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Jeff Had About the Right Idea, at That
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
now You see , vnhR.6 '
WeA 1 YHcVr fN TtrAP- OP VVAft.
VsHfyr TO tXJ AY
THe RU.HY TlrAfc.
O "DO. X
A OF Pice fl.
we li, now suppo&e
CotAiNt, gp BKosiswAx)
Eremahsin, in' Affidavit, Aiserti He
Bid ftot Exchange Boots Harper .
for Animal.
CHICAGO, inn. 18. Denial that h. whli
manager of the St. Louis National!, had
traded Booth Harper, a pitcher, for a
bird dog, aa asserted In an affidavit filed
.In support of the Federal league ault
against Organised Base Hall, waa made
today In an affidavit by Roger P. Bres
nahan, now manager or the Chicago Na
tional. The Bresnahan affidavit waa
one of several filed by officials of Or
ganlsad Bane Ball supporting their con
tentions that the Federal leaf in , Is not
entitled to the relief Bought in Its suit
for the dissolution of the National com
mission and lt affiliated clubs..
.Already JIae Plve.
Bresnahan told of meeting Hoppri in
Tennessee on a hunting trip and of ad
miring bird dog which Hopper had. He
aaid Hopper offered him the dog. but he
declined It, aa he already had five. He
told of trying out the pitcher on a train
ing trip. Later, he said, Mr. Klnaella,
owner of the Springfield (Hi.) bae ball
club, came to ft. Louis In search of a
pitcher and he (Bresnahan) told him to
sign Hopper if ha could do so,
"Mr. Klnaella," said BresnaOen. "told
me It Hopper developedhe would give the
St. Louis Nationals the first oiovitunlty
to purchase his release that fall. Mr.
Klnaella asked me all about the bird dog
and If I wanted It. 1 told him that I
liked the dog, but I would not buy it.
whereupon Mr. Klnaella said If I would
accept the dog he would pay Mr, Hopper.
I do not know what transaction Mr, Kin
sella had with Mr. Hopper, but I do know
that Mr. Xlnaella brought the dog to ms ' team contributes a' prise to the
CHIC'AOO, Jen. IS-Alfred Jordan,
Iomlon, worlj's champion checker player,
and Newell W, Banks of Detroit, former
American champion, played two draw)
games in the champlonxlilp series today,
leaving tho contest between them tied
with sixteen draw gaums. Hugh Hender
son. I'lttsburgh, national champion, who
had played fourteen arsw games with
Iouls Ginsberg, New York City cham
pion, won the fifteenth gamo,lth his
opponent. e
Henderson Is now qualified to play the
winner of the Baker-Jordan contest In
the finals for the American championship.
Wini Trophy in Firtt Season of
Thirty Games in New Women's
4 Bowling Leajue. !
Mrs. "W. O. Catlin's quintet of feminine
howlers In the newly organised Women's
rtowllng league carried off the team prtse
for the season of thirty games, which
came to a culmination yesterday after
noon. Mrs, Catlln'g team scored 13,1130
pins against their nearest rivals, Mra
Dermody's team, which rolled .13,233 pins.
Mrs. Catlln . won the Individual prtxe
for the highest score. Her score was
S.7H0. , Mrs.-' Dermody wag second with
The winning team will reap Its benefit
neKt Monday at non when the three los
ing squads furnlrh a banquet In honor of
the' victors at the Commercial club.,
Vrlara lo Te4m Leaders.
In addition to the prises for the winners
at Ht. Louis.
1 -An Ahaolato Kaloekeiod
"The statement that I traded
woman who rolls the highest score on the
team. The winners of tho prises are:
Mrs. Catlin. Mrs. Dermody. Mrs. W. H.
Hopper for a bird dog Is en absolute aul(1- Jr- na.Mra. C. M. Johnson..
falsehood, ani I suggest that Booth Hop
per beeomniuntcated with on this matter,
as h can verify statements, or Mr. Klu
aella either."
Herman D. Peekamp. manager end
treasurer of the company operating the
Ht Louis Nationals, deposed that he has
no knowledge of the alleged bird dog In--cident
and that hla records show that
the services of Hopper were purchssed In
August. 1913, by the Bt. Ixiuta Nationals
for 12.000. i , , .
la a, sworn statements Charles H. Kb-
In the competition yesterday Mrs John
son's team rolled high with a fotal of
1,1S. ' Mrs. FrreSand's team rolled high
tots! for single game with NT. Mrs. Der
mody rolled high total with t and Mrs.
