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Slattei and Bedford Have Measure!
Vitally Opposed on Taxes Fii
by Tie Companies.
(From a Ptaff Correspondent.)
L.IJCOOLJS7 Feh, I (flpcutl.) Bsnator
Mattel ef Otoe ) noxious to know J up
how much money is paid Intd tb state
treasury under thworrrporatlon occupation
tux law, what percentair of tb total Is
paid by publlo service corporations and
bow much by smaller private corporations
and how much it costs to collect the tax.
A motion that tha secretary of atata,
who collect the tax. b Instructed to f ur
nlah the sonata with such information
waa Introduoed by tha Oto county xnaa
thla morning. Tha tnotkit. carried.
Bllla V'lUllr Opposed.
Fenator Matte explained that tha. de
sired Information concerned B. V. hy
Bedford of Douf)aa, and B. TV B4, by him
self. Tha former . rsls. tb occupation
tax for each' additional mltlton of Capital
stock over, tha first million from $78 to
125. The Utter rapaalc lb tax alto-stler.
Bedford's bin "would hit the railroad
practically to tha- exclusion of other cor
poratlona.' ' it -would affect tha common
carrtcra vttaPr. soma of thara for almoat
ae much at tw.onn additional to what they
are now paym;.
" Frrca Road froaa Ta.
Malt'.' hill would of couraa free them
from any tax whatsoever.
Both 111 era yet In tha committees.
Bad ford ' bill Is with tha committee n
rTnif' and taxation, ha-ln,.been trans
ferred td that commute from tha com
mittee on ' miscellaneous corporations.
Mattes' htiris with the latter committee,
of which 'he It chairman. i
Howell Objects , '
To Hunter's Bill
On Water Board
. i . "
( From a Ptaff CbYrsseondent
LINCOLN. Fb. .-pecla1 Teieram.)
Reprtacntatlve Hunter of tha Deuglss
county delegation and General Manager
R. B. Howell, of the Omaha Water
board, had a tilt bcf-re the committee
on stale- Institutions this afternoon, over
Hunter' bill, providing' that Hhe' sta
auditor should make an Investigation of
the affairs of the Omnha Water hoard.
While Howell absolved Mr. Hunter from
any connection with tha corporations, ha
said corporations were behind tha bill
for the purpose of crippling tha work of
the Water board.
Hunter denied the charge and said that
If1 the i Water board i ail tight. It
ought not t. be a trail of an Investlfa
tlon by the statei auditor or anybody '
fiowell waa will leg for an investigation,
but he wanted to prohibit thtra from
going too far by stipulating that the lft
Vejrtlgatton should not eost orer 160.
' (From Biaff Correspondent)
i MNCOI..N. Fb. . (Special.) Prairie
chicken can get no protection from tha
senate this year and suckers wl.l ba pro
tected, If the action of the senata gam
and flab, commission way be taken a tha
fwllng cf tha members. 1
This noon a larse crowd of flehermen
an.! gunmnn met with tha Cdnimlttea and
ruiistrred Vigorous prolent against Beaat
File 115 by Lhners. which makes It un
lawful to illl rralrio chickens, quail and
like birds for e term of flv year, and
Brat's. pvnet Fl'e 154. which provide
that sucker and like fish could be take
any old time., s ,
As a result both bills wera reoommendad
for IndnfinitepoatponemioL However,
Gates' bill, benete Pile 3)1. which pro-
KW- the manner and kind of coarse flh
nhich may be taken by'aelne wlia their
presence In waters are fli-trtmental to tha
Frnasilon of good flat), was reootn
mndd tor paasage.
A going (usineaa can be sold quick)
through Tlia lite'e "Bualnaa Chaocta."
