Douglaa;
strictly modern, hot water heat, nicely
finished, a first-class neighborhood; two
blocks from car lino; a real bargain,
14000; $100 and $40 per month. See us
at once.
V. M. NASH & CO.,
Real Estate, Txians, Rentals and Insur
ance, 002 Bee Bldg.
Office phono. Red 3230; night phone,
Harney 1127.
Modern S-room dwelling, West Farnam
district. Parlor dining room, kitchen, first
floor; 4 bedrooms and bath second floor;
hardJrood finish. Haa every convenience
and In perfect order. Will make terms.
Can be seen on order from
WV T. Smith Co.,
City National Bank Bldg. o
Six Rooms and Bath
Dandy dwelling on a corner lot. living
room, dining room and kitchen on the
first floor; all nice sixed rooms; mantel In
dining room; three good sixed bedrooms
and bath upstairs; nicely decorated
throughout: good cemented basement;
furnace heat. Trice and terma right.
Ixx-ated on paved street. Fine shade.
Near two good car lines. Easy terms.
Scott & Hill Co.
Phone Douglna Iflm. Su7 MoCague Bldg.
Five rooms, all modern, complete and
up-to-date In all important features; full
cemented banement, furnace heat, laun
dry sink, garage, etc. Well located, on
paved street; good terms. Phone us.
Douglas 3622. 1216-16 W. O. W. Bldg.
CLIFTON HI LL S-room , 60-foot lot.
near u-mlnute car line. Only 1760.
atiTH AND GRANT Near Blvd., nearly
new 4-room, $1,260.
EASY WALK Near 28th and Cumin
Sta., 8-room. water, gaa, three small Iota,
paved, $1,900.
O'KpcfeKeal Estate Co.,
1018 Omaha National. Doug. J715.
"prairie" park'home.-$3,sT"
One of tiie finest ft-room houses to be
found in this exclusive addition; modern
In every slightest detail. A great oppor
tunity for Nome one wanting an up-to-date
home In a fine nelghliorhood. Oas
moves, shades, awnings, screens, storm
doors snd windows, etc, tnclodd In the
price, lit fact, every little expense in
cidental to buying a new place ran tie
avoided by the purchaser of this prop
el tv.
Ware Block. Omaha. o.
In Dundee
I aire- buliillng sites south of iKidga et
and auist of Klmwoo.1 rk. overhwalng
Haupy 1 1. ill,, w gulf grounds. Keaamuiltie
t rlia a and eev terms
l'ro'-iiy in this distrti t has a sicUl
aine he,-auf it ffrra ad-
valitase I" pn.- l,, dfSlle fit hilld
tl.eir h.ime In a rratrlied fliatrn-i, vrt-re
ti rr are nn at ire., buildings or iin
d.alrable rondlt Ifilis
loii o,av reserve a luilldlng site
H. H. Harper
lol'-il i il, Sat l eak Hid Tel I" ia
Dundee Residence
Owner leaving City
Prarh-all ee t.r...m -n. y nved-ia
kuae ! Iii. I lu with bet a
ia. a k-l 1,. .1,1 ,a l--.a a.a Bad lift u.i,
atlra-ll.v 'tining f--m. f i . at. aaj a
i l It' l.n rin,aa flraf f m,
I t aa"l - i' -.- Sari 1 as
S -4 t,m-l ll, ra.n.
Uli le au IKm 4ia r-aMtva.
Ma I - iis..f ana a4 iiaa y ta rve4
mt'f . ,i i.aia4 I m a-l , . M
ferae -at .M mmt MS !,..
l..a at a a.
George & Company
fa 4 r Ht 1 Hwi k'i
4 mm mm 1 1 .'
rH S4l - S I -. rm. m... taMe
' ' mmm , aa -m ... 1
f .''a 1 . I a -'mm ,t
a Sal-S .aa"a,as X liu t mmmml .
tmS Imi Ae laMll I. mllm - a
Importers Jump Into Wheat Trade
Again and Bulls Hold Price
Up One Cent.
