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IJI.UAI.Y .1.J.M5.
Uaken Have Reached an Ag-ree-stent
to Go Into Effect by Mid
die o( the Month.
Th price of bread la goina; to advance
In Omaha. It may come next week and
It rear be postponed until the middle of
the month. Thla has been arm-ed upon,
according- to Information given out at the
U. P. Baking company, one of the largest
bread producing conrerne In the went.
The proponed advance In bread, assert
the bakers. Is due wholly to the advance
in flour that has followed . the advance
in wheat Last July nood flour was
filling; at ly.25 to 1X50 per barrel, whole,
ale. Now the same- grade of flour has
Cone to $7.50, with the possibility of an
other rise In the not far away future.
The advance will come Just as soon ai
th large concerns have to begin buying
flour at the present and prospective high
prices. At this time they are running on
flour bought when prices were low. This
supply win not last much beyond the
middle of the month. If It, does that long.
For some time, and ever since wheat
prices got beyond the 11.25 mark, bakers
have been debating an advance in prices.
8om favored smaller loaves, but this
Idea did not seem to be popular.
Tvijen the new prices on bread become
effective the S-cent loaf will be a thing
of the past. It will be a -cent loaf, and
the lft-ccnt loaf of oday will be the
12-oent loaf of next month, or. perhaps,
this month.
Chlraae Rakers Plaa liaise.
CHICAGO, Feb. l-xscmtier ' of the
Master Bakers', association planned to
meet today to consider the advisability
of raising the price of r.uns, enkes,
doughnuts and other bakery product to
aufficlently cover the loss on bread If
that commodity la not Increased In price.
The lanrer bakers, who thus far have
been ablo to maintain the (-cent loaf
because of quantities of flour they pur
chased on contract at much lower prices
than the prevailing market quotations,
predicted, that before the end of the week
the price of bread will Bo to cents.
January Shows an
, Abundance of Snow
Father J. T. Smith,
St. Patrick's Pastor,
is Called by Death
Railroads Are Restoring- Service,
but Two More Dayi Are Keeded
' for Completion.
The railroads are restoring their tele
graph service ir rarldty as possible, but
it will be a couple of more days before
the lines will be repaired and In opera
lion. On all the mats operating from the
west, the recent snow, sleet and wind
storm mpletely disorganised the tele
graph service Into Omaha and it con
tinues In bad condition.
On the Burlington at this time, no tele
graph lines are working between Lincoln
and Oxford and In order to get Into the
western part of the state by wire, mes
sages are sent to Lincoln and from there
to St. Joseph, from whence they are sent
to Oxford and from there distributed..
The I'nlon raiific has no line working
between Columbus and Central City. Be
tween these points the poles are broken
and oil wires are down. Business destined
for beyond the gsp is sent to Columbtls,
where a force of operators has beeli sent.
Columbus Is made the terminal of the
telegraph service and everything going
beyond Is sent over the gap on trains or
velocipede cars. On business from the
west the operators at Central City ere
following a similar plan. A cable Is being
laid over the gap.
The Northwestern har-fwlre as far un
the Black Hills line as Pcrlbner, but noth
i i.-- i -
Father J. T. Bmlth, for the Inst eighteen
years pastor of Ht. Patrick's church, died
at Ht. Joseph's hospital
any morning, following a
lie was taken to the honpltal a week ago, I Through trains from all directions are
but at that time Ir. Allison Informed the I arriving from on time to one hour late
priest that an alteration would not help but generally the train h line service la
early " Tues- i Ing has been heard from the country be
an operation jynnd since Sunday morning. v
Mora anow fell in Omaha last month
than fell here In January of any year In
all the forty-five years that the local
weather bureau has been taking ob
servations, with one exception. The
total precipitation was V.S1 Inches of
moisture, most of which was In the form
of enow.
The single exception was In January,
JKu. when til Inches fell. Normal pre
cipitation for January is 0.65 of an Inch,
making the excess for January of this
fir 1.2S Inches.
The mean temperature this January i,'
was 33 degree above sero, which Is :
his case. A nrphew. Dr. Vincent Bmlth, a
noted surgeon of New Yoric City, was
sentor, and, after consultation with Dr.
