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"WEIOOMK" ir.hUaong Omaha's
algnaj arrh. The IW'i advents-
In eolnnuia are the rhsiuicl for
yo to signal the visitor.
vol. XLiv m 2-ji;.
Oa Trains anil at
Hotsl Ksws Stand. So,
Cairanza Confirms Mexico City Will
Be Evacuated by the Forcet
of Hit Commander.
Washington Government Compelled
to Move Through Pressure of
Foreign Envoys.
WASHINGTON, March fc Secretary
Bryan stated later today that he had re
ceived notice from General Carranza
confirming the report that Mexico City
would he evacuated and that the diplo
matic corps hud decided to remain In
Mexico City.
Scarcity of war munition! in Mexico. It
Is helieved here, has affected Villa's cam
paign. The possibility that neither fac
tion will bo able to fain a complete vic
tory and that the situation may remain
deadlocked Indefinitely In known to have
Influenced the administration to take its
Phelllna; Continuous.
The government recently haa been sub
jected to a continuous bombardment of
foreign lnnulrles. These activities of the
foreign diplomatic representatives have
constituted a moral pressure that has
now practically compelled the American
jrovernment to speak in emphatic lan
guage to Carranza.
The plight of Americans, however, has
been of Increasing concern. Obregon's
repudiation of Villa's currency worked
the first hardship, because It made many
wealthy folk penniless. The poor rioted,
clamoring for bread, and Obregon pub
lished announcements, practically sanc
tioned plunder and rioting, even predict
ing the evacuation of his own forces if
the riots developed Into extensive dem
onstrations. Offer of Committee.
An International relief committee, com
posed of residents of thfc foreign colony,
come forward with an offer of 250.O0O
pesos to buy food and take charge of the
situation, but Obregon refused freight
facilities or permission to undertake the
work. The committee recently sent a
petition to the State department described
as of a ' most sensational character.
Secretary Bryan has constantly declined
to make It public, although apprised that
the object of the committee In sending
It was to give the statement publicity
in the L'nitod Stutee. Mr. Bryan be
lieves that in the circumstances, while
the American government . Is bringing
strong: pressure to bear on Carranza, it
will not assist the plight of foreigners
in Mexico City, If the statement la pub
lished. In order to give his entire time to con
sideration of European and Mexican
question. President VVIIbop will receive
White House callers only for an hour
Wednesdays aad .Thursdays during the
spring and summer. Ho will be In almost
constant communication with Secretary
Bryan and Counselor Lansing of the
State department.
Wheat Rises Eigit
Cents on Rumor War
Will Spread to Italy
CHICAGO. March a Foreign buying
associated with reports that Greece,
Jtaly and other countries might suddenly
tako a hand in the war had much to do
with causing an advance in the price of
wheat. The chief upturn was in the May
delivery, which rose 8H cents a bushel to
tl.H. as compared with SI. 41 on Satur
day night The bulk of business, however,
was In the July option, which scored a
sain of iVt cents on a rise to S1-1SS.
IOWA CITY, la., March S.-(Sreclal
rrelegram. Judge M. J. Wade, recently
appointed Judge of the southern Iowa fed
rral district, resigned today as a member
of the ' national demorcatlc committee
Trom Iowa. His possible Sjucoessors In
clude N. F. Reld, J. W. Reynolds and; J.
J. Hughes.
The Weather
Forecast till T p. m. Tuesday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
-Unsettled; no important change in tem
iieratura. Tempera tar at Omaha Yrsierdav.
Hours. Deg.
6 a. m Li.
a. m 23
7 a. m ti
8 a. m
a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m 23
U m u
1 P. m 2
! P. m 2
3 p. m fcj
p. m 2".
6 p. m 2.1
P- m .....24
7 P- m 24
S p. in 24
Lrfx-al Record.
115. 1W4. 1913. mt.
2 41 K)i It
Slighest yesterday...
J.owest yesterday....
.Mean temperature...
T.mncrfllur. .
