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0 A
Office Building Situation in Omaha
ig Favorable, with the Large
Buildings Well Filled.
On retiring from office January 12,
1P15, President Edward O. Hamilton of
the Building Owners' and Managers' as
portation gave an address tn which he
ably reviewed the office building- situation
In the olty and the various problems
that go with It. toother with the build
ing situation In the city in general. His
address was In part as follows:"
"Tho year j"t close,! has seen but one
office," building complete!, namely,
the Pnundcrs-Kenncdy. Thla Tiiil(Vng
contains lfi8,pfflces and seven stores. The
owners are satisfied with the way the
offices are being -taken, and Increased de
mand for these offices will be had with
the opening of the Fontenclle hotel, which
is promised In March
"Two of our newest office and stcre
Windings are being well taken, rU: Tho
Kalrd and State Bank building. The
owners of the latter being well pleased to
report the offices over 86 per cent rented
w ith only one more store to rent
"Othef office buildings are well rented
vl I.
"The Woodmen of the World building
reports nearly MO per cent.
"The City National reports full at 100
pee cent.
"The Omaha National report full at 100
per tent.
"The Brandets buildings report full at
100 per cent
"The Bee building reports PJ per cent
"The other office buildings are fairly
well taken.
Promises for 1013.
"The coming year promises more office
buildings with stores on the .ground)
floor than has been completed for some
yar$. The larger one, the Omaha Grain
exchange at Nineteenth and Harney
streets, will contain 230 offices and floor
s;i-f of 40,000 square feet with large ex
change room of some 8,000 square feet
floor space, also seven store rooms. The
offlcrj In this building will all be taken
by members of the exchange. Excavation
la now being made and the contract will
be let by early spring.
"The World-Herald building at Pit
teenth and Farnam will be 66x132, eight
stories and basement Besides occupying
the basement part, first, all of second and
third floors, there will be several stores
- and ninety-five offloea for rent, with of-
- flee floor space of 23,000 square feet
"The other building promised IH that at
Sixteenth and Farnam on the Myers
Dillon corner. This building will be (6x133,
four stories and basement The first floor
will contain several stores. The second
floor wjll have the large plate show win
dows and will contain shop and large
orfices to be divided as required by the
tenants. The third and fourth stories
will be dbvlded Into about forty-eight of
fices with 18,000 square feet of floor space.
The three buildings will make, therefore,
" practically 400 ordinary sited offices with
floor area Of 86,000 square feet
About apartment Houses,
"In the number of apartment houses
and rooms completed there appears to
. have been about the usual number. No
definite figures are obtainable from the
building inspector's office. Hnoufch
apartments were built, however, to aup-
, ply the demand.
Second Unit of tho
Old Post Dairy is
To Be Platted Soon
Another 100 acres of the old Tost dairy
farm is to be platted Into acre farms
and placed on the market In the early
Hastings lleyflen are getting ready
to plat tho second unit of this tract, whU h
adjoins Henson on the west. The first
unit of eighty acres was platted last
fall, also roadways i completed and partly
sold. As the outlook Is good for the
spring demand for suburban acreage, ,the
firm decided to lay out another 130 acres
Into acre farms. This will be hnlf of the
farm which will be platted, excepting
forty-acre tract where the Mg dairy
buildings and the Po:t home are located,
which will bo kept together until some
future time. The remaining MO acres will
not be subdivided until some time in the
future. Many trees will be planted early
In the spring along the driveways. Thou
sands of yards of dirt will be moved to
make the tract attractive. The tract will
be known as Benson Gardens and will be
old In tracts of one or more acres on
the easy payment plan.
A now $33,000 apartment la to be built
at Twenty-eighth and Dewey avenue by
J. H. Elmwood. Work has already begun
on the structure. II. D. Frankfurt Is the
architect who designed !t This apart
ment house Is to be suitable for small
families. That Is the general plan to be
carried out throughout the construction,
It la within walking distance of the busi
ness part of the city. It Is a desirable
location, and the plan Is to arrange nice
apartments that can be rented at a rea
sonable price. Each apartment Is to be
supplied with a living room, a dining
room, which Is to serve also as a bed
room, since It is to be furnished with a
Murphy "In-a-Door" wall bed. Bach
apartment Is supplied also with a' kitch
enette.' which Is to he equipped with a
gas range, refrigerator, china case, work
table, sink and all that goes with an
up-to-date kitchen. A main corridor Is
provided In the center of the building.
