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1 .
414 Barker Work, Omaha. '
"20 acres of good land. eight miles from
Kllgore, Neb.; a good 5-room house; barn
for 7 head of horses, cattle shed for 80
head of cattle; all fenced and croes
fenced; exceptionally good to acres In cul
tivation; good well and windmill; j7 head
of cattle, described as follows: 17 n.llch
cows, from 4 to 8 years old: six S-year-old
heifers, fourteen 2-year-old steers, five
extra good yearlings, one thoroughbred
registered Durham bull, seven fall calves,
itaven head of horses, described as fol
lows: One black horse, 12 years old.
weight 1,200 lbs.; one bay horse, years
old, weight 1,200 lbs.; matched team; 1
bay mare, 9 yrs. old, weight 860 lbs., two
buckskin mares, 10 years old, weight 900
each; ona good yearling colt; on bay
home, 8 years old, weight 1,200 lbs.; each
of theso horses Is broke single, double
and to saddle. Three wagons, good as
new; two double boxes, one hayrack; one
John Deerttig mower, one McCormick
binder, on .'John Deere lister, ono John
Deere two-row machine, 1 endgate seeder,
1 hand corn sheller, one grindstone, two
complete sets of harness, one breaking
Plow, one hay sweep, one good saddle,
two water tanks, one top buggy, nine
ahoats, weighing 73 lbs. each: HW ehlck
ens, 1 Osborn disc harrow, 100 tona of
hay, 1.5ii0 bu. coin, 1.009 bu. oats. KO bu.
of potatoes; nil loose fence posts, lumber,
wire and. In fact, everything that is now
on the place. This whole outfit, land, all,
for fl3,uuo. lie will carry $6,000 6 years at
6 per cent interest.
414 liarker Blk., Omaha, Neb.
Farming and ranching pays. '
We will take your city property at what
It's worth and give you plenty time on a.
farm or a ranch, where .they are railing
finest crops of all kinds, white faca cattle
and allalta; the best of water. Kara from
Omaha (6. '
HAVE buyer for 40-a. farm near town, E.
Neb.; also want listing of quarter sec
tions and eighties. Carlson & Waliln, 304
McCague Blrig.
40 TO 320 ACRE tracts, rich black loam,
1 to 8 miles from new railroad, H0 to
11 per acre; '4 cash; balance 20 years;
will grow over 60 bushels corn to the
acre and big returns on forage crops and
fruits; mild -winter and delightful sum
mers, on account of the gulf breeze;
at.000 acres to select from. Agents wanted.
Spring Valley Land Co., 818 Uunter Bldg.,
San Antonio, Texas.
Upper Wisconsin
Best dairy and general crop state te th
union: settlers wanted. Lands for sal at
low prices on easy terms. Ask for book
let No. 84 on Wisconsin Ctntral Land
Urant- Excellent lands for stock raising.
If interested in fruit lands ask for book,
let on Apple Orchards. Address Laad and
Industrial Department, boo Una Hallway.
Minneapolis. Minn.
W 7 omlns:. .
HOMESTEAD Homestead, 28,000 acres,
Just opened; Si acres to each applica
tion. Particulars, write at onoe. F.
Lavalleur. Burns, Wyo.
Farm ana lUsea Laads.
UNIMPROVED 4 and 11-acre tract.
John N. Frenser. Douglas 654.
It KK) Abstract Co.. oldest abstract of
fice In Nebraska. 206 hirandeis Theater.
KERR Title Guarantee and Abstract Co.,
a modern abstract office Kb jS. 17th SU
'bona Douglas 6487.
C1TV a.vl taint loans, i 0V. a per cent.
J. H. Dumont Co . 416 State Bank.
WANTfc-'D .'ny loans Peters '1 rual Co.
Vv AMfc Oiy loans ao'l warrants. W.
Vat limn Smith & Co.. Z Faroam.
liuo to iio.uu luaue promptly. F. D. Weed,
Weed Biog.. lth and Farnain Bu.
fcEE u first for farm loans in eastern
Nab. United States Trust Co., Omaha,
;c CITY LOANS. C. 1. C-!berg.
u 810-312 Brundela Theater Bldg.
CITY properly. Large loans a specially.
IV. H Thomas. V State Bank Bldg.
MONEY oa nana tor tiiy and (arm lowna
II. W. hlnrtsr.- Ciur NaU Bank Bldg.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska far ma.
101 Omaha Natl. Douglas 371.
1U to JlO.OuO niade promptly. F. D. Weed.