.... 21 Hi a H
.... 24 33 oi 1
... T .00 .09 T
Precipitation depar-
f 1 1 1 fnitn Ih. m.r m n I -
Normal temperature n
Jeflciency for the day '... g
Total deficiency alnce March 1... x
Normal precipitation 'oi'tnrh
'I-eflcicncv for the day . !"ch
Total rainfall since March I.... 1.57 Inch i i ' ' '" inch
I'cfMency for cor. peri, d. H1J. . .31 nch
Reports from
fetation and State
Reports from Platloaa t T . u
Temp. High- Rain
or eatuer.
Chnvsnne. pi...
7 p. m
I'Hvenport. clear
I'enver, cloudy
les Moines, clesr
lender, clear
North Platte, pt. cloudy
Omaha, cloudy
Pueblo, partlv cloudy
Rapid City, clear
alt Lake City, clear
Bants Ke, cloudy
Sheridan, clear
Moux i lty, i lnar
altnune. clear.
' 1
T am - . . . .
U A. WELSH. Local Forecaster
Pia, one of the public squares, during the February flood
there, when the Tiber's waters reached the highest point
since 1870.
I - "' ? "If ? j- ,' : : .: .
W u s-i
. a . ... s
Woodard and Kleffner Will Hold
Positions in Omaha Postoffice,
. Akin to Go.
iFrom a Ktaff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, March 8. (Spe
cial Telegram.) While there la to be
no general adoption of the recom
mendations of the efficiency commis
sion on the Omaha postoffice, enough
will be required of Postmaster Whar
ton to "save the face" of the postof
fice inspectors and at the same time
inaugurate certain reforms that will
tend to reduce cost of running the
This, in substauce, is the report
Senator Hitchcock gave out today
after hla conference with First As
sistant Postmaster General Roper,
The - following statement was given
out by Senator Hitchcock today:
"Senator Hitchcock had a conference
with Assistant Postmaster General Roper
today on the subject of the report of the
cfilclency commission on the Omaha post
office The result was thut Assistant
Postmaster General Roper announced
that action upon the report would be de
ferred for the present, as far as It con
cerned Assistant Postmaster Woodard
and Assistant Superintendent of Malls
Kleffner. The assistant postmaster gen
eral Indicated, however, that the depart
ment was disposed to accept the resigna
tion of Colonel Akin and make some other
changes recommended in the report.
Kfonomles Ordered.
"M. Roper Indicated also that the de
partment would call upon Postmaster
Wharton to bring about some economies
in the operation of the Omaha postoffice
and that he would be asked to accom-
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Proposes to Censor
American Mails
LONDON. March 8. A proposal to es
tablish a censorship over the American
malls was opposed In the House of Com
mons today by the Home Secretary Regi
nald McKenna. The question was raised
by Sir Henry Cralk, who sa'.d he desired
to prevent the distribution in New York
of pamphlets emanating from German
; These pamphlets, he said, accused Ore at
, Uritaln and its allies of treachery in
i connection ith their diplomatic action In
1 l'.elgium. Mr. McKenna characterised
1 these pamphlets as practically harmless
, and added:
I "It has not been necessary In, the past
to establish a censorship over postal mat
ter to or from the I'niled States. To do
so would Involve an enrmous addition to
the ocnsrshlp Maff."
SIOUX FAIXa 8 D.. March S.-tSpe-cial
A $10,000 libel suit instituted against
Charles V. Harkett, the veteran editor of
the Parker New Kta. canio to a sudden
end in the Turner county circuit court
and terminated in a victory for the de
fendant. When tho plaintiff had . presented his
evidence it was moved that the court
take the case from the Jury, and this
was done, and the court ordered the dis
missal ofthe action.
The suit was Instituted by an attorney
In behalf of an Individual named George
Weber, a Marion bartender, and was
baaed on the allegation that Kdltor
Harkett libeled Weber In an account
which he printed in his newspaper re
garding an alleged assault made by
Weber on another man some months ago.
r x ft?"
ft ...... - A
a. '-'
I N .
c u
. m s'tufl i m imwin i miners
; .1 V ''i'S.V (.swwr V.
Holds Prolonged Session to Decide
Whether to Keep Up Ban on
From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March 8. (Special Tel
egram.) The Live Stock Sanitary
board met tonight at thq Llndell
hotel to consider whether ' to raise
the quarantine on live stock r from
eastern states. "
At 8 o'clock Governor Morehead
was introduced and he talked for an
hour. A general discussion followed
and at a late hour ni decision had
been reached.
