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TlIE BKE: OMAHA, WiDMUAY, rimcUAHV . 1915.
Resolution Introduced Directed
Ajtinit Holders of Water Ap
propriation in State.
(Prom ft Ptaff Correspondent.)
t-IXOOLN. Feb. 2.-?claM-Th can
cellation of aeven Important water power
rfghtg catne up In the now thla morning
and th Plate Board of Irrigation waa
empowered to receive ro other filing
until after the Irgtelatiira ha adjourned.
Ground for the action wo takrn borauae
H wag claimed that thee tights hod sot
been Improved according to la.
While the action was taken In the form
of a resolution, and the rnlc omild
have gone over a day unanimous conaent
wee given to take It tip Immediately, and
lha following grants be subject to
(ha order of the legislature:
Nebraska rower company, 1ap and
Ttatt river at Columbus.
Arnold C. Koenig, Platte river at Co
tumbus. Commonwealth Power company, Tlatte
river at Schuyler.
Fremont Canal and Power company,
Platte river at Fremont.
Charles I. Itoss, Plaltc liver at South
H. P. Bushman, Mobrara rrver at
Ml I Kirk, Niobrara river at Nlo
'Court. House Levy
Bill Passes House
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LIXOOUN, Feb. 1 (Spectal.)-Theae
Mil war passed by the lower branch of
the leglaletare this afternoon:
H. R. , Richmond Permits county
boards to make a special tax levy not
exceeding mills, or 1100,000. to build
rourt houses or Jails, when petitioned for
by U per cent of legal voters.
H. IL M. Broome Provioes that none
but taxpayer, Including women, shall
vote at municipal bond elections.
Hi R. 4, Us foe Requires notice to ba
Jlvcfc within thirty days where damages
are hlalm.d for street or sidewalk In
juries asalnst cities of the second class.
H. R. 164 The Richmond bill, memorial
ising congress to pass ship purchase bill,
was laid over because eight democratic
members were absent, and this tact
might have endangered Its passage.
(From Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, ' . .-8peclal.)-Pherlff
Ou Hyera of Unooln la an enthusiastic
good roada booster and believe It Is
criminal negligence for tha state to allow
so much good labor to go to -waste when
It might be put to work on tha roadg and
tha etete benefit thereby. Ha suggests
a state work house located at soma place
where there la ft rock quarry to which
all hoboes may ba sent and compelled to
labor for time.
"Hundred of dollars of the taxpayers
money are feeing spent on feeding pris
oners of Nebraska each day with no re
turn whatever." says Mr. Hyers. "yet B
moat every ease tha man convlotad Is
mora ablo-bodled than tha man who steps
up to tha county treasurer or city trcas
tirer to.psy hi tax. Of course. It Is
understood county prisoners watting trial
for felony cannot ba worked or go to the
work house. '
"Better let these men work your roads
thai) tha convict t the penitentiary for
then the fanner has no fear at r all,
whereaa tha presence of ft convict camp
Is a worrt to many farmers In. the lo
cality where, the camp Is locate!.
- (From ft Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. t Beclal.)-Aneiig
the bills Introduced In the senate this
afternoon was one that has tho backing
of the Douglas county delegation andj
County Treaaurer Vre of that county. It
make all taxes due at ana time and
rrovldes tor their payment In two Install
ments, Jf such la desired.
At preeant personal taxes are due at
eao time ftod real estate taxes are due
' at another. , The new bill ' proposes to
make tbem payable all at the same time
In August, thus obviating the confusion
that now exists. '
The new re would also make the
proceeds available to the county treaa
urer earlier la the year.
' t , . ,
New Bills at Lincoln
Haas gUlle.
M. R. Nay lor lrovdea that all
buildings used lor school purposes, two
stones or oo In helfchl, knail have lira
11. IL SiiZ. Broome Provides for compul
sory uil'Ping of live bu. iiiietteu wlih
oolts. Kmei y.
