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Tin: OMAHA BUN DAY-' -BKK:' -FKBRUATiY 14. 1915.
rers of D-Lrctj v-e Hillcl While!
on But Thncj Church and'
I'ufirral service tor' Itatoctl
Tom Jtlng, kkled walfe on duty ny
Mexicans in & rooming bo'.isfl at 4 P 1
! North Fifteenth ftrwt Wednesday,
were held Saturday tnoniinf .t't.
rhllocipni'n church, Tenth and Wil
liam Streets. Father Gann6n, '-
Mated by Father rUeniion, conflucted
tbe ceremonies, which wer attended
hy a crowd that net only filled the
ebnren, but stood -twenty d on tbe
aldewalk ouMd. Chief of Police
Jlcry puna Bang "Calvarf follow
ing the rites. J
Mmkers rUjr f re sent.
-"' The widow of twtertlv Rlngi who has
n seriously UI for several month, at
lende the services with other member
tt the family, although ot to an In
jury she v. forced to walk on crutch.
The grief of IetcUve Charles Vea
Tusen, th dead man' working partner
end constant companion for the east sis., was Intense. Van Dusen since the
hooting of Ring n worked day and
night in a search for tha murderer.
Men and womea of alt wajki .of Ufa
rere f re wnt to pay tribute to the quiet,
unassuming- officer who met death as a
hrnva man should. Included la the crowd
' wer theicltjr commissioners, county of
ficial and many prominent cltlrens, be
side every representative of the Omaha,
'pouth Omaha and Council Bluff police'
deoartmeeta who were able to attend. . '
; Father Gannon paid high tribute to
1 t-ive Kins', who, 'ha doclarcd. had met
aa enviable death, l that he was Jclllei
while performing the diHlos which ha had
ten pledged t do as a guardian of th
public welfare. '
The pallbearer' were! Charles van
Suen, Michael Pempsey, William Dv
oreeae. P. F. Havey, M. J. Ielhanty,
Toward Cassldy, Henry Raaintaen, Dan
t'onnell. t - ' ,
Two platoons of pollc headed by Per
jreant Ferris' and Hlrwart. from th
rniaha depastihent.'. tf'gether wRh'pJat
eons 'frsm PoutH Omaha end ' Council
Uluffa and representatives- from Dundee,
yienson, Florence. lUalr, FlatUimouth and
Fremont were present and .formed part
of the proresslun to the grave In St
Mary' cemetery. , .
Scots Aroused at
Cutting Down Sizoh'
: : Of Soldiers' Kilts
'2ort'eponrienre of The AsooclaiciJ Fre.)
f JSjyiVOtf, Jan. . No grave question of
m?i!q has In late year .agitated- line
fvottish people and aroused their' see
tlonal patriotism like, tha proposed at
tempt. of the a department, to tne
ie of the eatra tuck out of Jock'
k'lts. Every enlisted ' Highlander fe!
! tt he ha a natural and Inherent right
j 9 a skirt containing svn yards of m-
' tri. The war li'i.rtinent, not content
atfh aubetittitisg kheWS . m1o ff p the
hl:rw taiuns ot the iaiia, has pii
p-fd to lp fit two whole yards fromllng some. of the UcaX v.oths.yera sleep.
the new rriodoJ. To reduce, the full, inatir
skirt, which stands out snl
elns gracefully to the rhythm of th
b.T'Ues. from It rightful twenty-one I
fet to a sKlm).y fifteen, has stirred ail
Ft ot land to pr-tvt. !"...! Hh tnrda and
j:,.tcr of I riiiaiocot, F.'j.i-iatid o'U
etw aud Pi- .'i' tfl cV,:'. I kv joined .U
Jo. K's pro'. "L -'ver -wlU Jock he, sub
jected to a hoVliie .kilt, as -tj.-y eU It,
-while Itm a In Ue i.tlh
I, j-.tnimt iit. , ' -
A the kilt coniirree mora cloth thon
the entire uniform of an ordinary Rrlt
lfh private, the ' war do'.-artinent would
efTict a ctmekler&M vlng of 'coat in
1U- i,t inodd
Hut jui a. th. Uigliland
suld!r have, like tn btucjciciiete, oi
r!nl any reforms tending to i Identify
tiim !th 11. o .nllujay olJlr, so tUoy
rvgiirJ the new schema as an attempt to
rob them, ' i
A kilt cf a brows my la worn hy
tta London ttaottUh, 6 territorial regl
tient, at the front, and It-has exhausted
th supply of this cloth. Th regular
ilttfhhuud restmsnia in tUa treuuhes wear
tartaa patterns, protected In root by a
snail apron of cotton khaki.
