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    T1U3 1IEB: OMAHA. VKl'XKSDAY. KKI1UUAHY 10, 1913.
MdeHty Storage Tu Co. Boat .
W. X Selky Bona, general Insurance.
Have Boot Print tt New Beacon Press
Barrese-Orandea Ce Lighting in
jure. Wasted Choice real estate loans. W.
It Thomas. tSS Bute Bank Bldg.
imifl Complete MoTle lrram"
classified section today, and appear In
The Be EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
the varloua moving picture theaters offer.
Keeps JHsorderly House J.' A. Cook
ef the Manhattan hotel. Fifteentn and
Capitol avenue, was fined $40 and costs
In police eourt for keeping a disorderly
JTaalkaer Oat oa Bond Robert Faulk
ner, colored, charged with concealing
smoking opium. .a released under tl.000
bond after a hearing before United States
Commissioner Daniel,
Seaolntioa for Kre. Beet The city
commissioners adopted a resolution upon
the death of Mrs. Samuel Bees. The res
olution referred to this pioneer woman
a an estimable lady and devoted mother
and wife.
"tare Bet lor Big Battle" This news
Jead line refers of course to the fighting
In 'The East" but It should remind you
ef the Big Business Battle being fought
every day tn your own affairs. An office
In the Bee Building makes a good stage
setting for. better business.
Sxpenses of Bouse of Hope The an
nual statement of .the House of Hope,
operated lor -the benefit of old people by
Rev. C. W. Savldge, shows that on Janu
ary 1, 1914, there , wa a balance In the
fcanJc of $115.84. Expenditures for the year
amounted to 14.242.48. There was a bal
ance on hand January 1, 1915, of $115.64.'
Xiectares ea JCUlinary Ora Cne, a well
known eastern man milliner and author
ity of women's wear, will give a series
of lectures during the week of February
IF at the millinery establishment of M.
Bplesberger & Son. The lectures will be
given for the firm's customers at $.80 a.
m. and 1 p. m., with speclaj lectures In
the evenings.. Mr. Cne gave a series of
talks In Omaha last year.
Will Aik that Eastern Mail Order
Houses Pay Taxes to So Busi
ness in This State.
Belgian Actress
.Would Lecture at
Council Chamber
Why shouldn't eastern mall ordr
houses doing business in Nebraska
pay taxes in this state? '
This-question wilt be one of many
to be considered by the Nebraska Re
tali Hardware association, which
began a four-day convention at Hotel
Rome, with almost BOO members ex
pected to attend.
President F. w. Arndt of Blair, who
with other officers arrived early. Is ready
to bring up the matter of mall order com
petition, which la one of the big prob
lems of the retail hardware dealer. Other
officers of the association are: C. W. Am
nion of David City, vice president; W. C.
Klein of Mllford, treasurer; Nathan Rob
erts of Uncoln, secretary.
John Husnle of Omaha Is a member of
the advisory board, with S. A. Sanderson
of Lklcoln and R. N. McAllister of Grand
Island. F. D. Burnett of Omaha Is one
of the .directors and the others are J. J.
Jennings of Gothenburg. William Klnsel
of Wiener, H. I Scofleld of Lincoln. J.
V. Armstrong of Auburn and Fred Pels
of Blue Hill. -
Favor Intervrhaa BUI.
Although too late to get attention from
the legislature now In session, other mat
ters besides the mall order problem will
be considered by the hardware men with
the Idea of urging legislation on them.
Early arrivals among the hardware men
declared themselves' to be strongly. In
favor of the lnterurban development bill.
Senate File No. ISO, i introduced Into the
legislature by Senators Dodge. Qulnby
and Saunders of Douglas county. It will
promote retail business between the small
merchant and the farmer, who now Is
Inclined to order necessary articles by
mail Instead of going to town for them.
Mme. Artols, Belgian actress engaged
In relief work here, called at the mayor's
office and . conversed with Secretary
1 iNelHe Malone regarding the rule per
taining to the use of the council chamber
' for meetings. .
