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ippeari in Palace of Transportation
at Exposition with Other
Common Carriers.
"A Haynea Light Blx Mode) JO chassis
will b exhibited at the Panama-Pacific
exposition. San Frmnclaco, In the palace
ef transportation," states C. J. Cork hill
of the Nebraska Haynea Auto Pdlei com
pany, distributor of AmrrWs first car.
"The rhsaals will be identical with the
one exhibited at the New Tork and Chi
cago automobile ahowe. A akeleton cowl
la fitted to the chassis to carry the con
trol Instruments In auch a manner that
their connection! with the various unite
may be aeen at a glance. While the
chatsla la complete In all detalla, ready
lor runnlnic the Important faturea are
emphaHlied by nickel plating, In order to
rive the exhibition an educational value
The latest development of the automo
bile Industry are embodied In the design
of the Hnynes I.lnht Sis chassis. Ita
simplicity and compactness will offer a
great contrast to exhibits of former year
"The palace of transportation contains
exhibits of all means of conveyances for
travel under the water, on the water, on
land and In the air, but the automobile
section l expected to be the most exten
sive division. The automobile booth,
which occupy the entire eastern half of
the building, will be uniform In design
and there will be no railing or parti
tions between exhibits. The decoration of
the automobile section comprises some
very appropriate panoramas, that, though
serving as mural decorations, are In real
ity topographical maps.
'The Lincoln highway Is shown In this
manner on a scale of about ten mites to
the foot, so aa to form one gigantic pano
rama over 350 feet In length. All colon
of the varioua aectlona of the country
through which the highway pasaea are
accurately represented. Other sections of
the United States are, exactly reproduced
In the form of these maps that give the
Impression of looking over vast areas.
'Linoleum la used as floor covering
'throughout the automobile section. The
main north and south alnte passes through
Italian pergolas, and each exhibit will be
Indicated by large vaaea at the four cor
nera. The Haynea trade name will ap
pear on the bowl of each vase marking
the Haynea exhibit"
Auto Catalogues
Are Interesting
To American Boy
"Every red-blooded American youth
loves motor cars and studies them," says
Mr. Clark of the Noyea Auto company
Many can give their elders valuable
points on both construction and operation.
"Most of them know every car In the
neighborhood, who made It and how well
It runs. They read every automobile ad
vertisement Theyaend for catalogues
and never skip a page or specification
They are veritable mines of pertinent In
formation that 'dad' never had the leis
ure or the opportunity to get. la It any
wonder they are consulted when a new
car Is the topic T
"In the sale of an automobile there la,
of course, no shadow of question regard
ing the powerful bearing exercised by the
buyer's wife, sister or 'Intended.' If the
car does not appeal to her sense of beauty,
comfort, convenience and refinement, the
strong mechanical arguments that have
won the 'mere male' will prove of little
"And the boy la an Influence which to
my mind la a very close second to that
of the woman. He makes or breaks thou
sands of sales every year.
"The automobile manufacturer for
tunate enough to get the ear and the
favor of a few thousand boys has ac
quired an auxiliary sales force that he
may well cultivate to say nothing of a
goodly percentage who themselves will
be buyers In the future.
"Bo the boys 'can have our expensive
catalogues and should have our time If
there la anything they want to know
about that'a what we try to Impress on
very Klasvl-Kar dealer and salesman."
t ( " I
v ... J
Will N. Hellen, well known automobile
salesman, haa Joined the aales force of
the Murphy-O'Brien Automobile company,
distributers for the Paige and Dodaje
Broa. cara.
Mr. Hellen for a number of years haa
been Identified with the largest auto
mobile aales proposition handled out of
Omaha, and for the last year haa trav
eled throughout the middle west and
outh for the Dart truck factory. Mr.
Ilellcn's broad experience In the sale of
car, hi record having reached the high
point of 900 car In a single season, la a
tribute to the value offered In the Paige
and Dodge Bros, lines, when It Is remem
bered that he leavea now a high grade
position on the road In order to take up
the sale of these two cars.
sixty-five miles, and carries four passen
gers. Ills Model T, purchased In 1901), la
still In service, with tho same wheel,
engine and transmission, and haa a grand
milcnge of 160,000 miles.
In addition to this. Mr. Dunbar has re
peatedly made the round trip of 130
miles, sworn to In his affidavit, on three
and one-half gallons of gasoline, or a
mileage of thirty-seven and one-half
mile pel1 gallon. It Isn't remarkable,
I'erhaps, that Mr. Dunbar should Insist
apon having these extraordinary figures
preserved In affidavit form.
Carloads of Reos ,
Shipped to Detroit
, Every Day in Year
"That old wheeze about carrying coals
to Newcastle was all right In Its time,"
eaya R. C. flueschaw. "but when you
ship automobiles to Detroit. I think It's
going some.
"The tremendous Inrush of order that
began the mldde of February, and had
developed Into a veritable tornado by
March 1, I certainly most gratifying to
us; but the one telegram which causes
greater glee at the Reo factory than any
other of the thousands with which the
dialers have burned up the wires, waa
that one from our Detroit dealer, auylng.