Wsad Bldg., lUi and ""imam Kta
We are unable to supply the
demand for 5 and 6-room
houses in the llanscoin or
Itcmis Park districts.
The Voel Realty Agency,
1015-1 G W. O. V. Bldg.
HAVE calls for vacant lots and cot
tages. Car'son Waliln. )4 McCague
Hldg., iKjuglaa 24KJ. evening, H. 2a;.
I AND li-ci tracts close in for sub-
Oivi'ilng. Thone Doug. 2(mJ7.
FOR SALB Two acres near Krug Park,
S blocks to car, cement sidewalk from
car to land; city water; or will trade
fur cottage. Address R. F. Ram, Coun
cil Bluffs. Ia.
V-IWU.M modern house, ui X. 3uth tit.,
;. Phon Red i'.
fin EVANS t-r. moj nome. oek flnistt
throughout; easy terms. Web. Bll
WILL stil beautiful modern home, eight
rooms, one of Omaha's best residence
dlftricts. Owner. Addrs I. 114. Kee.
Everybody reads .
Bee Want Adj
Strong for Tango Tea
Cold Weather and Bad Wind Makes
Scores Low, and Redick's
Eighty-Six is High.
George Redlck stood up before the
traps at the Omaha Gun cjub Sunday
afternoon and proceeded to peg the fly?
ing blue targets until he had accumu
lated enough hits to walk off with the
Fred Gilbert trophy. Redlck busted
eighty-six out a possible 100 rocks, which
Is considerable shooting considering the
wind and weather.
About thirty-five ardent shooters pas-
timed at the club yesterday, and when
they couldn't find a place at the traps
busily burned up powder and money plug
ging old tin cans and the like. Sam
Huntley was second high with eighty
four breaks. '
Oeorge Carter of Lincoln and George
Maxwell, the one:arnwl shooter from
Hastings, were two professionals, who
participated In the shoot, ' although not
eligible to try for the oupn. Charles
Thorpe of Geneva also took part. Thorpe
Is an old personal friend of , Fred Gil
bert and wanted to shoot in a Gilbert
shoot, even though he could not com
pete for the cup.
Hold Memorial Skoot.
The Omaha Gun club has deflntely de
cided to hold a Billy Townsend Memorial
Shoot this year. The date has not been
determined, but will probably be July 4,
as last July i, Townsend shot his last
shell' at a blue rock. Then he took but
one shot, his physical weakness being
so great he could not handle his big
gun ' any further. The gunners woud
like to hold the memorial shoot on Town
send's birthday, but that would be In
advisable as It comes In December,
Scores In the ahoot for - the' Gllert
trophy were:
iGeorge Rodlck
Sam Huntley 4
Henry McDonald S!
Ray Klngsley Hi
John Wlcht 7
A. K. Chamers 76
Ion McCown 72
Charles Casper 72'
Frank Beard m
T. E. Stuart K!
Fort Dodge Winner
In Northwest Iowa
FORT DOGE, la., March 14. (Special
Telegram.) Fort Dodge defeated Jeffer
son In the finals of the northwest dis
trict tourney of the Iowa High school
basket ball tournament here tonight, by
20 to 12. Four winners and Tour rurmera
up In four state districts will decide the
state title at the University of Iowa next
Brookf eds Fight
College Players
JACKSON, Miss., March 14.-An exhibi
tion game between the Erooklyn Federals
and Millsapps college was broken up yes
terday by a fight In which members of both
teams took part after five Innings had
been played. The row started when a
Millsapps player charged that Lee Magec,
the Brooklyn manager, struck him. Po
lice escorted the Federal players from the
LINCOLN." Neb.. March 14.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Nebraska won all but one of
the matches fwlth Doane yesterday In a
wrestling tournament. Following are the
llS-pound Nebraska, Bowrcsn: Doane,
Mlckle. Time, lb rilnutes.
125-pound Nebraska. Pascalt; Doane,
Taylor. Time, minutes.
US-pound XehrsKka. Vose; Doane,
Smith. Time. minutes.
lb8-pound Nebraska, Balls; Doane,
M'inkers. No time.
175-poundForfelted by Otopallk to
Bliixt. Diane.
Heavyweight Wilson, Doane; Krebbs.
Time, 8 minute.
Ravenna Teas tt'las.