Ecgistcr Reveals
Sharp as Lobbyist
(From a Ptaff Correapondentl
UNCO UK. Ttb. . (Hpeclal.)-W. E.
fharp, preslden of the Uncoln Traction
'"r,iny and of the Itoyal Highlanders,
has rectiitnrrd as a lobbyist at the aeo
i. thiy of aUtc's offka. He signs as In
termcitnl iu li.suisivia hitS ccfporatlaa
!". It la tiiouKht that the Iramediats
'Ua of las rtilatry Is tha Peterson bill.
II. R. 214. 'h-h provides, that no street
tllay aervto shall be dlscontiauad upon
certain conditions.
. 1. Si lihldr of Chicago has registered
as repivaenUog himself In leglalatk-n f-
leiti:ig loan.
Ihxt to Destroy Catarrh
Gems ana End Catarrh
A KpeolaUst's A.drtoe.
CArrh le a p dlaa and tha only
uv So ciiro It o it ,iy rurad and
i vr coma ra k la to kill and drive out of
'"' I rMlnrrhnl gnna Mx
I. ate tuuiid Iveigeisent there. NVhca the
'riiia ko lha ratriirli will atop. The trou.
wan i"ori trtiainumia. iiks apraya.
ltr. f.eun. sry bkiuia. luliuns. eic.i
i)i.y nt tniiy trmpurer v relief by
r ! .! H. :ii i..r a bll II. rli.sgMj heaJ.
r.i n.jetriia. in a lltlis tuoe the
uriii .o.ura t . s aa 14 aa evr.
i'. .). n.i, u!tr coit!iiully from c
Iir.i !iuu:j (Up a n h teru.ira4y uake-
. . i-.'n ana gri aomeiriiiig n,t realiy urti
tv n,- riAi in ii, a itiHdM and
:! Tin-ie la iioir.iiia beiLcr for auch
(tan bread. tng into your nose and
.... i, Mjir.ia, l.rallliN,
ri.'Mroi in 0f Hyumel (pro-
i.ouiueU : i: i-iiii m...lA fi.i,, ...l
of l.uaJi;tua ai.d r..ii,i,lrn-4 wild oilier
(owirrl l.r,.::g, fcntu- .uc and srin da-
H'Mntf li..e,i.,.nt,. liyomel polrale
i.J r.i ti.a iu.'iam,l. aawt&n mi-
fanva cl your n.i-a o l thrust, i.'i d.e
'"""' ' "'' ti.e p..Hs-a anu roir.
I .v.i..v ttr,.j,w u.a cmsmi by drUrvy.
;' l:a 1 .r ,Kirrti svrinia .jn.n.t
i;.e lu. .r U.viy i.r Hyuiuet
m 'i.iini.,i . k.-C'onn itrug u.
r,i ,,.r.v ou r U""4 druHM in (,m4,
e. J v, lint r t.-e lui.g Hyouiei on a
n'r '-'' ef si'ooneaful result
''..""'v '" ''" .U enr,u...
' k w-.-et drunMat ara no gu.
i': .. .. .rt l.-imr im. ia rrxm hird rof-
i..i:-,..i U!nelit and.
I o. V et a -t w m ........ M - . ji
. - .l ko .. ij w.oloueMy re-!- 1I
1 ' ' " " ' u -i"a u! i- u (tigai-
Senata'i 8apply of Code Meaiare
; '. ' Haie Been Completely '
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
14NOOUN, Feb. . (Ppeiclal.) A lively
Scrap was fntrlpltaied In the senate
this morning, when Senator Mattes of
Otoe, rose to remark that there was no
more copies of th school code -bill avail
able, either in the senate or th house.
The bill Is a bulky met.sur of, over 100
page, weighing something like thirteen
ounces. ' - '
The Otoe county member further re
marked that of $10 4n postage had been
expended In sending th bill out. Where
Is your vaunted economy wss tha ques
tion he put,
Senator- Mallery, who introduced the
bill, answering In a warm manner tfia
attack of Senator Malt, and proposing
that more copies ef the bill be printed.