'Hiilp alx carloaila of Reoa per day every I
day until otherwise Instructed.'
"We have always been proud of the
fact that Reo sella more cara In the
state of Michigan than any other eon- i
cern, with a single exception, and our
tig business In Detroit haa always been
a source of great satisfaction to us.
"To ship eighteen Reos every day from i
1aninng into the, automobile center ef the I
world, surely la an Indication of quality j
In the product for Detroltrrs know an '
automobile as Kentuckians know a horse,
and they certainly make a lot of mighty
flue caj-e there themselves."
Jitney Bus to Be
Popular Carrier,
Declares Willys
"The tremendous political Influence ex
erted by the electric street railway In
terests may succeed for a short period
In retarding the sudden and great de
velopment of the 'Jitney bus,' but It will
never be able to suppress that new and
popular means of transportation," de
clared John N. Willys, president of the
Wlllys-Overland company. In the course
of an Interview on the "Jitney" situation
at his winter home In Pasadena. ri
8lnce arriving In California, Mr. Willys
nas made a study of the "Jitney bus"
In the cities where Its remarkable rise
to popularity started.
"The publlo In this eountrv Is lust
awakening to the poaaiblUtiea and ad
vantages of motor transoortatinn." mn.
tinued Mr. Willys, as he scanned a re
port from the Overland factory at Toledo
advising him of a record-breaking pro-
"In London, the electrln tinea iin
over there as trama, are owned and
operated by the London Mimi
This body Is extremely Jealous of Its
na nas orancned out Into numer
ous paternalistic schemes. As soon as
tne motor bus became a faotor la trans
portation, nine or ten veara v h.
council began exerting every effort within
ita great power to suppress motor buses
In the Interest of the huge Investments
in wnicn body had Involved the tax
payer In the construction of eleotrlo
street railway.
"The public, however, rallied to the de
fense of the newer and more popular
means of transportation, and today, not
withstanding the fact that the council'
pet street railways are facing certain
bankruptcy as a result of motor com
petition, the peope stand by the motor
buses and refuse to see them unjustly
deslt with." y-
Electric Safety
First Lighter in
Detroiter Cars
"While we expected that an electric
cigar lighter would be appreciated by
men motorist, we have been aurprlaed
to discover that this feature of De
troiter equipment has actually Influenced!
quite a number of sales In our favor,"
ays Claude B. Brlggs, president of the
Brlggs-Dctroiter company, Detroit.
"Moat motorist have a wholesome re
spect for the explosive properties of gaso
line, and often go to extremes In avoiding
risks. Men who like to enjoy a cigar
as they drive their cars are confronted
with the difficulty of keeping a cigar lit
whllo keeping their minds strictly on
the business of controlling the car. Any
one who haa tried to light a match with
a car traveling twenty-five miles an
hour, need not be reminded of the diffi
culties of the undertaking.
"The first 1315 Detroiter were equipped
with electric cigar lighters as an experi
ment, and they made a great hit. The
apparatus conslsU of a length of flexible
steel tubing enclosing the two wires that
terminate In a resistance coll, which be
comes red-hot when a small button In
the handle of the lighter is pressed. At
tached to the back of the front seat, the
lighter Is within convenient reach of all
the occupants of the car, enabling the
driver to 'light up' without resorting to
the danger of llRhtlng a match, or stop
ping the car entirely."
Haynes Car at the Exposition
, . i mi 1 1 i Z f A
k '". J
. - J -
i-irmr v - 9
-t trier s i mr - '"
Chandler People
Reduce Price After
Successful Season
Announcement of one of the most sen
sational price reductions In the history of
the automobile Industry, made public
today by the Chandler Motor Car com
pany of Cleveland, has given automobile
manufacturers and motorists generally,
the biggest topic for discussion in some
Retaining the same model of the Chand
ler Light Weight Six which last year es
tablished a record for volume of sales
at the price of $1,595, officials of the
company have placed a new price of $1,2
on the same car in five and seven pas
senger bodies for the coming season.
This reduction of $.".00 or close to 20 per
cent of the former selling price, stands
without a parallel in the high grade
According to President V. C. Chandler
the announcement of the new price on
the Chandler Six follows the most suc
cessful season's business In the company'
Efficient in War,
Economy in feace,
is Jeffery Slogan
"Efficient In war, economical In pece"
1 the slogan appearing on the new Il
lustrated story-catalogue of the Jeffery
Quad, which has Just been Issued for cir
culation In Kngland. Not all of the
hundreds of Quads that are shipped to
Europe are going into the war many of
them are being applied In commercial
The new Jeffery Quad catalague con
Ulna a wealth of live pictures .showing
the four-wheel drive, . brake and steer
truck In mining service in Death Valley.
In the sands of Texas, the mud of
Illinois and In commercial service In
cities and towns all over the country.
A few extra copies are available for
American distribution.
Preaaa Actios Will Stop Year
. Ceaa-h.
Dr. King's New Discovery will stop
your cough. The first dose helps. Good
for children. All druggist. 60c Advertisement.
Reliability Car is
Proven Stock Model
Since t,he conclusion of the famous 7,500
mile Sealed Bonnet tour of a Mitchell
1915 Light Four model car, there have
been mutterlnga among the trade that the
car used was not strictly a stock car.
