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Mistaken Diajnosis-Doctors
Goass Wrong Again
About five yearn ago I wrote to you
thut I had born a trrtbl sufferer from
kl'tn-y and bladder troubles, and that my
1'hyslclnn informrd mo that my left kid
ney was In such condition that there was
no hop for my recovery. I was advised
to try your S amp-Root as a last resort,
end after taking four fifty-cent alia bot
tles, I p.ixRcd a gravel atone whlnh
weighed ten cralns. 1 afterwards for
warded you this gravel stone. Have had
no return of any trouble since thai time
ami cannot say too. much In favor ot
your wonderful preparation, Swamp-Root,
which cure, after physicians fall,
yery truly yours,
Route 3, Box 30. Roscboro, N. C.
Personally appeared before roe, this
81st day of July. 1909. F. II. Home, who
subscribed the above statement and made
oath that the same is true In substance
nd In fact. JAMES M. HALU
Notary Public
X,etter to
Dr. XlUner a Co.,
Blnjrbajnton, IT. T.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do lor Toa
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co,
Ulnnhamton. N. Y., for a sample slae
bottle. It will convince anyone. You will
also receive a booklet of valuable in
formation, telling about the kldneya and
bladder. When writing, be sure and men
tion the Omaha Sun-Jay Bee. Regular
fifty-cent and one-dollar size bottles for
salnVt all drug stores.
Dresher the Tailor Claims No
Man Need Go Over $35 to
Secure Nobbiest of Made-to-Measure
Dreshers to Make Colossal
Effort This Season On
Clothes at This Price.
Dresher, the Tailor, at 1515 Far street, one door west ot the
Hotel Hensuaw, has sold over $1,
000,000 worth of tailored clothes
to Omaha men since 1900, and It
would seem as though be would btt
entitled to give the opinion of a
clothes expert.
And Dresher claims that $35 is
the rightful price for a suit of men's
rnade-to-:ii?asure clothes. He has
tailored thousands of suits at a
higher price than $35, and many at
a lower price; but the law of aver
ages holds good, and he finds that
$35 is an average price for a suit as
good as any man need wear.
So $35 is the price adopted by
Dreiihcr for a stirring campaign on
made-to-order clothes. Dresher is
going to push the $3 5 idea, and is
golni; to push the idea of having
Dresher make the suit. Pay $35
and choose from any line of fabrics
that would seem to command more
mono)1 an amazing line of fabrics,
all specially bought for 1915.
In fact, Dresher has set aside one
complete wall case laden with noth
ing but fabrics to be made into $35
suits. " See these fabrics and you
will feel a whiff of Spring. Digni
fied patterns are here, interspersed,
however, with plenty of "livelier"
things for the young chaps. Then,
too, there are patterns suitable for
tall men, for short men, for slim
men and stout men; patterns for any
and every man who would look his
best all this to be had at the
Dresher the Tailor establishment.
Easter isn't a far away matter
anymore. It comes on April 4 this
year, and that gives you Just time
enough for a very ifine Job of "Dresh
er" tailoring.
J. W. Nelson designs and cuts all
of the Dresher suits, and this fact
alone makes It worth while for you
to see Dresher about your Spring
suit, for there isn't a better posted
or more able wielder of the tape
line and shears in all America than
Better come in. See that $35 line.
See the suits that satisfy so well
that Omaha men have bought
$1,000,000 worth since 1900.
Remember Dreshers make a
suit that can hardly1 be worn out.
Thousands of Omahans will tell you
Foul Breath
Supreme Court Holds Sinoe They
Were in Sight of Bailiff Ver
Verdict Will Stand.
Winner of the Bicycle
(Frotn a Staff Correspondent.)
UNCOLN. March 11. (SpeclaD-Ths
supreme court sees nothing prejudicial
in tha fact that two Harlan county
Jurors, after a caaa had been entrusted
to them, stopped In at a saloon on their
way horns to dinner and took an appe
tiser, or even two ot them.
The question arises In the case of James
S. Reed against the Burlington. The
high court does say that it was mlscon
eurt. but aa long as the Jurors were
under the eye of the bailiff and talked
with no one concerning the case. It wn
not such misconduct as could be consid
ered prejudicial; that is, as grounds for
overturning the verdict.
