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    '2 A
Dundee Kan Tainted Out in Xesolu
tion Introduced by CLambert
of Douglas County.
rrVr-T a Ptaff CorreapwoVnt.)
WNCOt-X, Feb. JO. Sp?cliU .-Ihhy-eUte"
r,v ot n tbo PO"ht' the
chief vlllnlti In the play beln A Arlon
Lvlr1. RrpreintatlT Chamber of
Douirla countr tortAY nt up . motion
to t)Hl elork SFktn that th rule of the
hens res si-dln lorr.yln ho P"t In force,
and peclilriflly mi-ntlortln; fl. A Hon
Lewis of mmdee M the rch demon In
the business. ' '
The rfwruUon charred tvrr Lewis ws
th .representative of . rral eetate firm
which, owned Ism tract of real estate
In Dtrtvle,- tii Va workln atnt the
annoxMtnn tlll and wa Bf,t reKlstered.
"Why dont ynu put ,n nnrne f h
rmtleman Ihyln over In the other end
of the bulliilnH. who Uenmewhat tallr-r
than I im?" ehoutod Trumhln. loiter
when eke to whom he referred he 1
it vm not Arthur Mullen, a allejefl,
tut another rentlefuan from the Mi
After irettln the matter before the
house Mr. Chambers withdrew the reso
lution. i
The following- appropriation bill, rec
ommended by the Hoard of Control, were
reported out by the finance committee
thte afternoon and eer.t to third reading-:
IX, n. nT For IBJCO to buy landi at Nor
folk asylum.
H. H 474 Kor $7.K to buy land for the
3'lrle asylum.
II. It. 41'i-Kor WOW to buy land at Be
atrice Institution.
H. R m 'or M.KIO in eref t new hulld
lr.g at Orthore'l!' r"i'Hl et Lincoln.
'Little Moro Quiet
In University Bow
fFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. J0.-PpH.l.)-The tinl
' verity authorttte are wIMwr to furnish
any information the lellature want
about expense jf tlie lawmaker will give
the retonta time to flKtire over about
30,000 vouchers on hand. Thl Informa
tion was given the homes today In a com
munication from Chancellor Avery an
afti tmath of the hi row over "higher"
education precipitated by' rieptwntatlva
Taylor yeaterday. 'The hotise decided It
has been a HtU severe upon Mr. Taylor
in ref'tfln to give hie committee Instruo
tlone "detilred and today he and hi 1n
veMlRator wre referred to a resolution
calling upon all boards and state adminis
trative bodies to furnish the senate with
wlintever information was desired;
There probably will be no further de'tiU" now until the committee
rimke a report
Wf Tvlor said today lie was not In
favor of two boards of recsnta, en lor
the tinlverrttr proper na on tor 1)10
ta.t farm, but that he wanted one board
of regent to serve for h two Institu
tion. II particularly anilou that
the state farm should get what wa com
ing to it . '' ; '
Dalbov Good Roads
Bill to Third Reading
' irnffl a Riaff Correspondent )
T.1KOOIVW. -Feo. (Hpeclal.) H, IV
nil. and aoverel others of tlwJ
t,ue i mur which I i eUd to
help greatly in the bulldlnB ad kcci
Ing up f the road t the stata and
Increaae th annuul llcona taJt oft motor
TU bill w taken up in cotiimltte
of the whi le today and met witU-favorable
coniildnratlon. being eentl t tlJrd
rmdiug. Tl' A9 fcy th wu
re'julree a J'cenne on a''h motorcycle U
$U one each nutoniobU for private um,
l',; for business ue, tf. and for dealer
and niaiiuftn turer eftih, V'.
T'lrtHOlT, Trb. 9V Walter Vll'P, first
,.rr,1Kn. and Hut,fl High, outfielder, will
tiv with the New Yorlc Amerloen league
h rlub this season. iTeaMent
Navin ot th Detroit club, announcej to
Auv thut riiD had come to terms. with
r.:U Dcncvr.n cf New York and
had itfd a contract. uhjx-t to approvml
of Mr. Navln; High, N.vln said, will
c"rv to trm probably today witSx tHiu-
Aeroplanes Drop
Bomb3 on Cettinje;
Women Aro Killed
rAJUS. Feb. JO. It was seml offlelalry
announced In rati today that an Aue
trlan aroplxne flew over Cettinje, th
capital of Montenegro, on February II
and dropped tiln bomb. Two women
wer killed arnl four children were
wounded by the exploelona, according to
th statement,
nEUIJN, Feb. Ml Hy Wireless to Bay-
ville) The Overseas News agency today
gave out the following Item for publica
"Iteport from Sofia. Bulgaria, say tbat
hostile manifestation occurred before
the Herblan legation and the .Montenegrin
consulate, i
"In negotiating with England concern-
Ing the use by It vessels of neutral flags,
tho Dutch government repeatedly char
acterised the action of th British a an
"The flwcdtsh customs authorities havs
taken the strictest measures to prevent
the smuggling of contraband into Russia.
