Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 21, 1915, EDITORIAL SOCIETY, Page 9-B, Image 19

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Th Wrrn of Vlririntn." wHttrn hy
Wllllum C. ! Mill and orlKinlljr pri
4)uom1 by tMaaco with trvmrndnu nuc
c. The Lanky tir, Rlnnchc Pwot,
ppenra In thia roallntlo produrtlon, which
teems with comrelllnit hrurt Intrroet n4
ftupondoua war nornod. The natural and
eppfnlln corned r. "The Country Roy,"
an Immrnne hit when plnyd on Hnnd
way and hy ton rned companion, In of
fer! In I.Rky font u ro films for Friday
and Ptiirdnv. wllh a eplondld rant eup.
portln Mnrnhall Nellan In the title role.
THB- il
Woman Asks License
to Drive Jitney Bus
Mrs. O. II. White la the flrat woman In
Omaha to apply for a licence to operate
a Jitney btia. Mra. White hB received
permlselon and will Immediately atart Jit
ney eorvloe from Thlrty-alxth and Har
ney atreota to the depota. She will oper
ato the car hertelf at flrat, but will prob
ably anon employ a driver.
Douglas B069
18th and Harney Its,
Panlel TYohman presents
rani MoAUlater and Jane reamley
In- :
Famous Dayer Films of a Great
Dramatic Success.
Another Frohman Star .
Jane Grey
lug Tollook's Qr
"- XS-v w x
' :Tl Z ' V "
: v , 7 a f :
t , fM' -4 . ' ; -- - 1
IsaUJ ,
Wih "Under Cover
HAT, )0O a mlr.ute for a vaude
ville performer?"
This question about Sylves
ter Sehaffer, who heads the
bill next week at the Orpheum,
tits been repeatedly asked
Manager Byrne. And this la now the In
quiry is answered:
'To people outside the enow buslnene
I know how Incredible It Bounds that an
entertainer should draw a salary of 5,00
a week. It amounts to the same as say
ing that Sehaffer cams enough, In a year
to pay the salary of President Wilson
(rs.OOOt; the salary of the ten cabinet
officers ($120,000); the ambaesador to
Kngland (flT.COO), and also the salary of
the ambassador to Germany (117,000).
"Hon much It that? Makes a total of
laii.COO, doesn't It? Well, Sehaffer could
pay that, and then have $.,000 left over,
out of his annual stipend.
"How can the Orpheum circuit afford
to pay such a salary? I'll tell you. Ifs
for prestige. It s a publicity event, and
not a money-making proposition.
"Theatrical papers say that the tour
of Bernhardt in vaudeville at $7,000 a
week was a money-losing piece of enter
prlec. If that were true, It would still
have bec worth while on the .ground of
prestige. .
"It Is by these big events that ad
vanced vaudeville establishes Us Stan-
clarda. The merchant you know, some
times sell goods for leas than the good
aro worth. Why? In order to get his
store talke'd about.
"The same thing holds good In the
show game. So, on these terms, the
Orpheum ran afford to present the high
est salaried, star in the amusement field
the man who actually receives $00 a
' Tnder Cover." Roi Cooper Megrue't
exciting nea melodrama, comes to tha
lirandeis theator for three nights begin
ning tonight with a matinee tomorrow.
xWashlntgon"a birthday, with the endorse
ment of New Yoik City, Chicago and
Boston. In each of these big centers it
has registered a distinct hlt, having to
Its credit engagements of forty weeks In
Boston and six months in Chicago, while
It It still one of the big winners In New
Tork City despite the fart of Its having
been there since the early part of last
August Omaha will get the Chicago
company Intact, which means In the
principal role the noted actor and star.
H. B. Warner, whose splendid acting In
the stellar role of "Alias Jimmy Valen
tine won for him a host of friends and
admirers. In his present part in ' Tnder
Cover" Mr. Warner Is said to even sur
pass al f his former work. Supporting
Mr. Warner are Isabel Irving, Rita Stan
wood, Frank Klngdon, William Court
lelKh, Jr.; Thomas McGrane, rtyth Don
nelly, Jy Wilson, Frances Stamford, K.