The visitor, was told that the council
chamber would not be granted for meet
ings at which an admission fee would be
charged, which the Belgian woman lntl
. mated would be done if she could use
this meeting place.
. ...'.".-...
! '
Jobless Men Besiepe Postoffice After
Positions, but Manless Jobs
Are Not Reported.
Are Forced to Put Up $25 Apiece to
Send Protestants to Lincoln
, A grains t Annexation.
The second and last Oay of the S00 rate
to the Pacific coast and return brought
business to the railroads than did
The Union Paciflo took Its Los Angeles
limited out in three sections, all cars be
ing well filled. The Burlington ran three
extra trains west and the Rock island
took Its Golden State limited out tn two
sections. In addition to thepeclal train
movement. . there, were. , probably, 100 or
more California trouists on other trains.
Taken a a ' whole, tho railroad men
assert thaC ".the .Jxial, given the J60. rate
-waa very .satisfactory A " corresponding
rate is quite likely to be put on again
In the hear future. I
Movies of activities and scenes at the
Univereity of Michigan will be shown to
high school juniors and seniors within a
month or two by University of Michigan
graduates living in Omaha. At the regu
lar monthly luncheon, attended by twenty
Michigan alumnf at the University club,
plans were furthered tor the motion pic-.
.ture exhibit In the Interests of: their
aim mater. The committee In charge of
the roovlee Includes C. B. Paulson, Stan
ley Rosewater. Arthur Marowlts and Dr.
Claude T. Cren. The motion picture films
were made to promote publicity; for. the
university, and are being shown all-over
the country.
Andrew , Pierce, , carpenter, of Roland,
la waa found dead in his room at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Stover, 6 North
Twenty-fourth street, where he has been
living for the last two weeks. Pierce
ended Ills Hfe by. drinking carbolic acid.
In a pocket of his clothing a small note
book bearing a list of poisons and their
antidotes, had been marked with a pencil.
The words "carbollo acid" being under
scored and the antidote scrs.tched out.
The' man was absolutely without money
and aside from the fact he had been a
good boarder Mrs. Stover knew nothing
of htm. 'Coroner Crosby took charge of
the body and will hold an inquest.
Mrs. Catherine Getzschmann has filed
at petition asking for a divorce from
Charles H. Getischmann on the grounds
of cruelty, nd in addition asks the is.
auanoe of a restraining order forbidding
Mm to molest her, Mr. and Mrs.
Oetchmann were married in 1SS3 and
have four grown-up children and one
boy. 11 years of age. Mr. Getschmann
la a city fireman and the couple lived at
OOS South Eighteenth street.
Bobeck Gives Lead
Instead of Cash to !
Invading Robber
A single bandit who attempted to rob
the C. J. Bobeck drug store at 1413 South
Thirteenth street last night was tendered
a warm reception by the proprietor, who
happened to have a revolver handy.
The man entered early In the evening,
bought a cigar and while waiting for
hie change, produced a revolver and
ordered the drug store man to hand over
the contents of the cash drawer. '
Mr. Bobeck produced part of the cash
drawer'e contents the part that proved
to be a formidable revolver and immedi
ately began to spray hot lead in the gen
eral direction of the robber. The latter
returned . the fire, withdrawing at the
same time. Mr. Bobeck was unhurt, but
he thinks that at least one of his bullets
found a mark' in the robber's body.-
,I.Taggart was arrested at Sixteenth
and Dodge streets by Officer Aakwlth for
stealing fen overcoat from, II. Tint Jens, 716
west Thirty-third street. South Omaha,
and as a result waa sentenced to twenty
five days In the county jail. It was dis
covered at the staton that while acting
as a trusty several months ago Taggart
had escaped without completing a thirty.
aay sentence. He will serve an addi
tional 'twenty-five day a on this 'count
That the saloon keepers of Pouth
Omaha had to put up J.'j apiece to help
pay the expense of railroad fare for
the crowd of South Omaha people who
went to Lincoln to protest before the leg
islature against the annexation . bill. Is
one of the statements contained in s let
ter received by Gould Diets from a busi
ness man of South Omaha, who says that
the business people tot the city are really
for annexation, and that It Is the poli
ticians that are making a pretense at a
showing against the move.