OMAHA, March 24, I'M.
The entire western country Is awaiting
Hie closing i.f Ihi'kc flour transactions on
I'ntch and Italian account, and It waa
teportid that part of this business had
been consummated
It naa reported that a prominent in Her
turned down nn offer for .ViO.OOO barrels
of flour from ltalv owing to Inability to
serine enough rash wheat.
Importers of wheat are again In the
market The cash business st the sea
board was placed aa hlgp as I.XiO.onn bn.,
but st Chicago there was only S.omi liu.
reported sold In addition to the re
awakening of the export business as a
bullish help wns the report sent out hv
It V. Snow, the well known crop expert.
It ssid In part that careful Investigation
made last fall developed the fact that
Hessian fly Is present In the wheat plant
tbla year nr a wider area and to a
treater extent than for several years
Corn and oats were both higher. Cash
trsnancttons were 70,nrYi h. of eorw and
ptftio hu. of oats, wltn l.iO.OHO bu. of the
intter sold for export.
Omaha sput market- Wheat. i1l'e
higher; coin, .fiV- higher; oats, tjc
iiipf nrr.
l-iJn'',,; wh" and flour eoual to
1.8 ow bushels, com. l&C,0O bushels and
oats. PW..W huahela
Primary wheat receipts were TW.flOA bu.
and shipments of 4W,n hu., against re-
'.fJL? v."f bu- KnS shipments of
.W.oflO bu. last year.
Primary eorn recelpta were 4W 000 bu.
and shlimients of 5.10 bu.. against re-
?t il'J? ."f 0l1rt h1- n(1 hlpments of
UU.O110 bu. last year.
Primary oats receipts were 1 294 000 hu
and eltlpmenta of t.iHt.OUO bu., against re
tof .T,.oa, ''ii. and shipments of
9 ' bu. last year.
... . Wheat. Corn. Oata.
h'1"""" !1 119 SH)
Minneapolis (W
'I ' il lit 1 h 114 " '
Omaha 17 a ii
Kansas CltV n 8 it
f.'i v
Winnipeg .14;!
These sales were reported todsv: Wheat
No 2 hard winter. I cars. $1.UV No. 8
hard winter; 1 car, $1.61. No. 4 mixed: 1
car. $1 4M; 1 ear, $14. No 4 spring: I
car. $1 40. Sample: 1 tar. $1,894. CornNo.
J white: 1 car, 704,; No. 4 white: 8 eara,
fc; No. $ yellow: $ eara. tc; 4 cars.
t9 No. 4 yellow: 2 oars. 9-; 1 car, 6sSc;
.4 cars, taSSc, No. 6 yellow: I cars. 8Mo;
1 car wet). MV. No. mixed; 2 cars.
No 4nilxed: 1 car tdrvl. h'c 1
car, fhStv; car, 8h No. 8 mixed: 1 enrt
'A'.jc; 1 car. tc. No. 8 mixed: 1 car, )x
bample: 1 ear, ).. Oata: Standard: $
rars. 67c. No. 8 white 2 ears, fc.4c; 8
enra. 6iVe. Sample: 1 car, Wc; t cars,
ifrf. No. ft yellow: II eara, tie; 1 c,r
(wetl. taiic No. 8 mixed: i eara, io. No.
4 mixed: 1 car (dry), tS'to; I car, btic; 1
car, itfe. No. ft mixed: 1 car, 88Hc; 1 car,
fAc. No. 8 mixed: 1 car, Se. Sample: 1
ar. fec. Oata Standard: t rare, t7c. No.
3 white. $ cars. btrV.c; 3 rars, ti'a. Sam
pic: 1 oar, bv: 2 cars, Mc.
Omaha Cash lrlcea Wheat : No. 2 tur
key. 1.6244il.M; No. 3 turkey. $1.61'Vd
l.M; No. 2 hard, $l.W!Wl.f.2; No. 8 hard,
$t.fi0'.i1.614; No. 2 spring, $l.49&d.51; No.