TMi Inst'tuHon is the c?;!? a
la tt ecctnl west with- srat
baiJcSinrs 'fUuatpd la tattr: owa
u-.i'd .-ijiuBiln, Jvt utirely dU
,f t. etui r'nder.p; It ro-Hj t-J
c'.ivi'f ci?-a. Tha coa bui:i;r
l.c:- f:Uud f?r Atid devotoi to the
tn-4U'.tui tit aoa-contafluus atid
r.i:j-f.c".tal C i.M'h:,CS, CO CthcrS !)(
J..iU4; Sl.kS GlLtr ivt.,1, Cot,.
ti ie.2 j -ir nvi tot aad da-
t ' i uil ctiaa requiring
,,-r a ture waurful c-re aac! .-
...1 i - Z. ;. . . ,
- -
err- tr.c:;t
.. i. .r:..
nl. -; 2. It
: v -!-t
.1 ! :u-
- it 13
-1 ( .
v' , v m
' f W . a kMLA
W. L. Selbj Take, Part Against the
Keainre for Consolidation of
, . .'v the Two Omahai. .
Walter I Selhy, for many year known
a a factor and lay attorney for Pwlft
at Co., I now diplomat extraordinary to
kill the Greater Omaha consolidation bill
In the house oemmitlee en eitlea and
town. Belby represent flwlft'g and
another parking houne.' .' Every -, Year
ha has appeared to show the South
Omaha city council why hi packer cli
ent should not be taxed ao msch.
It ha been sent abroad that the tock
yards and packing houses were told to
keep their hands off the foneelldatlon
hill. It being hinted that otherwise th
packing houses and stock yard might
get fish of thetr own to fry. However,
whether with or without tbe eonsent of
th corporations, certain antl have been
quietly ' spreading the report that the
packer and th' yard would like f o1 as
sist tbe antl.
" Belby began to shew 'lgn of active
command of th antl ttuatlon last week.
H live In Dundee, but It la understood
that he Is not working from that angle.
Vjthln th last few da ya he has been In
South Omaha to confer with soma of the
antls. It I asserted, and h has been
active In Lincoln against the measure.
Friend of the consolidation measure say
that certain Influential member of th
house have been approached try the entt-
Just what success Pelby.wIlHhave after
the failure of H.JC. Murphy, Tom Hoctor
and John B. Watklna'arrd others to win
the aenste away from th Mil Is being
watched with Interest by th friend of
the measure. '
Fni- some well known men Who are
baching the bill: , "We are, fully ac
quainted with tho,inovea of the office
holder and their allies. We feel ura
that th packer and stock yara wlU not
Interfcr nor permit themtelvea tu be
used in this matter We are aura the
house will Rive the measure fair treat
ment under all circumstance. "
' Dn(bpo o Poison. ,
Cliortee Iucn died from araenlo pol-
sohlng, according! to th .testimony at
tho coroner' . Inquest yesUrdy.'. Dunne
died lu th Hou&h Omaha pollc 'station
Tuoeday nlht, nder what appeared to
be mysterious, etrcumxtenoea. IJe - In.
formed the physicians tht he had taken
arsenlo 'a "Tew. minutes befcro his death.
Mill blaeltrge4.
