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    TJI E Vljtj : t M AIT A. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY lt1915.
Can't Beat "Tiz"
When Feet Hurt
"TIZ" for sore, tired, puffed
up, aching1, calloused feet;
or corns,
""-Sure! I
every time) for any
foot trouble,
w ' ITa.i mm Vnav.f,.AiiaA 4 11 at litre ffnA.
X I li
. fee '"TIZ" and never suffer with tender,
, ow, burning, blistered, swollen, tired,
molly foct. "TIZ"' and.: only "TIZ"
takes the pain and soreness out of eorns.
, callotiaes and bunions. '
, A a soon as yon put your feet In a
"TIZ" bath, you Just feel the bapplneas
aoaklns in. How good your poor, old
feet feel. They want to dance for Joy,
"TIZ" U grand, "TIZ'- Instantly draw
ut ' all the poisonous exudations which
puff up your feet and cauae sore, In.
tlamed, aching, sweaty, wnrliy feet
Oct a 3 cent box of "TJZ" at any drug
ptore or department store. Get Instant
- foot relief. I-augh at foot sufferers who
complain. Because your feet are never,
never aoliig to bother or mske yoa limp
any more.
A biiii wh ' rel.breiln
hl twaniyllMh aiinlyaraaujr
r-r aiicawtul worn la
uroily I" very h'ppr"
ar-narnna frame of tniiid.
Thin l ' )" ttia eondl
linn of t'WTh Hjax-taUlal
t Hyraula of HHi, wli
fii'-tiira imi aae bar.. Kiar
twnly-riy ytaara na naa
b'-n runr.R ttart1l all
0t.r tba ccxiiitr.
He haa l cpvvT)r
4 IMn lr ymaa tHt (ait aa
v r,. n'a .rmls-a aa
' ir.n'in ilia Hnioli JU
Mail Nayal rrvim ii 4
' ami nilua of eiiKlr end re
. rrarrh He M travala-i
" i.-.t.-nalyalr, nl.aarvla '-he
WlfM-ll (if rllinwla' ou t'a
UrM,. T.ltlla wiinilar vha
' Tim knnar U tMa that aa o '
J i. .ii kuoiin o ''t i mrrli
,Strirul, His ibtliuO of imoinlfM
In ntw r11'(int fri-wt ntlur, brouititt
Kill J"V lo huDvo n4 duilrl ( ttrrl
inn, ynu ay. l-nul4 tnta rt.
fTit." lipro Tur m'rH'iol(T. ' To e!ihfto
lila t'ih annltpmt', 1 ulorrli ti-lll" ipryilo Mi hhxhih I'mnli Treoloieot lrr to !
tio wrll vt.rf Miii'h H.
Tlilnk wli.l ihl ilr to raul Tow
ruro IfBl'tK-nt tMvj Is limowt all over Ame.
ti m -ou (o lor youi!! m ir(ho4 of re.lml
inrh b. llly iriirivl laiarrfi, anl !
thlft lrrtiniit t'r iVithluK. . ,
' Ki;i iOd.w
Itr-momtwr Id la la a awiot eonir!v ttlbrt!nn
tnr hl"''Ul and h ran I allnrtl lo oo It
fur l"ng. Vn Miunt Rul mia the rhenrr. Juat
.t it anil lapiicll nwl )"t q.iwa onr ao
aid wl'll JllH atortl. TaVjtrTh)
' It vnu daro a Iial-'4r4 kanily,
Ihit. The p"lnt l. o a0 at anna fur Una
" iiwimrni: d tlwt ywa can al It Irea and trx It
Jor junrair. .
ton anow bow loatdanma and dlaiuatlr. a ON
raj." I'MLarrh fa. tu knoir that It lta'la to
ftrra'Hul UM-ni-aM trhW-a. ?"r'apa you nva
iuv lai.umtt lhat CataMtl ita InruraMa. Ym
t-n.l iitat rral.ird lint tlirro a a, man ! Ima
ix-hhJ a qimriar of a rnnuny t Ha etO'iy. ana
l-aa au-r a vawt aprtiiin that lay muni hata
Iion t iJ.lar. tut nm rls'it Bi.w Itr ih Ft
Miivrri-y T'talmrnt.
