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    Tlffi OMAHA 8UNDAY- BEE: FEBBUAKV 14, 1913.
Tuesday and Thursday Nig-hta Set
Aside as Occasions When Swell
. Set Will Be ia Evidence,
ocll Cmlrn&M-r.
M"NPXy Veetn CJhapter of the Ftern
Star, dam-ins; party at Chumharf' ecsd
rmri .Bradford-Todd w-Mln7 at homo
of Mr. and Mrs. R. BJnswaJt; BJh
clwh . party at Chambers academy;
Orlrlnat Monday' Bridge MuB, Mrs. A.
K fterf, hnatea"-
Tt'B8iAT Tualair Brldire . chin, MVa.
DenUe. Barkalow. hoatess: Crefghton
Medlral'rollege dancing party t Chem-
traoMi amy: 1 wuuiuiia .jtiirixw ciui
Mlaa Helen Clarke, hoetees; Runahlne
rluh ofthe Gonre A. Cuwter Woman's
Relief Corps, Mra. John Wows, hostess;
l'nlMMv club Vaieottne - danclag
party; Twinkle club dancing party .at
Metropolitan olub; Trinity cathedral
ynten eewtng, Mra. F. H. Davis, hos
toim; Columbus club dancing party at
MV'rr-pnWian club. - "
WKDNE8HA T-t'omm club evrntng
rartv, with Mr. and Mr B.IJT. Martin.
THl'H9UAV Society Night at tha Auto
mobile Show; Matlnne club, Mrs, Mo
Cormick, hostess; Deffy-Dlll club. Mra
Neal Hays, hostess; Omaha Woman s
Tri-M club luncheon at Hotel Loyal;
Original Cooking Club. Mrs.' Herbert
Whjr. hotw; Wednesday Bridge
clubr-Mra. llarold Pritrhett. hoateaa;
Thureflay evening subscription party at
the Metropolitan club.
FRIDAY Minneapolis Symphony concert
at tha Boyd theater! Dundee Woman-
club tea with. Mrs.' 'W. I Belby; Qui
Viva dancing party at Chambers acad-
eATCnDAY-Oeorge ' MeHenry wedding
In Pxearionv Oal.i Harmony club, with
Mr. and Mrs. John Bobbin; Saturday
evenlns-Auction Bridge club, with Mr.
and Mrs. B. H. Kerrer; Week-End
Dancing club party at Chambers' eced
iy.,7, ; ; -. - .
Not 'only Thursday nlaht, but Tuesday,
ss wli, has beee at aside thU yr for
Society nlsht at "the automobile snow.
Society will turn out Id full fores on the
two evenings to Impact the machines.
Tha Auditorium will ba especially dec
orated. Muslo will Its furnished free and
nothing spared to make tha eooaslon the
popular event It "has always bee. Tues
day nlcbt a special program of mimic has
been arranged and aU tha trots of the
minute will be danced. A new brougham,
the Wit model. Is of special Interest from
tha fact that the combination ot color
ings In the finishing- was designed espe
cially by Paul Poirrct. . Tha Omaha
women- driving these', models' are Mes
damea 1 Oeorgs Brands!, J. B. Bchlanh
and Dwlght Long. ' Mrs. A. I. Root U
driving-the new BauchLange model, the
counterpart . of which 'Will he on display
at the show. . .
Pla for Lent., -,
AU the social clubs are planning a well
dlapoted manner of whlllng away the
quiet hours oif the Lenten season. Th
Cooking club will meet next Thursday
with Mrs. Herbert Wheeler to begin
sewing for the Visiting Nurse association.
Th regular members of the olub, who
are', ten in number; usually Joined by
as pnany more for the' Lenten meetings,
and under the directorship of Mrs. Luther
KounUe, a goodly contribution of useful
articles is ready for tha visiting nurses
by 'the end of LentTheregular mem
bers era Mrs. Luthsr JCounUe, Mrs, Sam
Burns. Jr.: Mrs. J. T. Stewart. Jd; Mra.
HerWi Wheeler; Mr.'-Wtll Poppleton.
Mrs. Moehtor CWapetaer, Mr. Prtns, Mrs.
Ward , Burgess and Mrs.. Joseph, Barker.