M. Dresser and Evelyn May.
'Tnler Cover" Is "modern" melodrama,
which means that it has been refined and
the Improbable element eliminated. Also
it is free from objectionable underworld
charraters and nauseating white slavery.
The story of "Under Cover" deals with
tlm efforts of the United States customs
authorities to run to earth a powerful
smuggler. Stepher Denby Is suspected of
smuggling into this country a pearl
necklace valued at $2uO.0OO. .Inspector
Taylor of the service learns of It and
gets on the scent He allows Denby to
enter unchallenged, as he Is traveling In
the party of powerful political and sola!
persons, but tracks him to a weekend
party. Here he forces a young society
woman, through his knowledge of her
younger sister defrauding a burglary In
surance company to aid him. She dis
covers that Denby to the man she loves.
How she saves both him and her slater
furnishes one of the biggest surprise
finishes aver offered on the stage.
Most of the big popular suocesses ea
the America stage came unexpectedly.
Bom of them have gone begging tor
managerial recognition, while others were
thought of so poorly in advanca that It
was hard to find who wrote them. Among
the latter Is "Potash and Perlmutter."
the comedy founded on the Montague
Class stories, which A. II. Woods will pre
sent at the Brandeis theater for four
eights and a Saturday matinee, begin-
- - I f Mm, mf r Wf u.
"-At-Ac Srazzdeu
mt&,&Ufc-.v"f ",,M
JZtes Emily Clrre
At- the Soy cf - TuetJ '(
nlng Wednesday evening, February U.
with the same Identical cast that played
the George M. Cohan theater. New Yorlc,"
for filty-slx weeks, and the Olympic
theater, Chicago, for close to thirty
weeks. The compsny Includes Alexander
Carr and Barney Bernard, wh created
the famous parts of Abe and Mawrues.
Charles Klein, the well known author,
was Invited to make the dramatisation of
"Potash and Perlmutter." He drew the
ground plan, so to speak, and then begged
to be excused. . He said that the material
of the Glass stories was so disjointed
that it did not promise well for the stage.
Jules Bckcrt Goodman and a number of
others were asked to take up the work,
but declined. Hugh Ford, who had been
engaged to stage the piece, finally took
it in hand, and. it Is sala, wnlpped It
into its present shape during the re
hearsals. It admitted, however, that
the dramatic features which have made
the play so pronounced a success were
included in the draft supplied by Mr.
Everybody who reads current litera
ture at all knows the two partners, Abe
Potash and Mswruss Perlmutter, the two
warring friends who make up-to-date
garments. They occupy the greater part
of the play's action and are productive
of an almost incessant flood of laughter.
Their noble qualities are brought promi
nently to the fore In their effort to pro
tect the young Russian fugitive who has
found a place in their establishment
But the necessary sulvatlon cornea after
all the characters concerned In the drama
show their best side, so that everybody
breathes a sigh of relief when the start
for the coiruniasioner's office la made to
save the $.0.UJ0 ball. That In brief, teUs
the action of the piece. Around it many
amusing Incidents are gathered, and the
love story of Potash's daughter for the
refugee and the romance of Perlmuttter
for the million-dollar designer are nicely
woven in.
Henry Miller, who has Just concluded
a rccord-breaJklng engagement in Call-
- ,
fi t)
t if f'i
Sylvester Schalfier Orheu.m
rr.n, ... ..... .
i a - . M . - - A
fornla in "Dmldy Lrfng-Iega." will come
to the lirandeis theater for three nights
beginning March 4, with matinee Satur
day. Mr. Miller's play la the biggest suc
cess now running In New York, and It
has proved Just as great a sensation In
California, where It was offered for the
first time, with Henry Miller In the title '
role. At the time the comedy was pro
duced In Chicago more than a year ago
Mr. Miller was unable to make his ap
pearance In the role written for him.
