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niinn nrmTr ttititm ' - - i " i ; , , ,. i
mauty nar a Tu c. oar. t
llr ft aVjaa, general Insurant.
HaT aVoot Trli IV Nw Beacon Press
lUfMhOtulM Co. Lighting fixture
WaaledChelcs real eatat loan. W.
a Thorn, til Stat Bank Bl.
Todays ComplV MorU aeraas
slasHfle section today, tit appears in
Tha Sm EXCLUSIVELY. Ftaa out wbal
tka tsjIou rnortng plcttrra theater offer.
Orkla ea Boytng Trip Julius Orkln
1 new In New York on hi second sprlos
buying trip. He wtll be (one about three
week and expect to return with a full
line of exclusive apparel for women.
Toll Clu t Meet The Pollah In
dependent club ha Invited all of the city
comitil "loner to apeak at a meeting to
be held next Tueeday evening In a
parochial school at Twenty-fourth and
Bancroft street.
Waal Kaidsa Kama mstord Mr.
Mary A. Alfaro haa sued for divorce from
her husband, Joseph M., who married her
la 1910, Bh allegea cruelty and nonsup
port and wants her maiden name of
Mary Devote restored to her.
Asks. Custody of Children Asking for
alimony and the custody of their two
children, and alleging desertion, Mrs
Ruth It. Hughes baa filed suit for divorce
from Patrick Henry Hughes, to whom
a be was married at Chicago In lfcM.
Qsiokly Located, and s!ly accesslblt
are two prim requisites of a deslrabu
office location. . Tenants la The Bet
Building, 'the building that Is alwaya
new," find these two condition of great
service la building up their bustneaa.
War Brtdee-r-Thl remarkable play,
dealing with the "off-to-the-front" mar
riages of soldiers In the present Kuropean
war, la to be given In a dramatic reading
next Sunday afternoon in the socialist
hall, Lyric building, Nineteenth and Far.
nam streets.
Tons Over steward SCoaey W. E.
Toshler of the Nebraska Cartercar com
pand ha turned over to Chief of Police
Tunn a check for $100, the amount he
pledged to go aa reward to thoae ap
prehending the murderera of Detective
Tom King.
a seats to Ixpoaltioa En route to
the Pacific coast to take a. look at the
exposition being held there. Mrs. . AV. K.
Vanderbllt is expected to pass through
Omaha next Wednesday, occupying a
private car on one of the Northwestern
Union Pacific train.
Sirs. Chambers Wast Divorce Alleg
ing among other things that he used her
name in signing checks, Mrs. Oraoe D.
Chambers has filed a petition for divorce
from Louis J., to whom she was married
in 1907. Nonsupport, abandonment and
"periodical aprees" are other allegatlona
made In the petition.
Tie Triple AUlanoe in office service
are location, ease of access and safety.
Are ou now located where the public
can find you quickly, get to you easily
and feel entirely aafe while transacting
their business? The Fireproof Bee Build
ing, "the building that is always new,"
has all these reauirement
lord Flotnres at Empriil The Ford
Detroit Weekly, which 1 prepared every
week now In the Ford Motor company'
own moving picture plant, will be thrown
on 'the screen at the Empress for the
balance of this week. These pictures In
clude Interesting reproductions of current
happenings at the Ford factory and in
the city qf Detroit, and are being shown
regularly all over the United Btatea.