The building Is to be steam-heated.
Hastings & Heyden are to have charge
of the building.
The Peters Trust oompany has just se
cured the agency for the Sherman apart
ment house, located on Sherman avenue
and Madison avenue. This Is one of the
best and most desirable apartment houses
tn the city. It has five and six-room
apartments, with large, light rooms.
Fifty per cent of the tenants have been
there over three years, two tenants have
been there six years and one eighteen
Good Prices for Products and Enor
mous Demand Expected to Start
Real Estate Moving.
i i
"This year ought to turn out a rocord
breaker for railroad, corporations and
all others who have farm lands for sale.
Not oiilv will thev bo In a- position to
dispose of nil avauuhlo land they wish to I
sell, but they will also le able to secure
good prices," says the Mall Order Jour
nal, i
"Conditions haw made the outlook for
farm lands sulfa exceptionally bright. It
Is a well-known fa;t tint Hg crop,
which enrlcu the farmer ere always fol
lowed by a substantial demand for farms,
it will be more so thts year on account
of the high prices of all cereals and gar
den proUucta and the disturbed Industrial
conditlonn, which have existed In moet
manufacturing districts of the country.
"To tho tolling masses tn the large and
over-crowded eltlc the farmer looks
as the embodiment of plenty and contentment-end
as a living arpel to all
In the larger cities, where th are
struggling hard to ekn out a living, to
seek peace and plenty In agricultural
pursuits. . This year our farmers will
not be lured Into Canada, which toels tne
effect of tho war as heavily as if It were
an European country.
"Immigrants from Europe end especi
ally from the Oermaa speaking
countries will In face of the cruel treat
ment accorded to Germans In the domin
ion for years shun the lure of Canada
and turn to the United Btatee, where they
have always met with the best neigh
borly treatment and enoouragement. The
enormous Increase In this country's win
ter wheat acreage Indicated what our
farmers expect of this year.
If it has ever paid to advertise farm
land for salo, It will pay big this year,
provided this advertising is done In
telligently and jpersUleiiU. The best
medium to advertise farm lands are the
classified columns of the newspapers.
They have always been the best sellers
of land, for It Is from the cities, from
whloh people can be tndusod to go to
the country and to take up farming.
"Tht railroads, which have fann lands
to sell will by extensive advertising tn
newspapers be doubly benefited. They
will not only draw toilers to their land,
but alHo help to Increase the population
of the small cities along their lines, as In
times like these It Is the small cities, which
form the centers of agricultural districts
that offer unusual business opportunities
for small traders and mechanics."
Pendera-a.t Farm Sold.
A atrip of 240 acres of tho 400-acre
farm of Mrs. Bridget Pendergast, has
recently been sold for 121,800, through
the Orln 8. Merrill company of South
Omaha, to John Armburst. , The fann
la in the western part of Brpy county,
three and one-half miles north and west
of Gretna. The sale la for March de
livery," although It- is already rented
for lWSw
"Omaha Is one of the detached house
towns of the United States and It will re- &
quire a number ef years to educate Its . "The Flora.' Completed.
people to occupy the came percentage of The new apartment house built by
ft nart meats per population as other ' Ixuils Rubin at 2561 Jones street, is now
t itles do. I completed. It is known as the Flora. The
'"Informatics, as to the number of apart- owner has placed it in the hands of A.
menls to be built during the coming year P. Tukey & Son 'to be handled by this
Is difficult to obtain, prospective builders firm. It has twelve apartments of from
being held back on account of the oondl- j three td six rooms. The building is a
tion cf the money markets. I three-story brick, all modern and equipped
"Ileal estate loan agents report that with the most up-to-date equipment of
President Harries, new head of the
Omaha Electric Light and Power com
pany, is to be invited to speak before the
Omaha Real Estate exchange as soon as
It is convenient for him to do so. He is
to be asked to speak Wednesdsy of this
week if he chooses. The New Tear's lit
erature he sent out touching on the spirit
of co-operation that is to prevail between
the lighting company and the people has
attracted the attention of the real estate
men, and they have decided to give him
a chance to come before them and go into
some detail on his proposition of co
some loan are being made, and there is a
prospect of somewhat easier and cheaper
money within sixty or ninety day.
Many New pwelllngni.