H. it. SM, Broome Requires Insurance
com ranks to jupuh their annual . state
ments. 11. R. 5. Chamberlain of Thurston
Requires dialers In Mutuy to keep a rec
ord of sJl poultry purchased.
H. R. l-J. liaiker Appropriates 110, Alio
for a statue to 3'lHnas Jefferson on the
state rapltol grounds. In charge of a com
mission (onMsitng ot the governor aud
two others appointed by hiin.
II. K. 1, a board of
i -Uiuuiiealoitbra cf tuiuinlty la every county
coiioiduig o( the clerk ot the district
court.' Count y ailorney and county physi
cian. M. R. &. Regan Provides that in
r.erltao tan appraisers shall he the reg
ular 4lte appraiser mPvlniisd by coumy
H. R. . Mevsenburg and Clayburn
l'rovtura Miat township boards shall hav
the ptiwer to tni ra levies over those
Uxed at town meetings, not. to exceed
lo'irteen mills.
H. it t'ivsmbers of Itouglss Pi-o-
idea for a pni'i.' dttfeiidrr in lHuglas
county; iiiiirv II iht er.
II. R. i,L. (i.sinlwis of l iug!
Mdne that Suv
man l o (Hall it if.
Uiiertly or itxllre. ily. any nu.ney 1 ,om
a proatitoalo U.r I la ain.port or malniu-
nam-e hail be guilty ot aiirl-rln.
II. H. r'imrrr of ii.iicia-Makea
It the duty u' louni)' la InM I
labor ii g a In rourny orfl r
H. H. t'layl.m and lya-nburg
Fiovl.ira Dial lh liiimxii of Ihu tu n
rnp bootd alia 1 autnrviae al road aort
In hl luonvlitp, and aliall b paid tt per
uav therrfvi- . ...
... '" " v 1 fur mli mi,
propnau ti .,..j inr a avrvejr 01 (ir ,.,..
...r ,....1.1 hi. I. Vl.r..L. .P...- 1 III. l
ihe direuitvn of Hie iute !uid'of Irrl- IlVi u ii
uy aunj uiotW of the I ntle.1 Male.
H. K. .j. Water Pomr i'u'iiniit ire
Korllda th Htate Koard of Irilaatlon to
l.u any appiuali' t.a for aprrurl.itKn
of iiut tr powrr uuipoata fur Xa ra
urttl April 1 1IT.
U ii. X.i. H rgiM Provldda that lerk
of a roll- l omt ahull te appointed
Uy th po'l'-e inaci.tralr.
H. R. SiT. by i-inrw-rrovldr for a
!irn on lan4 hy writ and n.l.-rr dtfgeia
U. tn'r paytornt for arvl.ea.
H. K V. by J)a'oe t'rot itra that rer
isier of ler.1a ai.all kiD a i.'Hiid of all
mv tiimr. Ibna llrd and rprala law
t-f'iuifU.g tax rrgUlrr of mortgage to be
If. ft 31. Pafee frovUioa relating te
lr' f:rl'r' r
U. II. tad. Pafoe-Rtate to th coavey-
snce of reel estate.
II. H .Kil, ' I aioe Provides Ihit sub-
contractors who (uminh materiel to
coi.trartor must file with owner of prop
erly descriptions of such material. In
oroer to protect Hon.
M. R. F.lnielund and Mredlth Pro-vld-
thai municipalities may take pri
vet property for the extension cf ceme
teries. It. n. Meredith Provides penalty
for using the title of "M. 1." or "U."
by anyone not complying with the laws
fncurnlnB nrartlrn of medicine.