Among those who have always been Lsn
tent members ars Mrs. O. C. Radicle, Mj-a.
CowglU. Mrs. aorg Palmer, Mrs. BVljrs.r
Morsman, Jr.; Mrs. J. de forest Rlchsrds.
Mrs. Crotxjt and Mrs. Osgood Dastinan.
The Pebutant Bridge club win continue
as psual during tent playing bridge pvery
Tutiday 'nftemooni, aji nmy of tha roftav
bers are' beslruiers at tis gam and ara
loath to $top. . ' ',.''. - , - ( i I
The: Ydnsday Brldga elub will ff Vfi
Just (he sajne during Lent, maeting nmt
week with Mrs. Harold Pritchatt. 1
Th Tuesday Bridga club baa for two
years sewed for the Child SavtaaT In
stitute, during . Lent, but the two mem
bers especially interested in tha Institute.
Mrs, . Barton MlUard . and Mrs. Arthur
Keellne, will be away untn Easter, and
no definite work haa beea daotded upon,
but" at the meeting this week with Mrs.
Inle Barkalow plana will be made.
' aeassssMS)
Off to the Southland. - ' '"
Mr. and Mrs, John Brady and Mr. and
Mii.T. L. Pa via and son leava today
for BeUealr. Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Brady
have spent several winters at this charm
InK 'Utile southern roaort," whars an Ideal
golf, rourse is tha special attraction tor'
Mr.' Prady, and where they meat n little
coterie of people wbo. Ilka thamselvas,
go there year after year.
it. B. F. Smith and Mr. W. Famam
Knilla leave today '""for' 4 moatA la the
soutu. going first to New Orleans for
the' Mardl Uras and then to Talm Baaoh
a ni .' other Florida L point. Mr.- B.. P.
Sinkth-will meet his daughter, Mrs.-Joseph
Ualdriga. at Atlantlo City the mid
dle' of March and they wtU be . Joined
there Hay her daughter, and two sons for
their spring vacation. . '
hit. and Mra C. r. W'ellert have post-,
poned. their trip tc New trle.n for two'
weeks, but will then make a' mora eg
tended trip, gulnr feom there to Califor
nia Ao the rxpoeKiona far six weeks or
two months.
X - ' ' ' a--
To California Expedition; '
Mr. and Mrs. C r. MeOrew will leave
for a twf ot California March i. vlsdtlng
both the Baa t'lega and the San Fran
clarw expoattiona" They will be (on
about, sis weeks la all.- -
11 U Nell CarpnUr ioavas Monday for
1 Augales to Join her-aunt Mrs. J.
y. .C&rpenter. and, Miss Marlon Carl-enter.
They will remain tor about a
month in Los Angeles and then g south
and itMta to San rraooiaco to tha &po
itie. .' ' : -
Mr-.U.' C. Bradford expects to leave
totiay jX tomorrow for Caltforala to Join
liis.vlfff who left earlier In th week.
Mm. M. C. Peters and bar daughters,
Miws Gladys and Daphne, leava about
the J hut week in March for California
to several weeks and visit th
ioa(iun tt Baa FVaoclaoo before their
' Mra ' Richard Carrier ta apendtng the
mont .! 'pi Febraary at tha Ban Diego' ex.
Ioatt!-n . .'
Mr -H K. Bruce, aoeoenpAnled by bis
dauk i"ca. Mioses - Elisabeth and ' Mar
garU -kUI leave March 1 for tb Call
fornW expositions , t
Leeva for Hoaulnla.- w ' '
Mm,- r.dward Hayden and daughter,
Mia (H 'nelia, and Mr., and Mrs. Adolph
Stora lve Wednesday mornUg for Ban
Yanei. and win salt February St tar
Honululu.' After several weeks stay oa
the Ulemte this party witt vtatt ta aeatb
trn C'aiircrtila and return by way at the
toast expositions. , ... "
7a!enting rartie. ""'
Mrs. C, C. HlddltBton entertained at a
Valentine party Saturday evening. . la
liunar tit her husband's birthday. Valen
tM deeoettUons were uaed and theta-
To Be a Brido This Week
' " " A . .-.'is
w ' ' .''''
, -
s . -
i - ' ,
, ,."...4, r'..- r-'-e1-eaVa-..