Allison, It was decided to try the opera
tion last Saturday. This was 'done, but
the trouble wss too deep seated and the
priest could not rally.
Father Smith was one of the most liked
clergymen In Omaha, where ha came
from O'Neill. Three years ago he com
pleted the new beautiful JtO.OOT ft. Pat
rick's church and the hard work Inci
dental to this aggravated his trouble.
He was attended by Miss Margaret
O'Neill, a nurse from Trinity hospital,
Chicago. A niece. Miss Mary Smith, who
has been housekeeper for Father Smith,
broke her arm three weeks ago, so she
wss not able to be at the bedside when
the last call came.
Another nephew, John Smith, Is a
I Crelghton graduate and Is now a prom
inent lawyer of New York City. Father
Smith was about 63 years old.
badly Impaired. The I'nlon Pacific haa
cleared up all of Its Nebrsska, branches
and resumed the running of trains. The
Burlington will not have Its branch
trains running on schedule before to
morrow. The Northwestern will have Its
branches cleared this tlternoon.
As to weather conditions In the west,
the railroads are absolutely In the dark.
The last the officials heard .from the
Lcountry was late Sunday, and it waa still
anowlng at that time. However, as trains
are coming and going .they are of the
opinion that the storm has ceased.
After staying at home and fighting with
his children, whom he In said to have
driven out Into, the snow, James Hudson,
222 Blondo street, was visited by the po-
llglitly above the normal January tem-1,ce on nnnt ! lfo- whom he
perature. J0.S. The highest - temperature n Mnt t0 wo, k to "PI"' the tamHy.
ever registered here In January was ttj Officer Coffey had Hudson cornered In
4irea tvwii in 1RV,' Th. .... .,. . ' a second-story room, when the man
S3 degree below, In 1W4.
The highest temperature this January
Walter Wlller, old time theatrical man,
who pioneer, will remember as the man
ager of the variety theater on Douglas
street near Thirteenth, returned to Omaha
Sunday after- an absence of nearly twenty-five
years. Mr. Wilbur Is still In the
theatrical profession. In a managerial
capacity, with the "Missouri Girl" com
pany which just completed a Nebraska
The show house on Douglas street, now
the Nebrsska lodging house, was Omaha's
first vaudeville theater. It was owned
by Jim and Jack Nugent, but Wllber
was manager for them.
Captain Kline is
Broke; No Moro Free
Meals for Idle Men
'No mors free meals at the Salvation
Army Industrial home, 1112 Dodge street.
Captain H. H. Kline, In charge of the
work, say he is "broke" and can't con
tinue the free meals for worthy.' Co
men unless Omahans will, make contribu
tions of $30 to M a week to defray . the
expense. He stopped the practice Tues
day morning. ,
"My funds are .totally, exhausted and I
can't even meet a few outstanding bills
Incurred for supplies," he says. "I can't
spare time from my regular work , to
solicit more funds, either. i .
"During the last week we have given
1,143 free meals to hungry men out.ef
work, each of ' whom first passed th
work test satisfactorily."
License Inspector
Collects Neat Sum
The city license Inspector's report for
January shows total of 11,811 of fees,
co'lected. . '"
The main Items are: Pool halls, . M;
milk dealers. 70; fortune tellers, 14; em
ployment agents, S.
There was a . total of 11 license
granted. "
Ol, sanka-pop-a-rone, deeto. '
This Is not a misprint, but the greeting
In the Filipino dialect at the top of the
Invltaton to the annual dnner of f Com
pany L. 'First Nebraska -regiment,--the
Thurston Rifles, which will be given at
tho Calumet restaurant Thursday eve
ning. It will be the sixteenth anniversary
of the beginning of- the war In the Phil
ippines. K ,
Associated Ad Clubs
Offer S100 f or Movie
What would a day be without advertis
ing? -
A moving picture film now going the
round In the state shows this up in a
ludicrous farce entitled "Mr. Noad Ad
lea Day." The Associated Ad Clubs of
American are back of the movement. It
shows the man' who doe not believe In
advertising coming down to breakfast In
the morning for one day without any
advertising In the world. As a result there
I no advertising on the breakfast food
packages, to begin with.
