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Associated Press Correspondent, Mo
toring Along Line .of Retreat,
Declares Defeat Complete.
SUWALKI, Poland, Feb. JO. (Via
Berlin and London, Feb. 24. Th
German forces under Marshal von
Ilindenburg, by bard fighting and
extraordinary marches, Inflicted a
striking defeat on the Russians op
posed to them in the recent ' battle
of the Mazurian Lakes country. The
Russian remnants are a negligible
quantity in the operations now In
progress. The Russians killed and
wounded In the four days' fighting
are estimated at 30,000 men. Over
60,000 Russians out of a total of
150,000 engaged are prisoners In
German hands.
A Second Tmfr.
This fighting has been described as '.he
February campaign In East Prussia and
northern Poland, and It la regarded 1 ore
as a second Tannenberg.
The Russians composing the Tenth
array were under command of General
Flevera. It Is true that this commander,
by a skillful use of the railroad at hia
disposal, and by the sacrlfloe at times of
entire battalions In order to bring off a
few guns, succeeded In saving a greater
part of his artillery, but no fewer than
10,000 of his 150,000 men are already
counted among the German prisoners,
while his killed and wounded In the four
days' battle with which these operations
were Inaugurated and the subsequent
'running fights are estimated at 30,000 men.
On the streets of Suwalkl there could
be heard yesterday and today the sound
of guns from a swampy region to the
southeast, where an isolated Russian di
vision, perhaps 10,000 men strong, has
been completely surrounded, but is still
offering resistance.
Their Capture Expected.
Several thousand more Russians prob
ably still remain In small scattered bands
or are wandering as stragglers within the
ring which the German troops have now
dosed around the woods and swamps be
tween Suwalkl, Augustowo, and the Ger
man frontier, but the capture of these
wanderero Is expected here and is re
garded R merely an Incident In a cam
paign to which this great success is
called only the prelude.
It is not believed among German mili
tary men at Buwalkl that General Stovers
.will be able to bring one-fifth of his troops
safely behind the fortress at Grodno a
safety which may not be of long duration.
The foregoing statement may seem to
be exaggerated, nut a correspondent of
the Associated Press, motoring along the
'line of the Russian retreat, over roads
deep in snow and through a desolated
and swampy country, gained an impres
sion of complete demoralization which
scarcely can be conveyed in words.
Kvldenee of Defeat.
Abandoned guns and automobiles,
wrecked and overturned wagons, sleds,
and ammunition caissons encumbered the
way." Rifles, blankets, knapsacks and
, other equipment has 'been thrown away
by the fleeing soldiers. Dead horses and
ah occasional fallen soldier were every
where along the roadside. These things
howed the conditions under which the
Jiaety retreat had been accomplished.
At street corners' in Suwalkl, August
owo, . Iyck and other towns are great
beaps of abandoned rifles and bayonets.
Large bands, of Russian prisoners, many
of whom surrendered without firing a
ahot, were encountered along the way.
The Russians In retreat seem to hae had
only time enough to burn the houses on
the German side of the frontier and de
stroy the live stock which they were un
able to drive away. - This they did so
thoroughly that in the seventecn-mile
ride from Lyck to the frontier village of
Prostken, for example, only one - house
.with a roof on It was seen.
Raaelaa Villages Vatoaetaed.
The Russian part of Prostken and the
Russian villages beyond have not been
touched. For days past the correspondent
has seen no living animals except those
In the German columns und dogs and cats
In villages. The bodies of sheep and cat
tle killed by the Russians have been left
to decay by tho roadside.
The first phase of the campaign the
phase resulting In the destruction of tho
' Russian northern army may be compared
to a gigantic rabbit drive or surround, in
which men wero the prey.
While the attention of the Russians was
concentrated on the Warsaw line. Field
Marshal Von Hlndenburg, quietly -assembling
, an overwhelming force in East
Prussia behind the Mazurian lakes, sud
denly launched It in two columns against
the unsuspecting General Sieves.
One column drove in from the south
and threw back the - Russians who for
months had been besieging the lake gate
ways to East Prussia, and the other col
umn swung around in wide circles to the
eastward and to the southward, aiming
to Join hands with the southern German
columns and cut off the retreat of th
retiring Russians.
Moat of VH Bas;s;ed.
The two wings of the drive closed to
the east of Suwalkl and Augustowo, only
a few hours too late to catch the entlro
army. Most of the units of the Russian
forces, however, were bagged.
The delay which enab'.ed the remnant
tq escape waa due to nature. The line of
the advance of the southern column lay
through belts of swamps which form a
natural defense of the Russian front. It
is almost without roads, and troops at
tempting to use cross-country trails be
came almost hopelessly bogged. The cor
respondent saw columns of Infantry
many of whqm had passed through mlrts
more than ankle deep. ' Detachments of
soldiers assisted In dragging the guns
forward through the mud, but the prog;
res was extremely slow.