RAVE.VNA, Neb.. March 14.-Speclal.)
The basket ball sesson wound up here
last evening with a fast game between
the Carlo Owls and the Ravenna town
team, Ravenna winning, 21 to 16
AT Tail
Kmc Theater
Why Bonds Are Safe Investments
Th. tarrim TV 1 1 . ti rA (1.,... t..i. .
I v ny j'uu w inwiirrtenis. in-
i tneded r the use ul iruns planning
1 to Inveat In bonds for the first time. It s
aim im Mititm m viuiMie ifrmi me pur
pokrs and uass of arious classes of bonds
! us sa( investments for individuals as
well as Institutions. Copies may be had
Ires on leiiueat.
Famous Phantom Middleweight to
Exhibit at Krug Theater with
Brother Tommy.
Mike Gibbons, acknowledged by all
critics and near critics as the peer of the
middleweight division, per recent victo
ries over Eddie McOoorty and Jimmy
Clabby, will show Omaha Just how fast
and clever lie is at .the Krug theater to
night. Mike will appear with his brother
Tommy, who Is also some tangolnt
Mr, Gibbons Is the well known phantom.
The appellation lias been bequeathed on
him because of his mastery at slipping
In quick but effective Jabs and then duck
ing out of reach. lie Is faster on his
feet than most lightweights and carries
good kick In either mitt, which. If the
opponent Is caught unawares, will send
most anybody into dreamland.
Present day fight critics believe Mike
Is as good If not better than Stanley
Ketchel, who was said to have been the
greatest of all mlddlewelgbts. Gibbons
is a ten-round fighter, but there are those
who believe he can travel the long route
just as well.
In addition to Gibbons and his brother
several wrestling matches have been
carded to fill out the evening. Manager
Franke says the grappling bouts will be
neat ones and well worth seeing.
Seats are selling well and) Franke pre
dicts a bigger house than saw Jess Wll
lard here.
Rutherford Picks
All-State Teams
After the Tourney
LINCOLN,. Neb.. March 14. (Special
Telegram.) Four Omaha boys are named
on the all-state high schools' basket ball
team, picked by Dick Rutherford and Tim
Corey of the State university at the
close of the tournament, won by Lin
coln here tonight. The 'teams are:
First Team.
Morris (C). Lincoln R.F.
Flothow, Omaha L.F.
Alhrecht, Lincoln C.
Kline. Hastings R.G.
Kngalrom, Omaha -....LvG.
Second Team.
I, ules. Omaha R.F.
Whitehouse, Hastings L.F.
Manshe, Pierce , C.
Smith, Lincoln R.O.
Larmon, Omaha L.G.
Townsends Easy for
" New York Nationals
To break the monotony of the Journey
from the big village to the exposition,
the New York Nationals took the Town-
sends to a trimming Saturday, 82 to S4.
The Townsends never had a chance. The
lads from New York flipped baskets with
their eyes shut and seldom missed. Their
team-work wan an exhibition of a roaster
science and the local guards were help
less to break it up. Ono gentleman named
8chmeek flipped eleven baskets, which la
considerable flipping. The Townsends
might have made a better showing, but
played In spurts, sometimes fast, and
sometimes rather slow. The New Yorkers
Jump from Omaha to Salt Lake City to
night. The lineup:
Schmeek R.F.
Smyth U F.I
Ruokert C
Riplev R.O.
Korun L.G.
R F Drummond
L.F Hughes
' Burkenroad
R-G Ritchie
L.G Brunner
Substitutes: Plats for Drummond. Field
goal": Schmeek (11), Smyth (It), Ruckert
4. Ripley (3), Brunner, Hughes (3), Plats
(4). Burkenroad (5), Ritchie (2). Koran (2).
Foul goals: Burkenroad (2), Schmeek 6.
Referee: Bryan.
York Wlas from Hastings.
YORK, Neb., March 14. fKpertal.)
i oik couege cioaea in Dawaet ball sea
son here, by defeating the Hastings'
team, 31 to 12. The game waa taat and
well played. The playing of the York
. A . ,k. -I....4 -. .1 1
i.'ii mm v.-6ci vii uirir iren
national goal throwing, which bewildered
Prince R.F.I R. F Kettering
Potto rf
uimi i l.jv. i forier
Substitutes: Brown for rwk. Rlthw
lur fit-Hernia uuii; nurae (D, lira
ham (4), liltehey 2), Porter, Oook (2),
Gait (2). Foul throws: Burke t7),
l'rlnee til.