.AtHre-.i ( iiiiiiru Hxt'ialUt Hr'!iul'i
132 Trail HulMiag-, BocVoa, SIaa.
C-::My, E:::!, 'V-i'.hciit Pern cr Injury
. '
frca C;;:rvE:!c Sr:n;s Tea M H?'p
, "From 4wmtr
' "' lo Jorful HittifttirtiDi.
ft!lr.i htH 1 Innnt
hsv method to tuj
m 1iatnrest.iMtir to
1 -' frifjrih rtt riiiPrHIHU
iiir, nlttr mnf Iuii
r ur-fkl ftd r?Tlrl J.
m Tjo i n ( tnsr: l n.
t ly (fMB tand WtltiuUt t(-
- lifavtiu.-i) to euiy th
" i tiH.r tt rar flpttou r turn
t)vr rtui--l
, J a.ry i h you vtk lo !-
s..f inoiw (ti trth.
r .,0 t t rl a af ; Atm rat ,(, it t hOaWlil t) ,
l-rcn fn-'n () af n-l evitilrt fiitril I
t'.ftttl 1-MlI.yi V rswiifa ttut tt.n:.w ti -t '.i?
in . 1 it; If uT v. M" lnl Jt tHt
-i.i) r.r i' i -. artirr!ri y.t-t- Kthr
j it, A j. it t J. H. !' . ivr, tv-.m.DPT bt. ml
'tt A.r. I--.-' n. V a -
r t r 1 Tt:a cflU'fata aniHIaa
i.i-a v . . I v - fcI;y ma n.u.ii vt
tti-a yi ituiv ta Mra. Jrnktuie irm c-vi't'ria.
tt.1 i::e-! i... ! It'..a i.,r ti' itM l.i'.t Of Mll-rr-
li-i-j-ii isr. sf r -it i!h ;af.n t p.-t-a.-.
t -..i . ut au.l via to yvHtr t.i..
f.-r tnuiiri,ia u.'y unly. A'lr-a iM r.
h .- l..iin Anmt, iXt, M f , t'.r.
Kninn.-r M at At'antto avt . loatl, Maaa.
J r
... y : y
lj aj t,. a. Vy
t 1
Ilxcclb Liap, t it wtmJer 1
tVrr:;ro . tri f ,r I
vni , WeW J ;i
rr.i'o Lunjp, our nark-
3 h
1 ........... V w
v, v w J
C ! Hill Kut,
la' '
i t
.. try Coal Guar;
, ... I . . 4 l La.l 0 a)
ill I . 1 illi fit.
1 -1 . i . . . , i,inlt4 t:"7.
a tj '
.k X i - . a
Orer Hundred JroipectiT6 Ccndi
dates for Commissioner Obtain
Blank Petitions. v
Mora than 100 proRpctlre randl
daclea forvthe city comrnUaloa buve
advance'd far enough to can that
many patrtota who are willing to
aerva the public In an official capac
ity to secure blank petitions either
by personal application or through
the agency of friends, according to
i records in the office of the election
That there will be between lm) and SM
candidates from art-one which the voter
will have opportunity to choeae at the
primary la the opinion of well Informed
political dopetri. The fact that only
one of tlio l'O so far liaa come forward
with his filing fee. however. Indicate
that thoan who are ''In the hands of their
friends" are encltned to "stop, look and
llalen" befor taklnir the final step.
Several coy candldalee are known to
have secured the required number of
names for their petitions and to be
awaiting future developments." Some of
these, It is rumored, would not be averse
to burning up their petitions should they
receive offers of city hall positions at
reaaonaMv remunerative aalarlea, .
A partial Hat of names of those who
have secured blank petitions fqr them
selves or for friends has been ept in
the ' election commissioner's office. This
contains a' scoreof names In addition to
those of present city commlaaloners. Who
are esndidates for re-election, and la
follows: . ' '
r Arthur J. Carter, 4517 Lafayette: W. M.