It shows that the people are vitally In-
tereeted In thla hill and that by all means
they should' be protected even at tha
expense of a few 'pennies. .
"fou talk about ecmomy and then
provide pay for sixty employes," ho
added. - . ' '
Mallery s motion was lost. '
Geeoa Beada Beegki.
Tb Stale Board of Educational lands
and funds has purchased IHOnO worth of
tha sewer bonds of th city of, Genoa.
.' Sal of Coppers.
Attorney General Rd has furnished
a ruling to the pharmacy Hoard ito th
effect that any person, not llcansed
pharmacist, may kell copperag.) er sul
phate of Iron. Th ph ami arista bad ob
jected, because general store, wens sell
ing th drug. It Is used largejy as a
bog medicinal i ' . '
Favor Sufficient
Weights Inspector
(FVora a Btaff- Correspondent.)
UNCOLN, rb. l.-(flpecil. In spit
of vigorous criticism from its opponent
H. R. J06, Increasing the number of
weights and measures Inspector for1 tha
Rtata Food commission from two to six.
received the O. K. etamp of th hove to
day and waa. sent to IU third reading.
Tha plea of economy was raised In oppo
sition to this bill, some members declar
ing themselves opposed to th creation of
any new Jobs. Friends of the bill mat
this, argument by saying that unlets a
sufficient number of Inspectors Is pro
vided It will be Impossible to protect tits
publlo from th tmpostur of fals weights
and measures. ,
(From a PtaJf Correspondent)
UNCOLN, Febv . (Special r-Th doc
tors and th lawyers got Into a discussion
this afternoon In tha house ever th
merits of a' bill prohibiting th lawyers
from charging fees for assisting in tha
settlement 'of estates. 1
tianlgan ol Oreeley and Hotfmeistar
spoke, th former Insisting thst aftar. a
lawyer had' paid no nay and spent time
In getting admitted to the bar there waa
nothing fair tn rastrioUttg Id field ol
labors.' ' - ' f .-
Hoffmslster Insisted tha, If h wanted
his son t .settle h! tstat after ha was
dead that ha ought to b abl to do so
without a lawyer butting Into tha gam
aad charging a fee.
:) Proceedings
eaata Coaaatlttea at Whol.
E. F. SS, Eushee of Klmball-Rertucea
collection fee on district Irreaatloa funds
from 1 to per cent To aaa. i
U. F. &. Klcchel of N'emalia Provides
that common carriers cannot require of
an employe that he secir any speclfio
company on bis bond. To pus.
Bill Thirst Heading, Seaat.
a. V. Si. Krumhach of Polk Provides
for a lt parol officer. A yea, in;
nay, I
H. F. M. Mai a on ef Frontier Makes It
sufficient for a voter to writ In th
nam of a cahd'ulat without marking a
Cfoas St tha same- time. Aves, SO; nays, It
H. if. 3, Howell of Ioi((la AnnaxUlon
H'l with emergency clause. Ayes, 2i;
nara I.
t. . F. F". Tluder of Cedar and Beal of
Cutrbtiuaiis and sllirhtty raises
schedule of county junes reea in civil
and criminal cauea. Puts probate work
on flat fee ba)o, varying with sis of
estate. Ayes, Sa; nays, a ;
Ifeese Com !(( f be Wkelt,
H. R. ITT, loup!& County petesatlun
Public welfare bill, To pass.
11. H. T., pousiua County Delegation
Provide for a'lj'nirnrr.ent of Jusllc court
ciM-a. To riaj.
ii: R. . ! pom rtlention Atloas
chanre of ven'i fioia Justice courts to
conte'Rolated iininl.'..."! ouima. 'o paaa
H. H. si, Douslaa Uelefratloa Allows for
aptoliiUiKnt of constables inalaad of
ele-ttu. To pss"
H. K. t, Duualas Teloatlon -lamlU
Jui Isdu-tlon of J'iii. of the pea to his
own 1ilrlt. To patia
H. Ii. M, fH'utes lelegatlon Creates
two Juetioe of tue (iwci dlaUlcts i In
Uougias oa u uly. To paaa.