Ing was spent In playing whist Another
feature, of the affair was setting the
husbands to trimming hats, whloh caased
great deal of merriment. Those present
Mesrs and Mesdarnes
Oeorss 0. Adwers, v.'L. Lesvltt of
Thomas FaJkner, Council Bluffs,
F. M. Oane, Frank Waldman,
J. Xlebarth, J. C. Bailey,
T. W. Woif, J. p. Hlddfeston. -
iUrry Miller. T
. Mlas Oertrude Miller,
.Mr. Frank Cs pel le.
Mrs. Jennls, Whits entertained at
Valentine, party Friday evening In honor
of her daughter, Nellie. Cupids and heart
wre used In th decorations and Miss
Myrtle Custer gav vocal selections.
Those present were:
Messrs. and Melme . u
Oeorgs Ekstrom, Thomas O'Brlsn.
Hoy Dunn,
Mlaaes Misses '
Myrtle Custer, Nellie White,
Camilla Kankln, v
'Messrs. wesars.
Alrred Thuraby, ' ' Jack Carroll, ,
F errand Hutherland. WIU Bentsier.t -
iieorge Sutherland j ; '
Members senior and Junior
classes of tha University ot Omaha gave
a valuntlne party Friday evening at the
horn ot Mr. and Mra. W. D. PerclvaL
The rooms were decorated wltlOha school
Colors pt scarlet and black, while large
streamers suspended from the walls also
dded t th attractive appearance ot th
home. ' 1 .
Music and appropriate games war
played during the evening.
Tha guest present were:
Misses - Misses
Olsa Anderson, ' Kathertn Cass,
Jean Itorgar, - Klta larenstein, -
Kathleen iiarrMl, Htith 1 aniphell, '
Florenoe Dow. t.ffl Cleliand.
Fern Otlbert. . ,' Jeannio Dow,
teener rinapp. Minnie Johnson,
Maraaret MoCoy, Clara Undley,
Marion 1'earaaU, torothy McMurray,
Viola Pierce, Kuth Peter a,
Dorothy Scott, Anna Purdy,
F. Swartalandsr. Huth Sundland.
Celia West. Uladys Tallmadge. -
Marllla Case. Dorothy Wright,-
Meaarrs. 1. Maaara.
Perry Allerton," Frl faker.
Jerald Bruce, V. H. DeBolt. , .
Ioug!as Dlx. " ' Kdsar fcrnat.
'Enwrson Ooodrich, Hoy Creeling. .
i iert iiughea. viotor Jorgensen. 1
tdwsrd More. Fdwln Kella.
Jaoquee Hleur, William hoberts.
t.verett Kosers, raul Selby.
Floyd Wooaley, rnet Adams. .
air. and Mra- W, T. Parclval.
Mr. and Mra D. D. Jenkins. 1
' Mr. and Mrs. T. Waters.
Dr. F, P. Ka-meay.
Dr. W. N. llaisey.
Valentine Dance. "'
Mr. . and Mra M. C. Peters gave a
dancing party this evening at their home
In honor of their nieoe and nephew, Miss
Virginia and Mr. Samuel Carlisle. Stxty
gusst will be entertained and the ball
room at th Peters' home will be decor
ated with palms, red hearts and Valentin
favors. ; . .
Mrs. , Floyd B. Used entertained at n
keoslngton Saturday afternoon. The dec
oration were auggesUv of at. Valen
tine's day. Her guests included:
Meadames Mssdames
L F. Nancs, Florence butler.
Mlaaea M leave
Lut-ila Doddar. M rat.. rite
LucUle hro a. ,
Army Newi.
Captain F. O. Stritsinger, who has been
quarternuutr here for the last three
roars, kas been relieved from duty in
that corps and is ordered to tha Twenty
third Inflntry at Texas City, and will
Join that regiment about the first of
March. His- successor. Captain W. M.
Luhn,. Tenth cavalry, has arrived from
Uuavhuoa,- Ana., with his wife and
daughter, and has taken an apartment
at til South Thirty-third street.
Colonel R. a Van Vllst. commander of
the Fourth Infantry, will be retired at
his own request In May, after thirty
nine years active service.
General and Mrs. Frederick A. Smith
are, at Oalveaton, Tex., on their way ta
Caiiforaia, on their wedding trip.