Th cook serve him birdseed Instead
of breakfast food. He rushes madly about
th city trying to do business and noth
ing I labeled. The troubles he get Into
are good for a continuous laugh.
The Associated Ad Club of America
ar offering a prise of 1100 for another
film, subject to their, approval, that will
bring out the' same general Idea of the
ridiculousness of a world without ad
vertising. .
All Tuesday morning the 'official
thermometer hovered around 17 degrees
above sero. It waa ! at 8 . m. and had
only risen to 18 by 11 a. in.
It was warmer In the morning; through
the mountain region and colder ' eaat
from here to the Atlantic coast, with de
cided drops In temperature In . th lake
region and th upper Ohio valley.
"Brownie." eleven year a faithful
horse In the service of the fir depart
ment at engine house No. I on Harney
street, died Monday night In It quarters
at Kim wood park.
This animal was turned over last year
by Commissioner C. H. Wlthnell of the
fire department to Commissioner J. B.
Hummel of the park department for tise
in drawing grass cutter and other park
work. "Brownie" was one of the. most
sagacious equine In the fire department.
This horse was always first under ths
hemes when the gong rang ar reemed
to srns the Importance of responding
quickly.- ...
Smith Claims Right
to Retain Fees Paid
for Naturalization
Robert Smith, clerk of the district court.
In an answer to Douglas county' suit to
collect 17,000 naturalization fee retained
by him, maintain that he Is entitled to
the fees in addition to his 4,000 per year
Of naturalisation fee collected by him
Mr. Smith has turned over one-half to
the United State and retained the re
mainder. .
Retailers to Meet
at Commercial Club
Hereafter the Associated Retailers of
Omaha will likely hold their meetings at
the Commercial club rooms. Heretofore
they have been holding their monthly
meetings at night at the Paxton hotel.
They have decided to hold their meetings
over a noon luncheon at the Commercial
club. They have scheduled their first
meeting at the Commercial club for Feb
ruary 11 at noon. s
Be Want Ad Produce Results.
Bertlllon photographic, measurement,
fingerprint and filing equipment recently
ordered by the police department ha
arrived In the city. It la being Installed
at the police station by Chief of Detec
tive Steve Maloney and Officer Wil
liam Devereeae, head of the Bertlllon
bureau. The equipment puts Omaha !n
the front rank among metropolitan police
department In that branch of criminal
detection. ,
How To Get Relief When Ilead
and Nom are Stuffed Up.
Count fifty! Tour cold In bead or ca
tarrh disappears. Your elegged nostrils
will open, the air passage of your head
will clear and you can breath freely.
No more snuffling, haw kin p. mucous
discharge, dryness or headaches no strug
gling for breath at night.
Oet a small bottle of Ely's Ceeam Balm
from your druggist and apply a little of
this fragrant antlseptlo cream In your
nostrils. It penetrate through every
air passage of the head, soothing and
healing the swollen or inflamed mucous
membrane, giving yon Instant relief.
Head colds and catarrh yield like magic.
Don't stay tuffed-up and miserable. Re
lief I sure.
"-' ii
: a
' r. I- .
: w
L- , JLL J
Apartments, flats, house and cottages
can be rented quickly and cheaply by a
Bee, "For Rent" ad..'
Two .year ago John M. Watt paid the
city $5 with an application for an engi
neer' license. Th license wis not
granted. Mr. Watt Is now asking that th
85 be returned.-The city charter prohibit
uch refund after a lapse of eighteen'
was 47 degrees above on the 13th.
lowest was) 18 below, on th 2sth.