Nash, lir.l South Thirty-third,' C. E. Bo
and. ns tvmiglas; "Ben Arrlena. 1RS2 North
Sixteenth ; J. W. Metcalfe, SW Charles;
Albert W. Bonner, SS2S North Beveit
toenth; Harry Zlminsn, tni9 California;
Robert ' E. Foran, KM Pouth Thlrty
fourth; Charles TJnltt. 3219 Hamilton; A.
L. lUl llnrrcr, 2VZ Oeoatur; A. S. Ilonvano,
3:X) Reward: 3. W. Light, M3t Bshler;
Albert F. WlUbiff. S60S Leavenworth; Ed
W alsh. 102J 1'ark avenue; Frank QulKley,
U1U Maple; Oeorge 11. Parker, 418 South
Twentieth; O. J. Y'slfh. "5 South Thlrty
eoontl avenue: d Leader, 1014 fioulh,
Twenty-third; it. J. Lacy. 1003 South
Thirtieth avenue; Nick larirariewekl.
.Vita South Thirtieth;' E. L. Huntley,-332
North Twnty-eVenth.
King Ak and Staff
in Royal Conclave
Next Monday Night
The carnival date.a for 115 Ak-Bar-Den
tarjiivs are to b fixed at a meeting of
the board of .governors to be held nest
Monday night at the jOmahaaffub. Three
members "of the board of governors are
to be elected, the style of button to be
used this year is to bs decided upon, and
a lot of other Important business Is to
be transacted, tins . Home, Ak-8ar-Uen
artisan, who brews a IV the mischief for
the big Initiations at the Pen. baa Just
returned from a trip of Several weeks to
New York and other points In the east.
wnere lie was imtiatnd into everything he
could, find that looked dangerous in order
to ret his head full of new and mla
chlcvlous ideas for the Den In .the fail
He comes back with a whole sack full
of notions that he expects to put Into
opnratlon In the tall. '
This Is to be the annual meeting.
Grain Prices More
Than Holdjheir Own
While grain prices generaiiy were some
higher, there wss nothing stnsatlonal In
the trading on the Omaha Grain ex
change. .The receipts were onI
there being rars of wheat, lot of corn
and 15 of oats In sleht. Wheat rancrt
from tl.f.7 to l.N. the hlah bcina it-
cent over the markat of Monday. Co-n
sold -at 71 to .cents, unchanged to fc
cent higher. OeU fetched 65U to ttiu
Crnts per bushel. H-cent above Monday
prices. 1
The rel!roa,l. report rmx
weather through th weetern part of Ne
hrk, Wyoming and Colorado, with th
wind being on the Ordr-of a Chinook,
Report Indicate that the snow Is lapldly
dl-wppeartna-,' vt faet notirh to
cauaa alarm. '
Rlin.nd operating men are'ttm pr.;
dieting high water and esatrt that the
ouly thliur that will prevent a flood
flamaea will be short audi of cold and
fieealnj weather t hold the water back.
None of the treitni lav broken up!
but miiriilntr report are that along many
of thnn the Jre ta cowred with water to
a dt'jitti of from a few Inches to a foot.
Imports through the port of Omaha In
January Btimwirii to it". ln value. Of
IMS einount li,s?s worth were dutiable
r .i .. 1 i . . . ...
...... u.ijii nre ,d0ui M pec cent of
- 1 uriuii wis jurK-an air
stariea. imports from Germany chow the
j. ... .c. itlKm9 normally amount
to . prr crni c-r u that cuuv In throui-r,
this port. lt month they amounted lo
only W, or about t per cent Imports
rt,me fn.rn Aualrla, t;rinany, Ennland
inmara, Italy, N,therlKnd
lreleitrl, -t'aceaa end Cub.
iu ihjAL lf.fEC!ATELY
H i'ion of Thomas H. Matters lo have
hi case contlhuei un the April term of
court and motion to quash tho Inrtlrt
ii.eiiut ssmnai linn on Krounda of allfged
lrrHLilunty of Jury Invpaoeluif nt were
tih tnerruled aad the trial ordered to
etart tintntr3!tely. .