Major. W. D. IXane, formerly stationed
hare as adjutant general and recently
adjutant , general ot tha Fifth brigade,
has been, assigned to duty with the
Foerih Infantry in place of Major J. S.
gwltseev whs has been detailed to Chi
cago, - -' :'
Fis Work i Art
"Word has been received that Miss day
Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Williams ot this city, who Is attending
the Art Institute of Philadelphia, has
taken' houors In her work. This is the
first year for Miss Williams at the Insti
tute, and the taut that she has already
dons work In oil and received honorable
mention ta conv4erd remarkable, equ
ally flrat-year student during tha first
semester are given only charcoal and
- ' -t'Vi i -
W ' i-;.e
'I " X
w " 1 ( i
AntH MM Psxto"
crayon work. Miss Williams has already
passed the two stages and in her fresh
man -year w -permitted to work In oil, ;
At the University Club.
" Th' entertainment committee of the
University club announces a serlss of tn-
formsl dances to be given Tuesday syen
Ings. Th first will be a Valentino party
Tuesday evening of this week. Card ta
bles will be placed In the private dlntntf
rooms for th benefit of those who prefer
cards. Th committee In charge of ar
rangements Includes: .'
Messrs. Messrs. v
Bmue Ree, Jr., - John Latenser,
O. T. Faatman. ' Frank Selby,
B, A. Van Ordel.
Entertaini Sorority. v C
Miss Rita Carpenter . entertained the
Sigma Chi Omkron Sorority of th Uni
versity of Omaha at her homo Saturday
afternoon. Th members present were:
.Mlaaea 1, Misses
Mlnnln Johnson, Annetta Nourse,
tiell Charles, Marlon Pesrsall,
Mabel Nelson, Kllsabeth rierryman,
Jeanno Merger, Kf fie Cleland,
May Leach, Helen Johneton,
Ktta Karentaen, Rita Carpenter.
Mildred Jones,-
To Honor Debutante.
Mlas Elisabeth Ptekan entertained the
Debutante Bridge club and a taw others
at bridge Thursday afternoon In honor
ef ' Miss Eleanor Mackay, one of this
year's debutantes. . The guests were:
Mrs. Walter Griffith.
Misses - - Misses
F.leanor Mackay, ' Blanche Deuel,
Frances JTothatetlar, Ann Glfford,
Fusenla Patterson, Qladys Peters,
Msrton Kubn, . Daphne Peters,
Jsnet Hall, Lucille Baoon.
Fhi Eho Sigma Banquet.
Eta chapter ot Phi Rho Sigma national
medical fraternity, located at th Crelgh
ton Medical college, gave Its annual ban
euet at tha Unl.rslty club Saturday even
ing in honor of the new members admiu
ted to the chapter this yesr. Plates were
laid for more than fifty man. Including
an unusually large number ot alumni A
cabaret program followed the dinner.
The- honor guests were A, A, -Conrad
and Jamas Kelly, seniors; R. E. Roche.
Junior;' E. F. Noonan, sophomore J. N.
Oohlen and D. J. Qullty. frasbraea,:
: Dr. A, D. Dunn acted as toaaUn aster.
R. C. Ruasum, president ot Eta chapter,
mad n short address of welcome to tha
alumni. E. A. Msrrltt of Council Bluffs
spoke on "The Slav Invasion;" Dr. JB. C.
Henry, on "The Value of Enthusiasm;"
Dr. C. XL Newell, on "Phi" and Dr. . 8.
Foots on "Star-Wins."
Th program was cleverly arranged, the
menu taking tb form of a prescription.
The committee In charge of the affair
waa composed of Dr. W. L. Shearer. F.
A. Pollock and J. R. Klayla. Tb offloer
of the society InsUUsd at the last regular
meeting are; B. 8. Bus urn, president; B.
8. Kelly, rice president; D.. J. Qullty,
secretary; F. L. Wilson, treasurer; R, E.
Roacha. senior warden; E. F. Noonan,
corresponding secretary.
"" preeeni at tna namjuet were:
A. D. Dunn,
tC. Henry.
B. riuahman, .
R. M. Riley.
A. U Mulrhead.
Oeortie Stevens,
J. W. Duncan,
H. P. Ha ml! Ion.
Rudolph lux.