Tho state veterinarian office has been
flooded with letters and telegrams the
last two or three days, some pleading
for and some against th i-ontlnuanre of
the foot and mouth dlscaee quarantine,
a matter that Is to be, threshed oit be
fore the State Live Stock Hanltary board.
Kentlnient IH tided.
The sentiment seems to be fairly evenly
dlv Ided and It Is expected that a real scrap
will be staged before tho hoard. The pres
ent quarantine automatically expires at
midnight Wednesday. It prohibits the
shipment into the state from east, north
or south of any cloven-footed animals,
except those designed for Immediate
Robert Graham of Alliance, president
of the Htate Live Stock association, has
wired the board that tho western part
of the mate practically Is unanimous for
the indefinite continuance of the quaran
tine. Ashton C. Shallcnbergrr, former gov
ernor and present congressman from the
Fifth district, on the other. hand, writes
from hlh home at Alma strongly advo
cating the discontinuance of the quaran
tine. Congressman Shallcnbcrger is an
extensive raiser of live t'.tock. He says
that the quarantines have caused more
loss than, the disease 1U:H;
Shallenberuer's View.
He writes as follows:
1 note tuat youi honorable board is to
have a meeting to consider the question
of longer continuing tho present stale
quarantine tiiat expires Manh 10. 1 hope
your biwd will deem It wise to no longer
continue the quarantine. Tho live stock
purchuwiH and thuHc who have bwn
feeding live stock for the market have
exr,enced a tremendous loss because
of the disastrous outbreak of foot and
mouth disease in this country. Hut you
will note tnat the great Iofs is not to
thofcc who have i-atlle infected, because
ordinarily the government and the Ntate.
together have reimbursed them and the
live stock Iihs h-en destroyed. The
greater loss has been because of the va
rious quarantines established by state
and iiatioiiMl governments which tiave
compelled the breaking up of trade con
ditions a r i induced millions of stock to
bn aold without 1 1 Kurd to market condi
tions of the state of th live stock trade,
generally, lieeause of losses feared by
reason ol the general disturbance and
the possibility of infection or quarantines
reaching into n-w territories.
If one can be'leve the report, one slate
is often quarantined an.mist another
largely as a matter of n tall i tl m r ther
than because of fear of possib e contagion.
I do not wish to protest uKainst quaran
tines that are necessary because of pre
tention of tbipnient of stork from in
fected areas, but I do think the liv m w
interests of the coi.ntry, whi.h have mif
fered tretnendousiv already, thould not
be made to bear the burden of tha limit
ing of markets by quarantine unless the
same Is plainly Indicated as necessary.
The lona upon rattle and hoga that have
been slaughtered because, of Infection is
trifling compared to the enormous loss
upon cattle and hogs that have been fed
high-priced feed at a time wtien world
wide conditions would warrant expecta
tion of high prices for such staple fooJ
produi-ts. and have been sold upon a mar
kM. that has been depreciated becausr of
quarantine.! ordered and enforced to pr
vent further sprrading of Infections.
I hops your honorable, board will take
action to relieve the live stock Interests
as far as possible of these conditions), I
--'j. ft .1
Allied Fleet Puts More Dardanelles
Positions Out of Commission
and Queen Elizabeth
Constantinople Asserts One French
nd Another English Armored
Cruiser Crippled.
LONDON, arch 8. It was offi
cially announced in London this eve
ning that the Turkish battery at
Dardanus and the Forts of Rmlll,
Majidioh Tabla and Hamidleh-I-Tabla
In the Dardanelles have been sllenred
by shells from the allied fleet. The
HritiMi battleship Queen Elizabeth
wa hit by shots from the Turkish
forts and slightly damaged.
Statement of AdmlraltJ.