" f nf lnul.ter bad whooping
''ik-so ( cotia'iJ so btrd .t one time
'.lot !;s hfc.l liomcirri, of tlw luna
I na temiy u'rmd about her comti
l',..n. lug t' rluin Cuufh Hem
r-iy y rv otn.yit-ridt-d. I lot her a
t.. 6.1 .1 It iiev.-S Ut txj.jlt at urn e
l.vlutt) n I. ail rn.iat.u loo loltlra Hi
tl.i nnn ly ai.e vaa -t.tiily aal!," , t u
A!. i". init-a. l"i uvikat (I It. K'i, OU-
Ui;.il i tt.J ln'tc -VI Mt tlavmi ut.
Omaha City Hall Hat Nothing On
Lincoln Declaret Barney Mc
Ardle, Fire Inspector,
' Barney VArdla. the f.nrlco Caruso of
I he Dahlmen rUih, Is up from Lincoln
with a long yara about the musical talent
at the state house. He ssld a recent ar
ticle rewarding the Ynustcal colony In the
Omaha city hall aroused the Jealousy of
the state house habitues. ' '
"MeArdle If deputy stste fir Inspector
and Just now Is espousing the cause of
the , Lincoln singers In the capltol. He
says that when he read the article he
could not- sleep till he had bought a
ticket to Omahasand made the Journey on
the choo choo cars to tell of 'the musical
talent surrounding Governor Morehesd.
According to McArdle, Charles W. Tool,
secretary of state, la the bssso profundo
of the admlnlstrstlon family In the cap
ltol. He say Charlie must be heard to
be appreciated. . ' .
The linrolnlte told Mayor DaMman
that V. H Pmlth, state auditor. Is an
excellent baritone and Andrew Morrlssev,
new supreme justice. Is a tenor. . W. . 8L
RidaTell, chief deputy fire commissioner,
la described as m tenor; who frequently
worships at' the shrine of music. Mlas
Mamlo Muldoon, Mr. Rldgell's secretary.
ings soprano and Phil Ackerman, hotel
Inspector, is a tenor.Mr. McArdle also Is
a tenor singer. a?r. McArdle has a long
list of state house singers, but only a
ew are referred to as being representative
of the musical propensities of the state
officials and employes. ,
Western Roads Are
Now Placing Large
Equipment Orders
While the Omaha roads are not spend
ing money with a lavish hand, they art;
all preparing for an enormous ' fratght
business in ' the near future and conse
quently are placing large orders for new
equipment to be delivered w4thln the next
twelve months.
The Illinois Central during the last
month has placed orders for fifty loco
motive of the Mikado type -and 1,000 re-frls-eratpr
ears. 100 of which will be
equipped .with passenger trucks, meaning
that they can be put into passenger trains
that the contents may be given rapid
Tviee. - ;
The Burlington is In the market for
1.J00 box cars. 800 stock cars, 300 gondola
cars and fifty-five loaomotlves.
W ho Northwestern haa ordered 17.000
tons of steel rails, the Missouri paclflo
S0.0O9 tons and the Union faclflo 10.000
tons. In srtdltlon to this the Northwestern
hss placed orders for 1,000. tons of steel
bridge material.
Thieves Rob Offices
in the City National
! I aa
Thieves secured entrance to the Dar.
low Advertising agency and hs Home
Life Insurance company, , both In the
City. National Bank building, some time
naiuraay night and wrenching open
desks In both offices stole between to
end fl In cash and $3 In pout ire' from
the advertising agency and 12 In cash
and a few stamps from the Insurance
company. The thieves apparently crawled
over the transoms in entering both or
flees.,' ' ' .