Phelps (ontr Lease Proposed.
IOOMlS, Neb., March 14.-C Special.)
j nere is a movement ,n root to form
a PKelp. County Base Hall league. A
meeting was called for Marchi nt MnM.
reire, but the storm then in progress
maae neceasary lis pontponemnnt until
the roads become naMsaitia. HnMir
Ibrrtrand, Loomia anl Atlanta are the
probable members. Loomts wll vote on
cunaey as Dan mis year.
, , ..
ramt Wlas.
NEW YORK. March 4.-Eddie Campl.
e .,f-''UJor,n' bantamweight, defeated
Battling Lahn of Brooklyn in a ten-round
bout here last night. Campl gave a fast
and clever exhibition.
Sfcoald Not Feel n:a....j
So many people troubled with indiges
tion and constipation hava been ttanofK
by taking Chamberlain's Tablets that no
one should feel discouraged who has not
liven them a trlsL Thev contain n-n.
sln or other digestive ferments, but
strengthen the stomach and enabU it
perform Us functions naturally Obtain
able everywhere. Advertisement.
A going business can oe sold quickly
through The Bee s "Business Chances "
Basket Ball Tournament Goei to
Coach Mulligan's Five After
Swiftly Played Contest.
LINCOLN. Neb., March 14 (Special
Telegram.) Champion Class A: Lincoln.
Champion Class B: Hebron.
Consolation winner: Nebraska City.
Lincoln High school for the second time
won the state championship In basket ball
here last night In the Class A division In
the big state tournament In which sixty
nine high schools competed. Omaha High
fought .'t out with its ancient rival for
premier' honors in the Class A division,
but Coach Mulligan's five again proved
their superiority In a close and thrilling
game, 17 to 10.
Hebron defeated Mlnden in the Class B
division, comprising the smaller towns of
the state, by a score of IS to 7. To Ne
braska City the consolation honors fall,
the Oakdale team falling victim to the
river town five.
Lincoln will get the big silver loving cup
for championship honors In the Class A
division. The beautiful sliver loving eup
will go to Hebron, winners In the Class B
division. Nebraska City get the cup for
consolation honors.
' Game Starts slowly.
The first half of the Omaha-Lincoln
game waa. a poor exhibition of baaket
ball, being marred by rough playing. In
which both teams were the 6Tfendere.
The officials called fouls repeatedly and
Morris, for Lincoln, made five of Lin
coln' seven points during the first period
on free throws. ' Flothow made a beauti
ful field goal from the center of the field
at the opening of the first half, and
Omaha again started the scoring In the
second period.
The second half was a beautiful exhibi
tion of basket ball, the Lincoln team
work leaving no doubt as to the result.
The Hebron-Mlnden game was hard
fought in the first half. Hebron got to
going In the second half and secured
field goals from every angle of the field.
The Nebraska Clty-Oakdale game was
rough, with a score of S to 2 at the end
of the first half for Nebraska City. The
Nebraska City five gradually forged
ahead In the second period and cinched
the game.
A capacity house filled the big audi
torium for tho final games of the big
Summaries of Finals.
Following are the summaries of the
Mnrol t. Oaiaha.
Morris (C.) R.F.
OMAHA (10).
Rf Lutes
L.F Flothow
C.......... Paynter
R.G..... Larmon (C.)
L.G Knnlrnm
Schmidt L.F.
Albrecht c
M. Smith R.G.
Hager L.G,
naia: Atoms (2)
Flnlhniu 4 . , ....
ford Flothow (4). Referee: Ruther-
Ifebron vs. Mlndea.
V. Bailey R.F.
V-F Anderson
''T Etselmlller
I'O Klngsley
Lawless L.F.
nil He
R. Bailey
uosjs: v.
DmilflT fill i.a i9l
man. Anderson. Free throws: Lawless
(2). Thompson ). Referee: Hlltner.
Nebraska City t. Oakdale.
NEB. CITT (tt.
Hnberg RF,
Srbulta L.F.
' OAKDALR lit).
H-F Brown
L-F L. Adams
I E. Adama
Kellogg C.
uen lion h ii Rn . i
Lrsh UO.UO... '.'.'.'.'.'."'Warwick
Goals: Kellogg ,3.. Denlston. Free
! ro?:. h""" K. Adams (5), Hayes
(1). . Referee: Rutherford.