2 durum, $1. 4"i 1.47; No. 3 durum, $1.44-i
1.48. Com: No. 1 white, 70.ti71e; No. 2
white, 70ir70e: No. 3 white. SOiffiOe;
No. 4 white, RSVie; No. 8 white,
We; No. 8 white, W4jW4o: No. 1 yellow,
70nl70'V; No. 1 yellow. Wti70r; No. $ ysl
low, tWiMtOVic; No. 4 yellow, ifOVo; No.
ft lellow. ti44iH4r; No. 1 mixed,
70e; No. 3 mixed, SWrtltyc; No. $ mixed,
fflMWi1; No. 4 mixed, W'HWSc; No. 6
mixed. 74h8sHe; No. 6 mixed. 87Hle;
sample mixed, flrvfiic. Oats: No. 2
white, fi7'tTd74o; standard, ftMi(i7e; No. 3
white, WVu-M'.o; No. 4 white, ftoijjWyir.
Harley: Malting. 8itr74c; No. 1 feed. 80
ti'Wc. Hye: No. , $1.13871.14; No. S. $1.12
(SI. 13.
Kestarea of the Trading! aad riaslagf
Prleea on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. March 24 -Uvaljr profit tak
ing by holders of wheat mora than
wiped out today an advance due to the
big export sales and to Kansaa and Illi
nois reports of damage bjr Hesnlan riy.
The market Closed So to l'4o net lower.
Other declines for the dsy worm: Corn
c to He: oats, io to H4l.o, and pro
visions, ic to 6ii-c.
In the mala, the real I ting sales by
wheat longs took place during; the last
hour of the session. Previous to that
time the market had made a sudden
bulge after an early downturn. Un
responsiveness at Liverpool In regard to
yesterday's advance In America had
much to do with the first weakness hero.
Then came news of export sales which
In tlio end aggregated 1,100,0 10 buahela.
Hulllah sentiment increased rapidly after
the receipt of advices from several points
nesr Wichita, Kan., that fields ware be
ing plowed up because of Hessian fly
ravage. Illinois reports as to mischief by
the Insect were In reference to territory
around Peoria.
Purchasing on orders from the Dutch
government appeared to form a largo
share of the export business In wheat.
Oreat KrltaJn. too, waa credited with be
ing a buyer, not withstanding early re
ports that the British government had
aelxed the entire aupply of wheat In
India and would endeavor to prevent all
Inflated profits.
blackness of shipping demsnd handi
capped the bulls in corn, tiesldes, the
weather outlook In this country was more
auspicious, and the prospects good for tho
crop in Argentina.
Seaboard call made oats relatively firm
the greater pert of the day. Late ad
sIces, though, went somewhat bearish as
to seeding progress, which heretofore
has been the asibject of much complaint
Liberal recelpta of hogs throughout the
weat had a depressing effect on provi
sions. On the ensuing break, however
a fair dfmand sprang up, and the market
showed power to rally.
Quotations ranged as follows:
A rti la Open. I High. I Ijw. Close Yea' y .
Wheat I I
May. 1 M IM I 1 KH 1 S4VI 1 KH
July. 1 221. 1 24Hl 1 av 1 .f 1 nJ
Corn: flits
Must Be Sold
Choice Home
Just west of the loop on one of tho
best corner lots In the village; 7 fine
KMMiia ami bath; downstairs finished in
lust of inarter-a4wed oak. handsome
flreidaie. KiMrudve lighting fixtures and
beautiful deroratlons. Prt rut to $.;
Annstrong-Wailsh Co.
Tvler test
Stats Hank Hldg
N PAVr.O sTHtri. t-sm
. I'trll AMi $k '.H
Mat Haak huiidiag. Itoug Ue
. - tiai . anov iuvio u-aja,,a. a mmM, mmtrnrn.
