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Stat department has been looking for
ward to renewal of discussion of ths
treaty at the first opportunity.
Opinion varied as to what stops would
be taken by ths United States whrn the
text of the German reply la officially re
ceived. Some contended that Inasmuch
as the Vnited States had Informed Ger
many that the latter would be held "to a
strict accountability" for any attacks on
American vessels and lives, the interests
of the American government might bent
be conserved now by standing unalter
ably on that warning and awaiting de
velopments. The fact that the United States did not
define its future course, but left It open
to construction by the recipient of the
communication, la regarded in some of
ficial quarters as making' unnecessary
any further explanation of the attitude
of the American government to Germany
unless some overt aot occurred.
Combined British and French Fleet!
Bombard Fortification at En
trance of Straits.
ATHENS (Via London), Feb. 20.
It Is reported here that the Anglo
French fleet destroyed Turkish fleets
on the other tide of the Dardanelles
during the bombardment this morn
ing. The forts on the European side
subsequently were attacked and are
still firing.
A powder magazine on the Asiatic
aide of the Dardanelles exploded
during the bombardment by the al
lied fleets. The forts replied In a
lively manner to the fire of the war
ships, but without success.
LONDON. Fet. 20. The British
and French fleets, it was officially
announced here today, bombarded
the forts of the Dardanelles on Fri
day with considerable effect. The
bombardment of the Dardanelles
ras renewed, the announcement
added, with sea ptanes and aero
planes co-operating.
The text of the official announcement
twued this afternoon by the BrtUsfl ad-1 on the eastern spur. Fighting continues
xnlraJty says: I at this point, where we had an advanced
Yesterday morning at S o'clock a Brit- Iost. Bain and now are falling In the
Isn fleet, ahlpa and cruisers, accompanied I Vosges.
.y flotillas and aided by a strong French I Germs Official Resort
squadron, the whole under the command I BERLIN, Feb .. (By Wireleas.)-
of Vioe Admiral Carden, began an attack The official statement given out today
coon the forts at the entrance to the Par-1 by the German army headquarters says:
dsnelles. I "In the western theater of the war:
Their Assault on French Trenches at
Yprei Faili and Their Losiei
Are Heary.
PARIS. Feb. 20 Vla Ixindonl-The of
ficial statement Issued this afternoon by
the French war department says:
"In Belgium the enemy bombarded
Nleuport and the dunes. His batteries
were effectively countered by ours. The
Hermans appear to hare employed im
portant forces in yesterday's attack
against our trenches to tne east of
Ypres. After a heavy bombardment of
our positions the Germans attacked with
the bayonet, but were repulsed and our
artillery held by Its fire the reserves,
which were to hsve supported the first
line attack. The German losses were
"From the Lys to the OIe and on the
Alsne in the region of Berry-Au-Bao,
great artillery activity prevailed.
Losses Considerable.
"It la confirmed that the enemy's losses
In the campaign of the last few days
have been considerable. According to
statements of prisoners, a battalion has
been destroyed.
"On the heights of the Mifse towards
night yesterday the enemy delivered his
fourth counter attack against the trenches
which we took at I.s Kpargnes. This at
tack was beaten back like the three pre
ceding ones by our artillery.
"In the Vosges the enemy continued
unsuccessfully liis'counter attacks on Hill
607, south of Ltisse. Couth of I -a Fecht
the enemy succeeded In gaining a footing
Bfcai mt Iosr Raage.
I Strong French forces yesterday attacked
forts at Cape Helles and Kum th8 German positions In the Champagne
Kale met bombarded with a deliberate north of Perthes and the
long range fire. Considerable effect was north of Lesraenlls. All attempts to
produced on two of the forts. Two brea through the Ocrman lines, how
others 'were frequently hit. but being ver- felled. la some places the enemy
pen earthworks It was dlffloult to estl- entered Into the advanced German
anate the damage. The forts, being out- trenches, where fighting atlll continues,
ranged, were unable to reply to our fire. Otherwise the enemy wss repulsed and
"At 1:45 o'clock In the afternoon a por-1 suffered heavy losses
German Submarine Uses Two
Bombs to Sink French Vessel
CHEKBORO, Feb. Sn.-(Via Tarle)
The story of tho sinking of the French
steamer Ville Dc lillle by a German sub
marine off the Barfleur lighthouse, east
of Cherbourg, was told lust night by the
boatswain of the vessel which was sent
to the bottom Tuesday.