Farrell Announces
Players' Releases
ADBURN. N. T., March 14.-gecretary
John If. Farrell of the National Associa
tion of Professional Base Ball Leagues
gave out the following announcement of
releases today:
Released by Purchase By Portland.
Ore., Clarence Smith to New Orleans.
Lo., and Roy Moran to Atlanta, Ga.; by
Atlanta. Ga,. Oeorge H. Klrcher to Port
land, Ore.; by Vancouver. B. C. W. R
Powell to Mobile, Ala.; by Minneapolis.
Minn., E. MeuJMl to Los Angeles. Cal.
bv Ioulsvllle. Ky Al Buamlller to Los
ct,'! br Moines. Ia.. Barney
. -VHMSV.,w, v... vy riarriora.
Conn.. Oelst to Wichita, Kan.; by Grand
jvjmv,, , . n a, watv to Keokuk,
Ia.; by Henderson. Ky.. Walxer t ahlll to
Calve to wVahlngtoi.' v '
neieaaed i ncondltlonally W. H. Page
end A. Clyde Alexander by Los Angeles.
5ibX Wluhtl. Kan.: William plercy
. j!,, . ' i" . "7 Josepn. mo.; Mag
i. ,i V i Z. . """am i one
by Grand Forks. Nab ; H. O. Grrhardt
by Denlaon, Colo.; Harry Welsh by
Clinton, la.
Prettiest Mile Club
To Build Club House
The Prettiest Mils Golf club and the
Prettiest Mile Ladles' Golf club are plan
ning to erect a club house near Miller
park. The two elubs bave a membership
of SCO and It Is planned to erect a build
ing which will contain rooms for billiards,
bowling and indoor golf in addition to th
lounging rooms and ball room. The com
mittee In charge comprises the officers at
the two clubs, including A. D. North up,
Walter A. Meyer, Olenn "W. Smith, Mrs.
W. H. Flynn, Mrs. A. D. Northup and
Mrs. S. A. High.
15, 1915.
University of Michigan Is Thir
teenth Entry in Highest Class
of Big Athletic Meet
DE3 MOINES, March 14.-(Speclal.)
With the Drake relay carnival a few days
more than a month away the entries for
tho different events are slmost all In the
hands of John L. Griffith, head of ath
letlcs at the local Klioot. The Hat of
schools In the university event cloned
when the offlclil entry of the I'nlverslty
of Michigan wna received. It Is the first
time the big. Wolverine school has been
an attendant at the western claasto and
their entry means that they will attempt
to hold the place In western events that
they have held for several years In the
eastern relay contests. Their entry also
means that every school In the entire
middle west which has even a presentable
relay team will be on the Drake stadium
April 17 to do battle for the western
The teams which have made definite
entry In the university class are:
Iowa State College of Agriculture,
Ames, Ia.
1'nlveralty of Chicago, Chicago, 111.
Diake university, Des Moines.
Iowa State university, Iowa City, la.
Illinois State university, Chsmpaigno,
Kansa State university, Lawrence, Kan.
I'niversily of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
Missouri State unlveraltv, Columbia, Mo.
Northwestern university, Bvanston, 111.
1'niversity of Nebrssks, Lincoln.
University of South Dakota, Vermil
lion. 6. D.
Wisconsin State university, Madison,
It also Is possible that Notre Dame will
be present with some of the athletes of
that school, men who have a national rep
utation as sprinters and runners, but who
have not been prominent In the relay
racing game, the combination of indi
vidual speeo and. team spirit.
Cnllea-e Entries.
The college class does not draw Its
entries from as large an area as the uni
versity, five state being represented here
as against eight In the university clasn
and the preponderance of schools and
winners being more largely from Iowa.
Three new teams to the carnival will be
seen this year In Penn college and Iowa
Wesleyan from Iowa and Carleton from
Mlnesota. Another, but not a new team,
will be represented In the event. Orlnnell
deciding to cast Us lot with the Iowa con
ference svhools as against the university
class, the change aJlowlng It to use some
of Its star freshmen. Coe and Hamline
have been the tilg winners as Individual
schools In the last two years, but It Is
probable that Grlnnell will be In the run
ning In the half-mile and quarter-mlln
events. Yankton, Brookings snd Knox
are certain to be strong In the two-mile,
ks will Mornlngslde, while the Carleton
team Is aupposed to have a very good
class of sprinters.