Even without the advantage of his own
acting, "Doddy Long-Legs" proved a tre
mendous success. It ran all last -spring
and summer at Powers' theater, Chicago,
and, when the Chicago company waa
transferred to New York last August the
fascinating fetage story achieved a new
triumph and settled down for a run that
Is certain to continue throughout this
sesson and next. Because of this fact
Henry Miller agreed a few months ago
to assemble a special company and make
a special midwinter tour of the Paclflo
coast . y
As the stellar event or the Orpheum
this week comes Sylvester Sehaffer, the
highest sulurled performer In vaudeville
and acknowledged as the most versatile
performer in the world. Ha Is known as
"the man who does everything." Ten
headline acta are combined In the work of
this single performer, who Is so unique a
figure In the world of amusement that he
draws tt.OOO a week. Card and coin
manipulation, feats of horsemanship and
Juggling, marksmanship, music, painting,
pantomime and athletics are features of
his act. For somewhat over an hour he
holds the stage, and there la never an In
stant when he does not grip the attention
of his audience. Thia will be his first
visit to Omaha.
"Surgeon Louder, U. S. A.." as pre
sented by the trio jof funmakers, Imhoff,
Conn and Coreene. is a clever bit of
farce. The sketch Is a sequel to a for
mer sketch known aa 'The Doings of
Dr. Leader." - Roger Imhoff, as Private
Casey, carries the principal burden of
tha comedy. Described as "America's
foremost harp virtuoso," Genevieve
Warner, assisted by Charlotte Frances,
violinist, will offer one of the most pleas
ing concert numbers ever presented on
the Orpheum stage. Miss Warner' sing
ing Is a special featur of the act Whirl
wind dancers ana Sascha Platov and Kitty
Glaser, and their act Is said to be as
graceful aa It is novel. Lucille and Jimmy
Lucas are to contrlbuta on of the most
diverting features of tha bill, and Alfred
Bergen, baritone, will prove his ability
as an unusual singer. Once again the
Orpheum Travel Weekly will exhibit
elaborate motion picture views of strange
places over the entire world. .
At the Boyd this week "ek-ven Days"
wlllbe played, with Mr. Bliss In th lead
ing role, that of James Wilson, the fat
and good-natured husband who has be
come estranged from his wife, and is as
siduously seeking No. 2. It Is this fas
cinating pursuit on the part of Wilson
that makes possible the situation on
which the story turns, that of the hus
band, the wife, the girl, the man she
really loves, a burglar, a policeman, and
a number of other Interesting people being
shut up In a house In New York for
seven days by reason of a suddenly le
vied quarantine, which Is maintained air
tight by the police. The fun Is spon
taneous and of a kind that define analysis,
with the denouement on lop of the house
at the end of the seventh day, under suoh
circumstances as make, the last act fun
nier than any of the others. Mr. Bliss
has already established himself as a
comedian, but this role will give him the
first real chance he hus had. Mis Mo
Henry will have the part of Mrs. Wilson,
and Miss Delia Mae Byers, a newcomer,
will have the role of Kit McNalr, the
girl in the case. Mr. Watson will play
the burglar, and the others of the com
pany will be well situated In the cast.
Mr. Bliss has provided well for the pro
duction. The flrat performance will ha
at the matinee thlfl afternoon, and the
play wtll be repeated each evening dur
ing the week, with other matinees on
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Manager Burgess will present Miss
Emily Clove, one of Omaha's most ac
complished young violinists, for the spe
cial musical feature on Tuesday night
At each performance during the week
Doretta Adler and Jack Farber will give
demonstrations of the fox trot the ca
ter and other new society dances.
There Is more than the ordinary amount
of merriment in the "Star and Garter"
show, headed by Jack Conway and Miss i
"Blllle" Hill, which will be the attraction i
at tha Oayeter theater weeic beginning j
this afternoon. The musical extravaganza
U entitled "The Mystlo Jewel." Much i
is made out of the plot by Jack Conway
as Tim Riley in his adventures on the i
vsy to Manless Isle, and Miss "Blllle" !
Hill "puts over" her songs with ai! the ;
snap and abandon that makes musical ,
burlesque prima donnas famous. Mr.