"Ilerr tiwlnner, manager of th
Deutsoh bank, who has made trip to
Vienna, ay the financial and econorr.lo
accomplishments of Austria during th
winter exceeded all expectation."
Commissioner Hall
Points to Letter
. By Board Members
(From fttaff Correspondent.)
UINCOIJ, Feb. . (SpeolaU-IUSlway
Commissioner Tbomaa Hall in replying
to the letter of Railway Commissioners
Clark and Taylor, who deolarad they
wer not for the meaaur, placing regu
lation of publlo utilities under the rail
board ha petnted to a. totter "written
by them to member of the legislature
and read In the house in which they
reoommnnded If, R. 2G9, bill that would
amend th stock and bonds act so a
to allow th Missouri IVclfto railroad
to convert It common stock. Into pre-
. M . I. 7 '
Commissioner Hall s,y h feel It to
b hkt duty s a member of a oommlts
olo amployed by th stet and pald,
thoroughly to famlllarts himself with
wry phase of publlo interest, to' pro
tect those publlo intereet even- to th
extent of going before the leglslatur.
11 say th amount of bu that he
ha recalvod seem a Utile kmfa wh n
ii Mm oonsirierea ine.1 legislation lor
which he tg working U now th law in
twenty state of the union, those state
having; beon driven to It within the last
tew year.
HA0GIKS' WIDOW GETS $3,000,000
WABTINQS, Neb., Feb, to, (Special Tel'
egram.) Proposal for the installatlou of
a antral heating plant and a Jitney serv
ice for Hosting will be considered by
th Chamber of Commerce at a meeting
Monday, A, IL JUmbrough of Chicago I
her looking orer th field for a heating
plant, while Henry fihuotl contemplates
commissioning a number of twelv-ps-
senger car for Jitney servio.
' T lie Adam ounty .court nous was
o!o4 for fumigation m a tesuli ttt th
lllnee of ilhofiff Col with kmallpox,
District court haa-'been adiournia for a
weelt and rlKorou measure hav beon
taken to prevent th prad f th con
taglon, , , 5
( 1
(Continued from Page One.)
LEXINGTON. Ky, Feb. X-Wrs. Pearl
Voorhle Ilaggini, youthful widow of
James B. llacgln, millionaire turfman,
will get hi Klmendorf estate, valued at
(3.000,000, under th term of hi will.
The estate comprises 870 acres of blu
grass and a string of noted fao hors.
Wows Notes of Cedar Bluffs.
CEDAR BLUFFS, Neb., Feb. SO. (Spe
cial.) If, W.' Btollcy. a retired farmer at this pine, told hi farm seven
mile south of her yesterday for 11
Per acre. Th farm consists of eighty
' The Ice in the Plntt river Just north
of tlii place is In a very weak condition
and it 1 .expected to brl up at any
time. Many of the farmer living north
of here are watching th rivor with a
ftru&t deal ot interest on aooount of th
valuable hnylend they posses rtetur th
English Pheasants
Send Word of Battle
. j To the Nations
(Corrs)ondenc of the Aseoclatod Press.)
LONDON; Feb, I H Folk on the east
coast have no ned of lookout to warn
thont of a tattle lo the North Sea, Oven
when they can not hear th gun-firing
they haVs augurle of the battle in th
pheasants, in which th country there
about abound. . .
Hour before the people of Irndon wer
aware of It many ast coast residents
knew there had been an engagement on
the morning of Sunday, January 24. Al
most immediately after firing had begun
th pheasant mad a great stir andj
fusa and those old resident able to read
th sign realised that th sensitive birds
were aware of distant cannonading. Sim
ilar demonstration by the bird had
been mad on previous occasion.