Third Readlag, lieu.
M. R. IJ. Ulnar uWe rullroad com
panies the rlalt l condemn and take as
niurh aa forty atTe In a ahool lani
M-tion when twenty acre id be used
fur slock varda or feeding yards. Passed,
H. K. liu, t'ronln Allows ortlera to ( in chambers aiiinat hoir la
oa'alrs. pnaani.
1. It. Ik Croaln Pernjlta Ucaoa of
to a urjin of prprty tj L !.
sued belwreo resular court teitus. Paaeed.
H. H. 1n. biooiiie M)ulra liaa fi.r
aervlce of atailiona. jai-ka and buns to be
filnd by Ot tuber 1 ausr the (spring has
teii foaled. Paeaed.
11. K. Pa foe Apportion ti coat ef
boundary line fcacea Passed.
Bills roatpeaed la Iteaa.
H. R. 133 snd H. R. ITi-Providir.g for
a county tlx levy to r. i soldiers'
utotiuiiieiits of m-nioHttla lViatpotwd
The Tiblwta bill. II. It. Ji. ruyuiritig
railroads to advertise their time tall,
ia newspapera at all Junction puiota. also
went Into Ilia distant uu th racoia
nu'iidntum of th railroad committee,
H. H. l-A. Fuller L;apetsalt.g with ad-.
ni l uls t rat u.n iMweextinga In estate wurtlt
iot to exoeed t'.Wn. Iruletuuteiy post
poned. Bllla Paetpaaed ta teaat.
. Y. t. Beai of Oualr FJImlnatea as
a defense to charge of embaaalement pie
that mt bad some part ef ttie money
AliieaV'l iv"i iviva uua null.
S. VI lol. Ruden of Knox Permits
muney raised tor county fair association
t. be uawd la pameot of apseu ur
niiunis. i. 1 . V. Beal of Custer Permits era v
t.aer fun t b taken at ail tune of
ttia year.
e. F. l.a, Labtiara of Thayer I oea svay
a-ilh th otwn sssson on prairie chicken.
Uparsaeat Oraera.
WAeiGT.',!. Feo. . Kpcll Tale
gram.i trvin W. Kanduany ha 1-en ap p.atmaUBr. l'owe, Nrrr.aia
tu.inty, Nutjiaa, vioa H. H Ktuinpuw
it. R. Xiinti4 aa aptwntad rural hit
t. r i' r at Dana, and c. A. btxk at
i ledi Ii H. la.
h.beft f. Jurnay of 'Jncoln. Nb., has
t-i t ppuiiuad au asaiMant in S..H ,.r,
, t .i i.5 s.iruc vt Ilia. Agrictilurtl a-
Howell Meaiure Ooei Through the
Upper Home This Morning- by
, i Vote of 24 to 8. '
From a Ptsf f Correspondent)
LINCtHJ. Nab , Fab. .-(Bpa4 Tele
gram.) Fenat file No, 2. the Howell
Omaha annexation bill passed the senate
this morning by vote of 24 to 8. On sen
ator, Beal, being absent. Th vote stood:
Ayes , Marshall. '
Bedford. Mattes, .
flrookley, . Plller,
B'jahee. Oulnby,
nygiann, Kunen.
Hoesland, .
Ppenrer, .
Wllenn of Dodge,
Wlnkud M.
Robertson, .
Veesner, '
' 'Vt'lliion,'
. ' of Frontier,--.
Flu hrm an.
Dodge, Mattery and Kiechel voted
against the bill bn the roll rail, hut
changed In order to make tb emergency
clause go.
Bill Would Provide
State, to Pay Loss - ,
Sustained by Hail
" From a Staff Oorreapondent.) .
