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House Adopts Measure Providing
State Auditor Make Examination
of Corporation Books.
(From a Staff Correspondrnt.)
LINCOWJ. Feb. 25 (Special.) Hunter's
houM roll No'. 92, providing Tor auditing
the books of the Omaha Vater board by
the state auditor, was called up today in
house committee of the whole. R. B.
Howell, the AVatr board bona, came In
for a few knock, but was defendc by
kin friends.
The bill was sent to Its third reading
after an amendment offered by Mr. Lar
son had been adopted knocking out a pro
vision which was Interpreted to mean that
the state auditor would have to make a
trip to New York In order to look over
the books of the Omaha Water company.
The vote on this amendment was the only
one taken on a division of the- house. It
showed forty-eisht aui-porting the amend
ment and twenty-one against.
Affect. Bill.
Hunter charged that the effect of tha
amendment would be to defeat the pur
pose of the bill. Mr. Palmer replied that
the auditor would have no legal power to
look ' over the water company's books if
It objected to showing them. He admlttd
that he was not In favor of the bill at a 11,
Mr. Hunter declared that the Metropolitan
water district spent $2,000,000 per year1 and,
that lta accounts should be checked over
as fully as possible for the protection of
the taxpayers and water consumer
Representative Mears declared Hunter
told him he Introduced the bill and wanted
H passed "to find out whether Howell lied
during the last campaign "
' (keck is Needfal.
Mr. Trumble said anybody who handled
tl.000,000 of the people s money ought to
be checked over once a year. "If he Is
honest It won t hurt him." Trumble sug
gested, "and If ho Is crooked the people
ought to know ttry
Mr. Larson told the Tiouse he didn't ob
ject to having the books audited, but he
was opposed to spending the taxpayers
money to get figures that were several
years old.
Messrs. Cronln. Harris. Mockett and
other republicans defended Howell and
Mr. Negley, democrat of Douglos county,
thought there wu no popular demand
for the passage of the bill.
KEARNBT. Neb... Feb. 26.-PpeelaU-The
funeral of W. W. Barney was held
In this city today at the Methodist church
.- w.a one of the most largely attended
servicea ever held here, aii duik
houses were closed In honor of Mr. Bar
ney, who was president of the Independ
ent Telephone company here and promi
nent business man. being In the abstract
business for many years. Kearney loses
a good, loyal" citlsen and the Commercial
club loses one of the most aggressive
directors aver on that board. .
NORTH BHWD, Teh." 25. (Special.)-The,
37-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Tvilltam Howard was burled here today
without funeral service. She died of
scarlet fever. Fern was a student" 1n
tbe high school, and went home 'from,
scnool sick last Friday. She died Wednes
day forenoon. There are a few cases of
the disease In the adjoining country.
Notea IroM Nerth Platte.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., Feb. 25.-(Bpe-claU
False psetenses In obtaining money
was the charge filed yesterday against
-H. P. Westf all. who cashed a check on a
Paxton. Neb., bank at the local Vienna
Charged with stealing a horse from Mrs.
Emma Wilson, John Pitts was given a
hearing late yeaterday before the county
court and bound over to the district court
under a $300 bond.
Well known cltlsens of Hershey, six
"miles west of here, are charged with
"shooting' craps" in a complaint - filed
against them yesterday t County At
torney Gibbs. Those ' charged with the
gambling ase George L. Mudd, Jeff Mc
Jntlre. John Murray. Ltge Montgomery.
J Montgomery and a man named Fljmn. ,
Information was furnished by O.-E. Gol
dca of Hershey. He said that the men
were gambling for a' $600 stake.
Charged with the illicit sale of liquor
Sylvester Cerraack and Jake Walters
v era arrested yesterday at Wallace, Neb.,
and brought to North Platte for trial.
Information was furnished by Sheriff
Salisbury, who alleged that they sold
liquor to Charles Bowman.
Bill is Passed by
' Senate, 19 to 14
(From a Waff Correspondent.) '.
LINCOLN. Neb., Feb. . (BpeolAl Tele
grsm ) Senate nie , . the Howell anti
discrimination insurance -bill.' paaned the
senate this (horning by a vote of 19 to 14.
Saunders was the only one ef the Douglas
county delegation voting against the bill.
Othee nay votes were Beal, Brookley,
Buhrman, Bushee. Grace,' Hoagland, Kohl,
Dleehel, Malltry. Robertson. Sandall.
Shumway, Wilson of Pedse.
TKCCMSKII. Neb., Feb. -23..- Special.