Mr, Diets is chairman of the municipal
affairs committee of the Commercial
club. As such he headed a delegation
to Lincoln when the bill was heard In
the committee. The Diets sgErcxatlon
boosted for annexation, but they found
over 100 South Omaha people at the leg
islature fighting the bill. They were
firemen, policemen, politicians, city offi
cials and a few others.'
Hare Wives and Babies.
"The firemen had their wives and
babies In arms In the gallery In the sen-
e chamber," says Mr. Diets. . "They
tried to make a showing In that way. It
fell flat." '
The South Omaha letter In the pos
session of Mr. Diets says It is the poli
ticians, the , policemen, the firemen, the
city, officials and employes,' as well ss
the few men who sell supplies and ma-
terial to tfie city, who are opposed to an
nexation, and that among the people In
general the sentiment Is overwhelmingly
for annexation. ' - .
City Commissioners J. J. Ryder snd C.
H. ivithnell are both confined to their
homes, the .former with a sprained; knee
and the latter suffering from an attack
of grippe. '
Information window No. 10 at the post
office was a busy place Tuesday. It had
no sooner opened than It was besieged
by an army of men. Big and little,
black and white, thin and fat. they
crowded up to get on the roll of men for
whom Uncle fam Is undertaking to find
employment. In accordance with the let
ter received by Postmaster . Wharton
Monday from A. Caminettl, commissioner
of Immigration.
What the Honorable A. Caminettl was
thinking of when he sent the blnnks Is
hard to understand. For the Honorable
A. Caminettl sent between fifteen and
twenty of the blnnks. Only that and
nothing more. The Honorable A. Cam
inettl was either laboring under a fit of
absentmlndedness or else he knows little
of the number of men who would wish
to avsll themselves of the free offer
of their Uncle Samuel to take their
names and undertake to act as a clear
ing house between manless Jobs and
Jobless men. The fifteen or twenty
blanks disappeared as swiftly as a hand
ful of snow deposited upon the sunny
side of the street at noon of an August
asy. '
All day the stream continued to flow
up to the window and all day the clerk
had to parrot the sentence: "Call next
week some -time. The blanks are all
Nearly nil the applicants asked for
farm work or some , other klnd of or
dinary labor. Some had had positions
thst pnld better than farm work, but
were willing to take that. One sought
work as an "auto blacksmith."
While there was a run on the em
ployees' blanks there wes no call at all
for the employers' blanks. It Is expected,
however, that most of these will be filled
out in the small towns and rural dis
tricts. ,
Mcasle Epidemic
Confined to North
Partjrf the City
"It Is a strange fact that epidemics of
measles are confined to certain sections
of the city," remarked Record Clerk Tom
Harrington of the city health depart
ment yesterdsy afternoon.
He then disclosed the records which
show that already Jl esses of measles
have been reported from the north pert
of the city, all belnr north "Cuming !
street. During January there wero mi I
canes, and for the first eight days of this
montn there have been 100 rases. The
victims are all children, with one or two
During the esrly winter there was an
outbreak In the south part of the city,
and Mr. Harrington states thst this con
dition hss chained in other years. Not
one case in the south part of Omaha has
been reported this year. If the present
rate contlnea this month will be a record
breaker for measles.
"Store noun 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturday's Till 9 P. M.
I'nuahed for Tnree Veers.
A grateful sufferer writes; "Your medi
cine. Dr. King's New Discovery, cured
my cough Of three years' standing." 60o.
All druggists. Advertisement.
The anneal meeting of the First Uni
tarian church will be held Wednesday
evening of this wesk at the parish house,
42 North Fortieth street. Preceding the
meeting a supper will be served at :0
by the Woman'e alliance. Afterwards
there will be a program as follows:
Negotiations between the county at
torney and lawyers representing Johnny
Jones. ' a negro, saved from) the death
penalty by supreme ' court decision,
following conviction on a first degree
murder charge, looking toward a plea of
guilty to a second degree charge, have
failed and it Is probable that Jones will
be tried again soon. Self-defense Is
Jones' plea.
