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i l lit MA;: l.WAJli, J-lflJJAl, .MAItltl 1J,
Cotter County Repmentatire Atks
Eouie If It Wm Really Laug-h-ing
at Him.
fFtnrn a Staff Correspondent)
tJNOOLN, Mrrh 11. (Special )-Th
lewer branch of the Nebraska Ipslalsture
today rM The Omh Bn a rleor title
a dispenser ef reliable Information cov
orlng the dolnsa of the members and
Cther srotind the building.
The matter cmo up on a speulal prlv
proposition MkM for by W. J.
Taylor, the bellllterent member from Cus
ter county, who quoted from an article
appearing In The Bee Tuesday morning
' rvgardtng himself and Representative
Relsner of Thomaa county. Mr. Taylor
demanded thet the members say whether
the applause given Relsner was ridicule
or endorsement.
The house refused to V so and The Bee
article stands as it was written, a silent
endorsement of its reliability.
The statement to which Mr. Taylor ob
Sectod was aa follows:
A man has not been castigated on the
flooroftholiou so in such a nisnner for
lyear. so It is said, end the applsuse
which greeted Relsner at Its close demon
strated that the members enjoyed the
Taylor's Interpretation.
Mr. Taylor took exception to the state
ment, saying that the members were not
applauding Relsner . because they liked
what he said, but because they were
ridiculing htm. ' He demanded that the
house express itself on that matter and
aay whether their applause was favorable
to Relsner or to themselves. He ac
knowledged that The Bee had a big cir
culation out in his district and be was
afraid that his constituents would get the
Mea that Reisner had put one over on
htm. Relsner represents a district ad
Joining the Taylor district and aa a
preacher had held meetings In Taylor's
home towa of Meraa.
Caster Man, ftejalraia.
Taylor charged that the .big newspaper
of the state were seeking to. get his
scalp and deprive him of legislative glory,
and that The Bee had only started a
campaign which the others were ex
pected to take up, and the neat three
week would abow It.
Admits Ho la Mkea.
"No man la mora highly regarded In
my district than myself," said Mr. Tay
lor In an effort to show the members
of the house that Re liner' I attack was
unjust and unwarranted. He did not like
the Idea that had been conveyed by all
the dally papers that Relsnsr bad been
applauded la his speech against him and
he wanted the word to go out that the
handclapping was ridicule for Relsner In
stead of applause for his sayings.
"Now, I want the newspaper reporters
to get what I am going to say." said he.
"Had I been the committee of wsys and
means, not a single penny would have
been given for normal training In high
school." .
Bala Meley Wa Unfair.
During hi address he charged that the
chairman of the committee of the whole,
"an Omaha gentlemen" (Negley), had
been unfair In his rulings when he had
said that 'you brought this on yourself,
now take your medicine."
Negley got the floor long enough to
state that the house waa In such an up
roar during th speech of Relsner that
he was uuable to hold them down, and
his response waa to the house aa a body
and not to Taylor personally.' Taylor
accepted the statement and apologised
to Neglay,
' Relsner Answers.
Reisner answered Mr. Taylor In a
speech lasting about twenty minute. He
desired to correct the insinuations that
Taylor had. made against the ministry
thrown at himself. He acknowledged
that he had held meeting at Marna, th
home town of Mr. Taylor, and had gone
back the second tune at th Invitation
of the people of the town and had received
no compensation.
"We paid you all you were worth."
shouted Taylor,
. Mr. Relsner sought to luetlfy what he
had said In his speech Tuesday and had
nothing to take back. lie we willing
to go back to Mcrna with th gentleman
from that burg and test out tha matter
of popularity with the people. Mr, Rels
ner spoke calmly and did not show 'any
of the landmarks of the "fighting par
eon" that he did on the day when. his
remarks, aimed at th . Custer county
talesman, bad' been reported In The
(Trom a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN.. March lt.-gpeclal.V-A pet!-
tlon signed by 70S Omaha cltlsen pro
testing- against the passage of H. ft. 1OT
wee red in the senate this afternoon.
Th bill provide a public welfare board
for Omaha. It has passed the house and
Is now . with the municipal affairs com
jnitte of the upper body.
The petition dtee the long Hat of bu
reaus provided for In th bill and object
to the measure aa a needless enhancement
cf the already heavy tax burdens resting
upon the aching shoulders of the dtisens
of Omaha.
Bills Paaaed by th Reaat.
8. V. 1S9. Klechel at Nemaha Requires
the Inspection, registration and branding
of all live etiKk foods and remedies.
. F. 110, Ken-er of Uae Lnablrs
state banks that liquidate or nationalise
to withdraw Ti per cent of th funds
til Into bauk guaranty fund,
ttllta Killed ea Third Heading by
ttaalc - -
a r. Z. Bedford of Doulas Provides
that reteuts and tilaie board of Control
may ,nploy only Nebraska architects.