Conway and Miss Hill are supported by a '
cast whloh Includes Murk Thompson, '
Thomas Welch. John Eckhardt, Henry I
Srelntnan, Edward Griffon, Harriet He- j
bert, Mabel Clark and others, including j
an American beauty chorus. The ex.
travaganta is In two acts and eight
scenes, with plenty of dance numbers i
snd melodies scattered throughout There
will be a dally matinee, to which bar
gain prices are offered the ladles.
Headlining the bill at the Empress this
week Is "The Majestic Musical Four" the I
fftll, nunu n n r. t -v. . . 1 . . A a I
...... ....a. u. Hii-iuu. IWUNUirj
- jii . . . . iL .
nuuue aiircti-uon .is me i nree lm- J
perlal Japs," royal entertainers from the
orient who closo their art with a sensa
tional slide for life. Rose and Williams
offer a comedy singing and talking bit
Interspersed with laugh-provoking paro
dies. Holden and Harron, the messenger
and tha lady, will complete the vaude
ville bill The photo-play attraction for
th week Is that uproarious melodramatic
farce, "Officer ." This play held the
beards as tha biggest comedy success of
three seasons, and from all reports the
picture promises to exceed the popuiurity
of th play.
Famous plsys are offered as Hint fea
tures at the litpp theater this week, with
such master producers as Panlel Kroh.
man, Iavd Helasco and Jesse I Lasky
presenting their stars and stage successes
in perfect motion pictures. Aa a special
attraction for today only, . Manager
Bchlank will show the Famous Player
films of the Frohman stars, Paul McAl
lister snd Jane Feartiley, la John Rein
hart's great success, "The Ucalea of Jus
tice." Jane Grey, another well estab
lished Frohman favorite, will be seen
Monday and Tuesday In films of Chan
nlng Pollock's famous play. "The Utile
Grey Lady." For Wednesday and Thurs
day, Jeeae C Leaky, in, association with
David llelaaeo, olfera a paramount p'c
turlaatlon of the great ciil war classic.
Mon., Tues.
Xol Cooper Kerrne'a Exolttng Play of Love, Laughter, Mystery and Thrills.
(Iuit (tar of "sUlaa Jimmy Yaleotlne") aad th guaranteed original
Chicago Co.
PBIOEB Evenings, 8 So to tfl.OO. ropular Matinee Washington's I ft ft
Birthday (Monday), Bart Beats O I lUU
. . . . "The Bun Shines for Everybody,
AlfifrhteanflCSt Flat '.' "v h "
T llljtLlll IIU Willi lllBIs
Starting Wednesday,
February 24
A. H. Woods
Presents the World's Big
gest Comedy Hit
Alexander Carr
Barney Bernard
And the Original Company That
New York nd Chicago 82 week.
Evenings 8:15 Matinee 2:15
11 '
' '',
Week starting Sunday Matin ae, rah. tl.
Sylvester Bohaf fey
"The Man Who Does Everything.1
Presenting Ten Headline Acts in His Own Person, t.
A Merry War of Laughs
"Surgeon Louder, U. S. A."
A Military Comedy
Assisted" by Mlgnon McOlbeny
Late Dream Olrl in
. "When Dreams Come True."
In the most sensational of Modern
and whirlwind dances.
The Eminent Baritone.
Prices: Matinee, gallery, loc.
Nights, 10c, 25c, 60o and 75c
Wednesday Evening at 8:15
February 24
mum s. good
of the Htnff of the
Wtll Give
An Illustrated Talk
(And Mr. Cobb Talk Kven Wet
ter Than He Write) on
In the European War Zone.
Motion Mrturea of Authentic War
Direction of Kelwyn & Co.,
New York.
Seat Sale Opens at Auditorium
Monday Morning, Feb. 21 at.
IYifea 25c to $1.00.
i F-t"
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Feb. 25, 26,27, 28
Matinee at 2:30 Dally. Night st 8:30.
World Film Corporation Photo Play
vero mi me me
A Wonderful Dramatic Feature in rieveti Acta.
Iroduced I'nder the AuttpUes of the Nstioual Woman's Huff rage
Scats-lO Cents and 25 Cents
Genevievt Hauflsirs School oi
t'p-to-tha-mlnute Dances, class or
private lessons. Aaaembly every frt
day even hiit. Children's, Haturriaya.