At the rjunday evening communion
service and reception of netr members
at the Zlon Lutheran church, of which
Rv. A. T. Lorlme. Is pastor, a class of
nine adults was confirmed. In adHUon
to these, eleven new communicant mem
bers and four children, total, twenty-four,
were received. During the short time of
one year that Rev. Lorlmer has had
charge of the work. 121 'communicant
members and thlrty-eljrht children. totaL
10H, have been received. The new or
ganist, Mlas Caroline Carlstedt, arrived
last week.' Miss Carlstedt Is a graduate
of the Conservatoory of Mualc, Augus
tan college, nock laland. III. t
ladlgestleatt 'Can't Eatt ' 7SU
- ! A oar titer .
Dr. King New Life Pills stir up your
liver, aid digestion; you feel ftoe the next
day.', Only Sbc All drugglu.-Advertle-
'More persons die from' measles than
rrow scarut fever." Health Cbnunia-
loner u. V. Connell. .
Th doctor" waa referring to the present
epl.lemlc ot mea-alf a In the north part of
this city.
He also said: "Most of th deaths from
meaales are due to a belief that It la a
trivial diseas. Seriou results, such as
rnianently affected eye and ears,
sometimes result from nefclccted cases of
naeasles. Keep warm and alva natlnnt
plenty et water and call a physician."
HovThia People
Can Put (h Flerli
A New DiactSTery
Thin men and women that lile kataitv
filling Cmner you ati- lart nlxlit. tlrnt
L-vcame of all the fut-prudurliitt. nurth
r.itnt It contain, d? You hava-u'l rb-"''1
In wansht on ounce. That food imraaed
fioiu , your boo like unburned oi
ihrouah .n cin frete. Th material waa
I hi re, but your ood doean't work and
allca, anil th plain truth ia you banlly
Ket enough nourtaliment from your nitals
t pay f..r the coal of cooking. Tills U
trtiai of tiln tolk the world over. Vott
nulriiiv onua Jour of aav
i!atln, am aaiaiy out of near and
Vut out th f.iuiwh food and funny
aaaduan ttieta Otnit th m-aa rrvaun ri:o-
ona ut out everything but the nvrfct
ou ar eavliug mow j,,j ,t ai'.n eery
otis of thoe a a'nal t,ra,ul tablet, la
iaiu weea not in eif !i.Mic. jive to
einlit sood soli-l Jajunda of hy, "'ay
ti. r iat stiouia le tue uet ix-a.lL hr
s i ihaot-a your ui, aiaiunnt bt id
wim muiior. ni rreati new i.a t-i -J 10
VUa.'lc Klvic the t.Mxl tit latrrylnaj
Potter to Ooi.'vtr every ouaoa of (.1
Iiib tuaiteilttl la your food to evsrv yt of
roor txMy. Kattttol. too, ailtfa Mth your
fiKt and prla It for tl.c l.iuod In
"any aaalmtiki.-d fortn. Thin peojue sain
i tu ay fioiu h to 14 iK,.!a a iiiur.tii
lul taXinx r-..r,ol, ai.a the new (...
tt put. tarul tahlrt4 ate a riier ti ir
ciuiilili.alton of ait of the U at 11. h-
1-o.iuciitg elynirnta annul to liet-itu V.
1 Lev inn,. u tat. I, la to a im aakr, a rrf
I " ""t hurinla muj tn,'i mittt, an.)
.-iiin,ir M.'C.iiuk-II lrug u. ajtj a I
otin-r tn tdttutia ail i. mity
a. II tli. ni atit-irt't to an a i,Uii guataa
'.. ot tairiit inrittsa or niviiny ti-.a.
I A ii euiotmt nt.
Motor Tnicki to Be a Feature of
the Bis Exhibit that Starts I"
Kert Monday y
Borne! Jitney buses and about 'fifty
commercial trucks will crowd the entire
basement ot ; the 'Auditorium at, the
Omaha Automobile show next week. Use
of the auto trucks has become so general
that the truck exhibit thla year will be
bigger than ever before. x With so much
talk going on about the. "jitneys" some!
specially constructed, Ifcrgo cspaclty autol
buses will also be shown. Manager Clarke
Powell says. , '. f ..... . 4
-AVo comfnorclal trucks were rhown "at
the first auto show in Omaha," Powell
says,.yet this year's trtidk cxhibjt win
Include a whole show of trucks alone, at
least-half again as many as -last ;year,
with twelve different firms showing
them' i . ' . i ! . ' . . I
The basement will' be ''specially "deco
rated, and men wlll begin r putting th
trucks ln place early, as ome are
twenty-five feet long and tuiVd 'to handle
with so. many In a bulldlpg. There will
be two entrances Instead of rmlyo'he to
the' commercial truck scation of the big
ShOW. - ..