11. II. 2S4
Moredlin sna rAiwrr
vtdes for a stale health commissioner.
who shall be tho governor, and a deputy , jj R Cronln Hurety companies
appointed by him. Also provides for a . must (rive notice and hearing tiefoie wlth
board of medical examiners appointed drawing their bond from any person,
by the governor, consisting of four I'hysl- . , j., o,,,,,, ,nrt othcra-Super-clans,
and abolishes the present rnarrt or vlplon an(j rt.KU,,llori of manufacture of
.,'.",.,ItJ' 17 ,h TU. H.Td.H:. -..n h" cholera scrum by private concerns
H. It. JSS, Howard-Provides that women j unfrr )f , y( fc g, ,mlll d
property ownersmay vote at all munlci- R 0rf and fron.inor,.,,,,,
pal election. I maximum levy lor i ltke of second cihrm
employment of drua clerks end appren
times; puts limit at seventy hours per
II. a. rr. I low srd Abolishes sll pro
vision for grantlnx divorces.
11. R. 3l. Mstteson Creates a commis
sion to dclse a stnte fl".
11. K. &, Maiteeon llcteals Inw per
mitting oflenders to be limited to bread
and water diet In county Jails.
il. R. S. Islley Provides ror oesiruc
lion of Canallan thistles
nd cockie-!"ct
jm-s. to be paid out of county general .
H. R. 391. falhey-Provldes for rompen-
satl'on for hand mowing of weeda on pub
lie highways. ,
II, it. xn, Kaufman and Others Appro
prlatea normal sthool endowment fund
lor the lour state normals,
it ii i-n lniB.n-Relates to property !
t.ken under execution and amends law
in sllnw hnndina comnsnleS to guarantee .
mmf kMtnlnv nf nronertv
H. R. JC4. Lanlgan-Hepeals law pro
hibiting rourta from Including In. Judg
menu sums not allowed In other cases.
11. R. X. larsen Appropriates money
for use of minimum wage commission
created by act of 19U. ...
II. R. . Negley-Kepeals annual reg
istration lew reisting to dentists.
11. 11. JOT, Negley When remliliturs are
filed and persons for whom made .-.ppeel
anions, then party remitting shall not
be barred from maintaining that said
remittitur should not have been filed.
II. It. aw. N'egley Provides tor an
lcwa-Ncbraska boundary line commls-
r 3W. Hoffmelster Flva per cent
Igross earnings tax for water power oora-
' H.C"i. 400. Hoffmelster Two rrlla state
tsx for common schools of sitae.
II. It. nt, Hoffmelster Makes Pubjlc
Welfare commission censors of all movie
flima shown in slate.
II. R. 402, Drucsdow-Appronriates W.7W
for paving of street adjoining Stat
School for Deaf.
H. R. 403, uruesdow Double shift for
Omaha firemen.
It. R. 404. Hornby Compels railroads to
spot cabooees of stock trains within one
fourth mile of Stock Exchange building
at South Omaha. .
H. It, Provides nw apportionment
for slat school fund.
H. R. 408. Hmlth Provides for settle
ment of old Inaane fund accounts without
payment of Interest ,
H R. 7, Ia Bounty Prohibits sale of
liquor within two and a half miles of ftny
department or school of tho state uni-
'"'il 4M, Oormley-Anows majority In
stead of two-thirds to carry bond ques
tions In school districts for erection Of
new buildings. .....
-II. R. , Nichols Create office of at
torney for tha railway commission, offi
cial to receive 13.000 a year salary-
H. R. 410, Negley Provides for pay men
of attorneys In appeals from lax assoss
ments as fixed by equalisation boards.
II. R. 411, Alnlay Prohlbts newspaper
subscription contests. .. .
H. R. 412. Richmond Cresting, state de
pository boards and providing for an
ointment of bankers as pedal deputy
tat treasurers. .... ' .
II. R. 413, Nichols Judicial reapportion
ment bill. . . ,
H. R.,414. Parrlott Repealing provisions
relating to contributory negligence ol
plaintiff figuring In fixing of damages by
the jury,
ii it tin. Richmond Increases salary
of deputy sheriff of Douglas county to
II.KW a year. . .......