The submarine which sunk them, he
said, was tho IMS. which pursued the
Ville Ie Lille some dlstnnce and maneu
vered In such a way as to prevent Its
escape. Then the Germans hoisted the
signal "stop or we fire on you." fcftT
which the steamer stopped snd the sub
msrino came alongside,
"I will give you ten minutes to leave
the ship," said the German oommander,
according to the boatswain's story. The
crew compiled with the order ond took to
the boats, pulling toward Barfleur.
Meanwhile two men from the submarine
went aboard the atesmer and placed two
bombs, one In the captain's room and
the other in the forecastle. Ten minutes
lster there vere two explosions snd ths
shin began to sink stern first. The can
tain and crew wept as they saw their
ship go down.
After the bombs hart been placed aboard
the Ville r Lille, the oumbarlne stopped
a Dutch ship which was allowed to pro
ceed after the Germans sstlsfled them
selves there was no contraband aboard.
The submarine then returned to the
Ville De Ullc'i bosts when it was seen
what ietperate efforts the sailors were
making to row to the coast and took them
in tow unlll the Barfleur was In sight.
The rnptaln of the steamer did not
have time to dress fully before he left
his ship and Injured his chin In clambor
InB into tb boat. The German comman
der, observing the captain's injury took
him aboard the submarine and gave him
first aid treatment
"The Germans also supplied the master
of the steamer with a fine pair of sea
boots as he had been compelled to leave
his own. behind.
manders of submarines to distinguish be
tween enemy and neutral vessels.
On the other hand, however, the portion
of the note In which Germany disclaims
all responsibility for what might happen
to .neutral ships, either by submarine
torpedoes or mines produced a feeling of
apprehension among some high officials
that a critical point might bo precipitated
in the relations between the United States
and Germany.
These officials suggested that there
would now be less cause for anxiety If
Germany had negotiated, as did Great
Britain, France and Russia, treaties with
the United States agreeing to submit to
a commission of Investigation any diffi
culties that may arise between them.
While the German amnaasador here Is
known to have endeavored to bring about
the negotiation of such treaty, the out
break of the war, with Its increased bur
den on the German foreign office, di
verted attention from It there, and the
"To the north of Verdun, a French at
tack was also repulsed. Near Combres
preparations for renewed French at
tacks were made by violent artillery
bombard ment.
Fighting la Vosges.
"Fighting still continues In the Vosges.
The Germans stormed the enemy's post-
tlon ot the battleship force was ordered
to close In and engage the forts at closer
range with their secondary armament.
"Tho forts on both sides of the entrance
then opened fire and were engaged at
moderate ranges by the Vengeance, Corn
fwallls. Triumph, Suffren and Bouvet,
supported by the Inflexible and . the
Agamemnon at long range.
' The forts on the European side were I ttons of two kilometers on the heights
apparently Silenced. One fort nn thai to the west of Sulsern, and also on
A static side was still firing when the Relchsaskerkopf. to the west of Muenster,
operations wens suspended owing to the I A battle for possession of the height to
falling light' No ships of the allied fleet the north of Meuhbach Is going on. Met-
were hit. lserland and Sandernach have been oceU'
'The action was renewed this morning pled by the Germans after a, battle,
alter an aerial reconalssanee by British "In the eastern war arena: In the dls-
aeroplanes. The ship Ark Royal is In I trlct to the northwest of Grodno and to
attendance with a number of sea ptanes the north ftunwalkl, there has been no
and aeroplanes of the naval wing." Important changes.
Tarklsfc Vnralea of Rattle. "To the southeast of Kolno ths enemy
AMSTERDAM, Feb. 20,-(Vla London.) has been driven back Into Its advanced
A dispatch from Constantinople gives position of Lomu.
the following orriclal statement Issued "South of Mysnlec, northeast of Frxans
by the Turkish wsr office: Jnsi and east of Raclona there have
"Early Sunday morning British and b.n enaaaements of a local character.
French ships renewed their bombardment From the south of the Vistula there Is
of the outer forts of the t Dardanelles, nothing new to report." 'W
nring ew snots without much success.
lZZTot":Ushny wou br H Irvin Cobb Agrees to
jini srnrarN Angio-Frenclt ships
bombarded the other forts of the Darda
nelles for seven hours without silencing
them. The enemy fired shots from guns
of rreat caliber.