1 never have known such Interest ' to
la shown In in auto show before," says
William Krafve, factory representative
of tho Koehler auto truck, handled by
the Ilolmes-Adklna company of Softta
Omaha. "I spent two weeks visiting Ne
braska auto dealers, and every one told
me that he would attend the Omaha
snow before maklnir any contracts! for
the future. Prospective buyers of dars,
ag well as dealers, are going to flock to
Omaha next "week. ' That's why my com
pany will have a big exhibit"
Investors with money read the Real Es
tate ads In The Bee. Advertise your
property for a quick sale.
Central Park Men1.
Win Fight to Close
Shady Grove House
. L r ,v
"Thanks for closing the road house,"
I the substance ot what the Men's club
of Central Park Is saying to the Doug
las county commissioners. This club met
Monday night at the home of i. A. Frye
and prepared a vote of thanks to the
county commissioners for refusing to
renew the license of oie Huddleson. who
has been running the roadhous at Shady
Q rove, Forty-eighth and Redmond Ave
nue for some years. ,
This Is the roadhous that was raided
by Mogy Bernstein because the place was
found to be full of dissipating- minors.
a , s
Acid In Stomach I
v Sours thp Food
Says Excess of Hydrochloric
Acid is Cause of Indigestion.
ai wU-known authority state that
stomach trouble and Indigestion is nearly
always due to acldity-acld stomach-and
not, aa most folks believe, from V lack
f digestive JuJoes. He states that an
excess of hydrochloric acid ln the atom-
ca retarae digestion and starts "food
fermentation, then our meals sour like
garbage in a can, forming . acrid fluids
and gases which Inflate Ut stomach like
a, toy balloon. .We then get that heavy.
lumpy feeling ia the chest, we eructate
sour food, belch gaa, or haive "heartburn,
flatulence, . weter-braafn, or nausea.
He tolls US to lay aside all digestive
aids and instead, get from any pharmacy
four ounces of Jad Salts and tavk a
table poonful tn a gles fit water before
breakfast while' it Is effervescing, and
furthermore, to continue, this for one
week. While relief follow the first doae.
it la Important to neutralise the acidity,
remove- the gas-making mass, start the
llvr, stimulate the kidneys - and thus
promote a free flow of pure digestive
Jad Salts Is Inexpensive and. Is made
from th acid of arrapee and lemon Juice,
combined with lit h la and sodium phos
phate This harmless salts Is used by
thousands of people for stomach trouble
with excellent resalts. Advertisement. .
A -t A rtr.ttrnr
iOtll Ivoi le enutied to the
best In education. He can s-et
the &choul
that, understands boys and
gives them what they seed.
Febraary 16, la a good time to
enter. Vor information phone
of writ'
11. 1." UAVTAni), Supi.,
H Umalia LlncxiUt, '
l'alrorae. v .Ncbraka.
Detectives Visit
. "Omaha on Hunt for,
' v 'Incendiary 'Parson
r .. .. , ; ' . .',
Detectives fmm-a detective agency of
Chicago were In the city ductng the last
week, according to Chief Dunn, In an
attempt to locate. Rev.' Loula K. Patmont
of Newark,' N. J.. lho Is wanted In that
city.' Patmont,. It la added, set fire to
the rhpel of th Church of Christ in
NeWatk on April 10, andarwhen the fact
in Some manner became known skipped
out - The local force has learned that he
was In Omaha last week and had made
himself known at the Toung Men's Chris
tian association and.. to several local pas
tors, whose services heV wished to, solicit
In. establishing a temperance 'campaign
In opposition to Billy Sunday."' . ' , .