Rev, W. IS. JU Evan, writing from
Saxby Rectory, Lincolnshire, on the east
eoast, yi "It may be of interest to
Admiral Sir David Beatty to Jcnew that a
lrg portion of the population of. tbls
remote parUrt, la spite ot the eensor, knew
all aoout hi doing on Sunday morning
at an' arlv hour. .
1 'Our worthy clerk met ate with the an
nouncement, "Ther be rurs going cn in
the North fiea thi
Vhyr X Inquired,
men river below Kovno down to th light
bank of the lower Vistula, and military
expert in London say it I difficult to
vlctualls this poeltlon.
The campaign In th Austrian crown
land of Bukowlna continue, with pros
pect of developing Into a decisive bat
tle on the bank of th Pruth river.
Tn ' Oallcla th repeated violent Aus
trian attack against the Russian posi
tions In th Carpathian pse bar been
costly to both side, but they bar left
the alignment little change.
In the west th German are hammer
ing away In an endeavor to recover lost
ground and are reported to be keeping
th British troop spee.iaUy busy to th
southeast of Tyre. In Belgium, and else
where along their comparatively extended
front, but, according to French and Brit
ish claim, without making appreciable
(Continued from Peg One.)
national law,- Juid,..whU cfUii&Js her
admit that th commerce, of the United
State ha been treated irloch -better by
the allies sine the protest wmai ent than
before, hey are unwilling to set any prece
dent by aoquleBence in several of the
British contention.
... ,
Fewer Comptolet. ' . '
The Stat department of la i ha .re
ceived comparatively few. eouopUnt ot.
detention and'aelaure and th opinion
prevails among offioials that th Ameri
can not ha had it delrd ffact .
A for th note whloh Great Britain
sent in the case ot the American steamer
Wilhelmlna bound for Germany,, with a
cargo of foodstuff, now held . by the
British prise courts, the Mate department
will enter Into no further oorreepondenoe
on th subject, a waiting ta has been the
customary practice, the decision of the
prize, court before making dtplomatlo
representation. Th dtolsioa ot the
court U expected, however, to be made
within a reasonable length of time and
If in the opinion of th State depart
mnt there 1 a denial of Justlo of the
American owner, a protest will be ear
tared. . . , ,
(From a BUff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Feb. Kpeoisi)-Jolonel
Augustus Bescboner, head bookkeeper of
the senate; figure that the !hki ha
passed forty-stx bill, killed forty-el. ha
forty-two on third reading and forty-one
on general file. Th enat ha reoehred
from the house aeventy-aevon cui. oi
which It ha passed two, killed two and
sent to third reading two, Ther arc four
teen on general file.
n.,i Rnearftski irstem
BELLD FOURCHB, Fb. -8pecll)
Th Consolidated Power and Light
company ha purchased th city lighting
vstem of Btmarflsh, to annex to th y-
tem. 'The purchase was mad from the
HomUtak company, Whloh ha been gup-
nlvli BpeirfUlt. It I stated that the
sal "Ha made beoau th Horns tak
l,a need of all 111 electricity generated
by 1U Bpearflsh canyon plant Th Con
solidated line front tbetr pewr piani at
Radwater Das through th dg of Bpear-
TM paieasant 1 all' over the place fish, so it will not be a difficult matter
with , their , fusa,' was .th reply. Many
villager," add the rector, "confirm hi
statement as to th excltad condition of
tne tirds."
Th London Time. Invcutlga'tlng th
maUcr, Tiritl that pheasant elsewhere
along th coast hav diitfl&yed: the same
uneasiness during naval engagement.
Their sentltlv organism; catche th
faintest distant tramor when lh human
ear is not disturbed.
Be Want Ada Produce
to transfer that olty' lighting system
from on company to the other.
I Investors with money read the Real
Krtate ads in, The Bee. Advertise yonr
properjy for a Rule sale.
' ' DepKrtmeet Order.
WASntNOTON. Feh. . (Special Tel
srtun.) Frank 'M. ronton of Alliaacev
Neh., ha been appointed a laboratory aid
in the Ar1oultunti department
Tlie iKietoffioe at Taholati, Chehall
counts', Wyoming, ha been discontinued;
mail to AUautto City.
Mam Wfce WnUl tar te l,v a
t'eetary FeUe Sbert Twe
After dieting and following a regular
routine of dully exercise for twenty
ywi In an effort to live to be K year
old. Danla gulllvnu of l'.lughamton. N.