Frame Dale a4 . t I tmxmt reeur ' N)
I K-el-4. In- ant I m It,.m. Mm aaa,kr4 . V-m4 ftewt al a Set gala
a .. a mmm. $.! only $is aah ta.lof f "m II lo 1 'nl
s'if-J j i'.ji e f ,1 ir.a ....- rirto. Maer4
N'ltTII SUliK HI.ALTT 'O. IM.y t-r Mr . u.., I stc, 1-
N''ltTII Ml lr. HI.ALTT 0.
wa at a Aa-ae An
rs! mil .H', f aarotwaM 1,1
s aMfc ml m.m na.11 tsaa o-tre
9mm a , - m mm
V- 4 W l K'lm tmm tl
8 -" tm-tm-f sms
I. a. IJ.f a .
Hmsmo I $
1 Almm . my-4 I mm.
May I T.H, 73 ' 71 f , Vi
Inly.; 7 r n Ti's' '7s ""'a
Oa Is
Mat. :a :-,.
.lulv. J4, W M'
Tork; i i
Msv 17 n I 17 40 M7 y 1" 17 4r
.Inly 17 TiV 17 RJS 17 70 17 2'4j IV n-
1-erd ;
Mav.i to io ;."! 10 r. 10 ith 10 2S
.Inly.; 10 47V 1 4,"m 10 V 10 4iS 10 60
Hlbs , I
Mav) 9 I- 9 v, t m moo
.luiy.1 io rwi imo io js i io so in mu,
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat : Nn 1 red.
I.M-Vi1.... No. 2 h.-ird. $l.SS,Bi.O
Ccm: No. 2 , ellow, 73Vu73-V; No. 4 yel
low. sin71c; No. 4 white. 71c. Oats: No.
wnne, tvM,ani ; standard. .!. Rve.
nominal. Karley. 7.v,is2r. Seeds: Tim
othy, II SrVj, .(.), clover. $9.Afrhi:.n0. Pro
visions: Tork. 117. 12V.: lard. I'l.TO: rlba.
RI TTKR-No. 1, l.h. cartons, c; No.
2, v.h tubs. 2c
CHKKSl-lmioite'1 Swiss, 34c; Amerl-
oon Sw iss, 2tic; blo k Swiss; 22-; twins.
1Wc; dnlsles. l"V; trlpleta ITVtcj Voting? '
Americas, 1V; blue label hrlck, 17o; llm
biirnnr. 2-lb.. 20c; 1-lb.. 21k-; Nw Tork .
white, i;k-. Imported h rench Roquefort.
KISlI-Trout, ISo: large rmppiee, luc;
halibut. I.'..-; chnnnel catfish, 14o.
SWKET lOTA Tt KS Kansaa, $2.7S bbl.
HKKK CVTS-Rlbe: No. 1. 10c; No. 2.
1JS'; No. 3. ll',c. Lolna: No. 1, lie; No.
2. I6y; No. . U'c. Chucks: No. L 8c;
No. 2. 8V,c; No. 3, 7c, Hounds: No. 1,
I'; No. 2, ll'to; No. 3. 10c. Pistes:
No. 1, ;r; No. 2. 7,c; No. .1, Vc
POl'LTRV Broilers. 20e; spring chirk,
ens. 15c; hens, He- cocks, S'-ic; roosters,
s'v : stags, sue; ducks, lfc; geeso, 10c;
turkeys. l.Vdl: pigeons, per doa., V;
ducks, full festhered, 10r; geese, full
feathered, gc; sauabs, No. 1, $L&J; No. 3.
Market quotations furnished by Gllinakl
Fruit company.
KRCITS-Oianges: Kxtra fancy Alpha
betical, all sixes, $2. 7b per box: extra
fancy Sunklst. all sixes. $2.60 per box; ex
tra fancy Red Hall, all sixes, $2.25 per
box. lemons: Kan -y Sunklst, ams, .
$4.ih'4.oO per box; eholce Red Ball. $1 ftO
per box. Orape fruit? .e. $1 7S box IMs.
