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Publio Welfare Bill by the Douglas
Delegation Include Many Things
Within Scope of It Provisions.
(From a Stuff Conpondent)
LINCOLN. Nrb.. Jan. H.-iSpwlal )-A
board of public flfare will be provldrd
for Omaha If Hotiio rioll No. 1T7, Intro
duced by the entire Douglm county dele
gation, becomo a law. The board ahull
he pelacted a provided for In an ordinance
for that purpose.
Theboard In riven authority to pravl.ln
n unified and coniprr heni1ve recreation
tyttem and aunervtnlon of (he aamc, and
to rc(tnlfte and supervise commercial
amueemcntii. Whenever the mayor and
council Khali authorlie audi public wel
fare board to take charae of any part of
the recreation ayalera of the city they are
alven authority to utlllte the bulldlnB"
and rronnda under control of the Board
of Education, with th consent of the.
board, and tha educational board Is a-lvcn
authority to grant tha light
ftradra f Aathortty.
Tha board la given authority a follows;
To parole or pardon persona convicted
under tha ordinances of the city; to e
tabltnh an employment bureau: to provide
for a legal aJd bureau to which the poor
mav go to et protection In the legal
rlghta; to establish a charity bureau;, a
municipal farm and workhouse a welfare
loan aaency; Investigate the housing of
Inhabitant of the city; to provide for the
studv of, and research Into, causes of
poverty, crime aad disease, and to pro
mot tha health and general welfare of
tba city.
Geaeral Urease System.
Tba bill troea Into a general method for
the regulation of the city along the lines
mentioned, glrea the mayor and council
tbe power to license pawnbrokers and all
kinds of business such aa peddler. uo
tlofteara, broken, commission merchants,
showmen, innkeeper, toU bridge,' Insur
ance, tslsgrapb and express companies,
vendor of patent, etc. It give them
authority to tax any. ehlcl m tbe city
cad provide tor registration of tha cam.
A board of five park commissioner,
vbo shall be resident freeholder of the
city, shall be, appointed by the. mayor
with the approval of the city council,
vh ball have authority over musical
ooaoaru in tha park . and provide for
tba seme, but they are limited to aa ex
penditure of $11,000.
Much, of the bill cover the old statute
relating to municipal corporations, but
there I much new matter relating to the
local condition aa they , appear to be
needed , by the city, aeoordlng to tbe In
troducer. .1
' Aathortty t Craat. ' -
One Important addition relate to Im
provement regarding grading, etc., 'and
provide that the mayor and council may
order such Improvement by ordinance
when it I embraced in any. district the
outer boundaries of which shall not ex
ceed on and one-half mite from any
street surrounding the city hall grounds
or where the street sought to be Im
proved Is part of one of the main
thoroughfare leading out of the city. In
which latter case such Improvement may
br ordered Irrespective of the distance
Cummins Says President Needs a
Journal Clerk Instead of a Congress
Dead Chief Justice
Is Honored in the
House and Senate
view of cancellation of the rlRhtu of
tliose who have failed to develop water
power within the time allowed them.
The action was taken upon the" recom
mendation of the committee on irrigation
filed by Tlbbets of Adams, lis chairman.
WASHINGTON, Jan. A vigorous
attack upon President Wilson s Influence
on legislation and on the sentiments ex
premed In the president's Indianapolis
speech was maile by Senator Cummins
todsy In the course of debatn on the ad
ministration ship pur base hill.
"On of the most reactionary and
dangcmiia proposals ever made public,"
ass his characterisation of the bill. The
president's sMech he attacked at length.
"It effect haa been and will Continue to
be to etrennthen the republican cause."
he said. ' predict It will pass Into his
tory as a lamentable attempt o( a presi
dent to fora-et the courtesy an J dignity
always looked for In one who occupies
the most exalted office In the world, and
the dismal effort of a man of mature age ,
to change the habit of a lifetime In order
to win momentary applause."