River Towns Fight
Rates from Omaha
The caae brought before the Interstate
Commerce commission by filoux City,
Council Bluffs. St. Joseph. Atchiaon and
Kansas City agalnat the Nebraska rall
roada, charging that the reads are dis
criminating in favor of Omaha, is looked
upon by traffic experts as one ofthe
most important Interstate commerce pro
ceedings that has ever been before the
' commission from the standpoint of
Omaha as a distributing point. Special
Kxamlner T. D. Dow of the commission
has announced that brief are to be filed
during April, and that the case will .be
set for oral argument In Washington
some time after that - -
Manager E. 3. McVann of the Com
mercial club traffic bureau is represent
ing Omaha In the controversy. The
claims of discrimination came about be
cause the schedule of rates put Into ef
fect ,by the Nebraska commission Sep
tember I, 1914, materially reduced the
rate on all classes of freight from Omaha
to all point in Nebraska, The railroads
refused to extend tke reduced rate to
Missouri river cities outside the ststs of
Nebraska, as the order earn from the
Nebraska commission only.
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NONOON INFO. CO, Miaaeaseils. Mlna.
Omaha's big:, beautiful, new hotel will be opened to receive
guests on and after Friday morning. The first meal will
be served Thursday evening:, a dinner to the stockholders
and their ladies.
Train Service i Back to Normal,
but Telegraph Serrice is
Still Crippled.
Wiille Iowa has been released from the
grip of the billiard and the atorm has
entirely ceased, there la a atrip of coun
try, up and down through the central
porttpn of the state. 100 to 1 miles in
width that la still burled beneath twelve
to eighteen lnohea of anow that fell
Sunday, Monday and during a portion
of Tuesday. The railroads have .pushed
their trains through the storm xone and
today freight and pausonger equipment
I moving on schedule time. '
While train service I baxk to nor
mal, telegraph lines are still in bad
shape and It will be sometime Thursday
before the pole and wire are up so
that the business can be carried on with
out Interruption. For twenty-four hours
there was not a through telegraph wire
working across Iowa. Shortly after mid
night one Chicago wire .was whipped
into shape and this morning there were
half a dosen or so In service.
Officer of the telegraph companies re
gard the Iowa storm aa one ot the worst
in years. All Tuesday lea Moines and
practically all the cltis and towns in
the centre I portion of the state were cut
off from the eastern ' connections. The
Omaha, business of the Western Union
was routed to Chicago by way of Ban
Pranclaco, thence to Los Angeles, thence
to Dallas, and from there on by way of
St Louis.
Miles of Wlr Dowa. '
The Western Union people figure that
when the atorm ceased. In Iowa 4.000
miles of wire and 40J miles of poles
were down. The pole llres down were
distributed along the railroad aa fol
lows: Milwaukee, 140; Rock Island, 100;
Hurlfngton, 100 and Northwestern, 00
miles. The longest sfrtch of Interrupted
servioe was along tho Milwaukee, be
tween Marlon and Perry, where 260 poles
were down and for 100 miles the entire
telegraph system out of service.
In repairing the lines, the telegraph
companies have sent large ganga of men
from Omaha, Chicago and local polnta.
The work of reconstruction and repair la
being pushed night and day and will bo
continued until every line is back in serv
toe. Charley Mitchell. Milwaukee conductor,
who came In from Marlon, asserted that
the storm through Iowa was the worst
In year. It extended from Marlon well
ontoward Manilla. It atarted first
a neavy rain that later turned into slcct
snd finally into snow. Then the wind
raised, and for hours there was a terriflo
bllzsard. The sleet and snow froze to
the telegraph wires and they soon went
down under the heavy load.
Throughout Nebraska the weather Is
clesr and calm, according to the reports
to the railroads. There is a light wind,
and early this morning . temperatures
ranged from 18 to 34 degrees above sero.
Elmer if. Wood, freight trafric man
ager of the Union Pacific, stricken with
paralysis several days ago, has been
taken to Clarkson hospital, not beca'uae
of his condition being more serious, but
In order thst he may have electric treat
ment that could not be given at his home.
Mr. Wood Is steadily gaining the use
ot his arm and leg and also gaining
strength. lie Is able to walk about his
room, hss the use of his arm and can
converse with friends who rail.
Hammer mlelt t ared.
Dr. King's New Life Pills will ria the
system of fermenting foods snd poisons.