H. It. 41", iticnmona iiriumwi
leotinns agvncles and provides for Stat
license, ,
M. R. 417, Palmer Jurors not to recelva
psy for day's excused.-
VL. K. 41. Latuaiister County Oelogatlon
Provides for creation or road 'Improve
piiht dlstrlcta, by lncaster county.
II. R. 419. Lancaster County I Allegation
Provides for payment of ImpiHjvftment,
taxes for paving of West O street road.
H. It. i'A. Lanoeeter County Delegation
Provides for chanieea In methode of
creating paving dlstrlcta In Lincoln.
IL It 4-1. Richmond Foreclosure sal
on alleged personal property shall be duly
advertised be lore goods ar sold. L'mer-
""il'R. 42i, Orennwalt Members of
county board get $i a day Inatead H ft
day where compensation is fixed by the
II. R. 423, Mocket Deposits In hanks
ipade In tiuat may upn death of trustee
be twld to person tor horn deposited.
II. It. 4i4 Limiting the liability of bank
'or nonpayment of checks through error.
II. It. 1?S. Nichols County insurance
companies and employers of laoor shall
repoit accidents to labor commissioner.
It. It. 41, Nichols Authorises) stato
hanks to subscribe to stock of federal
reserve banks and become members
thereof. Optional.
II. It. C!7, Palmer Defines means of be
ginning actions agslnst unknown heir
irpresentatlves of deceased person by
service of publications.
11. R. 43t. Palmer County attorney of
Douglaa county may sppolnt special de
tectives at not to exceed 110 per day each.
H. K. 4 A Palmer J ual Ices of the peac
shall demand fee In advance and pay
to the county all excess over blank
11. it. 430, Douglas County Delegation
Substitute for present corrupt practices
act to make It more efteeliv. Emer
gencies. 41. K. 43U Peterson Servle on unknown
c femlunt shall ilve doecrtpUon of such
II. rt. r simer t-osirici iers.e euau
nut irtah tistiirailxatioii fees.
It. It. 4S3. Palmer present umir ot in
debtedness 01 corporations shall not
apply to public service companies of re
il. It. 4;t4. ' Lundgren-SUlts Tor mal
practice shall begin not later than one
VM.r rtr allseed injury.
11. It. 4.3. Palmer Cor reel lv bill chang
ing "'country" to county" in Section 32.t
nf rvlM.i statutes. Knievaency.
H. 1L 4". Palmer Designation and
service by publication of unknown owners
snd defendants and claimants ot real
estate In lltlaatlnn.
II. I 4u"7. Moselv Forbid county at
torney of Latp aato cout.ty to practice
law on th side.
11, K. 4s8. Motly and Peterson Amend
ments to th present registration law
rekisnaiing penalties for fraudulent rtgla
tiallun. II. It. 4. Woodhuist Where land 1s
sold for tax sale for less than amount
due. slat auditor Shalt credit th county
0.IU1 the state's share of the uncollectible
It. R. 440, Mesely Permits ektrlo com
panies to string lights to steel towers.
It. R. 441, Moaely Creates a state bar
be. board, provides for fee, regulation,
license, etc.
H. It. 44'-' Oeterman Cntform rlght-of-
Iasv for the Cnlon a:if1c.
II. U 44. Regan and Nichols Apnio
rrlstes tv for a new building at the Nor-
I folk hospital.
t ij ft, j. Trttmht..Ai1na hm as a-
I m..,.. ...... .1.. .,.,... .,..,. i
I.I. K .tntr nm.t . .v In 'emnltv. Kmcr-
1 , ,,...
tl at mi
ti. Tavlot Mte maximum 'ee
nay be vliaigrd ly laweyis of the 1
II. Tt. t. rHrretl-Tl graph empanle
and toll telephone tompaiilea o.'i.l main
tain ity oft In tirat-t'laaa till'!.
11 R. 447. MuaMey-Kliminalre iloub'.e
l:lft for flrenvn In city of IJncoln.
