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    Bringing Up
Ioontvou loT,T 1 r.AV tU herSSa f .r ' 5 "W 'vtTHAT AT THE. I, .
v rr-s-r " t poceT' si ia Yt y i!0!ou
Mexican Chieftain Abandon! Block
ade of Harbor on Earnest Re
quest from United States.
WASHINGTON, March 15. Gen
eral Carranza has abandoned his
b'otkade of the port of .Progreso on
urgent representations by the United
The Mexican gunboat Zaragos ha3
been called off and two American
fehips laden with sisal for the United
State were cleared Saturday without
Rear Admiral Caperton, command
ing the American fleet in Mexican
waters, reported the raising of the
blockade in his official dispatches
early today and reported that tha
Zaragosa has returned to Vera Cruz.
The admiral s dispatches telling of re
lief of the situation crossed a new note
from the 1'nlted State, which was sent
on Its way to Carraniia this morning glv
tns notice that the United States was
determined to raise the blockade, and. If
necessary, use the cruiser Des Moines to
do so.
Inures Twine Supply.
Tt became known for the first time to
day that last week the Mexican gunboat
had stopped one American ship with a
hot across its bows, had held up another
and had Interfered with British
shipping. The seriousness of the
situation growing out of the QiTkade of
Progreso was pointed out by Secretary
Hotiaton of the Department of Agrlcul
ture. who advised the president that 200.
000.0(10 pountis or twine are used each
year In .the United States In binding
grain, and flax crops and that nine-tenths
of the supply Is made from sisal grown In
Yucatan and exported through Progreso.
Telegrams from, manufacturers and
farmers In the grain growing stater
pouring Into the White House and
les.4 sisal were obtained through Progreso
the harvesting of this year's grain crops
would bo embarrassed.
Since February 25 the State department
lias steadily protested to Carranza against
closing I'r.'grcRo where there have been
factional - troubles - between Mexicans
nominally under his control. The people
of Yucatan, It vx raid, obtain all their
food from outside sources and were as
anx"iu thai the. embargo be raised as
a the I nlltrcl Mutes.
V.'l:en Ante to tarranaa.
: President Wl!fo:rs reply to General
tAirranz.i's ncte of March 8 which was, in
I : sihkis,- in the i.i gent representations of
tio Knltcil states for better treatment of
forejiur l;i .Mexico, whs lis follows:
"I thank you for your message of
March S for the reinsurance It conveys
ami for our Kind personal words. I beg
trial you will understand thiit It our mes
sages'aei umll v are couched in terms
of strong eini'lias's. It Is only because
they contain some matters which touch
the very anfety of Mexico Itself and the
whole process of its future history.
"We. seek always to uct as friends of
tho Mexican people and as their friends
It is our duty to speak very plainly about
the danger which threatens them from
without, whatever happens within their
borders which Is calculated to arouse the
hoRtlle. sentiment of the whole world.
".othlug will stir that sentiment more
promptly or more hotly or create greater
danger for Mexico than any (even tem
porary) disregard for lives, the safety or
tho rights of the citizens of other coun
tries resident within its territory or ap
parent contempt for the rights and safety
if those who represent religion.
"Any attempt to justify or explain these
thingd will not eradicate this sentiment
or lessen the danger that will arise from
"To warn you concerning such matters
Is an act of friendship, not of hostility,
and we cannot make the meaning too
tannest. To speak less plainly or with
less earnestness would be to conceal from
you a terrible risk which no lover of
Mexico should care to run."
Bresnahan Gives
Ont Cub Lineup
CHICAGO, arch IS. Manager Bres
nahan gave out at Tampa the names of
the players who will occupy the three
positions in the Chicago Nationals
lineup undecided at the opening of the
training season. Cy Williams, the former
Netre Iaroe players will' take Tommy
loach's place in center field; Polly Mc-I-arry,
bought from Ltouisville, succeeds
Sweeney at second base, and Fisher will
be the reular shortstop. The eight
pitchers the Cuba will retain are: Cheney,
Vaughn. Lavender, Humphries, Zabel,
Pierce, Adams and gtanridge.
top Tkat (sack How.