The fact of the matter Is this reliability
car Is Identically the aame In every de
tail as the Light Four Mitchell 1915 models
now being distributed aU over the coun
try. This reliability car finished Its 7.500
mlle thirty-day run October , In Pitts
burgh, and on November 4, F. H. Ed
wards, technical expert of the i contest
board of the American Automobile ao
elation, broke the seals and made his
technical examlnaUon of this car. Within
twenty-four hours his report was made
and Chairman Kennerbel of the contest
board approved Mr. Edwards' report, and
the reliability car waa passed as a stock
es to H'eaKh
Ford Makes Record
Mileage in Texas
So determined Is W. I. Dunbar of Port
Stockton. Tex., to hold the Ford mileage
record, tli&t be haa sent bla report to
the rird Motor company in the form of a
sworn affidavit. It ta certainly an estoa record, too. Mr. Dunbar mahes
leaular trips in hla Ford between Fort
titoiktoo and Peoos City, a distance of
V Jil I '
I HI 1 w ciaate. 1
j.' 'Wj r-"i r'" f-V I
""T"". - -j . 1 . '
There can be no real
health so long as the
Stomach, Liver and
Bowels are in a weakened
condition and are unable
to perform their daily
are "foes to health" that
soon develop. , You can
help Nature conquer them
by the timely aid of
Give Your Horse a Chance
A card with the following suggestions for
drivers and horse owners js being widely distri
buted by the Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals:
"Watering horses when overheated brings
on founder.
"Avoid sore eyes in your horses by having
stlie blinds away from the eyes.
"Have all parts of your harness fit the
horse but see that it is not too tight.
"A hot, close and foul stable brings on
thrush in the feet, coughs and inflammation of
the lungs.
"Do not try to doctor your horse yourself,
, s it ia cheaper to pay a veterinarian's bill than
to buy a new horse.
"When a horse has fallen on slippery pave
ment put a sack or blanket' under the feet be
fore trying to get him up.
"Let your horse get his head down while '
pulling a load, as he can pull better with hia
w eight than with his muscle.
"When your horse goes lame on the road . .
examine the hoof for a nail in the hoof or a
stone lodged between the shoe and the frog.
"When your liorse is sick allow him to lie
quiet until the veterinarian arrives, aa it will
only injure him to keep him' on his' feet and -move
him around, i
(t Wben your horse is getting plenty of feed
and is losing flesh examine his teeth, as he may
have an ulcerated tooth or may need other at
tention of a veterinarian.
"Never have tho hames hang loose on the
collar, as they will be sure to cause sore should
ers and necks. Leave a space of about an inch
between the lower part of the collar and the
throat when not pulling.
"If you have n sick or crippled animal
which you wish to have destroyed in a humane
manner free of charge, call The Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.'
LIGHT POUR, $1750.
t 51 , . f BIQ SIX, $5010.
It's great satisfaction for a
' jf, A
mm fa
owner who meets a difficulty in
the road to know that his car
will "make it."
It it the only strictly high-grade,
hand-made car at the price
Mclntyre Auto Company
Distributors for Nebraska, Western Iowa,- South Dakota
2427 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
There Is still some first class territory open for live-wire dealers.
Never before such
motor car value
-- sV earir SF W ssasa, -J
TVT j. 1 : . . .
io wuiur car is uencr man its specifications
la the AQcn "J4" Toa bare an aristo- tioa and Steering Gear, Left Hand Drire,
erttje S-paasenger ear, S i S inch long Center Control, 12-inch Brakes, Electric
troke Allen motor, 110-inch wheeibaie. Light, Starter and Horn, S2 Tires,
Westoo-Mott Asle. Warner Transmit- Demountable Rima, Faultiest Upholstery. '
Fire ether models. $875 to $1395
It's here now, ready for a demonstration strength,
speed, classy, unusual power, comfortable a
handsome car at a price tnat meets your approval.
See the Allen 34" call or phone today
Built by THE ALLEN MOTOR CO, Fostoru.o
2012 Farnam Street,
" . Omaha, Neb.
Sealers: Write or wire for ajrenoy proposition.
Auto Tops, Seat Covers,
Dust Hoods, Curtain Lights and
All Top Repairing
Pkone Douglas 1815 !
20th and Hart tj Sts.
''Life; "
" a m i 1
a w k- ! i ,
) "
' Syr "
CisselKar Trucks
Effect Big Saving
1TI1E County of Missoula,
Montana, is saving sixty-
lght cents a yard In road build
ing since it substituted two Kissel
Kar 6 tou dump trucks for horse
drawn wagoai.
1500 II. 1, 1H,
24, 3 and 6 ton
Municipalities, contractors, builders,
brick makers, coal dealers and
others throughout the country are
employing Kissel Kar Trucks with
results just as remarkable.
It should be tntarestiBur to Toa to kaew
won tfcas treat trucks are Asuur tow
ethers la your llas of bnsiness. Coiue
1m aad let us sfeow you.
N0YES AUTO CO., 20C6-68 Farnam St, Omaka, N1k