Ho declared It to be his "dellberats
Judgment that, taken as a whole, the
course of the prealdent has, In two years,
turned back the hands upon the dial of
progress so far that his party will not
a caln bs trusted with the timepiece of
tha twentlath century."
At lmgih he attacked the president's
Influence on congrem and declared that,
with the exception of the tariff law, all
measures of general Interest considered
at the beginning of bis administration
had "been Initiated In the White House
or In the office of a cabinet minister."
"Somehow the spirit of our Institutions
haa been transformed." aald Henator
Cummin, "and the legislative branch of
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the part of the street to be Improved is
kcated from the city hall grounds.
Roaletard Improvement.
The cost of Improvements for parks nnd
boulevards may be assessed against
property especlslly benefited thereby, lo
csted .within the city or within three
miles of the limit thereof. An addi
tional sum of not less than SuO.000 nor
more than llut.OOO shall be provided In
addition to the sum raised for all mu
nicipal purposes for a bond sinking fund
to' be used only In paying off matured
bonds of the city.
. The. bill provMss that In case of con
solidation of other title, with Omaha the
amount may be Increased equal to the
amount authorised to be levied by the
cltlea coming In under the annexation
law. In the amounts raised for the use
of the city tW.OOO I placed' aa (he sum
necessary for th use of the welfare commission.
a cents per 100-welght on buttermilk on
carloads of 40,000 pounds minimum from
Omaha to Ranch, the same being a ma
terial reduction.
Cut Freight Rates
to the State Farm
(ffm Waft Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. R (Special.) The
Btate rtailway commission ha granted
authority to the Burllnaton railroad t
haul -at half-rat a load of hay and a
carload of grain from Culberuion to the
Stat t"lverslty farm at Unooln. Th
road already haa fre r. t. tiv. ,t.ii
and grain from all station to Culbertson;
jnjtcneii ana curtis. for stuff used on
the elate experimental farm.
. The commission ha granted a rat of
Henry Rose.
NORTH B6NP, Neb.. Jan. 22.-8pe-tlal.)
The funeral of Henry Rose was
held today at hla farm residence north
west of here. H was bom In Oermany
In 1839, came to America and located In
Xodg county in 1866. He was married
to Mrs. Mary Myers In 1X70. Hla widow,
two daughters, six sons, one step-son and
three step-daughters survive him.
Ifaa-k Allea.
NORTH BEND, Neb.. Jan. .-(fpe-clsl.)
Hugh Allen of North Bend died
today at th age of 70 years. He home,
steaded near here In an early day, hut
moved to North Bend In 1MB. Ho Is sur
vived by his widow," two daughters and
five son. Funeral and burial will take
place Saturday afternoon. . t
William Torpy.
TECVMSEH. Neb., Jan. 23. -(Special. )
William Torpy. for year a resident of
Tecumsoh, died at hi home here 'at :
o'clock last evening. 11 had been sick
for two month with fever and complica
tion. Mr. Torpy wa aged M years. H
I survlVd by hi widow. Mr. Torpy was
a traveling salesman.
Movements of Oeeaa Steamers.
Port. Arrived. lallsd.
FHIUAnr.t.PKIJ Anroiia
NKW YORK.... r.lul Permit.
Qt'AYAQrit..... St. Helens
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
J,INCOL.N, Jan. 21 (8pecll Reolu
tlona of respect for the memory of Chief
Justlca Conrad. Ilollanbex-lt, who died yes
terdsy In LJnroln, were adopted today In
the house nnd senate. Committees on
resolutions In the houee consisting of
Representatives .Richmond, Nichols and
Barker, and thn senate consisting of
fens tors gulnby, Hoacland and Beal
were named, who reported memorials
speaking In terms of eulogy of th 11 fo
of the dead jurist.
Committees to attend the funeral, which
will be held Punday at Fremont, were a
House -Representative Richmond of
Douglas, Rsrker of Franklin, flevere of
revise. Htebben of Pawson.