When you catch cold or begin to rough
take lr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey. It pene
trates the throat and lungs. All drug
gists. Advertisement.
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lessened portion of dope each day, was
most advisable.
John W. Cochran, 27 years old. who said
he had taken dope one year, and who was
carried into the county jail six weeks ago,
was the first man questioned. He had
gained many pounds in weight im he
had been shut up without any dope, and
declared he had no desire for It now. He
is In excellent physical condition, he said.
Cochran was so sure he would be able
to do without dope that several members
asked the county official) to send him to
the county hospital, which was done.
Cochran declared he was, anxious to (to
to Texas where, he said, his mother lived.
The committee aftera-Aril Imvm
learned from another man that those!
fiends who desired to continue the habit
were planning to go to Juares, Mexico,
In case they were unable to get dope on
account or the new federal law, which
somewhat shock their faith In the pros
pective success of their desire to assist
Kffort. Are 1st Tain.
John Washington, an intelligent, well
educated man, 37 years old. who had been
using dope five years, told of vain efforts
to reform himself.
"I have tried many times to make a
man' of myself," he said. "I have climbed
down a sixty-foot pipe to escape from
the Lincoln sanitarium; I have escaped
from the county hospital and from other
sanitariums. I could not help It,
"Now that I have been without dope
for forty-five days my brain Is clear and
I believe that I can do without it.
"The best way to treat a victim of the
drug habit is to cut it off entirely and
lock him up. If he Is allowed a little each
day It does him no good and keeps the
craving alive."
Barney Kemmerling, 45 years old, a vie
tlra of the drug habit for thirty years,'
according to his statement, exhibited
arms and legs the skin or which was a
fabric of scars left by the "needle." "I'm
a real dope fiend; these others are only
fakes," he said, with a sad smile, for,
he declared, he realised that he was not
a man.
Causes Sarferinar.
Barney declared he did ont believe in
cutting off a dope fiend's entire supply
of ' drugs, insisting that It caused too
much suffering.
Washington's account of dope fiends
and his suggestions concerning him were
considered most reliable and valuable by
the committee. Washington has used and
sold dope In many cities of the United
A peculiar coincidence was that each
of the three men declared they had first
felt the effects of dope through medical
treatment following illness or injury by
accident. All three testified that their
physical condition had been greatly im
proved by their stay in jail.
It waa the final opinion of the com
mittee that . principal assistance which
could be rendered drug victims was the
rigid enforcement of laws forbidding sale
of dope. Step will be taken to co-operate
with the federal government in an effort
particularly to stop "peddling" or "boot
legging" of dope by Irresponsible indi
viduals, since. It was believed, drug stores
probably will be deterred from selling It
by fear of government prosecution.
The members of the conference will
watch particularly the future careers of
Cochran, Washington and Kemmerling,
or whom they made particular requests
that they cease the dope habit and who
Immediately or wKhIn the next few days
will be allowed to , recuperate their
strength at the county hospital.
COLUMBUS. Neb.. March 13. (Special
Telegram.) The new Columbus Gun club
held the Gilbert shoot yesterday at the
club grounds. Seventeen members par
ticipated at 100 targets each. Otto Rudat
won the trophy, with ninety-six shots
from eighteen yards distance. Henry
Newman scored ninety two; Joseph Guts
mer, third, scored ninety-one.
i'lab ft boot at Blooasf leld.
KLOOM FIELD. Neb.. March 16.-(Spe-clal
The Bluomfielrt Gun club met Sat
urday and shot for the cup presented by
a powder manufacturing company. Bog en -hagen
got Hi out of a possiblti luo targets.
The scores were Kood as the weather was
a little cold. Results follow: Rogen
hagen, 87; Cook. MS; Blaekmore, tb; Mc
Namara. M; Crahan, fcl; philsun, 7H:
Kager. tv; Hlorthart, 77; Gartner, 6U
Popisil, e3; Fredericks, &.