LINCOUS', Feb. .-(Special.-Pet!ton
signed by several hundred business men
at Archer anH farmers in th surround
ing country, wsr filed In th house
Tuesday morning, asking for the pas
sage of the Osterman hill, H. H. No. 829,
for th creation of as tat hall Insarenca
fund. Th Mil wm Introduoed by ' Mr.
Osterman upon the urgent . request of
many of hi eonsUtuants In Merrick
county, where great danger ha been
dona by hall storms th last year or two.
k fThe tneaeiir propose a state levy of
oh-fourji of on mill for, th purpose
of creating th fund. Th governor Is
authorised to appoint' thre commission
ers for ch courity, who shall pans on
all claims for loss, ' and award the sam
according to their best Judgment Tha
commissioner will receive 40 cents per
hour, while engaged In thla work.'
Tha bill do not limit 'Its botveflU
to farmers alone, but provide that resi
dences of cities and towns may show
losses du to hail and be re-embursed
Governor Suggests '
Peace Observance
From a Btaff Correspondent) -'
' JJNCOUN: Ttb. .-(Declal.J-Oovr.
nor- Morehead today sent a soaolal mes
sage to- tha legislature, .calling atten-
Uon to tha-dat of tb coming centennial
anniversary, o.t the signing of the treaty
of Oh an, by which peace waa .concluded
e-n l ' I
a yv ".'1.3 "
"a f " V J V
State ami breat
Britain In IMS. ,Th
anniversary falls
on February 17, and the governor sug
gested m fitting obeercatice, and that the
two house -meet In Joint session at 1
p. m. ,on that day to hear an address
by Jenkln Uoyd oJnea Thla will prob
ably b done. "
Measure Aimed at
Coroner Has Smooth
Sailing in the House
i -1 -I
(From a Ptaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. - (Special.) -County
coroners may find thmevee without pay
checks If the legislature n both branches
looks at the Job the way the house does.
TheIowr body this morning took a turn
at th bill known as H. R. 208, by Tib
bets of Adams.
The only thing that saved It was a1 mo
tion by Mockett of Lanraa-trr that the
hilt ha given a rest until a similar bill
was ready for discussion, when the two
could come up together.
The bill sboltshes th office of county
coroner and gives the duties to the county
attorney, hut gives him no compensation
for performing, the work.
Tlbbets declared thftt the - coroner's
offlc I a useless) burden on th taxpay
ers, and In many counties It serves no
purpos. except as a feeder for the-undertaking
business. Palmer, who Is an
attorney, said hs waa speaking- against
the Interest of bis own profession when
h argued that th coroner doe nothing
except hold. Inqueets snd bring out ad
vance testimony to help th lawyer In
any subsequent proceedings. He saw no
excuse whatever for continuing ths coro
ner" of floe, , - I .
Light Bill Eeferred
To Club Directors
- It will , take the board of director, of
th Commercial club to decide whether
or not th club shall' endorse tb electric
light bill In th legislature, which pro
vide that th metropolitan water district
may angaga in tha electrio lighting busi
ness. Th , executive committee of the
club had the matter up for discussion at
noon.. Zt was then that tb matter was
referred to the whole board of directors
of sixty members, which Is to meet next
Th recommendation for endorsement
of the bill cam from th municipal af
fair commute of th Commercial club.
This committee after a hot discussion a
few days ago decided by a small majority
that ther should h endorsement of the
bill. Bo Gould Diets; chairman of thd'
municipal affair committee, recom
mended the endorsement to th execu
tive committee at th meeting. He Old
If in th form of a motion, tut failed to
get a second. .
Immediately some wis head who knew
th consideration of th bill meant a
fight Jumped up and moved that the mat
ter be referred to the entire membership
of th club In a referendum vote. ' By
th tim thla waa seconded someone is
cam along with a substitute motion; t!pt
th board of directors be given a oracle
at It They r to hav that crack next
between the United
I .. - 1
JLJE" was wise enough to know, cm' honest
, enough to toy: "You can fool all of
the people some of the time, an some of
the people all'of the time, hut you can't
fool all of the people gll of the time."1
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pipe. It can't smoke adjectives it wants
good tobacco. , v , . " v
s- i
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cji improvement even on Nature's pipe
' masterpiece' Burley de Luxe.