$2 2S p-r box; 3se. $2.00 per box; 64s, MM,
$--' ler box. Apples: Kxtra fancy Wash--irgton
Pearmalnes, (1.711 per box; extra
fancy Washington Spltsennurgs, 81.N) per
Iwx; Washington extra fancy Hiwvers.
$1.3 per box; extra fancy black Hen
Iisvls, $1 Si per Ihix; extra fancy Black
Twigs. $1 M) per box: fancy Black
Twigs, $1 :tr, per box; extra fancy Ctah
tlanoe, $1.25 per box; fancy Roman Beau
ties, $l.;i per box; fancy Roman Beau
ties, ft box lota, $1.40 per bo; Ben Ihtvte,
highly colored, $3.2f. per barrel; Shield
Wine Sai'a, $4.00 per barrel. Bananas:
Per bunch, $2.0nfdC ; per pound, 4o.
VliXIKTABLKS Cauliflower. $3. per
orate. Cabbage: New York Danish, 2c
per pound; Wisconsin Holland seed. lv
Per pound; California new, J'o per
pound. Celery: Jumbo, 90r dozen. Pep
pers. 60o baaket. lettuce; Head, $1 dosen:
leaf, 40c doaen. Onions: Red. 2o pound:
yellow, 2c pound: white, 2Vc pound:.
Spanish, $U0 crate. Artichokes. $1.&0
doaen. Endives, .IRc pound. Rrussel
sprouts, 2ic, pound. Tomatoes, KM bas
ket. (Wile, 2ftc pound. Radishes, ftOn
dosen. Turnliai, 6O0 doaen. Spinach, oo
dosen. Parsley, fto doaen. Beans, $4.Sil
hamper. Onion Sets: Yellow and red.
11 fd per bushel: white, $1.75 per bushel.
Strawberries: per quart. 60c. Potatoes:
Colorado Ruralg. 7&n per bushel; Red
River Ohlos, 85c per bushel; Minnesota
Whites, 0c per bushel. Sweet Potatoes'
Seed slock shipments, April 6 to 10, $2.00
per barrel.
MISCKLLANEOlTrV-Nuts: No. 1 Cali
fornia walnuts lUr pound; black walnuts,
AV, pound; filberts, .16c pound; pecans.
12Vic pound: Braxtls. 12Ho pound: al
monds. 20c pound. Figs: W 8-ox , $3 per
box. Pates: Sugar walnut. $1.48 per box;
Hallowe'en, sc. pound. Popcorn, shelled.,
4n pound. IJmes: per box, $1.76. Cracker
jack: Per caae. 83.SO; half case, $1.76.
Checkers: Per case, $3.li0; half cose, $1.76.
Cider: New York, $3.60 per keg. Cocoa
nuts: Per sack, $3.60; per doaen, 7oc.
Cranberries: Lates Howes, $7 per barrel;,
per box, $3.60. Peanuts: Raw, 7o pound;
raw, sack lots. Jumbo, 8c pound; roasted,
a pound; salted, 8160 per can. Muah
rooms: Per pound, 60c.
New York CeneraJ Marked.
NEW YORK, March 84. SUtlAR Raw. 1
firm; centrifugal, 4.(Wcj molasses. 4.22.
Refined, firm. Sugar futures opened
firmer on trade and commies ion house
buying prompted by the continued un
favorable weather, which Is causing cen
trals to atop grinding. Prk-eo at midday
were J to 4 points net higher. I
BUTTKR-Sleady; recelpta, KM tuba;
creamery extras, 12 points scoring. 2V4e:
creamery, higher scoring. 294fiVv, cream-.
cry rtrsts. itHf-'sc; seconds, MVjtrtaiVic
CHEESK Irregular ;reoeipta 1.2X1 boxes:
stale whole milk, held specials, lnpl7ic;
slate wnoie milK, average rancy, ihg;i6We.
POULTRY Alive, firm: western. 17
lUc; turkeys, l.'ilHc; dressed, quiet; west
ern froien chickens. 19tf21c; f rash fowls, .