Iowa Teaaaa t Compete.
AME8, la, March IS. (Special Tele
gram. ) TUams of Iowa htata college.
University of Iowa. Iowa Teachers' col
lege and Luther college will compete In
the State gymnasium here tomorrow for
the state collegiate gymnastic title.
TsiU mm X4va Oats.
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writing your name and address clearly.
Tou will receive In return a trial pack
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Coroposnd for roughs, colds and eroup;
Foley Kidney Pills for pain In aides and
back, rbaumatlsm, backache, kidney and
bladder ailments; and Foley Cathartic
Tablets, a wholesome and thoroughly
cleaning cathartic, especially comforting
t' stout persons. Sold everywhere Advertisement
Till: BEE:
CoprrlM. iDteraatloaa)
Omaha and Magic
City Quintets to
Play Final Game
South Omaha claims third place In the
basket ball tournament a,t Lincoln
through the failure of Hastings to play
the Magic City crew. Arrangements were
attempted to stage the game by Director
Rled and Coach Patton of the Packers,
but Coach flclssler of the Hastings quintet
refused to play. t
Coach Patton of the Parkers has hardly
had enough, however, Judging from the
agility with which he arranged a game
with the Oinatia High school squad on
the local Toung Men's Christian associa
tion floor. Patton telieves his team can
beat Omaha and straightway challenged
Mills) and his squadron. The gam, ac
cording to latest details, will be played
within the next two weeks.
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to unload such goods In a British or al
lied port. Goods so discharged in a
British court 'shall be placed In the
custody of the marshal of tha prise
court and if not requisitioned for tha nee
of his majesty, shall be detained or Bold
under the direction of the prise court.
The proceeds of the goods so sold shall
be paid into the court and be dealt with
In such a manner as the court may in the
circumstsnees deem to be-Just, provided
that no proceeds of the sale of euch
goods shall be paid out of the court until
the conclusion of peace except on the ap
plication of a proper officer of the crown,
unless It be shown that the goods had
become neutral property before the issue
of this order snd provided that nothing
herein shall prevent he release of. neu
tral property of enemy origin on applica
tion of the proper officer of the crown,
fteatrals May Ask Writ.
"Fifth, any person claiming to be In
terested in or to have any claim in re
spect of any goods not being contraband
of war placed In the custody of the mar
shsl of the prise court under their order,
or in the proceeds of such goods, may
foithwith issue a writ In the prise court
against the proper officer of the crown
and apply for an order that the goods
should be restored to him, or that their
proceeds should be paid him, or for such
other order as the circumstances of the
case may require.
"The practice and procedure of the
prise court Khali, so far as applicable, be
followed mutatis rutandls. In any pro
ceedings consequential upon this order.
"Sixth, a merchant vessel, which ha
cleared for a neutral port from a British
or allied port which has been allowed to
pass as having an ostensible destination
to a neutral port and proceeds to any
enemy port, shall. If captured on any
subsequent voyage, be liable to condemns
"Seventh, nothing In this order shall be
deemed to affect the liability of any Tea
sel or goods to capture or condemnation
Independently of this order.
"Eighth, nothing In this order shall
prevent the relaxation of the provisions
of this, order in respect of the merchant
vessels of any country which declares
that no commerce Intended for or origin
ating in Germany or belonging to German
subjects shall enjoy the protection of Its
Rrni Has Sliver Hair.
Before Pitcher Joe Bens of the Chicago
While Kox was taken 111 with typhoid last
winter he had a full cro;v of brown hair.
His Illness Is said to have turned his hair
fray and teammatea are already calling
mm t.ii wiver lop.
Meat Cause of
Kidney Trouble
Take a glass of Salts if your Hack
tiurte or u lander pothers Meat
forma uric acid.