The opinion is written by Judge Sedg
wick, He calls attention to the fact that
the men did not become Intoxicated. The
plalnlff in the case recovered a verdict
of $1,000 against the railroad company for
damages to his property cuuHed by flood
waters loosened through a railroad cul
vert, which. It was alleged, was negli
gently constructed. The Judgment of the
lower court Is affirmed. .
name) I.tcenne to State Fond.
Money paid out for hunting and fish
ing licenses does not belang to the school
fund of the county in which it Is col
lected, but belongs to the school fund of
the state, according to the opinion handed
down by the supreme court this morning
In the test case brought In Furnas county.
John Stevens brought the suit in the
nature of a mandamus action, to compel
the officials of Furnas county, the state
treasurer and the state game and fish
commissioner, to turn the Furnas county
license money over to the school fund
of that county. The lowwr court found
against Stevens, and its Judgment Is af
firmed by the high court
Sooth Omaha Pavlnap Case.
The high court affirms the decision of
the Douglas county court that Edwin
Davis cannot maintain a mandamus ac
tion to force the city officials of South
Omaha to uso a certain kind of paving
material, the same being a matter of
discretion and not a ministerial function.
Finn Moat Be Paid.
Wendolin Oerwlck, charged with an as
sault upon a neighbor's boy, must pay
the J30 fine Imposed upon him following
his conviction by a Richardson county
Jury. The boy waa searching for a lost
pig. He claimed that Oerwlck hit him
over the head with a stick.
Shaft No Place for Head.
The 111,000 verdict recovered In the Lan
caster county district court by John
Wright against the Sclden-Breck eom
pany, the contractor that built the First
National bank building In IJncoln, wast
overturned today by the supreme court.
Wright, who waa employed In one of
the offices of the building aa It nearred
completion, stuck his head In the door of
the elevator to call for it, a call bell at
that time having not been Installed. The
cage descended suddenly, crashing
Wright's head between its door and the
lower pane of the empty door-window.
The court holds that It was not negli
gence per m upon the part of the con
struction company to dperate the elevator
without a call bell, the building at that
time not having been open to the public,
but only to the employes and llcsriscos
of the company.
Furthermore, the court says that
Wright's action in thrusting his head Into
the elevator shaft was one of utmost
hazard and that he cannot recover for
Injuries received aa the result of such
action. The bank was also' a party de
fendant, but was freed from liability by
the lower court.
Dam aire Case Reversed.
The Douglas county Jury that gave
Ethel Burge a verdict for 11,933 against
the C F. Adams company for damages
for injury to health caused by an Insistent
collector was clearly the result of passion
and prejudice, according to the supreme
court, which reverses the case.
From Ioiilsr Emily Saunders, Kearney,
Neb., comes a letter thanking The Bee
for the bicycle she won In the recent
And that letter shows the kind of girl
touts Is and probably explains why so
many people worked and helped her t"
get vote.
The letter doesn't say a word about
how smart and Industrious she Is. But
It Is Just full of thankfulness both to
The Bee and to all those who helped her.
Gratitude is a fine quality to frave.
Everybody likes to help people who are
grateful. We can Just Imagine louts
saying a pleasant "thank you" for every
elngle one of the 21.6W1 votes ta got Of
course, some of these votee came In. a
hundred or more at a time, so of course
Louise didn't have to smile and say
"thank you" tl.MO times. That would ha
a lot wouldn't ltT
And there's another thing in Iniise'a
letter that every boy and girl ought to
notice and from which every boy and girl
ought to learn a lesson.
Tou will notice that Louise was in one
other contest before ahe was In tha
bicycle contest. She tried to win the
doll, Alice, and failed.
But did that discourage Louise? Did she
say, "I never could win anything, so I'll
Just stop trying?"
No. Indeed. Not a bit of it.
She Just waited until the bicycle con
test came along and then she said to
herself: "I didn't try hard enough In the
doll contest. I can do lots better than
I did there. Now, I'm Just going to try
with all my might to win this bicycle."
And then Louise went out and worked.
And she got a lot of other people work
ing for her. And when the votes were
counted she had won.
That was a proud momct for Louise.
Here Is her letter to The Bee:
"KEARNEY, Neb.. March U 1915.
Dear Sirs: I thank you with all my
heart for the bicycle I received ' on
Wednesday at noon. I have, had good
luck In getting the biccycle. I want to
be a Busy Bee. I am going to Join the
Blue Side because I want It to grow.