The llrltish admiralty tonight mads
ublic the following statement speoncern
Ins the operations of thn allied fleet
against tile Ianlanelles:
'The operations against the Dardanelles
arc progressing In fine weather. Vice
Admiral Sin kvUlc H. Carden reports that
on March the battleship Queen Kllsa-
beth. supnorted by the battleship Age
memnnn and Ocean, began an attack on
Forts llamldlch-l-Tabla and Hamldleli 3,
which am matked on the admiralty map
aw Forts Forts 1' and V, by Indirect fire
across the Halllpoll peninsula, firing at
21.000 ynrds. .
"These forts are armod as follows:
Fort I", two 14-Inch guns and seven 9.4
guns: Fort V, two 14-Inch, one 9 4, one
S.2 and four 4.9 inch guns.
Replied to British fiana.
"The Q.icen BlUabeth was replied to by
howitzers and field guns and three shells
from the field guns struck It, without,
however, causing any damage.
"Mcnnwhile inside the straits the Ven
geance, Albion, Majestic iind Prince
George and the French battleship Suf
fren fired on Souain Dere and Mount
I'ardanus batteries, marked P and B on
the admiralty map, and were fired on by
a number of concealed guns.
"Fort Rumill Medjldlnh TsJbla, marked
J on the admiralty map, which had been
attacked on the previous day, opened
tire and wss engaged and hit by U-lnch
."A majority of the ships In the straits
were struck by shells, but there was no
serious damage done and no casualties
Preach Ships Kntcr.
"On March J, the weather continuing
ralro and fine, four French battleships
the Oaulois, Charlemagne, Bouvet and
Suffren-entered the straits to cover the
direct bombardment of the defenses of
ths narrows by the Agamemnon and Lord
Nelson. The French ships engaged the
Mount Dardanus battery and various con
cealed guns concealing the former. The
Agamemnon nnd Lord Nelson then ad
vanced and engaged the forts at the nar
rows at from 14,000 down to 12,000 vards
by direct fire.
"Fort8 Rumill Medjldleh Tabla, marked
J, and Hamldieh 1 Tabla, barked U, both
both were silenced alter a heavy bom
bardment. Explosions occurred In both
fwrts. Fort Lhus not fired sln the
explosion March 5.
"Tho tiaulola. Agamemnon and Lord
Nelson were each struck throe times, but
the damage done was not serious. The
Lord Nelson had three men slightly
Light CrnUrr "track.
"While these operations were in pros;
ress tho Rrltish light cruiser Dublin con
tinued to watch the Iiulalr Isthmus. It
was fired at by four-inch guns and struck
three or four times.
"Owing to the ImportHnoe of locating
concealed guns, the sea planes had to fly
very low at times.
"On the fourth Instant a seaplane. Pilot
Flight Lieutenant Garnet and Observer
Lieutenant Commander Williamson, be
csme unstable snd fell Into tho sea. Roth
officers were Injured. Flight Lieutenant
Douglas, reconnoiterlng at close quarters
in another seaplane, was wounded, but re
turned safely.
"On the fifth seaplane No. 172, Pilot
Flight Lieutenant Bromet, with Lieu
tenant Brown, was hit twenty times and
seaplane No. 7, Pilot Flight Lieutenant
Hershaw, with Petty Officer Merchant,
was struck eight times In locating con
cealed positions.
Kqnlpmenl of Ark Royal.
"The Ark Royal (the mother ship for
seaplaiies) 1 equipped with every appli
ance necessary for the repair and mainte
nance of the numerous air crsft which it
A dispatch from Amsterdam to Reuter s
Telegram company says the following of
ficial statement was given out today in
"The British ships Majestic and Irre
sistible have reinforced the enemy fleet.
The fue of our batteries put a French
armored cruiser out of action and dam
aged a British armored cruiser.
"Owing to our bombardment, the hostile
ships retreated and ceased their fire. Our
allies suffered no damage."
La Touraine Arrives
At Port of Havre
LONDON. March . A message to
Lloyds from Havre tonight announces
the arrival of La Touraine at that port.
DENVER, Colo., March S Poor ties,
insufficient spikace and too heavy an
engine are given as contributory causes
of the derailment of Denver ft Rio Grande
train No. 15. southbound, near Fountain.