If you must have your meat every day,
eat It, but flush your kldneya with salts
occasionally f says a noted authority who
tells ua that meat forma uric add which
almost paralyses tha kldneya In their ef
forts to expel It from tho blood. They
become sluggish and weaken, then you
tuffer with a dull misery In the kidney
region, sharp palna In the back or alck
headache, dlsxlness, your stomach sours.
tongue Is coated and when tho weather is
bad you have rheumatism twinges. The
urine gets cloudy, full of sediment, tha
channels often get sore and Irritated,
obliging yov to aeek relief two or three
time during the night
To neutralise thea Irritating acids, to
cleanse the kidneys and flush off tha
body's urinous waste get four ounces of
J ad Salts from any pharmacy her;
take a tables poonful In a glass of water
before breakfast for a few days and your
kidney will then act tine. - Thla famous
salts is made from the aeld of grape
and lemon Juice, combined wtth hXhuv,
and has been used for generations to
flush and stimulste sluggtah kidneys.
also te neutralise the acids In urine, so tt
no longer Irrltstes, thus ending bladder
wea k ness.
Jad Walts U Ines pensive; cannot Injure
snd manes a -dilsiit.ut effrrt esceul
I lilhla-wttter drink. Adt crlieiucul.
e e
E, F. Prince, Pioneer
of Madison is Dead
MADISON, Neb.. March 15. (Special.!
Edwin F. P. Prince died Saturday morn
ing at the residence of his son, with
whom he made his home. He was sick
but a few days, having been at his office
in his business block down town not later
than Monday. Mr. Prince was born April
19, 1S27, at Windsor, Mass. September It,
184T, he was married to Emma Ann Field,
who died April 29, 182, in this city. In
UK6 he settled with his family near Ran
dolph, Wis., and engaged In farming for
nine years. In the fall of 1875 he came
to Madison, where he has since resided.
He built and operated for fifteen years
the first hotel In Madison, which Is still
known as the Prince house. 1 deceased Is
survived by an only son, Frank P. Prince,
and two granddaughters. The funeral
will be In charge of the Masons of his
lodge at the family residence Tuesday
Ox ford Notes.
OXTORP, Neb., March 15.-(Speclal.)
The annual declamatory' contest of tho
Oxford High school wss held Friday and
Saturday evenings In the opera house.
The wlnnera of first, second and third
honors, In the order named were Miss
Lola Hensley, Miss Elisabeth Barber and
Miss Louisa Bailey. The high school will
be represented by Miss Lola Hensley at
the district contest to be held In Holdrege
March K.
Mrs. Harms, mother of Mrs. Arthur
Weast, died at the age of CI years after
an Illness of several months at the home
of her daughter. She Is survived by one
son and two daughters. -The funeral was
conducted at the Weast home this after
noon. SEE
Nebraska ! Nebraska
1413-1415 Harney St., OMAHA, NEB. Phone Douglas ltr
Read the Story in The Omaha Daily Bee
Drawn for The Bee by George McManus
NORTH REND, Neb.. March 16.-(Sne-elal.)
At a recent meeting of the city
council It was decided to submit the ques
tion of licensing saloons In North Rend
to a vote of the people at the spring elec
tion. Tho Muh school declamatory contest
was held last evening at the Methodist
church. Katharine Farrell won first
place, using a dramatic selection, "The
Mai With One Talent;" Clifford Williams
won second, reciting a humorous piece,
"To Late for the Train.". Miss Farrell
will represent the school In the district
contest to be held at Fremont March 25.
Superintendent F. L. McWown, presi
dent of the District Tachers' associa
tion, Is perplexed as to the most satisfac
tory way of handling large classes of
contestants at the district declamatory
contest, Fremont, March B5. Twenty-one
schools of the district have entered and
It may be necessary to hold an elimina
tion content In the afternoon.
Mrs. George Mlltonbcrger, for many
years a resident of this community, died
at her home at Anselmo, Neb,, where her
husband owns a large stock ranch, She
had been suffering over a year.
Dr. Nairn of New Concord, C, will
close a series of meetings here which
have lasted two weeks Habhath evening.