I hope 1 will have good luck In getting
? . Jr.- v - .,.-
" f 1 1
sw:- -
v . v - : - v, s . ...... .y
Louise TSmily Sji
a prize as I got the bicycle, not as I
got Alice, the doll. I only got 3U0 pictures
but did not win her. I am sending my
picture for The Bee on Sunday. I hor
my letter will be on the children's paire.
I will have a story next time. New Busy
"Kearney, Neb.
"Winner of last week's bicycle.
"Thanking you with all my heart and
those who helped me."
You're quite welcome, Louise.
Another bicycle contest starts today.
Who will be the winner of that one?
ftatsMWMSTs iwl
Supreme Court Reverses Finding of
District Court in Case of Peter
Elsasser ts. McDonald.
O'Connor Will Filed
By J. T. Culavin is
Rejected by Jury
HASTINGS, Neb., March 11 (Special
Telegram.) After deliberating since noe-n
yesterday, the Jury at :16 a. m. today
returned a verdict disallowing the will of
John O'Connor, Hastings recluse and man
of mystery, leaving his 1100,000 estate to
John T. Culavin of Omaha.
O'Connor, who was supposed to have
had a criminal history, died August 17,
1913, without known heirs. Since then
upwards of thirty-six alleged heirs have
claimed the estate.
Culavin will appeal. Many years of
litigation is in prospect
Judge Dungan announced he would call
a grand Jury in May to consider phases
of the O'Connor case. Such, an Inquiry
was requested by Judge Vlnsonhaler for
Culavin when W. F. Davis charged Cula
vin with offering him a bribe to sign a
will. Counsel for contestants Joined In
the request, suggesting that the inquiry
cover ' any person connected wltli the
COLUMBUS, Neb., March IS. (Special.)
The First National bank of this city
received word from El Centre, Cal., that
Andrew Anderson was acddeptally killed
while inspecting a new hotel, when he
stepped Into a dark elevator and foil
down the shaft, breaking his back, which
caused his death two hours later. Mr.
Anderson is well known In Columbus and
vicinity, where he with Mr. Roen es
tablished the First National bank.
Postmaster-elect S. E. Marty received
his commission and will take possession
of the office April 1. There will be no
changes In the employes the civil sen-Ice
rules control.
Court Finds Dilley
Not Terror-Stricken
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, March IS. (Special.) Al
though Charles Dilley received a kick In
the stomach that possibly caused him
"pain and terror," he was not so beside
himself that he was unable to walk a
block to his room, get a revolver and
return teethe scene of the battle. The
supremycourt affirms Wiley's conviction
by- a ESwnee county court on the charge
of shflbting one M uteres, a barber, who
had licked him out of his shop. Dilley
pleaded that ho was not mentally re
sponsible through "pain and terror."
Discolored, Sore Teeth, Gurrt
Disease, Foul Breath correctly
treated here-
You can save the teeth nature
gave you, malie your mouth
healthy and escape the tortures
uf toothache by coming to us at
first sign ot decoy.
Is sinipli:, easy and pleasant. Be
sides It Is painless and cannot
possiblj harm you in any way
Honesty built our buainea
to oas ol the largest practices In
Nebraska. We tell you on first
consultation Just what you used
and exactly what cost of same
will be.
nmiii BXTBAcnow
Taft's Dental Rooms
TBCUMSEH. Neb.. March 12.-(Speclal.)
young man named Clarewe Adams,
who was In Tecumseh for but a week or
so. Is wanted here for forgery. He went
Into Phelps' hardware store, bought an
Inexpensive article, and presented a
check for . 17.60 In payment. The check
was made out to himself and was signed
by Edwin Howorth, a farmer living near
town. Adams represented himself to be
farm hand. He was given bis change,
and, when the check Was discovered to
be a forgery, had left town. It is learned
that he got la his work at Elk Creek
and at Burchard. A warrant has been
Issued for his arrest.
Real Estate
Read the Utet news about real
estate on toe next to the last
psuje. Be Informed 4nTestl
gate end yon will be able to
Invest your money snore intelli
gently and more profitably.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, March U (Special.) For
the second time the supreme court his
reversed the Cherry county district court
In its conviction of Thomas J. Brown,
charged with stealing seven cows from
cattle had been openly In his possession
Thomas Byron.