Edward Duvall of Lincoln was taken Into
the county court here yafcterllay. for ex
aminatlon. He was .'chsraed with abus
nlg his mother, forcing hr to give him
?lfl In money and a 'atoh. She had, and
he took the same aril squandered the
money. The complainant, against Duvall
was Dan Ray, his ' step-father. Duvall
signified his Intention of pleading guilty,
but as this court had no jurisdiction to
sentence him, he. was bouhdver for trial
In the district court pext Week. Bond
ss fixed at M.5C0. which he could not
raise. The orfense Is 'punishable with a
sentence of from one to fifteen years In
the penitentiary. w
Rm-k Ulaad Redaction.
FAIR BURY, Neb.. Feb. a&.-fSiiec'al.)-A
sweeping . reduction . as. made in the
Rock Island, car. .department' -and
mechanical force at Felrhury this week.
In the car departures! thirty-two car
penters, repairers and. helper were laid
off and the men put on-an eight-hour
schedule. A - number of." boilermakars.
machinists and helpers : were Involved la
the reduction In the locomotive shop. -'
; ' 1 " :r
Lower House Member Doi't Know
How Many Pledges to
Keep. i
i v.
(From a staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. . tBpeclal Telegram )
The democrats of the lower houe ot
the logtslature held a caucus this even
ing ai the Llndell hotel this evening for
the purpose of talking 1 vef platform
pledges and principally to tlx' Up trie
LirUan supreme court bill, a platform
ptodse f -v .
'.The Tmlan bill called for a division
oX-the slate Into nine supreme court dis
tricts, the chief. Justice to be elected from
ths state, at large and . the oher elgh,
one from each district. Tnls was ileemed
too a radical a change by some and a
motion was finally passed providing for
a committee consisting of Lanlgaft. the
caucus chairman. Taylor snd thro; ot'iMi
to be selected by them, who sheulA sirr
tton the state Into six district; Instead of
nine, with Ct rest of tho prdvUtlins: of
he bill to stand. . .
Get lute Tangle.
Before the meeting was aver the mem
bers got in oo a jangle over the calling of
the next caucus. Fries wasted a ciuctis
every Monday night se the rsrty could
fix up things. Van Onsen objected. .He
said that he was elected to vepresont (he
people and not trie democratic, party and
no caucus could bind him hnw he should
vot.. . :.: . .';.
Rsgan sAid thst any' mho
would not stind by a party tfciKiis could
generally be found votlnt v. lift the, oilier
fellows. ' , ' "
Ta Diisen Jumped to hi ;eit tr topiv
to Ragan, but the chaimtaA sv a storm
brewing and recognise f LaHotihty, - ho
sild he came 'down to the JefrtsMtur
to represent the people and no democratic
. . Nebraska
caucus could dictate how he should vote.
Te I ok Over Fldes.
Norton poured oil on the troubled
waters by moving that the same commit
tee which was going It rcMlstrl.-t the
state look over the party rlatform and
see bow many of the porty pledges ought
to be kept and reoort at o meeting
to be called by io.i chairman and the
caucus adjourned.
Nebraska Will Lose
Another Job Because
0 Politicians' Tiff
. (From a Staff Correspondent. )
WASHINGTON, Feb. S6. f iwclai Tele
gramsSecretary MoAdoo said to Con
gressman Lobeck today that Jf the secre
tary of state and Senator Hitchcock could
not reach an agreement over the solicitor
ship of the treasury, which has been va
cant since the resignation of William T.
Thompson of Lincoln, the appointment
would go to some state other than Ne
Jii Locomotive Fore ma a.
FAlRftl RY. Neb., Feb. 25.-(Spelal.-Ah
important change In Rock Island
rtiotlvr power officials took plscu here
today, when C. Smith of Eldon, Mo., as
sumed jurisdiction as general foreman of
the Rock Island locomotive shops, suc
ceeding K. ' N. Newton resigned. Mr.
Smith has been employed at Eldon for
several years. Mr. Newton has been em
ployed at Falrbury alnce June 19, 1M3,
succeeding 8. F. Mueller, transferred.
M Point gelectn Debater.
WEST-POINT. Neb.. Feb. .-(Specla1.)
The preliminary debate of the students
of the West Point High school took place
Tuesdsy evening and the following were
selected m the debating team to repre
sent the West Point High school at the
district debate at Fullerton, to take place
March 6: Donatd Elliott. Robert Moodie
and .Charles: Korb. :
Univerity Place
Wins First Debate
From Temple High
LINOOI-V. Neb., Feb $5.-(Ppeclrl Tel
egram.) University Tlace High school
won the opening debate of the season by
v inning a unanimous decision over the
Temple High school of Lincoln this
efternoon. I'nlverslty TUoe upheld the
negative side of the question on govern
ment ownership of the railroads. Miss
Anna Mann, the only girl on either side,
did the strongest work for the Temple
tram. Her teammates were Glenn Ken
nedy and Joseph Driller. Alva Frewttt.