Ay OA. 1; nas. it.
Ueeeaaaaeadea ( P.m by Seaal
Unmlltt, ,f ke Whale. -. ,
8. r. , Klechel of Nt maha-Provides
fur the i(t rihut r-- .,
w..,, an. w.i, U VUf
,lus funds of dminattu districts by pro-
ti. it. 21! I u ... Tl. - k...w
, - - - - I't.jriAuiaur'
le a levy of nut lo exceed one mill for
Iil,llo In clues of from Vuuu to
z population, upon unanimous , vote
Bills r-o.4ixM.e4 by Oaasaltle
of th,
H. K. . Howell of Dourlas-Conipa.
bill to K V. . Put. leles of llUei.
uLt" ure,,r on tulaury
Becoaaaaeadeil I rasa by Heae
l aaltre of W hole.
K K. 2. Howell of lou-I-firetar
OriiH.1,. ii,,TKr ll! L
H. K. t4 kluorut ad Corrupt
tii" act.
trial in New York City,
charged with conspiracy
in escaping; from the Mat
teawan Asylum for the
Criminal Insane, August
17, 1913.
' y' . 8
. sr"' '
I J ,W,.M,.M -j I
Sbt thaw 1
Lahner'e Bill for Lery to This End
Barely Wins in the
.(From a Rtaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March It-tSpeclal.) Musto
versus democracy, was the issue threshed
out In the senate committee of the whole
tbla morning, and when th smoke of
battle had cleared away, It appeared that
th laurels of . vlotory rested upon the
brow of Orpheus and that our old friend
Demos had been thrust for the none
Into th discard.
It wsjs all over & V. Ill, by Lahnera
of Thayer, proposing t authorise th
mayor and council of cities of from
1.000 to ft.000 population, to lay a levy
of not mora than a mill for th support
of publlo music, band concerts, ato.
BeaJ of Custer rose aa tha champion
of democracy to inquire why it was that
th bill did not provide for the submis
sion of the levy to a vet of th poptet
qulnby. of Douglas didn't know why
It hadn't been so arranged, but he did
know that he had always been hungry
for music, that ha had been cheated out
of his lust share and . that If possible
he waa going U p th people to get
thslr Just desserts, whether or not they
realised what their desserts were. v
Opponent of th council vote were
somewhat appeased by an amendment
offered by Pplrk of Baline,' requiring a
unanimous vote Of the council, all ex
cept Beal, sturdy defender of th peo
ple rights, who voted no to th bitter
end. Even with this concession th bill
had hard sledding, th trot . to recom
mend It for passage being a tie, fourteen
each way, until Chairman Bushee cast
a look at muslo-lovlng member of the
Douglas county delegation, bethought
himself of the latter' soul-hungry andi
oast a faint "yea."
't (From 'a Staff . Correspondent)
: LINCOLN. March ll.-pectal.)-lt has
been decided by the finance committee of
he house to allow the sum of 14,500 for
additional Improvement and equipment
for the stata fish hatcheries at "outh
Bend and Valentin. Th proposed ap
propriation of 110,00 for this purpose was
scaled down by th committee.
The special appropriation bills Intro
duced at the request of th Grand 'Army
sf th Republic, carrying- HS.O0O for a
Thayer monument and 115.000 to pay it.
penses of civil war. veterans attsnding
th Vicksburg memorial celebration, will
probably be reported tor indefinite post
NEW ' TORK. March ll.-A total of
.fcleVesa books were given out by the New
York publlo library last year for home
us, aooordlng to a report submitted to
th trustees of President Ueorgw L.
Rive. This Is an Increase of 1.1M.U
volume ever the previous year. Increas
ing Interest In American history and la
arts, music, economics and science was
Paola, Kansas, October 31, 1914.
Bankers Life Insurance Company,
Lincoln. Nebraska.
ru Ge,tlepieas 1 received through'your agent Miss Hannah E.
White, draft for S1,UL45 in cash settlement of my policy number 3357
which I took out twenty years ago.
tni,p(fidina,,'lof$7190:)'have twenty yea"' protection for
51,000.00 and mve received $392.00 more than I paid you. I am highly
pleased vrith this settlement and will be ghd to speak a good word for
your company whenever the opportunity affords itself. I know of no
other company paying as well.
Thanking you for your promptness, I am
'.v.: 'Very truly yours,
Ask the man who owns one
(Continued from Paae One.)
the balance of the municipal year. This
was psssed without any opposition.
An effort will be made to secure suf
ficient voles to csrry the emergency
clause and thus enable the people of the
annexed territory to vote at the coming
city election
Find Vote In Committee.