Upon recommendation of Building' In
spector Lee Bridges, the city council
adopted a resolution setting 10 a. m. next
Tuesday as the time for. a hearing on the
proposed condemnation of an old build
ing now used as a broom factory at 1109
South Fifteenth street. The inspector re
ported the building eighteen Inches out of
The Building Managers' association in
session at noon endorsed the proposed
bill fostered by R. Beecher Howell, giv
ing the water' board permission to go
into the electric light and power business.
The Omaha Serum company has nego
tiated for a plot of ground In Ralston and
will abandon Its present South Omaha
factory for a new and larger plant to be
built Immediately in Ralston. The new
plant will consist of one concrete build
ing 30x40 and several smaller buildings.
The Omaha Serum company's hog yard
has been located at Raleton for some
time. The company , manufactures hog
cholera scrum.
Rheumatism Goes
If HootTs-Is Used
The genuine old reliable Hood's Sarsa
prllla corrects the acid condition of the
blood and builds up the whole system.
It drive out rheumatism because it
cleanses the blood thoroughly. It has
been successfully used for forty years.
For rheumatism, stomach and kidney
troubles, general dehltity and all (Us
arising from impure blood, . Hood's hss
no equal. Get it from your nearest drug.
gist today. Advertisement.
0manjj EflLy Omaha
1502 S. 10th Bt,
Fhon D. 7BS6 ,
Old-Time Cold
Cure-Drink Tea!
Get a small package of Hamburg Breast
Tea. or as the German folks call it.
"Hamburger BrueJ Thee," at any phar
macy. Take a tablespeonful of the tea.
put a cup of boiling water upon It, pour
through a sieve and drink a teacup full
at any time. It is the most effective way
to break a cold and cure grip, as It opens
the pores, relieving congestion. Also
loosens the bowels, thus breaking a cold
at once.
, It is inexpensive and entirely vegetable,
therefore harmless. Advertisement.
The city commissioners, sitting1 in coun
cil, formally adopted a resolution recom
mended by the committee of the whole,
allowing Mrs. Katherlne Rochford $r0 a
month pension aa long ae she remains a
widow. Her husband. Captain Thomas
Rochford of the fire department, died
from injuries suffered while - in the
The Omaha F.vangelistte association
has filed with the city clerk a bond of
16.000 required tn connection with the
erection of the Billy Sunday tabernacle
on Leavenworth street. Nineteenth to
Twentieth streets.
Beet Tela lev at Blltosjs Attack.
"On account of my confinement In the
printing office I have for years been a
chronlo sufferer from indigestion and
liver trouble. A few weeks ago I had aa
attack that was so severe that I waa npt
able to go to the case for two days. Fall
ing to get any relief from any - other
treatment, I took three of Chamberlain's
Tablets and the next day I felt like a
new man," writes H. C. Ballsy, editor
Carolina News, Chapln. 8. C. Obtain
able everywhere. Advertisement.
PORTLAND, Me., Feb. . Mrs. Augusta
Hale Glfford. author and historian, and
wife of George Glfford, American consul
at Basle. Switzerland, from 14 to 113,
died today, aged 73 years.
Combing Won't Rid
Hair of Dandruff
The only sure way to get rid of dan
druff Is to dissolve it, then you destroy it
entirely.' To do this, get about four ounces
of ordinary liquid arvon; apply It at night
when retiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub It in gently with the finger
tips. - .
Do this tonight, and by morning most,
if not all, of your dandruff will be gone,
and three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely destroy
every single sign and trace of It, no mat
ter how much dandruff you may have.
Tou will find, too, that all itching and
digging of the scalp will stop at once
and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous
glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel
a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any drug
store.. It Is 1nexpensve and never falls
to do the work. Advertisement.