Oeorsre Mllten-chargMl with the ehoot
Itig of Harry Fetrick, some weeks age, be
cmiho Fetrlck would hot resign hie wffe
to Miller,) waa' discharged In th police
court yesterday on motion of the etala.
Miller etrhlhjtij a rejst Iron alibi Pe
trick awtfiw that 'Miller had done th
shooting.. The xurt dismissed the a
' ' ' Position lea Waated.
R, II. JohnHon, head of th cotntnerclal
dopartment of tive South Omaha Hityh
school, 1 on the look; out for position
fol ' twenty rraduases from hi depart
mor.t.' Theso iradtiate ean fill any po
sition from tenoer Pher to etark.- Frttv
cipe48. W. Motn-e.of Jh high . achool
has sent out, a printed notice to buiit-
neas men. aklng thsm to glv preference
to local graduatea, 1". ''
4 Myeterlosi Br . .1. ' f
'Mystertoiui signs, -and eatmlittflo rf i-
,r,rior) plactd upon hot-Keg tiewlv 'pur-
ctuMi4 for the ItaiU.1 wmf are ru-
less nlKhte. Th French, arid English
horsoinen ";'were Content to ,lrtvl their
purchase with th letter "X' aad "C3,"
to designate Which orantn of tne service
the animal belonged to but the lattent
buyers 1iuve addipd a few mysterious-let-
ters, which theiHiil talcsit Is tri'tntf
to puir.Ie oi; "EL." for lai lance, Vithl,n(
the "accent axuXs'. over th. U. jiicaju i
sfm-thln, but Jue wiiatT Ihn Iher
U another who una eron. with
a "T" surmounting it '.
"Ifat the klnsT nam ain't "Tom." In
stated one-ot , the atgdfir. , ' And thon j
when they ueo up the rest of the '"hoes"
tha army arile'.i "decorate the plug' hoof
'Uh "w,d' I"J"!'rt, -
mns mtfj in. t- . IIIU1W.UUEX
Councilman Fat lrelle remarRa on oo-
casiont "It don't look right, mlu." "It
don't took rfght." v
Iut the little "ohunkg" are bringing
cood prices, a head and the grower
want to sell lota more they Iruust.
May Be Ttew necer. .
If the unloosed for harr" eetd Hktwe
head of hog com to this market today
South Omaha will have a new week'a rec
ord of hog receipt. ' The largest week'a
receipts. to flute wot brought In.rebrvBry.
l'.iU. when .one week's fforinss tatalied
lXi.7a hog. To -date this -ik'i"r)lpU
amount to M,03i heaC. ef hog If today
Is as good as last eat uMay'a run th reo
ord will h passed. ' Even without a big
run today tho aecond place mil belong to
ti.iii vscli'a rscds'a, . ... , . ,.
T'lr-t Fi'lt.'Tw-t .fifth and n. Rev.
V. it. Hili, i"n.tor ,N!'niinr er"'ii l
1'..- Sui.doy Svhwl at .A 1-iar"-'
I lourg ln i le's union neeta at Tti
Mfnrfii..m will unite with the Mttho'lsl
cli'iKh for tho evening sermon.'
I' ft Martin's, Corner Twerity--rnnrth afi.l
;.t, Kv. lolm V. ltiL I Mm tor ti 'Unqua-
j l liii.:S'. tng for n hunuie-l y-Ktsot !. .
1 tj,j i)'',tipti .ipiiu. aii,l tl,
li.itt.-l t-' will n hiJ at 11 oolink.