Senate Beal of Custer, Honglsnd of
loincaster, Mallery of Soett' Bluff,
Henry of Colfax.
The Senate resolutions Include this ex
pression: "It Is enough to say that Conrad Hol
I en beck wa a man. That he served hla
utate and hla nation well and honorably,
that he alwaya held forth the hand of
fellowship te all his hind, and for hi
fellowmen held a heart full of sympathy
and affection these are simple facta
within tha knowledge erf all those who
were privileged to know him."
Howard's Request
for Reading Labor
Report is Refused
UNCO UN, Jan. H.-8peclal Telegram.)
Jerry Howard this morning attempted
to have tha report of the Industrial com
mittee appointed two years ago to look
into labor condition In Nebraska read
before the house. An objection to the
reading wa sustained, but tt was an
nounced that Mr. Howard aould have
the report read at tha eton Monday.
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 22. (Speclal.)-The
nous today authorised Speaker Jackson
tu name a special committee to look Into
tho status of waterpower grant made
by the Stale Board of Irrigation, with a
Up to the House
to Force the Senate
to Economy Plan
( From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Jan. 22. (Special. )-It Is
now up to the house, the senate this
morning adopting the report of the sen
ate committee on claims whlnh halsed
the appropriation bill for the pay of mem
bers and employee of both branches from
$104,000 to 1110.000, In addition they
lumped the appropriation into one item,
aa haa been the rase in former years,
while the house divided th amount, giv
ing the senate 110,000 and the house a like
sum t pay the employes.
Tho senate accepted the report without
a. vote against It, which means that a
Joint committee may have to fight It out
If tha bouse stands pat on It original an
nouncement to force the senate to the
economy plan adopted by the house.
Member of the upper house, however,
do not deem it probable that the lower
house will go any further In what the
senator ar prone to regard as a meas
ure to force economy upon them.
of $30,000 In employes' salaries this session,
which would more than make up for the
extra co.-t of the Journal. The report was
tFrom a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Jan. 22.-8pcclal.)-Among
the lobbyists registering with the secre
tary of state today was F. W. Coffey of
Lincoln, representing the State Federa
tion of Labor. Others registering were:
C. C. Flansburg and Leonard A. Flans
burg of Lincoln, representing the Com
monwealth Power company In the matter
of refund of fee paid; J. V. Anderson of
Grand Island, representing tho Union Pa
cific railroad; J. D. Whitman of Grand
Island, representing tho Union Stock
Varda company in the -matter of 1 live
stock interests.
New Bills at Lincoln
Norton Sees Saving
in Spite of Printing
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. 22.-(Speclal.)
In his report on the printing contract Rep
resentative Norton today showed that un
der the old system the 1913 ljoune Journal
cost $4,232. Under a revision of the con
tract let for the present session, whVreln
the corrected copy of the Journal which
has been paid for at the rate of I1B0 a
page, could 'be cut out and the printed
copy or pin ksheet placed on the mem
bers' desks each morning could be given
two day Instead of one for the printing,
cutting out the necessity of double time
for night work, the 1913 journal would
probably cost $4,6S6, making a difference
this year about $449 or thereabouts.
He thought that the advantage
gained would more than make up for the
extra coat. He also recommended the
typewritten engrossed bill Instead of the
printed bill a another saving In cost
He thought that there would be a saving
senate mils.
P. F. 101, Sandall of York-Failure to
turn over money or property in which
: one has an Interest as agent shall be
prima faclo proof of Intent to embeszle
I S. F. 102. Sandall of York Kxtends the
I crime of forgery to any act of tho law
! making body of any other countrr or na
tion besides tho ( nited States and make
felony letter writing with Intent to de
fraud or bring Into disrepute any person.
H. F; 103. Beal of Custer In a vil.age or
city of the second class the ana.nt lev
led for general achool purposes shall not
exceed In any one year $i on 'the $100 valuation.