Colo., February It In ths report of the
state public utilities commission on the
wnrsk. issued todsy. Two enginemen
were killed snd several passengers were
slightly hurt
German Reservists Plead Guilty to
Plotting to Get False Passports
NF.W YORK. March S. Carl Huocedc.
a Crrrntan-Amrrlcan, ard four ilerman
reservists, brought to trial in the federal
court here today on indictments charg
ing them with ronsplrng agitlnsl tho
I'nlted states by obtaining false Amer
Ican passports, unexpectedly withdrew
their previous pleas or not guilty and
threw themselves on the mercy of tho
court. All five pleaded nillty.
Huron. le. who was iccussed of operat
ing a bureau for the issuance of false
Passports, was sentence .1 to serve three
years In ths federal ei.itentlary at At
lanta. Tlio others, Arthur Wllhelm, Wil
liam Sacbescs. a reserve In the Oornisn
army. Walter Mullor, August Meyers and
Herman Wegener wer let orf with fines
of $J00 each.
Twelve Men Agreed On by Both
Sides at First Day of Hearing on
Conspiracy Charge.
NKVV YORK, March S.-The Jury
which will try Harrv Kendall Thaw.
slayer of Stanford White, nnd Thmv't I
co-defendants for conspiring to t-f- J
feet Thaw's escape from Mattruwan i
asylum wag completed late today. '
Frank F. Hailey. he second t.ilcsman
examined, wss accepted by bo.b sides '
and became foreman of the Jury. Two J
other1 Jurors were then accepted within
a Tew moments.
II j ol hrt lenl 4uer.
Frederick Kmmerteh, a contractor, was
asked by Thaw's counsel: "If we prove to
you that Thaw was sane at the time of
his escape would Hint prejudice miii In
determining this case?"
The district attorney's objection to this
question, on the ground that whether
Thaw was wine or Insane, made no dif
ference when it came to a conspiracy,
was overruled. Ktninerich answered In
the negative and was accepted. Shortly
afterwards Christopher Shultx. an elderly
.produce merchant, was selected us the
fifth Juror.
William L. (Irecr an atchiteet, whu
was examined at the afternoon session,
said he was in the employ of Stanford
White at tho time of the lutler's death.
Greer was excused oy tho court. Frank
K. Malnhart, a real cstctc dealer, was
accepted, making the sixth Juror.
Writer the Seventh.
The seventh Juror selected wss Law ton
Mackall, a nmgaslne writer.
Charles B. Curtis, a mechanical engi
neer, was quickly selected for the eighth
seat In the Jury bos. I
The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth
seats In the box wore filled by Kugene
Folley, an assistant manager; Harry N.
MoConnell, a mercantile manager; Robert
O. Wlndle, a clerk, and John D. Hlack-
burn, agent of the Baltimore, ft Ohio rail -
Increase in Price
of Bread Causes
Many Riots in Spain
MADRID. March 8. Vt;i Paris.) Tho
economic situation In Spain Is becoming
steadily more serious, notwithstanding
the efforts of the government to find a
solution for the difficulties which con
front the country. It Is feared In somo
quarters that conditions soon will become
so bad that they may lead to a conflict
fraught with grave consequences.
Dispatches from the provinces tell of
numerous riots, resulting from thn high
cost of food. In somo Interior districts
snd In the Canary Islands the people
get food only every other day. Many
families are said to bo living on herbs
snd roots.
A woman, said to have been driven mad
by 'privation, drowned herself with her j
children at Lasaretos.
Fierce rioting resulted at I.acele from
the Increased price of bread. The civil
guards are reported to have fired Into
the crowd, killing one and wounding
Werner Horn Taken
to Bangor to Answer
. Federal Charge
MACHIAS. Me., March 8 Werner
Horn, the Herman who attempted to blow
up the International bridge at Vanceboro,
was taken to Raugor todsy for arraign
ment before a I'nlted Htatea commission
on a federal Indictment charging viola
tion of the laws regulating Interstate
transportation of explosives. He was ar
rested yesterday on the expiration of a
sentence of thirty days in the county
Jail for damaging property at Vanceboro.
United States Marshal John 8. P. If.
Wilson deemed It advisable to handcuff
Horn to a deputy. The prisoner protested
and wept when the shackles were
Counsel for the prisoner was prepared
to request a continuance of the proceed
ings at Bangor.