1 ; y Ku. liarlKt st 1 :iH. biiouay -hiKil st
It.lly Kvi i.lnif Disvr at fi. Vtfli.M(lH v
vi 1 " iMninm at limy ouihnru-t at
,. j l-rsyer t 4 Sir. Uiiai:y an4
1-,'rHli Tltial -jUne Ml ' Sil with pulJllO In.
itrurM-m t toitftrnintA.ri rii. .Mt,,-r
trvii-tx f-T the toiil t atiriuii, wi
triiiii tiie iliunii. i.aUA Cviics Vkui be Ui
irii'uu4 ou unUy. t
' Ntt tV,, ', .St ' i-l-oral.. 'fN.i-nf r t.f T,:
tv-t.i.ii . i.. i W. Kki-aittrick. l'r-;
mg at 11 hy tj imHtor, surw J
Mt-.L li ti.e ex-i-:t. t), l'i rkbyt, i iHn '
nli.t , rl'tt C?ni?) tin (1u. V1i 4rnhtj
n 4.t fcni; itfv. . 11. Hilt, Pasiur
"f the l'i a h chiitch, will prr-h tl.
sermon. t--ruf echool at r:tt. i.wwi-la
l-ue at 6.JC. .
Mie tlty Gal1.s"
The I'ushs will give a dance-at thrlr
hmi. 1 . my-tniid i,i N direct, this
evri.ifg at o'clock.
Tl. l l oi.!.-r -r wl'I Vlve lt
fiinsr mwi-'v i9ni' tnij evt-ring tit tin
JU,.;o hutl. 1 and M streets.
M Malt a's ...x.!!u.rv vi:i hold a Lome
K t tie itt-r (iiwtry t-)re,
i vi,iy-iwuj'ia H.1 J sir.rts, ti.ts evening.
He Iai1 Mvrll,: I., .-ion f.,-t J
rs ...r -.! -ii tlii .. i.i., at t'. Me.
I f..u r.u:l. i eiy-J,ij:ia .nj ij w-s-rl I
V. i, V!-I U f llor.-e t r. en i
- - - - - 3 . c mi 1-j r j r.
t-l' i. it elurii4 tit his liouit inl lt
twi ,j . a.
Tt !'i'iuil A .i e w r,.idly g-u--a
fWi.i !.. y, ;.n..vo a iati -urt ot tne
.1 1:. : r 0. l ie i,i the twu laitim i,J
tn Hum wi n t,e i'xkji v !.;. p,.
ot'.er o v. 1.1 te tivn .h,ii.
I tie T m.-. In-ff-uth nuai arhat. which
vas iw.'.e.i 1 c l tu Uae I ic e tiita mt,U
at '. ii ,.i. . !,ii4 ui-.,i.ii,., ,as htr-n
""' "U 't liiuc.iy evening
li t i.-uc-t or the Uwum Uuii,ti.
Lives as Hermit in Fashionable
' Neighborhood, and He Is Happy
' Just acres th alley north of Dodge
street and east of Thirty-fifth street Is
a humble little cottage In which Theodore
Hardenbecker live ainne. For one score
year this venerable German- ha main
tained a residence at that location and he
la the last of a colony of squatters who
settled-oa a tract of land which wa
owned by. Dr. O. l Miller, finrroun.ird
en every. hand by- comfortable and com
modious homes, he enjoy life la the three
small room which he call home, sweet
k He I a. striking example of the erlty
of . the statement that happiness may be
found In the most humble of places.: Mr.
Hardenbecker je 5 years of age and
happy, read hi Qerman paper,, emoke
his pip, take a walk every morning, has
friends, cooks his owa meals an expect
to nv to be 100 year of Age. '
Some years ago the equatter were
ordered from tbia tract, but thla old man
declined to move without first, making
an .effort to Uy. He had grown used
to the little habitat which he fashioned
With hi own hand. IV. O. U Miller
became Interested In th mart and ar
ranged to allow him to atay aa long aa
be lived. Ha par no taxe and I aura of
hi homo until th final aummona ahall
come. f
it- - 1 - i
Make rietare Frames. -Mr,
Hardenbecker makes picture frame
fora living. He ha built up a nice
llttl business, enough to aupply hia few
wants. He never worries and ha takes
a keen Interest In affairs, considering
bis years, .
"He believe In the old saylnjr. "Fariy to
bed nd early to' rise, make a ma
healthy, wealthy and wise." He says
he la healthy and win and even wealthy,
because he .ha all be really need. He
retire at 9.30 o'clock aad geta up at
midnight for a soothing pip of tobacco.