V. J. Sohlelar.
W. W. Davis.
II t. Arnold, ,
A. 1 Harr,
J. Keiiy.
C. H Mnlseed.
J. M. Murphy,
K. D. Kyder.
A. A. Conrad.
J. R. K ley la.
F. P. Murvhy. .
N. H Kaamussea.
(. J Tnuug,
T. Esen.
H. J. Jenkins.
H. K. Roach.
Doctors .
J. S. Foots,
C. ir. NewelL'
A. 1. Mack.
Newell Jonesv .
Krnoat Kelly.
It. A. IVrmody.
V. J. DwyerT
O. A. Young.
O. C. lmrey, .
J. P. Lord.
Adolph Pacha
W. U Shearer. ,
P. B. Oilleepie.
C. U Martin,
B. C, Ruas'im.
C. F. hook.
J. J. Frymana.
K. F. Noonan.
V. U Wll.ou.
B. 8. Kelly,
F. A. Pollock.
J. N. Oehlen. .
n. J. ilul'tv.
C. M. Saab, '
Eecent 'Affairs.
There was a large attendance at the
Informal dancing party given - Monday
evening by tha Coo 10, club in th new
ball room at tha Rome hotel.
Mis Nellie Orsy entertained at dinner
Thursday evening la honor of Mlaa Ed'th
etandevsa. - Th table was decorated with
a mound of American Beauty rose and
a small bouquet of violets marked the
places ot the guests, who wsres
Mrs.' F. 6tandvn. -
Mlaaea Mlaaea '
Haxel Ryan, ' Catherine McCar-
Hoee Vauek. thy.
A number of the employes of the Braa
dels Stores gsva their annual banquet
Thursday evening. Short addresses were
glvru by Mesai. F. K. Overholt, J..F.
Cummins and David Cohen. Covers were
placed fori
- Mr. and Mra J.
Anna Murphy,
Vannle Watson,
Henrietta 11 Irish
man, Mesayn.
O. C. Laraen,
George Banner,
F. Cummins.
Mabl Harris.
. 1 hylls Uatighao.
en Freydell.
Margaret Kerr,
Frank B. Overholt.
David Cohen.
Waihingion Dinner at Club.
The Omaha club has sent out cards
announcing Ita annnal dinner to celebrate
the one hundred and eighty-third annl
Tersary of WaehJnxton birth en Mon
day evening, February SS, t T o'clock.
The Hon. J. Franklin Fort of New Jersey
and Senator Ultchc-ock ar to be the
speakers of the Oceanian. The club notifies
Its members that acceptances for the din
ner munt be received twenty-four hours
in advance, s - '
To Play with Orcheitra.
The many friend of Miss Frances
Nash are greatly Interested In her per
formance with the Minneapolis Symphooy
Friday svenlng. Mls Nssh Is a most tal
ented and an aftlstlc performer. She has
always been art Interested worksr and ha
been very generous with her art among)
her friends here: Sire appeared In Berlin
with the Philharmonic orchestra In Phil
harmonic hall' and again In Dreaden,
with the leading, orchestra of that place.
She will be heard here Friday evening
February, 19 at the Boyd theater.
At the Boyd Theater,
The O-Atka cluh was entertained at n
theater party at Boyd' on Friday eve
ning by Miss EtheT Sheets. Mies Mabel
Miller was the guest-4f the club.- Those
present were: .
Misses Misses
Mary Haves. "' Luna Caswell.
Rose Hearth. - - Rnae Sheehan. .
Carrie Hanaen, "Hulda Rllleon,
Mabel Chllaon, Kthel Sheetsf
tllldred Hannen, . Katharine Lawless.
Isrle Ptelger, Oertrude Hill.
Mabel Miller, . ' Muriel Butlln.
With the Traveler.
Miss Joy Hlgglns I visiting In New
York City with her sister. Mis Mary
Hlgglns. Later they will both go to
Clinton, Vs., where they will be the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jaok Duval on
Orapax farm, and where Miss Joy will
remain two months. ' ,
MUs Mildred Rogers left Thursday vo
nlng for New. York City, where she plan
to visit friends ontll after Easter.
With the ViitorT7 .. ' -
' Miss Oenevlere Uogan of Milwaukee la
the guest of Miss Irene Langdon.