The pastor and congregation of the
United Presbyterian church are much
gratified with tha success of tha effort
M. M. Huck has disposed of his Jewelry
stock and business to K, K. Leltch of
this city.
Mrs. Doss Brlttaln and daughter, Itose
Elma of Kansas City, have been guests
this week at tha Tollllon home.
Nstfi from flrand Island
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. March 11
(Bpecial)' In the rase of Bergman against
Axt at Paulsen, proprietors of saloon
By George Randolph Clisstef
asicf Lillian Che J tor"
TODAY -- EM,y,-
FARNAM THEATER. 15th and Firnim
Begmlarly Xvery Tuesday
Za Addition to On Begula rrogranw
Council Bluffs,
Every Thursday.
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GRAND THEATER, 16th and Binney,
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Episode No. 6, March 17.
in which Hcrgman had an eye shot out by
a cannon cracker thrown by another
party after the proprletorp had protested
against the practice, the Jury has dis
agreed, ten standing for no cause of ae.
tlun and twi for damages. The Jury wss
out twenty-four hours and on the last
bsll'it Is said to have stood exactly as
on the f'rst.
Mrs. H. R. Jackson, wife of a Union
Paclflo brakeman, committed suicide Sat
urday by tnklng chloroform. Wlie had
been deiondonl and her husband 111.
temporary, and at a hospital, she was
about an years of age.
In the annual high school r f lamatnry
contest MHfred Kelso won first and Miss
Maybelle Jones the second awards, and
Mr. Kelso will represent the Grand Island
school In the district contest at Central I
City on March 2.
Notes from Iteatrlec.
REA TRICE, Neb.. March lo.- Special.)
Charles H. Meeker, a consulting en
gineer, who was employed by the city of
Wymore In 1910 to superintend the con
struction of extensions to the light snd
waaer plant of that city, has brought
suit against the city for H.(fc3 2t and in
terest, which he claims Is due him on his
contrsct. lie alleges that delays by the
city lengthened the work and Imposed
expense upon him.
A telegram was received here Saturday
announcing the sudden death of Samuel
Eccles, a plitneer of Gage county, which
occurred at Roswell, N. M., Saturday
morning of pneumonia. He Is survived
by a widow and two children
Henry I'ntledt waa arraigned Saturday
In the district court before Judge Fember
ton on the charges of grand la roily and
concealing atolen property. He pleaded
not guilty and was remanded to Jail. He
waa arrested at Dewltt some weeks ago
In connection with the robbery of Hone
bright ft Runte'a store at Cortland.
Henry Nlckell, a pioneer of AVest Bea
trice, died Suturday, aged 70 years. He
la survived by hlx widow and four
children, two son and two daughters.
Mr. Fred Elrhhorn, Jr., and Miss Helena
Krlbbert, both of this city, were married
at Wilbur Saturday morning.
2319 Vinton Street.
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Germs Can't Stay
With This Treatment
No Impurities Can Retain
A Foothold They're
Driven Out.
"t5VaVVa r
The action of 8. 8 8., the famous hlood
purifier, is direct from tha moment It
enters the stomach. Unlike food that
must be acted upon by the digestive
Juices, 8. 8. B, goes at onoe Into tha
blood, and In less than five minutes has
traversed the entire circulation.
It now rapidly spreads lta medicinal
action In the Una network of hlood Tea
sels and la like giving tha blood a,
thorough bath, to overcome ocsema,
blood risings, bolls and other eruptive
conditions. It can not harm any part of
the system. It does not lodge In tha
Joints ssdo mercury, araento and other
minerals frequently to be found In
blood remedies. It is a natural medi
cine for the blood, Juat as essential to
health If germs have rotten tha upper
hand as la nutritious food If after a
spell of alckness tha body calls for nour
ishment. Wherever you go you- are
sure to meet some on who used 8. 8. 8.
for tha blood and la a willing witness
te Its wonderful power to overcome
blood troubles. Tou ean obtain 8. 8. 8.
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lta sterling reputation. Get a bottlai
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bottle do sot fully covar yr ease, S
5, Next.