Fast trains on convenient schedules
arrive JEngle&pod Union Station
(63rd St.) and La Salle Station most
convenient locations in Chicago
connecting with limited trains for
all Eastern territory. The
W3 a&rt
Leaves 6:08 p. m. daily. Have dinner on the train arrive
La Salle Station, Chicaito-in A heart of the busineat district
ready for the day no time lor. . .
Carries sleeping car for Tri-Cities -may be occupied until
7;00 a. m.
Othtr Solid Through Train$ Daily
"Rocky MouwUla Limited" 1:8a a, m.
Chicago Day Express" .'JO a. m.
Cbicage-Colorado Express" 410 p. sa.
Automatic Block Signak
flnft Modm AB-Stl Pangut Efmipmunt
AMvi 5esfy '
Write, phone or call at Rock Island Travel Bureau, 1)23 Farnam 6t.,
for ticisti, retervstioM, information.
, J. S. McNALLY, Division Passenger Agent Phone Douglas 428
Tuesday, rl. 9, 1B15
fitflr Xw for WeHlnoslay.
Beautiful Rich New BLACK
SILKS Very Specially Priced
SEVERAL thousand yards of theso much-wanted silks
Uio weaves now in greatest demand in a special
underprice movement that will interest every woman
with n plan for a new spring frock.
Black Taffeta Silks, 69c
Rich shimmering black taffeta ailka. 86 Inches wide, very spe
cially priced for Wednesday at 69c tbe yard.
- Black Silk Mcssalines, 49c
Mesnallae silks, deep 1 natron black, 24 Inches wide, tn the
sale, Wednesday, special, at, 49c the yard.
Black Silks at 83c
Three wanted weaves, all 86 Inches wide, Including black silk,
peau de sole, chiffon taffetas and satin duchess, extreme values for
Wednesday, at, 88c the yard.
$1.39 Black Crepe de Chine, 98c
A remarkable quality and unusual value, black crepe de chine,
all silk, 43 inches wide, usual f 1.89 values, 98c the yard
$1.59 Black Crepe de Chine, $L29
All silk crepe de chines tn rich black, splendid heavy quality,
4 2 lnchea wide the usual $1.59 quality. . An exceptional value
for Wednesday, at, $1.29 the yard.
i $2.00 Black Satin Charmeuse, $L49
4 2-inch black satin charmeuse, very soft and pretty, lustrous
black; a rood $2.00 quality. Very special Wednesday, $1.49 yaxd.
Burgsss-sTMih Gov atat Floor,
NOTION Specials lor Wednesday
Ilaby blba with
food catcher, at
each ..... .10c
Wire collar
flares, black and
white, each .5c
Bclssora, all sises, pair, , . .lOc
Folding c o a 1 1 Celluloid combs,
hangers, ea., 6c each , , . .12c
Bias seam tape, ( 811k shirtwaist
12-yd. bolts Ac I shields, pair 10c
Wavy wire collar supporters,
nirfe for He
Nickel plated
tatting shuttles
each ......Mel
20 -yard bolt
tape (or . . .10c
Fowder puffs, I Buckle Coring So
all sizes, spe- Iseamtog tape.
o!a), each . . lOo I bolt 10c
Hair nets; with elastic, 5 for lQej
Sure-oa hoi iS.h o e
supporters, ex
tra wide, per
pstr 10a
each. ... . 10-n
Linen tape, alx
bolts ; .... 8a
Elastic sanitary bolt, artndsX,
each, for ............ .12Hc
Girdle founda- I Stock ice
lions, each 10c pair
sraah Co. Mala, Hoc.
Stamped Pillow Cases That
Are Regular 49c, at 25c Pr,
STAMPED on best quality tubing, slse 18x45 inches. In hem
stitched and scalloped edges. Designed for monograms,
French and eyelet work,
r K tamped Pillow "Tops, 15c
Stamped pillow tops, in floral and conventional designs, with
six sketna of floss for working; special, at, 15c each. ,
' Library Table Heart, 15e
Library table scarfs, stamped and tinted on linen-colored crash,
with six skein's of "artallk" for working, stse 18x45, special, 16c each
Bnrreee-yash Co. Third floor. ;
This "Use More Cotton " Exhibit is
Attracting Wide Spread, Attention
IT certainly is a commendable enterprise an ingenious, compre
hensive plan for encouraging a larger demand in this "Use More
Cotton" movement.