Indies', Monday t p. nt. Phone Web
ster J3.
Tlio Suritt niply Triumphant Drnmntlo (tenant in
of IDIft.
The Triple Triumph of Thro t'ltlea
w York- tlilraRo HosCon.
rtn cost nm.'
Mat. 2:15
n Douglas .
'Tr'yf . awn
The Highest Salaried Artist in The World
America's Foremost Harp Virtuoso
Assisted by
Charlotte Frances. Violinist.
Live Wire Frivolities.
The World at Work and Play.
Around the world with the Or
pheum Circuit's motion picture
seats (except Saturday and BunOay), I5o.
Irvln S. Cobb Aa Jamas Mont,
gomery riaga Saw Klin.
Amerloa'a Ores test
Feb. 23
urn . i t
In t'hannlng Tollook'e Great Play,
"The Little Gray Lady'1.
A Ilomnnre of Official Llf
In Washlnmnn Today.
I.akv and nelsen present
The Warrens of Virginia".
Ie Mine's Supreme War Drama, Al
Ftupemtnu production Veritable
Armies Realistic Battles.
t'lmn V .. . ciTruniv '
Jesse r Iaaky presents
Broadway's Most Appealing Comedy,
"The Country Boy"
With Marshall Hellaa an4
ritrong Cast.
Oyu Popular Thcalrt
Ilefrin. Mat, Today All Week.
Laughs. Fun
Special Matinee Tomorrow,
Washington's Birthday, 2 Sc.
Joy, Laughs
The Comedy That Made New
York and Chicago Laugh
for Two Yearn
Mats. Wed., Thurs HmU, 25c
Nights, 2Ac, 50c.
Extra, Kverjr I'erfonnauce,
Jack Farber, Doretta Adler
4 In the Newest Dances.
Tuesday, Hocletjr Night Miss
Knilly C'leve, Viollniat, Between
Next Weeks
l" W eek of Sunday, Feb. 21st.
r.lajostic Musics!
Uolden Olirron
Tha Messengarandthetfcdy.
aodyOotnposeri Jk Singers.
3 - Imperial Japs-3
The Stanaing suds for US.
Officer 666"
Xa rarts.
TTproarloita raros Oomcdy.
in -ADMISSION- 1f)e!
lUUBasarred Seats 10a Zatrs lUbt
Recommended by Mary
Munchhoff, Millie Ryan,
Martin Bush, Jean Duffield,
Helle Ilobinn.on, Helen Sadi
lek aJid Max Landow.
Webster 4332.
4618 North 28th Avenue.
USrtl IffTT I aily Mat, 18-SSOe,
ir Bvngs, lVaa-60.76,
rirst Time la Two Seasoaa of
rnmle Jac-k C odw.t, Buhbllng "Blllle" Hill',
J hour K khardl. Mtl t'lark u4 tha 8. i, U,
Ljuartat. Mi.aniflrni aonlo prwftuctloa. Crystal
Idklrta Haauiy rhuru.
X.adles Dime afatlaea Week Bays. '
atackie's, 1816 Harney St., Fhone O.
Thursday evening aorlety and social
for liulles and gents ho really dance
two-slvp and walls, lleglnners' rltas
every Monday and Friday. Very
cheap by tiie term. Wednesday and
baturdav publio dancea, where it s
walk, walk. All welcome.
The Wellington Cafe ;
181T Tarnam Street. 9. T, MUler, Prop
. DlimB Me.
Oyster Cocktail "
Cream of Chicken hup
Assorted Nuts Kadishes
Queen Ullves Celery
Kuaat 1-Tinie Illbs of Beef, au Jua
linked Chicken with DrMtxIng
Loin of Pork Aid 5auc
Hotted Tongue. Horaeradiah
Maahed I'otatot s Baked Corn Onatard
Cauliflower in Cream June Peas
blirlmp 8alad
Hot Rolls
Pitted Cherry Pie i
Green Apple Pie or Pieplant Pte
Tuttl Fluid Ice Cream wllh Cake
Coffee Tea MiU Cuco