The defendant maintained that he
bought the stock from a stranger. The
a matter of some six months.
Notea from Syrwcame.
STRACTSE, Neb.. March 13 (Special.)
Billy McFarland held his second annual
sale of pure-bred HampaWra hogs here
Thursday. Eighty-six head were sold
at a total of $3,461.60, or an average of
$42 per head. The highest bred sow sold
brought (302.50 and went to Thomas W.
Lawson of Redmond, Ore, Tha second
highest brought 1140 and went to A. Hi.
Splttler, Ewlng, HNeb.
Miss Edna Falters left tor Minneapolis,
Minn., Friday, where she Is to be mar
ried to Robert Bryant, formerly of Lin
coln. Mr. Bryant has a good position In
Minneapolis, where the newly wedded
pair will reside. Miss Falters was accom
panied by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L..
g. Fallen.
Revival services of the different
churches of the city In union meeting
are being held nightly at the Methodist
church, conducted by Revivalist Rush ot
Kearney and Singer A B. Campbell of
tTnlverslty Place.
8. Q. Farnsworth of Unadllla has sold
his drug business to Ralph Lincoln et
Verdict Against
Street Railway
Company Upheld
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 13-(Speclal.)-oiio
verdict of K..0OO secured by Alice Fits
gorald, administratrix of the estate of,
Michael Fltigerald, against the Omaha
Street Railway company la affirmed by
the supreme court. Deceased waa killed
when a Farnam street car struck a county
ambulance in which he was riding.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, March 13. (Special.) An
Innkeeper Is not an insurer of the safety
of a guest, but Is hound to exercise ill
reasonable care for his protoctlon, accord
ing to the opinion of the supreme court
in affirming the Judgment of the Doug
las county district court for $6,600 In favor
Of Emll J. Strahl against Rome Miller.
Strahl Is at present a resident of Lin
coln. Miller waa sued as proprietor of
the MUlard hotel at Omaha, at which
Strahl was a guest when a fire broke ont
there one morning In January, lfiu. He
was Injured when he slid down a rope
fire escape that was too short.
Honertor Easiness Change.
nUPERIOR, Neb., March 13.-(Speclsl
Telegram.) Horton's cigar store changed
hands today, being bought by Walter
Cuff and Charles Groves of Bostwlck.
The Bee Wants Ads are the bust Busi
ness Boosters.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 13. (SpwIM
Telegram.) A fjupstlon Involving
the term of a county commissioner of
Douglas county was settled by a suit
brought by Teter Elsasser against
Henry S. McDonald, the court decid
ing that tho term is four years. Kl
sasscr was elected to fill the unex
pired term of John A. Scott, deceased In
November, 1910. McDonald, claiming that
the term of Scott was three Instead of
four years, was elected In M2 and seat-d.
Elsasser brought action to retain his seat
and the district court decided against
him. The Judgment Is reversed by ths
higher court.
County officials asserted that the deci
sion would irave no practical erfect In
county affalra with the exception of pos
sibly enabling Mr. Elsasser to collect $2,150
which during the year he should have
been in office waa the salary ot commissioners-
Mr. McDonald, with Commissioners
Lynch and O'Connor, waa re-elected at
the election last fall and is safely In
stalled for a four-term. Commissioners
Harte and Brat's terms under a former
decision will continue till until the begin
ning of 1917.
SCHUYLER. Neb., March 13. -(Special.)
D. W. Kllleen, chairman of the primary
committee, has received the following
names) as candidates for the position of
postmaster for the consideration of the
committee In charge:
F. A. Surha. ex-clerk of the dlHtrliH.
court, having served eight years In that
A. J. Orter, formerly In the automobile
business. .....
W. It Davis, nine years clerk In the
postofflce and on the mull route.
Adlson Bolton, general mercantile busi
ness. Miss Emily Dwornk. sloven years dep
uty In the court house.
A. O. Knpka, JewMrv bnslness.
ft. H. Green, real estate and Insurance
businr-ss and old resident.
F. J. Kovar, general hamessi buniness.
Ed Zersan. manager of the Farmers'
Orsln company.
Harry Miles, mall clerk on the Burlington,
Talk the Spring
Clothes Question
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nt lior keenness in
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her to suggest tho
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FAIRBtmY, Neb., March (Special.