The ovte on the bill was as follows:
For th bill and against postponement:
Alrilsy Meredith
Anderson (Phelp Miner
liarker Mooeley
Kurkrr MrvlJr
ftronme .Veff
ursreas Neslev
Chambers (uoug.) Nelson
lau Nichols
rrtieedoW Norton
Kterman Ostermsn
Klmelund I'ar'lott
Foster Peterson
Knits Itelsner
Hnfrmelater. Reuter
Mont el tier, Iteynols (Lincoln)
Howard Reynolds iRed
Hnwurth Willow)
Hunter nirhmond
llutton Mcurttier
.tearv Porenson
Kauffman, Htehnnn
Kock. (eve nun n
LaHounty Tlbbetts
T.anWun Trumbel
Larson Van Dusen
Lifrgett , Wsrd
Lundgren . Woodhtirst
Meara Mr. Breaker
. Against the bill and for postponement:
Andersen Of Boyd
Harrett Korff
Pete ' tJndeav
Manner Matteaon
Urant Mysenbur
Chambers Mockett
of Thurston Nutsman
Clsvburn Palmer
Cnnley Parkinson
Crlnklsw Began
Cronln Belfenrath
Pafne Belarhtrk
Palbey Rudnsll
Rvans Saas
Fox fccnrt,
Fries Kelvers
Fuller Hlndelar
Oormley Hmlth
Oreenwalt Snyder
Harris Mem
Hornby Htelnmeyer
Hvnek Taylor U.
Kline '
Old Soldiers Who
Live Outside Homes
To Receive Eations
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. March U. (8peclal.)-The
old soldier, his merits and demerits, came
up for discussion In the senate this morn
ing when Bygland of Boon moved to re
consider the body's action of yesterday
In passing H. R. 11
Tha measure allows soldiers living out
side thh home at Grand Inland In cot
tages of their own to be served rations
instead of being forced, as they are at
present, to tramp to the home to secure
their meal
Borne feared that this provision would
make for a colonisation of the old soldiers
of the gtat around Orand Island. Other
feared that it might lead to the- mainte
nance by th state not only of the old
soldiers, but of th latter' friends friends
and relative.
These fears vanished when Kleckl of
Nemaha pointed out th amendment that
provide that thos furnished rstlona shall
be only those who are regularly admitted
Inmates of th homo.
" Discussion of th bill led Senator Hoas
land td make tha charge that the old sol
dier of th state had been none to well
cared for. He spoke of ho crowded con
dition at th horn and of tho unused
appropriation voted by the legislature
two years ago for Improvements.
Regents May; Have
Widest Scope in the
Choice of Architects
'From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March lL-Sp!lal.)-Bed-ford'
bill. 8. F. 158. which provide that
th university regent and board of con
trol shall em I or onlv Vhrk reM.
tsota. didn't vn get to firrt baa In th
enat thi morning on third reading.
It was neatly executed bv a vote r
es-atnat T for.
It got through th committee of the
Whole veatardiiv f
margin, after ' Howell of Douglas had
cnucisea me regents for giving the tm
000 university campus contract to a Chi
cago man. Howell aald that this was
wholly unwarranted when it waa consid
ered that Nebraska, had architects of
national fame. Including th president of
th national association.
Dodg and Saunders. . also of Douglas,
defended, th regents, pointing out that
campus architecture was a specialty.
i nose voung lor the bill on third read
ing this morning- were: Bedford. Brock
ley, Buhrman. Howell.' Filler, Qulnby
nnd Wilson of Dodge... Splrk. Randall and
Pouthett were absent The other twenty
four regU'.ered themselves egalnat th
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Cascareta.. They work while you sleep,
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I .
of our policies. : We have
Berlin Makes Drastic Regulations
to Limit the Consumption of Bread
WASHINGTON, March lL How the
Berlin authorities are handling the food
situation, distributing bread to the civil
population in allowance of 4.4 pounds
weekly to each person. Is told In a report
Uust received by the Stat department
from Consul Julius O. Lay.
"Th arrangements for the regulation
of the bread consumption of Greater
Berlin are at an end," says Mr. Lay.
"It has been definitely decided to appor
tion the 4.4 pounds allowed each person
weekly by means of bread cards. The
lord mayor of Berlin, after a conference
with the rectors of the city schools, has
announced the division of the. city into
1(4 bread districts. Esch one of these
district has 11.000 to 12.0n0 Inhabitants,
The bread cards are not transferable
and ar valid only for the week of Is
suance. "The cards will be given only to a
single person and not to whole famine.