Keep stomach and liver hraltliy. '.'k'. For
Sale by uil druggists. Advei tisiu nt.
m 8 I ii mm U st & a 4mk Mm
A. Cokos Caught
Operating Agency
to Get Rich Quick
A complaint has been filed In police
court by License Inspector Dsve Berko
wlts agalnat A. Cokos, who conducts a
labor agency at 14 South Thirteenth
street. According to the complaint, Cokos
started on a get-rlch-qulck scheme by
charging thirty Greeks fc for obtaining
Jobs for them on the Union Pacific, guaranteeing-
forty days of work.
The Greekii were" given the Jobs, but
were fired after twenty days' time. The
Greeks came back to Omaha and de
manded their money back. They didn't
get it, ao the result Is Bprkowlts charges
the man with operating without a license.
Cokos took out a license la-it Saturday,
but his dealings with the Greeks occurred
some day before, otherwise the charge
would, have been obtaining money under
false pretenae.
Aged Man Alleges He
Was Thrown Off Car
Alleging that he was thrown from a
street car by a conductor, after paying
his fare and that he had his false teeth
broken and suffered other Injuries by the
fell, Leonard It. Uloedcl, 63 years old, of
Kaat Omsha has filed suit for 15.000 al
leged damages against the street railway
Cat Ttsts oat 71 mn. .
If you don't want It today, you may
next week. Send this advertisement and
S cents to Foley & Co., Chicago, 111., writ
ing your name and address clearly. Ton
receive In return three trial packages
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound for
coughs, colds, croup and grippe;, Foley
Kidney Pills, for weak or disordered kid
ney or bladder; Foley Cathartic Tablet,
a pleasant, wholesome and cleanaing pur
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glsh bowels and torpid liver. These well
known standard remedies for sal by ail
druggists. Advertisement,
A well known Mlasourlsn, William
Hlrth, will deliver a number of addresses
before Nebraska commercial clubs dur
ing tha eaVly part of March. Mr. JJIrth
Is editor of the Missouri Fsrmer. and is
alao president of the Missouri Federation
of Commercial Clubs. He is an able
speaker and writer on subjects of political
economy, taking the viewpoint of the
merchant and banker as well aa that of
the producer.
Improvement In business since depres
sion reached low tide several months sgo
has been gradual. Confidence has been
restored and unless all signs fall, th
country Is scheduled for a boom almo'
in order to overcome the depression that
attacks a person In poor health It Is neces
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discouraged as to be without appetite
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have conatlpated bowels.
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promptly. This suggests a trtai of lios
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and tor over years haa held a perman
ent place In thousand of homes. Von
nl make no mistake In purchasing h
bottle today, but be t or. fill to see mat
the I'rlvaie Stamp over the neck I un
broken. Thin is jour protection utiuuU
Bijf Army of Skilled Workmen But
tle to Finish Fontrnelle in
Time for the Opening.
The well known bee hive bas long
heen the symbol of industry and ac
complishment. But the Kontonelle hotel now is
as busy aa a whole apiary of bee
It Is scheduled to open this even
ing with the grand banquet of the
And It la Rolru; to oien, too, If the
upholsterer and the carpet la vera, and
the gas fixture men, and the wall paper
t rs and the gliders, and the painters,
and the holystoncra. and the telephone
men, and the linen drapera. and the sil
ver men, and the crockery men, and the
(hlnn men. and the polishers, and the
sweepers, and all the other men and
women who are working day and night
to get things Into shape keep up the
For it is a race with time. Time 1
usually represented aa an aged and some
what decrepit gentleman with long whis
kers. Father Time Caa Raa.
He Is further handicapped by carrying
an hourglass and a large and unwieldy
But. olu how the old boy can run!
Nobody knows his speed better than the
msn who Is striving to get a great big
hotel Into running order at a given hour,
aatd given hour being set a wee bit too
close to the fore part of the year. So
says Abraham Burbank, asalstant man
aging director.