Patmont, In the .midst of a like cam
polkn, at Westvllle, , 111., was jsuddenly
"kidnaped,"- for advertising purposes." He
later 'returned and collected on thesym
pathyhe had aroused. ' V.
Ouch! Lurrlbagt)! . Y
Rub Pains From
, Sore, Larrie.Back
Back hurt you? Can t straighten up
without feeling stldden pains, sharp aches
and twinges? Now listen! That's lum
bago, sciatica or maybe from a strain,
and you'll get relief-the moment you rub
yourbaek with soothing, penetrating- "St.
Jacobs OH." Nothing else takes out sore
nesn, lameness snd-stiffness so quickly.
Tou simply rub' it on your back andNjit
comes the pain. It is harmless and
doesn't burn the skin. t u
Limber up! fon't Buffer! Get a small
trial bottle of eld, honest "St. ' Jacobs
Oil" from, any drug store, andafter using
It Just onoe, you'll forget that you ever
had backache, lumbago or sciatica, "be
cause your back will never hurt or cause
4ny more misery. It never disappoints
and has been recommended for 90 years.
I Advertisement .
The perfect fuel
has been found
a fuel that fills
every require-,
ment for house
holduse. A clean,
moke less fuel
that not.' only
possesses all of
the 'good quali
ties of Anthracite
coal But ii better
in every way and
20 cheaper. " ,
. Vulcan b-Product
Coke is produced in
the most iTjodern By
product ovens. It is
made of a mixture of
the best coking coals
obtainable Vulcan
- Coke burns to a clean
ash and if jpractically
free from clinkers.
There is no better,
fuel for general do
mestic use. y .
, Order Today
TTiiTaawiitr met-. caalssa i
Nebraska Fuel Co.
laT OaWlM
i a,
1 1
a"lW 'J -
linii iliaitlM
m m i. im
L.-yi 111 at
" r
Remarkable Bargains
Floor Samples and Odd Pieces of Furniture
aa ..- "-a
,nrv lj
UtRT the new
en the I
Dress Shirts
A very fortunate purchase
actually less than the worth of materials, nearly all Bizejs
for Women and Misses, in Plain and Fancy stripe Serges,
Bedfdrds, 1asket Weaves, and other popular plain and
fancy Shirting fabrics; new styles in blues, browns and
grays, the greatest values
on said in Domestic Room,
, Winter Coats a
big assortment ot
values to ,$3&-.00
i?:. $9.50
Sweater Coats
.values to
fs:oo, at
- The New Spring Tailored Suits are here in magnificent assortment
of the moat charming styles 'and populartcaterlals and colorings
special valuea at $12.50, $15, $19.50, $25
latrces Made to Sell
Up to 50c a Yard,
d.... ......
Big assortment, beau
tjful patterns, in Comi
sole Fillet and Shadow
J Laces;, aisoy Linen . and
Cotton Cluny; values
seldom equaled, never
surpassed. , ,
'f. Time to Think abouCVall Paper
The best selected stock in Omaha for, selection here
Z:.::magM 50
Special Sale Wednesday of Pure Food ,y
sProdacts Second Week of this Mammoth Sale : f
Our aim is to demonstrate to 'the
people our high standard of quality
and a saving of 25 to 60 per cent in
the cost of livinar. - -
18-lb eacks best high grade Diamond
. H. Flour, nothing better for bread,
pies or cakes, sack . ... , . . , .$1.90
-10 bars Beat 'Km All, Lennox. Laun
dry. Queen or White Russian Koaij
for S5a
t lbs. best white or yellow Corn
meal for 17o
4 Iba. fancy Japan Bice, regular l4o
' quality , for '. . SSe
Skinner's Macaroni, Vermicelli or
Bpsarhettt, special demonstration
price, pkg ,,iT4
Sf-os..jRr pure Fruit Preserves. .83o
cans Oil Bardlne . .'. S5o
Yetuit Foam, ()kaT. . . . , So
7 lbs. bent bulk Launory Starch B'e
nrape Nuts, oackage ,10o
K. C. Corn Flake, pkn. Be
Tall can Alaska Salmon lOo
-'le-os. pkg. condensed, Mince Mett
for THo
Choice California Prunes. li...THo
Fancy seeded California Prunes.