Johnson rolled high single game with HA
Another season of thirty game will be
Inaugurated by the women a wrek from
Monday. ' . " . '
The scores yesterday, with the total
scores for the season; follow;
lt Jd.Tot.Flne,
I Mr. W. J. Oat'ln DM 115 U JTT
Tot! 4.B 43 7 133
int. S.t.Tot I'ina
Mrs. I A. Dermody...,
Mrs. B. W. Hlroii
Wra. I'lmi'ew Murl
Win. J. A. rtcrson
Mrs. Frank c'arenter.(
l.J i i
i hi m S.'jI
M lii?M!vi WV4
r: c 167 s6
10a 106 ib :a
betts. president of the Brooklyn Na- I Mm. J. F Dlniinii'k M H 1) 244
tionais. declared that the National league Mrs. Henry Keating 61 7 m JHO
?f Profelonal Base Ball Club. a It. I M SV"Xld7lr:::: M TS 1 S
oinn rorty years ago shouldered the
heavy responsibility of cleansing Amer
ica's national pastime of the evils of
gambtng. bribing of players, deliberate
violation of contracts by players, Intem
perance and luaUtordlcatlun.
. Wltaessea la Case. I
August Ilerrmann, chairman of the Na
tional Bae Ball conimlnnlon. it la re
ported, will be the most Important wit
ness for the defense. With him wilt be
B. B. Johnson, president of the Amrrltun
league, and John K. Tener. president of
the National k'hgue., the remaining two
members of the National conintluslon.
For the Fedcrsl league, which seeks to
pieveut Organised Bse Bull from llilvr
lering with its plsyers or ocratlon.
Jnwi A. Ciilmore, president of tiio ursun- v'r- M. Huwrtt....
' Airs. w. m. lxtrrHiicg.
Shr-etn Says Seven State Governors
Could Make More Money Set
i ting in Locomotive Cabs.
CHICAGO, Jan. 18. Governors of .even
states of the union could make more
money sitting In the cab of a locomotive
on soma of the runs of western railways
than they now receive In the executive
i hairs of their revpective states.
This statement was msde here today by
James M. Shecen, attorney for the west
ern railroads whose engineers, firemen
and hostler, are demanding higher wages
and better hours. In outlining the rail
road side of the case to the board of
arbitration. Presentation of evidence of
tho men began November. 30, 19(4, . and
was completed today, after which Bheean
made his remarks.
Bheean went on to say that the 'annual
salaries of the locomotive engineer, of
western railroads who ask- wage In
creases which Bheean .aid would amount
to ).080,ooo a year.
Average Waares Are Hick.
' '"Of the' 5,000 men whoa we ice for the
entire year to Juno 30, 1013, will be
shown." Bheean continued, "there la a
maximum of $.1,726.8) for passenger en
gineers; $3,341. for freight engineers;
$1,752.30 for passenger firemen, and $l,S90.!t2
for freights foremen. Against these the
governors of seven statea receive $3,000 a
year or" less, while those of seven other
statea receive $4,000. . .
"Actual eamlwejs statements for all en
gineers and firemen for the month In
which these demands were presented show
that engineer. In
ity placed upon the mfcn- by the heavy
tower. 1
Wages llla-her Tkas la Ksit. '
"Through tho elimination of grade, and
curves and other Improvements the em
I love have been able, with the larger
engines and consequently with . higher
pay to haul trains at the same speed as
light trains were formerly handled. With
Heavier power there has been constant
Improvement, lrr labor-saving devices,
such as automatic stokers, automatlo
doors, coal pushers, sloping tanks, power
grate shakers and automatlo ash pans
now operated by compressed air, which
relieve the firemen of the danger of go
ing beneath the locomotive.
"It la an evident fact that increase, in
wages granted in 1910 In the western
concerted movement, covering specifically
heavier classes of power, w;re more than
comrnenxurate with the added work and
schedules made then, have taken care of
such hesvy power as has been Installed
by the railway. .Ince then. . '
"Compensation of engineers and fire
men throughout the west Is higher than
in eastern and southern territories, al
though th average freight tralnload and
average tractive power of engine. In the
east and south are higher than in the
(Special.) FJf'ty-on instances of error
on the part of the court during the trial
of Wlllard Flanders, convicted of the
murder of hi. wife find Bam Aults are
alleged in the motion for a new trial
filed by th defense last Saturday.
The greater part of the objection of
the defense rest, upon the allegation
that the court erred when It refused to
allow the defense ter-rmpeaoh the testi
mony of certain ytate witnesses, par
ticularly Fred Bohwell, when the court
Wayne Ray, pastor of the Methodist I
Episcopal church. They will replde on ,
their own farm in the vlclnty of their
chiltlhood's home.
Mrs. Ifattle Sipe.