Miss Edna Sanders snd Chester Graves
were married at the home of the brldVs
parents at Dsykln, the Bev. Hibbens of
Daykln, officiating and seventy-five
friends and relatives witnessed the cere
mony. The couple was attended by
Nona Fltton and Rowena Depue. Tha
wedding march was played by Miss Clara
Kollman and preceding the ceremony,
Mrs. Harry Sanders sang "At Dawning."
The bride was beautifully gowned In whlto
silk crepe da chine with lara trimmings
and carried a bouquet of bride's roses.
Ladrlr-Owens. '
SIDNEY, Neb., March U (Special Tel
egram.) Frank L. Ladely and Rose Min
nie Owens of Cheyenne, Wyo., were mar
ried here today by Couny Judge Chambers.
Gaare foaaty Notes.
BEATRICE, Neb.. March li-(Speclal.)
Henry I'nteldt, the merchant tailor at
DeWltt mho was arrested some time ago
on a charge of being Implicated in the
robbery of Bonehright ec Bunte's store
at Cortland on the night of January SO,
was arraigned Friday In county court
and waived preliminary hearing.
The Cortland Creamery company at a
meeting held Thursday afternoon, voted
to discontinue tha operation of its butter
making plant, and In the future will only
buy and sell cream. AH the equipment
used for the manufacture of butter will
be sold, snd the stockholders will be as
sessed $80 each to take care of the In
A Cold im Dssstrest.
Break It Now.
Bell's I'ine-Tar-Honey Is fine for coughs
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Mre.'joha t'aykeadall.
FAIRBURT, Nsb.. March U (Special.)
A telegram was received In this city
this morning ststlng that Mrs. John A.
Cuykendall had died at a sanitarium In
Lincoln last night, where she had been
taking treatment for several weeks. Mrw
Cuykendall had been fading In health for
a number ot years. he had lived la
Fan-bury since 1881 Her husband Is
prominent Rock Island passenger . en
gineer of this city. Hr was at ber bed'
side, as well as two daughters, Mra
Hiram O. Nellia of this city and Mrs. E.
A Cramb of Lincoln. The body will be
brought to this city tonight and thu
funeral held from the home. Rev R. N
Orrlll of the Methodist church offloUUna
I V " 1
L 7,4 1- v. i
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An announcement appeared in the Medical Journal, 1913, of a
treatment for Rheumatism with serums by Dr. Dowser, ot Omaha. Neb.,
who was the first to take up this work with success. It is a recognized
fact that the serum treatment Is the only cure for Rheumatism.
He has devoted the last three years to this work, and testimonials of
his success are beyond questioning.
What Wm. Thornburac has to say about Dr. Bowser's
treatment for Kheumatlsin; "In Maxell, 191 J, I waa
taken down with Rheumatism, flat on my 4jack abso
lutely helpless. Tha pain and sleepless nights were
something awful. I hud to be fed and cared for like a
baby I had tried different treatments at the besln
nlntf and one day I would think I felt a little better and
the next day a little worse, until at. last I was unable
to raise hand or foot, when on April 27, ltlS, they calleJ
Ur. W. W. Bowser, who took charge of my case. In
three days the pains began to ease up and tha fourth
day with a' little help, I could walk to the bath room.
1 kept on Improving; and in ten days was free from all pain. I could est
veryhlng; they would xlve me and kept on Inkprovlng- and went back to work
a week later. That waa two years ago and my work exposes me to all kinds
of weather have been out In cold rains; have been soaked to the skin many
times In those twe years, and have never felt the leaat symptom of Hheuina
tlsm aa yet, and have never felt better In my life. I can cheerfully and con
aclentlously recommend lw. iiowser's treatment for Hheumatlsm to every
one. .If your cane Is curable, he can cure you, and if not he will tell you so.
I cannot say enough for what Dr. Bowaer has done for me, and those only
who have suffered as I have, can appreciate the kindly feelings I have for
Mr. Thornburg- lives at 2648 Dodge street, Omaha, Neb., where
he can be seen, and will gladly furnish any Information asked him;
be Is a motorman on the Council Bluffs and Omaha Street Railway
lines, and his phone number is Harney 6382.
S14 as Bcll&lng. OMAHA, im. raoas Douglas 6370
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