Y died at th age of U ii'i as th
' Twenty years aeo Mr. Bulllvan during
a diuUm with a ply of friends x-
rreta tlie belief that by fulluwitig
daUy st routine in eating and living
any person could live to be a centena
rlun. They laiiKhed at hiio. He said he
would prove it. lie immediately dl
continued tte ue of totnuco or lntoxU
cants In auy form and biean eating but the JiliilnCEt of fooflu. lte
wiilkid at least tour inllt-s daily, and
was la tlie ouuiuor air at least five
hour out of every twenty-four, no mat
ter what the weuther.
A vlt aro !v- was In ht umial gd
r.lrtts and hral'.a, tind ate hi uamiU
dinner. He went to his reora and his
aaucitier nra"j a lan. nio sitgnu mm
Sying on t floor wiiere he fallen
atur trli-itug ou a rug. lie had burst
a t i"1 vcnr1. This, with Ms'oM age,
cauid Mm death. New York Herald.
tit; 7
It. II. Wrstwurik,
JTA?T!N;S. Nih., Feb. iPreial
Ttlesram. - D. 11. Wenlworth. Suoer
vtryr at In,:!, si.lrt, fornu r county urr
l(lr. n;'t a i-lneer aett'.fr here, Ui,v1
t' W innrtitn? Kjincral eeriee will t
J..-1 1 Mi.nluy. It' was Mr. Wentwoith's
l.i-r'. tf it-!'ii'Ud l i i' ry that i nuiol
a.i !i. if! t; Jti n of the letting of brlilg
irtm 'n l.rtv .'!: ear ago.
v'lil. Neb., Feb. SO.
ri , , :u ,.f tne fine.t sainplct
1 i. v: i
r:.,l '(-"V
r i t h.k Iiimc u!'. r J In the ArK n
t , o i.. i.i w j tl.ruuiih this city
c.. r i. i ..f'M'tfloi, n route to tn I'an
I i I.- 1 i: l.iiitit capiwlltuo,
wl.i it , i..-J In ii Fran- ico today.
Said . " '
' "A penny saved is
a penny earned"
With tho prlco of beef and
wheat soaring higher and high
er, tho problem of economic
living ia causing many house
wives to consider food values
in planning meals.
For years many have known,
and othcH aro now finding
out, the true economy in
Tr '."H
03H ;r
v. .i
. - u
TN. . a ''
OMY OM: I.kiiM" ttl I INK."
S-t - t the t,' u'l fur full name,!ve 1 ri'in'i Cu.i.ii.r. 1'i.k fur ,atia
. e ,-f K. V. liule. t'oi.a to:i 1 CCS
This food, the true meat of rheat and barley full of Nature's richest " nourish
ment, builds nerve ar.d muscle, bone and brain, in a way that has thoroughly com
mended it the world over.
A package of Grape-Nuts fully cooked, ready to 6erve, and sealed in its weather-proof
and germ-proof wrapping can ba had from any gTocer. No ris ia pricl
Grape-Nats, served with milk, cream or fruit, gives satisfaction, Bustaining food V
value, true economy, and proves itself a family friend.
Lleacon" for Grane-Nuts
i n i i v i ia
A a "
The New Wash Goods
For Spring Arc Ready
Fresh, spring-liko materials are
arriving daily. They seem daint
ier than any previous season.
Printed snowilake voiles and embroidered
voiles and organdies are fabrics of unusual
beauty. Special showing Monday.
Dress Goods Section
Main Floor
oK- n
New Tub Crepes
tVnd Silks of
Unusual, Beauty
85c to $2 a Yard
These beautiful silks fill a
hundred uses shirtwaists, '
dainty gowns, men's shirts,
eto. AU in all, there U hardly
a more useful silk to be
found and certainly nothing
lovelier. , .
Repeated tubbing will not ,
injure the color.
White Goods .
SOo White Checked Dimity,
Monday . . 4 25o a yard '.
50o White Checked Dimity,
Monday . . 35c a yard
25o White Persian Lawn, '
Monday . .19oayard!
S5o White Persian Lawn, .
Monday . . ' . 25c a yard
50c White, Persian Lawn,
Monday . . 35c a yard ',
$2.50 Canton
Crepe ,de Chine
Half Price
Monday $1.25
a Yard
One of this season's most '
beautiful fabrics In all the
.leading colors in dainty
figured effect. Special show
ing, of these goods Monday.