"In the neighborhood of S00 dwellings
were constructed in this city during the
last year. This, together with the double
house Pats and apartments, will approxi
mate 1.J00 dwelling places, which will take
care of an additional population ef MOO
"Omaha received quite a lot of favor
able advertising at the National Conven
tion of Building Owners and Managers,
which met In Duluth last July. The
Omaha delegates presented her advant
ages for the 19U national convention and
was listened to with marked interest,
which, like the proverbial read being
cast , upon the water, will return after
many days. In other words, the prom
inence gained in Duluth will do us much
. good when we go after the national con
vention in the near future.
I.ooml, Secretary.
"At this national convention, our-Mr.
Howard LooinU had the honor of being
elected as executive Secretary ef the
. convention, and a month later was
appointed National Secretary of. the
Building Owners and Managers associa
tion. This, honor wss well deserved, as
there Is not a more capable and efficient
man in our whole national association
to fill this or any office within the gift
of the association.
"About two weeks after the conven
tlon at Dtihith, Mr. Louis Daly, repre
senting the Equitable building of New
York, was entertained by our associa
tion, he being on a tour of inspection and
gathering Information on the office
buildings, planning space, and manage
ment in the principal cities of the woun
try. He paid high compliment t the
class of office building In Omaha, as well
' is .the efficient management.
"I personally, with several Omaha
members, visited a number of office ,
buildings In St. Paul and Minneapolis,
last July and found at least five of our
Omaha .buildings for more modern and
in advanoe of any buildings In arrange
ment and management In the above men
tioned . cities.
"The steam coal situation has been
Hatisfactory so far this, season, thero
being plenty of coal in the market at
fair price. It Is a faet that the margiq
of profit to the dealer is very reasonable,
therefor there is no Immediate need of
our association establishing an associa
tion coal yard, which was talked of some
two years ago." "
modern apartment houses,
Chicago Proposes ,
to Start Municipal
Jitney Bus Line
CHICAGO, Jan. 16.-Three million dol
lars for the purchase of municipal motor
busses was ordered included in' the an
nual appropriation bill by the finance
committee of tho city council lent night.
The appropriation, if approved by the
council, - wilt be used for the purchase
and operation of single decked busses as
a means of relieving traffic congestion
on the surface and elevated lines. It la
planned to charge 5-cent fares on the
motor busses.
BAN FRANCISCO, Cel., Jan. 16. A. M.
Mortensen, traffic manager for the
Panama-Pacific International exposition.
announced today that whatever remained
unsolved In the problem of transporting
visitors to and from the grounds would
be settled by "Jitney busses."
After a conference with the "Jitney
bureau" organisation, he said that 1,000
busses would be put on the exposition
run and that these easily oould handle
SO.00O passengers an hour.
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Street .
Cltv . .' State
City Abstractor Wood Hartley has filed
three complaints against Lewis ficheshay
Carter lake Icehouse owner, who is
charged to have not paid attention to of
ficial notice to stop his heavy wagons
from crossing boulevards.
n rr& :
i. c3. warn
Heavy Hauling
1212 Farnam
Henry Fedde Buys
The Eichards Farm
Henry. Fedde, who recently sold hi
forty-acre farm, has lust purchased the
Jesse 6. Richards eighty acres, situateC
In, the western part of Pougiaa -county.
The consideration named is something
leas than. f.00& Mr. fedde ex parts to
get lioeeession of tba farm, Maruh 1. anil
farm it for the year The Orln 8.
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locked rooms Douglas 1 11.
806-818 South Sixteenth St.
are considered the best
investment right now
Real estate men and others believe that there
will be a strong demand for acreage and vacant
lots this spring and that prices will accordingly
be highly satisfactory to-the vendors. i
One reason for such a demand is the
' small amount of money required and
the chances of realizing an early
profit. The profit may 'be conserva
tive, andyet several times that which
could be. taken on the same money
invested elsewhere.
Another advantage Which appeals strongly to the
average man and woman at present is the fa5t
that these forms of property may be purchased
on easy monthly payments. Money is not so
easily missed.
While all kinds of Omaha real estate
are splendid investments now be
cause of the certain rise in value
when conditions become more set
tled, the preference seems to be for
acreage and vacant lots.
These properties will be safe and profitable in
vestments next spring, but why shouldn't one
take, the extra profit and buy now? Money is not a
problem, for a ten dollar bill will make the first
payment on a good lot.
For the serious person, the read
estate columns of today's Bee of
fer plenty of food for choice.
When you have studied the sit
uation, your own judgment will
tell you that we state the case
very conservatively
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