"Three hostile armored ships
Funeral of Martin
Dunham to Be Masonic
and Held Next Monday
The funeral of Martin Dunham, Nc-
braaka pioneer, veteran Mason and promi
nent citizen, who died at his home in this
city Thursday night. Will be held at the
Masonic temple next Monday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, and will be In charge of the
Maaonlo grand lodge of Nebraska, S. P.
Davidson of Tecumse'h, past grand mas
ter, officiatng.
The body will be taken from the late
home of Mr. Dunham Monday morning,
and from 11 o'clock until the hour of the
funeral will lie In state in the large hall
of the temple, with a guard of honor In
charge. At o'clock the casket will be
closed. After the services at the temple,
the body will be taken to Prospect Hill
and burled in the family lot, the Masons
having charge also of these services.
The honorary pallbearers are all men
who knew Mr. Dunham for many years
and. were associated with him In differ
ent lines of work with which he and they
were connected. They are:
Jonathan Edwards and William T.
Kterstead, Douglas County Association of
Nebraska Pioneers; Sam K. Greenleaf,
lodge No. 9, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows; Charles G. Hunt. Veteran Fire
men's association; John H. Butler, Ne
braska Veteran Masons' association;
George W. Hervey, former member of
the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture.
Ths active pallbearers will be selected
from Capitol lodge No. S, Masons, of
which for many years Mr. Dunham was
member. At the funeral the Knights
Templar will furnish an escort
Echoes of the Strife
BUENOS AIRES. Feb. 1.-The Argen
tine government !s considering the mat
ter of warning the German steamer Hol
ger and the auxiliary cmlser Ardonna to
l.'ave this port within twenty-four hours
or bn disarmed and Interned, It was an
nounced tonight. The Hnlger arrived here
yesterday, having aboard tho crews of
several merchants ships sunk during Jan
uary ami February ny the Jerman auxil
iary cruiser Kronprins Wllhelm.
PARIS. Feb. 19. Pebnte on the bill
limiting tho niimlier of liquor saloons In
France was resumed todity by tho mem
bers of the French Chamber of deputies.
A measure was passed allowing the sum
of 14,xon,nn0 franca a reimbursement for
tnjtee paid by liquor dealers on abslntho
In their possession snd for the purchase
of stocks of absinthe.
BERNE, Switzerland. Feb. W.-The
Swiss government today received a note
from the German government saying that
the aviator, who February 2, flew over
Pwlss territory In the region of the fron
tier of Alsace, has been ptinlfheil. The
German note also expressed deep regret
that the incident had occurred.
T1VDON. Feb. 19. The Dutch govern
ment Is considering an Insurance plan
rnr snip under wnicn snipping companies
would take about 20 ner tent of the risk,
tho rest being borne by the government
snd insurance companies, according to
the Rotterdam correspondent of neuter's
Telegram company.
NEW YORK, Feb. :9. Captain Nelson
of the steamer City of Savannah, which
arrived tonight from Rotterdam, after
delivering a cargo of cotton taken on
at Wilmington. N. C. reported that Feb
ruary B. his ship nassed within 300 feet
of a mine in the Kr.glish channel.
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U. 8. Official! Discuss Peril to Ship
ping" Growing Oat of Berlin's
Determined Reply to Protest.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20. Presi
dent Wilson and his cabinet discusser!
at length yesterday the dangers to
American vessels and commerce grow
ing out of the reiterated determina
tion of the German government to
to wage) a warfare of submarines and
mines on enemy vessels, disclaiming
all responsibility for , what might
happen to neutral vessels venturing
Into the new sea zones ot war.
Of Grave Importance,
Canvass of cabinet officers dis
closed that tha administration re
garded the developments of the last
few days as of grave Importance.
Members of the cabinet declined to
predict what would be the course of
the United States. Some pointed out
that In every serious situation in In
ternational affairs much discretion
was vested in the president and that
his action would necessarily be
guided by the circumstances of each
case If any attacks on American
vessels occurred.
lias Not fc-eelved Reply.
Officially the United States government
had not reculvcd from Ambassador Ger
ard up to late tonight the text of the
German reply to the Atnerican note and
until it is in hand no decision will be an
nounced as to the administration's policy.