Spring Exposition of Authentic Fashions
Combining Style With Moderate Price
Suits Coats ( Dresses Skirts
Mr. NicolL to whom years
of experience both abroad
and in America have given a
wonderful insight into the
ways of Dame Fashion, is
again spending the season in
New York as our representa
tive. He is in close touch
with the foremost American
designers, and in a position
also to watch
Parisian models,
He is, because of his wide
acquaintance and because he
is on the ground, able to take
advantage of any price con
cessions. As a result, we
present a remarkable showing of exclusive apparel at
prices most moderate.
Suits, $19.50 to $75.00 Coats, $18.50 to $45.00 ,
Silk Dresses, $16.75 to $95.00 Skirts, $6.50 to $22.50
No Extra Chargo for Alteration. , .
n a position f-
closely the
A Remarkable Sale of
Dfapiery Cretonnes Monday
I 25c QaaKty lSc
20c Quality 12c
These Are Real Bargains and Better
Still the Assortment is Large
These cretonnes are of ar-.
tiktio patterns-' charming
color combinations, and ex
cellent quality: , "
All at smaU cost Monday.
., Quaiat Cliinta ffoct, gorgeous
roccs. pttmed crotonncs, etc.,
In softly blended shade nltabl
fop dainty bedroomg lattice or
floral patterns for orf, porch
cushion, utility boxeev cozy cor
iter, overhanglnfta of a.11 kinds,
aso doMB ef cthn na.fnl thin-
Moeuarjr to max beaatUtU bome.
Better Qualities also- Re
duced. 35c Quality . . ' . 25o
45c and 50c Quality . 35c
60c and 65c Quality . 50o
Investigate Monday You Have Never Defore Seen Such Values
Warm and Sunny
Averax Tempera tatre 70 ; , .
Imrt that tnrtHnT WTL jtwt enme a4 '
Sgor H U rtri(te tut Ceest, , .
t 'TCNNI en- QOLF - .
MIPIN-a m.m SAtltNtl '
f- cunr itATHiNa, c.-'
! luJplecaa.
efc. Aevaaiiaei i
. Feooe U L n and Aicaaar,
Hotol (inMrA
. V'hI m h ,
Irasn and Kuyai Foinelaiia
Miami i
Kasna, IiImwi
Inff Hey I
Aa Idoai bshu am,
rairwav Cub Via
Iwial a4 P. O. S.aOa
(LOMUA lAltf lual
Wttk Arm. .Mew Tor
St. Au
mm !., t'Kt
usiiua. tie.
"A lletel Where CueaU are limA
. ta Feel at Iknao'
Not too large, yet larje
enough to afford the
'. maximum of vilue at
minimum' expense.
Exceptional! Accettlila
SSi ftmwHtrutt iUsasaraat Caerge
SiAgl Keeats eiik K.k.Lhj
il .Otf i swaay "
6uvl Keeat tik Tuk ar S.
ml &Q i ll t pr eay
Decbi keeou nk kunnirt toaiw
i w ta H.Li pa ear
DeUe Keoau " TaS ar &bw
0 10 i.b0 w a.r
EDWARD C. FOGG, Mmmmmun CirnM
em tus psnectioa
matU pretty close-
Diamond Squeegeo Tread Tires
rolled a wonderful secure in 1914
nothing like it in the whole history of.
ixrerecorus . .
ff,. "Canal Dorar, Ohio, Dec 1, 1914
"I find that less than li fl of the nrc which
I hav parcbaaed th paaf ceaaoxt have been
Mnt In for adjuaunent. ,
Thl I nidr m reroarijible record and on
that I hav never sees eqoal'.ed by eny other
mak of tire. Th Diamond Tire end partic
ulaily th Sijneegxe Tieed ere without question,
th most aiis!actory tire in my opinion that
. hav ever been placed on th market. . ,
We : expect just as . good returns
this year afid the price is honest and
low, not padded. - .
la Uitleei te the) extraordinary mmI freedom
frecai trewLI that you (et in CHasMAdV So;eHMee
Xm4 Tires, you can now buy them at the following
'S A t
fequeegee m Biuett
33aS f .4S 34 at 4 $2035
SO x 3(4 120 3m45 . XS.70
S2 x i)i 14.00 37x8 33.00
33 x 4 20.00 33xEl4 43.00
-J -J " """
Bcc Want Ada.