After his mlinight communion with
Lady Nicotine he greet r,ar, to ,leeB ana
1 up again bout o'clock. He seldom
mle morning walk. He doe nil of
hi , own housework except tha' laundry
which he end out. He has no kin tn
this country, ill, wlfj, died a raw year
ago. ' H ha a daughter In Germany and
the other afternoon h aald that thl
daughter ha four, pons la th European
war. TWe earn daegbter has seven girls.
V.; K9ir Pipe) Drtak.
. Th recluse ha very positive ideas re
gar'1in th aabject' of prohibition. - JI
WRrfaToad tytiSP" r?r4r in ateer.
rLt.."-,.,V1.of L?-Pound Hereford steer.
o.a i.jt it. to, the top-of th, market.
Germans Soften
Blow. in Giving ' .
- . News of a Death
(Correspondence of The AseodatM preA)
-BE IUIN. Jan, B.-Tha Gl4non ' wrw
office 1 to scare tha f1tn
as possible, of th families of gojdlws.
m DMiit, When mail
matter, non-deliverable for that
s .returned to tha anri.'
.U i L.
was the custom to stamp Oa tha Wt
or package merely the word, fallen " or
u'u t nom to shock
threlaOve wit till' harsh brevity.
Now tha wjljiary authoritWis havw'been
directed to use Uie words. TsJln tor th
Fatheriand," or "fallen en, the field 'oi
In wtill- -aootht -a.y authoi1Ue5"',are
trying l9 aoftri h bfew of death notloe
from, the rroot,.' Hitherto this was' ate
tempts onlr In country districts, where
th returned mail of the fallen soldier
waa handed over to the local authorl-
i .. . v. . . ....
r c.orKyman. wna th.n
took (a 'bruk n, r.i ..,..
family. Something liU this I, now
to nonA. .1mn . ,,. . .
ilie loetu authorities will how
tu 'golect aotne person suitable for bear;
mg tn meenuge of death.
(Correnpondenc of Tbe Aesoclsted Tress.)
lA.tiHjN, Jan. 4,-lilustrativo of the
social leveling Influence of war, th fol
lowing Incident Is told:, ...
A new commanding officer was ques
tion lug a smart young corporal,
"Are fou married?" asked the officer.
"Tea, lr." . ' r-
"Doa't you tbJxik you ought to. make
some allowance out of your payT" con
tinued tho. officer. , , , v . .
"If. you thtak It . necessary, sir," re
plied th private, "I will sir. I'm keep
ing' up the -house and car and allowing
her .9"0 pound a year, hut If you think
an extra sixpence day would tv any
good to her. I m perfectly willing."
flifj. 5 ,
llvttTt St 8 FJ1.
tier -
' 1 1
lmond s Salted . ;
. i 1 Miciain Cilery
IT .
- j toochamp Cream
1 -1
perhn Trits, al Anelalsen '
pxjebrnkx Turkey, Chfpol'aW
' . ...
rj7ip-Top Peas a la Francals "
' e .
' TF rnported German Asparagus . ,( .
- Sauce Vinaigrette
csselrode Ice. Petit
xchtor Coffee
Theodora I WeJikeAer
haa been a drinker of whisky In moderate
quantities pearly . nearly all of hi life
and says 'he never ha taken Intoxicants
In excessive amount, v. He say whisky
ind other good thtr.fcs were made to tisa.'What
and not to abuse. Ho he no. patience
with a man who will drink to excess. He
keep whisky In th house all of the
time and take few smalt shrink every
day. He enjoys hi pipe and he' enjoy
tha solitude of hi little dwelling place.
Ha find solace In an occasional reference
to religious book.' j
"vVhen the Warm spring month come
ha tflla a plot of ground adjoining his
home. Many year ago he learned farm
ing in Germany end neighbor say that
he knowa a thing or two about intensive
farming. , ; i .