pkaf. for , 196
g-Crown Muscatel Raielns , ...THo
J-lb. can fancy Sweet Sugar Corn,
Wax, String Green or Lima Banna
for TVte
J-lhi. can California PleXpeachea S-o
He.rshey's Breakfast Cocoa, lb. SOe
MacLaren's Peanut Butter, lb. laHo
Uolden ban to Coffee, ,1b.. i ... .SOe
Reduced rate, round trip, ' winter excursion tickets on sale
dally to ruany points In 'the South and Southeast, via the '
New Orlesuis f?41.l8 Tntp, FU. ...... .
MbUe $41. 18 .Taint Itecb, U'-MH
Jacksonville)... ?TiO.-S .nir", tav- P-tf.f,.t
Miami, FU....,'.....S72.78 Havana, Cnbav.
Final return limit. June 1.- 1915, except tickets to Havana,
Cuba, limited to return ln six months from date of sale. . Liberal
stopover privileges. Attractive diverse -route tickets also on sale
rates for which will be furnished on application. Delightful tours
to the West Indies, South America and through the Panama Canal
to San Francisco.- ',
Three splendid daily trains provide service of the well known
high standard of the "Milwaukee" Road and connect at Catcago
with through trains for all points South and Kast. For particulars
-call on or address ... V r
W. E. BOCK, C. P. A., O., M. A St, P. Ry,,
1817 Favrnaw St., Omaha, Neb. I
Own your own home:
You can purchase onp
on easy monthly payment
lil;e rente Read the real
estate columns.
in Oar Febraary Sal
See the Ideal
Riosic -Department
r.f. " tSM: $1.45
secured by our buyers at
shown this season, ,
shown this season,
.at. ...... (..
Winter Coats
or Misses',
C 1 OC
Mad to sell at $5.00
to f 20.00, Wednes-
' . Domestic Room
rasT rivoos.
Oottom rabrle) Zre " at Best
Madras Shirting, white . grounds
, printed stripes and figures, per
yard 9o
Outing: 'Flannel, yard wide, 'soft
, and fleecy, pet; yard. ........ .So
Curtain Scrim, novelty printed ef-
- fect( per yard ,,..9e
Apron Check Gingham, fast colors
and blues, per yard . : So
Bleached fringed jjath Towels,
each J v -60
Htu-k Towels, extra site, white or
colored borders, each lOe
ai -aa
The Butter, Cbee. and Egg Hark
for the Teople.
The Best atrtotly rresw Bg'ra.
nothing flnar, dosea ...37e V
ine Dent VToajnery liutter, carton
or bulk, per lb. .V....330
The best Country" Creamery Butter?
feer lb. v...81o
The beat Dairy Butter, lb 88a
Good L-alry Table Butter, lb. ..eo
Fancy Full Cream White or Colored
Cheese, per lb goo
Fancy Full Cream Toung America
x Cheese, 'per lb. soe
Fancy imported Swlas or Roquefort
Cheese, per lb. , oo
Neufchatel Cheese, eaon - 3e
BUg-Uand Haval Orasaraaj sad Grape
ffrult airf
9 slxe, regular Aha, our Trl09..3Oo
1 2 elne, regular 40c, our price. ,8Se
160-1 7 e else, rear. 80c, our price. 80o
Chase's fancy Florida arajoe Fruit,
dozen 30, 45of eoe, SOe
tsb rxorx.B or ctuiu, .
Pntatdes. 15 lbs. to the peck... SOe
The best Wisconsin Cabbafre, Ib.lH
Jersey Sweet Potatoes. 3 iba. lOo
Fancy Cape Cod Cranberries, qtTHe
Fresh Beets, Carrots, Turnip, fchnl-
lota or Radishes, bunch. ... i, .40
Fsncy California Cauliflower, per
lb i .' He
S targe Soun.Bunchaa as-lCo
Fancy Iead Lettuce, head,. ...THo
& 3t:;Paul'