For two years' careful curing gJvci
. that lenda a "tcasonexJ' taste to even a "young"
pipe' and aJJj a eurpasing "richness to an
oia one. .
fvc Metal -line J Bag
Ua r-awaj (..Us klcoiiort
Douglas County Eepreientatire Sayi
Effort it Being Mada to Kill
Franchise Tax Keainre.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. .-(Ppccial.)That the
Snemlca Of denote File No. 31. which de
fines the method of. fixing the value ef
franchisee tor taxation purposes, are try
ing to kill the bill r!y delaying It, was
the charge emphatically made by Sena
tor Qulnby of DoiiKlas, Introriucer'of the
bill, on the floor of the senate today.
Qulnby was brotiRht to his feet by a
motion of Buhrman, chslrmsn of the
committee on revenue and taxation, to
have tha bill referred back to the stand
ing Vommlttee, It having been ,retorted
out for paasNgesome time ago. Buhr
man said It appeared that alt parties in
terested, through, error, had not been
given a hearing on the measure when It
was tiefore the rommittee.
Qulnby strenuously denied this. He said
that h himself had It recommended at
on time Just to mak sure that every.
body might be heard. , He thought that
for a committe to report a bill out twice
should b enough, t -Qulnby's
motion lost, howjever, by a
vote of 1? to 10, h having demanded a
roU call, ' Th Mil as a result is now
back In th Committee and a hearing
upon it Is scheduled for J o'clock Thurs
day afternoon.
Th bill provide thst the assessor shall
fix the value of the franchise of all
publlo service Corporations at tha market
value of stock; and bonds lee the value
of the company's tangible property. ,
Read The Bee's "Business Chances"
and gH Into your own business.
Lord President of .
Live Stock National
Moiti A CO. hav purchased th Me
Grew Interests In tha live Stock; Na
tional bank of South Omaha, C. M. Mae
farlane, treasurer, Morris At Co.. Chlcagoi
becoming a director. C F. McGrew con
tinue With the banka director. H.
O. Edwards, manager of Swift Co.
South Omaha, also continues on 'th
board. L. M. Lord remain with th
bank, being elected president. Mf? Lord
has been the cashier and th dominating
faotor Jr the business sine it organisa
tion in 1907. i F. W. Thomas, who has
been wIUi th bank since l5lD as assistant
cashier, take th position of cashier.
All other members of th board remain
the same.
Morris A Co., Chicago, ar the largest
individual owners of bank stock in that
city. They control the Kansas City stock
yards, the Drivers National bank of that
place and also hav large investments in
packing house and banking Interests In
all of the western packers centers. Two
years ago they - took over th Omaha
Packing company's plant at South Omaha
and it Is an acquisition to Omaha to
know that this financial powar Is ex
tending it Interest to the hanking field
In thla city, which means a strengthening
powstr for th Live stock National hank
as well as tha packing nous and oattl
Interests 6f tha northwest
. .
Continued from Page One )
mittee of the house for me tline has
had a special rule realty for an? emerg
ency on the shipping bltL
Senator Hitchcock declared he did not
criticise the president for attempting to
enforce his convictions, but h hoped
senators would respect their own. "Not
one senator here on this side -(the demo
cratic side) believe in the bill, I my
opinion." ','..-.
Senator Itced moved to amend the
Hitchcock substitute by providing that
"all secret meetings, conferences, or cau
cuses between disgruntled or bolting
democrats or republicans, or proprietors
or agents of any pool or trust Interested
Iri legislation shall be held to be a con
ference In the meaalng of the order.-
Senator. O'Oorman. In a denunciation
of the conductof the. senate's business
declared It was doubtful If th state of
New York would remain In the demo
cratic column and that It certainly would
not If the people should find that their
representatives In th senate could be
bound hand and foot by a caucus..