"Nature," said the commander of one
of the German corps engaged, according
to the correspondent, "always helped the
Russians. Two days of hard frost and
we should have had every man."
The correspondent . accompanied the
right wing of the German armies en
gaged and it was to these troops that
the heaviest part of the fighting fell. The
left wing, swooping down from the north,
. was called upon mostly for leg work, to
accomplish marches of forty miles dally
In pursuit of the Russians who fled after
Ihe four days engagement on the Masu
rian Lakes.
Rattle f sise t'hreer.
The battle In the south was of a unique
Character. Again nature aided the Rus
sians. The battle was fought in a driv
ing' snowstorm, a fierce cutting wind
driving the flakes Into the'faces and eyes
Kaiser Says Cargo of Wilhclmina
A of Be Used by Army , or Navy
LONDON. Feb. J4.-W. U Brook
ings, a nwmlxr of the firm of W. L.
Green & Co.. commission merchants of
St. Louis and owners of the canto on
board the American ship WUhelmlna.
reached london today from Berlin,
having In his possession a declar
ation from the German foreign office
signed by Gottlieb Von Jagow, the for
eign minister and attested by Jaincs,W.
Gerard, the American ambassador to
Germany, which pledged the German
government not to assume control of
the cargo of WUhelmlna, nor of any
other vessels arriving from America,
This declaration says such cargoes may
be sold on the open market and will not
be used by the army or the navy.
The case f h WUhelmlna soon Is
to come before a British prise court.
It was loaded wtth a cargo of food prod
ucts In New Tork and started for Ger
man port. It was gathered In by the
British marine authorities and the dis
posal of Its eargo Is being watched with
much Interest.
The text of the -German declaration
"By motion of William L. Brooking,
manager of the Green Commission
company of St. Louis th imperial gov
ernment makes the following declara
"The cargo of the steamer WUhel
mlna, as well as the cargoes of vessels
arriving In the future from America Ith
food for Germany shall be subject
neither to seizure nor to. selling right,
nor to any , other government measure
taken In connection with maximum
of the advancing Germans until they
could scarcely see.
When the Germans came to grips with
the Russians they found their rifles so
covered with Ice and tho muzzlea so
choked with snow that the weapons could
not be fired. The troops, and these were
young troops of one of the newly formed
corps, were left only with their bayonets,
but they stuck to their work despite
heavy losses.
The Russians were assuming the of
fensive when artillery, which had hitherto
been unable to get up through the for
ests to the south of the Masurian Lakes,
arrived Just In time and turned the scale.
The troops ot this column pressed for
ward along the fairway only a dozen
miles wide, between the Masurian Lakes
and the Russian frontier, driving the
Russians before them, but they were
forced to turn three times to beat off
the flank attacks from the south.
The Russian commander-in-chief made
desperate efforts to come to the help of
this army, whose plight by now was
Large Tracts in
, Italy Are Flooded
ROME, Feb. 14. The floods In Italy
continue and inundations are reported
from parts of the country distant from
Rome. .'
The Tiber has been rising again and
has now reached a stage of forty-five
feet. The rains continue snd some parts
of Rome and large tracts of the sur
rounding country are .under water.
There Is a heavy fall of snow In the
mountains. Avalanches and snow thirteen
feet deep are reported.
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vertisement. 1
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prices, according to I hi' measures al
ready Issued for hotne-sxown wheat. The
cargo of the WtlhelmliiK as well as all
future similar caries shall remain the
property of the American owner and It
can be sold by hlm at any place at the
price asked.
"Food coming in this manner to Ger
many shall not be used for the army or
the navy or for any other government
purposes. The American owners of such
cargoes shall be permitted to Impose
upon buyers the obligation that this food
be not used for the army or the navy or
for other government purposes."
In support of the contention that the
German conservation regulations do not
apply to Imported grains, Mr. Brooking
said today' that Roumanian grains had
been freely- dealt In since, the beginning
of the war and that at all times the
prices on them had ranged much higher
than maximum prices for homo-grown
Mr. Brooking says some sntl-Amerlcan
sentiment hae been created In Germany
over the largo exportation of arms and
ammunition to .Great Britain from
America. '
"However." Mr Brooking said, "well
Informed Germans fully realise that there
Is no illfiallty In this. Ktlll they are
anxious to see what stand the American
government will take relative to the ex
portation of foodstuffs 'to Germany,
whether the United States will Insist
upon Its legal rights when this favors
The date for the hearing before a prise
court on the WUhelmlna cargo has not
been fixed.
rfO TTTCJT7U TV)TTC!C!TXTfLJsoon "Ranled itself and started out to
OJlIU10.LI.Lv lYllwklllJWttack the. mutineers. The troops were
(Continued front Page One.)
Clan MoNaughton was made In tho early
morning of February 3, and It la feared
that It was lost during the bad weather
which prevailed at that time."
' Those A mo hk Crew.