Mrs. Hattle Hlpe, aged years, dlod
Saturday night at her home, 3423 Leaven
worth street. Bhe was the wife of L, P.
Hip and beside her husband Is survived
by two .mall children. Coroner Crosby
will send the body to the' home of her
father at Grand Forks, N. D.. for burial.
General Charles II. Toatklas.
WASHINGTON, Jan, 18.-Brlgudier
General Charles H, TonAlns, U. S. A.,
retired, died here today, aged 84 years.
He was a native of Fort Monroe, Va.,
and had been voted a congressional medal
of Honor for gallantry In action at Fair
fax Court House, Va., In 1861. .
- of f
Severe Blocd
Trout's VsrJsh
With Magic Effect, Great Rem.
edy Makes Disease '
sustained the objection, of the state to
pawnger aervice.tha cross-examination of Ella Flanders.
earned actually an average of $186 for the daughter of the defendant, regarding
maximum actual earnings c.rtsln conversations and actions of tho
Totsls 4J7 4:t 9S4 11U3J
l.t. J.l lot Pins.
Mrs. J. A. Freelind HI l R WiS
Mrs. II U I'nderwood.... 107 la i S41
Mrs. Alex Jelea 41 k !: 2101
Mrs, H-. U. Hl-i man M M Ix-j IT I
Mrs. V. 11. Uould, Jr...... i VI 174 ?X4
Total. 4J4 IE? Wl 1I7M
let. M.Tot Plus.
Mrj. J. A. tdiirrt
Mr, If. B. Wtillehou
iakXion. is' exeled to be the rliUrf wit-
n. IX. B. Ssrd of tlis i:rocMyn Ked
ersls and Presidvnt r.ohrrtaon or the Buf
falo -lub, with Preai'tent UI!nor. who
form the executive cumniitti-e of the
lr sue, will have complete, t lmise of th
esse for tte 'plalnti(f. Gil more left for
New Yolk etcrUtty. .aying ho was
going on important bunlm-as and wuuld
ltura Wednesday. Jt la said lilt mUflou
eat relates to the Itaaun '.
WASHINGTON,' J so. It, -Score. In
ilaas A of the intemlesiate rifle shoot
ing competition tlii. erk were snnoum'cd
today ss follows:
t'til'ci biali' NmrI a N,li-to', '0, I o a a. j 1 t'Iixy '
Mam. Sil. Hkuliml t'al:fornla iM... ! I .
viitftnia. tus, aain.t Nml,-li. VJO: I 'or- I IV fatr
nril. H'.J. avitinat l untue. Illinois. 47, I J. Jaiua
stiainat M iiaraoTa, v. 7: Mi,-(iIthii, Asi-
numl. uta'ocl Wuuitigtoa Malt,
Mra. C. M. Johnson
. Tl i ltd I3
. Pi NO S'W fhl"i
. 1L'4 21 3KIS
. M 17 !Im
. Ul l:U 2M 'AH
. SIS L ll.'i 1.1071
UM.V11A Lfc.VUl K.
' P. W. U P t.
H. irKtas-Nah Company 4M "1 17 .tvii
lrs ,4S 2 1 ,nj
iitiuna .( 41 '.'4 1'4 .bA
JrlK-rs ' 4 i .4
I. uxiis ....' ..4H 2 M .41
lilii ttylA Lit.r..., ts i SI .V.i
Iim1i. iduul uvvri i:
v. Nam.
K arisU'..
lrit,i.iw ,,
A. Hr
l win U
Hgni ,
i utuntus. .
Imrp ,
luikB . .
Five (! Pe-vee It.
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cago. Hi., writing our turns and address
r-lainly, and ri tve a fi trial package
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I 4 'ItlU.alU
... ! M.i anliy
I4 'Unwl
...... 13 ta luiaarslruis
Il lofl
1MI Muimiitaa ,
. . . . . l ai Tamil . ....
13 H b- lU ...
i mi
I " ka ..
II? lHlwM,-aatsf
1, iy
I Hd'i4
. ....Il'. JIDM,S
I . :alun
IW, -,,r
...... l. lia .,
i"t U,i he
of $341; In the freight service the averagn
was 1170, with alt actual maximum of
I'lftS; the flrnmen In passenger servioa
that month earned an average of $115,
with a maximum of fcMO, while in freight
servloe their actual earnings for the
month wera on the average of $110. with
a maximum of $S1. Other firemen in
combination freight and passenger ser
vice earned even higher wages.
"A careful Investigation, of the in
c reased cost of living In the west enow
that prices have not advanced so fast
as have the wage, of englners and fire
men under the schedules awarded in 1910.