At 2:08 p. m. today the working forces
In the hotel were Just a nose ahead of
the whiskered old gentleman referred
to above.
The noise of hammers and aaws wss
heard In the building, and the amell of
paint. Tie brocade paneling was being
put Into rlaco in tho handsome lobby. A
force of men waa putting down the carpet
In the hlg dining room and another force
waa fixing vp the beautiful chandeliers,
while a third force in this room was drap
ing the window curtains.
Six auto trucks were backed up at the
Eighteenth street entrance at noon un
loading mattresses and springs, while u
procession ot men. like ante, carried
them into the building.
Theusnnd at Work.
So It was all over the hotel. There
must have been at least l.wjo people at
work in the building.
The outside, too, began to take on a
finished and even festive look when the
hlg, built-in window boxes at the main
floor windows were filled witfl green
growing things and a temporary winter
crop of artificial crimson flowers.
Arrangements for tho big ha Unlet of
th stockholder to be held Thursday
evening are completed.
William Tl. Burbank, prealdent and
managing director of the operating com
pany 1 slightly 111 and may not be pres
Store Hours:
u rgess-Msh Company.
Wednesday, Februnry 24, 1015.
Shoes for Women, Misses (Si Chil
dren Now on the Second Floor
... . . . ,V j ii . i e.-tfil.!.
These Women's Pure Thread Silk
Boot Hose at 35c Are Extreme Values
IN FACT, the values are very unusual. Pure thread
silk boot hose, high spliced heel and double toe, mer
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Inches wide; beautiful new design. -
Kmhroldery Net Top Kdge) at lOt'
Kmbroidery Net Top Edge, cream and white, width to 6
Inches, ulso' Normandy Val Edges and Insertion to match.
Not Tup and hhaduw Floiiiu-lngH, HOo
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Hobble, General Manager.
Witching Hill.
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anrr-aTaak Oe.
ent. If lie la not someone will sorsk
his stead.
Two officers of the operating company
are here from Syracuse. N. T. They are
William K. Kafferty. lce riesioVnt, and
Alan C. Kobe, director.
Hoth these mm are Syracuse capitalist.
Mr, Rafferty la vice president of th
Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and
director vt tho Central City Trust com
pany. Mr. Fobra waa formerly mayor of
Syracuse and la now pte-ld-nt of the
Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, ami
director In the New York state railways.
Burglar Takes
$166 from Home
of Mrs. Clemons
A fortunate burglar made a fruitful
haul from the homo of Mrs. Jennie
Clemons, fW." North Twenty-first atreet.
The burglar, whom Mra. Clemons re
ports wss a nearo. found a bureau draw
er containing tit during Ills meanderlnaa
around the house. The police are now
on the trail of tlic Slriti.
Kd Pelaney. 4H Carter street, reporta
to the police that when he was absent a
marauder broke down the rear door and
ranaacked the house, finding a gold
watch, several necklacea, rtnga and a
diamond set pin for his pains.
Sneak thieves are extending their oper
ations to downtown hotels. The latest
theft was that ot a gold watch and t
cash from the room of Mlsa Jeaale Ken
nedy at the Home hotel.
Susie Klrchner of the Lord Lister hos
pital, reporta to th police that a dia
mond ring, $tt and a gold chain was
taken from her room Tuesday.
Colder Weather is
Great Help to the
Growing Crops
The quick change In the weather from
warm to cold ha relieved much of th
anxiety felt by the railroad men In
charge of lines In Omaha territory.
Word come to the general offices here
that the coldur weather haa stopped
thawing of the anow In the country,
checked the flood water and that all
danger of flood haa about passed-
The rsllrosd men contend that th
colder weather will be beneficial to ths
winter wheat, asserting that had warm
aeather continued the plant would have
made a rapid growth and then when the
colder weather that la expected next
month arrived th tender (hoot would
have been killed.