He waa bom In Wuterberfurat 'on the
Rhine. He haa been to Omaha twenty
six year. He I known to all, of the
resident ot the fashionable neighborhood
In which he Is located. Occasional!
aorn kind mother ekea him. a pi or
iresn loaf of bread, or aoraethln
ease to
cheer the inner man.
Crowned Heads ' 1 !
Eigors of : "
Ceaisor'3 Pencil
' V
(Correspondence of Tha Aeaoclate Press.)
LONDON, Jan. I6.-Kinga. aa wll aa
prime ministers, do nol ecape the Vigilant
blua poncil ot th British censors. Early
In the war a public addreae of Mr A,
qtilth. tha prime minister, wag deleted be
fore Tha Associated Presg could get It on
th cable. Now, even when the rector
are lecg rigorous, the remark of King
Albert of Belgium have received elmilar
attention. " .-'
In an interview wUa King Albert at nl
headquarter .la Flandre aa Aasoelated
rnM reporter quoted to hi roajeaty a
predlotionf publtohad la certaTri quarters
that he might be back In. Tirusselain three
montAs. The king replied, "Not ao soon.
But some day I shall rkle Into Brueeel
st the head of my- army- z- '- - J
On 'eeasor passed the roj-ai'" remark
for cabling X America, but when It waa
eabled back to London for publication tn
a local paper another censor modified th
king's words so there -was no qualifica
tion a - to time, a he1 evidently did not
consider It wle for Fn!ia reader to
knew that tUe king did not expect to be
bar m h! capital In thrWmonth.
Tet the' censor have a human aide. On
Chrtstma 'eve one of The' Aeaoelatcd
Frasa men on th continent ended' his
night letter with the words ."Merry Chrltt-maa-t
all censors:- a remarkable 'but
burst ot cood-wlli oa tha part of a me
who for nearly five month had struggled
with the censorship. The meesage reached
th London office with the additional
word, 'The same to youi-Chlef Ooaeor."
i ii ... . k ,
' Kv'. (rave. .
Jeddah. which waa wrongly report.!! to
have been bomberded .by a B-1'Mh
cruiser., ts a most important- town for
the ent're human race, apart from being
the principal landing plnoe for pllyrtmi
to Mecca. Just outside the cltyNa buried
kve ''ihe rj"uteti mother of mankind,
like a cxS Moslem. Ilea with feet
toward kiecca.' Her grav haa graisliy
rrown In sis and 1 how of hug- dimen
sion. Rurtrn calculated that our first
parent "measure liu pace from head to
waist mid elirhty from tn Kul
muet have presented the, appearanre of
a dock." Frohshty tho reason why7the
modern lover Jiill uses that word aa a
term ot endearment. Londoa Chronicle.
-jJ, Jj, (0 lLJjj
Valentina Binmr
Ky Option at low Point is Seven
teen Cent Below High Point .
' . " : of the Seaion. '
CHICAGO.' Keb. 13. 8top loss
aelllna; 0f wheat .today led to A wild
downward swing Jn, prices. Weak
ness developed right at the outcome,
but the craeti did not come until tbe
approach of the final hour ,o! tbe
eaeion. At that, time violent.
lurch took place. May going as low u
Il.tO ft buhelvwhereg the price not
many days ago wag $1.67.. The low
point was ; 9e under , Thursday
night's close. . . , . -
' Trade oai Irwe -a1. '.
Trade waa on a large ,csJe . and Indi
vidual operation were lost track of com
pletely , Before the exdteracotwa airiy
ohooked July was. down '.. cent at
H.25T4.. . ; mi j.
, Almost complete stoppage of export de
mand frorn th United state -for the
time being appeared to form the main
cauee of th general stamped to e!L
Th worst of th snml-panle was ever
In fifteen minute, but the market re
mained extremely nervous up to the
cloalng goog. Shorts buying to realize
profits helped to rally tho market. aomo-
the final dealings. Tho close
esnta to VA cents down, as
compared with Thursday nigh-May fin
ishing at tV6K aid July at LTiaW,M.