Barleaqae Gaverniaeat.
'Th proceeding of this senate In the
last week have been a burlesque on con
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t. W give value received, sud'that Is tb rea'on w ax at th head
la our specialty. , - . . '. . . ,
. . The only Keeley Institute ln'th stats ot Nebraska Is located la Oma-
na. corresponasnc conndentiai.
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Grand Oall
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rideiTheitr, fri, Feb. 12
Lilncula's smhl.
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Hot.1 l.'lnr Sts4. as AU It
Vxailmlaary Taadevlll Show at :39
Cass "A" All the Way
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Farnam Theater
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: I 1
I 1
stitutional government," said O'Gorman.
"The command comes from without th
walls of the carftol to pass thla ship plirJ ,
chase bill before the appropriation bills
" "Th situation In which the democratlfl
party now finds Itself may well excite
the anxiety of those who lov th party."
Concluding, Senator O'Gorman declared)
there would be a muchwarrant for th
president sending for the chief Juatlc of
the United States to come to th Whit
House to discuss a pending case aa td
send for a Senator tb take his orders. '
I i in
liONDON. Feb. . Msjor Arthur C
Morrison-Bell of the Beets Guard, who
recently was reported missing In Franc,
Is a prisoner In Germsny. Mrs. Morrison
Bell today received a letter font her hus
band announcing his safety. Major Morrison-Bell
is a conservative 'member of
th House of Commons. He saw service
In the South African war and was aide-de-camp
to the governor general of Can
ada Mn 1900-O4. ,
, ,- naadall-Btoclc.
Miss Anna Marie Stock, daughter ef
Carl Stock, and Mr. Vernon L, Randall, "
wera married by Rev. Charles W. Bav
tdg at his residence Monday evening at '
o'clock. , They were accompanied by "
Mis Ruth Jailer and Mr. Earl Merrlam.
Goods' Specials
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25c Irish Poplin, 19c yard'
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- . . .' i
Third floor. 1
- ttsw.
1. Praninn, OPtasa, SforpMo aad othsr gu
ad&ioUoas ar dlaa oosditlono.
I. Tbarefor'e, elentiflo medical treatment Is aao
ssary. . ,
J. In caas of sickness, von hut tha beat should
be accepted. . .
4. . Our treatment is known the world awsr and haa
Xaraay Btrert Car from either Xye g
tlake Tectiiing Easy for Eafcy .
i i - - ,V
J!rs, Vifetays Sccttirig S)icp .
rOf UJuAJI .Tbaater
kfsA, Taday ;18. ToUrht, AM Weak
Added attraction vry.' perforniaao
BsUa Xroaas-Harry Walker 'ta
daaoe. Mat. W4 TharaH BaV, a So.
Wurnts. 5o, Boc
West Week I A Woman' Way. Tea...
res. 1. Society ailffat. lug, Zaa
lilsworta Dale la Bono between acta.
John Bunny
- (xzanizu)
T01UT. KU i3o
Ere., a:a, aad
Tkoxsday aivaaiaa.
And Company of aa
aUB(r and ItaAears,
"L'snny in Fenny!
t-. aSo.-aOo, tS. Bvealnr. tic ti.oo.
Ssi, Moa, Tue.. Ciiauaoey Qlomt.
AfiwaVfren warmawnw
Dally Matmee. l is U;hu, t.'lt.
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rri: klai., al., Ivc beat seats (txcmrt
?at. A- Bun ). i:,c. Nishta. 10c. iir. i
-jMtJLt a (vs
. ta-aa-aoa,
l-i)ilei lu everflowln, with Jollity, failarw
Ity, girl enl sy' t . Th two-aft Ktu
s!cl hurleauue. "Ttie-lJuwry beekeca.1
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