II. H. tH. Harriet I ounllea mar Pay
i-ov-menl of road, leading Into
or more out of lntieriiani'9
S. MoneleV I.ltu-oln cllv firemen
hJl not b penaivned until u year ut j
1, V. AJ f . . . .(.. I'.nant 1
Fo.ter l:mpoeia city of Llnroln to aell
unuMd oliy property If worth leea than
titi.umi t public au Hon.
Ii. K. 401, l.n .xter rvlegatton, VIxrept
Foater and SlockeM Hve lUvard of fon
Irol the light ta petition for pvenint
adjafll to any atate Iti.tltutlon alUiateit
In a ilty of Hie atala. Kmerarncy.
II. It. 3,00
for paving eaat of th oititopedlo hoapltal
la Lincoln.
It. R. 4, Kt.liunyr Olvea,
telegraph and electric comiManle tbe right
to condemn prmat landa for their um,
and preavribt th method ot aettUug
11. . 4U. Wockett and Peteron-Pre-
vldfs for llcening dance halls In tho
.country by county boards, annual license
to be tJS.
H. It 4.S, Fuller Ptste Railway oom
mlssloa shall furnish Rate. Board of
kqualtzaUon annually Ha valuation of
telesraph. telephone and railway com
pa Die within the state.
H. R. 4V. Jearv I tstr1ct Judge shall
prencrll rules under which municipal
Jails within their districts are to be con
ducted. H. K. 4r.7, Elmelund I'nlon depots de
manded where two or more railroads en
ter same city, State Hallway commission
10 to lu mills. lih a mlximtim of " mills
to be used on the roads and street.
H. R. 4H1, Oeterman New townships
rriHy bo created by the county board
within any city of the second class upon
a petition of tiO per cent of the voters,
tmernoncy clause.
11. It. 42, Howard of Douglas Wages
must be paid In cash.
11. It. 4ti.i. laioo Citlra having munici
pal lighting plants may furnish the prod-
outsloe the limits of said cities, scc-
ond cl.... M,gBllnnAbn
leliea the banltary board of Linooln an
makes the county commissioners, county
attorney and county engineer ex officio
members cf board.
II. It. "i. l ulls of Furnace Abolishes
sheriffs fee for summoning Juries; for
leeolng prisoners In county Jail, and re-
lices saiarica generally up to counties
II. it. 464. Liggett Land owners must
trim trees end heuges at cross-roads or
road overseer shall do esme and charge
Up against said land.
II. H. 47, r'rles Makes It unlawful to
destroy witness trenches and pits of town
snip corners.
11. R. 4i, Fries Appropriates I10.OS0 for
testing grain in a lulx.ra.torv under di
rection of Mate Board of Regents.
II. 11. tS, Miner-Authorising sale of
twenty acres of state school land at Long
Pine to the Northwestern railroad.
II. It. 47". Hunter of loulas l"rovldes
a tneana by which sureties of public old
cers may be released from their liabilities.
11. R. 471, Hunter Provides means for
release of sureties upon bonds of execu
tors, aamimatrstors, guardians, trustees.
II. R. 472, Hunter Provides for an extra
employ on switch engine to be known
as lu lookout.
Senate BUI.
P. F. 174, Spencer of Osjre Raises the
salary of stenographers and clerks of the
supreme court from $1,000 to tl,20i per
B. f. l,o, Krambacn ot Polk Prohibits
tho construction ot any dams across
rivers and stream without a suitable
8. F. 17. Douglas County Delegatlon
Ure's bill, providing for uniform payment
of all classes of taxes and amending ta
. F. 177. Qulnby of Douglas Mayot
and council shall regelate and provide
for lighting ntreots snd salo and use of
gas, electricity, telephone and etreet rail
ways, and determine the nrlce of aas. and
electric power, etc.
B. , 1,8, Qulnby or Douglas Constitu
tional amendment that a majority of
those voting on amendments shsll carry
them and not a majority of those votlns
at an election.