There were fourteen cloudy days, nine
partly cloudy and eight clear. The pre
vailing winds were from tht northwest,
and blew a total of 7,011 miles over
Cigar Clerk Laziest
of Any Salesmen
"Cigar clerks smoke, oo many expensive
cigars" ii one crltlctxin II. 11. White
house made to the Ad club at the noon
meeting against cigar clerks. Mr. White
hoYTa la local manager for the National
Cash Register company, lie spoke In
KcnenU on efficient salesmanship. "It Is
a fact, too, that trie cler.'t in a clgtr atore
gets laxy quicker thun In any other
line of business," ho suld. Thus ha took
vp one line of retain business after an
other and pointed out the weaknesaea
and strength of salcamcnshlp In the
various lines . h
He decUred that the best policy to fol
low fur uocesa la to elt the customer
what he wants Instead of trying to sell
him a more high prlcid piece of goods
in th hope of making a little more
profit. "If we can get the clerk's heart,
thasproprk-tor'a heart and ths customer
heart together we csn tuceced," h said.
dropped twenty' feet to the ground, led
Coffey a merry chase over snow drift
and down a thirty-foot embankment, and
finally eluded hlm In a mors populous
neighborhood. Later Officer Cunnlng-
ham arrested Hudaon. who waa arraigned
In police court on the charge of non
support. "Let m off. Judge, . and I hope God
strikes me dead If I don't leave town at
once," he told Judge Foster.
"Ninety days," his honor replied. "Your
family will be better oft with you In Jail
than dead."
City Clei it T. J." Flynn has taken up
with Commlsiiloner Dan Butler a sug
gestion that In the recreation campaign
to be carried on this year a tract of
ground outtddo of and adjoining the
Itoiirke ball park be leased for use as a
publlo p!syground. Mr Butler promised
to take the mutter up and endeavor to
carry out .the Idea of the city clerk. i
NEW TORK, Feb. I The Cathollo
Actors Guild of America waa granted ec
clesiastical recognition by Caidinal
Smarter, at an audience attended last
right by a dosen actrs and actresses,
lirr.tsrs cf the guild.
Cardinal Farley, who, it Is said. Is the
first members of the sacred college to
address a group of actors, cautioned them
that they must not think he was plac
ing his epicopa! seal of approval upon
the theater.
"One thing that baa given me great
ronsulatlon," -the cardinals said, "Is that
you fetors of this city csme to .el th
steed f spliitual support."
Matron Ella Gibbous of the police de
triment is now a grandmother. Her
dughtrr, Mr. P. J, Phalen. Si;4 Myn
avenue, became the mother of an Uht
)und daughter ot Lord Lister hospital
Monday evening. Both are doing welL
Jaaacry the Moat a. for Colds.
Hardea your system with Bell's Plne-Tar-Money,
It kills the cold germ. Cures
the cough- Only Sic All druggists. Ad
The Board of Couu'y Commissioners
ht refused 4.0 grant a saloon license to
lUicy HmlJlenton at 44 Kedmond avenue.
A number of proteta were filed by real
Vuta cf the neighborhood.
Because a rasor bad a small Identifica
tion mark scratched upon It Walter
Moeller Is being, tried before District
Judge English on a charge of burglary.
He Is accused of having stolen a quan
tity of goods from a store at Wt Cum
ing street. The marked rasor was found
Ir. his possession.- V
bore, lired reet
Use "HZ!" Don't have puff
ed-up, burning, aching
feet or corns.
"HZ" stakes
A SeclMo AaaloM t olas. .
"If U.etc Is such a thing as a sieclric
in ft colj, It is to be found in th
sleeping porch or the open bed room.
,txt to itmt comes the cold sponge bath never, never hurt or get sore, swollen or
Ah! what relief. No more tired feet
no more burning feet: no more swollen.
bad amelling, aweaty feet. No. more ,ie
lit corns, callouses or bunions. No nut
ter what alls your fett or what under
the tuti you've tried without getting re
lief, lust us "TIZ
"T1Z" Is th only remedy that draws
out all the poisonous ekudallpns whkh
ruff up the feet; 'TIZ'' I magical
"TIZ is grand; "TIZ will cure your
foot troublos so you II never limp or
drsw up your face I pain. Your shoes
won't seem tight and . your feet wii
in th morning," says tlie Youths Com
1 iuun. Im as careful as yo'j ran you
will bCvKKWimliy take cold, and when
uu do )u will fini Chamberlain's Couj-'b
fteinrdy a Freat help In enabling you to
a-t nd ot it. Try It. Obtainable every-ure.-Advtrtiwrrnent.