Dewey McCallan and Oresg McBrlde
composed the local team. McCallan was
especially effective In rebuttal. The,
Judges were C. A. Soreoscn. C. L. Rein
and Dr. George N. Foster, all of the I'nl
verslty of Nebrseka law school.
Little t.lrl Kalally Barned.
TECl'MSF.H, Neb., Feb. i5.-(Spoclal.)-IMr.
and Mrs. James Henry departe for
Billings. Okl., yesterday, bring summoned
by a telegram from their son, Roy Henry,
ho lives at Billing)), stating thst hi
N- ear-old daughter, Helen, had been
fatally burned. . The little girl and her
twin sister, Hasel, received kerosene
burns In some manner, but there were no
particulars. ,v
Saunders Light Bill
is Passed by Senate
(From a Stafr Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Feb. 2&. (Speelsl Tele
gram) Senate file No. , the Saunders'
Metro)olltan Water District Electrlo
Light bill, passed the senate by a vote of
24 to g. Gates. Henry Lahners, Mattes,
filler. Weesner. Wilson .of Dodge and
Wing voting no.
Registered Women
Outvote the Men
CHICAGO, Feb. Women voting at
Tuesday's primaries for the first time
In a mayvrallty contest polled "T per
cent of their registration as against TO
per cent of the men. In no Instance of
Importance, however," did . the women
decide a contest. Robert. M. Sweltser
was nominated by the democrats over
Mayor Harrison ' by T7..Vw) plurality.
William Hale Thompson had a plurality
of 3,331 tor the republican nomination
over Judge Harry Olsen.
Peevish, Constipated Children
Love "California Syrup of Figs"
Look at the tongue, muther! If coated.
It la a sure sign thst your little one's
stomach, liver and bowels need a gentle,
thorough cleansing at once.
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doesn't loep, eat or act naturally or Is
feverish,, stomach aour, breath bad, has
stomach ache, sore throat, diarrhoea, full
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Syrup of Figs," and In Just a few hour
all tho foul, constipated waste, undigested
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It little bowels and you have a well, play
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Ask your druggist for a 10 cent bottle
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Bevrare of counterfeits aold here. Get the
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contempt. Advertisement
Rid Stomach of
Gases, Sourness
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Tou don't want a slow remedy when
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the worst stomach disorders Is a revela,
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Wai-fir Ads
Rev. Caslmlr Reasier Seriously III,
WEST POINT, Keb., Feb. 25. (Special.)
News has reached the city of the dan
gerous Illness of Rev. Caslmlr Reancr,
pastor of the Catholic church at Elgin,
Neb . formerly assistant parish of this
parl'h. Since leaving here Father Ren
ner has been stationed at Randolph and
.Elgin. Neb. At the former place he was
instrumental In building a fine church
and parochial school, and while at Elgin
has completed a- 140,000 school building.
His arduous labors have sapped his vital
ity and rendered him a neasy prey to a
chronic malady. , . . ,
t . -
Valeatlee Kleel Teachers.
VALENTINE. Neb., Feb. .-(SpecIal.)
-At a special meeting of the Board of
Education all of tha teachers that made
application were re-elected. As Superin
tendent Green was ' re-elected at a prev
ious meeting there Is but one position
open In the high school, that of Latin
and German, at 175. The Valentin
schools have enjoyed a period of general
development Ine last few years. A new
heating plant was Installed, and the enT
rollment in both the high school and the
grades has Increased nearly 60 per cent.
York Marrlagre l.leeasea.
TORK, Neb., Feb. ." Special. Mar
riage licenses were loaued yesterday by
County Judge II. O. Hopkins to the fol
lowing parties: John Friesen and Helen
Peters, bpth of Henderson; Joseph Henv
brey and Mary. Foster, both, of Tork:
Lewis Keller of Houston and Mildred
Ammer of York; Peter Kchrader of Brad
ahaw and Annie Bhockey of Polk; Ross
Robins and Hasel Clsrk, both of Brad-shaw.
Helpa Weak Klaaeya ssf Laataiu.
Get a Zic bottle of Sloan's Liniment,
apply on back and take six drops four
timsa day. Advertisement.
gJ" These
XU" "Swift's
Prerfaium" Oleomargarine
A. Anders W,
F. 0.' Beal, '.
L. Slnteky,
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L. C. Steruier, v
718 Vi South 16th Street.
C. E. A. Stiekel,
1548 South 34th 8tret
Geo. Stribling,
1124 South 7th Street .
M. Swigert,
1S2S Clark Street
The One Horse Store, .