S. F. 17, Quinby of Douglas All wsgon
scales In the state to be public scales,
and requires owners thereof to weigh
H. F. 180, Dodge and Others Relates to
control, operation and powers of Inter
urban railway corporations.
n. r: im, uoage of Douglas Provldeo
new form for platting of city subdi
visions. .
H. F. IM, Dodge of Douglas-Makes It
unlawful to commit waste by removing
buildings, fence and other Improvements
ob real property upon which there ar
satlsfied mortgages.
8. F. 1S3. Dodae of Dousias Relatrs tn
foreign wills. - ' 1
el. F. 14. Dodge of Doualas Prevnnla
fee splitting by doctors.
K F. 1S5, Dodge of Douglsa Prohibiting
hiring or confining any child under id
in any reformatory or religious institu
tion where child labor Is used without
court ordr.
H. F. 1M. HDlrk of 1 Pallhe Court may
designate place where lands sold on exe
cution shsll be sold.
H. F. 17. hhumway of Dixon Fixing
number of pounds for docklryf of stag
hogs or sows In fsrrotv.
8. F. INS. Marshall of Lancaster Mar
ried woman while marriage relation aub
alata may make earn real and personal
property contracta as husband.
. r. 110. Marshall or Lancaster Alettes
Lincoln's birthday a state holiday.
8. F. ISO, pillar Prohibits misrepresen
tation of dry goods or other clothing by
sale, by word of mouth or catalogue.
. r. Ml. eai or custer wnere trans
portation given with live stock, care
takers entitled to hav their coach stop
at the depot.
8. F. 1!'-' Robertson of Holt Rural tele-
Phone lines with capitalization of 15.000
Or less not required to make, reports to
railway commission. t
. F. 193, Robert son National guards
men required to perform ninety days'
labor on roads.
8. F. IM. Wesner Prohibiting sale of
Impure Ice for domestic us.
t. F. 1S6. Wesner Ninety per cent of
guaranty fund to go to state In case
of liquidating atat banks.
n. . i'J. wesner ana Bushee Antt-
gifl act.
8. F. 197. Werner Limiting ssle and
manufacture of hog serum to manufac
turers designated by state board.
B. r. IK), ttygland of Boone ilealgnat ion
or death of an Incumbent of a fee office
entitle him V prorata proportion of fees
collected By th office.
8. it. iw. tteal ot custer pronibits sale
of liquor to students of any educational
Institution of state.
8. F. "), Beal of Custer Amendments
to dependent children act.
8. F. til, dates of Sarpy Permits re
moval of certain kinds of fish except cat
fish from waters and streams, snd th
selling of same to .defray expense of re
moval. 8. F. 302, Ho wall of Douglas Amend
ments to employers' liability law.
tt. F. SOB, Howell of Douglas Provides
that the comptroller of metropolitan eltlea
shall audit account of water district.
r). F. 204, Howell of Douglas Creates
Today, Wednesday, Fcl. 3
master blumbers' board Snd provides reg
ulations, etc.
8. f. 206, Howell of Douglas Railroads
to eoiilp and maintain transfer awitchea
and passenger conveniences at all cross
ings and intersections with other rosoa.
under supervision of railway commission.
8 F. 20n, Howell of Douglas-Filing of
notice with patrons before suspending
train service.
8. F. jnrr, Howell of Douglas Licensing,
regulating and governing employment
8. F. 3. Howe's of Douglas For sals
and taking of sand, gravel, etc., from
beds of river In state.
8. F. 3, Howell of Douglas For mak
ing and fll'ng with state insurance board
by surety, and fidelity companies schedule
of rstes, 'of premiums to be charged for
obligations or bonds.
British Money for
U.S. Duck Hunters
Shot by Canadians
WASHINGTON, Feb. l-Under an
agreement reached tonight the Canadian
government will settle claims growing
out of the recent shooting of two Amer
ican duck hunters by Canadian mllltla
men by paying flO.ono to the parents of
Wslter Smith, who was killed, and SS.OuO
to Charles Dorsch, who was wounded, In
addition to the legal exiennes.