Horn is Held in Ten
Thousand Dollars Bail
nANOOR. Me.. March 8.-The prellml-
nary hearing In the case of Werner
Horn, indicted by the federal grand Jury
ror violation or inr taws regulating tne
Interstate transportation of explosives
will be held March IX. This date was
fixed by I'nlted Mates Commissioner
Charles H. Held, before whom Horn was
arraigned today.
The prisoner was commlttted to Jail In
default of $IO.00u ball. Horn pleaded not
guilty to each of the three Indictments,
reserving the right to change his plea
later. Attorneys asked that the ball be
reduced, complaining that 10,ii was ex
cesses in view or tne ract that theiIr Mvs hl. , ln heaven. Mrs. Smith is
prisoner was a former German officer, a apparently backing her hubnad ln his
gentleman of high standing and a pels-1 , lalm und Is also before tile insanity
onsr of war." board.
A sixth man. Hans Adam von Weddol.
also Indicted, and wtvi was a fugitive
from Justice, has been apprehended In
Scotland, District Attorney Marshall an
nounced and negotiations for hi' extra
dition are understood to be under way.
He was descrlled by Mr. Marsnall as
the chief conspirator in the caao.
In sentencing Ruroede the court dwelt
upon the possibility of this country be- I
coming Involved with belligerent r.atluns
had the conspiracy not been discovered. .
The others wore fined Instead of llng I
sent to prison, because In the opinion of .
the court they had not been Inspired by
criminal purpose In usnm the pnssporls.
but were actuated by a patriotic desire
to get back to tlrrtmny and fight.
Correspondents Say Demonstration j
is Arranged to Make it Easy
for King Constantine. !
' t
HOME (Via Paris), March 8.
Special dispatches to Italian newspa
pers from Athens describe the situa
tion In Greece as grave. Some of the
correspondents expressed the belief
that the present deadlock between
KitiK Constantine and many of his
advisers regarding the country's in-1
tervention in the war is the result of
antagonism! which had arisen be
tween the ruler and Kleutherlos
Venizelos, premier In the cabinet
which resigned Saturday after Its
declaration In favor of Jolng the al
lies was frowned upon by the king.
Other correspondents are of the opinion
that the Intervention of Greece on the
side of the allies already has been agreed
upon and Unit the crisis which is now sp
psrent Is attlfli lal, having been arranged
to make It easier for King Conslantlnn
to decide against Germany, to which ho
has felt under obligations for family and
political reasons. The Innuence of tier
many Is supposed to have been responsi
ble In a considerable measure for Greece,
obtaining possession of K avals, and
Kalonlkl on the Aegaan sea at the end
of the llalkan war.
Edison Building
Burned; Inventor
Directs Firemen
i x
W F.8T ORANOB. N. J., March
I Thomas TMsnn at work in his labrutory
j after midnight today discovered a fire In
jont of the buildings rf his great plant
J here and summoned the firemen it, time
I tn prevent what might have been a serl-
jous loss. Tho fire practically destroyed a
I building w here' the most valuable phono
graph records were stored, but most of
the records, which were In a concrete
vault, woro saved.
When ho saw the flames, Mr. Ddlson
dashed out of the luhrntory In ills shirt
sleeves and stood outsl directing the
firemen for some time before his wife
and son, who nrYlvcd from thn Kdison
residence, nearby, could persuade him to
put on an overcoat. Tnc Inventor was
soakod to tho skin by a hose, which
twisted out of the hands of the fire
fighters and fell within a few feet of
The combined efforts of the fire de
partments of West Orange and Orange
wern required to subdue the blaze. The
building burned was the only one not
touched by the conflagration which
nearly wiped out the Kdison plant last
Dec I'mher.
Dallas Dentist is
Killed by Fall
Down Snow Bank
DALLAS, S. D . March 8 -(Special Tele
I grain.) Dr. C, N. Duncan, a dentist of I
!.ki. . k.. i., . ,. h.
...... ... ... '---'
ling off a snowbank along the line of the
I Northwestern road two miles west of
here. His skull was crushed and his neck
broken, death resulting almost Instantly.