38th Arenue and Grant
Oeo. Tietaort,
3530 North 40th Street
Thorin & Snjgg,
3880 Hamilton 8treet
N. Ix Trimble,
6301 North 24th Street
D. Ttrokson,
3502 North 30th 8tret
Ttiokman Bros.,
822 North 18th Street
OMAHA Continued
"Win. A
J "Waxenbeir,
Lake Street
701 Soujh 37th Street
3008 Oumiac Street
5144 North 18th 8tret
C. P. Wesin,
n. Woblner,
L. Wohlnr,
33 South lftth 8treet
Mrs. L. Woodruff,
3702 North 30th Street
C. M. Zarp,
L. Ziev,
M. Zlotky,
1508 Park Avenue.
. 3228 California Street'
25(0 Reeae Street
2016 Sherman Avenue. . ,
Bee : Hive Grocery,. ' '' .! f
v .,. llth and Coming; StreeU.
' J. Bernatein, i V ' u
2601 North 24th' 8t,reet
Buretein ft "Arbitman, ' .:.:. .
' ' ' ' " . " llth and Mandereen Streets.
G. W. Bengeri, ' -
' ii2t south 16th Strefe'.. -
Bernstein -ft-Brftwn, .. .
. 1404 South sj 6th L..ail.
t. Blumenthal, . ; . . ; ,
: v 2902 Cuming Street
Boston Matket, .
i 18 North 18th Street
F. Brof,'?y." . " ' '
; . 3247' Ames ATeaue. .'
P. Cavenaugh, :: ' , '
. 1603 North 18th Street
G. JW. Carflplin, V
1823 North 3th Street
Jens Chrietenleri,'; .
8501 North 30th Street
Courtney ft ,Co-j. x .
. 17th and Doagtag .Streets.
J. D. Creir, '
' .'- . ' i 326 Arber-Street .
C. B. Edqoist, . r ; '
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S. Elewits, ',; .' ' .
823 North 20th Street
Empress Market; . '
113 South 16th Street
Mrs. M. Qlaigotr,
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J. Gross, ' "-
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nomer Hill,
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J. Joprdon, .' .
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Karah ft Co.,. .
. 1820 Vintan Street.
F. Kelly,
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Kleine, .'
21702 South 10th Street
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1L Knlakofaky, . .
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(.. f. V ' j norm ivu Direct.
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Frank B. Bogatz,
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R. Dietr, ' ;
. '2508 N Street
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Chaa. Fingerloa,
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1010 North 16th Street .
20th and Missouri Streets
1224 North 24th Street.
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30th and R Streets,
Pemla Grocery,
3308 North 34th Street
24th and Ames Avenue.
3924 Sherman Avenue.
16th and Harney Streets.
3803 Sherman Avenue.
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88d and Charles Streets.
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Public 'Market,
' 1 ' ! . '
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J. Resnichek,"
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3717-13 North 24th Street
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Christensen ft Hansen Grocery Co.,
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F. J. Krumenacher,
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S618 North 30th Street.
Alford'ft Goodin. :
H. L. Helfrrch. . ,
Herrington Mercantile Oo. .
L. London, . '
483 South 30th Street
J. Markovit,
1301 Missouri Avenne.
Samuel Meyerson,
.' , . 3913 Q Street
August Miller,) . ;
633 North 33d Street
R. Muskin Grocery,
: 700 North 34th Street.
Parsley ft Co., "
30th and Missouri Streets.
John Pavlas,
24th and Q Streets V
C. F. Penfield, T
412 North 26th Street
S. R. Probst,
' Ralston, Neb.
Reshke ft Swoboda, -
3414 N Street
M. J. Simon,
. f- 30th and R Streets. "
W. M. Smallridge, '
455 South 3th Street '
James F. Smisek,
629 North 27th Street .
E. N. SmHh,
27th and Madison StreeU.
Chas. Stem,
2401 TJ Street
Edward Swatek,
' 42d and L Streets.
V. VachaJ,
1303-4 Oarfleld Street
Welsh ft Co.,
531 North 24th Street
R. M. Whittington,
600 North 20th Street
J. D. Moore, , ' .
2100 Vest Broadway.
C. P.' NelsorrCo., '
- 728 16th Avenue.
W. E. Owens, '
511 Sooth 21st Street
Niels Petersen,
36 North Main Street -
E. Roach, ' - . . "
1606 High Street
o. p. shoff, ;
917 South Main Street
Sokman ft Friedman,
eilXl 8ooU Mala Street
O. C. Sorenson,
623 18th Avenne.
Stein Bros.,
1016 West Broadway.
Mrs. O. Talbott,
356 Beatoa Street , ;v
B. W. Whitehead,
2011 5th Avenue. '
Order a pound carton
1734 Dorcas Street
1824 North 83d Street
Swift & Company
U. S. Ae