The settlement was made entirely out
eld of tho State department, but It has
th depsrtment's approval. Sir Joseph
Pope, under secretary of foreign affairs
for the Canadian and the British am
bassador, recently called at tho depart
ment and formally expressed th regret
of the Canadian government on account
of the shooting.
Mir Joseph was Insistent that 710 part of
the money paid to Smith's family and
Dorsch should fall Into the hands of law
years. Consequently, it waa agreed all
claims for legal services should be paid
directly by the Canadian government.
Continued from Pegs One.)
vance with success along th front from
Ntjnla Politanka to Loudoviskl.
"It should b related that during the
night of January 10-31, at ft point near
Mollmow, a Russian detachment ad
vanced upon th enemy's forces and dis
lodged them from certain positions which
threatened th heads of our trenches.
In this encounter our men used th
bayonet freely and wa captured some
machine guns.
"Local inhabitants relate that after th
Lipno Dobrzyn fight th enemy used
sixty wagons to remove their wounded.
Germans captured near BormlJow ar
authority for the statement that , be
tween January 24 and January SO tho
Germans on ft front near Borjimow one
and one-half versts long (a little less
than ft mile) lost over 6.000 men In killed.
Th wounded were numerous.
"In the Carpathian, between January
26 and 29, on tha front between NUnla
Pollanka and Loudoviskl, wo captured
seventy-eight officers, 4,0u5 soldiers, four
pieces ot artillery and ten rnacnln
guns." )
Continued from Pago One.)
of tli span waa not injured and repairs
van lie made within ft day.
. .Temporary repairs were to b made at
once so that cars could be pushed across
one at a time.. ....
Van Horn later in tha day said h was
a German reservist with tha rank of cap
tain, that he had been fh Mexico, and bad
vainly sought to Join his colors. Tha
officers say he denied having dynamlt In
his possession in Maine. lie said ha re
ceived It from a man he never had be
fore seen, aftex which h put it in place
and set It off.
Will Demand Rewtalton.
8T. JOHN, N. B.. Fsb. 2.-Extradltion
proceedings for the surrender to th
Canadian authorities of Werner Van Horn
will be instituted Immediately. Th at
torney general of New Brunswick, J. B.
M. Baxter, telegraphed today to the Cana
dian Pacific railway representatives at
Vanceboro to have information laid
against th prisoner so that th extradi
tion proceeding might be facilitated.
4 onstrarttoa of Treaty Involved. '
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. Whether the
man who damaged the Canadian Paclflo
bridge across th St. Croix river at
Vanceboro. Me., may b extradited to
Canada, depends largely on the Interpre
tation or the word "political" in the ex
tradition treaty ot 189, which declares "a
fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered
if the offense In respect of which' his sur
render is demanded be one ot ft political
character." ' '
tlersaaa Braalas, Jr.
BRUNINQ, Nb., Feb. S. -(Special.)
Herman Bruning. Jr., died last night of
pneumonia. Owing to th poor wire
service no arrangements have been made
for his funeral.
. i
Congressman for Third Nebraska
District is Against Measure to
Oppose Sale of Arms.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.-(FpeclaI Tele
gram.) Congressman Dan Stephens of
Fremont missed the hour he expected to
address the house in opposition to a joint
resolution pending before It proposing an
embargo on arms and ammunition des
tined for the belligerents now at wsr In
Europe by twenty-four hours. Mr. Steph
ens had expected to speak yesterday, but
when he reached the house he found th
order of business called for "unanimous
consent day," and accordingly tie could
not command the attention of the body
of which he Is a member until after 3
o'clock today, when the navy bill held
the right-of-way.
Having been given ten minutes with
"leave to print the rest of the speech."
Mr. Stephens took occasion to state that
he waa a full-blooded German by descent
on his own account, and that on the ac
count of his wife there were several
first cousins, natives cf Germany by
naturalised parents who are now fighting
In the kaiser's army, If they have not
already given their lives for their coun
Will Not Favor It.