Miss Jack of Aurora." 111., is anendlnv
the week with Mr. and Mrs. John Wear.
Mrs. Osorg BUndorlsnd and small
dsughter. Betty, of Chicago, are expected
today to be the guests of Mr. and Mira.
George Wlllard Later.
Wedding Plana.;
Among the out-of-town weddings ot
th month will he that of Miss Ella
Fearon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Fearon of Ocean Park, Cal., until two
year ago a resident of Omaha and
James P. Mutqueen, member of a promi
nent Council Bluffs family and well
known In Omaha.-'
' The marriage will take place on Tues
day, February 18, at Ocean Park.
Mr. Mulqueen and his bride will take a
wedding trip across the southern part of
the United States Into New Orleans, and
after April J will, be at horn In Counodl
Bluffa, ; ' ',''...'" ' 1 '
While in Omaha MUs Fearon made
qulba a reputation for herself as a reader
of ability and was often heard at women's
club meetings and on various programs. .
, The wedding of Mis Abble JtcHenry,
daughter of William A. MeHenry of
Pasadena. Call, and John Edward Georg
t this city;' win take place In Pasadena,
Saturday evening, February 10, at the
horn of tha bride' fathers at 40 Ford
Mr. 1 Oeorgs and his bride win be at
homo after May t in this city, at XU
worm nrty-thlrd street. Dundee.
Ambng those, who will go to th wad
ding ' will be C. C. George, ' Raymond
Welch and George Wright of Council
Bluffs, who will serve as best man.
To Sew for Kiiiloni, .
Tuesday morning during Lent a number
ot young girts and young married women
ot Trinity cathedral will meet to sew for
mission boxes to be sent out by the
Woman's auxllliary to Alaska and Shang
hai. Meadames Denis Barkalow, George
Barker. Jr.j Joseph Barken M. a P.
ILefferts, Walter Roberts, Ralph Peters;
Misses Elisabeth 1 Davis. Katharine
Thummel, Stella Tnummel;' Alice
and Irene Carter, Blench ' ' Deuel,
IDorothy nail, Janet Hall, Gladys Peters,
Daphne Beter and Caroline Barkalow
are those who will Join tWs Lenten work
and they will meet at the F. H. Davis
home. "'-
For the Future. W .- . .:
The Columbus club will give an Infor
mal dancing party Tuesday svenlng at
Metropolitan hall.
The Twinkle cluh will entertain at a
rube dancing party Tuesday evening at
the Metropolitan HalL
Vesta, chapter, Order of th Eastern
Star, will entertain at a dancing party
Monday evening at Chambers academy.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert. C. Anderson of
Benson announce th engagement of their
daughter, Mlas Alloa Paulina, to Dr. Wil
liam A. Walvem of South Omaha. The
wedding will take place In tb near fu
ture. Personal Mention.
Mra JoseDh Allen, who aaen III fn
the last five weeks. Is slowly convalescing
at ner home. im south Thirtieth avenue.
arr. Arthur- p. Qulou who has been In
California for tha last month. Is on his
way home, leaving Mra. Qulou and the
children with his father at Hollywood.
Hon. Thomas Rees. editor of tha tllinnla
State Register, left Tor' his home In
Gprlngneld. 111., : Wednesday evening. Mr.
Rees came en to attend tha fuural r
Mr. Samuel Reaa. ' '
M1S Adah Kkln."who had chares nf
tha department of snusio In a girls' school
at Sycamore. 111., has resigned her posi
tion and will be at home for the reet of
th year. . - - - - -
' Miss Louise Dtnnlns went
Molnss Friday to be bridesmaid at ths
wedding ot MUs Marv Denmaa anit Me.
Cgvanaugh Tuesday. Mr. Wlllard Butler
goes over Monday for th wedding.
Mr. J. K. Gears Ikvu fa r-nr,i
Monday for his marriage the following
Saturday to MUs Abble McIIenry at
Pasadena. Mr. C, C. George and Mr.
George Wright of Council Bluff will ac
company him. , '
Mr. and Mrs. Josenh ItmrkM Mniuil
Tueedsy from, ten day in New York.