They are numbered, and thos issued for
th different weeks are of various colors,
so as to overcome the possibility 0f mis
use. The punishments for the misuse of
Editor W. R. Nelson
is Still Improving
KANSAS CITT, Mo., March 11. W. B
Nelson, editor of the Kansas City Star,
who has been seriously 111 at his home,
continued to Improve today. Mr. Nelson
spent a restful night and today appeared
In good spirits. His physicians, however,
were reluctant to make optimistic pre
dictions aa to his recovery.
SPRING FIKLD. Mass.. March 1L The
condition of Samuel Bowles, publisher of
tho Springfield Republican, was reported
much Improved today. Mr. Bowie 'waa
stricken with what appeared to be a
cerebral hemorrhage early yesterday, but
hi physician aald today that hi con
dition might be due to toxlo conarestlon
and hop Is held out for hi recovery.
British Ship Sunk
By Mine or Torpedo
LONDON, March 11. A wireless dis
patch from Berlin say a report ha been
received from Rotterdam that th Brit
ish collier Beethoven, bound from New
castle for Gibraltar, has been sunk
either by a torpedo or a mine. Two of
the crew are said to have been drowned.
The other were saved..
WASHINGTON, March 11. Proposed
Increased rates on live stock, dressod
beef and packing house products In car
loads from Chicago and the Mississippi
liver crossing and othr point In th
middle west to eastern seaboard and In
terior points, Including Buffalo, Erie and
Pittsburgh, were suspended today by the
Interstate Commerce commission pending
an Investigation of their reasonableness.
Department Oxders.
egrem.) Ira O. Hpurltng. appointed poat-
1. vrwK, .ieDcn county,
H. p., vtoe E. IT. Spurting, resigned; Rob
ert Patrick reappointed at Ideal, Tripp
county 8. D.
F. W. Reynold, M. D. Riley, both of
Omaha, and Ray C. Dunlap of Harlan
county, Nebraska, have been appointed
taperuen In valuation of railroads. Inter
state Commerce commlsalon.
William Hoist haa been appointed a
rield deputy In tho Omaha internal reve
nue district.
I- I .
Tebrnary and March Worst Months Tor
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tlo of It night and morning, and n a few
day you should see that even th worst
freckle have begun to disappear, while
the light one have vanished entirely.
Now Is the time to rid yourself of
freckles, for If not removed now they
may slay all Bummer, and spoil an other
alse beautiful complexion. Tour money
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Indicate an unhealthy condition.
Total Owh
. And 90
good agency for you. . . Write us. Assets $3,200,000.
be card ar sufficiently heavy to pre
vent baker from giving bread to per
sona who do not possess the proper
cards. The amount designated on the
cards ar S. en, loo and 350 grams (O SS,
1.7. t.a and .H ounce).
"The greatest difficulty encountered by
the authorities In actually working out
the bread question waa tho lack of avail
able means to check hotel and restaur
ant In meting out bread to their patrons.
For public places the question Is not yet
entirely settled, but It Is thought that
day cards win be given ut In the hotels,
and that In th small restaurants pay
ment will be accepted for bread.
"Another dtffldulty that ha Interfered
with the working out of this scheme Is
the treatment of persons, such a char
women, seamstresses, etc., who are em
ployed In a given household for only aa
hour or two each day. Such person
must either bring- their bread or their
bread card with them.
"Hamburg and other German cities of
over X.ono Inhabitants are considering
similar measures, but as yet have not
followed Berlin' example."
(Continued from Pnge One.)
his abuse of every one about him. How
serious his condition was is evident from
tho fact that he ha been In bed almost
continuously since, and glvea it out now
that ha has been sick. Having glvn
him several ultimatums before. Mr. Hal
knew there w nothing left for her "out
to execute her threat, so she Just packed
up and took th train with notice that
she would not again stay In the same
house alone with him under such cir
cumstances." Recalls Theatrical Wedding;.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Brady, parents
of th gilded youth, ar expected to re
turn home In a week or ten days. It is
said that they hav become very fond
of th younger Mm, Brady, and were
counting on her help to keep the son on
th straight path. A a consequence the
friends of all concerned ar looking to
see the trouble Ironed out by a family
, It will be remembered that the Var
riag of young Brady to a Quincy, ill.,
girl, playing In a Chicago theater with
th "Under Cover" company last fall
after a very brief acquaintance, and
without parental sanction, was a society
sensation of the day. But when the
newly wed Hal Brady a made their ap
pcarano In Omaha, they were cordially
welcomed by th Brady senior, and the
young Mrs. Brady was taken up by
swelldom, whose practically unanimous
verdict was that ah waa a charming ad
dition to their circle.
Aatf-Deatit Bill Lost.
ii?FOR?; V- .March " - b"i to
wm kh.llSP'..?UnUhmont ln th, ate
wa killed in th senate today, 16 to 8.
will pot on
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Old Line Bankers Life Insurance
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