It was Mr. Stephens' contention that
if It were wrong to sell arms to bellig
erent nations now It was wrong to sell
arms and ammunition to them in times
ot peace, when they were preparing; for
war, and he had no psrt in tho resolu
tion that would stop the United Btstes
from selling arms to belligerents while
the same people who ar now agitating
the question are aiding and abetting
their own nation In maintaining a rea
sonable army and navy "against the day
we may want to begin the slaughter of
the Innocents on our own account."
Mr. Btephens stated that he had re
ceived many letters from correspondents
In his district urging htm to support the
Joint resolution prohibiting the shipment
ot arms or ammunition to belligerent na
tions from the United States, but the
more he had examined the question the
more he Was convinced that It would be
the height of folly to pass such a resolu
tion and he would not stultify himself
by supporting It.
Kfclplag( Bill In Bad.
Tere seems to be no hope for the ad
ministration's shipping bill. If the .dem
ocratic caucus accepts the amendments
proposed by BenatorNorrls and supported
by Senators Kenyon, Polndexter and La
Follette, then, according to one of the
democratic leaders, there .will be enough
democratic defections to defeat the
measure. In other words, th difficulty
for the bll! rests In Its compromises.
Senator Hitchcock, who will go envn
into history as one of the seven demo
crats senators standing against the ad
ministration's pet measure to create a
merchant matins by the purchase of In
terned vessels of ft belligerent, wanta his
bill to prohibit the salo ot arms and
ammunition to belligerents made a part
of the measure. He also Insists, but not
as "powerfully," that there should be
provision made that vessels be lesaed to
private parties on public bidding, subject
to government regulations as to routes
Gerlas Mem 1st Capital,
and rates.
A. N. Mathers and Robert F. N'ealy of
Gerlng hav arrived In Washington to co
operate with F. N. Sands and J. P. West-
ervelt In their efforts to secure an ex
tension of time In whch payment must
be made by water users under the North
Platte Irrigation project
ftepresentative-eiect Steele . of Sioux
City, who will remain In Washington
until after the caucus ot the democrats
called to elect officers for the sixty-
fourth congress, is hopeful that he will
secure a place on the agricultural com
Tom Steele was owner of a paper In
Wayne. Neb,, years ago, and says out
side the money he sunk in the venture
Nebraska is a powerful good state to be
next to Iowa.
M. F. Rohrer of Council Bluffs Is In the
BERNE. Sltrland (Via Parla), Feb.
t According; to pfflotal statement given
out In Berlin today, l,fT German Jurlet
have been killed In the present war. Thl
total la mad up ef profeaaor. S
judge. I lawyer, SU aateaaora and
Ca Iaae Kew Stock.
From a Btatf Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. 4-SpeclaI.)-The
Slate Railway commlaalon ha laaued a
formal order rantln the Arlington Heat,
Light and Power company authority to
Issue SS.ano worth of new stock: The irtocs.
wss originally Issued without the per
mission of ta eommlastou.
Admits Self White
Slaver; Goes to. Pen
MUSKOGEE, Ok!.. , Feb. t-W. B.
Crump, bank president of, Wynnewood,
Okl., pleaded guilty today In federal court
Display of New White Goods
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Tbat'g Oar errtce"
Telephov,. Dong. 00.
Onialia Taxi Senlss Co.
2104 Fanuun St.
fast to the trade jroa b. sod
mim yaw hakr4 ot the trade you
UU lack.
to violating the Mann" net and was sen
tenced to eerv a year and a day ta the -United
States penltentlkry , at Leaven
worth. Kan. Crump admitted translbrt
lng OiU Cobb, a freephone operator, from
Wynnewood to Colorado In 111 She wss
17 years old at the time. Crump Is 68. lie
left tonight to begin serving his sentence.
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vary pertormaao. Kla Zroaer,
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Douglaa 00S0
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BAorrr KAjtaoxaUTX civabb; u
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