Ured. Think of It. no more foot misery
no more burning corns, callouse or
Uet a K cent box at any drug atore
or deportment store, and get instant re
lief. ;t-t a whole year's foot relief for
only 3k cent a Think of It..
Stiff Necjc
Sore Throat
W x, .
' w,. ... - -i l -,
Relieved by
H If 1 I 1
KILLS PAIN (Guaranteed)
DR. CARL S. SLOAN. Inc., Philadelphia. Pa. Si, Louis, M.
Prlcw, I5o. 50c 4 f 1.00 ' ,
I El
Buy a Farm Nov
. When the spring opens up farm lands
generally are going to increase in price.
Many eoplo have observed the profits be
ing made in intelligent farming.
See the list of farm offerings in The Bee
today Want Ad Section.
Telephone Tyler 1000
Everybody Heads Bee
Want Ads.
C : - i
i r ; - . ' .
ii ' :
35c Ribbons, 7ic Yd
A hlg line of wide, fancy warp
print and plain Silk Ribbon,
made to cell to 35c a yard; gale
price,' Wednesday,- per
50c Pleatings 15c Yd
A very superior lot of new Chif
fon and Organdie Pleatings. suit
able for ladles' neckwear; - won
derful r&lues, at sale ff
prlce. per yard IOC
A Great Opportunity, for
Your Choice of Any Kitchen Cabinet in stock that sells at $25
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Other handsome cabinets at , $13.50
Several Odd Dressing Tables, with French bevel mirror, on
Bale to close Wednesday, at $9.50
$18 and $20 Golden Oak Dresxcrs, three patterns for selection,
fine beveled mirrors, great bargains, phoice $12.50 i?
'. . ship
3 -V JU,
5-Ib. - Chicken Feather Pillow Emerich
V Co. make new goods; on sale at, per
pair 85
8-lb. Pillows -Wednesday
pair ....$1.50
e-Ib. poose Feather PlUows New, fresh,
clean stock; will go on sale . Wednesday
at, per pair ........ .......... .$3.50
Two Rousing Specials in
the Silk Department
85c Showerproof Foulards, 24 in,ches wide,
in nearly all colors, beautiful designs
yard ....... 68
$1.00 Black Silk Messaline, 36 inches wide,
joft, lustrous finish, great bargain, yard,
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-Two Remarkable Values
in Dress Goods Section
$1.50 All Wool Bedf ord Cords 54 inches
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$1.75 "AIL Wool Imperial Serges, chiffon
finish, all colors, 54 inches wide, on sale
at; yard $1.18
Outing Flannel Night Gowns and Pajamas
Men's Night Shirts and Pajamas, good
quality, outing flannel, $1.00 and $1.50 val
ues, all sizes 69
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i i
Men's and Boys' Night Shirts, good quality
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Women's and Girls' Night Gowns, good
quality outings, all sizes .. 35
Many other specials Wednesday in Under
wear department.
v v j
A 19c Counter
- On Main Floor.
Contains many 35c to 50c
articles. Among them are:
50c Ladies' Hand Bags 19c
50c Hair Brushes , . . 19c
35e, Clothes Brushes . .19c
35c Ladies' Neckwear 19c
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50o Double Width Nets
at ......... 19c
50c Chiffons, yard. . . 19c
35c Veilings, yard . . . 19c
Jewelry Dept.
Specials On Main Floor
Children's Rhinestone Barr
ettes, regular values to 50c,
at .5
Fancy Hair Pins, Rhinestone
set or 6ignet tops, up to 50c
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Vanity or Card Case German
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pieces to select from, samples:
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lewel Cases, Powder Boxes, Ster
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Files, ' ' Napkin Rings. Stamp
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A 5c Counter
Main Floor
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16c Ruchings at, yard.... 5
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tor .......5
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Ienox or Laundry Quea White
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Quality Goods and Pure Food Exhibit All Week :
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Oar alsa Is t aeaoenstret t Die peopla th tilfh aadard of Quality Oeod sold la this aspartates Tea are
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Ireas aTk te eai sae v uruii.
Imported Sals or Roquefort Cheese.
Per lb. 7. too
Xlfhlaad aTavel Oraaare aad Orape
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