Orwwth Flty ot Arttwn Jtiaeng
Fsnasetw la Marketfas; ','
.',"'' rroaaets." "'- -'
More than tl,ec,O00,O06 worth of agricul
tural products are sold by. co-op-aUv
and farmers' marketing associations In
the United Utate each year, according to
a report of a survey which has just been
made by the office of markets of the
United States Department of Agriculture.
The extent of co-operative marketing In
tne united BUte which thla government
report shows will prove a surprbts ' to
many person, who' have been Under the
Impression that oo-operatlva sailing In
the United States is yet In 'an undevel
oped stage.
' The Investigator of the office of mar
kets hav listed mora than 8,600 market
associations, 1,700 co-operative and farm
ers elevators, t,K co-operative and
farmers' creameries ' and more than t000
co-operative, fruit aad produce associa
tions in this country. , .
The lde or co-operative" marketing' Is
becoming mora popular each year In the
United States.' according to men Who have
been' engaged In the governmenta work
of aurreylng thla form of business, and
better results have been obtained than
under th old-fashioned System of Indi
vidual handling. Through ;th handling
of agricultural products through eo-oper-atlvo
associations farmers hav beejv en
couraged t trrfprove their crops and id
standardise In the packing of psoduet.
The discovery -of the best daily market
has also been on ot the principal ad
vantages of th system, resulting in ad
vantages, It Is said, both ta th consumer
and the pro6ieer,--Washlngt6i Btar.
- In buying rubber goods take no chances. If you need a hot 'water bottle, i fountain
flyringe or rubber glorea, get something that guaranteed. I For manJ'i years we have
made a Special study of rubber goods and hospital supplies .and have refused to - allow
anything but guaranteed goods to enter our- stofeg! ''YOU - CAN SAVE TIME ARt)
we sell over 1,030 items
Several kinds frr Burgeons, an
household uie. .Special sale
Wondav.- Good ' (warranted)
gloyes for, household use;
Ankla Supporters -and
Arch Props, , " , ' . -
A.U tO C f'-J?' ?.w
, . M i Resell about 25
L 1 J s i a u
Y -A 4 porters ox var-
Z&:J) f,. ious kinds for
-'--v-tior' j
' 1-
- .to
JLbdomiaal Coils , . .3.0O
- Air Ptllowa .... . . .!.? aod M-00
Bags fer Hot Water. . . t 80O to fl.BS
Cendage. gum and woven COo, f 1.00
Bands, par bos ........ .0
Boogtca, CngrUsh, each. ;' .85
Breast Shields, each . lOe snd l&e
Breast Pumps, English, each , . .55'
Bulb for Ryrlnse and Atomisers,
t .............. ,....&So
Cuppittg Cups, eaych a 00
Chair Cushions 3 to (3.00.
,0.ihct4. Common I'.ngb.h. ea. K3
Coaiblnslvn Byrtnsee. t quiurl -
at . ... .... .....,. to.g3.M
Crut.h Jobbers, per pair ,...v. .aa,
I'japnrs, any ise. eAU,.v. SSo ;
Kar and t'U-er gyrliige .aae
V.mark Bandagea (1.00
Mns.r Cota, fhlck and thineach '
Ccrner ICth and Dodja Streets. ' ". '
0VL DRUG C0 ICth and Harney Ets.
Orsraalsed Its. ho Ctrealar X't-are t'se
f Caffla vrtth ratow
r . -,..
Devotion even unto fleeth smd then
some" Is being asked- at all member of
the American Federation' of. letbor In
a circular seat -broadcast, . signed by
several leading officer of i th . erganl
satlon. " -v ' ;v--.. ,
All tin km men are esker) to- ae that
they and members--of their ' famille
hav ' union fu nereis. They - are - re
quested . to demand In their last days
that their coffins bear the label of the
United Brotherhood Df ' Carpenters snd
Monday the 2hd Day of Our "
Wbnderful Sale of Women's i
You Should TJuy ; Scveral-r-All the ' Newest
Styles '". aiid Qualities. Uncommonly Good
ii.95 Kii&s deduced ta - 95 - v: "
$2.25 Kindi Reduced to 81.15
$2.75 Kinds Reduced to S1.G5 x '
, ( ; ; , , $2,95 Kinds Reduced to $1.95 . . - -. .