A real summer bower bas been laid out, in which the garments
shown will illustrate
The Coming . Season's Styles and Many of
Them Will Be Displayed on Living Models
From 16:80 to 12:16 and from 2 to 4.
The materials by the yard are on aale in -the newly enlarged
wash tiooda department.
I ;
Perfection in Stylo and Fit
That's what
Pictorial Review Patterns
Hereso three of a 0Bdrfal ooCertiton ci await dWMosi!Vr?;taJ ia
Tails Hew To Opea Closed Nos
trils and End llead-Colia.
Read The Bee's "Business Chances''
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You feel fine Id a few moments. Tour
cold In bead or catarrh will be gone.
Your clogged nostrils will open. The air
passages of your 1ead will clear and
you can breathe freely. No more dull
ness, headache; no hawking, snuffling,
mucous discharges or dryness; no strug
gling for breath at night.
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a
UtUe of this fragrant, antiseptic cream
la your nostrils, let it penetrate through
every air passage of the head: soothe
and heal the swollen. Inflamed mucous
membrane, and relief corass Instantly.
It Is Just what every cold and catarrh
sufferer aeeda Don't star stuffed-up
sad miserable. Advertisement.
The BEST WAY for you to pre
ff vent all your money melting away
f Is to put some of it away In the
Booth Omaha Havings Bank, where
2 Interest will make It grow In-
1 gtead.
1 Our depositors are protected by
the Depositors Ouarantee Kuad.
1 1 '
24 th and M Streets
H. O. llOSTWICK, President
V. R, OETTIT, Caabler.
Wf few! tkt tb tiata bas mn t deal rmpi.tii m avcl.
tttkja oar tkar iHmt it Will nave racayftarl rur tu pur
boats havaMt tan! tha aitj(euKkua bum f V iuat Us
mowitrtvia i arvod avrJ aJ thai k . f auMma sVhta la pwa-
AuMtnc tHUjf" Wa ImuMf ia oavrnc W.UuO aaora wuiakay agara, ata-wr ewa Ski
xpeaaaa, ttmi Falsi t biasT U ta Aaaat. atsuat wtole4a and ssswat cUiiaaoua ti
sjtlijeav jmf tnmr Mftiao. l r.ia ia jxsw ejnano to gj men ifa mmm a iafma
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La il yon ft! do ut u remit ui Sw.afe pa wiu uiy vfMsktouea, EX-ur.'-a
our rat l-Ma nMsksf gwd with t.r
. .... .. , ...
1 MM-
11 a if oli
alD. ft h uii Ouarta of
biaou LMttr (Wereq tttikH k ik ft)id Willi tt.
rau aon t Ana tt aoajrivwi t
uatretura tua viaiUt ksatlUa
an to sjvmaaay, ai-achiU-ir tt fur trial purixxiaa. lrmk iia wky ia U
vu don't Ana it M'irl
r xrao flur trial nurutiaa. lrtnk Uio okakry ia U
fUak it'l Fiuri, aoocMUtcly, no Baiter wLa4 yu kr arliK lh ajijait Ixitt . it
tnaOer.M wiuaaay yo ovar umxi, rssgaruiaai wie,
a at 4ur aminruaa. and Vou'U at your inueri a-k tt
r.d wtiiwut osnjMMit. Or -1.4 .4 fr 4 full gumrta, k X'Kf.
ut, avul wa w u auciuao, m aWiiwjnol fcvitio fr yvti to t4
(!' aaixsa aibaral tarwia.
1 h aLkMtianaJ naiito-tba froo dlxtrfbatlosi offar U for Mult tlmo
only wtaao atr a prwgnatrau tug ti m yoe ia guus wo anatl hava la w.t h
tiuw our offer, 1 u.a aivaniar of it auit it U.a o4 m Ia Oekt M-ttoir
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rKLm DtftTiixiMa co u rus : city, M.
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