Miss Ellen Stewart, head nurs at
Clarkson Memorial hospital, has filed a
reply In district court, denying all re
sponsibility In the suit for $0,000, filed
some time ago against the hospital, the
head nurse and Dr. A. B. Komers by
Mr. Cladya R. Khort.
The latter alleged In her petition that
she had1 been damaged to the amounaued
for. by Jumping out of an unbarred
fourth story window of the hospital,
while delirious and neglected by the at
tendants. 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturdays
WK THIiSK you will agies Willi us mav 1110 iraiirurr oi una
section to the second floor has many advantages for your
benefit and we want you to come and get 'acquainted with this
section in its new location.
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all leather, all atylea and there is a saving of 1.00 or more on every pair.
Thie Idea further:
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Women' Shoe from ottr 5.BO llnea
Thursday spr' at, the pair.
argss-Xash Oo.
When to Lock the Btable.
No Other Way.
When Dream Come True.
The Devil's Admiral, etc.
Mala floor,
Co. Everybody 's Store 16th
System of Debiting and Crediting
Matters' Account in Sutton In
. stitntion Poor.
The system of debiting and crediting
the account of Thuma 11. Matters In
the First Nations bunk of Sutton, which
failed November . ItlJ. was decidedly
loose, according to testimony given In
federal court Wednesday morning.
President Melchlor I.uebhen completed
his fourth day on the witness stand In
the trial of Thomas II. Matters of Omaha,
charged with aiding and abetting Luebhen
In Illegal operations connected with the
On December V. liU Matters' pass
book showed he hud sn overdraft of
l!.4Sr., while on the bank's ledger he hnd
$ to his credit. Four daya later his
I'ss book showed the same overdraft and
the hank .dner showed he had a bal
ance of $1,1.
Various check In favor of the Sutton
hnk signed by Matters were Introduced
and tho defense asked I.uchben to show
where Matters hnd received credit for
these checks on the hooks of the bank.
If the case of each check I.uebben re
plied: "He received no credit," hut it
developed later that .Matters had re.
crura certificates of dep,tt for
Ltiebhen has developed during his long
grind on the witness stsnd Trom a very
poor witness to a very good one.
At the opening of the trial he responded
very slowly to questions, he forgot and
t llnia K - . . ...
'""I iiHseu. .now he re.
" iuicKiy. concisely, and aeems to
have a full Rrap of the Intricate affairs
which re slowly being pried Into.
Yesterdsy wss the twelfth day of the
trial. Vague titiestloninir h ...........
for the defense brought a rebuke from
Judgo Tuumans, who .-ailed the generol
,.-......nii, immig. They were
mien io uireci nnawera tu specific
lions, lie as Id "Hut 'he questions must
be made specific and tiie trial must pro
ceed without unnecessary delay."
Kd Tracy, who asserts he la a dis
charged soldier from the I'nlted Slatea
army, was arrested near Hanscom park
by Special Officer ('ashman and charged
at the ststlon with carrying, concealed
weapons. A fine .ns caliber revolver
which Tracy declared was a model dis
carded by the army waa found on his
peraou, together wtih box-of ahella. Tho
fellow ssld he bought It at an army post
(or protection, aa he was heating his
way to his home In Portland. Ore. The
revolver, however, proved to be of a very
late pattern, which Is by no means out of
vogue, so the fellow was held on the
above charge and bound dver to. the dis
trict court with ITuO bonds.
Tvro I mps In A. A. S
According to comment around the Afhcr-
Iran association circuit It Is a 100 to
shut that the association will use the
double utnnlio system this year. Instead
of Trealdnnt Chlvlngton's srgument to
the eorttrarv. "We won't believe Ita
milnr leairue ball without two umpires,"
aeems to be the sentiment of the fan.
TiU.9 P. M
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- hi
I l I'l ii , .Urn. ..."sV .Vw, ,.,n