I ii asaaaaaaaasaapaaas
r a v, 1. 1 : d
l V 1
, . 1516-18-20 FARNAM STREET. ,
Vv:sSilfflTjiM;' M
'.HvlDti i immmm , n I i I 1 , .1 i -I'l-'-
. " ' fv . .-, , . j . . ' ' - -
' ' ")!.' " '. 'T M .; i) 1 l.n.iji 1.1 .... ... . I,- 1 I ,.,.U -U
in the Rubber Goods line. We
nn na )
. -We sell a dozen kinds of Bed
Pans. . . , . .$1.00 to $5.00
frtc ro V
b oi Bup-
fountain Syringes., vary b-est
' I tlusrt. oi I quar ........ $IM
Hard Kubker Pipes ...... 10a to
Bead Bags . . ........ T5o to glJiO
Hospital Cushions, Invalid- -.. '
m ei.75. i.oo, $a.aa
lc Bag ..........See, Soe and 3o
lahalera, each" ..'....I. .-.So to (1.00
Nipples, beat kfnd, each ftc per do-
en .. 45
Klpple Bh Sel la, each' , ... . .lbo to
Nursery Sh.cttnjt, per yard .... S&e
, OtxaterlcaJ Bed pan . , . .X50 to 5.o0
Plant tpraj's , 6O0 to 1.00
Peeiiarlss 4. . .60 to (2.00
Pillows I -....'.J..;.... (1.60 (o W.M
Polluer Bag -$l.aS to l.So
Kectat Tubes.tafh .A....... ,tl.D0
feUieetlng for AccoucheuienW-
br -k..r... gi.23
r x
Joiners ofAmerica, the Upholsters' vnlon.
and the Brptherhood. of; Fainter, anil
Decoralors. . .
. Oh" fhfr rrae clothea' Vhould he h
Journeyman Tailors' nhlon ts. and tMey
must not rest In pence save under a
tombstone from a union worker's ehleel.
J. H. Walker, John Fitxpatrlck, B. N.
Neckel, O. O. Carleton and F. O. HopP. .
who sigh th appeal, r that onlon-mado
coffins and appurtenance are ff the beet
quality. That Is an added reason why.
they eay, "we believe' we have the right
to ask your support In cases of bereave
ment In demanding to see the label on
the goods you purchase.' New Tork
World. -
Want Ada rroanct ttowTim.;
I a - ad
rmMsrii ni it i.-
buy direct from'factories only.
-. m .
,"We have
Douches of
glass and
tin at 50
? to $1.00.
Spin Water Bottle (IS, Inches)
at ............ ,.,..".$x0
Btomach Tubes, each .(10
Byringe Bulbs, Z pipes SOo and up
SytingeB, Fountain ....Me to 3.00
tiyrlngea. Ear and VlEer, each . .86e
fe'yringes. tTrethal . .....g&o aod S5o
Syringes, Infect', all soft rubber
t ...ftae
fcyrlnse Bags, best, -quart .SO
Teething Rings, each lOo
'Trusses ............ .$1.00 togg.Og
Tuhlnij, best -ft, for Fountain . '
. eiyrlng ...T- a
Umbilical Belts, for infants--.
each ,.,JM
I'rlnaJs .............giftS and gl.60
Water Bottles, plain 2-it., gOo, gl.00
Water Bottles, flannel, -qt.
at gla
onnGll Drue Oo-
; LOYAL DRUG CO., 207-203 N. ICth St.
.- ' HARVARD, 21th and Farraa Cts.
i.-r. a r-!';
n.-L t f. , 1. r r- -1
.""-U . m-ji ii the
. ..