The North western's rotary snow plow
had been boring a hole through a cut
west of town and a number of the cltl
xens during the afternoon walked out to
seo the machine at Its work. The plow
had gone through the cut and left tha
bank some fifteen feet high on either
side. Along the edge of ths cut the
Dallas people were walking, Dr. Duncan
In the lead. Huddenly the bank sloughed
off, carrying the doctor down with It. At
the bottom of the cut his head struck the
rail with such force that his skull was
crushed and his neck broken.
Heavy Cannonading
is Heard from the
Hook of Holland
AMSTERDAM. March S.-(Vla London.)
-For the first time since Admiral Sir
David Beatty engaged a German
squadron In the North Hea, the latter
part of January, heavv tun fire, uvnnl.
... to , dlsnatch from th Mnoir ,.e
i Holland, to the Telegraaf, was heard In
j ti,e North Sea today.
YANKTON, ft. D., March 8. (Special.)
Captain Itlchard Smith of ths Samar
itan army, who has been doing- Sunday
school relief work here for a year, is
violently Insane, aooordlng to county and
' lty authorities. Smith Insists he Is Christ,
j Himself, will pot wear clothes nor eat.
Hints from Petrograd and Berlin
that Decisive Fight of Eastern
Campaign is On Near
Indications that Greece and Bul
garia May Get Into the War
Within Few Days.
The Day'o War "Ncw
niHPATCHKH from liree-e reiwirt
the situation as srraive us result
of the polities! tlesdloeW over the
qnestlon nhrther that country
shall Intervene In the rrnr on the
atric of the allies.
IIOVIIHHIlVII'.NT of the lsrHnneHea
by the nlllea. vrhleh Is primarily
responsible for the present sltns
tlon I" brerre, haa had Its effert
nls on other nations. London
dispatches any the nnlcnrlan pre
mier has promised a statement
rnnrrrnlnx his geTfrsmest's posi
tion. I'ahllr opinion In Italy also Is
P4III VKWUPtrKR, In descrip
tion of the recent battle In Slotro
Oarne dc l.orette, says that the
Germans lost ft.oOH men.
KlfillTIMj In the Cnpathtana, which
for prolonged nnd desperate en
conntera rivals any phase of tho
war. contlnaes vrlthont a decisive
victory for either aide.
that there was no of
Trent Importance yesterday. The
French claim slight aw Ins In
harapnsne nnd Lorraine, The
(frmrni statement nssert. French
attacks la ( hampnane were re
pulsed. HIMH1I apparently are main,
talnlnar the offensive In northern
Poland. The tier man statement
tells of Russian attacks at several
points, bnt asserts they all wero
LONDON, March 8. The center of
interest on the eastern front again
has shifted with the announcement
from Pet rograd that a great battle Is
developing on the left bank of the
river Vistula, at a point to the west
and also southwest of Warsaw.
It Is not yet clear. Judging from
message reaching London, which
side has taken the offensive, but in
spired sources, both In Berlin and
Petrograd, have been hinting lately
that vital operations might well bo
expected In this region. Messages
from the Russian capital have de
clared that the old field of action in
the direction of Posen and Silesia
alone could serve as the decisive bat
tleground, while Berlin has been pre
dicting another brilliant action ln the
direction of Warsaw by Field Mar
shal Von lllndenburg.
No great activity has been reported
elsewhere on the eastern front except at
Raws, to the southwest of Warsaw,
wrere Oerman army headquarters claims
the capture of 3,400 Russians. It is pos
sible that this action may be a part of
tht great battle which Petrograd says Is
now under way.
Attacks and counter attacks form the
texts of both Berlin and Paris, covering
events on the western battle front, but
there Is no Indication of a decisive gain
by either side.
Ferment la Near Fast.
Attempts by the allied fleet to force
passage of the Dardanelles has caused a
ferment in the near east which has
reached the proportions of a csbinet crisis
in Greece. No new cabinet haa yet been
announced and King Constantine may
have great difficulty forming a govern
ment with the popular former Premier
Venlselos leading the opposition.
There is no late news of the situation
at the Dardanelles and the British public
Is awaiting with keen Interest tbe next
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