HtMOc; turkeys, lOTi-aOc.
1XKJS Kasier Recelpta tH,$8 cases;
fresh gathered extres. 22f22Vao; storage
packed, tlrats to extra, firsts, ZoVtfr-atc :
regular packed, extra firsts, 20V3-Jlc;
firsts, l8,.-rl,i30Jie; nearby hennery, whites,
fine to fancy, 26c; nearby hennery,
browns, ZHyc.
BITTTFR Stesdy; creamery. 2ofJ28c.
POTATOK8 Higher: reoHpts. IS cars;
Michigan and Wisconsin red, 36340c:
Michigan and Wisconsin white, 86?MSc.
r.QUB Ixiwer: receipts. ,W1 cases: at'
mark, cases included, 17lSc; ordinary
firsts. 17'irn74c; firsts, 18c.
POULTRY Alive, lower; fowlg. 14c: :
springs, 17iiT7Wc.
Kaaaavs City Grala aad Fro-1sloaa.
No. I hard. $1.6101.62; No. 1 red. $1,609
l.bou.: May. $1.46NtU.4u; July, $1-1$; Sep
tember. $1.04'f'L0&.
COKN No. 2 mixed, tiw: No. 1 white,
Ti'ia; No. 2 yellow. 73c; No. 3. 72;2e;
May, 70lT71r,e; July, 7SSo; September.
uath no, 1 wnite, euc; no. 1 mixea.
65 V.
Btri-rr;tt .Teamery, no; zirats, zscj.
seconds. 2V; pai-klng, 17c.
KlrsU. 17V; seconds, 17c.
POl'LTRY Hens, l3Vo; roosters, 10Hc;
turkeys, 16c.
Mlaaeaoolla Oralo Market.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. Msrch .
WHKAT May, $1.47H: July. $1.8HV: No. 1
hard. $1 64: No. 1 northern, $1.49Via'l.s3Hi
Nn. 1 northern, $1.4.i1,
KLOl'R Unchanged.
RYK-$!.ineil 14.
HillS-N.i, 3 yellow. HR'a'tea'ad.
OATH No 3 white. 66,'gti7c.
St. t,oala Orala Market.
ST. I1t'l. Mo., March 24. WTTOAT
No 2 red tl Sl. .'.'. No. 2 hard, nomi
nal. May. $14se,; July. $1.17.
CtiHN No. 2. 7Mc; No. 2 whits, nomi
nal; May. 730; Ju , 75Vii(r75.c.
4ATS No. 2. 6Mte. No. 8 white, taw. (
t l.araaal Ursls Market.
?-t. No. I Manitoba, lis d: No. 3. lr.s
0.' S" 3 bard winter. Us id.
cniN Srnt. American mixed new, a
Vtd. AmerWan mixed, old. as 2d: March,
ia 6S. Hour, winter patents, 4s.
tlaaaka liar Market-
tio.'-e upland. 113 K; No I. $13 60; No. 2.
Ii j rt! '. No 1. lasajqisot. 4 'hnies mid
land. $12-" No I $1.' . No. 3. $mSis
II No 3. (samiieiai Choice lowland.
!" Ni 1. 8ia, No. t lllwnw,
1 $ ihi V.
HTM . v '- There Is re straw on the mar
ket l"h.,l-'e hrlxht Wheat straw la ejuot-
ai,la st ty'r. rwi- bright oat r
1 - .uts al r 0"i7 J.
Al.yAI.P.t-1 hi. pea-greea. leafy.
fn, .1. 01. I I 1 iVni. it takra eitia
rh.,re to l-Meg lt
,V i. .. $';Mille. No to --teg lle,. No I Ilt44-.
X 8H tadtl
I .Mm Market.
m:w HiI'.k M.r-i r4 vrr-rrix -.
-n.a) iiiet. anidilli-g uf-iao-la. visa, easts.
t.l l;iil. 4tr.aj :4 irTTilN
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