Among the former Omaha People they
met while there were Mr. and, Mrs. Oeerge
N. reek of Molina and Mr. and Mra. Tom
Crelgb of Chicago.
Card were received tliU week from
Will Play With Minneapolis Orchestra
y-tyv , . ill
FRANCE3 r, k
jNA3H ;f -
i I 1 if' "" I
. 1 V- , : "- ' I
it , ' V ' ' t 1
';j X "' " j
jj!? --'''' '" ."-" 'i '. r' -V" ' j
''J -7" -: i
4. 1 wmliw .
Mis Prlndevllle at Chlcnsm aniunmHni
tha marriage of her sister, Cora, to Mr.
Edwin Potter. Jr., of New York City on
Monday. February L Mra. PottAr baa
visited In Omaha several Uraes.
Darwin 8. Cheaner. son of Mr am Mri
D. B. Chesney, left Tuesday for Los An
geles, where he Is to be married next
Wednesday to Miss Glenn Way, formerly
of Omaha. After a wedding trip they
will make their Home in Dundee, about
Mrs. E. V. Lewis, who has been vlalf-
ing her mother in Springfield. I1L. sine
before the holidays, is expected In Omaha
about March L and from her will go to
Sheridan, Wyo.. to visit her daughter.
Mrs. Sherman Canfleld. before amtnv to
California for th summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wolfe bam re
turned from their wedding trip and are
with her parents. Dr. and Mra. TvmM
Maora lit Council Bluffa until their
house Is ready for them or until the Fon-
leneue- is opened, when they may go
there to stay while waiting th comple
tion of their home.
Mr, and Mrs. B. IT snrunn win ta
Bellealr. Fla.. next Eaturdav. tha fr.r..
tor a brief business trip to New York,
while Mrs. Spragua will come north,
stopping In Chicago on her way home,
Mr. and Mr. Spragua expect to bo at the
Fontenelle until they open their Benson
homo for th summer.
n and Out of the Bee Hire.
Mr. E. W. Dixon expect to go oast next
Dr. and Mra Hull go to Chicago early
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Burgess want to
New York Thursday.
Mr, and Mrs. Jerome Magee returned
Friday from tan days In CMoago.
Mr. and Mra George Prlna left Wed
nesday for New York fgor two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Baxter are ex
pected home from New York Monday or
Mr. and Mra Leonard Everett of
Council Bluff have returned from an
astern trip. ,
Mr. W. A. Redlck ha been In Mm-
neapolla this week, but Is expected home
tomorrow or the next day. .
Mrs. Charlea T. Stewart and Mlas Marie
Stewart of Council Bluff have gone to
New York for a tew weeks.
Mr. Robert Forgan of Chicago arrived
Friday, to spend the week-end with his
fiancee. Miss Elisabeth Congdon.
Mra. E. W. Nash and MUs Nash have
returned from Dubuque, where they have
been for two or three weeks with Mr.
and Mra. George Byere.
Mrs. Albert Bwartsiander left Thurs
day for Washington and was accom
panied by Miss Mildred Rogers, who goes
to Portland. Me., to visit relatives until
' Edward McKena and Thomas Moss
were held for the grand Jury under 11,000
bend to answer a charge of breaking
Into a freight ear engaged In Interstate
traftlo and stealing two aaoka of wheat
They were arrested last week by Special
Officer Palmtag of the Missouri Padflo.
In default of the money for bond they
were taken to Fremont to be confined
there In the county Jail until th grand
Jury meets.
Wsa ooaxxsa xwacD rxocxxwoa
Ideal support for AJU-
OOsa TXUra, Weak Anklee
and alt Limb troubles.
SAXXTAmT, may be wash
ed or boiled.
OOKTOavXABUi. mads te
measure, contain no slaa
tic, adjustable. Laces like
a legging. Mads of cool,
lls-ht material.
JlOOBOsaoaXs sort Si. so
ewe, or two fos the same
Urns, Saso, poat paid.
, Writ for catalog and eel f
meaaurement blank No. Ia.
If vou have an ulcer write us.
V. Y. Corliss X.iaab Bpee. Co, Xaew
1 W. ld bU Nw York.
fimm fmm IFiimo
John Buglewios, twice removed from
the firemen's payroll of South Omaha by
ths Fire and Police board, was reinstated
for the second time by the district court,
when Judge Day held that sufficient
grounds for bis dUoharge had not been
It was shown that Buglewlcs during a
fire left his company for an hour and
worked under directions of another cap
tain. It waa charged that political mo
tives caused hi removal.