I S. F. 104,' Hoagland of I-ancasterWolnt
I resolution to amend the constitution ro
vlding persona of foreign birth who have
I declared their Intention 1o become cltl-
r.ens and arc resident voters may con
tinue to vote until they have resided In
the t'nlted States five years after which
they shall take out full citizenship pa-
or supreme court Judges shall be dis
qualified from acting in cases where they
are Interested except by mutual consent
or the litigants. '
S. F. W. Bushee of Kimball In case
of a vacancy In the directory of irriga
tion districts the vacancy shall be tilled
by the two remaining members of the
board and the district treasurer Instead
ol by the county board.
ft. F. 107. Mallery of Box Butte Btate
Education Code commission bill of 2,fcJ
Ilonse Bills.
H. R. 174, Matteson and Hostetler Pro
vides for grant or gift of endowment
funds to cemetery, mausoleum or burial
H. R. 175. Oreenwalt Authorises county
board to levy tax not exceeding one-tenth
of 1 mill for purpose, of aid ng erection Of
soldiers' monuments. s
II. R. 176, Clayburn Increases compen
sation of road overseers to IT per 'Is'
snd ti additional for team. Incrcacc ray
of men hired to work on to
cents per hour for man and
H. R. 177. Jeary Proirtdee for Inspec
tion of factories aad collection of fee
for ssm bv labor commissioner's olfl' i-
II. R. 17s! Peterson Amends law nm
ernlng settlement of estates of non
residents owning property In Nebraska
who die intestste.
H. R, ITS, Peterson Increase Stiiie
Osteopathic Examining board to fix
members and lengthens required school
yerlod from three to four terms after
anuary 1, 1S1S.
II. R. ISO, ivtersor Agent may not rrr.
up as a defense that funds held out by
h!m were due himself aa commission In
embeislement cases
H. R. 11. Moseley Appropriates l"..0i.)
for defraying expensed of Nebraska civil
war veterans to Vlckshurg memorial cele
bration In October, 1916.
H. R, 182. Moseley Appropriates $i:.rt
for erection of monument at Vlckshui-s
to John M. Thayer.
H. R. 1"58. Naylor and Pelmer Appro
prlates W,fti0 for a hog barn at the state
fair grounds.
11. R. 1M. by Naylor Appropriates $;:.& 1
for suppression of contagious diseased
among beeo.
II. R. 1S6, Clayburn Make It the iluty
of road overseers to mow weeds alons
H. R. 16. Smith Appropriates
for the establishment of a reformatory in
Dodge. Cuming or Stanton county, with
meat packing plant.
II. K. 1X7. Broomo Cities of 8.0d0 to
25.000 may levy up to 5 mills for an a1
vertiaement fund, to be spent by commer
cial clubs.
H. R. 188, Broome Llena by owners of
stallions. Jacks and bulls shall be filed
before the first day of October In the
year following the foaling of the off
spring. H. R. 189, Chambers of Douglas Per
mlta bonds of public divisions to be paid
elsewhere than at office of state treas
urer, and empowers governor to denig
nate a fiscal agency In New York for
the payment of such securities.
H. R. 190, Stearns Authorises the at
torney general to appear In actions af
fecting right of Nebraska water uhi s
from interstate streams, and appropriates
H. R. 191. Hostetler and Harris Forbids
playing of base ball on Memorial Stinriiy.
preceding Decoration day, and provides
penalty. Emergency.
H. R. 192, Pass Appropriates $1012.n4 for
relief of Sarpy county as costs of prose
cution In Wrlggs and Hyers cases.
H. R. 193. Meredith Requires a clear
ance, of five feet betwean high voltage
electric lines and telephone and telegraph
H. R. 194. Palbey Provides for em
ployment of county Jail or city prisoners
In counties of over 20,000 and cities of
over 6.000 population.
'11. R. 19n. Hutton Prohibits use of
arsenic or strychnine In embalming fluid
of undertakers, so that cases of ante
mortem poisoning may be more readily
Druggist refund money If Pazo Oint
ment fall to cur Itching, Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Pile. First application
give relief. 60 cent.
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