The college entries are:
Carleton college, Northfleld, Minn,
Cornell college, Mount Vernon, la.
Brookings college. Brookings, 8. D.
Les Moinee college, Des Moines.
Grlnnell college, (irinnell. Is.
Hamline college, Hamline, Minn.
HlKhlsnd Park college, Dee Moines.
Iowa Wealeyan. Mount Pleasant, Ia.
Knox college, Galeeburg, III.
Mornlngslde colege. Sluux City, la.
Penn college. Oakaloosa. I a.
Dubuque colege (St. Joseph's), Dubuque,
Simpson college, Indlannla, la.
Yankton college, Yankton, 8. D.
Thirty Tllah Schools F.ntrr.
Thirty high schools nlresdy have en
tered, these schools representing all cor
ners of the state. It Is expected a few
more will bo allowed to compete If they
can show records worthy of entrance. To
make arrangements for so many high
rchool teams It has been found necessary
to add a fifth event to the high school
list. The new event will be a novelty In
Iowa relay circles.
Three or four committee of Drake men
already are at work making the prelim
inary arrangements for the big event, and,
while the other relay carnivals have been
managed as if run by clockwork, it Is
hoped to make the machinery for running
this event, moat certainly the largest ath
letlc event of the year, still more perfect
than that of the past. It has been de
cided that the meet will start at 2:S0 and
the time schedule, which alwsys hag been
adhered to, calls tor the starting of the
last event at 4:30.
Bee Electrotypers
Defy the Printers
Tlie ' Bee electrotyplng department
bowlers, quite chesty over recent victories
over the engravers, the pressman and
stereotypers. have now challenged the
printers. The printers are organising a
squad which they calculate will reduce
some of the swelling from the electro
typers and enoe more make Ufa peaceful
around The Bee office.
., ,
The First Christians deieated the Flrat
Methodists, 31 to 13, and the Kountse
'Memorials trimmed the Hanscom Park
MethodlHts. SI to I, In two church league
basket ball games st the Young Men's
Christian association 'sat night.
Drawn for The Bee by Swinnerton
Chief Justice 'Notes that Supreme
Court is Keeping Up with
Work This Year.
Although the supreme court of
Nebraska In two years behind Its
docket, end the problem has long;
been how to expedite the work of
that court and catch up once for all,
Chief Justice A. M. MoniBsey at a
banquet at the Pontenelle Saturday
night, which marked the quarterly
meeting of the Douglas County Bar
association, declared that the court
had kept up with the grind since
January 1. He said he had had made
an estimate of the cases handled and
filed since January 1, and had found
that while seventy-eight were filed
In that time, eighty-three had been
disposed of. Thus the court has
gained five cases In two and one-
half months.
Judge MorrUscy, however, did not
promise that this pace would be kept
up. He did not announce it aa the
solution to the problem, but gave It
as an Interesting incident. The cases
disposed of normally In the supreme
court lu a year, he said, were about
350 to 360, while the normal or aver
age number filed annually amounts
to 600, thus throwing the court every
year about 150 cases further behind
In Us work.
The Judge said he had no boasts to
make of plann to reorganise the supreme
oourt, or to reform It or Its methods, but
promised that he would simply do the
best he could whUe In the office of chief
Two hundred attended the banquet.
Charles McDonald, president of the asso
ciation, was toastmaster. Judge W. A.
Redlck discuaxed the Initiative and refer
endum, especially In its connection with
the recall of Judges,snd declared the re
call of Judges feature to be dangerous t)
a representative form of government. Ho
urged the lawyers to use their Influence,
sgalnst the psssage of legislation tending
toward a system of recall of Judges.
Judge E. B. Elliott or Rapid City, B. D.,
now sitting In the Omaha division of fed
eral court, bad been Invited to the ban
quet by the toastmaster, Charles Mc
Donald. He had told the toastmaster also
that be wished to be excused from speak
ing. Rut someone Insisted and he had to
get on his feet It was Chief Justice
Mnrrlssey who mentioned Judge Elliott
and asked to hear from him. Judge Elliott
said it was Impossible to disobey the man
date of a supreme Judge, ma he spoke
briefly, confining his remarks to a fetch
ing little story of "the old swimming
hole" days, that took all the legal lights
back a good many years.
Judge Lee En telle told some southwest
ern stories In big Inimitable style, and
concluded with remarks extolling the
honor and Integrity of the bar. He called
attention to a minister who had once bit
terly criticised the legal profession, and
answered that minister by saying the
Savior himself would not have had a
burial had It not been for the lawyers.