Mrs.. Buale Henderson, widow of Joseph
IL Henderson, a city fireman, who died
of pneumonia In 190. has been placed on
the pension roll of the firemen's relief
fund at 13176 a month and th city has
dismissed Its appeal In her mandamus
suit, according to a stipulation fined In
district court. Mrs. Henderson has re
linquished her claim to back penUon pay
ments.. I !
A going business can he sold quickly
through The Bee's "Business Chances."
Take advantage of these few
pleasant, daya and hare your
boavy suit, overcoat or wraps
Dry Cleaned.
They no doubt look a little
dlna-r affair aneti a V A in
tor's service, and a good clean- 3
1 a . - , ,., H
l pressing will put a
Fresh Spring Look on them
that will last tha balance of
the season.
The extra service and satis
faction you will get will more
than pay the cost of cleaning.
. Telephone today tor one of
our autoa , to call, - or leave
them at our .Branch Office at
2016 Farnam street. -
"Good Cleaners and Dyers."
1515-17 Jones Street.
Phone Doug-. 003.
Guj Liggett, Pres.
N. B. We pay special attention
to out-of-town business. Writs
for complets Pi-toe List and othsr
Information. We. pay Express . or'
Parcel Poat charges ens way on
all orders.
Don't You
that Ants, Cockroach.
Waterbugs, Rata, Mice,
etc., are filthy, repulsive
and dangerous "com
mon carriers' of dls
eaasT Use our guaranteed
your premises of these
nasty pests, at once.
Ask your dealer. . If
he does not carry our
rood a phons Douglas .
or writs te us.
Central Chemical Co.
Boom esa BreaAele
Theataw Bids.
Omaha aTsbraaks. '
Mounting Ilk every-.
thins; el8 in thin day and
' ae chahfe In gtyle fre
quently and the itore of
Comb', being ever
abreast with tha times, la
lowing tha Try newest .
It you have tired of '
that plain gold mountinet
your diamond Is set In,
coma In and gee aorxi of
tha new one we are die
playlnf. Our large stock of mount
ings contain many new and
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haven't Just what you) want.
Our Special Order depart
ment will make one up for
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a, , fjf
How would" you like to wash a batch
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dlahee then wipe, polish them and
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Can you Imagine anything more te
dioua about your wife'a housework?
Buy Hmr a u Whirlpool"
Sa-itary Duhwnthmr
You will notice Ote change In your
homo at once. Your wife will be
smiling when you come home. The
cost of a maid will be a thing of the
past. Toilet cream bills for the
hands will vanish. You will ears real
Hmr Hand Won't Touch thm Wat or
and within ssven minutes the evening
dieties will be ' washed sterilized
dried and placed away. The "Whirl.
Eool" le self-cleaning and sanitary.
'ih towels are unsanitary and may
breed contagious germs. Coma In
and see.
demonstration Bally.
Mag- This As Qes 10 JMseemnt.
write for Booklet. .
Vbone Pong. 111. 1110 Famam St.
A Safe Place to
- Buy Diamonds
The recognised hign char
acter of the Edholm stora
makes this tha natural place
to purchase such deceptive
. stones as diamonds. It la
. necessary for all buyers to
depend upon the word of tha
salesman In purchasing a
diamond, for few know tha
reaj value of this stone. Our
experts are Qualified to
Judge all diamonds. Tbe
guide you to tha most satis
factory value for your
money. Even If you wish to
buy at another store, you
are still very welcome to
come here. Inspect our stock
and receive advice regarding
your purchase. '
Albert Edholm
. Omaha's Oldest Established .
Sixteenth and Harney Bts.
Mrs. LE, Brady & Go.
Exclusive Millinery
304 Go. 10th OL
(9 Doors From Farnam)
We are) showing the latest
styles and patterns la Spring
a. " '.jjwjau ".m m Amu
eoth ana Taraaaa.
rheae IX aaa. Bsesn a. Balastge Blag.
r " v - - c
, i .
i' ev '
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: '" .-e- -,-t ,
1!M - '!