"Comparison of their w'alres with those
of any other craft, or of any other rail
way employes, or of englners and fire
men in other parts of the, country, show
that they are already receiving a higher
compensation In both rate's of pay and
Wet Iteveaaea Are Defrreaelaa.
Touching the question of ability of the
roada to meet the added cost In these
latest demands of the men, Bheean
pointed out that in the face of larger
mileage and growing traffic, the western
roads In recent years have experienced
imnvnse losses In net revenues, income,
dividends and surplus. In which situation
they are now fared by dernands of en
gineers and firemen which he said Would
add $40.000.0fl0 to their expenses.
, "These wage demands," the lawyer as
serted, affect some C4.000 men on approx
imately miles of railroads. On th
basis of the month In which they were
presented, the added expense would be
W.700.0JO. or about 61 per cent.' Arjplied
to the total payroll of the companies af.
fected for the year, this would mea
nearly $40.0O0..1o0.
"More than S.orxi more miles were orer
ated by the affected roads In' 19J4 than
in 191W. yet net operating Income after
taxes in lPH waa $ leas than In
ll and nearly $k.tu0,0H0 less thsn In 1911
"In lll there ui declared
hi i, hoi man in 1910. and In laia
n 1914 there
father, and In giving Instruction, to the
Jury regarding the - verdict to be
brought in.
Wliile It i. not anticipated by the de
fense that a' new trial will be granted,
Flander. by the ' district court, the mo
tion for a new trial pave, the way for an
appeal to the supreme court, which the
defense expects to take.
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Ore tkroat and .kin eruptions.
' Just as food make, blood, so doe. 8. 8. 8.
follow the process of digestion to stimu
late natural secretion, to protect as .gainst
th ravage of dlseass germs. We are well
aware of the fact that these germs are
apt t be latent wltbln a. to break forth
Itaaklns-Mllls. ' In violent eruptions of the skin whenever
June Mille of Perry. Ia.. and William S. I the system I. In a low sUte of resistance.
Hanklns of Mount Pleasant, la., war u Jf bot Pent these eruption.
married by Rev. Charles W, Savldga at'
hi. residence Saturday afternoon at tM.
Mrs. O. H. Btelnman of Perry, la., a
sister of the bride, accompanied them,
hell hera-Weatraa.
WKST POINT. Neb., Jan. 7.-8peclal.)
The marriage of Harry B, Shellberf
and Miss Augusta A. 'e?tran took place
Saturday at the home of th bride',
parents . In Garfield township. Th
ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles
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Specific k, 61 Bwlft Bldg., Atlanta, Ua.
isa ' leas than in 1910.
rairled to surplus M.OWUA'i leas than
"'" ,SI0' while the surplus in 1913 wss $13-
?'. I" 4Ih.ii In 1910. m five months
iM or ,r, current fiscal year there hss I
i" nt -2.W. In gross revemii
I7 "e ,ac hla situation as to the
.. ieu.iie oi me railway Involved
l 1 1,. .i.
ll been
Ukltr Hrleaae Maada.
rUR'A'lO. Jan. H-lnft-lder Manda
wa relJiiJ loilay hy the Chicago Amer
icana to the Uaaland ciub of the Pacific
C'oaet leasue. .
reo years to June 3D, 191i the, mimmi
!I,"H,re ' '.Xt.00 in liiiprovenienis
..;;:..;;;:::iu iand eii-ious to i.i-opeuy. and out f
...17. mis Oevot.Hl more than $ -.M.uuO c a or
' I I r i. ll. nil. . .. . ..
la. j "..ennui lovtsri tos purtiOht
ot infreatUig eff icit-ncy and rafety, snd
expeL'ltlng train muveineots. It ! tlu
heavier power and egulpiiient have beea
n.talled. but labor-avlhr" dvi es and
In-re.sed wsges lists nioi-e than couaier.
baln,-,d any added u,k or re.ponslbll-
- karats at panrell. Wis,
PUWKLL, Wyo.. Jan. "U-Firs wlikh
dttroed three ruinmeri tal buildings ll' '.!
hre eauaed a loss vt $--0,,l. of which CAN'T FIND DANDRUFF
uuiount $12.'AJ la represented by tle value - -tiiii iaiti
of (li slock of a store eonduete I by T.
P. rhen-ti. The postcfflce and other
Hdjscent buililtiitrs were ssved by a bucket
Lllaile The buildings ieciipld by Hi
Miechy at jfs was on.i tv A. P. Ljbby.
Tho tlier bunted atructuces weie owned
by Sain I'rsig asul Mra. Mary KbigtiL
The eaua of the file, which broke out at
1.30 in tli tnornuxg, is coVaosa.
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Iluyera a ill share in profits if as acll at retail JO'l.OsO
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