Amcng the crew ot the Clan McXaugh
ton were twenty men of the Newfound
land Royal naval -reserve. Twenty of
ficers and W0 men were on boad the
warship. The commander and tho prin
cipal officers belonged to the Royal navy,
the others to the Royal Navnl reserve.
From the fact that there is no regular
BritlHh cruiser named Clan McNaughton.
and that there Is a merchant steamer of
that name It appears that the merchent
vessel has been made Into an auxiliary
The merchant steamer Clan McNaugh
ton was built at Glasgow in lflll. Di -menslone,
4.9SS tons; gross length, 429
feet; beam, fifty-three feet. It has been
In the Indian service, reaching London
from Calcutta last November,
British Transport Sank.
BERLIN, Feb. 24. (By Wireless to
London.) Official announcement was
made last night that tho British trans
port, No. 192, was sunk by a German sub
marine off Beachy Head at 4:45 o'clock
yesterday afternoon. '
A dispatch last night from New
Haven, England, stated that eighteen
ot the crew of . the Cardiff steamer
Rranksome Chine, a government collier,
had landed there and announced the
sinking of their vessel, either by a mine
or a torpedo. In the English channel,
twenty miles southeast of Beachy Head,
about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. This
probably Is the vessel to which the Ber
lin announcement refers.
Two Sailor o Whipple Drown.
SAN DIPX30. Cal.. Feb. 24.-Robert
Schwab and Ralph Cuttener, bailors of
the destroyer Whipple, were drowned to
day, when a small boat in which they
were seated, was capxlzcd by the des
troyer's propeller. The bodies wero
sucked underneath the destroyer, but
finally were recovered.
Both ExDositions
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Half of Indian (Regiment at Singa
pore Which Murdered Its Offi
cers is Quickly Subdued.
MANILA, Feb. 24. Four hundred
members of tbe mutinous Indian
regiments which revolted at tnga
port on February 18. have been
killed, as well as seven German pris
oners from the detention camp who
joined the natives when offered their
freedom, according to reports of the
uprising brought here ty passengers
from Singapore. The mutineers are
said to have killed all their officers
save the colonel, and . then attacked
civilians, several, of whom were
killed, including one woman.
The revolt began without warning. Half
tho Fifth light Infantry of Rngalese on
their way to Egypt, numbering- W. sud
denly attacked and subdued the other
half. Reports brought here are Id the
effect that the rebellious troops killed
none of the Hindu troops, who remained
loyal, but did kill some of their officers.
Including British and natives. They then
attacked the houses of civilians, accord
ing to the stories, killing men, but spar
ing tho women and children, who sought
refuge on the transport Nile, lying In the
Many ReTolters Killed.
The mutineers offered freedom to all
Get mans In the detention camp who
would Join them. Only seven of the pris
oners accepted this proposal, the others
preferring to remain where they were.
The half regiment which remained loyal
Joined by Europeans of all ages, who of
fered their services as volunteers. In
tho running fight which followed, four
fifths of the revolting Indians are said
to have been killed, and It Is believed
only about 100 men remain In the country
surrounding Singapore. The troops which
were attempting to quell the' mutiny
wero reinforced the following day by
sailors landed from French, British snd
Japanese warships. The revolt began at
a time 'when there were no war vessels
In port.
Other reports received here from Sing
apore are to the effect that thore are
rumore of unrest among the natives of
Rangoon, Colombo and Js'S.
Official Report In London.
LONDON, Fab. 23. An official an
nouncement, given out by the bureau of
information, says that a riot at Singapore
In the Fifth Light Infantry over promo
ttons, has been quelled.
The text of the announcement given
out by the bureau follows:
"News has been received from Singa
pore that owing to some Jealousy and
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From Omaha
and Return
dissatisfaction concerning recent pro
motions a portion of the Fifth Light in
fantry refused to obey onlcrs. This
caused a serious riot which the local and
neighboring forces with a detachment of
the thlrty-stx Sikhs aamited the authori
ties in quelling.
"Assistance was rendered also by land
ing parties from British and allss ships.
"The disturbance waa accompanied bv
a regrettable loss ot Ufa. Light officers
were among the total of thirty-five per
sona killed, while others were wounded.
"All Is now quiet In Singapore and there
has been no destruction of property."
REPD1NCJ. Csl., Feb. 24. News was
brought here today of a severe earth
quake Rundsy night In Twin Valley, thjity
miles east of here and twenty miles nfwrth
ot lasen Peek. The ground has been
cracked In all directions and tho homo
of Ivan Kampey has been tilted flvo feet
out ot plumb by the sinking of the earth.
Iargo springs hsve entirely disap
peared and new springs have appeared.
An aero of ground sank sixty feet. The
snapping and roar of the earth's crust
has been likened by residents of the dis
trict to the roar of a hesvy wind.
The tremhlor lasted two minutes and
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llirtr a..
Wm? fay 5a
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was done on William Morgan's place,
where s monih ago there were earth
movements, following an eruption of les
sen peak. It Is not known here whether
the mountain In now In eruption as the
peak Is obscured by heavy rain clouds.
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