Judge Willis a. Sears, the last speaker,
told several good stories. He began with
the story of tho man charged with mur
der who was released from Jail In the
northern part of the state in the early
days to play the fiddle for a dunce when
It was found there was no other fiddler
In the neighborhood. He told of how this
man through the connivance of the sheriff
waa later allowed to break Jail, because
no one would try him for murder afUr
he had served the dance so well. He fol
lowed with teveral others snd left his
hearer In excellent spirits.
Many Dlsereere Com from lb
Constipation, headache, bilious spells.
Indicate a sluggish liver. The tried rem
edy Is Dr. King IJf rills. Only 26o.
All druggists. Advertisement.
May Be the Largest in Omaha
Within Five Years, Says
"Within five years we expect te make
the Castle hotel possibly the largest In
Omaha." said Fred Castle, manager of
the new hotel, whlrh will open next Sat
urday. The Castle as It stands Is 130 by 1
feet, the U(Vfoot dimension being Ita
frontage on Sixteenth street. It ha 160
rooms and la strictly fireproof.
Dr. Harold Clifford, its builder and
owner. Is also the owner of the property
extending from the resr line of the hotel
all the way thrc-ih ! Seventeenth street.
It I on this property that It la pro
posed to build an addition to the hotel, at
least twice the slxe of the present build
ing, containing from 300 to 400 rooms.
Annex Blsr Btrartare.
This annex would be higher than thai
present building. It would also have a
larger ground area.
Manager Caatle believes that the splen
did accommodations and conveniences
and luxuries of this hotel, combined with
the low prices, will draw an unprece
dented business to It and that It will be
filled from the beginning.
staff Abeiat Complete.
The hotel staff In all department is
now about complete. Everywhere Man
ager Castle has secured employe of long
experience and - tried qualltle. Fred
Demery will bo chief clerk. He waa with
Mr. Castls for five years at the Iter
Grand and 'Since the expiration of Mr.
Castle's leas there, ha been at the
C. P. Kane, an experienced man from
Bioux City, will be night Vlerk.
Mrs, Etta Farrell, who ha been house
keeper at the Rome, will be bead house
keeper at the Castle.
The cafe will be In charge of Alfred
Johnson, who was at Balduff for years,
and also at the Carter Lake club and the
Field club.
Ak-Sar-Ben Dates
For 1915 Selected
By the Governors
The Ak-Sar-Ben carnival of 1915 Is to
be held September 29 to October S, In
clusive. The dates hav been definitely
fixed by the board of governors. The
electrical parade Is to be the evening of
October S. One of the daylight parades
Is to be held October 1. The other are
not yet definitely decided upon. The title
of the electrical parade Is not yet decided
Charles Rlack and Secretary J, D.
Weaver hav Just returned from Chicago
where they attended a conference of stata
fair and carnival manager.
While the conference was on In Chicago
Art Smith, the aviator, cam from New
Orleans to Chicago to make flight. la
one of theae flight he looped the loop
twenty-one times In succession. Smith
ha a new night flight, during which h
loop the loop several times with his
plane illuminated with shooting rockets.
Tigers Lose Contest
To New Orleans Teajn
NEW ORLEANS. March ll.-The Newt
Orleans Southern association club . de
feated the Detroit Americans today, 13
to 11, In a ten-inning game. Score:
Detroit 11 1.1 3
i New Orleans 13 la 3
! Ratterlus; Covaleskie. Ksrr. Smithson
1 and Peters: Rsgby. Hovllk. Forst. Kiss
inger and Do riorry.
, 8HRKVEMOHT, La.. March 14. Tha
I Cincinnati Nationals shut out the Bhreve-
iiort club of the Texas league here today,
to 0. Scorn: R.H.E.
Cincinnati (S3
bhrevepnrt I S
Schneider. Benton, Dale and Dooln,
Gonsales; llornsley. Brown snd Tolland.
lalre Staff rail.
Well, after all. President Tener bis
decided lo tin Chsrlev KlKlor as sn um
pire, snd Secretary Meydler announced!
that hiM contract completes the National
league staff.
Waallaa Slgas.
Catcher Bert Whaling of th Boston
Braves, turned In his signed contract
Isit week. The Boston club now ha all
of it payers under contract. ,
4 ,.-.-w-w
3t f!i