In the Informal discussion of the reply
as published in the press, some members
of the cabinet took the view that while
the situation was serious there was an
Indication in the German note of a will
ingness to negotiate and discuss the sub
ject further, which might, perhaps, post'
pone the active enforcement of the proe
lamatlon sufficiently . long to permit an
understanding to be reached about the
safety of neutral vessels and their Iden
tification on the high scaa. The delay in
receiving the note from Ambassador Ger
ard was regarded as of advantage In that
it had given opportunity for deliberation
hero and in Berlin.
Maximum of Vigilance.
The fact that Germany had emphasized
dLrn Ud'ctrT Constipation, Biliousness, Gen-
indicating that the maximum of vigilance
probably would be exerclsea by the com-
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damaged. One ot them, a flagship, was
damaged severely."
Another version of the Turkish report
as' received here from Constantinople
says that on the Turkish side one man
was killed and another slightly Injured.
Spy System Hidden
by Tourist Agency
Answer Questions
One of the features of Irvin Cobb's
lecture, which Is to be given at the Au-
were ditorlum on Wsdneaday. February , Is
(correspondence of Associated Press.)
" Alii 8, Feb. la The expulsion from
Switzerland of a German calling him
self Julius Thomas Is alleged to have after-dinner sneaker, but had navar mads
brought to light a comprehensive system a serious address. He looked up. thinking
the answering of questions by the war
correspondent of the Saturday Evening
Post. It Is expressly understood before
these questions are answered that they
shall not be such that will provoke con
troversy, but In spite of this announce
ment by the speaker they frequently de
become so. although Cobb deprecates any
thing ot this kind. i
Ills advent to the lecture platform was I
accidental. There was a dinner given
one night at the Green Room club In New
Tork and Cobb was asked to tell some
thing of what he 'saw In the European
war sone. He had been known as an
of espionage which he had carried on for
a period of two years or more st Basel
under the guise of a tourist agency.
Is recalled that in January. WU all the
French papers ran a small advertisement
offering good pay for easy work.
Applicants were directed to write to
Agt General Delivery, Basel." It Is
alleged that thla "Aget" was also known
oenwans,- ms supposedly correct
that perhaps he had neen boring the I
banqueters; he found some of them were I
crying, and all of them called for him to I
go on. One of the auditors that night
was the promoter of the tour.
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Railroad Service Reasmed
(Correspondence of Associated Press.)
PARIS. Feb. ia-The damage to the
name, and also aa Thomaa.' and that ,ln f .th K",,ern rllro before and
under the guise of publishing a tourist
guiae tie solicited matter with a letter
written In the following vein:
"I am going to publish a new tourists'
' guide: I want to put Into It alt the de.
tails of Interest to travelers, an Index
and map of all the highways, paths and
.forest trails, addresses of aU the botvls
and auberges, all the curiosities, monu
ments, buildings of historical Interest
Bend us this Information concerning your
neighborhood and we will remit you at
unco nuy xrancs; we will make It 100
franca V the Information you give us Is
of unusual Importance."
To those who sent In information
. "i"m ftrauwa promptly and wrote
asking for more details concerning the
topography of the region. In his third
letter of Instructions It Is alleged he
.'.,,w same ine mask or tourism and
asked for "a list of all the bridges In
the region, how built and of what ma-
ivnai, ine number of arches, length of
eecn, ine nearest garrison of troops, ths
number of each arm of the service quar
tered there, a description of the forts, if
t any, and how many troops of occupation,
, areuU. It any, or manufacturers of
powder, ammunition or anna." if no
reply was received, blackmail was re
sorted to. It is aaserted. Schwarts had
taken care to recruit his correspondents
among postal employes, railroad men.
government and municipal clerks, whose
relatione with bim were certain to com
promise them.
during the battle ot the Marne have now
been' sufficiently repaired to enable the
company to resume the express service
between Nancy and Paris, via Toul. Bar-
le-Due. Chalons and Kpernay. The Bel
fort expresa has also been restored, per
mining direct communication wtth BasrJ
In about nine hours.
GaBsbllssr at Meat srla.
(CurresponiKnce ot the Associated Press )
MONTE CARLO, Feb. la-Gambling is
rampant again after four and a half
months of enforced Inactivity. There la
o gold or silver shining on ths green
twin; ivory checks have taken their
Haceo, but roulette and trente-et-quar-
anie are going on at a few tables. The re
vival, however, has not sufficed to restore
tue season s Usual animation to the town.
7 be hotels axe nearly empty.
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